Jeri Ryan Talks About Seven’s New Adventures In ‘Star Trek: Picard’

Seeing Star Trek: Voyager’s Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in the Star Trek: Picard trailer from SDCC was a big surprise. A new video provides some clues as to the size of the role Seven has in the first season.

Why Ryan said yes to Star Trek: Picard

In an official CBS video shot at SDCC and released this week, the returning Trek veterans talked about Star Trek: Picard and what they missed from their time with Trek. In it, Jeri Ryan talks about her initial reluctance to return to the role, and what it took for her to say yes:

Seven’s struggle was fun for me, and I missed sharing that with her and watching her learn how to be human again. I thought that journey was over. People asked at conventions are you going to do another one, another movie. No! We told her story. That was done. Are we going to see her on Earth becoming a housewife? I don’t want to see that. And then when I learned what they has planned for Seven in this new world, you can’t turn it down. It was too rich again, and too full of new adventures and new struggles and new discoveries.

Subsequent to SDCC, Ryan has confirmed she will appear in more than one episode of Picard, but her comment above indicates she may have a more substantive role in the show, with an arc for Seven of Nine. And with the recent revelation that Ryan’s Voyager co-star is in early talks to appear in a possible second season, there may be more connections between Picard and Voyager.

This isn’t the first time Ryan has had a chance to return to the role of Seven. The actress turned down an offer to appear in the 2002 movie Star Trek Nemesis. Ryan has said she didn’t feel there was a good enough reason for her to be part of the film, noting that Seven had never interacted with any of the characters from TNG. But Picard is set years later, and from the way she talked to Jean-Luc in the trailer, it appears they have got to know each other in the intervening time.

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in the SDCC trailer for Star Trek: Picard

Watch videos below

Here is the full video with Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, and Jeri Ryan talking about what they missed most from their earlier time with Star Trek.

Another video features the group talking about the gratitude they have for being part of Star Trek.

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2020 Can’t get here fast enough!

LOL tell me about it!!! :)

Now here’s to an appearance of Janeway in season 2! :p

(she could’ve played that Admiral Picard was talking to in the trailer)


Well, anyone except those from DS9, nobody seems to want THEM.

I’d want to see Seven and the Doctor and maybe Janeway, but none of the other Voyager characters. This is Picard’s story, not a Voyager reunion. As for DS9, I’d love to see them, but a story about the Borg doesn’t seem like the right place for them. If a later season focused on the Cardassians or the Dominion, then it would be awesome to see some of the DS9 cast.

The only other Voyager character that would be understandable to appear in PIC would be Icheb.

Patrick Stewart said it himself, the show may be focused on him but its really an extension about the entire franchise in general. So its not a shock we are going to see a lot more characters from the previous shows. And yes characters in DS9 will most likely show up too, its probably only a matter of when and most likely second season.

It is funny how fast all this changed. A month ago we were debating if we would even get another TNG character showing up in first season. Now the debate has become if all the shows will be represented lol.

And yes my guess is they are just bringing in characters they think are most appropriate to the story they are telling. But with this brain trust, expect to see Morn show up because that guy is adorable, but way too talkative.

I hadn’t heard that comment from Stewart. I wish I had, I would have been a little more prepared to be a little disappointed. As for “this brain trust” I know you mean the producers, but I am thinking the fandom: with everything i’m reading, if they brought back Morn everyone would rejoice.

That said, it seems like to this day, DS9 is still the black sheep of the family and I’d be a little surprised if we got any characters outside of Worf and O’Brien appearing.

Star Trek is always not only about the first run, but also about the re-runs, nowadays that means streaming services. From what I have read, DS9 has had a very successful afterlife and is more popular in re-runs than all the other series except TOS and TNG. I am hoping to see DS9, with now Corporal or Captain Kim in charge. I’d love to see Jake Sisko along for the story, and getting a direct line from the Daddy-prophet… he is 1/4 wormhole alien, after all. Nana Visitor should be on the central Bajoran counsel. I’d like to see a multi-doctor story, too.

Exactly! CBS know what they are doing. We ONLY have Discovery now because of how big the shows have been on Netflix and Amazon. DS9 seems to have gotten a resurgence, hence why they bothered making the documentary in the first place. I’m not suggesting we will get a DS9 revival show or anything (nor do I need to have it) but those characters are just as adored and remembered as the others so its only a matter of time before they start showing up again now that we are firmly back in the 24th century! And I can’t wait when they do.

EXCITING times kids, exciting times!

I know it would be fan service but if Picard walks into a bar somewhere it would be awesome to just pan past Morn in the background!

Ok, that I could live with.



I think it was a shame we never saw Picard reapper in DS9. Sisko in the pilot met Picard and clearly had a deep anger with him for wolf 359. Having Picard apper say… at Worf and Dax’s wedding would have been a fantastic chance to have Sisko symbolicly coming to peace through a convo with Picard

When they did the 2-parter crossover on TNG set on DS9, that would have also been an ideal time to have them meet. Instead he just had lunch on the promenade with Doctor Crusher.

In one scene in that 2 parter Picard and Crusher even get on the turbolift and call for “Ops”

They actually were planning on having TNG cast appear in that ep but there were scheduling conflicts or something.

I can pretty much guarantee that Jennifer Lien isn’t returning. Her character is dead and she wasn’t in a good place last time I checked.

How about NONE of them aside from who’s on Discovery and Picard?

Afterburn while I am looking forward to the new Star Trek: Picard series sometime next year in 2020, but I’m very afraid that we may never see Kes Again played by Ex-Star Trek Actress Jennifer Lien, due to several run-ins with the law including the most serious charge of resisting arrest by a Police Officer. Heaven forbid that if Jennifer Lien escapes from Jail and Try to Ruin next year’s 25th Anniversary of Star Trek: Voyager in Las Vegas, NV next year August 5 to August 9th (My Next Birthday). Jennifer Lien will not only have to deal with the local authorities but thousands of loyal Star Trek Fans like me, to prevent a potential life or death situation just like the passengers of the planes that went down during the September 11, 2001 Terrorist attacks of nearly 18 years ago this September. Let’s all hope that it does not come to pass no matter what the cost. Thank You for your understanding in this matter.

From A Star Trek Fan who shares a championship ring with one of the Star Trek Celebrity’s Birthday for 17 going on 18 years in February of 2020

(7of9A Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 02)

Or Bashir as a section 31 agent.

not a voyager fan but she was definitely the most interesting character and seems organic to have her involved with a borg story… i’d love to see a little ds9 love but it would have to make sense to whatever story they come up with for season 2… visit the station and quark’s or a trip through the wormhole… or just an update… no matter what this is probably gonna be really fun

There seems to be an undercurrent of familiarity between Picard and Janeway in Nemesis when they have the brief conversation.
With Seven in the series it will hopefully mean at some point we can learn what happened to some of the Voyager character, what they are doing, have done, are they all still alive for that matter, or are some of them no longer present?

Can you, genuinely, explain to me your (and others) fascination with finding out “what happened to” every single character from a previous Trek series? We saw their stories end, and while i’m sure there could be lots more to tell, I have never seen such an obsession with finding out what happens after a book, movie, or TV series as I am now, with Trek fans (not even among star wars fans).

I get having some curiosity. I get some “hm. could be interesting.” But the levels of interest I’m seeing are genuinely making me wonder why. What are your thoughts on that, being one of the ones with great interest?

I don’t know, maybe I’m feeling nostalgic?

I’m certainly not of the opinion we need to see familiar characters return just for fan service. But if the story naturally leads to a character becoming involved then why not? We aren’t going to see everyone come back anyway so I don’t think we should worry about it too much.
Some characters will return but hopefully only if a story point demands it and it feels natural and sensible.

I agree any classic characters’ return should be organic to the story, but nostalgia is a verrry powerful thing, and it Sells. Case in point, this show.

I get that it sells. I’d be lying if i said that seeing 7-of-9 didn’t excited me when it came out of nowhere. But I also never would have asked for her return, nor do I ever bring up in a discussion of Trek “boy, they should bring back X so we can see what they’re up to!”

There was a time where I dreamed of a spinoff featuring characters from all of the shows but that was in like 2002 when most of these casts were still (mostly) under 50.

Now, if they gave us a show on the USS Titan with Captain Riker, set just after nemesis, with new actors inhabiting the roles of Riker and Troi (circa 20 years ago), I would be interested. But still, it’s not a story I think needs to be told, nor is Janeway’s return, even in a guest spot.

A brief mention is always fun, but in my opinion, unless it’s REALLY organic, and it rarely is, it should be left there.

Exactly! We are ONLY getting the Picard show because of nostalgia lol. That’s IT! Because it sells. And last time I checked Picard is not the only popular character in the fanbase so not a shock they will add more whenever or wherever they see fit.

Personally if it was a show with just BRAND NEW CHARACTERS I would’ve been just as happy with that. End of the day I just wanted a post-Nemesis show again. Having Picard and the others is just a big bonus to that but most people never even expected any of this to happen.

Now that we got it, I say go crazy with it. ;D

Nostalgia, the fact that he is the most universally loved character from the 90s era beyond Trekkies, and the fact that Stewart is a bonafide star. Those factors all combined sort of made it a no brainer.

Kate Mulgrew has current success on OITNB, but Janeway was not a character that was nearly as well known or well loved outside of Trekkies. That said, as another commenter pointed out 7-of-9 was most likely included because the numbers have shown on netflix that episodes starring her and the borg are the most watched (indicated by the fact that “The Gift” was ranked the #6 most watched Trek episode on Netflix– a mediocre episode most notable for being the first true introduction of 7-of-9). Also, and perhaps surprisingly, 6 of the top 10 most watched Trek episodes (including #1) were Voyager episodes, which is likely why they are also in talks with Picardo.

Man they brought on Pike, a character that was in one episode of the series once from 50 years ago and played it up to death as if Pike was just as popular as Kirk and Picard was.

And where are people getting this strange idea they are marketing ANY of these shows to non-fans??? I watch the same commercials, previews and interviews as everyone else, 99% of the time its all being directed towards fans. I don’t get how people think other wise? The Kelvin films actually DID market to people who wasn’t into Star Trek but of course since you had the TOS characters there from the get to, it wasn’t going to be hard to market to the hardcore. But they actively made it clear this is not the Star Trek from all those other shows, its is own thing and stories. Abrams kept assuring everyone you didn’t have to be a Star Trek to like the movie.

And then STID basically ignored all of that and went back to fan service again.

Here is an exercise for people of what I’m talking about. Go and find ANY article or interview with Patrick Stewart talking about this show. ANY interview and I dare you to find one line in it where he says this show will be something for non-fans can get into or any variation close to that. I’ll do you one better, find a Kurtzman interview where he also says that, EVER! You won’t find it. You know what you will find over and over and over again? Them talking about how much this show will keep the spirit of TNG alive, that will make fans fall in love with Picard all over again, how much he’s changed as a character and along with the galaxy since Nemesis. All this stuff has been aimed towards old fans and very little else, hence why half the 24th century of characters will probably show up by the time the show is over.

Every interview and now trailers KEEPS talking about or hinting the past, hence driving nostalgia. I have no idea how a newbie can watch that Picard trailer and have the faintest clue what is going on or why they should CARE what is going on lol.

My god, LOOK at the freaking Youtube clips TM has posted on this very page. Have you watched them?? Its nothing but nostalgia being advertised. There is literally a clip of Stewart, Spinder, Del Arco and Ryan reminiscing about the old days lol. This is not marketing a ‘new’ show for newbies, its very much aimed at the people who has been watching it for decades and very little else.

The reality is no one REALLY knows why one character is being considered over the other. My guess is they are just adding characters people know and yes obviously love, but they will add ANYONE who has name recognition to Trek fans, hence why we had Harry Mudd and Pike in Discovery.

Who are you talking to, and why are you so angry? You sound unhinged.

I was taking to you since you responded to me, but if this sounded too angry then I am more than happy for you to not respond to me from this point. It will be a lot less annoying posts I have to respond to.

I am a long-time fan of everything Trek. I do not care about non-fans liking or disliking anything Trek. The fans are what has made Star Trek possible since the beginning. It should be directed toward us in every way possible. I admit that. I am not ashamed of that. As far as JJ, that Trek doesn’t exist for me. It is an aberration to the greatness of the Star Trek story and history.

OF COURSE I think its fine to market the show to non fans and get more to watch because the point is to grow the franchise for future fans. But the Picard show is clearly NOT the show they are doing that with lol. This show is very much entrenched with past shows or films like no other show has done before it. Think of when TNG premiered when we first met Picard and company or most of the spin offs, they all started with a clean slate of new characters and situations where you didn’t have to know a thing about them because there was nothing to know yet.

DS9 was probably more interesting if you were already familiar with the Bajoran/Cardassian conflict but the show itself covered that really well and it was only presented on TNG about 1-2 years before the show started anyway.

But the Picard show is really the first show that is relying not only on a past character to tell its story but its premise looks like its based on past story lines the character has been through from Best of Both Worlds to Nemesis. Yes I’m sure they are going to reference a lot of this and fill in on back story but I have a feeling newbies are not going to be as interested UNLESS the story they are telling is really riveting enough to get over the information gap, and it very well could be. But it definitely feels like a show for long time fans first and foremost.

Stuff like the Nickelodeon show for example sounds like its aimed squarely at a new audience and they have expressed exactly that. With this show, not a single person has ever even said the Picard show is looking to attract a new audience, ALL they ever talk about is how it relates to TNG which tells you this is for the faithful first and foremost.

Maybe this site has become too much for you, if you can’t handle my comments, and just can’t resist responding even when they bother you.

The site is fine and I have handled plenty of tools like you all this time since I been here. Fortunately nearly all of them have been banned. But its still a waste of time for me. Afterburn, you’ve become too annoying for me, please ignore me from this point on. You really have become beyond annoying and I’m certainly not the only one who notices. I have no interest to talk to you anymore if you can’t just disagree with people and want to insult and mock them because they have the nerve to feel differently than you do. You take this show WAY too seriously. And you have become oddly too obsessed with me lately. So I no longer want to deal with this. I come here to talk about Star Trek and have a civil debate with other fans. That’s obviously no longer the case with you.

This site really needs an ignore button.

Looks like I no longer have to worry about asking you to ignore me anymore. Take care.

The posters I have actively started ignoring are gone now. This guy was teetering on the edge and is the first to go away before I actually started turning a blind eye to their posts. Obviously I have a very long fuse!

I originally made a longer post, but then I realize it’s not even worth discussing anymore. All I can say is good riddance and moving on. Glad I can talk about Star Trek again without feeling stalked and mocked just as I’m guessing you were feeling even if you were more tolerant about it. Some people just can’t agree to disagree and then there you are. Not the first person I had to deal with this here either, but funny enough they are all gone now. And he was making it feel weird and creepy. I’ll just leave it at that.

Nostalgia is destroying (North) America, and keeping us from progressing forward like we should, and also getting us to elect corporatist, fascist ‘leaders’ like Trump, who are pushing society backwards.

Just sayin’.

Love to see a Voyager movie. I think I was unhappy with the way Voyager ended as there was a lot more they could do with those characters. Plus Star Trek is a big collaboration of stories that cross each other and I think bringing them closer together would be awesome.

I would’ve loved a Voyager movie too. Endgame WAS a disappointment. We waited 7 years and it would’ve been nice to have at least an epilogue on what happened with them. It like the writers couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Perhaps a sign of the times. People today are so often preoccupied with keeping up with other people via social media and the like, perhaps it’s extending to fictional characters as well. Whatever happened to ____? Let’s look them up. And why contain a story when it can have endless scrolling? A history that goes on forever!

Not saying I want to catch up with every single character either. Just a possible explanation for this obsession.

That’s an interesting point. Not sure how much I believe it, but it is an interesting psychological concept, worthy of more thought.

AB, specifically about Voyager nostalgia, let’s not forget what big disappointment “Endgame” was for many Voyager fans when it aired 20 years ago since it literally ended the characters’ journey the moment they reached Earth, without even the faintest hint what they would encounter on Earth, especially controversial characters like ex-Borg Seven and ex-Maquis Chakotay or B’Elanna. To add insult to injury, the future that Endgame did show for these characters was an alternate one that was meant to be erased by the story and completely meaningless. So no, these characters’ arcs were never fully resolved, which is why having e.g. Seven on Picard and telling her Borg story AFTER Voyager’s return makes so much sense.

I agree, but the truth is it’s now been 20 years since that episode, meaning we won’t get to see the aftermath, or even anything close to it. To find out, it will be a few lines of dialog covering the past 20 years.

Since that’s the case, i’m content to wonder, or read one of the books or comics. I’m not as much interested in what these characters are doing two decades after their return. The interesting stories are what happened over the first few years.

-Did the Maquis have any kind of trial or due process for their previous crimes?
-Did Janeway face any punishment for things that happened in the Delta Quadrant?
-What was the reunion like for Janeway and her ex husband?
-How did Starfleet react to Seven and the Doctor?
-How did the crew react to the new state of politics in the Alpha Quadrant?

I don’ t want to hear what happened in a forced conversation meant for the audience (you know what kind i mean, the kind that no real person would ever have, but is written to catch the audience up on events)— — — I WANT TO SEE THEM.

Since we won’t, not as a full story, I’m not interested.

Agreed VS, Endgame didn’t do the ending with those characters justice. Many have waited to know what happened to them. Yes, we have TONS of novels that have done just that (ironically mostly through Kirsten Beyer who runs both Discovery and Picard now and my guess who had the idea to bring back Seven). But I have a feeling we are going to get some answers now. Nothing huge, this is still Picard’s story, but with Seven there and the Doctor most likely showing up next season if Picardo isn’t blowing smoke then we will get it more in time for sure. And I suspect more Voyager characters will be showing up anyway since we already have possibly two of them now.

Yeah… Of all the shows that got a final episode only VOYAGER was screaming for an epilogue. If only they held off the last 10-15 minutes for one….

Star Trek embodies the closest thing we have on television to healthy relationships that are meaningful and progress an interesting adventure as explorers… maybe the epitome of what it is to be. It seems natural to be interested in what happened to the characters once their respective shows have finished.

Exactly! I mean that’s literally the entire point of the Picard show lol. If people want to know what Picard has been up to for the last two decades, naturally they will want to know what happened with the others too.

They just decided to make a TV show around this character but as far as the fanbase is concerned most will be interested in knowing about any of their favorite characters. That’s just human nature. I can’t wait to see and hear about Riker personally and now WE ARE GETTING IT!!!! :)

While Seven didn’t have a direct connection with Picard evidenced in any of the series, it does make sense for them to have connected – given their common experience with the Borg. One would think that as the only two people (we know of) who had been assimilated and rescued, that they would have a reason to seek eachother out.

As has been pointed out elsewhere, there are thousands of freed Borg, many from Descent, many from episodes of Voyager. Hugh and 7 are the only CHARACTERS we are aware of. ie: not just random ex drones, but characters we have followed. She is, to our knowledge, the only one that is associated with Starfleet.

Don’t forget Icheb.

Jdont forget Janeway, Tuvok and Belana…


At 51, Ryan is scrump-dilly-icious!

LOL you said it!

I still can’t believe we’re in 2019 and when a beautiful woman appears, adult men turn into drooling children.

See the positive AB, they are drooling for a 51 year old woman, not 21. Progress! :D

Progress, we can objectify old women now! Expand the group of people we mistreat! Conservative white men are delighted!

How is complimenting a woman mistreating her?

Same as having the wrong skin color and gender automatically makes you a predator now, Harry. Check your privilege ;)

At least they gave her real clothes this time. It always bugged me that Seven was such an incredible character, but they designed her outfit specifically to encourage adult men to turn into drooling children.

LOL true! Nice to see her just in normal clothes now. And still pretty nice looking to boot!

The pendulum sure swung from one extreme end to the other one in awfully short time, Damar. I never understood how they could force the actress into a dress that literally made her pass out frequently and not just get away with it, but kind of proudly talked about it in marketing, all in the name of “sex appeal”. And shortly afterwards Archer threatened Seven’s successor to “knock her ass”, live on television. That’s not to say that today’s craziness has any closer resemblance to a healthy balance. Just reversed sign.

Endgame strongly indicated that Seven and Chakotay become a couple, and in fact her death played an important role in motivating Admiral Janeway to change history. So, where is Mr. of Nine in all of this?

Who says they stayed together?

There is no indication that they didn’t. It’s a Schrodinger’s cat type of situation. Until we see them on screen together or are told what happened, they are both a couple and split up, until we open the box to find out. Until then, we go with the last fact we have on hand, which is that they would be together.

It’s much more likely they didn’t than that they did if you ask me. I hate analyzing fictional romance, but as long as we’re here… remember this was Seven’s first relationship EVER, and even putting that aside, just statistically speaking, it was more likely to fail. Throw in the likelihood that Chakotay would EITHER be put in prison for being a Maquis OR be given a Starfleet assignment– while Seven most likely would have stayed on Earth, and you have a recipe for a short term romance.

Weren’t the Maquis on Voyager pardoned at some point? I imagine they would have. Let us consider Torres’ position in the alternate 2404, which is a strong indicator that they were in that timeline. There is no reason they wouldn’t also be in the new one. I doubt Seven would have stayed on Earth, not when there is an entire new quadrant of space for her to explore.

We have seen several alternate versions of them on Earth in the future now, they have never been thrown in prison, so it would be weird they were now.

And yes I’m certain they were all pardoned. And the fact is if Starfleet still considered them criminals, I don’t think they would’ve allowed Janeway to keep them all working on the ship as her crew and all at senior position levels like First Officer or Chief Engineer. ;)


I have no doubt they were all pardoned, but I think punishing them in some form would be a far more interesting story. These are, after all, bonafide terrorists, regardless of what they did during those 7 years.

Still the larger point remains the odds are stacked against 7 and Chakotay, a couple which always felt terribly forced (like Worf and Troi) and never really made sense anyway.

I’m not sure forced is a just way to put it. There were episodes in the final season leading toward Endgame that showed the relationship starting out, so it’s not like they were just made a couple without any prelude to it. It developed considerably well.

I would like to see Seven and Chakotay still together too. But I did remember this clip between Seven and B’elanna and I don’t know how good those chances are considering Seven’s former thoughts on being in a relationship and commitment:

Maybe Chakotay whipped her into shape though. ;)

But if not, its not a huge deal. As long as Paris and Torress are still together, then I still have faith in the universe. I really loved those two together because they fought all the time even though they were crazy about each other. Finally, a realistic relationship on Star Trek. ;D


Exactly! That clips shows the overwhelming odds they’d have staying together . Frankly, as soon as they got back to the Alpha Quadrant, Chakotay was no longer bound by a limited dating pool aboard Voyager.

I’m sure he cheated with a 19yr old ensign during the return celebration as soon as they got to San Francisco.

No wonder the breakup was bitter.

Yes, there were episodes leading up to AGT showing Troi and Worf too, but those were written– like the episodes with Chakotay and Seven– because they wanted to have a “lost romance” in the finale. Like AGT, they wanted the stakes of a couple that lost their future together.

It made no sense for those characters to be together beyond that. I for one would like to see them have had a bitter, acrimonious breakup, with Seven using nanoprobes to influence their daughter’s behavior to call her father a “failed excuse for a parent” in the custody hearing, driving Chakotay to end his own life.

In a failed attempt at using a transporter to evaporate in a painless death, there is a malfunction, and he ends up a lumpen, mass of flesh, but still alive.

Hearing Seven has gone to see Picard, he takes the trip to France to make a simple request. As the camera pans past Picard sitting quietly sipping wine, we see a bubbling, melting carcass in a large wheeled vat struggles to approach Jean Luc.

Pulsating mass of pink and green goo looks up at Picard with a single, foot wide eyeball, and with a dripping hole for a mouth he manages to gurgle out the words, “I know my daughter has come to you for protection. Let me see her.”

Picard turns, pensive. He looks straight into Chakotay’s single bloated flesh eye. He sighs… and laughs hysterically.

AB, why do I get the impression you were not overly fond of Chakotay? :D

I liked him quite a bit actually, that’s what makes his ending so tragic!

Yeah it was so forced. Both the Worf/Troi and Seven/Chakotay relationships never mad any sense and the actors had ZERO romantic chemistry with each other.

Exactly, even Ezira and Bashir seemed rushed but at least that had the Dax backstory

Seven isn’t an explorer IMO. IIRC She didn’t see the logic in Voyager exploring new worlds rather than simply plotting the best possible course back to earth.

“remember this was Seven’s first relationship EVER, and even putting that aside, just statistically speaking, it was more likely to fail”

Seven had a relationship with the Borg drone in Season 5; One
Seven had a relationship with that guy (can’t remember his name..) in Season 6/7; Unimatrix Zero

Hopefully in Federation prison, for some offense committed while with the Marquis.

Very possible. That’s the one question i’d have about “what happened after Voyager.” And it’s a question I wouldn’t mind being answered in a single sentence, I certainly don’t need a Chakotay streaming series.

I doubt it, the whole cooperating with voyager etc likely would have been considered a reason to grant them a pardon. especially as in the aftermath of the Dominion War I imagine there where a lot of people who have basicly decided “ya know maybe the Maquis where RIGHT”

We saw in Endgame that when they got to Earth the FIRST time everyone got pardons and went on with their lives. I don’t think it will be any different the second time around. ;)

Agreed. . Let us consider Torres’ position in the alternate 2404, which is a strong indicator that they were in that timeline. There is no reason they wouldn’t also be in the new one.

No doubt, but that’s kind of boring isn’t it? Even if it eventually happened, how about a lengthy hearing and trial where Janeway defends the crew to the Federation Magistrate? And then the prosecutor casts a light on Janeways actions in the delta quadrant (including the murder of Tuvix, and the alliance with the Borg that lead to the deaths of millions).

Think a bigger, more expansive version of The Drumhead. It could still end with everyone exonerated, but it would be a great story, and lead to a lot of tension and conflict amongst the crew, open up old wounds (remember, when the Admiral brought up the ‘status of the maquis’ Chakotay says pointedly “you may have forgotten, but we haven’t”), and give some real meaty story for the actors and characters to chew on.

It could tear apart friendships, and make the audience really re-examine the events of the show while also acting as a “best of” recap of the series.

I mean, when Worf was THOUGHT to have committed a crime in ‘Rules of Engagement’, imagine if they just said “OK, you’re a good officer– pardoned.”

Not very exciting.

And this is a situation where the Maquis were REAL, VIOLENT TERRORISTS, and many actions taken by Voyager seriously violated Starfleet principle, with Janeway doing some VERY morally questionable things.

So really, just saying “everyone was pardoned and they lived happily ever after until the day the Picard series began” is not very interesting to me or at all.

Janeway was promoted to admiral, so even if a court martial had occurred in which she had to face up to the crimes she committed in the Delta Quadrant, clearly she would have been exonerated and granted said promotion.

Now imagine it had been Seven of Nine that appeared in Nemesis as originally intended. That a Borg would be allowed to appear in such a fashion (presumably send Picard off on his mission like Janeway did), would indicate that Starfleet would be as lenient toward the Maquis.

Yes IMHO Janeway should have been thrown int he brig instead of promoted to Admiral. Not only did she do some SERIOUSLY questionable things, she is literally responsible for the assimilation of 100s of worlds and billions of lives. The whole reason the Prime Directive exists is to stop people like her from screwing things up for everybody.


You definitely have the makings of an interesting courtroom drama. But wouldn’t it be far more interesting if Starfleet made Janeway the reluctant, but extremely competent prosecutor of the Maquis? Or would that resonate too much with COURT MARTIAL?

Hmmm that’s interesting! But considering she was guilty of her own crimes out in the DQ, I can’t imagine that happening. More likely they would bring in a 3rd party.


From what I’ve seen from THE GOOD FIGHT’s Prosecutor’s Office (Matthew Perry) that’s exactly what they would use to motivate her to do it and win!

But, yeah, no part of The Federation could possibly be THAT corrupt? Could it? ;-)

Not to mention, she should not wriggle out so easily from Tuvix’s execution, but she made Admiral so something must’ve gone her way?

Archer made some very questionable moves in the Expanse. Creating a life just to harvest an organ? Stranding a ship and crew years away from help and stealing their warp core? And he apparently became Federation President and had a ship named after him!

Star Trek: Picard takes place in 2399, five years before Admiral Janeway went back in time to change history in “Endgame”.

The reality we see in Picard is the timeline that exists as a result of her sacrifice. Seven of Nine wouldn’t be alive to take part in Picard had she not done what she did, so imagine the series without her and how things might turn out without whatever input she might have on the plot.

All of Star Trek after the second to last episode of Voyager only exists because Janeway went back in time in ‘Endgame.’ There’s so much altering of timelines in Trek, that frankly, it’s not worth thinking about all the possibilities, unless they decide to explore a story as a result.

We can say that Picard takes place in the timeline created by both Picard in All Good Things and Janeway and Endgame, though to be fair the timeline Admiral Janeway came from would have also been the one Picard created at the end of All Good things.

I’m not sure what your point is, though.

As calculated by the esteemed Harold Stephen Plinkett, history is altered in the Star Trek universe once every 23 Millionths of a second. In the time it took me to type this comment it will have been changed over 900 billion times!

We can only go by what appears on screen, and what’s appeared on screen as it pertains to the TNG, DS9, and VOY crews is that the last time history changed for them was in Endgame.

And Jake in the Visitation. And Chakotay and Harry in Timeless. And Archer in Twilight. Trek is full of alternate future episodes that end in characters going back in time and changing things.

Picard never altered the timeline in All Good Things. All he did was undo a tempral paradox which itself would have created an alternate timelime. So what Picard did was to save the time line. What Janeway did was to alter it.

The antitime anomaly isn’t what created that future though, is it? If Q hadn’t intervened, Picard still would have married Dr. Crusher, Data and the Enterprise D still would have survived, Troi still would have died, etc. Picard having some knowledge of the future is what caused all of that to change. Or it was all just one of Q’s illusions.

I don’t usually whinge about this, but it’s quite tiresome that TPTB don’t make global versions of promotional materials available on the official site

I view these as products from CBS Productions, NOT CBSAA.

I don’t see why they need to leave it to BellMedia and Netflix to post on their own sites.

It makes me wondering about the priorities of their global marketing team.

Bringing Seven back was BRILLIANT! I can’t wait to see her back and hear what she’s been up to since being back at Earth. Exciting times!

Brilliant! Just brilliant! A stroke of GENIUS! They should award the Nobel Prize for TV Series Revivals to whoever came up with that BRILLIANT idea! Just BRILLIANT I tells ya!

Trekmovie, you seriously need an ignore button. This guy is starting to get creepy and unhinged.

So sarcasm is now creepy and unhinged? I feel very sad for the world in which you live.

No dude, you are now pulling quotes and basically attacking me everywhere because I want and excited to see other Star Trek characters on a Star Trek show. OMG, how crazy is that? Go away man, seriously, you’re becoming really really annoying around here and sadly I can’t put you on ignore but I would if I could now.

And you know what’s more sad, having to deal with you on these boards.

lol ok bro. I’m simply responding with the same diligence I would anyone who makes an utter fool out of themselves.

I’ve been asking for an ignore button for years now.

Afterburn, you clearly just come to to stir stuff up. You’ve been warned about this in the past. So you’re banned.

Bring in a story about the Bajoran’s & and their wormhole so we can have the Sisko and the gang back as well. Again DS9 seems to be the forgotten series (FS).

I can see it now! Each episode of Picard will follow up a story point from a random previous Trek series or storyline! Whatever happened to the USS Prometheus? Did Wesley ascend to a higher plane of existence? Did Future Guy ever succeed? Will Harry Kim ever get promoted? Or laid without getting space aids?


Excuse me, space aids?

See Episode 5×17, ‘The Disease.’

It would be hilarious if Harry showed up on Picard and was still an ensign.

You know what would be even more hilarious? If he got demoted to Crewman ;)

Of all the people on Voyager only HE was court martialled, for his actions in ‘The Disease’, and dishonorably discharged.

LOL it happened to O’brien so…..

LOL! That would be funny and harsh at the same time!!

I just find it funny that he was outranked by Lieutenant Nog by the time that Voyager got back to the Alpha Quadrant.

Ouch never thought of it like that. That IS harsh!

“Did Wesley ascend to a higher plane of existence?”

No, Wesley was at the Rikers’ wedding in Star Trek Nemesis and was wearing a Starfleet uniform.

Perhaps TPTB understand that, even in the 90s, DS9 reached a different niche.

If so, why would a new series led by a TNG character be the place to extend DS9 character arcs?

Doesn’t mean its forgotten, but rather that Picard may not be the vehicle for that.

Just thought I’d add here that my BD of What We Left Behind arrived yesterday. Watched it last night. Loved it. Gonna start sifting through the extras this weekend.

Please continue.

Why no love for DS9? I’d love to see some of the DS9 characters show up again in some capacity. I’d love to catch up with the likes of Bashir and O’Brien or Dax, or see how far up the ranks Nog has risen in Starflee. Or what Jake Sisko is up to – I can see him having become a journalist along the lines of Glen Greenwald or something.

I always got the sense there was some behind-the-scenes friction between the producers of DS9 and TPTB after Worf joined the show (though not necessarily because of it). From interviews i’ve seen (and no i’ve not seen the new documentary), Behr often relates how DS9 was sort of the redheaded step child.

This show is like Star Trek TNG Phase 2. Completely UNLIKE Discovery…thank god!

You know it is possible to praise one thing without trashing something else.

It is possible. But is it necessary? :P

If the catalyst of the series is the loss of Romulus, and given’s Picard’s history with Spock, I think it is important, though nothing is truly necessary.

Sorry thought this was a different thread.

In response: yes, I think it is. Dumping on Discovery is not necessary.

It may not be your niche, but there are many of us who’ve been rooting for Discovery to find its feet in the 3rd season — just as did TNG.

My opinion is that Season 1 was 50% there. There was a lot to love, but just as much that didn’t work– but the stuff that didn’t work at least had the kernel of something interesting, a lot of potential that just didn’t work out.

Season 2 was 75% there. They improved on what was working, discarded a lot that wasn’t, and introduced some amazing new characters. Still, it leaned a LITTLE too heavily on Spock’s connection to Burnham, when that aspect have been more character background than a story driver, and some of the plot felt needlessly convoluted.

Season 1 of TNG however was garbage. I’d give it a “10% there”. So many unwatchable episodes, the characters were largely unrecognizable from what they eventually became it’s clear they rethought nearly everything by Season 3.

Season 2 was a big improvement but still only about 30% there. Still a lot of lame ideas, and characters like Worf, Geordi, and Troi still weren’t really working at all.

That’s why the jump from Season 2 to 3 is so vast. Suddenly everything clicked. With Michael Piller, there was a real “intent” if you catch my meaning. Characters felt more well rounded, and not by adding much to their characters, but almost by completely reinventing them.

I’d rate TNG Season’s 1 and 2 significantly higher than 10% and 30%. TNG Season 1 may be campy but IMO it has a sort of innocent and fresh quality about it. A couple of the best episodes of the series can be found in the series; Big Goodbye, 11001001.
Same goes with Season 2 and I don’t need to name those. I guess it all depends on the characters. The TNG cast is my favourite so even lesser episodes are going to hold my attention more than they likely would if that connection with the characters wasn’t there.

I’d say that 10% for TNG season 1 is being generous. I’d give it a 5 at most. There was very little redeeming about that season.

I absolutely get why you see it like that. And many episodes were poor but many episodes show promise of the improvement we saw in the later Seasons.
Hide and Q for example is an episode that’s pretty bad in places but John De-Lancie and Patrick Stewart rise above the cheesiness and actually hold my attention enough to actually find it a pleasant experience.
Q and Picard using Shakespeare to one-up each other is one of my favorite scenes in TNG.
Stewart being cast as Picard was a stroke of genius IMO and if anyone helped to facilitate TNG’S survival through those first two seasons it was him, no question.

Well, that kind of thing is the reason I gave it a 5 instead of a 0. There were very few good episodes in season 1, but there were good scenes like Q and Picard’s Shakespeare conversation. Unfortunately, those scenes were surrounded by a lot of garbage.

If I may interject… I’ve said for decades that Patrick Stewart’s charisma and acting chops made a boring character completely watchable. Casting Stewart very well may have saved TNG before it needed to get saved! It makes total sense that Roddenberry was against hiring him.

One thing all trek fans can agree on. Jeri Ryan is amazing!

LOL sooooo true! So excited to see her back!!!!!!

Now that we have Seven back, I’m HOPING we at least hear what happened to Icheb and the other former Borg children? I DON’T expect it but I would be SO excited if we got something about them as well. Man, soooooo many possibilities with this show now! :)

We might hear about Icheb, but the rest were left in the Delta Quadrant. Its unlikely that we’ll hear from them again.

OMG, you’re right, I forgot about that! Looks like I have a few rewatches to do! :)

Personally, I am less interested in what became of Icheb or Naomi Wildman than I am in Paris, Kim, Tuvok and the others. I guess Janeway moved on from her fiance. Perhaps she kept that hologram?

Well obviously I’m more interested in them, I only mention the others since Seven had a close relationship with them and was the closest thing they had to a mother. And all being ex-Borg gives them that connection (get it ;)) she never had with the others, so she may keep in touch with someone like Icheb.

And pretty certain we are going to hear about Janeway and the others, at least some in passing.

This sounds very cool now…potentially close-ish to the TNG/DS9/VOY sequel I’ve wanted for some time. I figured such a series would need to be animated, but with it set far enough in the future, the actors can actually be in live-action again, interacting and catching up with what their characters have been up to in the interim. Don’t see why the three casts couldn’t intermingle. I especially loved Seven and the EMH on Voyager, so this is terrific! Loved Bev in TNG, so hope she returns…and dear Odo from DS9, although we haven’t heard anything about that one yet…all of them, really. I have several favorites from each crew. :3 (In addition to those mentioned: Riker, Data, Geordi, Bashir, O’Brien, Neelix…)

Yeah I honestly think this is the plan. Picard will definitely be about him and the new crew but its clearly set up to include the Trek universe as a whole and this sets up LOTS of exciting possibilities in the future. I would LOVE for the Doctor and Seven to reunite again for example since it looks like Picardo may be on it next season. Their relationship was one of the best dynamics on Voyager! Make it so CBS!!!!

“…Seven had never interacted with any of the characters from TNG”

What about Barclay? Didn’t she ever interact with him?

I can’t wait to see this new series, it’s long overdue