Watch: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 Blu-ray Trailer With First Look At Special Features

Discovery on disc in November

Last week at Star Trek Las Vegas it was announced that that Discovery season two was coming to Blu-ray and DVD on November 12th in North America (and a few weeks later internationally). CBS has now provided us with the trailer that was shown in Las Vegas.

The release includes over two hours of bonus material. Also included are two episodes of Star Trek: Short Treks tied into the second season of Discovery: “Runaway” featuring Ensign Sylvia Tilly, and “The Brightest Star” featuring Commander Saru. For full details of the set see our article from last week.

Season 2 Blu-ray trailer

Pre-order now now has pre-orders available for Blu-ray and DVD.

Blu-ray                        DVD


TrekMovie will review the season set when it’s released in November.

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Uh… only 2 of the short treks…. #stupid

Yeah, what the heck? Canon trek not being released on Blu Ray? So aggravating.

Maybe they thought “Calypso” is a better fit for season 3.

The special features look dope

If one were to only watch the trailer, it seems like a lot of fun. Too bad that some will be disappointed, if they haven’t watched it already ;-)

But that aside: the moment where SMG says “This is STAR TREK” about the red angel suit depicts everything that’s wrong with Discovery’s authors and some of the cast. They just don’t get it.


I am a huge sucker for bts features and these look so good!

No steel book at Best Buy? and hope we get some answers for the original 7 signals that initially lead Pike to Discovery.

All Michael, as I remember. The signals briefly appeared all at once, but couldn’t be located until they gradually reappeared throughout the season. But I don’t remember it that well, tbh. So anyone who does is welcome to clarify.

Hmm, I have mixed feelings about the two missing Short Treks. On the one hand, I think it’s awkward leaving them out, since they all relate to Discovery, on the other hand, I like the idea of the project being properly expanded and eventually getting its own release. And since 6 shorts are coming, A 10-Episode Volume 1 in Early 2020 sounds really nice. So, I’ll end on a positive note, since otherwise, the release seems really good, great even, as usual with CBS’ Trek Blu Rays. That trailer, though… “I just kept screaming ‘This is Star Trek!'”, lovingly awkward moment :D I love just how awkward these Star Trek Blu-Ray trailers are. The marketing department really doesn’t know what to make of the property!