Patrick Stewart Says “People Will Be Surprised” By ‘Star Trek: Picard’

We’re in a bit of slow news period until next month when Picard and Discovery will be out in full force for New York Comic Con. In the meantime we’ve rounded up some tidbits of Star Trek: Picard information that have surfaced in the last few weeks.

Stewart says “People will be surprised” by Star Trek: Picard

Speaking with the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Sir Patrick Stewart said he had seen the first three episodes of Picard.

We are looking at a new world with new objectives, problems and issues that could not have been raised when we were making The Next Generation and I found that very exciting. It’s very exciting and people will be surprised and perhaps even shocked.

Keeping his calendar clear for potential Picard season 2 next year

I am not giving up my stage work, though it may have to wait for now because there are three projects that I have finished, two films and the TV series, which all need promotion. So I am clearing the decks for that and then there is also the possibility of a second Picard series* filming in March next year.

*Note: in the UK, a season is called a series.

Pictured: Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: PICARD. Photo: Trae Patton/CBS ©2019 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Michelle Hurd on her character

Speaking with Next Tribe, Hurd shared a tiny bit about playing her character, Raffi Musiker:

This part in Star Trek is so phenomenal, my character is so much more human and complex than any role I’ve ever played. She’s filled with everything we live. It’s so creative, and I get to spend days acting with Patrick Stewart.

Michelle Hurd is interviewed at San Diego Comic-Con in July

Dorn autograph on social media causes confusion

Cinematographer Philip Lanyon posted a cool gift for finishing shooting the first season of Star Trek: Picard, a clapperboard that included autographs from various Picard and Next Generation actors. Among the group of signatures was Michael Dorn’s.

A few fans on social media jumped to the conclusion that Dorn was secretly in Picard, despite Dorn having said a few times in the last couple of years that he’s not interested in putting on the complex prosthetics again for a cameo. And we do know that the TNG cast is still close and often have dinners together, so it seemed obvious that they had passed the slate around. However, this didn’t stop some fans from speculating. Newsweek decided to ask CBS directly, who confirmed Dorn is not in the first season of Picard.

Even from the original text on Instagram post, it was fairly obvious that not all of the people who signed were in the season:

That’s a wrap!! Thank you Jamie Felz for organizing the amazing, one of a kind gift – a signed slate from the cast of Picard, including some of the original #TNG cast.

Lanyon has since revised his Instagram post to be more clear:

A signed slate from the cast of Picard, as well as some of the original #TNG cast. (Not all in the new series)

Picard season one finds Hugh on a Borg cube

The official Star Trek site recently posted a video of Hugh actor Jonathan Del Arco speaking about his memories of shooting TNG and being back for Picard. At the end of the video Del Arco teases one new nugget of information:

I’ve been shooting for the last three months… I will tell you that Hugh is on a Borg cube.

Click to view the video on

Star Trek: Picard will be released in early 2020. It will be available on CBS All Access in the USA. Space and CraveTV in Canada, and on Amazon Prime Video for the rest of the world.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Picard news at TrekMovie.

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If Michael Dorn doesn’t want to put on the prosthetic makeup again, and honestly who can blame him, Worf could always have contracted a version that virus that makes Klingons look human. But I guess no one really wants a human Worf, though it wasn’t that bad in the episode where he has to help out his human foster brother.

With Dorn always pushing for a “Worf” series, I don’t think it’s an absolute opposition to putting on the make-up. Just what I’ve gathered.

That’s a great point. He’s clearly willing to do it under the right circumstances.

He said he would be willing to be in Picard, he just doesn’t want a walk on cameo if he’s going to do it but something with substance, which I can’t remotely blame him for.

He wants a pay check. I’m sure Worf will show up at the season finale.

Go away troll.

It’s great to see you again too Tiger. How have you been?

Go away please.

You’re a good person.

That is what is known as a ‘negotiating tactic’. In plain, non-Vulcan English, it’s posturing. I would be willing to wager that, if he were given a ‘it’s this or it’s nothing’ ultimatum, he’d sit in that makeup chair for two days to give Worf 30 seconds of screen time with the good Captain. Besides, he’s been trying to sell a Worf-centric series for years. What better ‘free’ promotion could he get, with being able to show Worf circa 2399? I don’t need to know how the business works to know that there are universal truths. Self-promotion is one of them. A paycheck is another. I’d be on the opportunity like a rat on a Cheeto.

But he also turned down Discovery because he said it wasn’t enough money and enough to do, so it really could be a hard pass if he doesn’t do enough. But yes I do have a hard time seeing him not wanting to be on the screen again with his long time buddies, so they may work something out.

He wasn’t going to be playing Worf on Discovery, and it was going to be a one off role.

Star Trek: Worf. He says about five words per episode.

Nope I’m sorry but we’re not going to do the whole Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique route. There are a lot of Trek actors who have to deal with even heavier full-face makeup than Michael did. If he wants to bring back Worf, he has to put up with the makeup.

Unfortunately- “people will be surprised and shocked” generally translates into “the fanbase will lose its mind and complain endlessly for years to come.”

Well, that goes without saying for any Star Trek.

Hasn’t that been the state of affairs for the past ten years or so?

More like 20. People lost their minds when Enterprise debuted.

People lost their minds…

– When Spock was killed in TWOK
– When the Enterprise was destroyed in TSFS
– When ST:TNG went into production even as the TOS films were still going strong
– When Tasha Yar was killed off in TNG
– When Previews made it look like Kirk was going to be killed in TUC
– When Kirk was actually killed off in Generations
– When Jadzia was killed off in DS9
– When 7 of 9 was added to Voyager
– When Enterprise gave us shady Vulcans
– When T’Pol took a shower with Trip
– When Archer opened his mouth
– When JJ Abrams messed up the entire franchise timeline
– When we were given the abomination known as the JJPrise
– When we were taken to a brewery and made to think it was supposed to be an engineering room
– When the pasty-faced Cumberbatch was revealed to be Khan after months of denials
– When Discovery threw 50+ years of continuity into the blender
– When we learned Vulcans and humans can Katra-Skype
– When Michael Burnham tried to emote

ad infinitum, ad nauseum

I gotta at least laugh at the bottom half of this lol

So the premise will be that Hugh reaches out to Picard and Seven telepathically that he is on a Borg ship. Picard puts together a team to go save him

But your missing two big elements in the trailer, what about the mystery young woman and Data? How do you think they fit in?

ya, not sure. just throwing it out there

Andrew SD,

When it comes to Data, I wonder if they are drawing on TNG’s original pitch?

Agreed. I’m hoping the girl is Lal. Think about it – it fits the trailer! :)

I’ve been assuming the story will have something to do with an equivalent of a Borg refugee crisis- a group of “reformed” Borg led by Hugh that are being kept on the borders of the Federation in a co-opted cube. It would go along with the idea that the plot will have to a lot of parallels to current events.

That’s good

That’s good, but you forgot about the Romulans. There will be Romulans.

Given that the Picard show follows the destruction of Romulus the Romulans seem like a better fit for a refugee story line (if that’s what the producers are going for).

That could be good, TNG was occasionally watchable when Picard was working for the Borg.

If they do include any Klingons it raises the question of whether they update them to look like those in Discovery or just ignore it.

My feeling is that this might be the reason why Dorn is hesitant to wear the makeup. He might be considering the new Klingon makeup to be too extensive. I remember back when they were filming The Undiscovered Country Christopher Plummer asked for a little less extensive makeup for Chang, something similar might happen here.

If Dorn want’s to be on the show he will wear the new makeup.

I’m sorry but Worf is a main established character in 11 seasons and 4 movies. There’s no way they’d put him in the Disco style make up as the character would be unrecognisable. They might make a few minor modifications but i’d fully expect a faithful recreation of the look – just like 7’s Borg implants.

It would be a disaster and fans would riot lol. I have a feeling they gave the Klingons hair in season 2 because of Picard and to at least resemble the old look to TNG standards.

DS9 brought back some TOS Klingons and changed their looks. Was there a riot back then? Of course, those weren’t main characters. It also helped that most fans probably preferred the movie/TNG-era look to the old TOS look.
Like you said, Discovery has already updated their Klingons to look more like the previous shows so they could probably find a middle-ground for Worf that fits their look but also keeps the old Worf recognizable.

now that the discovery klingons have hair, I don’t think updating him would even take that much. just some more detail in the facial makeup.

I mean, go back and look at how different the borg look in this series versus how they did in tng the show.

I think the biggest change to worf if they updated him would be some hand makeup. honestly, look at the old Klingon from the discovery season 2 episode, and he’s got some more craggly wrinkles and extra bumps on his face, but he’s not even that far off from tng/ds9 era klingons like kor and the old cleric from kahless clone episode.

I think people just like to make a bigger stink out of this sort of thing because they like to get upset about stuff.

season 1, I’ll grant you, but season 2 the klingons really did look just like ds9 era klingons with more detail.

The Klingon looked better balded, but I love that they have different hair styles now.

As I said somewhere in this thread, the season 2 Klingons basically look close enough to the more traditional Klingons to me so I wouldn’t be that bothered if he or other Klingons on Picard looked like that. I was mostly responding to the season 1 Klingons which were a t-o-t-a-l turn off for me (and many others).

They were in one episode from TOS and I doubt everyone even knew who they were if they haven’t watched TOS or even remembered them. Worf has been in nearly 300 episodes and four films, its a bit different. But I agree with everything else.

I would think for Dorn, or most actors who have to work with feature obscuring prosthetics, the only “upgrade” that matters is one where enough of the actor’s underlying features are recognizable enough that casting directors feel they have familiar faces because they assume they’re in demand, but not so completely identifying that it unquestionably typecasts them in those same casting directors’ minds?

Actually, Seven’s implants aren’t quite the same.

They’re a bit rougher or clunkier, and the material doesn’t have the light catching embedded sparkles of the Voyager version.

Doesn’t bother me at all.

However, between that, natural aging and a change of costume, one of our middle-graders is not accepting Seven’s evident transition over time. Their reaction to the last trailer was “That’s not Seven!!!”, with a flat refusal to consider otherwise.

It really surprised me, but there it is.

Hopefully, when they see Seven in the actual series, we’ll get buy-in.

They often have to tweak things just so that they’ll work in HD. Props that look convincing in SD can be exposed by higher resolution. ‘What We Left Behind’ shows a remastered sequence with the Dax symbiont and it’s much more obviously a rubber prop than an alien.

I always thought it looked like a rubber prop even in SD.

He would look awful in that old 90’s makeup. It’s no different than when they change the Klingons in the first movie. Even the Romulans on Picard have the JJ movie look about them.


Re: implants aren’t quite the same

Maybe they’re Federation equivalents and/or secure replacements? It wouldn’t make sense that once Starfleet formally enrolled Seven, after their rescue, that they’d let her continue to rely on enemy tech that constantly tries to phone home down to the littlest nanites.

I think there will undoubtedly be some kind of “upgrade” as it were of Worf’s makeup, just as his makeup itself underwent evolution throughout TNG. Worf is older now, so they could get pretty creative in making an “aged” Worf with new makeup. But I think it will by and large stick to the established Worf look as seen in the most incarnations of Trek than any other character.

Which is why I’m always wondering…like why would we want a Worf series? Don’t fans see enough of Worf? Like with George Takei wanting Sulu series in the 90s, I just dunno of the appeal. I really hope Picard doesn’t kickstart a flurry of “solo” movies and series like Star Wars did/was planning to do with Solo/Kenobi. That would be the worst direction for the franchise to head in.

For me, if there was one character from TNG to center a series around it for sure would have been Worf. He was by far the most interesting character in that show. Yes, we did get a lot of Klingon backstory and culture from TNG. But I still wouldn’t mind more Worf.

As far as a Sulu series back in the 90’s… I would have definitely jumped on board with that. A chance to go forward into that 80 year void between TOS and TNG would have been great. And we get to see how Sulu performs as Captain and possibly learning a trick or two from his former commander. As Kor said… It would have been glorious.

Maybe use both versions. That way they can keep Worf’s original look if he ever shows up, and they can establish that the Discovery Klingons always existed alongside the TNG ones, even though we never saw them.

God no.

Good point Chancellor Gowron.

The Klingon Empire included more than one planet, species and geneline.

We might expect for different groups to have power over time.

And the Klingons of the Undiscovered Country seemed to be a mix of TNG and Discovery S2.

That was something I thought they might do when STD started. Show different versions of the Klingon make up in that council chamber. I thought it would have been a great idea to show that Klingons include different looks among all the houses. Plus it would be a way to incorporate the explanation from Enterprise in. But, alas, they went with their own change and ignored what came before. Lost opportunity.

Yeah I agree. They should’ve went that way from the beginning and it would’ve been a lot less moaning over the DIS Klingons. Instead they had to come up with the lame excuse Klingons just shave their hair doing war to explain why they suddenly all look so different. Still so ridiculous.

I know actors have to plug their latest project while saying things that don’t really reveal anything — but what the heck does “She’s filled with everything we live” mean?

I assume she means things like oxygen and food.

Life, the pain, joy, hope, fear, everything that is life.

People will be surprised….so, Picard dies in the first episode?

That is pretty much the only thing that would REALLY surprise me.

I’m not a big fan of this kind of promotional hyperbole. The cast of Discovery said things about the ending of their 2nd season and it was nothing of the sort. In fact, it was eminently predictable.

I don’t know, I was pretty surprised the show jumped a thousand years lol. Until they actually said it on the show, I was convinced it wasn’t happening. It would’ve been a bigger shock if places like this wasn’t theorizing about it for weeks.

It’s not that they made the jump, it’s the creative team all waving their arms around screaming ‘yay, we can do whatever we want now!’….well, no, they can’t.

I’ve enjoyed Discovery, but if there is a gripe, the season long arc can’t seem to focus and wanders….a lot.

Well I was refering to ML31 and that I was surprised that they went into the future. I didn’t ever consider it until people started suggesting it here. And they can’t do whatever they want, but they can do waaaaaay more than before. ;)

Yes actually they can do whatever they want, always could, fans do not dictate a show.

OK. Fair enough. I thought they really only had two options. One: They go back and change things so none of season 1 and 2 ever happened. Two: the ship disappears and hurtles super far into the future. I narrowed the possibilities down to that some 2/3 of the way through the 2nd season.

Saying “people will be surprised” isn’t really hyperbole. Since the audience doesn’t know beforehand what’s going to happen they will be surprised. Will it be a “Oh shit I never would have expected this!!” kind of surprise? Maybe, maybe not. People are coming up with lots of theories of what could happen on Picard and some parts of those theories will probably turn out to be true. It’s bound to happen unless they change the character and the world completely. There will still be surprises unless somebody predicts the entire plot.

thats the thing about fans. they love to guess so its just inevitable someone is going to be right like a broken clock twice a day. it doesn’t mean anyone really predicted it. but if 1000 fans come up with 1000 different scenarios each, someones gonna guess it.

I bet the fan who guessed they’d move the show a thousand years into the future was more surprised than anyone

before season 2 started you really predicted they were going to jump the show a thousand years? before those rumors started up, I doubt anyone thought that would happen. if you did, you should go buy some lotto tix man because you’re nostradamus

Yes, some of us here actually discussed how that would be an excellent direction for DSC to go in – I was one of them. Never thought it would happen, and now I’m very (fingers-crossed) hopeful the show will vastly improve. Now, I just need my lottery winnings to be as dramatic…not so much thus far. :)

exactly. there’s a difference between ‘hey wouldn’t it be cool if…’ or ‘I hope they do this’ and ‘this is what I predict they’ll do.”

nobody really thought they’d do that after how season 1 ended. most fans whether they liked it and wanted it, or were just being cynical, thought kurtzman would double down on the enterprise showing up and introduce a young kirk and make spock a series regular and really cement the show in the tos time period.

I NEVER thought they would move it so far into the future, but yes once it was confirmed thats what they were doing with it was an EXCELLENT idea and one I frankly wish they just did from the start. But I said MANY times in season one I wish they had put the show in a 25th century or something because it just never felt right in the period it was in, but no I never thought they would actually do it either.

But I think most fans would’ve been much more excited about Discovery from the get go if it went this way on day one knowing how badly a lot of people wanted a post-Nemesis show (but this is really post everything lol) instead of yet another prequel and one so close to TOS; especially after seeing what they did with it. So I’m really really hoping throwing it so far in the future will turn it into a great show and maybe even have fans give it another chance if the prequel setting didn’t do it for them and tuned out early.

Not when the season started. But as the season went on the end of season possibilities were narrowing down. I was stuck at two about 2/3 of the way through the season. Of course, I could have been wrong. But I was counting on them not doing something spectacularly lame two seasons in a row.

I have a feeling Picard and 7 of 9 had a relationship.

That would certainly be surprising.

Yeah, I bet she joined the crew of the Enterprise E after Voyager got back. They did almost put her in the movies after all.

What you’re reporting is inconsistent with the latests Dorn statements. He said last August that he still has hopes for a Worf show.

This doesn’t sound like “I don’t want to go through Worf makeup at all”…

Dorn is all over the map with his comments, but has said pretty clearly he’s glad he doesn’t have to put on the level of prosthetics that Discovery uses. And separately, has said he didn’t want to do a cameo in Picard.

Sure. But whatever he calls a campo, vs. a part, is up to him. And I bet the production could accomodate his demands on a lighter makeup, especially because Worf should look like Worf…

I think it is very weird that Dorn’s is the only signature from someone supposedly not on Picard…

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Oh please, if they paid him enough money he would dress as a Tribble.

Good point A34.

The public messaging from Dorn’s agent said that the amount he was offered to appear in Discovery S1 was “insulting.”

Dorn needs to fire his agent. That role could have opened up to new opportunities. Just look at Michelle Yeoh. She was basically a guest star and now she has her own show.

I have a feeling that they never planned for Michelle Yeoh to just be in the pilot. They probably had bigger plans for her from the start.
As for Dorn, I don’t think it was ever revealed what kind of role has was offered, was it?

If Worf did come back I want him to be in the correct make up. Not looking like one of those DSC ones

Agreed. Although how they look in season 2 is fine to me and I wouldn’t have an issue if he looked like that, but I would prefer him to look like his original self overall.

I don’t care what make-up he wears. I just want him to come back.

Call me ‘Old Fashioned’, stuck in the day, whatever; but I’ve always felt that a series based on the Klingon culture would be a fan favorite. Worf could play one of the leading cast but doesn’t have to be THE leading role.
Keith DeCandito (Not sure of the spelling, offhand) has written some stellar novels based on the Klingon culture and they are all page-turners. Klingon’s are more famous than even the Borg. They’ve been in EVERY incarnation of the franchise and deserve a series of their own. Much more so than Section 31. (cringe)

Personally I’m just tired of the Klingons. And after seeing how they were done first season of Discovery which felt heavy handed and frankly boring, only put me off to them more. I don’t want or need an entire show around them. I love Dorn and his portrayal of Worf but the idea of an entire Klingon show just really doesn’t do it for me.

I totally agree with Tiger2. Worf is a great character, but a whole show about Klingons….that’s a different story. Also, Discovery Klingons…their portrayal. Chieffo and the others are great actors…but something is missing. Again, the prosthetics are amazing, credit for the makeup team, but for the new Klingons, feel bad for these actors, its so heavy….I thought they have learned few things with Worf and Odo, spending 12-18 hrs on set. The Discovery Klingons remind me Polar Express. Can’t read the emotions on their faces! It takes life from them. The mask its so thick, not able to see/read well their feelings.

A big reason why I have no interest in rewatching the first season of Discovery is sadly because I just find the Klingon story line a slog. You’re right, the people they got to play Klingons like Chieffo did a good job what they were given but the make up was so distracting and they sounded like they all had gum balls in their mouths it just didn’t feel very compelling. No wonder they basically abandoned them in season 2 minus two episodes.

I agree completely, Tiger2! Every time the Klingons were onscreen, DSC just slowed w a y d o w n. And really, we’ve gotten LOTS of Klingon stuff by now. I love Saru, and with his creation, the writers have shown that they can give us interesting NEW alien races. I hope they continue to do that.

Absolutely agree. And now that we’re going into the distant future, the sky’s the limit on how creative they can get with new aliens. Hoping for compelling things. Really hoping to be ‘WOW’d’ by season 3.

We had a ton of Klingon culture in the first season of Discovery. The Klingons are better for it now.

Loved the interview with Del Arco. He doesn’t give anything away (other than being on a Borg cube) but he makes it clear his role is pretty big on the show and we’ll be seeing a lot of him. I can’t wait to see where this all goes, especially how it connects to the Romulans.

I hope there is nudity and that we see everything.


I’m hoping to be able to watch the show with our kids.

Exactly. Well said.

I’m so glad I have no kids.

Sharing Trek is one of the fun parts of being a parent.

I suspect it’s easier to appreciate having kids later in life…and to roll with the constraints.

There’s nothing like the experience of taking your child to their first con.

Not to mention being pulled into new kids’ cultural phenomena.

By the way, I totally missed the reference to Patrick Stewart’s skit.

I think he was referring to that comedy skit Patrick Stewart did years ago.

It was on an episode of Ricky Gervais’ show, EXTRAS.

I don’t know about Picard, but Patrick Stewart has definitely seen everything. And then he rode off…on the grass!

This guy gets it. LOL

I can’t wait for the helicopter scene!


Patrick Stewart has a script for that! ;)

Happy to have 4/7 of the TNG ensemble in Picard. That’s a GREAT start!

Lets hope this a good surprise like finding a rare toy in a Kinder chocolate and not a bad surprise like the New Coke.

Back in the 80s, *all* the toys in Kinder Surprise were good ones. Figures with movable limbs, mini model kits of cars and spaceships… I even found a tiny bronze Celtic warrior once. Today, nine of ten eggs is just junk for toddlers – and the tenth one is a painted collectible figure that still somehow looks worse than the original version from the 90s.

Interesting parallel for Star Trek, actually. ;)

Whether I’ll like Picard or DSC season 3 or not is up for grabs of course, but the one thing which makes me happy about both is that we’re all finally moving FORWARD in the timeline. If, going forward, TPTB can restrain themselves from messing with Trek eras of the past, I’ll be pleased. Very hopeful.

100% agreed Danpaine! ANd that’s why next year will be so exciting because not only will we have two new shows on (Picard and Lower Decks) but the fact ALL three shows will be going forward. I’ve would’ve just been happy if Picard went forward and Discovery and Lower Decks stayed prequels. I just wanted ONE show to be post-Nemesis finally and now we have three lol.

And while Picard is easily the show I’m the most excited about, I am truly just as excited about Discovery now even though I didn’t love its first two seasons (but certainly thought season 2 was a vast improvement). But season 3 opens up EVERYTHING we haven’t seen before since TNG came on back in 1987 because we knew zip about the 24th century just like we know zip about the 32nd century. THIS is what makes Star Trek exciting for me! I don’t mind nostalgia, some TOS reduxes like the Kelvin movies and looking back like any old fan (and I’ll watch anything they do with Pike whether it just be Short Treks, movies or even a show) but Star Trek thrives by looking forward and BUILDING the universe, not just filling in to stuff we already know about.

What I always found funny about Worf is that he’s suppose to be a real badass

yet he was always getting his *ss handed to him. That just made him so lame! 🤡

I don’t know, no one has killed more Klingons than Worf lol.

Worf was the most fascinating character on TNG but I’m forced to agree. Worf was on the losing end of a lot of his physical engagements. Something felt a little wrong by that. But then, in Star Trek ’09 Kirk got beat up a lot and never came out ahead any any of his fisticuffs.

worf did win more and kill more on ds9.

Well, we can always tell that a new bad guy is dangerous when he shows up and beats up the toughest guy on the bridge.

I’m beginning to become painfully aware of how many fans have become feel so betrayed by Discovery (which I enjoy thoroughly) that they’re panicking when they hear words and phrases like ‘surprisi g’ or ‘…not the Picard you remember’. It’s painful to hear the ancient shrill geek mating call, “It’s not Star Trek” in the land again.

I’ve been hearing that noise since TMP came out, and at the beginning of each phase of the ‘human adventure”, only to hear most of them praise them as iconic and groundbreaking as they feel their noststalgia kicking in a decade or so later.

Right now, Voyager has been the latest old rider invited to the reassessment round-up. I’m telling you, give it two to five Comicon cycles and we’ll be seeing a hell of a lot more Xindi cosplay.

Twenty years from now, Discovery will be considered a classic. That’s just how it always goes with Trek.

I only panic when I hear that something is a love letter to the fans. I think there was some mention of that word with Nemesis, but the main use that makes me recoil was the love letter that the Enterprise finale was. It seemed as if Braga and Berman confused “I Love You” with “F**k you”

I’ve heard that term come up only twice. First for the Enterprise finale. (ugh) Then for something in Discovery. Which only conjured up images of that awful awful Enterprise thing. Given that it might be wise for producers and promo people to avoid that phrase completely. For Trek people it now has a different meaning.

Sick of waiting, tell us something new. Anything. Or maybe a release date. A del Arco update, no matter what a lovely man he is, is not a fix.

Yeah I keep coming here every other day to check if something new has been posted but sadly nothing. But no news is no news unfortunately. It’s dry everywhere. Outside of the sad passing over Aron Eisenberg there seems to literally be nothing else major being discussed.

But come next Saturday that looks like it will all change with the NYCC premiering and we know there is a Star Trek panel Saturday. Both Discovery and Picard cast will be there so we will definitely get more Picard news but I think (fingers crossed) we are going to get our first Discovery trailer for season 3 as well. They probably shot enough by now to at least make a teaser trailer. AND maybe we may get some confirmation when the Short Treks start. IIRC, they started around October last year and there were only four of them. Now that we have six my guess is they will probably start next month as well or November the latest if Picard starts in February or March.

So we are getting stuff soon, we just have to be patient. Next week looks like it could be pretty big news like we got in San Diego.

They could do a season long arc in which Mars has a referendum to leave the UFP and decides to do so 52-48 but then for years the UFP politicians debate should we actually leave or not! This would be a very surprising storyline, but topical.

It would be Mars politicians debating endlessly. The UFP would be waiting for them to make up their minds what they actually wanted.

Do we assume under this scenario Musk doesn’t get there first?

The novels did an Andorexit storyline a few years before Brexit happened. Andoria got out of the UFP much faster than the UK has been getting out of the EU though.