George Takei Would Consider Returning For Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek

William Shatner isn’t the only Star Trek: The Original Series star talking about the Quentin Tarantino Star Trek project in development at Paramount. His sometimes feuding rival is also curious but isn’t so ready to say yes.

George wants to see a script

Yesterday we reported how William Shatner is ready to talk to Quentin Tarantino about his Star Trek project if needed. The original Kirk was excited to hear how Tarantino was a big fan of his work on Star Trek.

Yahoo is now reporting that Takei is open to the idea of getting a call from Tarantino, but with some more caution. Yahoo quotes the actor saying:

Well, it all depends. He is a very individualistic filmmaker, so he will decide how he envisions it, who he is gonna cast.

When asked if he would say yes if Tarantino calls, Takei stated:

It depends on the script.

Tarantino has spoken about being a big fan of the original Star Trek, however, whenever discussing the franchise, he has never specifically discussed Takei or his character of Sulu. Takei last played Sulu (in canon) in the 1996 Star Trek: Voyager episode “Flashback,” which included flashbacks to Sulu’s time in command of the USS Excelsior during Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

George Takei as Captain Sulu in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Flashback”

Takei is busy

At 82, George Takei has been having a resurgence. He has become a noteworthy social media influencer with a very large following and is regularly quoted by the media as he weighs in on politics and the issues of the day. Earlier this month IDW released a graphic memoir, titled They Called Us Enemy, based on Takei’s childhood in a Japanese internment camp during World War II.

Takei also stars in the upcoming second season of the AMC anthology series The Terror. Season two (titled The Terror: Infamy) debuts August 12th and focuses on the Japanese-American community during World War II. Takei – who also serves as a consultant for the season – plays Yamato-san, a former fishing captain and community elder who was imprisoned with his family in two Japanese-American internment camps during WWII.

The Terror: Infamy cast: Yuko (Kiki Sukezane), Nobuhiro Yamato (George Takei), Chester Nakayama (Derek Mio), Luz Ojeda (Cristina Rodlo),  Amy Yoshida (Miki Ishikawa), Henry Nakayama (Shingo Usami), and Asako Nakayama (Naoko Mori) in Season 2. (Photo by Maxine Helfman/AMC)

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He really doesn’t get it does he. I hear him all the time on podcasts and radio and I believe he really thinks he’s a starship captain. If there was a member of TOS to be in anything, it would be Shatner since he was the main character.

I’d much rather see Takei than Shatner but really, if there’s anything that’s starting to get to me about this new Star Trek renaissance it’s the parade of Trek stars coming out of the woodwork looking for work in the new shows and movies, and the fans who are creaming their pants over it.

End of the day, if they write and create great Trek, like Discovery, I guess it won’t bother me. But until I start seeing it actually happen, it’s a nuisance.

‘I’d much rather see Takei than Shatner but really’

yeh I stopped reading ur post about right after ‘really’

That’s because you worship the Great and Mighty Gasbag, and don’t respect more interesting actors and characters. ALL HAIL THE BLOATED ONE! GLORY BE TO HIS ENORMOUS EGO!

I’m sure you changed a lot of minds with that post.

I’m absolutely certain most people are on my side now.

He too bloated for my taste. What is he going to do ? Squeeze into the Captain’s chair ? Would rather see Sulu .

“if they write and create great Trek, like Discovery”

You just called Discovery “great” ? Hahahahahaha!!! That’s the biggest joke today. It’s okay, but far FAR from great.

Predictable comment took a little longer then I expected. I’m disappointed.

I too would rather see Takei get a cameo than Shatner. I think the general audience wouldn’t care either way, only some old fans are obsessed and can’t let go of the past even at the cost of sacrificing the new cast, which is absurd for me. It’s getting old.

What ‘new cast’ would that be?

…create great Trek, like… your message broke up

Actors have to be opportunistic. It may seem pathetic, but it comes from a wish to relive something wonderful

Look again at what he said: “it depends on the script”. He was asked a question and gave a polite “probably not” to “maybe” answer. Giving a straight up decline would create drama and burn a lot of bridges for him.

It sounds like somebody asked him if he’d be willing to be in the movie, and his answer was basically that he would maybe consider it if he was asked.

I totally respect that answer.

Takei understands his personal brand has to do with values.

He’s got to know there is a non-trivial probability that whatever Tarantino has in mind will violate those values in one way or other.

So, politely stepping aside from what would be a speculative response is in-character for Takei.

Don’t think however he’ll be quiet if he thinks the eventual product is appalling.

I was unnecessarily heated about this earlier, but yes, P, you are absolutely right.

There is one regrettable thing that happened during Takai’s time with Trek. I did a little extra work on ST IV…just B-roll in SG that didn’t make it to the screen. But there was talk about something that happened on the shoot that was has been verified since.

They wrote Takai a lovely scene where he finds the home where his family was supposed to have lived in at that time, and he met and got to speak to a boy who was to grow up to be one of his ancestors.

A beautiful, sweet moment, and we’ve all heard how the youngster wasn’t able to hold it together to perform that day, so the opportunity was lost.

George was a good actor…he was properly trained, he took pride in what he did, and I can’t help feeling how sad itnwas for him. The later OG films did try to find those nice little character moments for the TOS crew. I think it was a part of the films’ appeal.

We were lucky that Anton Yelchin’s role was beefed up for ST Beyond. Can you imagine him working under Tarantine?

Well he is Captain Sulu. And I would like rather see George than Shatner. Shatner just let himself go. Many men in their 80s that still look slim and fit. Shatner just got fat….unless they are going to use FX to thin him .

Alec Grimes,

Re: Shatner just let himself go.

Shatner foresaw doctors taking the reigns from him as time marches on, but it hasn’t happened, yet. Since that speculation, INSIDE EDITION has shown Shatner’s horse getting spooked in an Amateur Class Equestrian sporting competition and ejecting him from its riding carriage. Shatner got right back in the “bike” and proceeded to win the competition – something most of us younger people around here would find difficult to accomplish without a tumble.

It’s funny all these TREK actors chiming in saying they’d be interested in TARANTINO’S TREK.

Likely timeline of the Tarantino Trek thing will probably be like this ( if past Hollywood history with other films/directors* is to go by) :

1) Tarantino to Direct new Trek movie!

2) Trek movie to have Story written by Tarantino

3) From a “idea” by Tarantino.

4) Studio parts ways with Tarantino over Trek project citing “creative differences”.

*Ben Affleck/Batman; Edgar Wright/Ant-Man, to name just TWO.

A Tarantino directed Star Trek starring Shatner and Takei. I may have to change my tune on this one. It may well be worth the price of admission.

It could be just the two of them, sparring in the mud over their old feuds. I’d watch it.


As long as the price of admission is “A CBS All Access Original”….the only way this goes down in a theater is with copious amounts of that cheap Trek wine the other thread is selling.

takei dodnt seem to get that were it not for shatner Trek wouldn’tve been half as popular as it was

Actually if the writers had given the other actors more to do…would have been a lot better. That is why TNG did it better with the characters. They all got to shine. Even some of the guest stars. But Shatner chewed the scenery. Spock and McCoy was my favorites from TOS. Never Kirk.
Spock was the brains and breakout star of that show.

I think it important to remember that TOS was very much focused on the main two, and then three characters. The fact is the others were minor rolls. Kirk, Spock and McCoy were the stars of the show as was quite common in the 60’s. TNG was created with the idea that while the bulk of the shows would be Picard driven, there would be episodes to flesh out the background players. And that is why they ALL got their names in the titles. Not just two or three. It, like TOS, was a product of its time. This is part of the reason why I think that Takei was coming across as super childish back when his feud with Shatner was at its peak. George looked to be petty and sad.

Tagline: Two F-bomb rivals must join together to save the F-bomb galaxy from being F-bombed.

Set in the time of 80s Trek, two *&%$ rivals must overcome their *&$# differences to save the *&$#?! galaxy.

Story by Quentin Tarantino and William Shatner.

Tarantino’s RETURN TO THE FINAL FRONTIER will see Kirk and Sulu time traveling back to the events of Star Trek V to confront their pain.

SUMMER OF ’21…PAIN RUNS DEEP *#&^*&%&^%$!

George, your career is going pretty well right now. Don’t cheapen it with this dog and pony show. First, it’s not likely to get made at all. Second, asides from you, Shatner and Koenig, the rest of the cast (and significat guest stars) are all dead or incapicated, so there’s little to even suggest this would be a TOS movie.

Yeah…nichelle got health issues …but she hasn’t kicked the bucket yet.

Frankly, I find the ever-increasing vitriol on these threads to be quite disheartening.

I for one look forward to QT’s contribution to the franchise, and if there are relevant roles for Takei, and/or Shatner, more power to them.

I hear you. The good news is that vitriol seems to mainly be coming from precious few posters. And I’m pretty sure they know who they are.

They know who they are alright. Trouble is they want everyone else to know it too.

For a fandom that considers itself “open minded” I just don’t get the close-mindedness shown towards anything Tarantino here. I mean the guy at least earned a benefit of the the doubt with his career.

Not only that, he’s one of the last true filmmakers: a director people go to the theater to see. Even Ridley Scott, Martin Scorcese, and others of that era (and earlier) who are still active– rarely do people go see their films because THEY are directing.

Yes, QT uses big names like Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio, but I’d wager most people are flocking to theaters because it’s a Quentin Tarantino film, and would likely do so even if it was a bunch of lesser names in the lead roles.

The thought of Trek being directed by a bonafide star director, regardless of his unique style (that at first glance might not seem like a fit) is just too intriguing to pass up.

People don’t flock to theaters to see Tarantino’s work. He’s a niche director whose films tend to be profitable because he’s good at making them on a reasonable budget.

That said, love him or hate him, I agree he’s one of the few real auteurs working in the film industry today. For better or worse, you won’t confuse his work with anyone else’s. I’m not convinced his approach will mesh with Trek’s optimistic vibe at all, especially given his recent (and not very surprising) admission that his draw to the franchise is mostly Shatner’s Kirk. (In other words, the ’60s camp “Kirk-fu” aspect is what appeals to him, as opposed to the philosophy.) Maybe it’ll work as its own thing, or maybe not. But I’m sure curious about what it is he has in mind.

Michael Hall

Even the prospect of a campy Kirk-fu style movie intrigues me at this point. So long as it’s not stupid and doesn’t ruin the characters like the BR movies largely have, it’ll be an improvement. Maybe it’s time for another Trek comedy? It’s been over 30 years since the last one (TVH). Shows you have starved and desperate I am for some worthwhile new Trek.

I too very much look forward to QT’s Trek, though returning cast members better be smartly and well-integrated, and not the product of actor campaigning.

What’s considered “vitriol” rather depends on which side of the deflector shield you’re sitting on. No offense, but a lot of your commentary re Discovery, justified or not, would not strike me as “non-vitriolic.”

Point taken, Michael. I have been down on Discovery, admittedly and imo rightfully, so. But – at least not intentionally – not to the point of calling people out and being downright nasty to others here.

Bang on cue! No way Takei’s gonna sit back and let Shatner, whom he still bitterly hates, get all the attention.

Ah, but QT said “it’s because of William Shatner” that he’s a Trek fan. (Not because of George Takei.)

Sorry, George.


Wait…are you claiming QT shies away from having his Asian characters enter into conflict with his North American characters?



I don’t get it.


For example, in KILL BILL the female head of the Yakusa(?) is in conflict with the WASPy Bride and do battle, are you saying it is out the question in QT Trek that the Asian Sulu character will come in conflict with the WASPy Kirk, do battle and that it is beyond QT to use whatever real discomfort the actors have with each other to make it glorious on screen?


That’s quite a stretch from what I said.


I’m just saying he doesn’t seem shy about depicting such conflicts in his art. Why would he shy away from the remote possibility that it might arise in reality?

HA HA HA. Depends on the script? Suuuuuuuure.

I like the guy, but c’monnn. He’s gotten worse over the years. Embarrassing.

Takei’s only resurgence is that he has a beef with Shatner, Takei can’t seem to let it go. It was 50+ years ago George. Do I want to see Takei or Shatner for that matter in a Star Trek movie? No!

QT already said that he would use the Chris Pine cast. Just not in the Kelvin timeline

Why not Takei. Would be great to see him. What’s hard to believe is that STVI came out in 1991; Star Trek 2009, featuring Leonard Nimoy’s last big Trek appearance, came out 18 years later. In eighteen years, nobody could get a movie, TV movie or special together with the remaining TOS cast? The horse has long since left the barn, but the “Search for Kirk” would have practically written itself. Could anyone doubt that Spock would have spent the rest of his natural life seeking his friend? They had a good ten years to get something on the internet. Any decent part for these actors now would be appreciated by me.

Why not? Tarantino could make a galaxy quest kind of movie with all the old stars from the prime timeline.
Just leave kelvin trek and its actual stars alone since it’s obvious that, according to some, they can’t get a damn chance to live on their own and tell their own stories.

George takei can buzz off to be honest.

“I’d love to return,” said Takei, “As long as Tarantino calls it Star Trek: Kill Bill.”

(I’m obviously making a dumb joke, folks, not a real quote)

Personally I am finding this return of the old cast beyond irritating. No I dont want to see Shatner or Takei back.

I rather have them give more money to Pine. This was a new trek, in an alternate reality. the old guys need to retire and sop trying to hijack this new trek cast.


Nobody’s trying to hijack anything.

It was Tarantino who said that Shater is what he likes most about Trek. Naturally, Shatner became interested when he heard that. Who wouldn’t?

Takei… well, nobody mentioned him at all, but wasn’t about to sit back and let Shatner, whom he passionately despises, get all the attention.

It sounds like some interviewer did mention him.

Legate Damar

LOL! Yeah, I wouldn’t count a random reporter asking him if he’d like to be in the movie as a mention, per se.

What I meant is that nobody of consequence (e.g. Quentin Tarantino) mentioned him.

His pointless bitter feud with Shatner over something which may or may not have happened over 50 years ago means he will never ever play that signature role again in the same movie with Shatner as Kirk because the first thing the audience would think of is his pointless virtual feud!! Instead of how great it is to see 2 Trek icons together for 1 last time onscreen.

How much of the audience would actually be thinking about that? I would imagine that the vast majority of fans aren’t even aware of it.

They were on screen together in Starfleet Academy from Interplay after being in Star Trek 6. A videogame was the last time Shatner played Kirk.

Dont know why Tarantino gets so much hate. Love his movies. Hope he does get to make Trek. Would be great for Trek to get an A director that is not JJ for a change. Not taking anything away from the other directors.

Haha he wouldn’t even look at the script. He’d just say yes. Yes please. Thank you so much.

There’s something deliciously ironic about Mr. Hyper-“Progressivism” himself begging to be part of a movie now associated with the two “toxic white males” of Hollywood that have not been taken down by the “woke” inter-mobs yet ;) But self-consistency was never the strength of the George Takeis of this world!

“Begging…”? Really? Does everyone here think think Takei held a press conference to announce his opinions? C’mon, people…he was ASKED these questions, by Yahoo interviewers (real press corps wannabes), and he simply gave his replies. All the drama is being created by fans (and I use the term very loosely) who want to do nothing but stir up trouble, little more than trolls. Yeesh.

If Tarantino asked Takei to stand on his head and cluck like a chicken, he would do the movie. If Tarantino asked Takei to randomly pop on screen and say, “oh my,” he would do the movie. The idea that a script would need to meet his standards is almost funny to think about.

Good.He can bicker publicly with his costars.I’m sure all professional actors will look forward to that.