New Line Of Star Trek Wines Announced, Including Chateau Picard Bordeaux 

The coming of the CBS All Access series Star Trek: Picard continues to inspire new ways to celebrate Star Trek fandom, with an announcement today of a new line of Star Trek wines, including one bearing the name of the Jean-Luc Picard’s own winery.

Make it Bordeaux

Today, Wines That Rock introduces Star Trek Wines, a collection of special vintages inspired by the Star Trek universe. Under license from CBS Consumer Products, the first two releases are a 2016 Chateau Picard Cru Bourgeois from Bordeaux, France, and a Special Reserve United Federation of Planets Old Vine Zinfandel. The collection is available exclusively at

Of course Chateau Picard is well-known to fans as the family winery of Jean-Luc Picard, first featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Trailers and posters for the Star Trek: Picard series show how Jean-Luc Picard begins the series having retired to Chateau Picard in France’s La Barre region. However, Chateau Picard is also the name of an award-winning, multi-generational vineyard in the Bordeaux region of France.

Poster for Star Trek: Picard

Wines That Rock has teamed with the actual Chateau Picard vineyard to introduce the Star Trek Chateau Picard wine. The 2016 Chateau Picard Bordeaux is an 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Merlot blend that is subtly smoky and spicy with a bright, fresh, clean-tasting style. The wine spends 14 months in oak, 70% seasoned and 30% new.

Chateau Picard Bordeaux is priced at $50/bottle, and will begin shipping in mid to late September. You can order direct in the USA from

Chateau Picard Bordeaux

The United Federation of Planets wine is a 2017 Old Vine Zinfandel from across the Dry Creek & Russian River Valleys in Sonoma County, CA. It is a blend of 87% Zinfandel, 12% Petit Sirah and 1% Syrah. It has aromatics of concentrated strawberry, blackberry and plum preserves with a chewy-layered mid-palate filled with hints of white peppercorn, sweet red and black fruit. Elegant, stately and dignified are but a few words to describe the wine that Federation dignitaries might enjoy at their gatherings.

The United Federation of Planets Zinfandel is priced at $50/bottle, and will begin shipping in mid to late September. You can order direct in the USA from

United Federation of Planets Special Reserve

The first 1,701 two-bottle combo packs will include a numbered, limited edition of the United Federation of Planets Special Reserve along with a bottle of Chateau Picard Bordeaux. These limited edition combo packs are priced at $120 and will begin shipping in September. You can order direct in the USA from  The first 1701 collectors will also have priority notices on all future releases.

“Star Trek Wines has brought out the true passions of our entire team. It was a unique opportunity to work with award-winning winemakers and the CBS Consumer Products team to create a collection with authentic stories,” said Wines That Rock’s President Howard Jackowitz. “Our goal has been to produce small batch, limited-edition, collectible wines that we as fans want to own. This is what we are all about – creating a product that is genuine with a great story behind it. Live long and prosper!”

The wines will be featured this week at Star Trek Las Vegas – the biggest Star Trek event in the U.S. running July 31 to August 4 at the Rio Hotel & Suites.

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Except Chateau Picard is on camera as a Burgundy, but whatevs :)

They’re limited by what the real Chateau Picard produces unfortunately.

“This cru bourgeois estate in the heart of Saint-Estèphe was purchased in 1997 by Bordeaux négociant Mähler-Besse, a family-run company that has been operating since 1892 (when the Mähler family settled in Bordeaux from the Netherlands). The company has since passed through three generations, and now owns Château Picard along with several other Bordeaux properties, including a majority share of Château Palmer in Margaux.

The estate is relatively small, with only eight hectares under vine, planted on sandy gravel and sharing an average age of 30 years. Cabernet sauvignon makes up 85% of the blend – more than is usual in Saint-Estèphe – and the remaining 15% is merlot. The wine spends 14 months in oak, 30% of it new.

Mähler-Besse like Picard to contrast with their merlot-based wines. The result is a claret for those who like a bright, fresh, clean-tasting style and are prepared to wait a few years – usually between eight and 15 years – for it to mature.

Fans of the popular American sci-fi franchise Star Trek may note this wine shares the same name as lead character Jean-Luc Picard, and a fictional, futuristic version of Château Picard was greatly enjoyed by him in the series!”

I guessing it is rebranded low grade Three buck chuck or Barefoot, bulk purchased wine, marked up 600%. Might make a cute gift but not worth it. I will stick with Franzia.

Definitely not VQA.

I wonder why not.

Given they’re working in Ontario, CBS would have done better to partner with LCBO on marketing and branding.

Province-owned, but also the single largest buyer and seller of wine in the world (monopoly for a population of 15 million).

LCBO manages to import good quality, single vineyard wines from France and market them at lower prices than in the US despite higher alcohol taxes. Not sure how they’d partner on distribution in the US, but I suspect it could be done.

Perhaps for future, given Discovery is produced in Toronto, they could bring out a Terralysium Ice-wine (VQA from the Niagara Peninsula). I can see LCBO marketing this.

It might be a right issue. The name Chateau Picard is likely a trademark. So if they wanted to sell wine with the name “Chateau Picard” on it, they couldn’t have gone to someone else.

If you drink enough, will it generate a neutron radiation surge about, oh, the size of my head?

“Man kann nicht stets das Fremde meiden
Das Gute liegt uns oft so fern.
Ein echter deutscher Mann mag keinen Franzen leiden,
Doch ihre Weine trinkt er gern.”

Shakespeare or something

Damn synthahol…..

Okay, for any of the varieties of alcohol that have been featured on this site over the years, has anyone, anywhere, actually tried them? Anyone willing to offer up an opinion? Any good, or is it just grape flavored rubbing alcohol that’s a not so cheap gift for Trek fans with more money then sense?

Nope, and never will. I could buy three boxes of Franzia Blush for the cost of one bottle of this paint thinner.

No UK delivery? BOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


Waiting for Scotty’s Single-Malt Aldebaran Whisky: “Here’s to ya, lads.”

So it’s $50 per bottle, but $120 for two?

The $120 set includes shipping. Buying the bottles individually does not include shipping.

Don’t care what it tastes like, that is a nice looking bottle (the 2nd one).