‘The Orville’ Update – Filming Starts & Anne Winters Joins Cast For Season Three

source: Tom Costantino / Twitter

The Orville cast and crew have been back filming for a couple of weeks now, and just this week a new cast member was announced. Read on for more details.

New cast member

According to Deadline, actress Anne Winters (13 Reasons Why) has joined the cast. She is a new series regular on the third season, and her character is named Charly Burke.

Anne Winters joins the cast of The Orville in season 3

Filming is underway

Filming for the third season kicked off in mid-October, and various members of the cast and crew teased the start on social media.


Doug Drexler joins the art department

Longtime Star Trek art department alumnus Doug Drexler (who also worked on Battlestar Galactica) has made his way over to the art department at The Orville. He took to Facebook to journal his thoughts on getting back into the world of producing a TV show and moving on from working with the legendary Emmy winning VFX supervisor (and Trek alumnus) Gary Hutzel, who sadly passed away suddenly in 2016.

One of Doug’s first little fun projects was to make this “Orville Tech” bulletin with writer Andre Bormanis.

Keep up with all the The Orville news at TrekMovie.com.

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Doug Drexler is a great addition to this show. Looking forward to Season 3!

Anne Winters ain’t too shabby, either! Can’t wait to see more of her!!

Is there a story behind why he felt the Trek ships would zoom around in space like hot rods? No disrespect to him, I’ve just always been curious.

Absolutely hate this… So he’s to blame, eh?

From graceful sailing ships to F-16s… blech

To even make that stuff up, Andre Bormanis must know some real physics and chemistry. I’m impressed.

He was a science advisor on later TNG seasons before joining the writing staff of ENT and now The Orville.

.. ok wait. Is it going to be on netflix or hulu?? Fox dropped it but last I heard it was a first run series on netflix who picked it up. Perhaps hulu is trying to “sweeten the pot” (not the smokable kind..sorry seth mcfarlane) with a bribe of sweets!

I’m not sure where you heard Netflix. It’s going to be on Hulu.

I’ve never heard anything about The Orville moving to Netflix. I’ve only heard about FOX dropping the show and moving it over to Hulu.

At no point has the show been announced to run on Netflix. It moved from Fox to Hulu and has never been attached to Netflix.

its in Front of you…. in the post…. on the Pictures.. you just have to look.

The picture of Anne Winters is in front of a Netflix backdrop because it’s from her time on 13 Reasons Why. Nothing in the post indicates it would be on Netflix.

So does the move to Hulu mean that we could see a more “R” rated Orville? Are they gonna go full out on the jokes?

IF they do then it would be a SERIOUS 180 from season 2. Which decidedly moved more towards TNG seriousness. If they have decided to move back to be more of a dramedy like season 1 THEN I will be REALLY disappointed at the move to Hulu. I just don’t want to keep adding streaming services.

“So does the move to Hulu mean that we could see a more “R” rated Orville? Are they gonna go full out on the jokes?”

After “Designated Survivor” was canceled by ABC, it was picked up by Netflix. Not that I necessarily object, but in “Designated Survivor” on Netflix, it seemed like every other word was “f*ck.” It lasted eight episodes before Netflix shitcanned it too.

Actually, it lasted it’s entire short Netflix season. Netflix releases all episodes at once. They opted not to give it another short season.

If the show had improved in season 2 from season 1 instead of regress I would be more annoyed about the Hulu move. Now I guess I’ll check out the discs when they become available to Netflix. At least Hulu makes their stuff available to them. Unlike Amazon.

If you think Season 2 was worse than it’s 1st season, then clearly you weren’t watching the same show as the rest of us. Or not watched it at all.

Or, and hear me out… Clearly you prefer the TNG clone the show turned into in season 2 and NOT the dramedy concept that made the show unique in season 1. And not that the two of us saw different shows. And I’m sure “the rest of us” all appreciate you speaking on their behalf, too.

Yeah, I preferred the comedy in season one too.

In fact, I’m Dead Jim, I thought they should have dialed back the seriousness in season 1 a bit. Make it more 50-50 instead of around 65-35 where it was. But season to went the other way making it more 95-5. But like I said, since they are on Hulu now I won’t be seeing it anyway.

Most people thought so. That’s why the ratings drop and the show was moved to Hulu. Trust me, if the show was a ratings hit it wouldn’t be moving to Hulu.

Disagreed. Season 2 was vastly superior to season 1 in every way. “A Happy Refrain”, “Lasting Impressions” and “Sanctuary” are all fantastic, and there’s good stuff in every episode this season to some degree. There’s also lots of humor, despite the claims otherwise, it’s just that it’s (largely) used better. The “humor” in season 1 was rarely funny. More often it was awkward and out of place. The production staff were entirely right to dial it back and focus on stronger storytelling, while still employing humor where appropiate, such as in “A Happy Refrain”. That’s also what literally everyone else I have watched the show with thinks.

Was “Happy Refrain” the one where Issac was in tighty whities being a jerk to Dr. Finn? Because that was the only really good laugh the entire season. As opposed to the first season which had a number of good laughs.

I did not claim the humor vanished completely. It was just dialed back a GREAT DEAL. There was on average one little giggle per episode. Regarding humor being awkward or out of place, as a viewer looking to be entertained I honestly do not care about that. The bottom line is, ‘was it funny?” And in season one more often than not the answer was, “Yes.” It also didn’t matter because the show was not taking itself TOO seriously. Some of the resolutions were on the absurd side but none of that mattered because the tone was so very light.

Season 2 turned into TNG season 8. Which is fine, I guess, if that is what you are Jonesing for. I think it is what Seth had in mind from day one, to be honest. I think he was such a Trek fan this was the only way he was going to be a Star Trek Captain. Sell the show to Fox as a “dramedy” and then change it to be TNG season 8. But to me, and a LOT of others, what made Orville unique to begin with was the comedic aspect of it. That part was taken away. But the move to Hulu probably does not bode very well for the future of the show anyway.

Anne Winters is an astoundingly beautiful young woman and a very good actor, to boot.

Den Of Geek is reporting Season 3 of The Orville on HULU will consist of only 11 episodes, instead of the 13 episodes each for the first two seasons on FOX. (The broadcast of one Season 1 episode, “Primal Urges,” was held back until season 2 as you’ll recall.) Each of the HULU episodes will, however, be at least 10-15 minutes longer than their FOX counterparts, so in terms of total minutes filmed, The Orville Season 3 is actually longer than the FOX seasons.

Longer is good since they don’t have to rush the story of each episode. Still less stories overall though with fewer episodes.

I guess it evens out with the episodes being longer, the budget is going to be bigger and more celebrity guests too (hopefully more Trek actors – Jonathan Frakes has posted a video saying he wants to be in it).

I hope she’s not playing another love interest for Mercer who is way out of his league but not written that way because Seth MacFarlane is the star/writer/creator of the show.

As one of the funnest men alive once said, It’s good to be the King.

MacFarlane is full of himself.

OMG, THANK GOD DOUG IS THERE! Perhaps we’ll see some bloody variation in starship designs!