Best Of Picard Star Trek TV/Movie Collection Coming To Blu-ray With New IDW Comic

CBS and Paramount want to help you get ready for the early 2020 premiere of the CBS All Access series Star Trek: Picard. with a new collection of episodes and movies on Blu-ray, along with a brand new comic book from IDW.

Prep for Picard with new Blu-ray collection and comic book

The Star Trek – Picard Movie and TV Collection will be released on Blu-ray. It will include all four Next Generation cast feature films along with two feature-length television episodes from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The two 2-part Next Generation episodes included in the new collection are “Best of Both Worlds” and “Chain of Command.” The six-disc collection will also include over 10 hours of previously released special features, including behind-the-scenes looks, commentaries, gag reels, deleted scenes and more.

Box for Star Trek – Picard Movie & TV Collection

In addition, the collection includes an exclusive 16-page comic book from IDW Publishing, featuring an original, never-before-seen storyline inspired by the iconic franchise. The comic titled Star Trek: Sky’s The Limit is written by Thomas F. Zahler (Star Trek: Waypoint 2019), With art by Carlos Nieto (Star Trek: The Next Generation: Terra Incognita) and coloring by Charlie Kirchoff (Star Trek: Year Five).

IDW comic included with new Picard Blu-ray collection

The Blu-ray collection will be released in the USA on October 15th. It will also be released internationally on the following dates:
• UK – October 21
• Australia – October 23
• Germany – November 7

Star Trek – Picard Movie & TV Collection disc details

Special features for the collection include:

Disc One – “Star Trek: The Next Generation: Best of Both Worlds”
• Commentary with Cliff Bole, Elizabeth Dennehy, and Mike & Denise Okuda
• Regeneration: Engaging the Borg
• Gag Reel
• Episodic Promos

Disc Two – “Star Trek: The Next Generation: Chain of Command”
• Commentary by Ronny Cox, Jonathan West, and Mike & Denise Okuda
• The Privilege of Rank: Making “Chain of Command” (HD)
• Episodic Promos (Parts 1 & 2)
• Deleted Scenes (HD)

Disc Three – Star Trek VII: Generations
• Library Computer
• Star Trek IQ (BD-Live)
• Commentary by Director David Carson and Manny Coto
• Scoring Trek (HD)
• Next Generation Designer Flashback: Andrew Probert (HD)
• Stellar Cartography on Earth (HD)
• Brent Spiner: Data and Beyond – Part 1 (HD)
• Trek Roundtable: Generations (HD)
• Starfleet Academy: Trilithium (HD)

Disc Four – Star Trek VIII: First Contact
• Library Computer
• Star Trek IQ
• Commentary by Damon Lindelof and Anthony Pascale
• Starfleet Academy SCISEC Brief 008: Temporal Vortex (HD)
• Brent Spiner: Data & Beyond – Part 2 (HD)
• Greetings from the International Space Station (HD)
• SpaceShipOne’s Historic Flight (HD)
• Industrial Light & Magic and The Next Generation (HD)
• Trek Roundtable: First Contact (HD)
• Production – Making First Contact, The Art of First Contact, The Story, The
Missile Silo, The Deflector Dish and From “A” to “E”
• Scene Deconstruction – Borg Queen Assembly, Escape Pod Launch and Borg’s
Queen’s Demise
• The Star Trek Universe – Jerry Goldsmith: A Tribute, The Legacy of Zefram
Cochrane and First Contact: The Possibilities
• The Borg Collective – Unimatrix One, The Queen and Design Matrix
• Archives – Storyboards and Photo Gallery
• Trailers – Teaser Trailer HD and Theatrical Trailer (HD)
• Easter Eggs (3)

Disc Five – Star Trek IX: Insurrection
• Library Computer
• Star Trek IQ
• Commentary by Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis
• Westmore’s Legacy (HD)
• Marina Sirtis: The Counselor Is In (HD)
• Brent Spiner: Data and Beyond – Part 3 HD(HD)
• Trek Roundtable: Insurrection (HD)
• Starfleet Academy: Origins of the Ba’ku and Son’a Conflict (HD)

Disc Six – Star Trek X: Nemesis
• Library Computer
• Star Trek IQ
• Commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda
• Reunion with the Rikers (HD)
• Today’s Tech, Tomorrow’s Data (HD)
• Robot Hall of Fame (HD)
• Brent Spiner: Data and Beyond – Part 4 (HD)
• Trek Roundtable: Nemesis (HD)
• Starfleet Academy: Thalaron Radiation (HD)

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Yikes! People are going to be returning this to stores in large numbers when they discovery that it isn’t the new Star Trek: Picard show.

Never occurred to me…. makes total sense. Maybe they should slap a TNG logo around the package.

Yeah, they even use the TOS font and PICARD in big letters like the official Star Trek: Picard series. Confusing.

Sometimes TV shows/movies use a different title treatment when it comes to on-screen in the actual opening credits than in pre-series advertising.

Let’s hope….

Agreed. It’s very misleading.

While at first glance it’ll surely make some folks scratch their head I’m sure the back of the case clearly delineates the content.

because people are too lazy to read?

Sadly some are. I use to work in customer service and you would be surprise how many times I use to deal with people bringing stuff back or upset over something because they didn’t just read the label right or at all…but naturally it was our fault anyway lol.

I’d imagine most people can read? No?


This sounds like an interesting DVD collection, and a more affordable way to get a couple of the key remastered episodes on disc.

That said, I’m anticipating a lot of ‘but why didn’t they include…’ comments.

I think that all of us could name a few more Picard TNG episodes that we would like to see in a ‘best of’ set more than reprising the movies that are already in another collection.

I think the only other really major one would be Inner Light.

I don’t even understand this collection. Two 2-parters and all 4 movies? If this is supposed to be a primer for the new series, how about “I, Borg” given the appearance of Hugh? Or “Family” which is the only episode that will share a setting in the new series?

Utterly baffled at how they selected these, other than their feature length.

No real point of Insurrection on there or Generations for that matter. If this is aimed at the casual viewer then Generations could throw up alot of Kirk/23rd century era questions that aren’t even required for the Picard show. Funny how Nemesis is now super important all of a sudden though. I bet that film has been sought out loads (and even discovered for the first time by the casual audience!) since the Picard trailer.

At first I thought, Oh maybe these are all they were willing to remaster, and the movies were aldready done and then remembered the entire show was remastered already.

Is there additional remastering needed for 4K?

Man I’m gonna be that guy but no Inner Light? Is there no more obvious Picard episode? Also is this the Insurrection commentary that Paramount killed years ago?

I don’t think so…. it’s the one that came out with the Blu-ray release of “Insurrection.” The “lost” one is just Frakes I believe.

LOL its getting real kids! ;)

CBS can smell the money the new show is going to generate and taking advantage now. Its a great idea but honestly most hardcore fans are already going to have all the films and BOBW and Chain of Command. They should’ve included more introspective Picard episodes as well like The Inner Light or Tapestry. I guess they have the new comic book story to tempt fans more but I don’t know if its enough.

But it looks like the official countdown to the show has started. That trailer was HUGE and they are going to keep people salivating for the rest of the year.

Gotta admit I’m disappointed. I recently went through TNG and created an TNG/PIcard primer episode list for a friend who saw the “Picard” trailer but is new to TNG and there are A CRAP TON of missed opportunities. “Family.” “The First Duty”. “The Inner Light.” “Unification” (which sets the tone for Picard’s appreciation of the Romulan people)… “Generations” and “Insurrection” weren’t on the list either. Granted, everyone has their “best of” lists, but this line-up seems rather weak considering the Blu-rays hold 5 episodes each.

And, don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but this set is simply repressings of six previous releases. A pass for me.

I’m surprised its not just a rerelease of the Trek Collective Jean-Luc Picard collection…

While I wouldn’t necessarily call it a Picard ‘best of’, it certainly sounds as though Descent 1 & 2, will be essential background for the new Picard series given that Hugh will be a recurring character in season one.

It sounds as though someone in marketing worked out that it made sense to do a re-release ahead of the series, but no one actually did the research (or ask Kirsten Beyer) to work out which TNG episodes were either Picard’s best, or the most relevant background for the new series.

If the marketing objective is to provide an easy entry point for people new to Trek who are engaged by the Picard series, it isn’t the correct product.

Would you be willing to share the list you made? :-)

Here’s what I suggested to my friend for essential viewing. I know it would take serious editing to make it onto a home video release, but I created this list before Paramount/CBS announced their “best of” collection.

S1E01/S1E02 – Encounter at Farpoint
S1E13 – Datalore
S1E25 – Conspiracy

S2E09 – The Measure of a Man
S2E16 – Q Who?

S3E04 – Who Watches the Watchers
S3E15 – Yesterday’s Enterprise
S3E19 – Captain’s Holiday
S3E23 – Sarek
S3E26 – The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1

S4E01 – The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
S4E02 – Family
S4E03 – Brothers
S4E09 – Final Mission

S5E02 – Darmok
S5E07/S5E08 – Unification I & II
S5E18 – Cause and Effect
S5E19 – The First Duty
S5E23 – I, Borg
S5E25 – The Inner Light

S6E10/S6E11 – Chain of Command, Parts I & II
S6E15 – Tapestry
S6E18 – Starship Mine
S6E21 – Frame of Mind
S6E26 – Descent

S7E01 – Descent, Part II
S7E11 – Parallels
S7E15 – Lower Decks
S7E20 – Journey’s End
S7E25/S7E26 – All Good Things…

Star Trek: First Contact
Star Trek: Nemesis
I also had suggested “JJ Trek ’09” to explain the destruction of Romulus and a handful of Voyager’s to introduce Seven of Nine.

You’ll notice that there are a couple thrown in there that aren’t Picard- or Data-centric…. they were just favorites I wanted my friend to watch.

Cause & Effect happens to be my all time favorite TNG episode, but i’m not sure it does anything for Picard as a character, in fact he has only a small role in that one (it’s a true ensemble piece).

To keep it more concise, my “Essential Viewing for Picard The Series” list would be:

Measure of a Man
Best of Both Worlds (2)
Unification (2)
I, Borg
Inner Light
All Good Things
First Contact (movie)

About 12 hours worth of material, give or take. Of course, if we heard that Worf might have a short arc, i’d include “Sins of the Father”, if we heard Vash might appear, add “Captain’s Holiday.” But from what we’ve heard, this is what i’d include.

Looks good Afterburn, but it still sounds like Descent I & II are needed given that Hugh is a recurring character.

I considered that one, and in hindsight, given the way “I, Borg ended,” I’d say I agree with you. Descent is unfortunately necessary as it shows Data’s relationship with the Borg and Hugh’s escape from the collective.

I say unfortunately only because when coming up with these collections I try to keep them as trim as possible.

If there was someone new to Trek who was tuning into Picard, I don’t think I would recommend they watch any TNG. If the writers do their job properly they will frame the show in such a way that there is no need to revisit old episodes.

Well of course they are going to try and do that, but naturally if you are using old story lines to help tell this story you probably still need a reference point to really care. That’s why I think as much as they try end of the day this show will be for mostly loyal Trek fans. This show, at least so far, looks like its going to have ton of backstory from the shows and a few of the films and where new fans might feel lost or ask why they should care? One of the story lines is about Data who died 20 years ago in Nemesis and if you never seen that movie or at least know who Data is its probably going to be hard to be that invested in it.

Same for the Borg story line if you don’t know at least some history of the Borg and how influential they been in the past to Picard and Trek in general.

I sorta doubt the show was made solely for TNG fans. It’s been 20 years. I imagine they are hoping the Picard name will be enough to garner a little curiosity among the non hardcore TNG fans. Even for those who have only had a cursory look at TNG in reruns or the features. Hard core fans will have no problem with what they do. But I have to tell you, I’m huge Trek guy but I am just not as familiar with TNG as I was with TOS. I have seen the shows but I can only give you details about a few of them. Now some things might make me go, “I think I recall something about that in one of the episodes.” But others may not even have that. Like I completely forgot about Descent until it was mentioned in a previous article. Sorry but it just wasn’t memorable. Now we do not know what the story lines are. The Data thing you mention can be easily explained. Hell much of it was already explained in the trailer! “Data sacrificed himself for me.” One line explains a great deal. We don’t need to sit though a handful of Picard-Data relationship episodes to pick up on what’s going on there. Again, if the writers do their jobs ably then precious few viewers will be lost and not care. Most will pick up on the situations without the need for flashbacks or a requirement that we re-watch certain episodes, many of which were not that great to begin with.

Look at the feature First Contact. They managed to set up the reasoning behind Picard’s desire for vengeance. There was that opening dream and a quick explanation to Lily. Boom. Audience is caught up with no need to watch even the best episode, The Best of Both Worlds.

No, its not obviously made just for TNG fans and definitely for Star Trek fans in general. It’s newbies I’m mostly thinking about. But if you name the show Picard, clearly its going to attract people who know and love that character first and foremost. I was arguing they WOULDN’T use that as the title and something more broad to attract people but they didn’t do that.

Again I’m not saying the show can’t be open to non-fans, I’m just not convinced it will be that much based on what we seen and know so far. But if it is, obviously GREAT, I want as many people to watch this as possible so they can renew it for 5 seasons lol. And of course I think anyone who is new to Trek will want to watch TNG, VOY and other relevant shows if they do get into this show enough, so it can go the opposite way as well.

But I imagine the people who are going to REALLY get into it are people who know a lot about Picard, Data, Seven, Borg and previous story connections. This is really going to be a show for people who know 24th century mythology more so than anyone.

Oh brother…what a buffoon.

Because only a buffoon would say something that Afterburn doesn’t like to hear.

Lets make this interesting, and give everyone a compilation of the absolute god-awful worst of Picard….

Do you realize how many discs would be needed for that set?

Yeah, one. “Stoopid comments by ML31” would take years to get through of course.

See? You can be funny when you don’t try!

I was already well aware of how funny I am.

I’m sure you feel that way.

Last word.

Brought to you by: CBS-Viacom merger negotiations.

Yes! I came to the comment section just to see if anyone picked up on this. Fascinating.

Must bye.

Such an ironic and apropos typo… at least, I assume it’s a typo lol

Slightly odd that the cover art shows him in a uniform he doesn’t wear in any of the episodes or films in the box.

Lol. It’s clearly them trying to get him at his absolute youngest.

DVD/Blue-ray? Is it 20 years ago? Do I need to get a CD tower and Furby too? Are you all ready for Y2K?

Call me a dinosaur, but I prefer disks over digital copies.

Discs are still superior to digital copies no matter how one slices it.

Anyone who says that needs to stop living in 1955.

Says the person who thinks Blu ray was available in 1955….

Says the person who didn’t get what I’m trying to say…

Here’s i’ll spell it out for you since you’re incapable of comprehending human speech:

Anyone in 2019 who would place the NOMINAL difference in quality above the OVERWHELMING advantages and convenience of streaming are just living in the past and are willfully refusing to step into the modern day.

It very much sounded like you thought that BluRay discs were available in 1955. Since that is the subject in hand and you mentioned someone who prefers said format was living in that year. Your attempts to retcon your comment not withstanding I do not doubt your your intention may have been otherwise but that is not what you wrote. I apologize my grasp of English is greater than yours.

At any rate, on to your other incorrect comment. The difference in quality from streaming to disc is hardly nominal. But if you feel it is then I’m happy for you. Many others have a higher standard. There are also precious few advantages to streaming over the discs. Pretty much the only one is the ability to watch on your mobile device. This so-called “advantage” is hardly an advantage. Disc content can be uploaded to said devices but even though it can be done, there are not enough legit reasons for doing that. How does the movie experience increase watching on a phone or tablet? If that is satisfactory for you then good for you. I kinda like watching movies on a big screen with high quality sound. Add to that all the other reasons others here have given for the superiority of disc over streaming… Well… I think most, not you probably, understand.

Ah the condescending note that I must not have standards. No, they’re just different. I choose to live in the modern world, and not get obsessed over a few pixels.

I only said what you just did. Your standards are different and unlike you, I do not berate others for having different standards. Obviously for you the ease of watching a feature film on a phone is more important to you than being immersed in the feature with a large screen and surrounding 5 or 7 channels of sound. There is noting wrong with that. It is your preference.

I find it ironic that you took offense at what you perceived as condescending yet you also feel it necessary to call people childish names like “buffoon” or “tool” any time someone writes something you personally don’t like to hear. And how is telling someone they don’t live in the “modern world” NOT condescending? That theory also makes no sense and you don’t even provide the reasoning to support it. Would you care to explain yourself or do you want to just spout off another 2nd grade taunt?

After the Ultraviolet shutdown, which came a year or two after Flixster folded, if you are still buying movies as digital copies only and not buying on disc, you’re a fool. “Just link your account with Movies Anywhere!” they say, except that Movies Anywhere doesn’t support Paramount (and a few other studios’) movies. Oops. You can use Vudu instead, but Vudu’s streaming quality sucks. And how long before Monster Disney, I mean Movies Anywhere decides to start charging you for the privilege of watching your own movie? I think that’s inevitable. Just buy the disc and laugh at the fools that can’t watch their movies anymore because yet another streaming service called it quits or decided to start charging you.


Right. And I’ll never understand this weird tribalism that streaming service subscribers hold over those who want to own discs – actually own them and put on their shelf. Like it or not, there will always be a market for physical media. Physical things.

Remember about ten or fifteen years ago when everyone was saying that print books would soon become extinct? But in recent years ebook sales have flattened and print books have rebounded.

People have shelves. They want to put things on them.

Nobody is claiming physical media will die. Never gonna happen. But for anyone with a brain, physical media is for very limited purposes. I buy physical CD’s from my favorite bands to support them because listening on spotify will only provide them a few dollars over the course of my lifetime.

But people who have entire collections of physical media, unless they are just obsessed cinephiles, need to be put out to pasture to make room for other, more worthy species.

And there’s that weird tribalism again. Thanks for illustrating.

I would argue the exact reverse. If you’re buying physical media, you’re a fool. If you argue for physical media you’re also a tool.

I really shouldn’t enable you but I guess this is my weakness.

I noticed that while others have provided actual concrete reasons behind their conclusions, you, on the other hand, have provided nothing to support your theory that people who prefer the physical media are “tools”. No reasoning combined with the 5th grade put down completely undermines your position and therefore your comment cannot be considered valid in any way shape or form.

Because you argue for a business model who’s relevance decreases every year. And every comment you make shows your own mentality and attitude to be lower, so glass houses and all.

Keep in mind it was OP who threw out the namecalling.

It sure doesn’t seem to be less relevant. You yourself agreed the physical media will always be there. Now you are going back on your own comment?

The other sentence supports my earlier comment to you. That you are incapable of supporting your own opinions and your best skill is playing the child on the playground who had his ball taken from him for calling other kids names. Again, ironic that you mention glass houses. Either you have no idea what you are talking about or you are being obnoxious just for your own entertainment.

And there was no namecalling in the original comment. Just a sarcastic comment. It was you who originally sunk the thread to that level.

Tell that to people who had a lot of movies on Flixster. Physical media is mine. If Disney decides Movies Anywhere is too expensive and kills it, or charges for it, I don’t care. If Walmart decides Vudu is too expensive and kills it, or charges for it, I don’t care. I still have my physical media. You on the other hand will be forking out cash to Walt’s grandchildren and the Walton family to watch movies YOU ALREADY PAID FOR.

There is that. Even if one doesn’t buy into the superior quality of the disc (which is unfortunate but not everyone can see the obvious) there is the rights thing you just mentioned. Those are only good for as long as the deals are in place. They can yank your on line content at any time for ANY reason. But if I own my disc, it is mine no matter what those corporations do.

Exactly, ML. That’s why any show/movie I care about and watch multiple times, I own on disc. Streaming is great as long as they don’t pull your content or until your internet goes down.

Here too. I stream plenty of stuff myself. But anything I want to watch pretty much more than twice I own on BD.

If people bought into flixter, they were even greater fools.

I’ll weigh in on this one…

I tend to only ever use streaming for a first-time viewing. So, for something like the new Picard series, I would probably look to stream this as it is released.

If I really enjoy something though, and want to watch it again, I would always look to purchase it on physical disc format.

I’ve then got the security of knowing I can watch it whenever I want, without having to worry about internet connection, services disappearing or additional charges being introduced.

Once I own the discs, I would obviously never look to stream that particular show ever again. That said though, I wouldn’t usually look to purchase a physical box set of a show I hadn’t seen before (due to the up-front cost commitment for something I could well end up hating) so streaming definitely has its advantages there.

I wouldn’t say I own an extensive DVD/blu-ray collection, but certainly ALL my favourites are in this format.

So, for me, the two formats complement each other nicely and I wouldn’t particularly wish to be without either.

Family seems a pretty essential episode missed out, given its links with TBoBW, Generations and ST: Picard.

Yeah there should’ve been more episodes on this instead of the films and I recently rewatched Family. I mean its the only episode that actually shows him back at home which is where he is in the new show as well. Its weird its not part of the collection considering that.

But I do wonder how much people would even buy it with more episodes. I can watch all these episodes right now on the three different streaming sites I own. Maybe someone thought it will sell with all the films but I still wonder who is this stuff for? Old fans or new? I just don’t see how it can be for old fans since everyone will have these films and shows, at least access to them. But will new fans care before they see the new show? So I guess it is for old fans.

Funny!! Someone has read my mind… Just a moment ago I was thinking that the new Picard series should revive interest in TNG and lead to re-release of some TNG stuff… And it should revive interest in DS9 and VOY. Soooo…. maybe DS9 and VOY in HD might become possible?!?

Once the TNG HD project had begun, before the seasons were released properly, they released a sampler blu-ray of three episodes. I can see something similar happening but specifically with a selection of Seven of Nine VOY episodes. ‘The Seven of Nine collection’ or something along those lines. I’ve read that the cost of TNG HD conversion was super high, so I’d settle for select episodes if doing the whole thing was still not financially viable, even with all the new buzz around Trek.

If the Picard show does better than expected, or really pulls in good numbers, I’d say the chances of DS9 and/or VOY in HD increases because Picard doing well sort of gives a strong indicator that fans/audiences are embracing the old characters and setting from the 90s trek’ TV shows.

I honestly believe it’s a bit more likely that select episodes from the two shows will be redone at some point rather than entire series. CBS might allocate a budget to redo a certain number of popular episodes (Two partners; Scorpion. One off strong episodes; Timeless)

I do hope we get those, but as i’ve said before, i’m not clamoring for them. Would be fun to see them, but genuinely, my enjoyment of Trek has never hinged on it’s objective definitional quality on the screen.

Well… I’ve already got all of these on disc save for Chain of Command. This is certainly not geared towards people who already have most of those items. I can’t help but wonder, what Trek fan doesn’t have most of those items and has suddenly decided now that they are desired?

It’s certainly aimed at a casual fan which makes it even more perplexing.

Its just simply a case of slapping different packaging on an essentially existing product. Very easy really. Use discs from the TNG movie collection, then the already released feature length COC and TBOBW and you have a cheap box to throw on the market.

Ok, now it makes a LOT more sense.

Money…Grab. And a not very well thought-out one, imo.

I feel like i’m the only one who doesn’t mind cash grabs. If it’s of no value, nobody will buy it, and they’ll learn a hard lesson. As DM said, this is a cheap repackaging, which I hadn’t realized (I don’t pay attention to DVD releases, because they are for the over 60 crowd). If I were at CBS, I’d probably be arguing for a better collection, and my bosses would be saying “to do that would be too costly, so we either repackage existing discs, or we don’t do it.”

Working in the business, I understand that, at least, even if i don’t necessarily agree with it.

Packaging together 2 movies that most people despised, with another that most people felt was a truly missed opportunity and ultimately not very good, along with the 1 good TNG feature, and the 2 2-parters that have been released in so many formats, so many times, is a sure way to win over the fans.

Why do you think most people despised?
I think disappointed is maybe a bit more the truth on that matter.


In either case, this is not well positioned to promote Trek to new viewers and retain their interest.

I can’t think of who would buy this other than public libraries.

Sometimes the quick, off-the-shelf solution is not better than nothing at all.

Sometimes I wonder if this sort of thing isn’t all about sales at all, but a way of grabbing attention: it puts the Picard name on store shelves for people to see, it puts it in the trades and around the retail industry to prepare stores and audiences for the inevitable DVD release of the new series. It gives them an excuse to send out press and media kits name-dropping the new show.

It reaches the over 70 crowd who still collect antiquated discs, who may not be savvy enough to navigate the internet and find out about the new series.

I think a lot of people really disliked Nemesis and Insurrection… despised is strong, but not necessarily too far off the mark. It takes a lot to get this Trek fan to truly dislike anything Trek. Nemesis for some really ugly sequences, and a truly stupid plot, and Insurrection was just really silly and largely a repeat. Generations of course is the missed opportunity in my book. I find half of that movie decent enough, but the 2nd half is just a mess. All subjective of course, but these movies really did Trek in for quite a while. After First Contact (which I really liked), I brought some friends to see Insurrection hoping they would get into it. I was in the end embarrassed to have taken them.

What an awful cash grab if ever there was one! Just a repackaging job of already existing material. I don’t mid the movies, since they are all indeed very much focused on Picard, but come on, what about classic episodes like “Captain’s Holiday”, “Tapestry”, “The Inner Light”, “Family” (the epilogue to “Best of Both Worlds”!) and “Gambit”, just to name a few! And what do I need with a comic? :D Not to mention the misleading title of this collection.

This is definitely no buy for me, at all, nor should anyone buy this, but the newest of newcomers.

What odd selections. There are so many more Picard centered episodes that should be included. This seems to be a way for CBS Paramount to sell the movies and a few of the feature length episodes. Tapestry? The Inner Light? Family? There are so many more.