‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 Arriving On Blu-ray And DVD In November

Another day of Star Trek Las Vegas brings another announcement, this time for the home video release for the second season of Star Trek: Discovery.

Discovery on disc in November

Today during Anson Mount’s panel at Star Trek Las Vegas it was announced that that Discovery season two was coming to Blu-ray and DVD on November 12th. CBS has now provided us with the official announcement with full details.

The release includes over two hours of bonus material. Also included are two episodes of Star Trek: Short Treks tied into the second season of Discovery: “Runaway” featuring Ensign Sylvia Tilly, and “The Brightest Star” featuring Commander Saru.

Discovery season two on Blu-ray

Season Two special features

The following are the new features included on the season two set:

  • ENTER THE ENTERPRISE – Captain Pike shepherds U.S.S. Discovery through Season Two, but must return to his original command on the U.S.S. Enterprise. The production designer, builders, actors and producers discuss the daunting task of reviving the iconic ship’s bridge.
  • PUTTING IT TOGETHER – Follow the real life Discovery crew through preparation, shooting and posting the amazing Season Two finale. A true in-depth look at the many talents that come together to bring Discovery to life.
  • THE RED ANGEL – A major plot point of the season is the Red Angel. Go behind-the-scenes with producers, directors and Sonequa Martin-Green, along with the craftspeople that created it and made it come to life.
  • DESIGNING DISCOVERY: SEASON TWO – On a show where no location exists in our world, the production and lighting design teams must create every space. Look at the locations and spaces created for Season Two.
  • PROP ME UP: SEASON TWO – Propmaster Mario Moreira takes fans through the world of Discovery props.
  • DRESS FOR SUCCESS: SEASON TWO – Each species has its own fashion style dictated by both culture and physical attributes. Gersha Phillips and her team discuss how costumes inform a character and how they create a spectacular array of clothing, uniforms and armor for every kind of species.
  • CREATURE COMFORTS: SEASON TWO – Producers, craftsmen, and actors discuss the design process, the implementation and the performance required to bring characters to life. Fans can also catch a one-on-one discussion with makeup artist James McKinnon and L’Rell actress Mary Chieffo.
  • CREATING SPACE – There are some shots that simply can’t be done practically when you are set in space. The VFX team, headed by Jason Zimmerman, pushes the envelope every week to create amazing computer graphics to give fans a realistic feel of space.
  • STAR TREK DISCOVERY: THE VOYAGE OF SEASON TWO – A look at the adventures
    and plot twists encountered in Season 2 by the crew of the Discovery.
  • Cast and crew audio commentaries on four episodes
  • Deleted scenes
  • Gag reel

Discovery season two on DVD

Disc Details

Disc One:

o Audio Commentary by Sonequa Martin-Green and Alex Kurtzman
o Episodic Promo

“New Eden”

o Audio Commentary by Anson Mount and Jonathan Frakes
o Episodic Promo
o Deleted Scenes

“Point of Light”

o Episodic Promo
o Deleted Scenes

“An Obol for Charon”

o Episodic Promo

Special Features
Designing Discovery: Season 2
Prop Me Up: Season 2

Disc Two:
“Saints of Imperfection”

o Episodic Promo

“The Sound of Thunder”

o Star Trek: Short Treks: “The Brightest Star”
o Episodic Promo
o Deleted Scene

“Light and Shadows”

o Episodic Promo
o Deleted Scene

“If Memory Serves”

o Episodic Promo

Special Feature
Dress for Success: Season Two

Disc Three:
“Project Daedalus”

o Episodic Promo
o Deleted Scene

“The Red Angel”

o Episodic Promo
o Deleted Scene

“Perpetual Infinity”

o Episodic Promo

“Through the Valley of Shadows”

o Audio Commentary by Anson Mount and Ethan Peck
o Episodic Promo
o Deleted Scenes

Special Features
Creature Comforts: Season Two
Creating Space

Disc Four:
“Such Sweet Sorrow”

o Episodic Promo
o Deleted Scenes

“Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2”

o Audio Commentary by Olatunde Osunsanmi, Michelle Paradise, Jenny Lumet and
Alex Kurtzman
o Putting It Together
o Star Trek: Short Treks: “Runaway”
o Episodic Promo
o Deleted Scene

Special Features
Star Trek: Discovery: The Voyage of Season Two
Enter the Enterprise
The Red Angel
Gag Reel

International release dates

The collections will be released internationally on the following dates:

• United Kingdom – November 18, 2019
• Italy – November 19, 2019
• Germany – November 21, 2019
• Spain – November 22, 2019
• Nordics – November 25, 2019
• Belgium, The Netherlands & Luxembourg – November 27, 2019
• Denmark – November 28, 2019
• France – December 4, 2019
• Japan – Date to be announced
• Australia – Date to be announced


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A bit disappointed and confused as to why only two of the Short Treks are being included. Will the other two be released on disc at some later point? Will I have to double-dip to get all Short Treks on disc? Is this another sign of physical media being slowly deprecated in favor of streaming? There are enough advantages to having physical media (actually owning a copy of the content instead of only “owning” a right to watch content that could be revoked or removed from servers at some point, taking advantage of the higher bitrates to give better quality video and audio, etc.) that I’m not thrilled with this part of the announcement. Admittedly, I’ll be picking this up anyway, so it’s not like they won’t get my money, but it still seems like an odd and somewhat concerning decision.

I’m wondering if this is a compromise of sorts. Maybe CBS intially planed to not put any of the Shorts on the disc, with the idea of preserving their value behind the paywall of CBSAA. Perhaps somewhere along the process it was decided to atleast include the two that are most strongly linked to the season, thus retaining some exclusive content for the streaming service. Either way, disappointing as you say.

I think they’ll end up putting them all out together. These are almost like bonus features for those particular episodes.

Especially since three of the Short Treks next season will be Disco Enterprise based and two will be animated, they don’t really fit with whatever Discovery season 3 will be so they’ll need their own release

I think they may be saving “Calypso” for the Season 3 set. It’s too bad they didn’t get “The Escape Artist” done in time to include on the Season 1 set, because that would have fit in perfectly. Then again, maybe they’re planning a Harry Mudd set with all 3 Roger Carmel episodes (including the Animated Series) and all 3 Rainn Wilson episodes. That would be pretty cool.

I guess we’ll have to wait a couple of years for the ‘Short Trek anthology’ Blue Ray compilation Volume 1.

I take it they’re only bundling in the Short Treks that are very closely connected to Discovery S2.

I actually quite like the idea of having them on a seperate release at some point in the future, especially if they start to cover areas of Trek that aren’t directly related to any of the currently airing/upcoming shows. But seeing as all of them so far are Discovery related (albeit not just season 2 based), it makes the set seems somewhat incomplete.

I hope they do eventually release all the short treks to dvd. They are needed for my Star Trek collection

DVD? What is this, the Dark Ages???

I myself am a little surprised things are still released on DVD. Obviously there is still a market for it. There are probably a lot of laptops out there with DVD-ROM’s still in use and maybe a number of people who don’t want to toss out their portable players.

Uhm, anyone else feeling this is a bit of a down day in Trek news from STLV and CBS?

I know that Saturday is the big day, but the Twitter feed seems a bit deflating today.

Not sure if it’s just the way it comes across on Twitter, but Anson Mount seemed to be pouring serious cold water on the concept of a Pike series.

And Jason Isaacs jab that last year fans wanted Lorca back and this year they want Pike to have his own show didn’t seem to land comfortably.

This all seems a bit tone deaf given Kurtzman’s encouraging fans by asking them last at SDCC if they wanted Pike’s Enterprise as a series.

To top it off, we hear that Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet have written a pilot for The Man Who Fell to Earth, and the series has been greenlighted by CBS with the two of them as showrunners.

Got to wonder how Kurtzman can keep the franchise going forward, when he’ll have to stay in the weeds as as showrunner for two series……..

I heard about this “The Man Who Fell to Earth” news too and am seriously wondering if Kurtzman is biting off more than he can chew. Can be realistically able to showrun two high profile shows at the same time? I am guessing he will leave most of the day to action on Discovery to Michelle Paradise and obviously with Picard that is Michael Chabon’s job. Still this is a bit of a concerning news if you ask me. With regards to the Pike show I am actually not surprised. I wasn’t expecting any solid news on that show and the producers just seem to have too many stuff to consider Pike at the moment.

Interesting TG47!

As you know I have never really believed a Pike show is even coming given everything but I’m still waiting to be proven wrong. If no news about it comes this weekend, of course it doesn’t mean it won’t happen but it probably does mean they are a long way away before making it final. I guess we’ll see.

And yes Kurtzman taking another job IS alarming. That was exactly the reason Fuller basically left, he was doing too much with so many other shows. Of course Kurtzman has a lot more help and has show runners in place for all the shows although he is suppose to be running Discovery. But I don’t get these people, you are working on STAR TREK, is that not enough for you? You’re already getting paid millions to produce another 12 shows maybe just let that be your only focus for awhile. I miss the dedication Rick Berman brought to it for nearly 20 years but I don’t expect anyone to have that kind of crazy commitment lol.

I think you are right about Berman, I think sometimes he gets unfair slack from the fandom. At least he was a guy who tried to give every bit of his attention and energy to Star Trek after Gene Roddenberry passed and while he was in charge of the franchise.

Honestly I never had a big issue with Berman even if I didn’t like all of the stuff he made just like I never had an issue with Abrams and don’t have an issue with Kurtzman now and I criticized ALL these people lol. But I can recognize they all want to make a good product even if its no more than to fatten their pockets. But yes I get a lot of people just disagree with their style of Trek in general which I certainly felt with Discovery first season. As for Berman he has lived Trek more than probably every other producer who was in charge of it combined at this point and really expanded the franchise. He seem really committed to what Roddenberry wanted even if some people question DS9 on that (for the record I never did). I think if he stopped after Voyager at least he wouldn’t get the scorn by so many, but he will never get it from me. That was when I was most excited about Trek and haven’t felt that way since.

But he ate and slept Trek like no one ever did and I doubt ever will. I know Kurtzman is doing a lot now, but I will be pretty shocked if he is still very involved with Trek in the next ten years. I have a feeling he will do enough to get the shows they plan up and running and then bail after a few years but just my theory.

I don’t actually see The Man Who Fell to Earth as a problem in itself. It’s the degree of Kurtzman’s personal close engagement as showrunner and director that raises questions.

I can understand that his production company Secret Hideout needs to do more than Trek.

As well, The Man Who Fell to Earth seems to be complementary to the Trek brand. It’s positive and aspirational, and has some common tropes with the Gary Seven pilot but with a more grounded, realistic angle that relates to current space development. Not to mention the classic Trek trope of a character exploring what it means to be human.

It also sounds as though this is something CBS has been chasing for a while, and has been in development behind the scenes.

Last, in the Kurtzman is a decent human being column, Jenny Lumet left her previous work under awful working conditions. I was surprised that she wasn’t the one tapped to be showrunner on Discovery, but it may not have been the right fit.

So, putting Lumet in as the day to day head of the writers room for The Man Who Fell to Earth makes sense.

It could be in the way of Hollywood’s hierarchy, CBS wants closer oversight from Kurtzman as it sounds like another high priority project as they try to move their brand to a younger audience.

Berman understood and stuck to Roddenberry’s vision. He might change been rigid at times but at least he was dedicated and produced a lot of great Trek.

Kurtzman doesn’t seem to get it beyond the superficial level. Yes diversity has always been a factor since the beginning of TOS, but the morality plays seem to be as important to them. The best Trek invited debate. DSC does not. The heart bus lost.

“Kurtzman doesn’t seem to get it beyond the superficial level. Yes diversity has always been a factor since the beginning of TOS, but the morality plays seem to be as important to them. The best Trek invited debate. DSC does not. The heart bus lost.”

This is the part that I tend to agree with. I would even argue that the morality play was even MORE important to the TOS people. I wholeheartedly agree. The best Trek invited debate. Discovery doesn’t do that in spades.

The furor for Lorca’s return seems to pale in comparison to the desire for a Pike series.

Okay, price? Asides from some fluff filler, why spend money on this when I can see it now with my CBSAA subscription?

because streaming still doesn’t look nearly as good as physical media.

I can never tell the difference between streaming and Blu-ray. There might be a difference, but it isn’t a huge difference.

It’s a massive difference… dithering, macroblocking, cyan clipping, etc etc.

If you can’t tell the difference, then your TV is old.

I don’t know what any of those words mean. I don’t think my TV is that old. Its probably something like seven or eight years old. It isn’t 4k ultra hd or whatever, but it is high def.

Streaming is improving all the time though.
It was only 5 years ago or so I could barely watch something on Netflix without buffering issues cropping up at some point. I barely ever have that problem anymore and internet speeds are going to keep improving a lot in the next few years.
Whether streaming or watching on blu-rays, the quality is still very high and most people would not tell the difference.

The physical sets are for those who want the special features IMO, and if your not bothered with that I’d say it’s not worth spending money on a box set when streaming can be so convenient and INSTANT.

This is true DataMat.

In fact I just brought my very first 4K Ultra HD smart TV a month ago (I am SO proud lol) and honestly all the apps I have on it from Netflix to CNN all run super smoothly. It feels like I’m just watching another channel with all of them. I don’t have any issues with buffering on it and ironically that’s why I wasn’t in such a hurry to buy a smart TV because I thought I would just get more frustrated with the experience but its been the complete opposite. They’ve come a long way fast.

Very nice speeds, great video quality and I just enjoy I can watch any Star Trek show at any time on an amazing TV through all the streaming channels I own. I should’ve bit the bullet long ago and gotten one.

Tiger, with all the new apps on your new TV is CBSAA there?

The physical sets are also for people who want to ensure that they will be able to see the product whenever they want no matter what happens to studios and contracts and streaming deals.

And for the record, Netflix user interface still sucks hard and CBSAA still comes with glitches.

That’s a little harsh. I see the difference and think it quite clear but not everyone does.

BTW.. If I felt Discovery was worth re-watching I would buy the discs.

Maybe your eyes are bad, because it actually IS a pretty huge difference.

Man, don‘t get ugly. I agree, that the difference isn’t huge, if you have decent internet and a good tv. But I still see a differnce. Resolution is just a bit sharper, colors are just a bit more vibrant, but honestly, I get that people don’t want to buy a Blu Ray for 40,- of a show they can watch anytime at almost the same quality. Still, I prefer to own a physical copy of my favorites like Star Trek.

Really looking forward to this set, though I was hoping for another steelbook (last year‘s was beautiful!) and I‘m quite annoyed at them leaving out 50% of the Short Treks. Though, I get that they will eventually release the first 10 of them in one collection.

My eyes aren’t what they once were, but I can still see fine.

I must have this as it will no doubt sell out better than 1st Season.

This is unfortunate. The Mudd episode would would have been a very strong selling point in my opinion.

I agree, as the Mudd episode is the only one of the four I’ve gone back and re-watched since release.

Same here. Though I probably will watch the one with Craft again.

So now that I think about it, not just Mudd but the two best Short Treks over all are being withheld.

I will buy it whenever the digital release is available outside of CBS all access. It took awhile but season 1 was made available without having to buy a Blu Ray or DVD. There should be a same day VOD release but that did not happen with season 1. I refuse to subscribe to CBS all access. I might change my mind with Picard, i don’t know maybe i will wait several years for that to be available as well.

So again no 4K UHD?

I am no big fan of Discovery but I would have bought it if it would have been released in the best possible way (even Season 1 had HDR on Netflix) and to support the UHD format.

But I won’t buy it on BD (maybe very cheap?)

I cannot speak for season 2 but season 1 was shot at 2.8K Resolution on the Arri Alexa.

And there are 4K releases of movies with 2K DIs every week, including the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, even though it was shot entirely with IMAX cameras. 2.8K would upscale to 4K quite nicely.

I don’t even own a DVD player. Streaming is king.

I have the Blu-ray of Disco Season 1 mainly because the playback is smoother than streaming CBSAA. I’ve watched different AA programs on different devices through different internet providers and the video still frequently stutters or hiccups. The overall quality has improved except for this. And no, this doesn’t happen with other streaming services.

Good to see physical media being supported. Not buying it because I didn’t like it and it reads a big fat ZERO on the re-watchabilty meter. But at least the studio is supporting it. That’s a good thing.