Quentin Tarantino Clarifies—Then Confuses—The Timeline For His Star Trek Project

As he has been out promoting his new film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, director Quentin Tarantino has been talking a bit of Star Trek, providing more clues about the project he has in development with J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures. The latest example of this has him clarify (and possibly confuse again) the issue of timeline.

Tarantino wants the Chris Pine timeline

As a guest on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the subject of  Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek project came up, and the director gave a brief recap of how it came together with him and producer J.J. Abrams:

It’s an idea that I had, then we got together and talked it out and we hired Mark Smith who did The Revenant to write the script.

Then Tarantino seemed to clarify the open question as to which timeline the film would take place (Prime or Kelvin):

I don’t know how much I can say. The one thing I can say is it would deal with the Chris Pine timeline.

Chris Pine in the 2009 Star Trek movie

…or maybe he wants the Shatner timeline

So, Tarantino’s comment about the “Chris Pine timeline” seems to answer the timeline question. The film he is developing would be another chapter in the Kelvin timeline, starring Chris Pine as Kirk. However, as Tarantino kept talking, things got more confusing when it comes to the timeline question. Here is the exchange with Happy Sad Confused host Josh Horowitz:

Tarantino: Now, I still don’t quite understand – and J.J. can’t explain it to me, and my editor has tried to explain it to me and I still don’t get it…Something happened in the first movie that kind of wiped the slate clean? I don’t buy that. I don’t like it. I don’t appreciate it. I don’t…fuck that!  Alright? I don’t like that.

Horowitz: I’m going to lead you down a road. You want The Guardian of Forever [from TOS episode “The City on the Edge of Forever”] to have happened, don’t you?

Tarantino: I want the whole series to have happened, it just hasn’t happened yet. No, Benedict Cumberbatch or whatever his name is, is not Khan. Khan is Khan. I told J.J. I don’t understand this, I don’t like it. And he went: “Ignore it! Nobody likes it! I don’t understand it. Do whatever you want. If you want it to happen in the exact way it happened on the series, it can.”

Horowitz: So that’s more in line with, you are honoring the series that you loved and came up with?

Tarantino: Yes, exactly. And ultimately why I would be interested – somebody asked me what is it about Star Trek that you like? Easy. William Shatner. I love William Shatner as James T. Kirk. That’s why I like Star Trek. The reason I like Star Trek more than I like Star Wars is: William Shatner is not in Star Wars…William Shatner as James T. Kirk, that is my connection. That is why I liked it…So the reason I was actually intrigued by the J.J. Abrams version of it is because I thought Chris Pine did a fantastic job, not just playing Captain Kirk, but playing William Shatner’s captain. He is William Shatner. He is not just another guy. He is William Shatner’s, Captain Kirk. And Zachary Quinto is literally Leonard Nimoy’s – because they had that scene together – he is his Spock. And, they fucking nail it. They just nail it.

William Shatner in Star Trek: The Original Series

…could it be he wants both?

So reading between the lines, it seems that Tarantino saw J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie as just a prequel to The Original Series, and he didn’t pick up on the whole new timeline created by the Kelvin incident. The way he talks about Chris Pine’s Kirk and Zachary Quinto’s Spock appears to see them as earlier versions of Shatner’s Kirk and Nimoy’s Spock, all on the same timeline. Tarantino has also had high praise for the 2009 Star Trek movie but seems to dismiss the Star Trek Into Darkness follow-up, and possibly Star Trek Beyond as well. He also doesn’t see how the Prime and Kelvin timelines can exist in parallel, without one overwriting the other. To be fair, Star Trek has been inconsistent in how time travel works, with episodes like “City on the Edge of Forever” showing how timelines can get erased.

Putting what he said together, it would appear that Tarantino wants to make a Star Trek movie in the prime timeline, but with the younger actors from the Kelvin timeline. It could also include actors from the Prime timeline as well, notably William Shatner. It would be a prequel to The Original Series but may also follow the 2009 Star Trek film. It could ignore Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond. Could something like that work? It would be hard to fit such a film into the canon, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it wouldn’t be interesting or entertaining on its own.  A simple solution would be to envision it takes place in a universe where the events of the 2009 Star Trek film happened which somehow flow into events that closely follow those of The Original Series and beyond.

There is also the practical issue of Chris Pine. If Tarantino is determined to have him play the younger Shatner Kirk, he will need to convince Pine to sign a new contract. The planned follow up to Star Trek Beyond fell apart at the last minute due to salary renegotiations with Pine and returning star Chris Hemsworth. While Hemsworth doesn’t seem to factor into Tarantino’s plans, Pine still could be a problem. However, Tarantino has a knack for getting big-name stars to sign on for his movies. Just last night in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tarantino noted it was very rare that actors have turned down the opportunity to be in one of his films, with the exception of scheduling conflicts.

A little from column A, a little from column B

The idea to ignore later entries in a franchise, and focus on the popular (or those seen as more appropriate by the creators) films in a franchise is becoming a common trend. Producer James Cameron is making a sequel to Terminator 2, the Paramount produced Terminator: Dark Fate (due out in November), which ignores the movies that came after. Similarly, Ridley Scott has reshaped the Alien franchise since his re-involvement, basically ignoring everything after Alien and Aliens. So Tarantino’s idea seems like it may be joining the trend.

Listen to Tarantino talk Trek

The whole discussion of Star Trek starts at the 21:28-minute mark in the podcast embedded below.

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Really Tarantino? You can’t be bothered to understand how the Kelvin timeline split from the Prime timeline? Yikes.

Tarantino still knows more about ST than Stuart Baird ever did.

The Kelvin timeline is too stupid to be taken seriously by anyone.

You know about half the fandom really enjoys the 3 JJ films right? Now YOU on the other hand, are not to be taken seriously by anyone!

Whether or not folks like the JJ films, it seems pretty clear that Tarantino has very little understanding of the various ideas about time travel and/or the multiverse that Trek has played with.

If so, no matter how much he liked Yesterday’s Enterprise, I can’t imagine how he’s going to be able to manage something that reconciles with Orci/Kurtzman’s linking arcs between the Prime and Kelvin Universes.

And with a CBS/Viacom merger in view, Tarantino is going to have to sell how his Trek project would not only fit in the ‘aspirational’ Trek brand, but also figure out how his nifty TOS story would fit in… Kurtzman’s canon.

I think he’s BSing in that interview. He’s a fan and did enjoy Yesterdays Enterprise (didn’t we all). I think he’s not really gonna do TOS, but TNG.

I think the Kelvin Timeline is fine. If you want a reboot, that’s how you do it in a faithful, Star Trek-y way.

I also heard how someone managed to justify the frequent action of the Kelvin Timeline by saying that the event that caused the split sent it in a more violently-minded direction.

Whether you liked the final products or not, you have to appreciate the approach they took with a diverging timeline– it allowed them to play with TOS, and make changes, without binning TOS, which while I personally wouldn’t have minded (the old show would always exist if you enjoyed it), was something they knew a lot of fans would not have appreciated. Very smart move by (presumably) Orci.

(and no you don’t literally “have to”, it’s just an expression)

“I also heard how someone managed to justify the frequent action of the Kelvin Timeline by saying that the event that caused the split sent it in a more violently-minded direction.”

Beyond felt more utopian than Discovery, so I don’t know that that’s an accurate theory (or a necessary one – they’re summer blockbusters, naturally they are going to have action).

Knowing more about Trek than Stuart Baird is a very low bar.

Oh dear now you insult fans because YOU think you know what’s best. I’ve been a fan since the early 70’s… You comment shows how ignorant and childish you are and a disgrace to star trek fans world wide.

Why is that shocking? He likely hasn’t seen the movies in their entirety, and to someone who hasn’t seen them, good luck understanding it if you had JJ Abrams be the one to explain it. The man probably spoke in riddles when he taught his son to tie his shoes.

Come on, it’s all made up. I’ve been watching for decades, and I really don’t care if they cook up one explanation for why things look a bit different.

I mean, let’s be honest: it’s minutae that isn’t _really_ that important (…and I’m saying this as someone who mostly enjoyed them). The general moving going audience and casual Trek fans may or may not understand it, but it doesn’t really impact their ability to enjoy the films. Only hardcore Trek fans REALLY care about the Kelvin timeline.

It isn’t minutae. It literally is what the movies are about. What he will do? Pretend vulcan was never destroyed? Amanda, George Kirk and Pike are still alive? I don’t think the audience and critics would collectively ignore it all.

Don’t make excuses for Tarantino, please. He’s too clueless and incompetent for the job. The audience may not need to understand these movies and get all the details about them, but the director/writer MUST get the source material.

Besides, it’s years folks criticize this trek and jj because of that trek ‘minutae’ you talk about, fans nitpick about everything and demand every director to be an expert of trek canon.. but now they give a pass to Tarantino who literally doesn’t get the thing he wants to make a movie about? Talk about hypocrisy. If he wasn’t called Tarantino, trek fans would roast him alive now and scream outrage for his stupid comments. They would have no pity for him because others are attacked for much, much, much less.

Whatever. I have more faith in Tarantino producing an interesting and exciting Trek movie than anybody that’s directed since after Nicholas Meyer. If you want to start pulling your hair out because of where it may or may not sit in canon, go right ahead. I’ll tell you right now that it probably won’t make a damn bit of difference. If QT wants to tell an interesting story with Kirk and Co., I’m all for it. And that it also could more than likely be a massive boon for the franchise. In fact, i might even go so far as to speculate that if QT is able to produce a successful and interesting movie, that the conceptual bar might raised for Star Trek again (…and gee, wouldn’t THAT be nice?)

No one has a problem that he wants to make his own movie with Kirk and Spock. The PROBLEM is taking characters that are already set and developed in one universe and just washing all that away. If you really don’t think that won’t ruffle feathers you would be wrong.

And while I like Tarantino I don’t really know why so many people are convinced he’s going to suddenly raise the bar with Star Trek when he’s never done or wrote a science fiction film before and based on the comments here doesn’t seem to even grasp on how a lot of it works.

If the film actually gets made, I will definitely see it, but this is the first real red flag for me that maybe this guy should be nowhere near Star Trek. He may end up doing more damage than anything.

Please, it’s obvious he’s a brat who wants to make another predictable ‘Tarantino movie’ with just some trek in it. He even admits to liking trek only because he likes Shatner, and he insults Pine by basically trying to pass him as just his surrogate. I have no doubt why he is the hero of certain fanboys.
The delusion is real.

Really, who cares. I doubt there are few in fandom who are losing any sleep over it, either.

Treks timelines make little sense nowadays. You have to jump thru hoops to try and make everything connect. I’m at a point where I don’t care anymore. If Tarantino trek gets made, and I hope it does, the trek universe will be just a broken and crazy as the transformers or dc/marvel comic universe.
I think jj should have stated from the beginning ‘everything you see in my movies is a new universe’. This half and half garbage just muddied the water.

Maybe he meant Prime Timeline but Kelvin cast and time period.

So Prime TOS but Kelvin cast.

That would be wild. But frankly, I’d rather Peck’s Spock than Quinto’s… Oh well, you can’t have everything. Pine and Co. in the prime timeline it is.

Pine and Quinto have good chemistry as Kirk and Spock.

I can imagine that that would get more then a few peoples undies tied in a great, big knot.

I agree I would have Peck as Spock on the big screen too. I like Quinto, but for me, the spirit of Spock really inhabited Peck. Part of the problem might be what they did with Spock’s character when Quinto was playing him (massive fist fights, are you crazy?), but Peck really nailed it for me. Stellar performance.

That’s…intriguing. You may be onto something.

At least Abrams is willing to cop to nobody liking what he did to the franchise. That’s something…

Most producers are willing to privately admit when their projects didn’t succeed and/or are disliked. It’s publicly that they try to justify everything and have it both ways, because one way or the other you’re upsetting SOMEONE– either the people who hated it, or the people who loved it.

LOL that was pretty funny. I don’t think Abrams really cared though, he just probably followed what Orci and Kurtzman wanted since they actually knew about Star Trek and how it all worked. My guess is Abrams would’ve put it in the prime timeline but he was told this was done so not to rock the boat of everyone who had been invested of prior Star Trek and went along with it.


I liked all three movies.

ID is a wreck, but I can still watch it for the growing relationship of Kirk and Spock.

So, you can’t say “nobody liked” anything.

I mean, I despise “The Last Jedi,” but it still has a vocal bit of fandom.

LAST JEDI was extremely well reviewed, got top audience scores, and was the highest grossing movie the year it came out. I have no problem with folks not liking it, but let’s not twist reality into a pretzel.

You could say the same about the Kelvin movies, yet people still pretend ‘nobody liked them’ and they were a flop.

I’d be shocked of Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman, and Lindilof didn’t sit down and discuss what worked and what didn’t over a beer at some point.

He’s right: Cumberbatch is NOT Khan.

BC as Khan wouldn’t fly now thats for sure

You’re right, and for most Trekkies he didn’t fly then either. I for one, loved him in the role though.

If they wanted to go accurate though, they’d hire an Indian actor.

I LOVE BC, but he was bad in the role. Squeezing heads til they burst, really? Khan used his brain in Wrath. He and Kirk never physically met in Wrath, now that’s storytelling: Two enemies long distance, yet still intense!

I love BC and thought he was great in the role. Consider how he’d been treated by Section 31 after he was released, I think you’ll be able to understand his more violent nature.

The head squeezing was just another lift from an older movie (Bladerunner) It reads pretty much same if you watch them both back to back.

Alice Eve in the gratuitous bra and panty shot wouldn’t fly, either.

How bout TarranTrek R rated naked?

The only Tarantino film I remember having nudity is Django Unchained, and it wasn’t sexual nudity. Tarantino doesn’t do gratuitous nudity in his films. Lots of sexual dialogue and copious shots of feet, but no nudity.

they even put that in the trailer no? 2013 seems a loooong time ago now lol

That bra and panty shot DIDN’T fly. Does nobody remember all the backlash?

I have to admit, that shot did catch my eye.

Whether we like it or not, Cumberbatch is Khan.

like or not MONTALBAN has been and always shall be Khan

Yes you are right, one does not mean the other did not exist.

Yeah, Montalban has been and always shall be Khan. And, Cumberbatch is also Khan.

We get what you did there. You may now drop the Mic.

Agreed, and I really enjoyed his performance. Did it really make sense that a Mexican actor played an Indian character anyway?

No, it does not. And I still say, as I have over the years since Cumberbatch was cast, they should have got a popular South Asian actor to play Khan. Sendil Ramamurthy [some may remember him from “Heroes”] would have been a good choice, or the charismatic Hrithik Roshan.

But … [sigh] I guess Cumberbatch sold more tickets in Asia? [shrug]

Khan was genetic soup. Why should he appear Asian?

Why should he appear white?

Drew Melbourne,

Re: Why should he appear white?

Well, one would suppose it could have stemmed from the same coo-coo cold war logic that determined Nazis were absolutely necessary to reach the moon?

I think he should appear like Ricardo Montalban, a Hispanic man of color. We’ve always had to add plot lines to Trek to fix the holes. That the scientists chose swarthy Latino looks for Khan is fine with me.

Sendil is gonna be Bloodwork in Flash.

It kind of did for 60s television. I don’t think there were many Indian actors working in Hollywood at the time. Bollywood wasn’t really a thing yet, at least not in the major way it is now. So they simply cast “ethnic” brown-skinned actors in various roles.

Charlton Heston as a Mexican, now that doesn’t make sense. ;)

Actually the ruling class of Mexico are overwhelmingly White. Most of the prestigious families are exclusively of European descent, they wouldn’t dare ‘sully’ their genetics with the Indigenous population.

Nope not at all!

In my “canon”, Cumberbatch is Joachim pretending to be Khan, while Khan is still in cryo-sleep.

STID alternate end: Kirk VO going on about how we must defeat evil blah blah.. camera stop on Cumberbatch in cryo freeze pod… then we move over to next pod – 1966 Space Seed Montalban ..

You know you may be onto something: just as Marvel is retconning the Mandarin for Shang Chi, the Kelvin universe could retcon Khan (retKhan?) and say BC was actually pretending to be Khan, when he was really a lesser Augment, in an effort to hide Khan’s true identity, to protect him.


haha love this

I agree, Cumberbatch is just not … grizzled enough… to ever feel like Khan.

Star Trek Into Dark Fate

I think using the Kelvin Cast, but as their Prime counterparts could be a fun idea. We’ve seen 3 movies in the Bizarro Universe. it’s time to let this cast exist in Prime timeline

just give us the fukin’ movie. be it Primetimeline Pinetimeline or WTFtimeline. then we can work out all the timeline BS afterward

Yeah, I’m kinda like, who cares, I want to see it!

Yea, exactly. Don’t tell the fans which timeline it’s in and just make the movie such that it’s open to debate.

I’m willing to accept that Tarantino’s Trek can be its own thing. Like Star Trek comic books, it doesn’t have to be canonical. It can just be his fun or interesting take on a ST story. That’s fine with me.

Can I just say that letting this guy anywhere near Trek is a tragically BAD idea? If I wasn’t sure before, i am now.

It’s a great idea on nearly every level. It may not satisfy every Trek fan, but it has the potential to bring a LOT of attention to the franchise, and perhaps help bring in other acclaimed directors and writers to the series. It would be nothing if not daring and bold, something the films sorely need.

If it fails, it won’t do much to hurt the series, so I say it’s definitely worth a shot. A lot to gain, very little to lose.

Its potentially a good idea, if he respects the canon. Some small deviations are fine, but saying that the Abrams movies are somehow actually a prequel to TOS would be a huge break from canon.

I don’t think that’s what he’s saying, I think he just wants the Kelvin cast to play the TOS prime timeline versions of the characters, during their 5 year mission, or shortly thereafter.

But my point is that it’s ABSOLUTELY a good idea, even if it turns out badly– they have almost nothing to lose. It’s not like the films are on such a roll here, and the value of an A-list auteur director like QT bringing Trek to life is an opportunity they should not pass up.

That said, if i’m Paramount, he HAS to direct the film. Acting as a producer only would be a non-starter.

If thats what he means it could be interesting. It could also be confusing. That would mean that it would have the same cast as the Abrams movies, but wouldn’t actually be a sequel to them. We fans understand that there are two simultaneously existing realities, but I think the average viewer just sees the Abrams movies as a reboot. I think a better way to get Shatner in would be to have him play an older version of Kelvin Kirk.

Either way, based on this interview, it doesn’t look like he is talking about having the Abrams cast play the prime versions of the characters. It sounds more like he doesn’t actually understand the difference between the prime and kelvin realities.

That’s EXACTLY what it sounds like from the interview. He wants to do a movie set in the TOS universe, where all those stories happened, but use the JJ cast.

As for confusing audiences, if Marvel has proved anything, it’s that audiences will accept a lot, from constant reboots, recasting roles, to bringing back actors from unrelated movies in the same roles. Even if they ARE confused, too, it doesn’t stop them from enjoying it and it clearly doesn’t hurt the box office.

It sounds like a really bad idea all around. If he hates the Kelvin universe and keep in the prime fine, but he has to recast. All he is doing is creating problems that will be talked about forever and completely muddle the PT in the process. Best idea is just to recast which he will probably have to do anyway if he can’t get Pine back on board.

Everyone is very quick to say “that’s such a bad idea.” Then when it comes out, it’s often well liked. Been happening for a long time.

1987: “A new Trek show with a new crew, no Kirk and Spock? A new Enterprise? AN OLD BALD CAPTAIN? 85 years later? That will really restrict the movies too, if they’re locked into a future like that. It sounds like a really bad idea all around!”

1993: “Trek on a space station? No starship? No captain? No exploration and discovery? A story about a religious people just after a WWII-like occupation? That’s not Star Trek, it sounds like a really bad idea all around!”

1994: “A show set in the Delta Quadrant? No Klingons or Romulans? Maquis in the crew? Sounds like Lost in Space meets Star Wars. Sounds like a bad idea all around!”

2001: “A prequel? Really? After we just saw how that worked out with Star Wars? So they won’t have phasers or photon torpedoes, no Romulans or even the Federation? That sounds like a bad idea all around!”

Sigh. Rinse and repeat.

Well yeah it could be good, but right now it sounds really really bad. Obviously no one will know until the film is made, we are just going off his comments.

And those examples you gave are not the same thing man lol. You are just talking about premises of shows and films. What we’re talking about is basically ERASING an entire universe of films OR trying to wrap our head around these actors are suddenly playing the same characters with totally different backgrounds and development after a decade of fleshing out the characters everyone already knows.

So are Spock and Uhura no longer together and never been?? Is Kirk dad suddenly alive all this time? Are we suppose to just pretend everything in the other universe never happened? Its a REALLY bad idea lol. My god, just get new actors, set it up however you like and make your movie and not muddle up not just one but TWO timelines.

And frankly I don’t even get the point of using the Kelvin cast at this point? If he wants to do a prequel to TOS he should be using younger actors anyway. And if its a sequel, then why not just keep it in the KT but just avoid the stuff he didn’t like in the other movies? If you didn’t like BC as Khan, fine, just don’t mention it. Beyond certainly didn’t. The whole thing really just makes no sense unless there is something specific in that story it MUST be in the prime timeline for some reason. And if its a prequel, he would be better off just using other actors anyway regardless what universe it took place in.

Good idea. Audiences have proven they will accept a lot even if they scratch their heads here and there. Diehard geek fans, like studio execs, always underestimate the mass audience’s willingness to accept a lot and overlook more.

Done right, the average movie goer might not even notice a difference. Just as Marvel’s Incredible Hulk didn’t directly contradict anything from Ang Lee’s film 5 years prior, and Feige was quoted as saying if audiences wanted to consider it a sequel, they could– so could Tarantino’s Trek.

Hulk 2008 did contradict the Hulk 2003 origin shown in the opening credits to be more Bixby like..but that aside it could easily have been a sequel (I think it was even adapted from a potential 2003 Hulk sequel so we pick up with Banner in South America where he was at the end of 2003 Hulk). but anyway yes – to the average movie goer who most likely cant even remember Beyond (or that its supposed to be an alt universe) they wouldn’t even notice its now set in the Prime-verse. and even if they did remember or reatch the Kelvin trilogy in preparation it would totally fit even if QT has his Ent looking exactly the same as in TOS (with interior like Disco-prise) theyd just figure the TOS Ent was just the Beyond Enterprise ‘A’ that mustve had a refit after to have it looking more like it did in the old 60s series at last (just no ‘A’ registry – that was barely visible anyway) But best keep Vulcan out of the story or it could confuse anyone (then again would average movie goers remember what exactly happened in ST09. or care).

Only us hard core Trekkies who waste our lives on this would know it was set in the Primeverse post Turnabout Intruder with Pine/Quinto playing the exact same Kirk and Spock from TOS (they were supposed to look exactly the same anyway as seen with Spock Prime encountering Kirk and Scotty in ST09).. QT would just have to make sure there wasn’t anything too contradictory in his 150m TOS 2parter episode that would disrupt the Prime chronology and if he did then its reset by the end. but a TOS sequel set in the final year/week/day of the 5y mission could easily work (the Enterprise could easily have had a ‘Disco’ type make over on the bridge etc) and even if he trashed the Ent again itd fit in with the TMP refit. even if Pine has scenes with Shatner (either as he is now or CG deaged to early 90s Generations era) whos to say TOS Kirk didn’t encounter his future self (same if Pine Kirk meets Picard)

The difference with Hulk though is that we were told it was a reboot and they used a DIFFERENT cast in it to make that very clear. Yes it could’ve acted like a sequel in some ways but it was made clear early on it was actually a soft reboot so it was easier to accept the contradictions.

Thats the entire issue, he sounds like he wants to reboot the Kelvin movies with the original cast. It just sounds like it will be a mess to me but we’ll see I guess.

Yes, why TLJ was so loved I guess.

And its not simply about changing something, its literally taking characters we have known for three movies and giving them completely different backgrounds. They are the same characters but not, it would just confuse people to death.

I really don’t think this idea will get past the script stage. At the very least it has to be explained somewhere in the story.

No, no, no! Ignore canon, just tell an awesome Trek story. No one has ever walked out of a Trek movie saying ‘you know, that was just an incredible canon experience’. The majority of fandom doesn’t care, and there’s no chance that the average moviegoer cares, so just let it go.

Totally agreed.

Agree 100%. Roll the dice, let’s see what happens.

Munk, I’m feeling more and more that it should never happen.

Tarantino may have sincere TOS nostalgia, but nothing he’s said suggests that he could produce an aspirational Trek universe or work within the confines of canon.

In answering your question, I would vote against allowing you to say that.

As far as handling Trek as a cinematic universe event goes, Paramount has done a horrible job with it. So let QT have his one off, and if it stimulates fresh interest, lets hope Kurtzman and his crew can do something with it.

For me having Kurtzman take over after Tarantino would be like driving a Fiat after driving a Mercedes.

…in your opinion, and you’re entitled to it. Others will disagree.

Kurtzman has done enough damage in my opinion, which is the only one that matters ;)

I think it COULD be a bad idea, but either he’ll make the best movie in the Star Trek franchise, or it’ll be entertainingly bad. Either way it won’t be some of the 90 minute TV script on the big screen duds we’ve already had over the last 40 years.

Personally I’d really like to see Christopher Nolan do a Star Trek movie. Beautifully shot, and would probably involve time travel.

At this point I’ll probably settle with his brother who did Person of Interest and is doing Westworld now. Besides he would be much cheaper to get than Christopher.

Yeah…ok… sounds a bit like a spoiled kid who wants to have it its way, doesnt it?
I actually like Tarantinos work, but I think the franchise should not be overshadowed by a big director.

Okay. Its clear he has no idea what the hell he’s talking about. Hopefully the writer understands all of it though, and maybe Tarantino can do a bit of homework before he gets started.

Well considering he openly admits he has no idea what he’s talking about… yeah. I think he just likes the cast, and the original crew. That said, if he does use this cast, and wants it to take place in the prime timeline, what do they do about Chekov? Recast? Leave him out of the film?

Send him to the Academy as a Visiting Professor. Kid’s a genius! And put an entirely different character in as Navigator.

As long as it’s the 2009 – 2016 cast, they should never re-cast Chekov.

They can get Arex.

“Kid’s a genius!”

See, it is so easy to confuse the timelines. If this is the Prime timeline, Chekov for sure is no genius.

He was fairly genius at stalling his interrogators in The Voyage Home.

Leave him out and put in Riley, if only for a few ‘course laid in’ lines.

I don’t think that he really is talking with JJ Abrahms. Surely JJ would tell him that he could ignore some of it, but that everything must remain at least 25% different than TOS. ha ha.

That’s funny because there really are people who think the whole 25% thing is real lol.

Maybe the movie will undo the Kelvin Timeline somehow, through some sort of time travel story. Maybe they could have a Short Treks episode that has someone from the future going back in time to blow up Nero’s ship before it destroys the USS Kelvin, thereby leading into the next film and making it the Prime Timeline.

You could still have the same cast, but of course everything else would change. They’d have to get rid of the J.J Abrams aesthetic for one thing. It’d be nice to see more “Motion Picture” era stuff. Like set the movie in 2273 or 2274, right after “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” then they could have the TMP uniforms and everything and a the refit Enterprise.

I doubt QT cares enough to go to the lengths needed to erase any timelines.

Why would you care, either? It’s just another timeline, ignore it if you don’t like it.

Agreed. I just don’t understand why people are so bothered by these movies being in another universe? Star Trek created a multiverse literally in its first season with the Mirror Universe (which everyone seems to at least accept even if they think its still ludicrous, which it clearly is) and TNG made it especially clear how big that multiverse is after Parallels.

I just don’t understand this obsession with ‘fixing’ the universe. It’s just another universe with its own set of characters and stories, let it stay that way.

“Mirror, Mirror” (which was second season) was a one-shot story, and a deliriously fun one at that. It didn’t ask us to accept alt-universe characters as substitutes for the originals.

A ‘one shot’ story that has been going for over 50 years and told through 4 shows spanning 3 centuries. We know much more about the MU then we ever would about the KU.

I’m not sure if you were referring to me or QT or both of us or not – so I apologize if this wasn’t meant to be directed about me.

But here’s the thing, I’m not obsessed with undoing the Kelvin Timeline. I simply think that the films at least, should have a little bit of continuity. All of them are linked. The 2009 “Star Trek” linked to the Prime Timeline thanks to Spock played by Leonard Nimoy…so that works well.

Whether we’re calling the Kelvin Timeline an alternate timeline, a parallel universe or both; it would be nice to have the films linked so that people like my mom and dad can understand when they watch it. In other words, if it is another universe, would it be so bad to make the world’s crossover? At least maybe in an episode of Short Treks? They could even show it in cinemas prior to the film’s showing.

God I hate the “Bajorans are evil and the borg are everywhere!” universes. I wish the producers would do an entire movie to erase those from existence!

Since we never actually seen any of those universes besides the few minutes from an episode over 25 years ago I don’t think it really matters.

And that’s how a multiverse works, you are going to find millions of random changes depending on the universe you enter, hence the Mirror Universe where the Federation is evil. Its all the same thing.

That’s my point, Tigerboy. Did you really not get the sarcasm? Facepalm.

No, I didn’t. How I’m suppose to know you were being sarcastic?

But OK, it makes sense now that I know you were.

I do like the Kelvin Timeline. Into Darkness is actually one of my favorite films.

But if he wants it be set in the Prime Timeline I don’t see it as a good idea to just suddenly drop the setting of the next film into the Prime Timeline with no explanation. Casual movie goers may be confused.

A film like that really wouldn’t be a direct sequel to Beyond, so it’d be better to have a story that actually explains why we’re back in the prime timeline.

And it isn’t completely necessary. If it didn’t happen I wouldn’t really be overly bothered by it, but there’ll be people who are confused.

Everyone is hating on the FUed timeline of the X men or Terminator Movies… but as soon as Tarantino comes along… I think every given creator of a new ST movie should be bothered with the timeline question. Why should we drop it only for a big name…

Because it really doesn’t matter. So, if it’s that big a deal for you, let them make up some technobabble nonsense they can toss out pre opening credits, and lets move on.

Inspiration – at the beginning of the movie open it with ‘Somewhere in space and time’…..Star Trek, by QT.

There, problem solved.

The timelines of the X-Men and Terminator movies are NOT the problem. The fact that they’re awful movies is. Everyone raved about Days of Future Past, the timeline complaints were very nominal, because the movie was excellent.

Dude, who can blame him? He’s not interested in alternative timeline nonsense, he just wants to make a Star Trek movie with the original (as best we can in 2019 anyway) characters. Bring it!

No one said (at least none of us) he has to make a movie in the Kelvin timeline. He doesn’t even have to make it in the Prime timeline. He can make whatever he wants but THIS is also why not everyone is on board with Tarantino directing if he doesn’t respect the canon of what came before, which ironically what he’s complaining about in the first place. If he wants to do another (sigh) TOS prequel, fine, but Star Trek is 50+ years of stories in every medium and format at this point. He can certainly tell whatever story he wants but that doesn’t mean he can tell it however he wants. Its an established franchise, you have to play in the parameters. If you don’t want to do that, then just make your own movie in your own universe and call it a day. I don’t think anyone would have an issue with that.

Maybe the issue is Paramount don’t want to abandon the Kelvin universe themselves and I can’t really blame them if thats true.

I can guarantee you Paramount doesn’t give a crap about the Kelvin timeline. They care about real world things like the cast, but in-universe distinctions between this timeline or that is irrelevant nerd stuff they probably don’t even understand. It’s clear Tarantino doesn’t understand and it sounds like JJ still doesn’t understand either.

Yup. They just want to make money.

Well of course, I only mean they care if it makes them money. I mean its funny when these movies come up because according to who you talk to either they are super successful and considered the biggest Trek movies ever made or they are just blips in the franchise and completely forgotten by a big part of the fanbase. My guess is its somewhere in the middle. And the reality is Paramount has been investing in this universe for over a decade now. Even after Beyond tanked they haven’t just abandon it as they still create merchandise with it and they still create things like comic books and video games from it.

So thats my point, maybe from Paramount POV it is still viable for them. The entire point of the KT was for them to have their universe where anything made from it goes to them since CBS has a lock on pretty much most of the merchandise of the PU.

Bizarre feeling to agree with a lot of what he says about the Kelvin silliness, but also be totally repelled by how he says it. I hated that they made Benedict Cumberbatch play Khan instead of ANYONE else on the Botany Bay, but I wouldn’t disrespect him like that. QT is one of the most irritating interviewees out there.

I just think he doesn’t want to be diplomatic, he talks like he would normally with his friends. I like the fact that he isn’t using press speak, he says what comes to his mind with little filter. This makes him more natural I think.

Like Trump? XD
Look, he can absolutely hate on the KT. He can do a project unrelated to the KT and the PU like a limited special edition comic. But is it too complicated and too much to ask he at least understands the basics???
Its TWO timelines, it is not that complicated.

Still, remember what FUIng Timelines did to the XMen and Terminator Franchise

Yeah, after one point they didn’t even bother anymore with the X-men timeline and Terminators was even worse than one hundred spaghetti pieces tied together. Star Trek is relatively good when it comes to at least basic consistency. I think Tarantino just doesn’t want to be bothered with timelines, he just wants to make his film.

More like egotistical. When it was becoming obvious that Grindhouse was going to take a dump, I seem to recall a few of his pressers where he was going on about how the average moviegoer couldn’t quite grasp his brilliance. The movie was great, the audience just couldn’t get it. I suspect QT has his share of ‘yes men’ around him, and if a few geeky questions about Trek set him off, then, yeah, he’s probably not the guy for the project. It’s also a safe bet you’ll never see him at a Trek convention.

CBS cant consume Viacom fast enough… look this would be huge in cinema world but honestly TV Trek is filling that void for me.

I am suddenly less opposed to Tarantino Trek… pending the overall tone of the thing.

I have long felt the JJ cast was chosen perfectly and, those who chose to incorporate the original actors performance styles, however big or small, really nailed it… there was one moment in ST09 at the end… Kirk walks on and goes, “Bones… buckle up.” and in that one moment I had a flash of, “Man, this would be cool if he just did more Shatner-ish things in his performance as a piece of connective tissue…”

Would be really interesting to see the NuTrek cast actually being the TOS versions of their characters in a new adventure.

Oh my, I already dislike the Tarantino thing for turning Trek into a bloody, violent R-Rated nightmare. And as if that wasn’t enough to completely oppose the project, this menace of a filmmaker now attacks the franchise on the continuity front as well. If there is one thing more important than Trek being family-friendly as a whole, it is Trek being a coherent and cohesive universe or multiverse.

Either he uses the KT, the PT, the MU or creates his own Quentinverse quantum pocket to play with, but THIS is beyond inacceptable… Turning parts of the KT into a PT prequel by using a style and level of violence that would only fit with the MU…

Get this person off this franchise ASAP before he can cause damage beyond repair to both the moral integrity and continuity of the franchise…

What is wrong with you? The man is saying he wants to use the original crew in the prime timeline. Isn’t that what everyone has been screaming for? He even goes so far as to badmouth the JJ Kelvin-Timeline. You should be loving him at this point.

I guess people just want to hate everything.

And who are you to judge what’s acceptable?

Except he isn’t saying that at all. I guess he confuses his supporters too. He said he wants it to be the pine timeline but ignore it’s another reality so he retcons tos, which ironically is what jj&co never did.

Garth is right, don’t attack him. If there is someone with a problem here and something wrong that’s clearly Tarantino, not the ones who have a reaction to his bs and notice he is making no sense. You guys need to stop making excuses for him and attack everyone who doesn’t bend over backwards to find him great no matter what.

You and Garth don’t know what you’re talking about, which is appalling since it’s really quite simple.

Talking of other people “hating on everything“ but using language like “what is wrong with you“ and “appaling“. You, sir, strike me as condescending and leaning towards double standards.

No argument there.

Oh really? It’s quite simple to understand what Tarantino is ACTUALLY saying, that is: he wants his movie to be in the Chris Pine timeline (can’t even know it’s called kelvin) without the Chris Pine (kelvin) timeline. He is saying he liked jj’s movie so he wants to use it, but he doesn’t accept and ‘get’ their main, foundamental, narrative device so he ignores it. You are the one projecting stuff he didn’t say and attacking others because they don’t want to embrace your interpretation. Good luck with that.

Yes, exactly, it sounds really confusing and idiotic. I get he may not like the Kelvin movies or the events that happen in them, but I don’t quite understand why he has to change universes if he claims he loves the cast so much? Unless his movie takes place on Vulcan or something, then just work in the confines of the KU if you want the cast that badly. Trying to squeeze them in the PU with new backgrounds will just feel bizarre and confusing. I can see the next ten years of people asking why do the characters act so different and their back stories were retcon. It’s not going to be a great movie if its too distracting trying to reconcile two different backgrounds with the same character.

Or just bring in a new cast entirely. The Kelvin cast is not the end all and be all of these characters and most likely if they can’t get Pine back will be recasting anyway. And as Peck and Mount is proving with Spock and Pike, you CAN find other suitable actors for these roles that audiences will accept pretty easily. Just make the movie your own.

Preach it, brother!

I don’t care whose in it what timeline it is, it’s Tarantino for god’s sake, he rarely makes bad cinema. Let it be what it is, you can watch it and imagine it as canon, or you can imagine it as one big holodeck simulation, whatever works for you in your mind. I hope he makes it R rated and screws about with aesthetics, why not? First time for everything.
Some of you need to chill out for once in your lives and stop whining about every little detail not adhering to your precious canon. It’s fiction and you can fit it in as you like in your minds.

Maybe he means “to deal with it” as in to address it or possibly end it?

I think he has had this idea for a while, possibly before the JJ movies even came out. Shatner is great but maybe too old to lead the movie. Tarantino probably reimagined the story with the JJ cast. It’s possible that he isn’t up on Trek lore enough to have noticed that Vulcan being destroyed created a parallel universe or maybe didn’t remember the 2009 movie fully (it’s probably not one he rewatches often).

Personally, I’m happy for them to ignore previous plot details if it produces a good movie and still makes sense in universe (ie no tribble-human blood transfusions).

Abrams confirms he thinks the whole franchise is just a money making pile of nonsense that he crapped all over in the most slapdash anything goes manner. Ah f*** it, just do whatever you want, is the attitude. Quelle surprise. Him and Tarantino should get on like a house on fire.

Tarantino: I want the whole series to have happened, it just hasn’t happened yet. No, Benedict Cumberbatch or whatever his name is, is not Khan. Khan is Khan. I told J.J. I don’t understand this, I don’t like it. And he went: “Ignore it! Nobody likes it! I don’t understand it. Do whatever you want. If you want it to happen in the exact way it happened on the series, it can.

Hilarious! “Nobody likes it!” JJ says. But if I remember correctly it was JJ who really wanted Cumberbatch as Khan after an audition, with those in his orbit agreeing with his decision.

Well, he can’t say we didn’t warn him. Not that he suffered much. Some of the other people around him probably paid more for his decision than JJ did.

Instead of Khan they should have pitched the story to Benicio Del Toro with him playing Joachim. Instead they went after Trek’s ace villain with a good actor who just didn’t fit the role. They could have even shown a CGI Montalban-Khan still frozen in a torpedo at the end.

The boys should have hired me for Trek instead of Lindelof. At the very least I would have thrown a fit at that Spock Khaaaan scream until they killed that scene with fire.

Or, at least, until they killed you. 😊But I tend to agree that you’re a better writer — or, a better Trek writer, anyway — than Orci, Lindelof, et al.

Thanks, Michael. I would have contributed hotter takes than Lindelof (based on what I remember he contributed) that is for sure. The two movies I had outlined would have been glorious in IMAX.

You guys really believe that’s what jj told him? OK lol

Exact words? No. Was QT misrepresenting JJ? No. I already know Simon Pegg is a bullshitter so when QT picks that bone with him I know it’s probably true. QT is straight up this-is-how-it-is. That’s his personality. He’s not like Pegg.

I wouldn’t consider Tarantino a reliable source about everything nor coherent.

We’re not talking about QT being a reliable source about everything, just his convo with JJ about STiD.

And it should really go without saying now that having introduced the MWI/QM, any future Star Trek show or movie is free to play in the Kelvin timeline, the TOS timeline, or any universe in between, without creating a ruckus over canon.

Even pre-existing Trek is not safe. Kirk died in some awful alternate version of the TOS timeline, as far as I’m concerned — change my mind.

QT likes the TOS timeline? Great! So do I. Have at it, my man. The future is wide open.

Just, please please please direct it yourself, Quentin! Fix whatever you think is wrong with the script and make it a full frontal Quentin Tarantino movie.


I think the it in “nobody likes it” is the whole alternate universe premise, which includes an alternate Khan, etc…. QT doesn’t like the alternate universe; he wants his movie set in the Prime Universe. And apparently, JJ hears that complaint often. JJ doesn’t seem very attached to his Trek movies, given how easily he advises QT to simply disregard them and do whatever the hell he wants to do.

Sorry to ruin your anti-kelvin trek wet dream here but unless JJ himself says that, I’m going to take Tarantino’s arrogant, flippant, incoherent babble with a grain of salt. It’s very possible his own wishful thinking made him give a version of the story that isn’t exactly the whole truth. I cannot take someone like him serioustly, that interview is a confused mess of utter nonsense.


I actually like the whole alternate universe premise. As I said above, it’s my favorite thing about ST09.

As for what QT meant, you can believe whatever you like, take him seriously or not.

Ok this was hilarious lol. I don’t know what it says when Tarantino can’t figure out it just suppose to take place in another universe. Its not THAT hard lol. If you still can’t get it when the guy who made the movie explains it to you, I don’t know if this is someone who is really clued in to Star Trek as everyone claims he is.

And I’m not really getting on his case about it, I really do just find it funny. And yes, I also think its the blame of the film itself. I know Orci reads these boards obviously but I’m sorry Bob, I’ve said this for a decade now, I LOVE the idea of it, but it should’ve been EXPLAINED better in the film itself. Prime Spock should’ve just said he came from a parallel universe and that would’ve been the end of it. I get why they wanted it to be more coy with it but it has caused NOTHING but arguments over it since. There are people out there, like Tarantino I guess, who can’t get its just in another universe.

But THEN he’s not wrong about Khan because according to their OWN rules of how the Kelvin universe works, yes Khan is still suppose to look like KHAN and not a albino looking guy with a British accent, even though its another universe. So although Tarantino is utterly confused on how it works, he’s not actually wrong the characters should really look the same as TOS. And thats why its even more confusing for a lot of people out there who doesn’t spend hours a day on the internet discussing it like we do.

And this idea of putting the Kelvin actors in the original prime universe just adds a lot more confusion. Honestly I would stay far far away from that and just recast. MAYBE if we didn’t have shows like Discovery on now, then go for it. But all it will do is just confuse people. And yes I GET IT, most general audiences don’t care about stuff like this, only us nerds do. But I’m sorry that’s still a cop out, its called STORY TELLING for a reason. And when its science fiction story telling which is complicated enough, then you have to set the rules of the universe as clearly as possible or you will just upset your core audience as STID ironically did.

If he doesn’t want to do a movie set in the Kelvin timeline, fine, I don’t think most people even care that much about that universe at this point, only because its 3 films vs 700+ hours (and counting) of the prime universe. Set it in the prime timeline or somewhere else, but with a new cast. But it needs to be clear what it is regardless or we get more frustrations about it. And using Kelvin actors will make it pretty confusing after telling us for years they are indeed in another universe.

It’s not that hard? It’s hard to me. I honestly don’t like the idea of the Kelvin Timeline being part of a separate universe at all.

That would mean, that the characters in those three movies, are NOT younger versions of the characters from TOS and films, but rather; doppelgangers…frickin’ doppelgangers.

I get it that it’s easy for you, because you clearly don’t care. But I do care. It’s not about intelligence…I’m not a idiot for not understanding, and neither is QT. We simply have a different opinion on the subject. That being said, if it is the way it is, as I said before; I wouldn’t want to undo it…but continuity is an issue for me, I’d like to hope that the movie would still be considered a sequel to Star Trek Beyond…because I actually do like the Kelvin films…despite what some people are saying. I think QT does as well.

It is really not that hard to understand… and i am speaking logically. Emotionally there may be a point. The KT crew is not our PU TOS crew. It never was, and never was intended to be. Hell, kirk is another person, he has daddy issues and is a reckless jerk. Spock is at times super emotional and so on….

What is with the hostility? I don’t ‘care’? Huh? Dude its NOT that hard and if QT still can’t understand it after multiple people told him including the guy who made the movie, well yeah.

But AS I said, its not all his or your fault either, the movie never made it clear enough so I GET why people are confused on it. But honestly after someone just tell you its a parallel universe, what is there to get? Star Trek has done FAR denser sci fi concepts. Have you seen the past season of Discovery. Now THAT I’m still trying to figure out lol.

But we agree you shouldn’t undo it.

I wasn’t being hostile…if we were talking in person you would understand. You said that you are cool with the concept of the Kelvin Timeline being a parallel universe…I am not…simple as that. I care about that, you do not. I wasn’t being hostile. Furthermore, not being able to understand it is not an issue with comprehension. I understand the concept that they are trying to sell, I just don’t buy it…it’s silly to me. In my opinion, when you go back in time, and change the past, it doesn’t create a parallel universe it simply changes the history of the universe you are already in.

That’s what I understand. It’s not that I don’t comprehend what you’re telling me, I just disagree. Now the fact that he didn’t realize that the timeline was changed shows that he clearly didn’t remember the movie that well, but I agree with him that it shouldn’t be a parallel universe.

Spock never said that he came from the future of a parallel universe, he just said he came from the future. And never in Star Trek before has altering the past created a parallel universe either. So that’s crap. An alternate timeline could still be the same universe, i.e. they are the same characters, but their experiences were different.

It’s not like that with a parallel universe though. They are clearly completely different people with different lives but they exist in the same timeline, but in a different universe.

On the other hand, as you already know and we both agree on; despite the fact that the timeline was changed…I’m not saying that it should be changed back…all I said, was that if they were going to return to the Prime Timeline they should at least give an explanation as to why. Wouldn’t that be better then just all the sudden dropping into the Prime Timeline?

I don’t even care how they do it, as long as there is some sort of story that brings us there; not just ignoring the last three films. If they do that, some people might think that they are saying that those films never happened or were erased or retconned or whatever. But you seem to see that point of it anyway.

And I apologize for sounding hostile but I assure you I’m not; I am a very passionate fan of the franchise and I have opinions that might seem a bit heavy but I assure you I’m not trolling you and I didn’t think you are trolling me either.

OK, I get your points now and I understand. No need to apologize, I guess I just read it wrong but as we all know tone can be hard to interpret on the internet sometimes.

But to your points, look, if you and others don’t like the Kevin Timeline, that’s fine. As a consumer you simply have the option of not watching the films, problem solved. No one is suggesting you HAVE to like it and yes as Abrams himself alluded to many people don’t. I always personally thought it was a brilliant idea, but yes clearly one that still confuses a lot of people to this day. But as I also said its mostly because the movie never really bothered to explain it more than anything. Trek fans has seen every crazy sci fi concept out there at this point. We now have a show that has a ship with the ability to transport itself anywhere it wants using fungus, a parallel universe is not exactly an out there concept anymore lol.

But actually you’re wrong that this idea doesn’t make any sense, because how the multiverse works in these films is EXACTLY what quantum mechanics postulates about how real time travel and the multiverse works and that you don’t change your universe when you travel back in time, you change someone else’s whose universe stems off from all the others out there. Its actually more complicated than that but thats the gist in terms of the films are concerned. In fact its literally called the Many Worlds Interpretation created by Hugh Everett and has been around since the late 1950s. The theory is older than Star Trek itself, so they didn’t just make it up out of thin air. Like a lot of things in Star Trek, it does have a basis in real science.

Now obviously since we have not invented time travel yet or proven parallel universes exists, its all just that, theory and speculation. But again, that’s all Star Trek is mostly made up of anyway, at least in the science and technology department.

Lastly, getting back to Tarantino, look if he doesn’t like the idea of the KT, again, FINE. No one is getting on his case about that. And he’s not wrong, it is confusing to a lot of people as been said. BUT, and this is important (and I know you already agree with me here, I’m just emphasizing the problem), just because you don’t like it doesn’t give you permission to just destroy it either. THIS is where the arrogance comes in. I don’t love that Discovery took place pre-TOS and has a spore drive but THATS the show (or was the show lol). Someone created that, its now canon and believe it not there ARE millions of people out there who is invested in the Kelvin universe and to just wipe it all away which thousands of people have a hand in creating is just arrogance on the highest level.

So if he doesn’t like it, fine, but that’s the universe. If he wants to do his own thing, NO ONE here is suggesting he can’t do that. But using literally the same actors and giving them all new backgrounds and development will only make it MORE confusing to many people out there. That’s the problem, people keep saying Tarantino just doesn’t want to deal with all the convoluted timeline stuff, but his idea will only make it MORE convoluted lol.

Guys, its a STORY you have to set it SOMEWHERE!!!!! And believe it or not if you take characters from one setting and give them a completely new setting and pretend the other just never existed, you are not doing anything but adding to the problem, not eliminating it.

I wonder what Alex Kurtzman thinks about this Tarantino idea. He’ll soon be overseeing all of Trek, it doesn’t really matter what J.J. Abrams thinks anymore. I’m not sure if he and the rest of his assembled Trek-runners would be interested in this R-rated Tarantino one-off. But who knows, this is Hollywood, anything could happen, including the executives decreeing that this movie happen, due to Tarantino’s clout.

I don’t really mind the idea of a one-off, Tarantino-verse Trek movie, but my question is: does this movie replace other, better ideas? The money they might pour into this movie’s production might be better spent elsewhere in the greater Trek universe (yes, I know it doesn’t really work like that, but there must be some overall budget that the Trek movies/shows have to keep within, especially once Viacom and CBS finish the re-merger).

My hope would be that Tarantino is still allowed to make his movie, but Kurtzman oversees it and has enough pull to make sure that this movie doesn’t screw up canon.

Yeah, I wonder if Tarantino would have a good relationship with Kurtzman if/when Kurtzman takes over the whole franchise. Personally I think, Kurtzman might consider Tarantino too toxic to work with, especially with his inner circle of writers and producers.

Sounds like he wants Kelvin Timeline actors in a Prime Timeline movie. I get that but if he doesn’t get timeline split it’s just worrisome isn’t it? And nothing was erased. Why is the timeline split so hard to get?

Well, it was explained pretty poorly in Trek XI. That doesn’t explain why he doesn’t seem to get it when people are explaining it to him though.

Yeah its really bizarre. Maybe they didn’t explain it well enough in the film itself but the concept is your basic sci fi trope these days and been done in hundreds of movies, novels, TV shows, etc. I mean how can you NOT get this at this point?

I guess this is SPOILERS for the 3 people who hasn’t watched Endgame yet but it basically took the same idea as the Kelvin films did and although the Avengers ‘changed’ the past, it didn’t change their future, just split the timeline in another universe just like Spock didn’t change the prime universe future because he was in someone else’s universe and changed theirs. Star Trek has been a multiverse for decades. The only difference is the Kelvin films are the first to have a direct spotlight on a different universe.

Agreed. I was kind of down to see what he could do with a film but now I’m just like meh… Maybe Star Trek does live best on TV. The Kelvin crew is a lot of fun and I love Star Trek (2009) and Beyond but why is it so hard for Paramount to find writers and directors who get Star Trek. Tarantino has done some awesome things in the past so being a glass half full guy I’d still jump to see Tarantino Trek. I would have jumped higher before these comments though.

I’ve always been more on the fence with Tarantino making a Trek movie but I am intrigued of course (and I just want another Star Trek movie, I really don’t care who makes it as long as its good).

But yes this is the first time I truly feel that he SHOULDN’T be anywhere near Star Trek if A. He doesn’t understand something as basic as having two separate timelines in a science fiction story and B. he’s willing to create more problems with both timelines just because he doesn’t like or understand it.

I still don’t understand if he just wants to make his own little TOS adventure then just hire new actors, put it in your own separate NON canon universe and do literally whatever you want with it? Why mess up the others which is the complete irony since people are claiming he just wants to do his own thing? If that was the case he wouldn’t be suggesting something this ridiculous and putting it in the PU with already established actors in the franchise that will only corrupt the timeline more.

So how was Captain America old at the end of the movie? If he went back to the 1940s that split reality wouldn’t he have been in another reality and therefore he could only meet Falcon’s doppelganger from that reality?

Anyway, if what you say is true, Endgame wasn’t about Time Travel at all, it was about Interdimensional Travel that was called Time Travel.

Hulk’s line about the future becoming the past and all of that was an absolute ridiculous disregard of fourth dimensional physics. He spoke of travelling to the past as if it were the same as driving down the street.

The only thing that really matters in my mind about time travel is that if you were to travel back to Hill Valley, 1955…you’re not in the past…you’re in the present. Nothing else matters. Everything that happens; any change you make is what effects the future.

Doctor Who had many episodes that elaborated on this. Sometimes companions would say things like…”wait, just yesterday we were in the year 2031 and the Earth didn’t get destroyed, so we know that the Earth won’t get destroyed in 2021.”

But the problem with their line of reasoning, is that they think of “the past” that they travel to as the past, when they should actually be viewing it as the present when they arrive. The present shapes the future, and a time traveler’s presence alone can shape the future, or it can screw it up at times if they aren’t careful.

By the way, yes I realize that time travel isn’t real and it’s open to interpretation…but Endgame’s was stupid.

I think Endgame’s was fine apart from the ending with Captain America. Every time you go back in time and change things you create alternate timelines, but the timeline that you came from is still there. Of course, that means that Captain America should have ended up in a separate timeline when he got old, but whatever.

Agreed. The Captain America big made NO sense lol. Not even the writers and directors agree what happened there. ;)

I thought so, too. I would think that if Cap came back he would go forward in the new time line he just created. But I guess they got around that when they said something generic about how it doesn’t work like you think it does… Or something or other…

This movie could easily just not address it. Like JJ said, just ingore it. Make the movie like it could fit in either timeline and don’t tell the spoiled hardcore fans the answer to this question.

The timelines are too different. There’s no way it can fit in both. Vulcan was obliterated in one timeline, the Enterprise was destroyed much earlier in another, all the characters have different backstories and ranks, etc.

The problem with that though is you now have Discovery and maybe even the Pike show and if you make a prequel that fits ‘either’ timeline, we all know that’s not going to really fly. Like it or not Kelvin has set a standard and so has Discovery so if you try to play coy and just do your own thing, it will just confuse the audience you are trying to sell it to if it contradicts one or the other, which it will.

No, make whatever movie he wants but it still HAS to be clear where its set, especially when you now have a show that has created new canon in the last two years. For example Section 31 is seen in both the Kelvin and Discovery and they act nothing alike. You can’t then make your version of Section 31 and pretend it could be either of those if it only contradicts things more. Star Trek IS a 50 year old franchise, you have to decide if you want to play in the same sandbox or not, period.

Sounds very messy. It’s a little concerning to me that he can’t grasp the difference between the Kelvin and Prime timelines and wants to muddy them together. I guess we’ll see what happens.

And of course how do you make it a ‘prequel’ to TOS using the Kelvin actors when they are all much older than the original actors when they were in TOS lol. These guys are all in their 40s now and according to Beyond they were already years into the first 5 year mission. So now you want to take the same actors and pretend they are younger and what we saw in STID and Beyond didn’t happen?

Yeah, won’t be confusing at all lol.

We’ll just call it Star Trek* . I mean, really, when Chris Pine appeared on SNL in a TOS uniform from the prime timeline, we were all alive afterwards.

“I told J.J. I don’t understand this, I don’t like it. And he went: “Ignore it! Nobody likes it! I don’t understand it. Do whatever you want. If you want it to happen in the exact way it happened on the series, it can.”

Hehe awesome! And completely agree!

Interesting. I’ve always thought that, by the end of ST09, Prime Spock had “righted the ship”, so that the natural flow of events would occur as is, albeit with changed aesthetics. As much as I’ve liked STiD and BEY, I’m glad that Tarantino agrees with me on this, especially with Cumberbatch not being “Khan”.

I’ve read in other places (take it for what it’s worth) that QT has already spoken to Shatner. My bet is his film somehow involves both Shatner + Pine. Most likely some type of time travel storyline. If early rumors are to be believed it was going to be his take on City on the Edge of Forever.

As far as Pine’s involvement I wouldn’t be concerned in the least that he opted out of ST 4. That deal had nothing to do with this film…Pine like just about any actor would give his left arm to be involved in a film directed by Quentin Tarantino. Love him or hate him QT is widely considered one of the best directors in the world.

I for one would be very excited to see Tarantino’s take on Star Trek.

indeed – you often here how the various big names dropped their fee or even worked for scale to be in a QT film. I recently read Dicarprio dropped his usual fee to work on OUATIH by 5m or 10m something like that.(he probably still got about 10m tho lol). id bet the whole JJ cast would almost work for scale to get on board a Tarantino directed Trek (plus Shatner would probably still require about 5m) and that could significantly reduce the budget along with less unnecessary FX spectacle/huge action scenes etc that the 3 movies had so instead of those crazy 200m budgets of ID/BEY it could be like 120-130m or even less (Alien Covenant only cost 100m and that looked impressive)

Sounds kind of not smart to me that he doesn’t understand something so simple.

I think this is his way of saying he doesnt want to and doesnt feel he should waste his time worrying about it, and that JJ agrees.
As do I.

I’ve not much cared for Tarantino films but if he can’t grasp the concept of what has already happened then how can ANYONE expect him to build from it?

This guy is the decline of Hollywood in person.

That happened years ago, Fabio. Pay attention.

There’s no reason whatsoever to be reading something into what the guy actually said.
He said that for him, Shatner and Nimoy are Trek, and that Pine and Quinto did a great job with the characters as portrayed by Shatner and Nimoy. That’s it.
He wants to tell a Star Trek story, and not be bothered with greasing it up with canon nonsense. Leave Kelvin and Prime for the nerds to figure out, he just wants to tell a story. That’s it.

Of course, this assumes it ever gets made. No guarantees at this point.

Well put, Phil.

Then JUST hire new actors, DON’T put it in the PU and make it non-canon to both of those, which ironically I thought was the actual plan he wanted to do until this was brought up. I was actually under the impression he would do what you are saying, create a TOS movie but have it be a complete standalone to the PU and KU. We’ll just call it the TU. ;)

Instead he is doing the COMPLETE opposite of what you are suggesting by corrupting canon in both the PU and KU at the same time. If he just wants ‘to tell a story’ then A. it should be nowhere near the PU and KU and B. it shouldn’t be canon to those either. Just leave those universes completely out of it and make whatever you want.

Basically, QT wants to make a Prime Universe Trek movie using the Bad Robot cast.

It sounds like QT’s movie will likely ignore events from ST09 (though, this could be wishful thinking on my part) and it will certainly ignore events from STID and STB.

Somebody tell Quentin to stop by this site. I’ll explain the “wipe the slate clean” thing in one easy sentence:

Quentin, everything in the STAR TREK (2009) movie, after they go through the black hole, happens in an alternate universe, where many things are similar to the Star Trek you know and love, but some things are different.

What puzzles me is how JJ Abrams can’t explain it to him and doesn’t even understand it, himself. I guess JJ’s lack of understanding is just another part of the reason that his Trek movies are such a travesty. He literally doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Setting aside that you’re not known for keeping it short, he’s already said he doesn’t care. He’s not interested in the explanation, period.


The sentence is bold isn’t overly long. Can you do better without sacrificing clarity and accuracy?

He should be interested in the setting and diegetic logic of his movie.

Yes, just like Rian Johnson didn’t care about what happened in TFA and wanted to ignore it all and do his own thing…that worked out great. And I remember how excited people were about Johnson doing Star Wars, someone who is going to shake things up and think outside the box like people seem to think Tarantino will do with Star Trek. Well he definitely lived up to that.

I hate to break it to Tarantino but it doesn’t work that way. If you want to play in the sandbox, you still have to heed what the other children are doing or you won’t be very popular there.

can you imagine if JJ read the last paragraph of ur comment? hed either piss himself loling or spend the rest of the day with a face like thunder!

nasty man

Maybe. I mean, if the man were aware of his own deficits, one would presume that he would at least try to improve them, or stick to things that he’s good at and let other people entirely deal with script and other storytelling issues.

How do you suppose JJ reacted to Quentin’s dismissal of STID (or at least Cumberbatch as Khan) and complete lack of praise for both STID and STB? A hearty laugh and a face like thunder?

My guess is Abrams probably has resigned to the fact a lot of people do hate the Kelvin movies and exactly why he’s not exactly rushing to volunteer to do the next one (assuming there is one). But its still another thing for someone to just decide to erase/ignore everything you set up as well.

I love it. Stir that sh*t up, QT, and give us a classic Trek film like we’ve never seen before. Excellent.

Unless he was just appeasing Quentin at the time, J.J.’s comments to him about his ‘J.J.-verse’ and it’s storylines are quite revealing. I’m guessing he didn’t foresee Quentin would end up quoting him publicly about them like this though. ;)

Anyway. I 100% agree with those who think the whole conceit of the ‘Kelvin Timeline’ should have been clarified much more clearly within the movie itself. The vague dialogue concerning an ‘alternate reality’ easily led to lots of people thinking that the 2009 reboot could effectively be interpreted as cancelling out the events of the original TOS show itself, whether it intended to or not – so for certain fans like myself that didn’t care for that notion, it was always going to be a bone of contention about the J.J.-verse storytelling from the start.

Rightly or wrongly, the plot easily gives the impression that ‘Nero’ simply managed to go BACK IN TIME to change things for revenge via being sucked into the ‘black hole’, with no proper explanation that it WASN’T actually a straightforward ‘backwards trip through time’ that had occurred….and confusion ensued because the words ‘alternate reality’ could therefore simply be seen to mean that the past was changed INSIDE the ‘Prime Universe’ itself and therefore ‘overwriting’ it’s events….

So after being sucked into the ‘black hole’ generated by ‘Elderly Prime Spock’s ‘red matter’ meddling, the new ‘reality’ of where ‘Nero’ and he ended up in the first place should have been described more clearly for the benefit of everyone, to help define this ‘reality’ as very SEPARATE from the TOS show’s setting (which led onto the events of the NEXT GEN show too, might I remind, so they could be conceivably imagined to be ‘overwritten’ too!).

I just feel things would have come across much easier to digest if the writers had perhaps suggested that ‘Nero’ was MISTAKEN in his belief that he’d ‘gone back in time’ within his own ‘prime universe’….and that he’d actually entered a different, ‘parallel universe’ containing very different ‘Federation’ characters altogether. He may have still thought ‘SOD IT, I’m gonna kill this lot anyway’, but at least we’d have all know for sure that we weren’t watching ‘prime universe crew replacements’ for all intents and purposes.

But rather than discount these 3 movies altogether and their bizarro world of red matter, transwarp beaming, and ‘magical blood’ to name a few things….I’ve always just looked on the initial ‘Nero’ and ‘Elderly Spock’ as being ‘parallel universe’ characters to begin with….who START OFF in a totally separate, ‘parallel universe’ to the ‘prime universe’ of the TOS show and it’s characters and events – and it’s this SEPARATE ‘parallel universe’ of characters who end up getting their ‘timeline split off’ (or enter another ‘parallel universe’ if you will), rather anything involving the actual ‘prime Spock’ character at all! :)

However….while I’m expecting a re-designed Enterprise inside and out (I’ll call it a major ‘re-fit’), depending on the casting, I may be able to re-evalute my own ‘personal canon’ if Quentin’s storyline goes ahead….as it may be possible to just imagine it as a more satisfying DIRECT sequel to J.J.’s initial reboot (which I like aspects of), meaning I can completely disregard INTO DARKNESS and BEYOND altogether.

And seeing as I already disregard the DISCOVERY show as an probable ‘prequel’ to the TOS show, I’m certainly willing to give this a chance as ‘re-imagined prequel’ to it instead. ;)

It was simply going back in time though. No parallel universes involved. Its the same deal as in Endgame. You can go back in time and change things, but the future you came from will still be there. You’re just also creating an alternate future.

@ Legate Damar – that’s all well and good, but while ‘Avengers Endgame’ at least tried to convey all that kind of thing within the movie, J.J. and co. didn’t.

I don’t count Orci stating it outwith the movie, and plenty of cinema-goers didn’t get his memo either, unfortunately.

bob orci to Tarantino: ‘didn’t you get the memo?’ (like Rutgar Hauer in Batman Begins) lol

OMG I had NO IDEA Rutgar Hauer had passed away just today when I posted that – (it was just a fun comment remembering Hauer in Batman Begins and the memo gag). RIP

I always figured it thus:

To the ‘average joe’/non Trek nerd audience who may have seen the odd episode and movie, ST09 was a total overwrite of everything that came before (almost like the then recent Batman/Bond reboots but with timetravel) – a’la the traditional timetravel in previous Treks and in movies like BTTF (where at the end its all changed for the better and it never goes back to the original depressing timeline)…

To us i.e the Trekkies/nerds who waste our lives reading TM.com on a daily basis, ST09 is what Bob Orci intended – an alt reality where all the other Treks still exist a’la Parallels.

now Quentin obviously loves Trek but hes probably never had the time or inclination to obsess too much over it other than having watched and enjoyed TOS when he was younger and seen most of the movies when they came out and the various important episodes of TNG.. so its possible (well it is as the interview) the whole alt universe stuff went over his head

I think what is (rightfully) bothering people though is he just arrogantly says it shouldn’t be there, so therefore he’s going to just pretend its not there. And of course its his opinion to feel that way, many here has said the same thing many times lol. But he’s going one step farther and treat the Kelvin characters like that universe never existed which would be very confusing at this point.

The funny thing about all of this is that they designed the movies that way so that the PU can still just exist and do its own thing as we are seeing with Discovery and will again with Picard. Obviously nothing has been overwritten (although you can argue DIS has done that a little, at least visually) and if they ever make another Kelvin movies those can just do whatever they want even if CBS is making 24 new Star Trek shows. That was the point, they can live side by side, especially since they are being run by two different companies and yet canonically connected just the same.

Now he wants to wash away all of that and make it WAY more confusing people accuse these movies of being now, which isn’t confusing at all if you know what a parallel universe is. And at least they went through the trial of creating an actual story behind it all. He just wants to say ‘Fuck it’ and put them wherever he want without a single explanation and just tell his story. Not very Star Treky.

How would Tarantino reconcile the NCC-1701 Enterprise being destroyed in Star Trek Beyond? If he is using the Kelvin cast in a Prime Timeline movie, and they are still on an Enterprise with that same designation, that will be really wonky for a general audience. Yeah, maybe lots of them won’t pay attention to the ship ID, but enough might notice it and come away confused (since they probably don’t get the whole alternate universe thing anyways).

1701 B or C, put together a Generations kinda movie. He said he wants to do Yesterdays Enterprise.

all hed have to do is slap an ‘A’ on it. Then even if he has the Enterprise look different from end of Beyond (i.e. more like TOS or TMP Ent) it can just be explained in fans minds as having undergone another refit at some point after Beyond

Providing a ‘canon script doctor’ can give the script the one over to iron out the odd discrepancy I bet most stuff in his script could fit in either Prime or Kelvin universe so you could consider it as happening in either.

My guess? If he makes the movie, the ship is going to look like it looked in the sixties. Tarantino gives no cusses about anything but TOS, and maybe the movies.

And bless him for it!

id love a return to the TMP ENT..

And that’s the ENTIRE problem. If he wants to do some old fanboy nostalgia trip, I really don’t like that idea but if it gets a greenlight more power to him. BUT taking the actors from a very different (very advanced) setting and throwing them back into this setting would be asinine. It would confuse so many people AND it would completely go against the prime universe of today as well. You seen Discovery, how can you say with a straight face both of those ideas are suppose to fit in the same universe?

If ANYTHING he should not be trying to make a film in the prime or Kelvin timeline. Get your own actors, put it in your own universe and don’t make it canon. Just have your groovy adventure like the fan films do today. He seems to want to turn the universe on its head without caring how important canon is. Thats why we have these other terms called reboots and remakes. Remake TOS however he wants but it shouldn’t be canon to the PU either. He should stay faaaar away from the PU and KU if he doesn’t respect what they are doing.

I literally just got home from seeing Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. If it’ll get me a Trek movie even half as good as that, Tarantino can do literally whatever he wants to do, so far as I’m concerned.

I saw it too..really disappointed by it. It went on forever, most of the story just felt so random and tedious, especially with the ending (which I liked though). Funny, watching that movie is why I DON’T think he should do Star Trek lol. But we all have our opinions.

He could just make a movie, have the Enterprise look how he wants it to, and tell people it took place between STV and STVI in the prime universe or something. Or before. If we can have Burnham show up out of nothing in the prime universe, why not an extra adventure for the original cast in their prime u. with updated visuals?
Discovery set a terrible precedent, so all bets are off. At least this time we might get something worth watching.

by all means have Burnham show up in QTs Trek. providing as soon as she appears Kirk grabs his phaser and vaporizes her out of existence as Spocks goes ‘thank you captain’

TarranTrek! I’ve watched Star Trek for 53 years, since it began in 1966. He wants to do Yesterdays Enterprise, so let’s see what he can do with it. I can hardly wait.

I myself have hoped the next “Star Trek” movie would bring the prime and “Kelvin” timelines together and would be a sequel to the “Yesterday’s Enterprise” episode of “The Next Generation.” At least the new one would be the first since “Intro Darkness” to be shot on film rather than on digital.

ha. glad someone picked up on this. it’s getting confusing. seriously how tough is it to understand? anyone who watches back to the future 2 knows how alternate timelines work. and since he’s a big fan of the original show the guardians created an alternate timeline themselves… mirror universe is an alternate universe… other episodes and movies dealt with it as well. so i don’t get what his problem is. i think he’s just talking out of his ass a bit. plus if what he says it to be believed then JJ doesn’t care at all about anything trek or canon. kurtzman and orci and pegg and lin do though so glad they were around. trek needs a canon producer

@ unhappening – it could be that he just wilfully doesn’t like what J.J. and his writers came up with, and that he’d have preferred that it had been a straightforward movie reboot set in the original ‘prime universe’ to begin with….one that had the possibility of Bill’s involvement (side-by-side with Leonard) in it’s storyline from the start, somehow….

IF that and J.J.’s particular rehash of the ‘Khan’ character are indeed what caused his ire over the ‘Kelvin Timeline’ scenario….then I can’t say I blame him.

I’m ready to see what he has in mind instead.

that’s a bit of a stretch… and kirk’s dead… that makes no sense… the only way to have old kirk involved is the kelvin timeline. generations was such a bad idea and so poorly done. tarantino has said before all this started that he liked the new movies… plain and simple. and can you imagine the hatred from fans if they just rebooted instead? i mean these horrible fans seem to hate everything anyway but the problem with a flat out reboot and living within canon is so tough. it’s sort of a no win scenario. i agree the khan thing was just one major screwup… while most real people like into darkness, that last act is a bust and the recasting of khan as a white guy is so strange… i imagine JJ recasting a star wars role with someone of a different race entirely and he’d be torn to shreds. he’d never do it though because he loves star wars. that first trek is amazing… and watching nimoy come back as spock so great especially in a new context. tarantino had to understand what was going on. i mean there’s a great scene that he even mentions where the old and new spock talk to each other. vulcan has been destroyed. these aren’t minor things he missed unless he went out for a really long pee. it’s so clear events have changed the timeline. that’s what makes me think he’s just sort of talking out of his ass… meaning yeah he gets it but he prefers the prime timeline. they both still exist. i’m imagining a new movie where vulcan is still around… kirk’s dad is alive and he’s just the same character as the prime universe… spock and uhurua have no inter species love… man you’ll not only have kelvin canon exploded but im pretty sure prime canon will not be adhered to… which i guess would prove once and for all JJ could care less about trek. my head hurts.


If The Collector, or whatever the name of the bloke who tried to blisterpack Data was, made a jailbreak, swooped in and scooped Kirk up, then he’d likely be just mostly dead and not sincerely dead, as they say in the cinema.

isn’t that the princess bride? and isn’t there a collector in the guardians of the galaxy?


You got 2 of the film references but missed the one from THE WIZARD OF OZ.

But there was a TNG character, Kivas Fajo, that faked Data’s destruction so that he could “collect” him.


its possible QT has just forgotten a lot of what happened in ST09 and as the sequels didn’t do much in the way of referring back to it being an alt timeline maybe he completely forgot what was happening (I doubt hes even seen Beyond). had Orci been allowed to do his Shatner movie instead it probably would’ve refreshed everyones memory that it was actually an Alt timeline not an overwrite of the originals timeline and been quite interesting (instead of borefest Beyond)..but then had that happened maybe the option wouldn’t be there to have Shat back for QT Trek?

So why is he talking to the media if he hasn’t done the basic background and roughed out a concept that can actually work in one of the major timelines.

I agree with unhappening and Jemini.

The arrogance is staggering.

Basically, he is actually saying that he feels that any franchise and any actor should be so honoured, that they’ll way yes to anything he comes up with.

The thing is that his movies aren’t all that mass market or mega profitable. His total movie revenue from all 9 films to date is less than a major Marvel blockbuster.

So, with a small reach, and the risk of a basement type scene along the lines of Pulp Fiction entering into canon and turning off the fan-base, why is this still under discussion?

I think the real story is that Tarantino knows the CBS-Viacom merger is close and that CBS will not be on board with an off-road Tarantino Trek product.

Tarantino is shooting off his mouth to drum up interest in a project that is so off-brand that it is likely to be killed.

No, he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s getting us all thinking about him making a Star Trek and what it could mean. While you worry about the basement scene from Pulp Fiction it could just as easily be the dance scene with Travolta and Thurman at Jack Rabbit’s Slims he has in mind… or really anything from that movie (or nothing at all). If he does make a Star Trek film, it will be on everyone’s radar.

He makes no sense. For someone who is supposed to be sooooo smart, according to his worshipers, he cannot even understand something as simple as the concept of a different reality? Send him help.

This is looking more and more like a joke tbh.
First he wants to make it pulp fiction in space with gangsters, now he wants it to be in the kelvin timeline continuity created by jj&co except be doesn’t understand what the ‘Pine timeline’ is. The arrogance of this guy is remarkable, he talks like child and sounds like one of those clueless fanboys who bash movies they don’t understand or didn’t even watch. He isn’t even a trek fan (how he could be?), he admits he only likes it better than star wars because Shatner is in it. Nuff said.

I don’t care what’s your name, but you cannot make a sequel of these movies if you don’t even understand their source material. If you don’t even get the most basic notions. He’s incompetent from every angle.
Ignoring the fact it’s another reality and turn it all into a retcon of the prime timeline is dumb, not to mention an insult to the audience and those who liked these movies.

Not even his comments about Chris Pine make sense LOL! because he didn’t play Shatner AT ALL. and neither Zachary played Nimoy.
I don’t know what he watched, but it’s obvious he lives in his own alternate reality, though he wouldn’t be able to understand the concept.

Superman Returns ignored III and IV. It didn’t take. :-)

Halloween did ok tho

Terminator Dark Fate is ignoring everything after II.

It’s all going to take place on the planet from “A Piece of the Action” years later, and it will be awesome.

He clearly wants to create a TOS feature film with the Kelvin Timeline cast. That’s what he is really saying.

yes. basically he wants to make Star Trek ‘VII’ but set during or just after TOS era (plus no doubt have Shatner feature as ‘Old Man Kirk’ via timetravel or whatever)

Perhaps a sequel to TMP, during a second five year mission.

Im sure that Im not the only one thinking that if Paramount and Viacom merge, We could well see a hybrid movie with Ethan Peck as Spock and Chris Pine as Kirk – the merger would open the whole sandbox to play in. I think it would be cool to see a Prime Timeline movie that starts with Anson Mount’s Pike handing the keys to the Enterprise to Pine’s Kirk and a mission right after that that fits Tarantino’s parameters.

THAT is a great idea!

It’s easy. Have Kirk wake up at the beginning of the movie, sweating from a nightmare. On his way to the bridge he meets Bones and tells him that he had a horrible dream. The timeline was altered and the Enterprise looked like a sterile hospital, Vulcan was destroyed and Khan was an Englishman… ;)