SDCC19: ‘Short Treks’ Season Two Detailed, Possible Pike/Spock Enterprise Series Teased

Continuing our detailed coverage of the Star Trek Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con, this time focused on Short Treks. Yesterday we reported some highlights along with the new Short Treks trailer, but there were more details about the upcoming second season for the series focused on mini standalone stories, which is now expanding beyond tie-ins to Star Trek: Discovery. There also may have been a hint about another possible show to join the growing Star Trek Universe.

Expanding the ‘Short Treks’ experiment

Executive producer Alex Kurtzman started off the section of the panel on Short Treks by giving some background on how the 4-episode first season of the series of mini-episodes came to life:

The Short Treks that we did last season was an interesting experiment because we knew we weren’t going to be able to drop [season two of] Discovery right away and we wanted to buy ourselves some time to get the season right, particularly because the visual effects take so long. It takes around eight months to really render those visual effects. So, we built these Short Treks — which was like a really interesting experiment in that we got to tell stories that you otherwise wouldn’t get to tell in the main body of the story and focus on characters that you wouldn’t necessarily get to see in an episode. They were these kinds of wonderful little meals, but the reveal was that some of them connected to the storytelling in season two. They seemed like they were independent, but they really worked. So, we are going to do that again.

Alex Kurtzman at Star Trek Universe panel, San Diego Comic-Con 2019

6 new ‘Short Treks’ coming, including ‘Picard’ prequel

After the trailer for Short Treks was shown (which you can see below), Kurtzman outlined the upcoming season of six episodes:

So some of the Short Treks will involve Spock, Number One and Pike, and then there will three new stories. Two of them are animated and they won’t be in the style of either of our new animated shows (Star Trek: Lower Decks and the Nickelodeon Trek series), they are actually quite different. One will be directed by Michael Giacchino, who scored the [J.J. Abrams] Trek movies. One of them will be directed by ‘Tunde [producer/director Olatunde Osunsanmi], who is our main director on Discovery, in a totally different style. And the last one will be a Picard teaser. It will give you a sense of what happened to Jean-Luc fifteen years before we enter the series. Everything connects, yet there are fun stand-alone stories, as you can see from the trailer.

Pike, Spock and Number One return for ‘Short Treks,’ and maybe more?

As noted by Kurtzman – and is apparent from the trailer – half of the Short Treks season will focus on the USS Enterprise’s Captain Pike (Anson Mount), Number One (Rebecca Romijn) and Spock (Ethan Peck). While it wasn’t fully laid out, from what was said at the panel and from looking at the trailer, one of these episodes will focus on Pike in a prison, and the third will feature Pike and guest star H. Jon Benjamin (Archer, Bob’s Burgers) along with a lot of tribbles.

Kurtzman did offer a little flavor about one of those three, saying:

Spock and Number One stuck in an elevator is going to be quite interesting, and it is also written by Michael Chabon who did (Short Treks season one) ”Calypso” and is our Picard showrunner.

Actors Ethan Peck (Spock) and Rebecca Romijn (Number One) were surprise guests who joined the panel briefly after the discussion of Short Treks had started. Romijn noted that Anson Mount (Pike) extended an apology for not coming as he “really wanted” to attend but had a wedding to go to.

Ethan Peck was asked by the moderator about the opportunity to continue his time with the franchise going from season two of Discovery into Short Treks and he said:

It’s layer upon layer of surreality. It’s so insane. It’s just like rarified life experience. I’m living the dream. It’s fantastic.

Romijn also expressed a lot of enthusiasm for the opportunity:

I’m thrilled to be a part of this universe and part of the Star Trek family. It’s pinch-me-moment after pinch-me-moment. Walking on the Enterprise for the first time? I mean, it’s mindblowing.

Ethan Peck and Rebecca Romijn at Star Trek Universe panel, San Diego Comic-Con 2019

During the earlier Discovery portion of the panel, Kurtzman talked about bringing these characters back for Short Treks:

We cannot overstate how critical to the overall tone Captain Pike, Number One and Spock were last season [of Discovery]. We would have brought them with us, but that would have broken canon, So we are very excited about doing the Short Treks.

Pike, Spock and the USS Enterprise were well received parts of the second season of Discovery, and they even inspired a popular petition. Kurtzman acknowledged this and made it clear the idea of giving the Enterprise crew their own show is on their radar:

There is speculation about Pike and Spock and Number One getting their own show. So, I guess the question for you guys is do you want them to get their own show? [crowd roars with a positive affirmation] Okay, we will think about it… [with a smile].

Watch the SDCC trailer for ‘Short Treks’

In case you missed it, here is the trailer again.

More from Peck and Romijn on ‘Short Treks’

Ethan Peck and Rebecca Romijn took a little time out from SDCC for a CBS video interview talking about how they learned they were returning to Star Trek for Short Treks. They were informed shortly after shooting ended for season two of Discovery, and their work on Short Treks took place in May 2019.


More SDCC 2019

Check out the rest of our San Diego Comic-Con 2019 coverage, and stay tuned to TrekMovie for more from the Star Trek Universe panel and beyond.

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Yes! Bring on the Pike Enterprise show. And for the record, before all the haters and trolls jump in – I think Kurtzman is doing a great job. There is no way to please everyone, especially in this day of toxic fandom, but the guy is listening and paying attention (maybe too much) to the fans. So well done to all!

It reminds me of the hate that Rick Berman used to get.

Exactly,which was undeserved for berman as well. And Kurtzman to his credit is not only listening, he’s paying attention and adjusting based on fan response on a lot,even though he really shouldn’t have to, and doesn’t have to.

True enough. Although he *did* fire Ron Jones and subjected us to 3-1/2 years of sonic wallpaper for episode soundtracks. :( ;)

He did fire Ron Jones, the best composer he ever had, because the guy couldn’t give him the elevator music he wanted. His first feedback to Jones, walking out of a meeting, after “The Naked Now” was in the can, was “Is emotional your only range?” Said that completely out of the blue just to disarm the composer. And he didn’t subject us to 3-1/2 years of elevator music; he subjected us to 15-1/2 years of it.

He avoided hiring new creative people as much as possible, preferring to draw from the writers/designers/cinematographers he already had, even after those writers with real prospects had moved on from ST altogether, resulting in less consistent writers often getting promoted to showrunner or co-producer. And he mandated maintaining strict parameters on all their work (not just composers), ensuring that his shows looked as much alike as possible. His movies he likewise preferred to keep within his family of TV people, unless the studio insisted otherwise, and he couldn’t contain the puppet director they assigned him for his last film.

In press interviews he would *always* acknowledge the danger of “going to the well too often” (like literally in every single interview), yet he continued pumping out as many 24-episode-per-season shows of TV sameness as either the studio or network demanded of him.

But he at least knew better than to listen too closely to the fans, and recognized when his 24th century had run dry.

I will never get the hate for 90s Trek score. It was just fine, though they did tend to cheap out and reuse it too much.

The only truly awe-inspiring Trek score to come out of the ’90s, aside from some adequate work by Goldsmith (even his output seemingly suffered under Berman’s restrictions) was The Undiscovered Country. And you can already be damn sure the Berman team never would have hired anybody to compose a score like that one.

Actually I LOVE the First Contact score and Voyager theme song as well. Both very beautiful. I don’t want to get into the nerdy fight over which is ‘better’, I really enjoyed most of the movie scores in that period including TUC of course. Oddly enough I didn’t love the Generations score when that film first came out but I learn to really love much of it later on.

But the Goldsmith stuff is probably Trek at its best.

I should probably put my perspective glasses on in regards to my last two posts. I wasn’t thinking of Goldsmith when I described Ron Jones as best composer Berman ever had. And I tend not to think of him as a Trek composer under Berman, probably because I suspect they only went to him after having already tried out Dennis McCarthy on a new TV series theme (DS9) or a movie (Generations). And it’s also interesting that they never went to any other composer with actual film credentials. I really think they saw ST as having one sound, and if not for wanting the TMP theme already associated with TNG they would just as easily prefer something nondescript. But at any rate, Goldsmith is obviously a more talented composer than Jones even on his worst day (which for ST would probably be Insurrection).

I do like his First Contact score, I don’t know that I love it but I love parts of it (some of the more foreboding cues, such Picard reasoning out how the Borg got aboard, the Borg drilling into Data’s scalp or the Queen’s head attaching to its body). I can’t rate it as highly as his TOS scores, in fact I would probably rank all of Goldsmith’s ST efforts in production order (save for Insurrection). It also bothers me that his VOY and FC themes are both very similarly lyrical (if that’s the right term, but they basically both go 1st verse, 2nd verse, bridge and then 3rd verse as a final statement). It’s probably a very common pattern in film music, but just the fact that those two themes from barely two years apart feel so much alike just makes them seem rather basic.

Did any of VOY’s composers ever adapt/sample the theme into their episode scores, even in part? Or for that matter did Alexander Courage’s fanfare ever feature on either DS9 or VOY? I feel like I already know the answer, but would have to sift through too many hours of TV to ever know… and then I wouldn’t be able to focus on it anyway because music is obviously not the highlighting feature on those shows. I figure ENT would’ve had to have used the fanfare at least a couple times. In fact I don’t even recall hearing it on TNG in latter seasons, though I’d be inclined to bet they at least featured it in ‘All Good Things’.

Yeah I never had a problem with it either. I get people wanted something more different and dramatic but I was fine with it.

I think my only real gripe with Berman is Kirk’s death scene and that he always seemed to come off as if he didn’t get TOS or didn’t care for it. Other than that, he kept the franchise going for quite a long time and gave trek it’s first true golden era of multiple series, merchandise and a peak of pop culture popularity. Give the man credit where it’s due.

My only ripe with Berman’s use of Kirk is all of it. Never should have brought him back. He had no place in a TNG film, and no idea they could have dreamed up in 1994 was ever going to work. Look at all the ideas they considered for TNG (where the idea of a Kirk appearance was once considered), the movie, and Enterprise– they’re all just awful. The notion of Picard and Kirk together is not a good one, because the character of Picard runs circles around Kirk. Plus the limitations they had in 1994 made it even harder.

Spock on the other hand… that’s why Unification works so well. Would loved to have seen a followup as Generations instead of what we got.

“The notion of Picard and Kirk together is not a good one, because the character of Picard runs circles around Kirk”

Eh. I thought (and I say this as an extreme Picard fan) that Shatner kind of stole the show in GENERATIONS.

The real problem was that Star Trek has done too many time travel stories, and bringing Kirk and Picard together was always going to be extremely contrived. And if they insisted on doing it, there should have been a full exploration of the two captains’ different command styles, much more than “we *are* working together.”

Should have been yesterday’s Enterprise story with all the cast

I read that they had two ideas for a feature with Kirk & Co. One was Borg go back to Kirk’s day to assimilate humanity. The other was the Nexus idea. They knew whatever idea they used the next movie would be the other. I don’t know if that was rumor or what, but I think I might have liked Kirk & company deal with the Borg and Picard all movie long than just that end thing that we got in Generations.

I’ll agree with that. Yesterday’s Enterprise would carry more weight (for me at least) if it was a film and they used the Enterprise A crew.

I think I tend to agree here. But to do what you suggested meant Kirk and Picard had to be together pretty early in the script and be together throughout. The intent of the first TNG feature was to “pass the baton” if you will. But I, and I think a great many fans, was expecting was Kirk and Picard to have an adventure together like Butch and Sundance. We didn’t get them together until the end. It wasn’t enough. Also, I found the film had more life whenever Shatner was on screen. Even the awful captains in the kitchen stuff had life. The rest I found my head resting in my hand. Further, Kirk pretty much ran circles around Picard when they were together.

I imagine his work-load is beyond belief. And to be honest, it’s taken some time for me to understand his style of production and writing. After spending some time with the material, and specifically episodes penned by him, exclusively to be great Star Trek. If he’s responsible for overseeing the cinematography then I have to give him a big ‘kudos’ for that. I feel like I’m in an I-Max theater watching this new material. My excitement level has gone from a 6 to a 9 after watching the Picard trailer.

Well said, MikeB!

Yeah, I’m giving him a shot. I don’t blame him for the terrible first season of Discovery. It was conceived by someone else, by executives who didn’t know what they wanted. The second season was them trying to make a course correction, though they didn’t really succeed. I think the show will finally find its legs now with the time jump, which is where it should have been set all along. Based on what we’ve seen so far of Picard, and the involvement of Stewart, their approach is completely different. I’m optimistic. It’s good that there is now one person in charge of all of Trek, they needed a ‘Berman-esque’ person in charge.

I agree im loving star trek discovery but also i want to se a captain pike show because he is my favorite captain and i love anson’s portrail as pike rebecca romjin as number one and ethan peck as spock, in my opinion peck’s portrail respect a lot leonard nimoy and he quite resemble him, i think ill be awsome

I’m thrilled that we have 6 – yes 6! – Short Treks to keep us going until Picard premieres in 2020.

3 Spock / Number One / Pike shorts is beyond any expectations I had about seeing them back so soon.

No wonder Peck and Mount were able to be added at relatively the last minute to Comiccons in Ontario and Quebec in May/June.

There’s a lot of extras in these shorts. It seems as though they’ve made the business case to put more $s in them this season.

However, I’m not seeing many of the Enterprise bridge crew that we saw in Sweet, Sweet Sorrow. I hope they will be brought back when (yes I’m that hopeful) Pike’s Enterprise becomes a reality.

I am really thinking Pike’s Enterprise is headed for the silver screen. Especially with the news that Star Trek player a big role in finally remerging Cbs and paramount. I think we will get Pike Trek first and then The Tarantino Trek film a year or so later.

I personally think that Terantino Trek will end up being made with the Mount, Peck, Romjin crew of the Enterprise. With the sudden unexpected passing of Anton, and Chris Pine being out and Chris Hemsworth (far less important) not interested in returning, it’s going to be hard to continue the Kelvin Universe.

But now that the Star Trek Timeline spans over 2 millennia, they could go just about anywhere with future films. The cast of Discovery are all well known actors and could carry a feature film. Sir Patrick Steward has made a movie where he voiced a talking poo and people went to see that, so he obviously is a draw all on his own.

Star Trek has more possibilities now then it’s had since the 90’s

I’d second a Pike’s Enterprise movie

Yes its great! I’m a little disappointed Picard isn’t coming out this year as they originally promised but I get these shows takes a long time. And having SIX Short Treks starting this year is pretty cool, especially since they will be Pike and Picard based (although we don’t know what the animated ones are yet).

And I been saying that if they don’t get a show, then they would find other avenues for them. They could definitely get a show, but even if they don’t they will find ways to bring them back as much as possible through Short Treks, a mini-series and yes possibly Section 31. There is SO much Trek right now, they have tons of options.

I think the Section 31 show is dead.

If CBS doesn’t get Peck, Mount, and Romjin under contract for their own show, it’ll be hard to get them back as all three are talented actors that would have no trouble getting other work. They’ll all move on to other projects.

I don’t get excited with Section 31

It does nothing for me, either. But I guess there is someone out there who likes the idea… I guess.

“I think the Section 31 show is dead.”

Well I think someone needs to let the producers know since just commented on the show a week ago and sound like they still have every intention to do it:

Not sure why people think the show is now going away? Just because they didn’t mention it at comic con doesn’t mean much and my guess is will probably be mentioned again at the Las Vegas convention. But by their own words the show is still happening. Yes things can change but if it was ‘dead’ now they wouldn’t still be discussing their plans for it.

Does anybody know when these are coming out?

Waiting with bated breath to find out if, and how, I’ll be able to see these in Australia. One possible option could be to license the Enterprise shorts to Netflix and the Picard short to Amazon, but what of the animated ones? Could get messy, but I live in hope that they’ll sort it out.
I can only hope that this time we’ll get to see them at the same time as America and Canada, as is appropriate in the 21st century.

They said in the fall, so in two or three months from now probably.

My dream is that they make a Pike Enterprise series and segued it into a Kirk Enterprise series after some time. It might also be a way to convince Anson Mount to do it, who seems to be a bit hesitant to be away from home for so long.

They start with Pike and then change to Kirk when Mount doesn’t want to continue. They can keep the rest of the cast and maybe add McCoy, too. I don’t particular care about canon accordance, but even that can be explained away with just saying that Number One was the first officer at the beginning of Kirk’s command and the other TOS characters joined the ship later.

There are already two Kirk Enterprise series. What would be the point of another one?

I think it might be interesting. Here’s a thought. People always think about these things (any ST series or movie) as either a prequel, a sequel or an “alternate universe.” What about something concurrent? You know, we only dropped in on Kirk and company at certain moments within their five year mission. And yet, there were lots of other moments we theoretically DIDN’T see. I’m not just talking about moments that were referenced but not seen, I mean, what happened on another day. So…maybe Errand of Mercy happened on a Thursday. What happened that Monday? Yes I’m being facetious, but my point is that we only dropped into the TOS world for certain days and there were lots of other ones, including an entire two years of the five year mission that we never saw. Anyway, my point is that doing a Pike series that could lead into a “stories unseen” Kirk series, is not necessarily a bad idea.

Chancellor Gowron,

Re: What would be the point of another one?

Well, I would hope to tell the tales left untold between the ones that were? But they keep reimagining those that were told, regardless, so eventually a time will come when one one has to ask, why not just redo the whole thing, again?

Again, I think Star Trek Continues showed that there were a lot of tales left untold, such as why Spock decided to pursue Kohlinar.

Two? Are you counting Star Trek Continues? The films?

At any rate, Star Trek Continues suggests to me that more TOS could work.

The River Temarc,

The Filmation series is the second one.

No. We have TOS. Leave the Kirk Enterprise where it belongs unless you do Kelvin Enterprise B

NCC Lincoln,

Re: We have TOS

That makes no sense. How is that a reason NOT to attempt it? We had TOS when they tried the Filmation series. We had TOS when they tried Phase II. We had TOS when they did the films…

And what inherently makes the Kelvin Enterprise B better than the Prime Enterprise B tales? And what about a Kelvin Enterprise B series suddenly makes it ok to do a Prime Kirk E series for you?

@NCC Lincoln. Tons of Trek fans, though not me, continue to adore fan films that focus on the Enterprise, with third rate actors and bad special effects. But done officially, with high production values, and an all-star cast, that has been nearly universally embraced by the audience (even the ones who hated DSC), the response is “Leave the Enterprise alone!”


You could do a Kirk-Enterprise series if everything looked like the cover of Vonda McIntyre’s Entropy Effect

comment image

Alternate idea. Anson Mount loves the character and enjoyed the work, but found it hard to be away from home so much. So, CBS and Viacom re-merge with CBS running the combined entity. Now, they’ve got Paramount Studios. Make movies with the Capt. Pike Crew and let the Kelvin universe die since they are not likely to get Chris Pine back anyway and Anton passed away so they’ve got major casting issues with future Kelvin Timeline movies anyway.

I absolutely hate the Short Treks because the ideas are better than the actual episodes and can’t be fleshed out properly in just a few minutes.

Agreed about the short running times. I think these episodes would have worked excellently as standalone episodes as part of the proper season itself, maybe peppered throughout or at the beginning of the season before the true serial aspect kicks in.

I caught that some of the messaging this year said they were a half an hour rather than 15-20 minutes. And we see that in two of them they are putting more people on screen.

Now a half hour of TV time runs closer to 24 minutes.

But we may be getting slightly expanded Short Treks this season.

I can agree that at least two of last year’s offerings could have benefited from being a big longer, so this sounds all to the good.


I think CBS figures they’ll look for rising stars behind the camera for these productions from the fan films that are produced under their new guidelines?

So one of them forms part of the backstory of Picard…and one of them is called Q&A. I wonder what John DeLancie has been up to lately…

That would be awesome, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Q&A is the one with Spock and Number One in the turbolift. They were asking eachother questions.

Oh boy…. i havent thought about that yet but… hell… Q & A … oh my bloody goodness of trek… Q & A ….

If they are to do the Captain Pike series, they would have to shoot it in LA to accommodate Anson Mount.

This seems like a problem that can be solved by backing up a shuttlecraft loaded with credits to Anson’s front door.

Rules of acquisition #No …….

Why? He shot season 2 of Discovery and these Short Treks in Toronto.

He actually lives in New York State not California Vantheman77, and is originally from Tennessee.

He’s relatively recently married and met his wife when he was working in Calgary on Hell on Wheels. It sounds like she needs to stay in New York for personal or professional reasons.

So, there is some personal complexity in working in Toronto, working in Canada doesn’t seem to be the issue.

He shot INHUMANS in Hawaii.

If they do not confirm the Pike/Spock/Number One series we will boycott season three of Discovery.

Speak for yourself.


Sigh, this is NOT the attitude we need.

If Pike’s Enterprise doesn’t happen it sounds as though there would have to be some impediment that couldn’t be worked or negotiated around.

No we won’t. I don’t even like Discovery and wouldn’t do that. Jeez.

I’d like to second this opinion.

Same here.

Maybe you will. As for the rest of us, We will continue to watch and support any and all new and upcoming Trek.

Man we are getting more Star Trek in the next year than all the Trek we gotten since Enterprise ended COMBINED and you are whining that we don’t get another one? Glass half full and all of that.

Repeat after me, this IS NOT an either/or situation.

Got it????

Thanks for saying that Phil.

If they’re doing it two years in a row, is it still an experiment? :)


An actual Star Trek series with Pike, Number One and Spock would be great! Picard show is exciting, but seeing classic trek beautifully brought up to date is my dream come true. JJ got it all wrong. Especially the ship which is not the Enterprise in any way, shape or form. Not even a constitution class by any stretch of the imagination.

Bring on the new classic trek!

NCC-1701 series!? Yes. Yes. Yes.


Yes it is! We are getting Pike, Borg, Spock, Seven, Data, Picard, Romulans, tribbles, 3 different shows, 3 Short Treks and multiple time periods. Its going to be a fun year!!!

I remember posters on this site over ten years ago suggesting a Pike series. Looks like the fans are finally being heard. LiVe Long and Prosper

Does anyone know if/how the first Short Treks will be available on home media?

Just guessing but they could be released together with season 2.

Yes a Pike Enterprise of exploring before Kirk. Seasons will do

Can CBSAA support all these ST shows without killing their other originals and regulating a streaming service to owning a Star Trek universe channel. Look what happen to DC streaming service

If they want to be competitive, they’ll need more content that retains subscribers.

Again it’s not either or.

Netflix is not doing well with originals that get cancelled after a season or two, and it doesn’t own enough content to stay dominant once the production houses have their own streamers.

If Trek provides a solid long term subscriber base, year round content to keep those subscribers will be key.

More to the point, if the merger goes ahead, the Trek backlist as will as Mission Impossible will have a home on a single streaming service. It sounds like it may be enough to be a significant long-term player.

I am so in love with Ethan Peck

No Pike series please, I’m sick to death of the 23rd century and relying on what’s come before.

Thank god we’re finally moving forward with Picard, Lower Decks and DIS Season 3. Let’s not go backwards again.

Picard seems to very much rely on what’s come before.

It seems your tastes are well served. Don’t be so selfish. ;-)

2 dimensional thinking. Why can’t we have both in a time where they’re really pushing The Star Trek Universe? You can tell stories in different eras.

If it was ONLY Captain Pike then I would agree with you. But since, as you just pointed out, we now have THREE post Nemesis shows coming and we will probably get more in the coming years.

I think that’s completely fine. As someone who was never a huge fan of prequels, I was NEVER against Star Trek making them, I was just disappointed that’s all we were getting, especially since we were only getting a single project at a time like the Kelvin movies and then Discovery. But now for people who have been shouting they want the franchise to move forward again we can’t really complain anymore. We’re getting multiple levels of Star Trek and what’s more fun about it is every one is in a different period from the others. That’s never happened before. And with Discovery we are now getting a show that will go a thousand years into the future.

I remember arguing with so called Star Trek fans who argued going into the 25th century would make the show feel too ‘magical’ and ‘unrelatable’. Well, Discovery is now upping that by 700 years lol. So we are going forward in a big big way people like me ever saw coming, but happy to see Trek really expand. So if they want to still a pre-era Kirk show, let them, not every show has to be for every fan. There will be plenty of people who will watch the Picard show and not care about the other stuff just as I imagine there will be others who will tune into the Pike show and not interested in anything else either, but the beauty is everyone will feel like they are getting something if they do it right.

I’ll add my comment to the chorus: YES! We want a Pike/No.1/Spock/Enterprise show!!! Make this happen! Delete the Section 31 show and make the Pike show instead!

No need for either/or sibling rivalry please VZX.

I’ve heard fans at cons who are pumped about Georgiou and an S31 show.

There is room on CBSAA for 5 or 6 Trek shows given how short the seasons are.

As long as you find one or two to your taste, the strategy will be working.

I have no doubt that when they made the decision to intro the Enterprise in the finale of Season 1 the plan was to spin it off as its own series. They simply used Season 2 as a backdoor pilot to see how audiences would respond to recasting iconic roles and redesigning the Enterprise.

Honestly, this was also probably a factor in deciding to set Discovery in the years before TOS. I don’t think they ever intended to jump the Discovery forward 1000 years, but it all worked out: we’ll get 2 post nemesis shows (one focusing on an iconic Captain) a prequel set on a classic ship with a recast crew filled with fan favorite characters.

Something for everyone.

To be honest I don’t think they were thinking that far ahead really. We had heard all the rumored shows they were working on a year ago from Picard to an Academy show and Khan (ugh) and a possible Pike show was never once mentioned or inferred. And if that was really the case then all the players would’ve been signed on from the start and its clear none of them have yet. No I think it really was meant to be a one season thing that grew a life onto its own when fans really fell in love with the new Pike and Spock. But all the talk before then was just about Picard,, Section 31 and the animated show.

But I do agree it clearly was NOT the intent to shoot Discovery 1,000 years into the future either. The show was designed to stay in the 23rd century but clearly all the backlash over the canon issues made them rethink a lot of it and made a bold choice to change it up. Its still crazy season 2 was basically designed to get them into the future when I ORIGINALLY thought just the opposite and that they were just making way for it to be more TOS orientated like what they did for Enterprise in its fourth season. I knew Pike would return to the Enterprise by the end of the season, but I thought he and Spock would be recurring characters from fourth season on.

But I think this will probably work out for the best if a Pike show does happen and it could feel like a truer prequel and predecessor to TOS and staying in the 23rd century while Discovery carves out its own mythology in the 32nd. And it will be nice for people who just want a show with an Enterprise again (which is what this is really about lol). We are getting tons of new shows but none with the flag ship. I have no doubt an Enterprise will pop up on Picard but I don’t think its going to be a permanent fixture to that show either. And this will be the first time we have the ‘original’ ship again since TAS.

I was waiting for somebody to make a bigger deal about Kurtzman’s comments on the Pike series. For me it looked like confirmation that it’s in development and he was just trying to coyly hype it up. I think it’s a little peculiar that talk of the Section 31 show has diminished, maybe this is the direction they are going instead.

Kurtzman’s confirmed more than once that the showrunners have been moved over from Discovery and are breaking story for S31.

I suspect it would have moved more quickly if Kurtzman hadn’t needed to staff up the Discovery writers room and find a new showrunner.

WHERE are people getting this idea that the Section 31 show idea is diminishing???? Dude they literally JUST talked about the show less than a week ago that was covered right here on this site:

Does THAT sound like the idea is dead and buried? To me it just sounds like people have this wish fulfillment that the show will just die and go away. But literally every time its discussed with the producers they say the exact same thing and they plan to make the show once Discovery third season is finished. They have not wavered from that once since they first mentioned it at the beginning of Discovery’s second season.

Oh, it sure sounds like the Pike show is happening! When that news gets officially dropped (possibly in Las Vegas) it will be the best thing to happen to Trek in years!!! THAT is something I can get jazzed about.

In the Short Trek episode which shows Spocks first day as Ensign on the Enterprise – and so it should be 2254 – Spock and Number One wear the the “new Uniforms” (as said in the first Episode “Brother” of Season 2 of ST:DSC, which is in the year 2257). Isn´t it odd to call a three year old uniform “new”. So either they should wear the Discovery-Uniform in 2254 or the conclusion, that the Enterprise crew wear the “new Uniforms” (then 3 years old at least) is kind of weird.

Not a hater of Kurtzman, just feel he is doing a lousy job with a classic tv series. Star Trek was designed for tv and should stay to its original masterpiece. If Kurtzman wants to change the timeline to his personal story, that’s fine. Just don’t categorize it as canon to the original series. I wouldn’t mine if Discovery was cancelled in place of a Captain Pike/Spock series.

And the usual lame not out available outside the US! It really needs to stop! Let us at least see the bloody trailers! JEEZ!! Good thing I was at Comic-Con when this came out,lol! Didn’t attend the panel,don’t do panels there anymore,too much crap getting in.

Ooops,I meant not available…..obviously,lol! Couldn’t find an edit button.