Comic-Con 2019: ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Official Trailer, Plus Cast And Writers Speak

Fresh from the floor of Hall H, here’s what we learned about Star Trek: Picard today. The show has been pushed back a few months, into early 2020.

Dog name confirmed

Just before the panel started, Entertainment Weekly confirmed that Picard’s dog is indeed named Number One, as we glimpsed on the promotional poster.

“Number One” confirmed

Writing the next chapter for Picard

Picard Cast

Star Trek: Picard cast at San Diego Comic-Con. July 20, 2019

The cast still couldn’t reveal much information, but here’s what they did say:

  • Alison Pill’s character, Dr. Agnes Jurati, is a researcher, someone who’s confused with her place in the world.
  • Michelle Hurd’s character, named Raffi Musiker, has an unrelated relationship with Picard’s past, she said it’s a delicious character to play. Every character is struggling with their inner demon.
  • Isa Briones plays Dahj who had a tragedy and set out to find Picard.
  • Santiago Cabrera plays Cristobal “Chris” Rio an ex-Starfleet officer.
  • Harry Treadaway plays Narek
  • Evan Evagora plays Elnor

Surprise guest stars Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Brent Spiner (Data/B4), and Jonathan Del Arco (Hugh the Borg) were brought up on stage after the trailer revealed their involvement. Showrunner Michael Chabon also revealed during the panel that Jonthan Frakes (Riker) and Marina Sirtis (Troi) will appear during the season.

Stewart also said that the the new cast chemistry has cemented faster than he expected, but of course they have a lot of fun when the TNG-era stars show up too.

Star Trek: Picard official photos

Star Trek: Picard Official Trailer


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Well, holy shit!

Well put.


Push. Back.
I hate it when I hear that. Wonder why? VFX?

I’ve been expecting them to do this. It never made much sense to premiere a show during the holidays (American holidays, at least). That’s typically when shows go on hiatus. January makes sense

Yeah. I’m a bit disappointed that we have to wait longer, but I can wait. If this trailer’s any indication, it will be well worth the wait.

I’d rather they take 6 weeks longer to ensure it’s polished.

And I think they’ll be able to get more Emmy consideration if they don’t have some kind of hiatus over the holidays.

I heard similar stories when it came time to get STID out the door. People unhappy with the delay heard the excuse of better to take the time to make sure it’s right. And then we ended up with… STID. So this is not necessarily a good thing.

Also… Look at the delays (for different reasons, I grant you) with STD S1.

That trialer looks AWESOME!!!!
So excited!!!

I agree! I am amazed they might actually get this one right.

Yeah is this a dream? When have they ever just given us what we want???? I’m payched


For many reasons, I just broke down in tears. This is beautiful.

I cried too. My childhood obsession is back.

Amen, brother. Amen

Same. They’ve knocked it out of the ballpark, so, so very hard.

Me too! This is so beautiful!

I was thisclose to crying lol. I have not been this excited in so long for Star Trek. It just felt like I was finally coming home.

Wow, I actually teared up at the end. Well done CBS. And this is from someone super critical about Discovery. I can’t wait!

Yeah ditto. This is a really good trailer. Color me hyped. I also just watched Calypso finally and it was pretty good too. The best thing I’ve seen from Kurtzman Star Trek actually. Maybe this Chabon guy is the real deal. Fingers crossed.

He’s the absolute real deal. . . as a novelist. Showrunner? We’ll see.

Picard saying THE WORD had me in tears.

Same. I been super critical about Discovery as well and of course I still have my doubts how good this will actually be. But IF this trailer is any indication, OMG, I can NOT wait!!!!!

Holy crap. Jeri Ryan! Seven of Nine! Data!

It might not be Data. It could be Lore or B4.

It’s got to be Data, in B4’s body (unless they re-write the end of Nemesis).

Is it possible that Data actually switched over to B4?
After all Data is an android.
Maybe Data switched over his internal software into B4 and basically his old self remained on the Enterprise without the crew even realising it in the immediate aftermath of the explosion? The last scene in Nemesis could have been just the beginning of Data’s software kicking in, maybe?
Wild theory I know, but you never know. I’m likely off the mark but its fun to speculate.

That was the implication at the end of nemesis, when B4 began whistleing the song Data had been singing. That all of data’s memories were now in B4– effectively making him Data 2.0.

I thought it was more like a part of Data is alive within B4, but B4 is still a separate being. Data had the memories of Lal and the Omicron Theta colonists inside his brain, but that didn’t make him Lal 2.0. Besides, I don’t think that B4 really had the processing power to be a new Data. If Data is back, then I think they must have done more than just run his software on B4.

I think a lot of this is not “real”– as Jordan intimates, if not a holodek, than a vision he’s having, perhaps remnants of his borg implants. Perhaps 7 is not even in the room with him, but communicating with him remotely, and Data, who was also partly assimilated– could be doing the same.


We’re thinking the same way about this Afterburn.

I’ll be waiting to see what’s ‘real’.

But it’s all very cool nonetheless.

What did happen to Lore anyway. His parts are still around aren’t they?

(Legate Damar)

That’s always been my interpretation as well. I’ve never liked the idea that Data would reawaken in Lore and I hated when the 2009 Countdown comic went with it.

It seems like fans either want Nemesis to be guilty of hedging its bets with Data’s demise (far be it for me to defend the movie), or they really want some kind of magical reset by which Data comes back as if nothing had changed.

The borg nanites from Seven helped.. thats what they explain at the novels after Nemesis

Nuno Espadinha,

Interesting, there’s no denying that Data was modified by the Borg Queen and that the technology that she used to effect those mods were nanites. Then there’s whatever Data learned from Lore in his stint as the Borg God – not to mention Data’s ability to use the Borg network which the nanites listen to.

So what’s being suggested is that Data’s ability to talk to the nanites still hanging around in him inactive allowed him to enlist them in his repair?

Exactly !

It is a no brainer that Data over took B4’s programming. It was hinted at the end of Nemesis.

Perhaps a holographic Data , where Picard is playing out that last hand of cards with the crew in the final scene from the end of the series… thats how it felt to me…

He’s clearly not wearing the TNG series uniform.

He’s wearing the DS9/First Contact uniform though.

I’m betting this is in a holodeck or something and that they won’t bring back the actual data somehow for sometime.

If I were to guess, Picard is in a holodeck. Much like Data used it to play cards with people who died, perhaps Picard is doing it as a way of therapy.

You should read Star Trek: Countdown.

I have. I doubt it will stay as canon when this show airs.

It was never canon in the first place.

have u forgotten -Data unloaded himself into B4. at the end of Nemesis we see Data emerging into B4 (and hed have no knowledge of his death)..

now the question is now – Countdown canon or not? as for a decade it has been considered as the official sequel to Nemesis

Nothing outside of TV or films are ever really truly official. They may make some of it canon simply because Kurtzman wrote a lot of it, but I always laugh when I hear people say that this novel or that comic are canon.

Why would Picard be hesitant about ending a card game with Lore?
Its probably a hologram, that doesn’t mean that Data wont show up later, though.


Two borg related characters involved already? No! The borg already took over two shows (and nearly a third), and a movie. No more borg please. Go back to TOS style episodic baddie of the week please.

ah the first sourpuss… congrats

People have different opinions. Why call them (even minor) names?

You can argue that they took over Voyager, and obviously First Contact and four episodes of TNG are about them, but its been something like 16 years since we’ve seen them. Its time for the Borg to return.

Hopefully the Borg return as the scary villain they should be.
To be fair the Borg in Voyager became cartoon-esc villains and actually weren’t even scary anymore by the time of Endgame.
I’m more of a Voyager fan so it’s definitely not a case of I hate the show.
The Borg were misused in Voyager.
Dark Frontier was fine. After that they should have steered mostly clear.
Unimatrix Zero was one example of a Borg episode done very wrong.
Steering clear of Borg Queens might be a good idea for Picard.

I don’t think they were misused for me, just overly used. And it gave us Seven of Nine, one of the franchise’s most popular characters, so they did something right with them. And we get her again 17 years later. Its crazy! But welcome to Trek. ;)

I’m hoping the girl is locutus/Borg queen daughter

Wait, what?

Or Shinzons daughter?! She‘d have the perfect age for that!

I think not. The Borg have been played out. Time to move on.

I think it’s perfectly perfect and amazing if there’s a few episodes about the Borg, that draws Locutus, Seven, and Hugh together: the only humans ever to regain their humanity after assimilation (or the only ones currently in the Alpha Quadrant that are named characters).

There are also Hugh’s friends. I don’t think it was ever made entirely clear if Hugh and his friends were humans or not before assimilation.

As I said, the only ones who were named characters.

Its been a while since I’ve seen Descent, but I’m pretty sure that some of Hugh’s friends had names.

You know what I mean– characters we really know. Not “Crosus” the Borg with one line.

Yeah, I guess you have a point.


Best Borg name ever

His name was Crosis.

forgetting abogut Icheb?

I have to admit, I did entirely forget about Icheb.

Well I am a bit anxious about that too… but I expect the borg not to be the big baddies, but rather a fallen, defeated race and their technology puts the alpha quadrant into a “MCU after the Battle of NY” situation where scavengers and empires hunt for BORG artifacts and tech to gear up….

I suspect they will show up for a single 2-episode arch. After all, as he looks back on his life, his assimilation is a big part of forming who he now is, so it makes sense they’d want to work that into the story somehow. As the only other Earth-bound human to have been a borg, it also makes sense to work 7 into the story. Perhaps the Borg send out a signal, and they both receive it.

That actually sounds amazing.

That makes sense, after all the Nero’s ship was equipped with borg Technology

So I was thinking over this some more, and I definitely think for some reason Star Fleet has to use a borg cube to travel (time travel? delta quadrant?) and so they assemble all the rehabed borg they can find to help make things work. The red crew look like they might be cadets so maybe it’s an emergency short notice crew assembly? Anyway, I’m sure live borg will crop up at some point but I don’t think it’s going to be the focus.

More Borg please.

GQMF, this is why the Borg are back:

For people who keep saying they are ‘sick’ of the Borg are obviously not the majority of the fanbase. The Borg are really really popular and it has never gone away. And in fact people on Discovery said they wanted to do the Borg but canon made that impossible. Which is EXACTLY why prequels suck a lot of the times. Kurtzman has probably wanted to do a Borg story as badly as he wanted a Khan story for years and now he’s finally made a show he can do just that.

Agreed. But I disagree “that’s why prequel’s suck.” I think DSC in fact, didn’t take ENOUGH advantages that they had from being a prequel.

I mean they suck when they stop you from telling certain stories. Its probably why Discovery is now in the 32nd century, because they probably got tired of saying they can’t do such and such because it didn’t happen until later. Well now thats not a problem.

“I mean they suck when they stop you from telling certain stories.”

Yeah well, Law & Order can’t tell stories about the civil War. That doesn’t mean it “sucks” to be set in the present. Yours is a very narrow (but common) view of setting a show in a different time period. There is SO much that such a choice can offer.

OMG, you mean what I mean man. And that’s just a silly comparison. I don’t like prequels, OK? But if you do, great. I still give them a chance as I did both Enterprise and Discovery and has fallen in love with Enterprise and liking Discovery more, but they still wouldn’t be my first preference if I had my way and prefer things like Picard. We’ll just leave it at that.

It’s not that you don’t like prequels that is at issue, it’s the “why” you don’t like prequels. If your preference is simply to look forward, that’s a valid outlook. But this idea that it restricts the stories being told, is overlooking the wealth of contrasting opportunities it provides.

Actually, there are a LOT of reasons why they shot that ship into the future. Most of them where their own doing beginning on day 1 of pre production of season 1.

No, most of those reasons are called Trekmovie commenters, and influenctial youtubers. Which is the only issue I have with putting them into the future: if this was done simply because they felt it was a strong narrative decision, great.

But if it’s being done to appease a small group of the audience, and I don’t like that. I am with Ron Moore, who said creators should listen to fans, but ultimately not let fan response interfere with the stories they want to tell, and the creative choices they want to make.

So if they genuinely looked back at Season 1, and said “boy, we really screwed up, how do we fix this?” Ok. If they said “Boy there’s a few commenters trashing us online, let’s try to make them happy” than I have a problem with that, because the inmates should not be running the asylum.

That said, it’s equally as plausible that Bryan Fuller’s early influence brought them down a hole they themselves didn’t ultimately wind up liking, and this was the only way they could think to undo it.

After all, the prequel time period, the bald Klingons, the spore drive, those were all decisions– i believe– that originated with fuller, who departed before filming began.

I don’t doubt this. Everyone seems to love the borg and space battles. I just prefer the slower episodes myself and was hoping Picard would be that way.

The Borg might show up on Discovery now.

Oh please no.

I prefer them on Picard, if they must be on anything, so he [and others] can deal with the emotional ramifications of what the Borg did to him, and all the people at Wolf 359.

I am not sure if it is more popular because people just want to see the episode where Voyager makes it home, rather than to see the Borg

Zaidm 8 of the 10 stories listed there are all Borg related episodes. End Game is just the top one.

No thank you you. Episodic television was so 1970.

Never gonna happen, more Borg please

Since the Borg are so heavily hinted at in that trailer, it’s quite safe to assume that they’re not THE central villain of the show. I for one could do without a “villain” altogether, but in any case I’m fairly sure the Borg won’t be that huge a deal.

Wow. Was not expecting that. Not sure how I feel about 7 but… make it so.

Between Hugh and Seven, it sounds like at least some of this will be dealing with his past as Locutus.

Where is Hugh in the trailer?

I didn’t say he was in the trailer, but according to the panel at SDCC, he will be in the series.

Might be the one Borg drone that is seen getting “dissimilated” in the trailer…

I cannot possibly start to communicate how incredibly excited I am for this!


I agree! I can’t believe what I just saw. I think they’re actually on the right track this time.

Oh my god. I just teared up & got so emotional. Felt like I’d come home again 🙏🖖

Coming home is the EXACT feeling I had!

Indeed! It just felt so good.

wow… this is beyond what i was expecting… looks so good… no one saw this coming… the borg and 7 of 9? dang how did this stay secret?


Data’s and 7’sreturn I stopped breathing for a second.
Well done!

Disappointed no Gates McFadden making a return as Dr. Crusher. But glad to Jeri Ryan back!

Patience. This will be a multi-season series. Kind of disappointed in fact that they’re rushing in so many cameos/guest stars. One or two would have been enough for me.

Are you totally incapable of feeling joy?

Are you totally incapable of reading my other posts?

Afterburn you need to spend a week in Thailand. It will do wonders for you.

I’d highly recommend a week in sing sing for you.

I’ll consider your recommendation if you consider mine. We should go to Thailand together. I’ll show you around.

I’ve lived there, and even (somewhat) speak the language. Glad you enjoy it too.

Sorry, I have my own friends.

I’m your best friend.

Wouldn’t ‘Riker’s Island’ be more apropos?

No, because then he’d tell us how much he loved it, even while being tortured and abused.

There’s two cameos. That’s assuming Brent Spiner and/or Jeri Ryan don’t have larger roles than that.

I see Data, Seven, and Hugh, and the producers said Riker and Troi will make appearances.

I didn’t pick out Hugh. Where was he in the trailer?

I didn’t say he was in the trailer (though the article claims he is there), but according to the SDCC panel, he will make an appearance.

Someone said he is the one borg that is de-borgified on the medical table. Which is fitting because the eye piece that is being removed is on the left side like Hughs / 3 of 5s.

As long as it’s natural and they all kept in touch, why not have everyone back for a reunion at some point?

Are you serious? We did not get ANY leak about Data or Annika Hansen ;) being in PICARD. So we do not know jack about who else will return or even which characters from DS9 or VOY will have a bigger role next!!!!

It’s interesting that Ryan/Seven features in this after she declined to do Nemesis. And if another Voyager character needs to be in this, it has to be Tuvok!

I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see Robert Picardo back as The Doctor. Didn’t those early character descriptions indicate some holographic character or something… maybe my mind is fuzzy with all the excitement

If it were me, i’d limit the number of characters that require expensive de-aging. I also wouldn’t be in such a hurry to have a cavalcade of Trek all-stars. I’m even surprised they pulled in 7, a character not from TNG.

It wouldn’t be too out of character for the Doctor to install an aging subroutine into his program.

I knew someone would say that, but frankly, it’s annoying when you need to constantly make excuses for things like that. It’s fine once in a while, and for the Doctor if he was the ONE that’s fine, but to my larger point, he wasn’t a TNG regular/guest so why would he really be necessary? I’d rather see him show up in a Seven-of-Nine spinoff!

This is not TNG 2.0. This happens 20 years after 3 shows that were running partly parallel, have ended. And they all started and ended inside the same 24. century, with some, if only a few, but nevertheless significant crossover stories. I am really not on the lookout for a parade of cameos, but that some story lines from all three of them converge in “Picard” or just cross each other, including the characters, doesn’t concern me at all.
In fact, I hope for a little DS9-interference.

No and no, yrch. Trek is a big universe, a crossover needs to make sense. ie: why is he encountering one of the main characters we’ve already seen, instead of one of the millions upon millions of other characters out there?

IF they are connected to him (Data, Riker, Hugh) it makes sense. Given that the Borg are involved, Seven might make a lot of sense.

Randomly having Dax, Nog, and Kira show up, well, they’d have to contrive some really silly reason, which I am not a fan of.

If I want to see DS9 return, I’d prefer it be a show unto itself.

There are tons of crossovers in the novels and comics all the time. They usually find a way and as said they already had a few DS9/TNG crossovers so it wouldn’t be a big deal. Of course everyone agrees you should do it to fit in the story but that isn’t exactly hard when nearly everyone is in Starfleet. Yes, it may be difficult to see why Kira would be there but Bashir and Dax could show up no problem.

We watched 14 episodes of Pike commanding Discovery while he was supposed to be in charge of Enterprise and no one blinked. If they want to bring O’Brien in at some point, I trust they will make it interesting.

IF they have one or two show up (and it looks like season 1 will have 3 so far) I don’t have a huge problem with that, so long as it’s organic to the story. But to have a “cavalcade” of everyone in season one would just be too much. I can see more popping in in later seasons. Maybe even all of the TNG folks will show up if the show runs long enough. But I just don’t want to see it turn into TNG 2.0. I really want this show to be it’s own thing. Not that they are doing this for one fan…


“There are tons of crossovers in novels and comics all the time”

And that’s where they should stay.

They should have the whole Voyager cast come in, after all they are both experts

Well, Ryan did say that they basically had to get her drunk before convincing her to take the role. :-)

I guess the catsuit was out of the question.

Thank god.

I was kind of hoping for the Catsuit. :(

Well that was only a cameo and she was probably a little Star Treked out by then just finishing Voyager. Now its 17 years later lol. So its probably fun to go back to the character and obviously she is a different Seven from Voyager now, so that could be another reason too just like Stewart is playing a different Picard. And maybe she has a prominent role in this. I know one thing, Seven’s appearance just guaranteed a quarter more of subscriptions to AA when this thing does start. ;D

It was my understanding that Ryan declined Nemesis because it was the result of a salary or contract dispute with one or two of the female cast members. She was being asked as a back up plan in the event the other actors did not come to terms. Ryan just didn’t want to get involved in that.

Remember Ryan basically got the job in Voyager already replacing the actress who played Kes and which upsetted a lot of the actors on the show, infamously Kate Mulgrew especially. I don’t think she wanted to be involved in that again, especially because the TNG cast have been so tight for so long. To replace one of them probably would’ve cast a lot of anger with the others even they didn’t blame her directly.

But now thinking about it, I guess its not a surprise at all Seven of Nine is back because the reality is every time there has been some mention of doing another TNG era project her name constantly came up. Nemesis being the obvious but even when Spiner talked about a sequel to that movie and wanted to include other characters from the shows she was included as well. She’s been a big fan favorite since she first showed up so not surprising they snatched her the second she could be used again canon wise.

Why its always better to go forward in story telling for me because we get opportunities like this. ;)

As you yourself cited, the borg episodes of Voyager and TNG are consistently the most watched on Netflix, and i’d bet 7-of-9 episodes are too. She was, genuinely, the most interesting character on that show.

So as you said, it’s just very likely they wanted her on the show to drive viewership since they learned from analytics that she was very popular (rather than from any fan site or unscientific poll on facebook).

There was rumour about Brent’s return as data a month ago, but the site it was on had it pulled.

This is true! There were a few rumors months ago he was on the show, but I think most people just took it with a grain of salt, especially because all the TNG actors were so adamant they had nothing to do with the show. I honestly didn’t believe it at the time either. I guess its speaks to how good of a job they kept all this under wraps.

That all our collective jaws dropped multiple times during the trailer is truly astounding, when you think about it: the Borg, Data, Seven, Hugh (on the panel), nobody had any real knowledge of what was coming.

To be fair there’ve been rumors about pretty much EVERY TNG character appearing. So at the time, it was hard to judge which one had a real source and which one was hot air.

I admit, its big time fan-servicy to cramp as many star trek characters into “Picard” as possible. But think about what AVENGERS did. Its basicly cramping the heros from different corners of the MCU into one mega-crossover. I am in for that, and it is the perfect time to do that. But of course the story should not suffer. From a in-universe perspective, many of the characters are on a comparable level of importance (politically, celebrity-wise etc.) and them meeting is not as far fetched as is sounds. Just do an expert conference with panel discussions on the political landscape of the 24th century and they will be there XD

The difference being that Endgame was the story designed and built around it culminating in a crossover of every movie and character.

I thought I heard her voice, but now think that’s Marina Sirtis. Sorry they couldn’t get everyone TNG in, but time is limited, I guess. :^(

This trailer is already more than I could have hoped for. This could be the best Trek show ever.

HOLY FRICKIN’ SH*T! So many, many surprises.

Indeed lol. I’m actually happy they kept so much under wraps, now everyone is super excited about ALL the possibilities. It’s just so much to unwrap. Picard, Data, Seven and the freaking Borg all in one trailer. For hardcore fans this has made their year! Certainly made mine.

Something tells me that the scene with Data probably won’t leave a dry in the house. Best guess is that Picard requested B4’s reactivation and that the download we witnessed in Nemesis didn’t quite stick.

A part of me wonders if B4 and 7 of 9 were ever considered as part of Picard’s new crew. It would have worked.

I honestly have a feeling by the end of the first season you will see some of them join Picard’s crew. I don’t mean they are all on a new Enterprise together but I do think Picard will join Starfleet again and there will be a few of the old guard there under him.

I would be very disappointed. I have ZERO interest in watching the adventures of the Enterprise-E(lderly). This cast is now much older than Kirk & Co. were even in Star Trek VI.

I literally just said I don’t see him being on the Enterprise and I don’t think he will be captain again. I said he would be back in Starfleet again which I can see. He could be an Admiral as he was already. But I can see him being on a ship AS an admiral but not Captain of it. We seen that many times.

And remember this is not like the old shows where every week its a new mission. If second season happens (and we know it will lol) then it will probably be under one mission he goes on with a ship for a special reason. I guess I just have a hard time thinking he will be able to go for several seasons without a Starfleet connection of some kind but I guess its possible.

I don’t think Picard will be a Captain of starship again, it doesn’t make sense.
Stewart is still in a great health, but the fact is, the actor is now entering his 80s, and that’s just pushing way past something believable for me. An Admiral yes, of course, fine.
I think the chances of seeing the Enterprise F are pretty strong though, and also probably we will learn what happened with the E too.

I really love it if we got a brand new Enterprise out of it. And I always said it would be symbolic to have the F as it would lead us into a new era of Star Trek just like the D and E did.

To me, there was something ethereal about Spiner’s appearance in the trailer. Made be feel like it was a dream or vision or flashback or something. Just sayin’.

As long as none of us dreamed of Spiner being in the trailer its OK lol. And of course it could be a dream, but its still cool to have Spiner back in some form since many people like me thought it would never happen. I expected to see him back the least out of everyone, especially because Spiner himself said he was done with the character (and they killed him ;)). So its great to have him back and its been confirmed he’ll be in a few episodes whose presence is part of the story line and not just a one and done cameo. So I’m intrigued to see where this is all going.

I. AM. GETTING. A. HEART. ATTACK. HERE. Call the ambulance.

Calling 911…

Too late. Here in Germany its 112 :D

Not only that… It’s 11:26 o ‘clock… ;-)

If you die from a heart attack, you will miss the show!

Great trailer, and such wonderful nostalgia — but please be a good, well-written show. :)

Agreed. I’m not against revisiting old characters and storylines — I just don’t want those things to be a (distracting) crush.

For instance, I (initially) hadn’t really wanted to see Sirtis because, well, as the movies went on, Troi sounded and acted more and more like Sirtis and it was distracting.

My issue is that any time she has returned (Voyager, Enterprise) since Insurrection she has seemed just SO HAPPY to be back, she can’t contain her enthusiasm in her performance, and keeps breaking the fourth wall unintentionally. You can see the excitement on her face and in her voice like “OH MY GOD I’M BACK!” and it’s kind of sad, as if this is the only thing in her life to bring her joy.

She’s just not a very good actress in my opinion. Though, in fairness, she didn’t tend to be given the most challenging material to work with!

Well she’s not done bad has she for a being ‘bad actress’.
She has a nice house, nice car, nice holidays (she has said this many times!)
She had barely much to do in the movies anyway. What she did have, she’s was fine IMO. She had more to do than Gates McFadden over the four films.
I thought her performance in Nemesis was pretty solid too. She brings a bit of that British grittiness which actually makes it feel quite real with regards to how she played a character who has been violated like she was by the Viceroy and Shinzon.

Then perhaps, and I think this likely, it’s not the actress but the character. The character is so dull flat and dare I say, worthless. It was very rare when Troi actually contributed something worth while to the goings on. VERY rare.

My mind just exploded!

Just amazing! I didn’t see Jonathan del Arco, however, like the introductory article says. Anybody got a time stamp from the trailer? It’d be much appreciated, thanks.

I think he was the person on the operating table. Looked like he had or is having his implants removed.

Maybe. I didn’t see him either and I’ve watched the thing four times. Del Arco had a recurring role on The Closer for years, so I would hope I’d be able to spot him if he had been clearly featured.

Someone confirmed that, i have heard (a very trustworthy source ;)

That was perfect. Wow. Let’s hope the show is as good as that trailer

Seeing the Borg cube: Me: “Whaaaat”?!?
My jaw dropped down!
That was totally unexpected and that scene was the greatest WTF-moment since I’ve known Star Trek!!!!!!!

Fantastic how they kept the appearances of 7 of 9 and Data/B4 a secret! I hope they haven’t revealed too many suprises!

To be honest, I’m not a fan of big shock surprise guest stars in stuff like this. I appreciate knowing in advance, sometimes. Mostly because if i had not known, seeing 7 would have completely taken me out of the episode, even if momentarily.

“That was totally unexpected and that scene was the greatest WTF-moment since I’ve known Star Trek!!!!!!!”

LOL so true. There was just something about it the second it was revealed to be Seven talking to Picard. It felt like an out of body experience. The story suddenly felt a lot more bigger and layered as well. But that moment she appeared you KNEW this trailer was going to blow up everywhere lol. Along with Data, ts all people are talking right about now. And it just shows you how much hardcore fans have missed these characters. Seven is one of the most iconic characters in Trek today, especially if you didn’t become a Trek fan until the TNG/Berman era started like most of my friends did. It was such a brilliant move to bring her back for this and we’ll probably get information on some other Voyager characters as well now.

‘m still not ruling out Janeway herself showing up in later seasons if Kirsten Beyer can beg Mulgrew hard enough to come back. ;)

Gonna be a long wait til 2020.

Anyone notice the sign that read “This Facility Has Gone 5,843 Days Without an Assimilation”?

My guess: they try to de-borgify that cube

Yes, me, after I slowed down the teaser. ;-)
Looks like the Borg and the Romulans are gonna play a big role, or even a Romulan-Borg-connection like it was shown in Countdown?

Are Borg who have been released are held in cages… like…. immigrants.

And this new Borg character wants to run for President of the Federation, and the person up for re-election says “GO BACK TO THE HIVE!”

I think they could be two separate storylines. Like the Klingon War and the Mirror Universe in DSC Season 1.

I just noticed something else, something big…. Throughout the trailer, we either see vulcan looking romulans (without foreheads), or its vulcans, or vulcan-romulan hybrids. I think in the aftermath of the destruction of Romulus, there was pressure on vulcans to consider reunification.
At 0:58, which seems to be the facility where Ex-Borg are de-borgified (among them hugh?…), there are distinct vulcan face masks like the guard in TOS Amok Time have them. A very nice nod to the old styles btw. But if so, it is Vulcans too that are messing with Borg Tech, not only Romulans. I am so excited to how the political landscape in the late 24th century will play out.. i bet there will be a giant arms race…

PS The cannibalized borg cube at 1:33 is being reinforced by federation (discovery) style force fields. Maybe we will even see an unholy alliance between Starfleet and the reemerging Romulan Empire. And the “good” portions of the Romulans and the Federation fight alongside each other against the “unholy alliance” … :o … after all Federation admirals have a history of being shady AF… ad Picard has a history of rebelling against Admirals who are shady AF.

At 1:04 … there is an actual ANDORIAN!

That’s cool, but it isn’t too surprising. They’ve been around on Discovery.

Well they never really showed up in the tng timeline (expect a brief cameo in the Lal Episode)

Yeah, and that one was green. I think there was a blue one in Captain’s Holiday as well. Enterprise really seems to have made Andorians popular enough that the showrunners are no longer embarrassed by them.

There was also one in the background on Risa in TNG.

Yes but its the first time we seen them in the 24th century though (even though DS9 name dropped them every 3 episodes lol). They were mostly a 23rd and 22nd century species until now.

I love Andorians.

I hope Jeffrey Combs shows up on one of the DSC-era series as Commander Shran!

I want a Tellarite

And a Gorn, please :)

Count me as Stoked!
Hoping this shows that Kurtzman & crew have gotten the message on what the fans want!

I sure hope not. It doesn’t sound like “the fans” collectively can agree on anything.

Who are these “fans” that you speak of? And why do you feel so confident in speaking for all of them? Presumptuous prattle.

So, the young lady is clearly related to the Borg, from the looks of things. Kind of a Borg, Messiah, possibly. I shall call her Jebo.

My first impression was she is a child of Picard… Now that I read that I think she is the child of Picard and the Borg Queen… ;-) There was something going on between them in Best of Both Worlds which was not appropriate back then on tv and which was maybe hinted in First Contact… ;-)

I was thinking the same thing, but not the product of a sexual union, but instead some kind of genetic pairing, between the Queen and Picard, or some random human. Again, they said the reason they created locutus was because humanity had become hard to assimilate and they wanted a “bridge”– but clearly just assimilating a human didn’t help. So now, perhaps they’re attempting a “child” with mixed DNA (yes, I know the Borg are not a separate species– unless we finally get an origin for them here).

Sort of like Q having an offspring to save the continuum.

The girl was born, escaped the collective, and now is being hunted.

That sounds familiar… I’m feeling a vibe of Battlestar Galactica…human-looking cylon… ehm borg…

That was a hell of a show.

There was a rumour Kamala from The Perfect Mate was going to be in the show recently. Maybe her daughter? She does fondle a necklace a few times that shows two circles uniting. Maybe the two planets brought together by the marriage? Or perhaps it represents Vulcan and Romulus?

“Now that I read that I think she is the child of Picard and the Borg Queen…”

Oh God… I sincerely hope not. But after what we have seen from this Kurtzman era it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. In fact I am no longer surprised at anything like that happening in Trek now.

Surprising, I never expected to see Seven or Hugh again.

Somewhere Kate Mulgrew is fuming.

Forget Kate Mulgrew. Michael Dorn is probably ready to stick a Bat’leth in someone’s chest.

I disagree. Michael Dorn seems very good natured, and is probably happy for everyone. But Mulgrew very publicly hated Jeri Ryan and in particular was resentful of all the attention she got on Voyager. That Ryan was asked back must sting a little.

Mulgrew apologise to Ryan long ago. They good now.

So they say on stage.

I suspect Mulgrew will be ok given that Ryan isn’t in a catsuit.

Mulgrew has admitted that she couldn’t get past the introduction of a character that was providing fan-service for those who were clamoring for women in tight clothing. But it doesn’t sound like she had much solidarity with Ryan who had to endure the discomfort of the costume.

I think this is the latest and I’ve tried to understand how this happened.

I was mostly just being facetious. I’m sure Dorn is happy for his colleagues that are returning to the show, despite the fact that he has been lobbying for a Worf spinoff for years.

My guess is Dorn will show up eventually. We have to remember this show will go for several seasons at least. If they already have Data, Riker, Troi and Seven all showing up first season who knows how many show up in season 2. And for all we know more could show up this season as well.

Patrick Stewart indicated a three season run. When the series winds down and Picard needs to bring in the big guns we’ll see them all again.

Honestly, if this series gets the reception we all expect it to, do not be shocked if they finally green light that Worf show.

I think the plan is to definitely spin off a show or two out of this IF its that successful. The TNG cast is still immensely popular in the fanbase. Sure Picard is the most iconic but I can easily see Worf, Riker or Data with their own show. Not saying it will happen but nothing can be ruled out right now either. Picard is probably the big test on how much nostalgia one character, played by the original actor, can bring.

Agreed, but I do hope they do it carefully: I don’t want to see Admiral Riker, Captain LaForge, First Officer Data, Security Chief Wesley Crusher, and Chief Engineer Barclay, aboard the Starship Enterprise Double-F.

‘Publicly hated’ Ryan, or the character being introduced to wear a catsuit and get guy-eyes?


She and Jeri Ryan patched things up a long time ago.

Oh sure, but seeing her asked back to a high profile Trek project might just rebuild that resentment…

As one of the leads on another hit show, I suspect Mulgrew isn’t too bothered.

Voyager ended 18 years ago. Mulgrew is busy getting on with her own life. Mulgrew probably is too busy to even care all that much what Ryan or anyone else from Voyager does.
To be honest I don’t think Mulgrew would be much interested anyway.

Kate has been very open about the fact that didn’t enjoy the shooting schedule of Trek. I doubt she wants a cameo.

I wonder how many comments will show up… maybe the most comments ever on Trekmovie?

I’ll add one as a response just to get the count up.


I think the interest in Star Trek Discovery and the ST4 (XIV) movie just dropped…

LOL, only an ldiot would say that. Those who were not interested in those are still not interested. Those of us who were interested, still are.

Well yeah, but that’s why these things don’t all air at the same time. By the time that Discovery season 3 and Trek XIV are coming out, season 1 of Picard will be over and we’ll be ready to be excited by other things.

But if these are truly targeted at different niches, it may make sense to have more than one streaming at the same time.

I could see them having up to six streamers with overlapping seasons, with shows targeted at kids running apart on their own schedule.

Why? This isn’t a zero-sum game we’re playing, you realize that, right? The choice isn’t to be interested in Star Trek Discovery and ST4 *or* Picard. And why would people who were already interested in Discovery and ST4 change their minds after watching the Picard trailer? Nonsensical prattle. Looks like I’ll get to use that word a lot.

Why not just say that *your* interest dropped in Discovery and ST4 after watching the Picard trailer? Speaking for oneself can be quite powerful, presuming that you speak for others can be quite irritating.

I don’t think you really understand how this works Dave. The interest is there for Discovery. I’m sure people would watch a ST4 and then throw Tarantino into it and you’re going to have eyes on Trek by people who have NEVER had eyes on the franchise. This series looks amazing but c’mon. They didn’t stop making DS9 when Voyager came out did they?

Well, it sure looks different, I’ll give them THAT!

They are using the same holo devices seen on Discovery. LOL. Let the nerd rage begin.

I don’t think people will mind as much since its set post-Nemesis.

LOL, exactly! That’s the point, it makes sense in the 25th century, it wasn’t in the 23rd.

I think it’s silly to think that it took them until the 24 century to use holograms. Discovery using holo displays and other tech makes more sense. We already had Hologram Tupac in 2012.

I like to think of holographic communication as being a fad like 3D that resurfaces from time to time. It’s the same with the the TNG style communicators, it’s ludicrous to think that it would take until the 24th century to invent such a device when we could already do it now!

Or maybe we just never seen it used on TNG. Even the viewscreen on the Enterprise D was holographic.

Either way it’s not a big deal for me. I just think that if they’d have introduced elements like the holography alongside more conventional elements there might have been less of a backlash.

Actually, I think if they just scaled back the use of the holograms (they were used like crazy) to be a here and there kind of thing there would have been a ton less backlash, too.

What backlash?

And another to say using the holograms like crazy in a post Nemesis world is totally fine. It has long been established they did not use such tech in the 23rd century. For whatever reason, they didn’t use it in the Trek world until STD decided to their prime/reboot mash up.

Well considering they were first used on screen in nemesis and the final season of DS9, it’s not surprising they are still using them in Picard

There were holographic displays in TNG Season 1, but were dropped rather quickly because of how expensive they were to edit in.

Yes, I recall the scene where Data is using the chinese finger trap he’s analyzing a holographic display chart/map.

Right. Maybe it just some kind of fahion to use it. From a real world perspective the budget Argument is clear as day.

Yeah I remember that. Just because we never saw it much in TNG doesn’t mean it was never used.

WOW, Data/B4, Seven of Nine, the borg….🥰🥰🔥 gets better and better!

That trailer literally brought tears to my eyes…STAR TREK LIVES!!!

did the cadets wear the future delta shield from all good things?

It looks like it at a glance, but I believe set photos show it to be different, if i’m not mistaken.

The bottom part appears the same, one side being longer than the other.

Those aren’t Cadets.

I wonder if all of Kurtzman’s talk about the destruction of Romulus being a major influence on Picard in this show was just a red herring. If it is indeed about the Borg I think it makes more sense. Regardless, I am so fucking STOKED after watching this trailer a dozen times already!!!

Probably an influence but ultimately nothing to do with the actual story. Something needed to snap him awake and this (whatever it actually is) is it. They had to work in the events leading up to the 2009 film somehow.

I think the Hobus Event directly influences the political landscape of the late 24th Century. Together with the Dominion War and the Masses of Borg Tech stranded in the Alpha Quadrant.

My guess is that the Romulans are doing something with the Borg because they are desperately trying to stay relevant on the galactic stage after the destruction of their homeworld.

First off, wow. I was just blown away. I did not pick up the Hugh reference until I read this article. Seeing Seven and Data back was just icing on the top. As for Data, I agree with most in that it appears to be either a holodeck or some dream. The collar he has looks a lot like the TNG movie era uniforms.

I’m not sure– kind of looks like the collars we see on the officers around Starfleet earlier in the trailer. Hard to tell though. That said, I agree it’s very possible it’s a dream, vision, or simulation.

It looks like he’s wearing the new uniforms. Doens’t look like the TNG one. No pips on the collar. However, I would’ve thought he’d be wearing command red by this point.

I think it is the B4 Overall that he and some enlisted crew wear in Nemesis

I take that back. You can see a bit of grey shoulder at the end of the shot….

It’s zoomed in so we don’t see the details, it is the First Contact uniform though. The collar of the new ones has a gap in the middle and one can see the grey shoulders as mentioned.

IDW comic Star Trek Hive written by Brannon Braga features Picard Data and Seven. Came out in 2012. Might be worth checking out….That trailer was dope. I was so happy. Glad Stewart gets another shot at Picard. I was in tears. TNG helped me get through a miserable childhood.

They are using the Romulan design from the JJ movie. Nice. TNG Romulans always looked pretty lame to me.

I liked the Nemesis Romulans. They had hair and didn’t have those stupid tattoos, but they also weren’t wearing quilts. Picard looks like they’ve done away with the tattoos and given some of the Romulans hair, so I’m happy with their new look so far.

They look 100 time better. I hope we get to see some Klingons also.

The tattoos I think were just for Nero and his group. It signified, it part, standing apart from the Empire.

Ugh, the Romulan Foreheads with Dynel Wigs — and foam-rubber uniform tunics — look just got on my flippin nerves. I liked in TOS when they weren’t so distinguishable from their brethren Vulcans. Evolution-wise, why would they get head ridges if they’d only been separated from the Vulcans for a few hundred years? [shrug]

I know, it was just to make them different for TNG. Imagine if they’d had the internetz then! The fan meltdowns that would have commenced!

Plus they all got brown skin and the same haircut.

I see a diversity in the make up… are there actually romulans that look like 23. Century Romulans? Are they really hinting at sub species? That would be nothing short or revolutionary for trek amd solve the “Spock passes as Romulan“ mystery.

The novels have subgroups with different genetic expressions for the Romulans (and the Trills too).

This would be a good thing to pull into canon to reconcile the different looks.

In terms of the genetics, if a recessive genetic trait was for whatever reason prevalent in the group that split from Vulcan, it could lead to a noticeable physical difference in the majority of the Romulan population vs. the Vulcans.

My theory also. They have just overdone the sameness of styles in TNG. If there was an internet back then, people sure would have raged over the makeup – similar to the disc klingon shitstorm.

I do not care that much but showing different groups alongside each other in Picard elegantly acknowledges them in-universe. I hope they do something similar with the klingons. There is barely another way to show worf and disc style klingons without causing multible aneurisms among fans. Just show us sub races.

Sub races make no sense.

I’m with you. Never liked the TNG Romulan brow. It really made no sense to change them up since they were supposed to be nearly genetically identical to Vulcans. A good part about ST09 was no prosthetic forehead on Nero or his crew!

I REALLY liked the way the JJ team did the foreheads of the Romulans (well foreheads/bridge of the nose). It was just enough to set it apart from Vulcans. Also, I like that some Romulans have their head shaved like Nero and his crew shaved theirs in mourning after the destruction of Romulus.

I have no words! I mean I’m just floored. The entire thing is just amazing. I was happy just seeing Picard getting in the mix again. But when they showed the Borg cube, I knew we were going to be in for a ride that no one was expecting. When Seven of effing Nine showed up in the next scene, I gasped so hard, I think my neigbor’s dog heard it. “WHAT.THE.FU….????” I was so giddy once I saw her.

And when Data showed up, I nearly wanted to cry. I am speechless to what I saw. They are obviously going BIG with this show. And I have said for the record since they never denied any other TNG characters showing up then it probably meant we were going to get at least a cameo somewhere. And now its been confirmed this show is going to be an open door to future TNG era characters for a few years. I didn’t buy the fact these are the same people who found a way to throw Pike in 14 straight episodes in Discovery where his presence was a stretch at best, but then we wouldn’t even get a scene with Picard with other TNG characters he (and we) known for 30+ years? C’mon?

But yeah this trailer just did me in. I didn’t really know what to expect and with all the scenes of him being on his vineyard lately I was starting to think this was going to be a much smaller story as well. That’s no longer the case.

I been wanting a post Nemesis story for over 15 years now and it looks like we got it! THANK GOD WE FINALLY GOT IT!!!! ;D

I’ll watch it I guess. More interested in Discovery.

No one here cares what you do lol. But hey I got it at least! Thank God I finally got it and ITS GLORIOUS! ;)

Oh and with Lower Decks announcing it too takes place after Nemesis, we now have three post-Nemesis shows along with Picard and Discovery. Good day for all Trek fans! Can’t wait to see what they do with Discovery now that its in an advanced period it should’ve been in in the first place. Maybe more would’ve accepted it from the beginning.

I still think Discovery will come back to the 23 century.

Me too, maybe as a top-secret project in between TOS and TNG.

I think Georgiou will come back to the 23rd century.

Considering how bad your track record have been predicting things about future Trek, I wouldn’t place any money on it lol.

And yes maybe they will end up back in the 23rd century but my guess is it will be a Voyager situation and not until the final season of the show, assuming it gets past season 3.

I’m glad to see that you’re keep track of my record. Even though I don’t remember making any predictions. You got me confused with someone else.

NH4 we been through this MANY times lol. I asked you to not respond to me, pretty simple, and you can’t seem to help yourself anyway. Well fine, then I will respond but I’m not going to play dumb either. Just because you signed up with a different email address doesn’t mean people are stupid. Dude its really really simple, you can ignore my posts and I will happily ignore you. But since you can’t then I will call you out. Not viciously, but I’m not going to play like a silly teenager you are someone else. You obviously like this silly back and forth it because you keep responding. You come off offended I think you are ‘someone else’ and yet you keep responding. If you’re so offended, stop responding lol.

NH4, we been through this MANY times lol. I asked you to not respond to me, pretty simple, and you can’t seem to help yourself anyway. Well fine, then I will respond but I’m not going to play stupid either. Just because you signed up with a different email address and handle doesn’t mean people are clueless man. Dude its really really simple, you can ignore my posts and I will happily ignore yours. But since you can’t then I will call you out. Not viciously, but I’m not going to pretend like a teenager you are someone else either since you hide yourself about as well as one. You obviously like this back and forth it because you keep responding. You come off offended I think you are ‘someone else’ and yet you keep responding anyway. If you’re so offended, then stop responding lol.

I’m not trying to get you kicked off the boards again. I don’t really care you weaseled your way back here, but you were a troll then, you’re a troll now. And I don’t want to waste me time dealing with them if I don’t have to.

I still have no idea what your talking about.

BTW. You posted twice and it’s kind of creepy…

NH4, seriously you should not be here. AT ALL! Ignore my posts man. All I ask you to do. Seriously, thats it. I’m not trying to get you banned again, but this place doesn’t have an ignore button. And Since you won’t for some bizarre reason and want to play this silly game you have no idea who I’m talking about just makes you come off more pathetic. Everyone knows its you, including Trekmovie. For whatever reason they are allowing you to stay, fine. But dude your writing style gives it a way literally every word you type. And you are just not very clever on trying to pretend to be someone else. Others can pull it off but not you, sorry.

Wow, and I thought tRUMP tweets were bad.

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I don’t care that you are here, I simply don’t want to respond to you because you have nothing of substance to say. At least when BorgKlingon got banned he had the integrity to stay away. You didn’t.

A lot of what I saw in the trailer surprised me. Very excited to see what they’ve done.

Judging by the reaction I think it surprised basically everyone. I have heard people throw theories around the Borg could show up, but its another thing when its confirmed. And all the characters we know are coming is just one big WOW! I won’t be shocked if Riker and Troi shows up in the Enterprise E or F now. CBS knows what the fans want and why Discovery season 2 turned into so much fan service. In this case we have the original actors playing their characters again in a VERY expansive universe so the sky is the limit! ;)

Wait, where was Hugh? I blinked.

The only thing I could think is that he’s in the borg facility, or is the person on the biobed, but hard to tell.

I don’t think he was in the trailer.

Best kept secret of the century. I cannot muster words that adequately convey just how amazing this trailer is. Such promise!

Indeed. It felt like a rush of fresh air!

Whoah !!

What a spectacular trailer. It’s a great time to be a Star Trek fan.

Voyager was never my favorite series, but seeing Seven again is oddly exciting. I was iffy before, but now I’m hyped!

I was hoping TNG and Nemesis would be less insular and feature some DS9 and Voyager characters. This is a nice little surprise.

Seven of Nine was without a doubt the best, most complex and interesting character on that series. Particularly ironic considering she was only added as a mandate by the studio to add a sexy babe to the cast to attract teen boys.

I felt like desperation actually looked good on Voyager and Enterprise. Apart from the blatant sex appeals, the moves to shore up Voyager with Seven and then Enterprise with the Xindi arc were creative jolts of energy.
Wonderful to see her back, and clearly evolved as a character. Now, did she dump Chakotay? ;)

The Xindi arch was exciting for me at the time (Wow something new and interesting!) but in rewatching it, god what an awful decision. They tried to turn it into an action show with a cast not really well suited for it.

There was some action, but it wasn’t really any more of an action show than any of the other Treks. Mostly it was about trying to hold onto Starfleet’s ideals in times of desperation, and how many compromises you can make and still hold onto your humanity. It was just as philosophical as any other Trek.

Totally agree Legate Damar. It was very thought-provoking to make one consider the point at whiçh morals become merely a luxury.

Yeah I still really like the Xindi story line for that reason you gave, but it still probably ran too long. They could’ve shortened it by a few more episodes. ANd I will take the Xindi conflict over the Klingon war snoozefest in Discovery any day. Just a complete waste of a story line.

I agree, Legate. The Xindi arc was fascinating. I went into it thinking I would not like it but it won be over. There were a number of excellent episodes there. Archer really crossed some lines. Stranding that ship so he could use their warp core… Harsh.

I can easily imagine a villain in Voyager or TNG attacking the hero’s ship for a similar reason. That was a great episode.

Could she be Lal?

That thought had crossed my mind as well.

It would give the writers a legit reason to bring back data/b4.

I kinda think Data is a hologram?

I find it interesting that Picard says “If she is who I think she is, she could be in very great danger.”

Saying who rather than what suggests that she has a specific identity rather than a specific composition (android, genetic composite, Borg adaptation) that Picard recognizes.

Lal could be one possibility.

Trailer looks really good!

Holy targ manure!