Watch: ‘Star Trek: Picard’ NYCC Trailer, Premiere Date Confirmed

During the Star Trek Universe panel at New York Comic Con a new trailer for Star Trek: Picard was shown, in addition the premiere date for the new series was made official.

The highly anticipated series will premiere on CBS All Access in the U.S. on Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020. Following the premiere, new episodes of STAR TREK: PICARD’s 10-episode first season will be available weekly on Thursdays, exclusively for CBS All Access subscribers in the U.S.



CTV Sci-Fi Channel (Canada)

Amazon Prime Video (international)

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Star Trek: Picard will be released in January 2020. It will be available on CBS All Access in the USA. CTV Sci-Fi Channel (formerly called Space) and CraveTV in Canada, and on Amazon Prime Video for the rest of the world.

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SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!


So much more meat than the Discovery trailer. Expectation levels have reached Warp 13!

I love the Picard trailer to death but it’s unfair to compare the two. Disco 3 was only the first teaser Picard got half a year ago. The Disco teaser was exciting as well for what it is…

Maybe but the Discovery trailer did zilch for me. Once the Enterprise went to warp at the end of season 2 that was pretty much the end of it for me.

Good. So you can move along then.

Already have. Thanks for playing.

In all fairness, though, Discovery has only just started filming, so, I’m sure they don’t want to give too much away. They are probably only three or four episodes in and barely have scratched the surface on post-production. What we saw was just enough to get a sense of what’s going on.

Picard has already wrapped filming for the season and is only a few months away. Plus this is the second full length trailer for the show.

Funny, I had the opposite reaction. I didn’t feel like I learned that much new from the Picard trailer (I’m still super excited, but not more so than I was before the trailer). But the Discovery trailer – wow! Our first glimpse of the 32nd century. Trills, Andorians, Cardasians, and Lurians. That Federation flag with only a few stars left. I feel like I need to watch that one a bunch more times. My excitement for DSC season 3 just shot way up. So much great Star Trek coming up. What a great time to be a fan!

I agree Mike2 : There’s an incredible amount of context teased in 1-2 second shots in the Discovery trailer.

I’m incredibly curious now about S3…but worried that we won’t see it before summer 2010.

I really hope CBS will green light a 4th season quickly to avoid another long hiatus.

I adored both trailers. If there’s less “meat” to season three of ‘Discovery’, it’s only because we have less of a point of reference as fans, which is what’s so attractive about S3.

Agreed. LOVED both trailers! Picard looks like its going to bring back Trek of old but still its very own thing and setting a course post TNG era while Discovery looks like its going a different way entirely from what we seen before.

It was only a minute teaser and most likely all came from the first episode so you can’t expect much. But from what I seen made me even more excited about what’s to come because we literally have no idea what IS coming. Everything is completely new by its time period alone. We haven’t had this since TNG debut.

This is the direction I wish the show did from the start frankly. It no longer has to awkwardly tie into a 50 year old show, now its free to do whatever it wants and deliver HUGE stakes at the same time. You couldn’t exactly have the Federation fall a decade before TOS started. Now you can. ;)

The Discovery trailer had Morn in it. There is literally nothing else that can make me any more excited for any Star Trek series.

Wow, I didn’t see that the first time… You’re right, looks like next to Andorians and of course humans, there seems to be a Lurian (like Morn) and a Cardassian at least, not sure what other alien is in that one shot though.

I’m doubtful that it’s Morn.

The Lurian seems to have facial hair.

I thought Morn lost all his hair, so perhaps this Lurian is bald for another reason.


Incredibly exciting! I’m almost out of words. The Riker / Troy scene, the entire heartbreaking memory lane that so much reflects our own days being separated from the good old days when Next Gen was on… the TOS-style Romulan ship… the Borg Cube… Seven in action… Getting this is almost unbelievable!

Throwing in so many references (like that holographic (?) Enterprise-D – that was really a clear “you’re overdoing this” for me) is rarely a good sign :(

The Enterprise D was awesome to see

Though I’m somewhat confused why they would show a Galaxy class hologram in Starfleet headquarters decades after those ships had been surpassed by newer and supposedly better classes. I hope they will explain that, but if they follow Discovery’s example, they probably will not. Still, looking forward to what story they actually put behind all those “random” scenes we see in the trailer!

Possibly for the same reason that modern navies still have models and paintings of old ships. The Royal Navy in the UK, for example, still have images of Nelson’s old flagship the HMS Victory. Militaries throughout history have always thrived on their past and old traditions.

Excelsiors and mirandas in use for over 90 years in starfleet a galaxy could still show up

Speak for yourself. That ship for me has been the most hideous looking hero ship in each of the shows. And that includes Discovery!

That’s what trailer is supposed to do, especially to remind people that, hey, yes, this is officially a continuation of the ST: TNG.

I loved that the last shot ended with him and Riker together. Just like the last trailer ended with him (and started with them in this one).

Been saying this forever, this show is aimed at old fans first and foremost and its been marketed that way ever since. I don’t doubt them when they say the show will be its own thing with new characters like the others, but this is really the first Trek show that relies more on nostalgia first and foremost. All the other shows had brand new characters and situations and you didn’t have to watch a minute of the other shows to get into them (but it helped). This one is leaning on TNG, VOY, Nemesis, the 09 movie and maybe a bit of First Contact.

And I agree it is a continuation of TNG but probably more accurately that era as a whole.

I’m ready to see Picard and other 24th century characters do something new.

But, as one of the group here on TrekMovie that has followed the Relaunch novels, I had never expected or wanted to see everyone on the Enterprise.

Kirsten Beyer noted that making new stories in the late 24th century had been her daily work on the novels, and it really resonated with me.

I like these characters and am pleased to see that they’ve moved on…

I had been hoping to see the Relaunch storyarcs respected, but can let that go…as long as the new stories are well done.

I hope that with Simon & Schuster now under the same corporate ViacomCBS umbrella, that there’ll be better continuity in future.

Yes agreed, Kirsten’s comments put it in perspective for me, and that the showrunners have filled in every detail of the past 20 years [or post-20 years following Nemesis] makes me confident that they know their characters and setting well.

The era! Exactly! Tiger2, great to see you again. Nicest guy on TrekMovie.

Thanks as usual Denny C! Although I’m pretty sure you’re the only one who think that about me here lol. I have made quite a few people angry at me here over the years even though that’s never been my intent. ;)

They’ll come around. I’ve never been a big of fan of Discovery but your enthusiasm for Star Trek is one of the reasons I love Star Trek: Fans with an enduring optimism that’s lasted over five decades.

Wow I really appreciate that! And I wasn’t a huge fan of Discovery either lol but yes I have come around a lot more in the last year and I am totally excited about where its going. But for people who think its only because its going into the future, I have to remind them I was just AS excited about season 2 as well when I thought we were dealing with a cool sci fi mystery and nothing more than that.

I’m obviously critical like anyone but I still want to love it all and for me, I consider it all equal meaning its ALL important no matter how you might feel about one particular show or movie, period.

I always say this, but with Star Trek I treat all the shows and films as my kids, some are just better behaved than others. ;)

Tiger I also love your posts because almost all of your post come from a sensible and logical point of view. You don’t seem to go to the extremes in any direction that some people tend to do here and you weigh everything equally. I also like the fact you are also willing to criticize something that you love from time to time in a respectful manner and I tip my hat to you for doing this and being all around a cool and respectable member of this community.

Wow, thank you alpantrion! I don’t think we disagreed on much of anything here and you’re very opened minded as well!

Looks its nice that some people realize we don’t all show up here just to have one certain view of something that refuses to ever budge one iota on that opinion no matter what OR worse of all want to berate or mock anyone who doesn’t share that opinion. That’s what gets so annoying about the internet in general. It’s nothing wrong for people to feel how they feel about something, but they should stop acting like its a consensus. That’s what frustrates me a lot of times, especially on these boards. Some fans just sound SO old and set in their ways and it’s sad to me AS a Star Trek fan.

And while I appreciate what you guys have said, I’m not perfect either. I have certainly said things I have regretted later for sure. But yes, I do mean what that I LOVE Star Trek, everything about it, flaws and all. But I like every previous iteration of it from TOS to the Kelvin movies. But I’m not a blind apologist either. When I’m not happy about something, I express it like everyone. But it doesn’t mean I HATE it either. I have never hated any form of Star Trek to this day. Certainly disappointed but thats it.

Every form of it I truly want to be embraced by it and always hoping I eventually will be even if it doesn’t always happen. Yes I gave Discovery a lot of crap its first season because I thought it was really bad lol. Guess what, I gave TNG a lot of crap its first season too. Same with DS9 (but much less so lol). Same with Enterprise! Now I love all of them because I RECOGNIZE these are TV shows, they can improve and in time you simply hope they do and they all did. And I am THANKFUL that seems to be the case with Discovery. Of course I like some better than others but generally enjoy all of it.

I just find it odd how if you criticize something some people just jump to the conclusion you want it cancelled or gone when its the complete opposite and that you criticize because you want to eventually love it and hope in time you will. Just because you don’t enjoy it now doesn’t mean you never will (OK, maybe some people lol). But most of us truly want our minds changed for the better or other wise why are we wasting our times for?

I agree J.S., they really are throwing in everything and the kitchen sink to make it be like “Hey, remember TNG?!?!”

Oh don’t talk rubbish. It was 3 second image.

It is almost unbelievable after all these years we get THIS!

Okay, this looks awesome. But then Discovery looked awesome and I ditched it after six episodes. So, cautiously optimistic.

Agreed. But if nothing else, we will be brought up to speed with characters that we have been missing for a while now.

So you missed Pike, Spock, Number One and lots more. You should have been more patient.

Whoa!! Nerdgasm!

My new theory is that in the short trek Calypso it was implied that at some point the Federation had a shift towards being hostile and corrupt. Picard will explore the beginnings of this shift. Hence when he mentioned what Starfleet should still be.

Also in the discovery trailer there are heavy implications that the Federation is gone or very different.

This is how the two shows will speak to each other.

The Fall of the Federation series keeps popping up every decade… It was an option after the supposed creative failure of TMP in the early 80s (a concept which later became Andromeda)… Those rumors had been around in the early aughties shortly before ENT was confirmed as a prequel show and kept popping up as a concept for series 6 during ENT’s tenure but was ultimately shelved due to the cancellation of ENT and the CBS/Paramount split that buried the UPN network.
So it’s finally time to do it!

What makes this so grand is that DSC is now both a prequel to TOS and a far-future Fall of the Federation show, giving it an epic arc spanning centuries, something we’ve never had before.

I guess you are right. Picard shows the beginning of those changes and DSC somehow could set them right.

“Can anyone remember when we used to be explorers?”

Yeah, and that’s exactly the point. That memory serves serves as the emotional anchor for both us fans and the characters. It’s the ultimate goal finally to be re-attained. But there is always an obstacle in the way. TOS wasn’t all about exploring either. It was about energetic super-beings or computers wrecking havoc on the Enterprise or the galaxy! The backdrop was about exploration, but the actual stories focused on action, threats and time travel…mixed with allegorical takes on current events.

I’d really like to see a Trek show that is “just” about exploration of spatial phenomena, alien life and civilizations, but I doubt there would be many people who want to see this…

Eh? TNG had a huge amount of episodes that were just about exploration.

The funny thing is you can probably say that about Enterprise. I mean when you get rid of the Temporal Cold War stuff the show really was truly about exploration, at least the first two seasons. Because unlike TOS and TNG there was no Federation or bureaucracy to attend to. Starfleet was still young so it didn’t have any mortal enemies to worry about either. Archer would literally go, “hey, what’s over there, we should go check it out” and they would just go. They didn’t even bother clearing it with Starfleet. That’s one of the things I learned to appreciate about the show, especially when comparing it to something like Discovery.

Same time, it probably what got Archer his reputation for being a dunce at times because he did go in a lot of times unprepared and got them into trouble a lot. But this never bothered me too much, we forget he was the first one out there, they were making it up as they went and didn’t have centuries of Starfleet protocol like Kirk and Picard did.

But yes that basically changed in season 3 and 4 when the show became more focused on other things. Exploration still happened but it now became like the other shows, just something done when they have time into relation to their other duties and crisis.

And the animated show with a bunch of teens taking over a derelict Starfleet vessel will be set inbetween.

Wow could the animated show be a prequel to Discovery in season 3??? It is possible because everyone keeps wondering how you can just find an old starship laying around. And wouldn’t the teens just be part of the Federation? Why would they have to learn about it by finding the ship? Maybe they find it right after the fall? But if so, all these periods are starting to make my head hurt lol.

Just a theory Tiger but I think the kids were described as “lawless”and it seems unlikely that they could hold onto a Starship indefinitely if Starfleet was still active. Maybe I’m reading too much into a show aimed at younger children lol.

That’s right, I forgot about the ‘lawless’ part. Maybe it just means all their parents are part of Section 31. ;D

But yes its the second part that makes it a bit odd and just finding some old starship and cruising in it. I mean you had stuff like the Valiant (for people who don’t remember the DS9 episode with starfleet cadets running their own ship during the Dominion war) but that was only because they were behind enemy lines. So quite curious myself but we got so many goodies now, I can wait!

I loved that episode, it’s one of the first things I thought of when they announced the premise for the second animated show. I must admit I jumped to this conclusion purely because I was convinced from the end of season 2 of Discovery that they would find themselves in an ‘Andromeda’ scenario. For me it didn’t make a great deal of sense for the crew to be kept together on the same out of date ship if the Starfleet we knew still existed. The new trailer seems to confirm I was right about that part but with so little to go on for an animated show aimed at children I might just be overthinking things a little lol.

Over thinking things is what we do here! ;)

To this day I’ve never seen Andromeda. It keeps getting referenced to the point I may give it a shot now. I heard so many mixed things on it though its not exactly why I bothered to this day. But now that Discovery at least looks to be going that direction I’m pretty curious now.

I wasn’t surprised either that the Federation is basically gone but I did have other ideas like maybe they were in some big war (and losing) and that maybe Discovery would be important because of the spore drive (again ;)). But yes it did seem crazy they wouldn’t have another one and more advanced by now. And of course I was partly going off of Calypso that suggested they were fighting the Federation.

I still think how crazy it is how excited we got when Calypso was first announced and all speculated maybe it could mean something more. I convinced myself it was just a fun one-off thing and yet here we are lol.

To be fair Tiger, I don’t discount the possibility that there’s some corrupt version of the Federation still around just not one that upholds it’s traditional values that the crew could just slot back into. Calypso has to factor into the show somewhere! I’ve never watched Andromeda myself, I think I watched the pilot years ago and saw bits and pieces but wasn’t keen. It wasn’t so much the concept as the execution that put me off but again I’ve not really seen much of it so maybe I judged it harshly. A starship somehow finding itself arriving after the collapse of its parent federation with an advanced AI running the ship definitely seemed like the direction DSC was headed at the end of season 2 though.

Yeah that’s possible too. That’s the crazy thing, now literally anything is possible lol.

And they already said they do plan to tie into Calypso somehow. It may not be next season but it does sound like they will work their way there somehow. I was only talking about seeing the franchise jump a thousand years part but Calypso does prove this has probably been in the works since season one.

I will probably watch the pilot of Andromeda and decide from there. From what I hear the show isn’t that bad until it gets to its final season and then really derails basically completely changing up the show. If true, that is funny because that sounds like Roddenberry’s other lost pilot they produced as a show in the 90s when Trek was huge again, Earth Final Conflict. That I did watch and really liked actually, but the last two seasons were ridiculously bad and the final season changed the show entirely from what it was.

Discovery is making a huge change itself but so far its sounding like a benefit and not a detriment but we haven’t seen it yet. ;)

@Tiger2 I like Earth Final Conflict although I never finished it. Not because I didn’t like it or anything but I guess it was a show that predated the tv on demand era and it wasn’t always as easy to keep up with a sci-fi show in the UK. Interestingly the latest news being reported on here states that the Federation is going to be around the 32nd century but that they’re extremely challenged! edit: replied to the wrong comment oops

Watch the Andromeda pilot if you can get a hold on it. If you don’t like it, you won’t like the series. It it appeals to you, I think you’ll love the series. :)

Yeah, that kid show could be set during that “dark age” inbetween Picard and DSC S3. Lots of contemporarily appealing stories could! It could be just like Rebels, set shortly before the arrival of the Discovery and the rebuilding of the Federation in DSC S3+

Exactly Garth. The Discovery trailer hints at a small downsized Federation or at least a small group that have been trying to bring it back. Maybe we’ll see some of that in the animated show. For all we know that guy With the flag that Burnham is talking to might be the grown up version or descendant of one of the animated shows protagonists.

We have to remember that “Dark Age” has to start some time after the 29th century as the Federation is still in existence.

Perhaps this is a consequence to the Time Wars.

Not necessarily. The timeline that Daniels came is no more valid than the future Picard visited in “All Good Things” or that Future Janeway travelled back from in “Endgame”.

Excellent point Corinthian7 :

The timeline in which Daniels was born isn’t necessarily the Prime timeline. He could have been born in an alternate timeline and crossed into the Prime Universe at an earlier point precisely to change history.

Spock’s crossing from the Prime to Kelvin timeline already has demonstrated that.

We don’t know what was left of the federation in the Prime Universe after the time war was concluded (assuming it’s not still going on).

150-300 years is adequate time for the Federation to have waned in power and presence.

I also note that V’dreyish may be what Craft’s ‘Cyclops Owl’ people call the Federation in their dialect, even as the remaining members of the Federation call it by the standard name of centuries before.

Exactly TG47, literally any of the future timelines we’ve seen could be overwritten or moved into the category of alternate universe. The Spock/KU example illustrates this perfectly.

This is the second or third time I’ve seen a mention here about Fall of Fed story set after TMP, and I just don’t know where anybody pulls that from. The original Sowards outline for TWOK mentions a Starfleet that has abandoned its ‘to boldly go’ in favor of just holding onto existing territories, so it is a monumental shift, yes, but not a Fall of Fed thing, mainly just something to trigger Kirk’s midlife crisis in terms of ‘what have I devoted my life to?’

Are you saying that there was somebody else developing a TMP sequel besides Roddenberry (with his timetravel/jfk/guardianofforever horror) and then Bennett? I’m very interested about this, as except for the books that I find dubious in terms of credibility, I have read just about everything on the TOS and movie eras.

First time I ever heard Fall of Fed idea (outside of my own mind) was reading that Wolfe had developed it for Trek before turning it into ANDROMEDA.

Wasn’t this Bryan Singer’s pitch back in the mid 2000’s after Enterprise was cancelled?

I do recall reading about Singer’s pitch for a new Trek show set in the far future after the fall of the UFP. Confirmed.

Note: Riker is in Kirk’s old house from Generations. Same location. Same kitchen.

Ohhh……nexus stuff huh? Didn’t pick up on that. He could just be crazy as a shit house rat and having all kinds of hallucinations.


Actually I thought Riker’s home looked very much like the Disney ranch. Which makes sense since the Santa Clarita studios are just a stone’s throw from there. A lot of TV has shot out there. Including the DS9 pilot.

What part of the DS9 pilot was shot there? My understanding was that it was shot entirely at Paramount.

There is a pond and covered bridge on the Disney ranch that has been used in MANY productions. Including the scene in the DS9 pilot of Jake and Ben fishing on the holodeck.

very similar. though I just compared them via youtube, and at least the exterior its definitely not the same house. but riker as a chef definitely seemed like a nod to the enterprise finale.

Riker always liked to dabble with a bit of cooking – remember his omelette for the senior staff in season 2!

yes, always as in one episode.

And in that episode he indicated that it was a hobby borne out of the necessity of having a father that hated doing it hence “always”!

It is not the same house. Not the same kitchen. The scene evokes comparison to the Generation’s Kirk/Nexus scene but it is not the same.

Kirks house is Shatners House in real Life if i remember correct.

I was wondering about that. My first thought was, “That looks like Kirk’s house!”

It is not even very similar. I thought it looked familiar right away though – it is the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS CABIN in Hollywood, LA, CA (google it :) it was also used in Desperate Housewives and in some freaky children movie with people in bear costumes, can’t remember the name …

Kinks House is made of Stone. But sure, they wanted to evoke a little bit of Generations… I hope it is not a dream sequence to haha.

Looks like Spiner is suffering from Android Bloat.
He needs to take in large amounts of Epsom Salts to cleanse his system.

with all the cgi I don’t know why they couldn’t make him thinner. I saw someone on my Facebook photoshopped the clip from the first trailer to take off a lot of fat, and he looked way better.

I think it’s simply not necessary. I think everybody knows that the actor is decades older but is supposed to be playing the TNG-era Data. Heck, we can suspend that amount of disbelieve, can we? Just be glad Brent is back, this might be the last time we see him as our fav android.

Wow, think back a few years. If somebody would have said we will have a post-TNG series with Stewart, Ryan, Frakes, Sirits, Spiner and Del Arco for crying out loud… I would have called him delusional…

Now get Delancie damnit!!

you’re right that it’s not necessary, but I would posit that if you’re going to spend time and money to CGI de-age him, you might as well do it right. this seems, I hate to say it, but a bit half-arsed.

I mean, if we can accept that the actor is older and it’s a younger data in the scene, why not just use makeup and a wig? or a different, younger actor?

again…just feels like… to me, it’s bad CGI, and it takes me out of the moment. if it’s imaginary, why not just show Spiner as he is today (with a little makeup, but visibly aged), as a commentary on Picard’s own feeling about getting older…


It’s just a dream, Picard has old man memory issues of what Data looked like

All is good, all is great! All the new trailers and shows, from nothing on TV in 20 years, right now we have CBS producing several shows! All shows are different. All shows have a different creative team, which will make everything more diverse, interesting, and appealing, not only for fans, but also for a wider audience; Which is always the desire of all CEOs.

Not sure why people complain so strongly about a specific person….Sonequa, Kurtzman, etc. Making hateful comparisons between new and old shows. Everyone should welcome the return of Star Trek to TV/Streaming. Now with the new merge, new Movies, TV, Animation. Star Trek is back! I am enjoying it all!

Unfortunately, I cannot see what the other commentators here so far have been seeing…

The dialogue in this trailer is terrible (at best) and even the delivery (especially from the TNG cast) seems less than stellar.

Also the amount of space action in this trailer (and sword fighting and dual “machine-gun”-wielding Seven of Nine…) lets me know already that the writers (just as those of STD) don’t understand Trek (as it was) but think that action is what fans of the characters want to see…

Well, there is still hope that this trailer is meant to attract those who want a mindless space-opera because the showrunners know that the TNG fans will watch – the at least first episode – anyway.

Anyway, I definitely don’t get “cerebral” from this trailer (whatsoever), which is not what I expected with Kurtzman involved, but yet still hoped for.

Will stream episode 1 but as this trailer goes, I bet that that will be where I have to stop if I don’t want my wife to see me cry – out of anger that is… not joy, I fear.

Newsman, I wouldn’t judge the balance of a show from a trailer.

They are spliced to excite and build anticipation.

The first trailer was quite grounded, and had little action. This second one leans into the conflict and action.

Where all those scenes actually fit in the plotlines may be totally unexpected….as we saw with Discovery.

That said, premieres often are action heavy – think about which episode was used to launch TOS – so I hope that you’ll hang in for a few episodes.

But if you expect this to be TNG 20 years later, please let it go. Patrick Stewart absolutely would not have done it. Let’s be thankful that the creators found a vehicle that he would say yes to.

Or be thankful that the creators had investors willing to meet Stewart’s price request.

Yeah I disagree, this trailer I thought had a lot of heart. Also, it is just a trailer, which has been said over and over again

Yeah, because there was never any action in the other shows. Seriously, everybody seems to forget that Kirk got into a fist fight (and ripped his shirt) every other episode. Star Trek is a smart show that delivers a lot of important messages, but action has been part of the show’s DNA from the very beginning.

The problem isn’t that there is action. DS9 is my favourite show and has arguably the most action. The problem is that with STD the focus was on the action, and that is where the show stopped being Trek

And handing me some memberberries with the action does not make it Trek either.

I am not writing this show off yet, but this trailer has hightened my already severe doubts that is is made for fans of Trek like me.

Newspin, Kurtzman has repeatedly described Discovery as ‘a bullet’, and noted that Picard is intentionally ‘more grounded’.

The idea was always for the two shows to be very different in look and feel.

Let’s take them at their word, and recognize that we and they will only know if they’ve achieved that groundedness once the show premieres in January.

Another amazing trailer! It didn’t have all the big shocking reveals of the first one but it was still great. LOVED the scene with Picard seeing Troi and Riker again. Almost made me tear up when Picard and Will first saw each other. It looks like the Rikers have also retired from starfleet. I guess no Titan scenes now but I’ll live. Its just great to see Frakes back where he belongs, both in front and behind the camera! :)

Oh and we got our first shot of Hugh! :) He looks mostly human now with a few implants on his face, a bit like Seven. Speaking of Seven, how badass did she look wielding those phasers?! Looks like Seven of old kicking major ass.

This show looks like its going to be EPIC!!! And probably more action based than a lot of people originally assumed.

I don’t know, I know its weird to say this because we’ve had new Star Trek for ten years now starting with the first Kelvin movie and now Discovery but only now does it really feel like Star Trek is coming back. I guess because there is just SO MUCH coming now and its all moving forward again but its all so, so exciting. I haven’t felt this excited since the 90s frankly. I still can’t believe its all happening.

I thought the Will and Troi reveal was a big shock personally! And the audience at NYCC went absolutely bananas when they saw Seven kicking ass

LOL I can only imagine! I still think the Seven reveal was the biggest jaw dropper of the first trailer, at least it was for me. I think people were literally stunned she was there at all and just made you suddenly see the show on a different level. It suddenly went from a TNG sequel to something MUCH bigger.

As for Will and Troi, sure, if they weren’t already announced at the last comic con they were in the show. If they showed them blind like they showed Seven and Data, yeah it would’ve been another jaw dropper.

Oh and adding Seven to the show was BRILLIANT!! BRILLIANT I say! Just wanted to include that. ;D

I thought Riker would have retired from captaincy but he would still have been an admiral in Starfleet, but I guess he is fully retired now, unless this scene is not as straightforward as we expect it to be.

Well, this could be his weekend getaway and on Monday he returns to his Admiral desk job.

If Starfleet is losing its centre in terms of values, it wouldn’t be surprising that the Riker and Troy have retired.

We didn’t see the child. I’m wondering if Riker and Troy are fostering or adopting Romulan children orphaned and displaced by the destruction of the planet.

It would fit with their characters.

More than that, Evan Egoria said during the NYCC panel that his character was raised very differently than the other more traditional Romulans on the show. In fact, he was likely completely incapable of deception or lying.

Being raised by an empath could explain that…

OR by a Vulcan.

I was so absolutely hoping for the Titan to appear or Riker to still be in Starfleet as an Admiral of some sort. Probably the only thing I’m bummed about from this teaser. But the reunion scene was great.

Yeah me too for sure, but I knew it was possible it might not happen when a few weeks ago Frakes gave an interview and basically implied his character was retired from Starfleet. He didn’t say that direct obviously but that he wasn’t as involved in Starfleet as before.

Forced to agree… I’m not a fan of either character and never saw any depth in either of them. But that scene did move me.

Didn’t Frakes or Stewart accidentally leak some time ago that there’s an incident later in the season where Riker swoops in and saves Picards ass? He could still be in Starfleet.

I cannot confirm or deny the existence of any such leak.

He saves Picard by saying “End Program”.

Was that Picard’s friend Louis from the episode ‘Family’ that he was talking to about going back out into the cold?

It doesn’t really look at him from that brief glimpse, and IMDb says the actor who played Louis (Dennis Creaghan) hasn’t done a movie or TV show since 2002.

Yeah I noticed that. It could of course be anybody, I just thought it would be a nice nod to continuity and nice nods to continuity seems to be one of this shows staples given what we’ve seen so far.

Creaghan is a British stage actor primarily, and is in his late 70s.

Not doing US television or film doesn’t tell us much. IMDb often doesn’t keep up with productions that aren’t shown in the US.

His last US stage credits are from about 2 years ago. He’s listed as a resident artist with the Palm Beach Drama workshop.

It would make great sense to bring him back as Picard’s lifetime friend.

That’s interesting TG47. Clearly I’m in agreement that it would make sense and admittedly I’m saying this without the context of seeing the scene in full but the snippet played like he was talking to Louis.

Here’s a picture with Creaghan in a 2017 production.
comment image

I’ll let you guys compare it to a freeze-frame of the two talking in the trailer.

Hmmm. I’m not sure, the lighting in the scene is such that it leaves a margin for error but they look like different actors.

Man, I was hoping for December; wasn’t that the original release date? I thought I could enjoy them over Christmas break. I guess if they’re airing weekly, it doesn’t make that big a difference to wait until late January to have the whole story. Glad you folks don’t have spoilers in your headlines — unlike bloody IGN!

We’ve known it was 2020 for months now.

LOL where you been, this has been said for months since the FIRST trailer came out it was early 2020. I guess its a great reminder just because everyone is linked into the internet doesn’t mean they keep up with every little thing.

They said from the beginning that while they would like to have it in late 2019, it could be early 2020 – and I think starting from SDCC, they firmly said 2020. Also, if it would slip, I was pretty sure it would be at least a week or two after the winter break to let people calm down from any holiday excitement and fully be hungry for new stuff, so mid January at the earliest. Jan 23 isn’t that far from that. ;-)

Who is Seven sobbing over?

Maybe one of the Borg kids Voyager brought back from the Delta Quadrant is part of this too?

If so, it would have to be Icheb. The rest are all in the Delta Quadrant.

Icheb is the only one who stayed with Voyager all the way to the Alpha Quadrant.

Could be Icheb and some people on Facebook are theorizing that it could be Chakotay, but I highly doubt that. I don’t think Robert Beltran would want his character returned in anyway and he definitely would not return himself. It could be Hugh.

It looks like Hugh


Did anyone else notice, at 1:02, what appears to be a roomful of Soong-type androids? I wonder if this is that scientist’s attempt to recreate Data or a more sinister Federation attempt to create an android army.

Oh I wonder if we will see or at least get a mention of Commander Maddox from “The Measure of a Man”. Maybe the scientist is his daughter or just carrying over his work.

Yeah, that caught my eye, too. Much of the recent news makes me think of Asimov’s Robot novels and Foundation trilogy. The latter spanned centuries of the history of a human galactic empire, which ultimately was revealed to be beneficently guided by secretive “humaniform” robots (led by R. Daneel Olivaw). I’m NOT saying that’s what’s happening with ST: Picard, only that some of the same conceptual building blocks seem to be floating around.

Is that a “TOS” Romulan Bird of Prey in the trailer?

YEP!!! :)

I got a big smile when I saw that. Outside of Enterprise and TOS we have never seen them in the 24th century shows.

LOL me too! I wonder if the superweapon that could destroy outposts in “Balance of Terror” might have something to do with all of this?

I’m excited too. I hated the Romulan ships we saw in the TNG era shows.

Yes… Nice call back. But does it really make sense that Romulans would be using century old star ships? I felt showing them looking like that was odd. I’m hoping there is a GOOD reason for that.

well there planet is completely destroyed. it makes a lot of sense that they’d drag old ships out of off-planet storage to supplement their fleet since they probably don’t have resources to build new ones.

I think it makes sense with the fact that If Romulus is destroyed, technologically they’d probably only have those older ships lying around somewhere.

That seems amazingly unlikely. How many wooden sailing ships does the US Navy keep around? I only know of one. And that is for tourist purposes, really.

Aircraft carriers and the B-52 bombers are a better simile I think. The B-52 is already over 50 years old in its original design, and some airframes have reached that age without a doubt. They’re still kept relevant by consistent upgrades – and are IIRC planned to be used up to a century after their introduction.

The Nimitz class carriers were also consistently upgraded over their lifetimes – the lead ship was launched in 1972 and is still in service. Enterprise was put out of service in 2012 after 50 years.
And the Gerald F. Ford class now coming online are also set for a lifetime of 50 years – they sized its power plant anticipating future weapon development, with capacity to spare.

It stands to reason that Starships in service with major powers, which are considerable resource investments, would undergo similar upgrades. Starfleet does, in any case – the Constitution refit is a prime example for that. We also know that Starfleet stockpiled old ships in salvage yards – for spare parts or future reactivation. The Romulans would undoubtedly have similar institutions in place.

A century old warbird can still be internally upgraded, and even if it isn’t a match for any modern warship an enemy is bound to yield, it’s likely still more than enough to counter piracy and keep order in more remote areas of the Empire…

Sure they can be continually upgraded to modern equipment. But I think it would be more apt to compare it to what was on the seas 100 years ago rather than 40-50.


Because that is about the difference between the Romulan warbird seen in Balance of Terror and the time frame for ST:Picard.

technology hasn’t really progressed much between TOS and Picard, on a broad level. They’re still using warp engines, phasers, photon torpedoes, and shields. It might not have an advanced AI, it might not have the best armaments or the highest speeds, the strongest shields or holodecks, but it can get people form place to place, and fight when needed.

will it be overmatched by modern starships? of course. and maybe that’s the point. that the romulans are now a weakened power struggling to re-assert themselves, under threat from other stronger powers like the Federation, Klingons, and Cardassians.

I’ve been saying for a while, I had a feeling Picard would be about Jean Luc disagreeing with Starfleet in how to deal with the Romulans: starfleet wants to reject them as refugees while Klingons are trying to conquer them. Starfleet wants to “send them back” (or “let them die”) and Picard steps up to the plate to help, just as Spock did in Star Trek VI.

I still think it’s a rather disingineous comparison – Starships have far more in common with current aviation and seafaring megaprojects than what we had a century ago.

Are you objecting to Klingon Birds of Prey as well? Or K’Tinga class cruisers? Mirandas? Excelsiors? All designs which are barely a decade younger than the Romulan Bird of Prey, and all showed up in the Dominion War – and I doubt most were THAT old. Who’s to say this Romulan Warbird is a century and a half old?

I did object to the Klingon Bird of Prey when it appeared in SFS. That was weird until I found out there was a behind the scenes reason for it. The use of those other models all had behind production reasons rather than in-universe ones. I’m torn on that practice because I understand the budgetary realities that caused it, but at the same time it looks weird on camera that there are 70 year old star ships participating in a space battle sequence. The difference now is in today’s CG and high production value world there is no excuse to be showing 100 year old starships in use when there really is no good production related reason for it. Therefore one would hope there is a really good in-universe reason behind it. This is particularly true considering the changes seen in Discovery for no good reason.

there is an entire aircraft ship yard in Arizona filled with hundreds and hundreds of de-commissioned military aircraft. also, this is a sci-fi show, and yours is an insane nitpick. it’s cool to see the ship again, and I think Alpha’s justification makes enough sense.

So happy the Romulans look like Vulcans again! The TNG style Romulans looked awful.

It was a creative license, as with any period of ST.

I’m always glad to see signs that we’re still moving away from the Berman Trek era, just because we’ve already had so much of it. And with over 600 episodes that’s likely to remain the case no matter how much more Trek is produced. But for TNG the style was what it was, and the TNG people -like everyone else- were right to interpret ST in their own way.

Every new ST team SHOULD change things up, reinvent, remodel and restyle. For no other reason than just… because.

I know it is fun to tweak with the original aliens because TOS had such a low budget. Add to the Andorians? Sure. Fix up the Tellerites? You bet. But I always felt adding a big brow to the Romulans was a mistake. They pretty much should still look like Vulcans even in the TNG era.

I never understood the TNG Romulans. Thank god for JJ Trek.

Wow. Looking forward to this more that Star Wars Episode 9 or any other movie I’m aware of.

Episode 9 sets a low bar but, yup, I’m with you. VERY excited.

I have zero faith in JJ to deliver anything good in ep 9. It’s incredible how, given the missteps of the Kelvin movies and their lack of planning any sort of coherent arc, the SW sequel trilogy landed in JJ’s lap and all he and the team could come up with was…let’s wing it movie by movie. And thus here we are, the scene set for a disappointing finale.

To be fair to JJ I don’t think it was his decision to wing it from movie to movie. That was clearly a studio call as he’d clearly set up things that Johnson seemed to enjoy knocking down in TLJ.

I do think it was his decision in part, because he inserted his characteristic “mystery box” sensibility into the story of TFA. When it was up to Johnson to continue the story threads for TLJ, he admitted that he had no idea the answers to his questions, and that’s why all the mysteries ended so disappointingly. Who are Rey’s parents? They’re no one. Who is Snoke? He’s dead. All of these mysteries were planted by JJ with no clear course for resolving them, just like he did with Lost. So by not having answers to his own questions, he made it so that they had to wing it movie to movie.

Except Johnson WANTED Rey’s parents to be no one. That was the whole point. Many fans wanted her to have a connection to characters we knew but Johnson went the unexpected route and made her spawn of no one important. And that was the point. That this person could be anyone with any parentage. A concept I personally endorsed. JJ’s version was filled with safe decisions. I like filmmakers who opt to take a few risks. Willing to upset the boat. Go somewhere the audience doesn’t expect. I fully expect Episode 9 to undo much of what Johnson did and to go the more conventional, and probably tired route of what we’ve seen before.

That seems more than a little premature. Lucas mostly winged it movie by movie.

And I would say it was largely a creative failure. The original trilogy ended weakly with ROTJ, and then was a complete mess in the prequel trilogy, and now JJ’s mystery box started off the sequel trilogy with no coherent answers or story.

That’s actually not true. Lucas’ original script was a lengthy epic. He knew it would not be filmable so he altered it by focusing on the first act of his epic story but moved the big battle and the death star destruction to the end of the first act instead to make the move work as a stand alone.

SW is garbage sci-fi for children.

Yeah, but if that garbage hadn’t gotten a lot of people interested in sci-fi again, TMP and the other movies never would have been made.

Legate Damar,

Actually, Spielberg’s CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND was what got TMP made. That “garbage” was what nearly killed it by inordinately concentrating the Paramount suits’ faith on inflated FX promises from someone who couldn’t deliver.

I like Star Wars more than Star Trek.

A34, color me NOT surprised :)

In Star Trek Picard, the Federation is turning away from it’s roots and becoming it’s own worst enemy. In ST: Discovery we see what happens when the Federation continues on that path.
Picard will start a pro-federation faction that adheres to the old ways, and Discovery must find this faction- if it still exists 900 years later- if the Federation is to be revived.

OR… to save the Federation in the past. If Georgio is the lead of a Section 31 series it would seem that would only be possibly if she’s sent back to the 23rd Century or possibly the 24th.

You heard what Picard said. “The past is written, but we are left to write the future.” They’re not going to change history.

Ya forgetting about the 29th Century Federation and their Time Ships.

If the events of the Picard show will result in the future the Discovery has traveled to, I wonder if the real event that ends up causing the Federation to go down that path will be because of Voyager’s Endgame. The borg were dealt a crippling blow by Admiral and Captain Janeway, which could have left them vulnerable to anyone wanting to exploit their technology. And we know the borg will be in the Picard show.

The Borg lost one of their transwarp hubs, but they are still a major power.

I was just going by the dialogue from the episode when I said the Borg were dealt a crippling blow. Maybe they overestimated what the destruction of the hub, queen and unicomplex would do to the Borg.

They may have lost some of their power but the Borg has trillions of people in it. Yes maybe the Borg that was affected by the virus Janeway gave them and whoever was stuck in the alpha quadrant couldn’t fend for themselves. But my guess is in Borg territory where all their resources are they are still pretty powerful and probably gained back a lot of it by now. Obviously all speculation but I can’t buy the entire species was just wiped out. If humans can come back from a nuclear war then yes so can the Borg considering their numbers and how technically advance they are.

I guess it would depend on how quickly the Borg could recover within the time between Endgame and Picard. It’s only about 20 years I think.

For anyone musing about the music, the Globe and Mail has a fascinating interview with Jeff Russo on the challenges of developing/composing an original theme for Picard.

(Russo is doing a seminar for composers in Vancouver.)

No offense but Russo seems to become the John Eaves of Trek music, an only medium-talented guy (judging by his Discovery output) who inexplicably keeps getting all the gigs even where diversity would be called for the purpose of artistic differentiation already…

Agreed, we need to have more variety in composers and themes for Trek. That’s how it worked best in the 90’s, when even a legend like Goldsmith could come on board and compose a theme for Voyager.

Regardless of what people think about the JJ films, there’s little argument that Michael Giacchino did a great job with the music. I’m sure he’s in high demand (his Coco soundtrack is incredible), but it was nice to hear his music return in Q&A.

I’d have to argue, unfortunately. I personally found Giacchino’s main theme for Trek 2009 to be simplistic and grating. The funny thing is that I’ve much enjoyed some of his music outside of Trek (if the opening sequence of UP didn’t break your heart at least a little, you don’t have one to break).

Yes but that breaks your heart because of the backstory itself. Not because of the accompanying score. Sure, the score helps but that story was so well presented it would have been moving even without the score.

Yeah, I was hoping for someone else to tackle Picard, because Russo’s work on Discovery has not impressed me. I like his work on Legion and Counterpart, but his Star Trek scores are just a muddled mess.
John Eaves becoming the great connecting link between the old Trek and the new would have pleased me in the 90’s, but now I just want some new people to bring a fresh perspective to these shows.

I was there, magnificent panel! Honestly one of the best Trek panels I’ve ever seen. Sir Patrick was a riot, every word out of his mouth was wonderful, the fans had great questions and offered beautiful praise to the showrunners of Disco and Picard, and it was just like the perfect Comic Con experience for Trekkies. We all went nuts when we saw Riker and Troi. Also I gotta admit, most of the people asking questions were pretty young — the fan base is diversifying and I finally feel like the median age is down to like a millennial level, or at least Gen X. Which is great news!

Thanks for sharing albatrosity.

I watched the stream, but the trailer was blacked out and we saw nothing of the audience.

Been saying this for YEARS now, there is an entire new generation of Trekkies who are all watching TNG, DS9 and the others for the first time thanks to all the streaming options and why none of these shows have ever faded into existence. They show up on places like Facebook and Reddit every day saying they just binged all of TNG for the first time and now a fan. You come to places like this and you would think anyone who cares about these shows anymore are all the people whose been watching it for decades. But there is definitely a legion of new fans giving all these old shows a chance and many binge all of them in a few months time.

Again ANOTHER reason why CBS wants Trek on AA because they know that’s where the younger people will be (no one under 45 watches CBS lol…unless its Big Brother).

But man it sounds like you had a great time. Its just great to see so much excitement for these shows now. Picard was a no-brainer in terms of excitement obviously, but people generally seem much more excited about Discovery as well now. And making your first three Short Treks about Pike and the gang was also another brilliant move. We’re going to have a pretty fun year if this stuff actually turns out good. ;)

“ Again ANOTHER reason why CBS wants Trek on AA because they know that’s where the younger people will be (no one under 45 watches CBS lol…unless its Big Brother)”

Does anybody else think that when the current licensing agreements for all the older Trek shows expire we’ll finally get HD versions of DS9 and Voyager?

The problem with DS9 and VOY in HD is not licensing, but the cost as much of the graphics would need to be redone. They did that for the TNG blu rays, but those were not as successful as hoped. CBS did allow the What We Left Behind production to do some scenes in HD for that documentary.

It really would be worth it though for DS9 and Voyager.

Remastering makes a huge difference in attracting new viewers and retaining the value of the IP – and it’s still a lot less costly than new production.

Amazon Prime has the remastered Farscape (with the 2 Peacekeeper Wars tagged onto season 4).

It really looks great and seems to be revitalizing interest in the series to the point of the showrunner doing interviews about bringing Farscape back.

I’m wondering if the CBS folks are taking note.

No one is going to watch old Trek shows just because it was remastered.

Mark my words: AI upscaling is going to save DS9 and VOY one day! This is the only way this could and would be done economically, once the technology is ready.

“What We Left Behind” showed pretty nicely IMHO how DS9 remastering could be done, even for CGI, and even today. But the big question is if CBS wants to invest the money in revamping old content instead of producing new content.

AI upscaling, like all machine learning based techniques, still needs a large and specific training set to be more accurate, so it’s true there will be the need to redo a number of episodes of both series the old-fashioned way, but if the vast majority can then be processed automatically, the cost would still be dramatically lower.


As sure as there’s a Project 4k77:

It couldn’t hurt.

Like this a lot. CGI looks ugly though. That ship Picard is on looks like crap. As do the other ships and the rest of the CGI. Hopefully they are still working on it. I don’t like how it looks like Discovery. We’ll see I guess.

Two words my friend: John Eaves. The day he finally retires and “new blood” is allowed to design starships is the day there is hope for something different than the same tired, busy-looking Star Wars aesthetic.

Well said!! Eaves should retire and stop his ‘eaves droppings’ which are very busy, cluttered designs. I also hoped they would go back to the sleek Andrew Probert aesthetic for the Picard series and leave Eaves to messing with Discovery…

You and me hope, Bart. Unfortunately Probert’s vision of design evolution (which ultimately was Roddenberry’s) is decidedly unpopular not just with most subsequent producers, but apparently fans as well. Which is kind of an enigma given that smartphones developed from keyboard and button galore Blackberrys to almost button- and portless sheets of glass. Clearly ships without hard edges, nuts, bolts and dirt are MORE futuristic, not less, no?

I get that using models is expensive and stuff (not for Disney though as they are using a physical model for the Mandalorian ship) but even when Trek based their CGI off of those models it looked a million times better than these dark, cluttered, weightless designs. There is no gravitas and emotion to them, just meaningless flickering of lights and typical laser sounds. The colour looks dull as well. Too much CGI. Correction, too much BAD CGI. We’ll see though. Hopefully it gets better.

Yeah, Eaves designs look like comic book stuff, they’re all clutter and ‘cool’ shapes, but they have no purpose. Probert seemed like a bit of a crank, but he thought about form and function.
Eaves did some good work, but designers are always working within the constraints the producers set. Right now I think they’re letting Eaves go wild without any kind of counter weight to rein him in.
On Discovery they let him create some absolutely heinous ships. Say what you will about the JJ movies, but they did a good job balancing realism, futurism and TOS-period design. Those ships felt of an era, which is more than you can say about the Discovery designs.

So far Picard’s style looks all over the place.

Agree very much. However, these are trailers so I’m PRAYING they get better. TNG had such a great aesthetic it feels odd for that cast to be in something sub par visually.

I hated everything (literally) about the first Picard trailer. This, on the other hand, makes it look extremely promising! Even got me a bit emotional in spots. :)

Gotta admit… this looks interesting.

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!

This looks better than I dared hope.


I am so excited to see uniforms from TNG but am mildly confused… would think they would be the grey shoulder version seen in the movies/DS9… also, that wig on Data looks… off. Data’s face just looks off with the de-aging they’re doing. I wonder if that’s finalized yet or still being worked on.

It’s a dream, so it doesn’t really have to make sense. Although I would guess, since more people remember the TV show than the movies, it makes sense to use a familiar old uniform than try to explain the relatively briefly lived DS9-style / First Contact-style uniforms. As this is 2399, and there’s yet another uniform style that could be mistaken for DS9’s coloured shoulder panels, it’s probably better to differentiate than potentially confuse viewers as to the timeframe.

Oh, I wasn’t speaking of the DS9 colored shoulder jumpsuits when I said DS9, simply that the FC onward uniforms were also the most recently seen “future” uniforms.

But you’re right, it’s a dream so it could be anywhere in his past and still make sense. I just really love the FC/gray shoulder uniforms a lot.

I too prefer the more militaristic uniforms of the movies (both TOS and TNG). But it’s exactly right that the TV series iconography is what people know. Combine that familiar TNG iconography with an STD-style production deign (appropriate for the CBS age of Trek), and I think you’re going for the right look.

I have long felt that (in regards to STD’s production design) you could do Trek where things (sets, costumes, etc) look nearly exactly the same or at least very very similar as what came before the Abrams movies placed their spin on things and simply update lighting and camera style to make them more “modern” IRL while still looking like they fit.

I genuinely hope that any “legacy” Trek items they use in Picard do well to prove my point (which I have been told was a stupid opinion here on the TrekMovie comments sections in the past (not be anyone commenting here, just a general thing since Discovery came out)). So far, the hologram Galaxy class, the updated TOS type Romulan Bird of Prey they seem to be flying around in, the Borg cube, Seven’s borg implants, and the TNG uniforms are all doing pretty well with simply updated lighting and presentation!

Yeah the First Contact uniforms are still my favorite as well. It is odd how neither Picard or Lower Decks will use them. Yes Picard is 20 years away so I can see why its different but Lower Decks is only a year after Nemesis.

Maybe the Romulan-Federation detente as it were at the end of Nemesis and the end of the Dominion War meant that the Federation looked at itself and what it had become and said no, we just went through a lot of war, let’s become peaceful again, and they changed back the uniforms. Obviously Romulus’s destruction threw that plan into chaos, and that’s why the Federation by the time of Picard has slipped from its ideals, to the point that by the next millennium the Federation is in tatters

BUT, if we think to all those instances when we got glimpses of a “future” timeline [particularly in TNG and Endgame] they didn’t use the militaristic gray uniforms. They were all some variation of the standard primary color uniforms.

Thankfully short-lived, being (IMO) ugly as hell.

I;ve noticed from both trailers – apart from referencing the fact Data sacrificed himself and the destruciton of Romulus, all the visual references seem to be specifially from the tV Series. This was filmed before the merger so there may be rights issues involved, or they wanted to throwback with an era the general audience as more familiar with?

And yes I’d love the FC uniforms to make a comeback, though Lower Decks is canon and they use a new style.

people talk a lot about the former separation between films and tv from a legal perspective with no idea what they’re talking about. and the uniform reference is a non-issue, as they were used in both DS9 and Voyager .

I have been very confused by the rights issues because I have seen so many back and forth things where people debunk both sides of that coin. Was anything official ever said about if there really was a total separation of rights for designs before the merger?

It’s been covered here Will.

It really was never a factor.

Yes as TG47 said its never been a factor. In fact I asked this question to Bob Orci directly (writer and producer of the first two Kelvin movies just in case someone here really doesn’t know that ;)) and asked when they were making the first two movies, were there any restrictions CBS gave them in what they could include in the movies and he said none. And Paramount was just licensing the IP.

CBS OWNS the franchise completely. I don’t know how much more clearer this can be. It’s not a Marvel situation which is what I think most people base this from. But CBS NEVER sold off any of the characters to anyone so there is no exclusivity issue like the recent craziness Disney and Sony went through over Spider-Man. In this example, they simply share the IP with Paramount, so they can still do whatever they want with it. It was also stated loooong ago that the Kelvin movies were canon to the Prime universe. That can ONLY work without restrictions and if you want to keep canon straight between them. It’s also why you now have multiple Kirks and Spocks because both companies can use those characters and all related story lines.

The only issue probably comes to keeping the canon consistent I guess and probably why they decided to put the movies in another universe, but it was never a decree by CBS either.

small correction: marvel never sold off their characters. Spider-man and the x-men and ff always belonged to them, they just licensed fox and Sony to make movies. the nature of the deal just heavily benefited fox and sony because they were nearly bankrupt when they signed them so they had no leverage. basically, the deals were FOREVER as long as they kept making them. that is still the case with sony. the only reason sony did the deal with marvel is because the Spiderman movies started losing money, so if it had continued, they’d eventually stop making them, and the rights would revert.

In fact, marvel had to ask sony if they could use spider-man’s Empire State university in 2008’s Hulk movie, and sony said no.

still there’s never been any official word that cbs couldn’t mention or show material from the movies, so I think it’s foolish just to assume they can or can’t because every deal is different.

This is exactly what I meant in my OP. I shouldn’t have said sold, I was just making the point that Sony, Fox and the others had exclusive rights to those characters for basically in perpetuity as you said just as long as they kept paying Marvel. And why Disney probably will never directly be able to have Spider-Man as long as Sony keeps paying. That’s what I was getting at.

Paramount’s licensing deal for Star Trek is obviously nothing like this. It’s clearly a much more lax deal where any one can use whatever characters or story lines they want. Until Disney brought FOX, MCU wasn’t even allowed to used the word ‘mutant’. There is noting like that between the Trek shows and films and have used many of the same characters and elements in the Kelvin movies and Discovery, just in different universes basically.

Who is Bob Orci?
Get me Bob Orci!
Get me a Bob Orci type
Get me a young Bob Orci

Who is Bob Orci?

It seems to have an ambitious story line, and is taking some really compelling risks. And yet, it all just feels so comfortably familiar. This is such a beautiful thing they’re doing. It brings back so many memories with my action figures and all the imagination and wonder I had for Star Trek as a child.

Yet you ALMOST have to suspect they are going to throw us into cold water with all that nostalgia bait, eventually, no? “The past is written…” The past is dead.

I dunno. I have a good feeling. The difference is that the characters have moved on with their lives in realistic ways. The problem I always felt with the TNG movies is that they were a continuation of the TV show whereas TOS movies had ten years go by and saw major changes in the characters lives. Picard is Picard, but being told “this is not your house anymore,” that was heartbreaking. Our hero is no longer relevant, and so despite the nostalgia the character arc seems very heavy and meaningful — and honestly we didn’t have character arcs in TNG, so this is big

Let’s not forget these are largely the same people as those responsible for Discovery season 1 and 2 (even the same composer and ship modeller!) I hear the message, but I lack belief… Only Chabon is the true wild card in here. All his entries so far have been a leap in thoughtfulness compared to the usual “emotions & explosions” fare Kurtzman has been delivering so far.

Picard, Data, Riker + Troy plus 7 O 9 is all you need the rest looked truly awful & ultra low budget PC correct nonsense just thrown in as they do not want to fund beyond a certain level for feature quality actors & production design.

[low budget PC correct nonsense]

I am continually surprised anyone expects or even wants anything else from Star Trek. this is what Star Trek is. it’s like buying a car and complaining that it has four wheels.

Politically correct correct nonsense? You know that that is what Trek has always been, right? I also didn’t see anything particularly PC or non PC in the trailer.

“You know that that is what Trek has always been”

Not true at all. Kirk giving weapons to both sides? Kira destroying an old man’s house for a power plant? That whole Maquis thing? This just out of the top of my head. Most Trek series were alot more nuanced and (dare I say it?) ideologically diverse than the “modern” black-and-white Kurtzman fare. One hopes that Chabon as a man of literature will provide some corrective at least for this series (I’ve given up hope for Discovery – in any century). I didn’t see much indication either way in the trailer though – there is simply not enough of the narrative revealed in there to make such judgment.

Baloney. Cherrypick all you like, but the simple fact is that the vast majority of Trek’s overt messaging has been liberal — no great surprise given the beliefs of its creators both behind and in front of the camera. (There’s nothing more antithetical to Trumpism, for example, than TOS’ vision of a United Earth.). That’s not to say that conservatives and people of all political persuasions can’t enjoy the franchise, but there’s no use trying to kid the rest of us about where it’s always come from.

Again, things in Trek (and the real world) are not as black-and-white as one radical, now near-religious movement that by no means has a majority among all humans in the world wants them to be (what “liberal” means and stands for has massively changed just in the past two decades). For example, borders were always an important concept in the Trek universe (just think of all those “Neutral Zones”), and the whole Maquis conflict revolved around them. You can’t always have your cake and eat it too, and there’s no such thing as a free lunch – eventually someone has to pay. I think a lot of fans who have been “converted” since the 1990s now view Trek through some particularly rose-colored glasses. There’s also the fact that all of 24th century Trek mostly takes place in a POST-SCARCITY society and that makes any comparisons to our age (and political movements du jour) tenuous at best. Even Trek acknowledges it took a cataclysmic Third World War and First Contact to unite Earth and move beyond the limitations of our species, greed, hunger and selfishness (which, to be realistic, would have more to do with “post-scarcity” than yet another big conflict).

I was also thinking there is something particularly ironic if it proves true that Discovery will try to undo the negative and radical changes to the Federation in the 32nd century and try to revive its past glory and ideals. That, by definition, would make it the first conservative Trek show – if they want that or not ;-)

I’m forced to agree that, at least in TOS, when they did deal with the more controversial subjects (meaning beyond the obvious ones like from Let That be Your Last Battlefield or The Cloud Minders) they weren’t as black and white as people want to believe. They would often have compelling arguments on both sides of an issue. And there would never be one good solution that solves everything. The solution Kirk went with was what he felt was the least cruddy solution to the problem. But that’s not to say it was the “correct” move in the long run. The better Trek episodes did not play sides. They made the audience seriously consider the situation from all points of view. To say Trek leaned to one way of thinking is disingenuous at best.

A Neutral Zone is not a border. Like the name says it is a region that is neutral. It’s a buffer between two hostile forces that is there to prevent accidental encounters.

Let’s not split hairs here. The Federation-Cardassian border was a real border and it led to the entire Maquis conflict where the Federation would abandon and radicalize some of its own citizens in the interest of the bigger picture and the greater good (the end of war and peace with a long-term enemy). It was a very gray area situation, not black-and-white at all.

Yes! PC peeps in space! It what Trek has always been. Did you come for the blinking lights and phaser battles and miss the awesome Hollywood liberal diversity agenda it has pumped out for over 50 years? Who would think that backward-looking conservative “values” have any place in this socialist, money-free future?

You haven’t really seen the rest of the cast act PaUl, but you seem very sure that you know they must be bad – despite most of them having at least as strong if not stronger credentials than the TNG cast had at the start.

I think that sounds pretty much like definitional unconscious bias.

Not to be misunderstood – as we discussed before, I think the cast looks vastly better and more international than Discovery’s from the get-go, and has better naming to boot :)

Agreed VS…

And it’s nice to have you more engaged here again. 😀

Hehe thanks, same here! Not everyone is happy about that, of course! :D

OMG, Data and Picard in their TNG uniforms! (Seems to be a dream Picard is having.)

Also, Picard has to spell his name for the clueless receptionist at Starfleet Headquarters, while a huge hologram of the Enterprise-D is hovering over them! :-D

(Perhaps the basic idea is that “Star Trek: Picard” will cater more to the nostalgia crowd, so that “Star Trek: Discovery” can continue to be more freestyle Trek without so much intense backlash…?)

Actually, given that receptionist’s reaction, it sounds like he already knew who Picard was. Picard just thought he was clueless.

I kinda thought he was spelling it out as a joke

I’m still looking more forward to Disco Season 3.

As am I A34.

I’m just really hoping that the writers room finally stabilizes.

now THAT is the best birthday present a guy could have. 1/23 Baby!

10 Stars!

Star Trek Picard could easily be the 4th Star Trek movie after the Kelvin series.

If Captain Pike gets a spinoff he’d represent the past, Picard representing the present, and Discovery representing the future.

So agree! I think this would work the best and keep all fans happy because there is a little something for everyone. I’m not AS bothered about having a Pike show but like everyone I think its a no-brainer and they should definitely do it. The best way would probably to drop the Section 31 show (which at last count the number of fans here who was slightly for it was around 3 lol) and put on the Pike show. But its clear its not that easy I guess.

I think I’d prefer a S31 show to a Pike show. S31 is something that hasn’t been done to death, like the Enterprise exploring the galaxy has, and it would be a good way to have Tyler, Georgiou, L’rell, and Mudd make appearances. Pike and his crew can even guest star on that occasionally.

I sincerely believe that S31 and Pike will appeal to profoundly different niches.

My biggest caution on S31 is that it seems to be set in the 23rd century, and therefore at risk of annoying TOS fans.

Better to set Pike in the pre-TOS era to satisfy the core base, and let S31 work around that – whatever time it takes place in.

It hasn’t been done to death but that doesn’t mean the concept we have heard about it would be a good one. The idea that a genocidal tyrant from an alternate universe is heading them or even working for them completely ruins the concept for one. Had we gotten a show about them without that silly aspect they MIGHT have something. And it would work a ton better if it were set in the TNG era. The version we saw on Discovery was laughable and ludicrous.

At least she’s not a fake orange billionaire reality star.

Well you will probably get your wish because as I said I think the S31 show is happening no matter what. And I also said I’m willing to give the S31 show a chance and wasn’t against the idea originally but their appearance in Discovery didn’t really win me over (after I was originally excited about them being there).

But in reality its really no contest. It’s always funny how extreme the reaction is out there when the name Pike versus Section 31 comes up. Pike gets automatic cheers and people genuinely excited over the prospect. S31 seems to get mostly groans and ‘is that really happening’ type of responses. It is crazy how big the extremes are. I don’t think I’ve ever seen SUCH an extreme between proposed shows lol.

There is a lot of things at play obviously: People just want a show with the original Enterprise again and the nostalgia factor, Pike has become a really popular character and want to see him full time and they want a show that is similar to what old Trek represented, just about exploration and finding strange new worlds which oddly none of the current live shows seems to be about. But I understand that’s why you don’t want it because its been done to death in all the previous shows minus DS9. But for many people THAT is Star Trek. I have said many times as well I’m up for variety and to break the mold but there is nothing wrong to have one show to continue that classic mold either.

I think they are just backing the wrong horse at this point. But we still don’t know much about how S31 will be done so I’m willing to have an open mind. And yes I have said too if they do have the show it does give Pike and Spock a chance appearing on it along with all the other characters left behind in the 23rd century after Discovery left assuming that’s where the show ultimately lands. That’s still not a guarantee either since Georgiou is with Discovery and one thing all these shows are proving is that they are willing to shake things up a lot.

I think they did hint it would be a “fun romp” a la “Mission Impossible”, nothing too serious, and that seriously clashes with Space Hitler heading the series. But as per TPTB, apparently she is “delicious” ;)

Oh right, I forgot the other reason many don’t want the show, they hate Georgiou lol. Again, its SO crazy how different a Pike show vs the Section 31 show are to each other. Pike represents everything good and noble about the Federation. He’s basically the 23rd century version of Picard. MU Georgiou is closer to a version of Hitler. Try as they might to soften her up, you can’t just erase that aspect of her. But yes, obviously Star Trek fans want to watch someone like Pike every week and not Georgiou. But TPTB seem to think Michelle Yeoh is just that popular to do it I guess.

Like I said I am honestly on the fence with BOTH shows. What I mean is I definitely like and welcome a Pike show but its not something I need to have either and would probably choose a show that goes forward if I had the choice (and that other show was good obviously).

OTOH, I don’t have a problem with a S31 show in theory and think it could be a fun show, especially if its more a spy show with Mission Impossible elements as you said. The problem is I don’t really like the lead at all and they actually stripped what made S31 so cool in the first place and that was their anonymity. That’s sort of the irony of the Mission Impossible comparison because no one is suppose to know who that group is. As far as the public is concerned IMF doesn’t exist, only the highest orders of the government acknowledge their presence. That’s why they are disavowed when they are caught because the government pretends like they know nothing about them and has all deniability about any of their missions.

That’s what S31 USED to be and they killed off that part of them.

Actually I think it is extremely sad they ruined the character of Georgiou the way they did, first and most importantly, by killing her “real version” off, and then by turning it into its opposite in the mirror universe! I both liked the actress AND her version of a Star Trek captain, which you could say was the perfect female pendant to Picard and Pike. If the Pike show is ever made, for this reason I’d actually like it to be a prequel to Discovery that allows for the occasional bump-in with the only version of Georgiou that should exist in my book: the dear Captain!

Pike is the boring boy scout, Georgiou is the fun wild woman. I know which one I would pick to see.

Someone tell that guy paying Spock to take up smoking or something. Nimoy had that aged look to him. Even in the Cage. Something about that dude shaved with the bowl cut isn’t right. He’s in too good a shape too. Needs to lose a few pounds.

Nice to see Riker and Troi, but its strange that Crusher ist not the first one he ask for help . They have the closest relationship. Maybe Beverly is dead!

It’s been 25 years Tim.

We don’t know what their relationship is at this point. Or if Beverly is still in Starfleet and therefore in a conflict should he consult her.

I also think that he would be looking for a different kind of assessment of his plan from Riker – his former number one and a former captain in his own right.

VERY Excited! But I wish they would stop with the trailers that give away all the surprise appearances.

This one didn’t give away any surprise appearances. It only featured characters who we already knew were showing up.


Yeah… At this point I’m getting pretty darn tired of seeing them in Trek.

Me too.

One would think that there is only one kind of geography in the universe.

To all those who complained about seeing the quarry twice over two seasons of Discovery, all I can say is for those of us outside southern California, we are beyond any possible nostalgia for the Vasquez rocks.

Its better than Doctor Who, where every planet is a rock quarry.

Wouldn’t it be totally mean if Picard was now friends with Tom Riker instead?

And Deanna left Will for Tom? Besides, even with all the changes in the Cardassian government since he was arrested, it doesn’t seem likely that Tom was ever freed.

I agree that it has to be Will… in fact Picard says ‘Hello Will’ in the trailer.

However, Legate Damar, my recollection was that you were among the group here that has been reading the Relaunch novels…

Didn’t you buy the transformation of Tom Riker into a Federation intelligence operative as part of a post-war protocol? (I really liked him in The Fall sequence of novels.)

I forgot about that. He helped uncover the conspiracy to assassinate Bacco, right? I can’t remember who he was working for or how he got out of prison though. Its been a few years.

Yes, and teamed up with Beverly Crusher in an unexpected and credible way on an undercover effort.

I’ll have to reread some of those novels at some point.

Funny how they showed a Galaxy Class starship. Not that I’m complaining. One would think most if not all Galaxy’s are retired or heavily refitted by this time. If it is the Enterprise in the hologram, wonder why they chose D instead of E.
Also it seems Picard is pulling a Kirk ala Star Trek 3 only without a crippled Enterprise.

Its possible that the Galaxys are all retired, and this is just a hologram of the Enterprise or another old ship. Although, Starfleet has been know to keep classes in service for absurdly long times. Just look at the Excelsior class.

Maybe the holographic projection cycles through different ship classes and we see more than just the Galaxy class in the full scene.
As for why they chose D instead of E: The D was seen in 7 years of the show and one movie – plus quite a few Galaxy class ships appeared on DS9. The E was only seen in 3 movies.

The D was at Wolf 359.

It’s ships that were victorious at major battles that have models displayed at HQ. (Like Nelson’s ship at the UK Admiralty as noted by another poster.)

The D didn’t make it to Wolf 359 until the battle was over.

I liked this trailer better. The one thing that gave me pause was seeing Picard in a sword fight. But since there is no context I will give it the benefit of the doubt.

Interesting that the Birds of Prey have reverted back to be more like their TOS versions. Which is an element I feared. That due to the backlash from Discovery’s futuristic take on the pre-TOS era I felt like the Picard people might be scared to move forward and instead keep things more or less similar to what they were before. Which is obviously bass-ackward. The Picard show is the one where they can feel free to advance things and move forward. NOT the one set in a previous and well known time frame.

ML31, they did say the Picard show would be more “grounded” and more about character and psychology than gee-wiz technology a la Discovery. So it does seem to be more of a conscious narrative choice, even if it is one that doesnt make much sense in an in-universe way, unfortunately. At least they now moved Discovery into the right time period to run wild. If wild ENOUGH to justify an 800 years gap to Picard, we will see :)

True but Discovery would still be sporting 900 year old tech. Wait… More like 800 year old tech.

They are probably still going to run wild in terms of all the magical tech they are running into or “picking up” ;) And with these writers that is probably not a good thing, just remember these “time crystals” last season!

Time crystals are real.

We are not having THAT discussion again? Read it up on Wikipedia to find they simply appropriated the term for something completely unrelated and clearly fantastical.

Yup, so they are A34.

A fixed point/event across all time streams…

And a really cool concept to bring into the franchise that’s been deep into the multiverse and manifold time for more than a half century.

The physical embodiment in a physical crystal matrix is pure Trek speculation, but a lot of fun.

To all those who are still grouchy about time crystals, I have three words : ‘subspace carrier wave’.

It’s all about marketing. You say, “subspace carrier wave” and people go.. “ooo, cool!” You say “time crystals” and people go, “ugh. Lame.” Regardless of ANY scientific accuracy (or inaccuracy). It’s why they are called “phasers” and not “death rays”.

I think it’s a pretty clear distinction. Using a fictional term for a fictional concept is alright, but appropriating an existing scientific term for something completely different and fictional that is clearly not possible according to contemporary science is kind of sneaky. Trying to get legitimacy from real science while being ever more unscientific in how fantastical and magical concepts have become (there are some ground rules for science fiction that separates it from fantasy). The spore drive and frequent “shoutouts to the real Paul Stamets” are another example for this tactics. I’m not sure this is doing science a great service.

Picard did fence with Guinan in TNG. It stands to reason he could perform sword play.

I’m going to have to call that response as irrelevant. There are things I did 20 years ago that I most certainly would be much worse at today. And Picard is some 30 years older than I am!

Yeah, but you don’t have the benefits of Federation medicine.

There was also a teaser in one later TNG episode where he fenced with another crew mate. I think this connection has been well established, the only thing straining credibility is that he is way past 90 and fighting with a trained professional!

Fencing is a highly technical lifelong sport even in current times.

If it’s possible to keep up today with Kevlar, how much more with holodeck technology.

the bird of prey thing is odd, maybe kind of a look back? a vision?

I hope to God it’s some sort of past record. It would be ridiculous for Romulans to be using the same ship for 100 years.


*Cough* That was dumb, too. *cough*

But at least they had a production related reason behind it. Albeit not a very good one. But at least they had an excuse. I’m wondering what ST:Picard’s excuse is…

ML31, i think the explanation would be that most of Romulan’s fleet was destroyed during the supernova and subsequent rescue mission, and after the Empire splintered into factions, this particular faction would only have access to retired BoPs from some junkyard far away from the Roman star system. Thr Achilles heel of empires throughout history has always been their military and political centralization, so the destruction of Romulus would be that much more devastating to the remaining entities.

I suppose it is possible it would mothballed. Even the US Navy does that. But the size of the mothballed fleet gets smaller every year. I find it highly unlikely they would still have 100 year old vessels still mothballed that are still salvageable.

I’m still holding out hope it is appearing in a flashback or something. But I’m thinking that would not be the case.

As a counter-argument about service age and mothballing, the Federation Miranda and Excelsior classes were in use some 90 years from the 2280s until the 2370s or longer (no doubt with upgraded systems).

That is true but as I stated before, that was because of production reasons and not “in-universe” ones. When something like that happens I tend to not treat is as strictly as actual “in-universe” happenings. That being said, since it did appear on screen it IS fair to cite it.

This looked AMAZING to me up to the point of 7of9 with the guns looking like the terminator. Oh please!!! That was just horrible.

It is kind of in character for her though.

I don’t think so… when did we ever see her looking like Rambo? And that is just not the Star Trek I want. Others may disagree.

Rambo Trek has a good ring to it.

We haven’t specifically seen her dual wielding phasers before, but we’ve seen her kicking ass plenty of times. She likes to take the direct approach to solving problems, and that sometimes involves the use of force.

It was positively (or negatively?) Resident Evil ;)

She may be more human now, but obviously she still lives by the Borg’s core motto – “Resistance is futile”.

Will trekmovie be doing a trailer analysis, shot-by-shot?

yes, please. waiting for it! ;)

Well just to let everyone know, Kurtzman confirmed Picard for season 2 is already green lit and they already working on season 2. I wonder what took so long? ;)

Not too surprised obviously we know they want to keep the showing for at least 3 years and I guess they figure season 1 will be a bonafide hit. More than likely it probably was always green lit for two seasons.

I wonder if same as bringing in Voyager in this season, they will bring in some DS9 cameos and connections in season 2? Personally I would root for Kira after this strong Seven performance! One of the best aspects of post-TNG Trek was its strong, credible and likeable female leads, which is yet another reason why Discovery is such a bummer. Here’s another chance for a major course correction with Picard!

I think part of the reason why they green light season 2 of Picard so early is Patrick Stewarts age. He isn’t getting any younger and I think they would want to film him before he gets really old and can’t be physically active anymore.

I think it more likely the show had at least a two season order from the beginning. It might even have a three season order going in. A lot of people don’t seem to know that a lot of streaming and cable shows start off with two season orders.

If they are taking the destruction of Romulus from the Kelvin movies into consideration than why not Countdown? I get that they’re comics, But everyone online debating where Data fits into all of this. Countdown explains everything. Unless prime Spock did something to change the prime universe than B4 should have been the captain of Enterprise E. Unless STPicard is going to dismiss the new movies and Romulus being destroyed all together.

Comics aren’t canon. They are free to ignore them.

It’s my understanding that the Picard series, just like Discovery does not consider the JJverse movies as part of their universe. Everything on Television/ online and all movies through Nemesis are one the same timeline. The beginning of Star Trek (2009) is also in that timeline. The destruction of Romulus (and I would assume Remus) occurred in that time line. The events involving Nero forward have not occurred in the Picard/Disco/ENT/VOY/DS9/TNG/TOS timeline. Basically there is a JJ-verse of 3 movies with the Apple Store Enterprise bridge and then everything else.

The comics he is talking about are set in the original timeline. They are about the events leading up to the destruction of Romulus before Spock and Nero travel back in time.

The comics are not canon, however. A show or movie could lift elements or even stories from the comics or books. But until they do and they appear on screen that material is not officially part of the Star Trek universe.

Well, that goes without saying. The writers of Picard are free to entirely ignore the comics. Indeed, it appears that they are ignoring Countdown, since Data is still dead, and it doesn’t look like Picard was ever an ambassador.

Perhaps this has been brought up before, but I think that Dahj is Picards daughter. Not a pure clone like the tried by the Romulans, but more a human/ Borg hybrid. Perhaps the result of Borg tech development.

It could be a new way of assimilation by the Borg, as a way to infiltrate the Federation, since they can’t seem to defeat them militarily. It would explain their connection as well as her “superpowers” and why she is thought to be such a danger.

She could also be a creation of the Romulans, based on what we have seen in the trailers. Though that may seem too much like Nemesis, it might explain why Picard is dreaming about Data. I would hope he has not been tormented about Data’s death for 20 years. Realistically, the number of people killed under Picards’ command must be in the hundreds. Think 2 Borg invasions, Klingon civil war, 7 years of television, 4 movies. Despite the lame excuse for the TOS 1701 not being in the Disco Klingon war, it is likely Picard was involved with the Dominion war.

Just my thoughts

Yeah, but most of the people killed under Picard’s command weren’t close friends. He and Data were incredibly close, and Picard basically acted as a father figure to him as he taught him about humanity. And, Data didn’t just die under Picard’s command. He gave his own life to save Picard’s. That is the kind of thing that will haunt Picard much more than the deaths of various redshirts will.

Yes, I agree with you, but still, death comes with command. It’s a convenient plot device, so I get it, and it’s been used before. I;m just saying that there is a fine line they need to balance.

Death may come with command, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Star Trek Discovery and The Next Generation are it’s own entity. They should not be intertwined. You got the TNG Crew with Star Trek Discovery. (warp out, shuttle craft for example) It doesn’t feel right. Now add in a TOS Warbird. I will give Star Trek Picard a fair chance. I may be surprised.
A you tuber did a decent fix on Data’s face from the first trailer. Amazing what someone with no budget can do. CBS should be able to exceed this.

I knew we could trust Chabon