The Shuttle Pod Crew Celebrates Dorothy Fontana and René Auberjonois

Shuttle Pod 76 – Celebrating Dorothy Fontana and Rene Auberjonois

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The Shuttle Pod crew gather to celebrate the lives of Dorothy Fontana and René Auberjonois. Join Brian, Jared, Laurie, and Matt as they discuss the careers of these two creative professionals and their contributions to Star Trek.

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Enjoyed the reminiscing. Didn’t know how much other work DC has done. Was aware of Rene’s however.

The only thing I felt was odd about Odo, and this was not Rene’s fault although I wonder if he ever mentioned it for his own comfort… Odo seems to have no problem morphing into anything and looking PERFECT. A rock, a rat, etc. Why then does he have such a hard time making himself look human? I thought he took the humanoid shape to be more accommodating to the other humanoids. He wouldn’t have had to have all the latex caked on.

I think the humanoid form was just more difficult for him to mimic.

That might have been the excuse but he did other, far more complex shapes perfectly well. That was my pet peeve about the character. Not that it takes anything away, mind you. Odo is still among the best characters in the spinoffs. In fact, most of DS9 is on that list for me.

The apparent difference in mass between, say, Odo’s humanoid form and a crow or seagull or whatever is a real sticking point as well. Sometimes you just have to go with these things.

if he looked human most of the time , whats the point of him being a shapeshifter?

The fact that he can shape shift as a gelatinous life form and that he is a founder.

After watching Rogue One, Odo decided not to go down that uncanny valley road, so he opted for caricature instead.

His difficulty with humanoid forms was addressed in the show, but it seemed to be more of a gag than anything. He was never able to get the hang of humanoid noses.

Which is weird. There are ton more complex shapes out there that he DOES master. I guess we have to chalk that one up to a the same foolishness of Data not being able to master simple contractions while his evil twin, an earlier version mind you, was.

Odo got better at replicating a humanoid face after 200 years, in “Children of Time.”

This was incredibly pleasant. Thanks!

THANK YOU Dorothy Fontana, for making Star Trek such a success and enjoyable to watch time and time again! You helped make a show that was so mesmerizing that I had to stay up till 3:30 in the morning each night through my 11th grade in high school to watch. I had to stop only after getting migraine headaches the next day from lack of sleep. But I just had to watch that show! And I enjoyed every minute! I am sure you are now enjoying God’s greatest gift – your ultimate Trek, wherever you now are in the universe!

And thank you René Auberjonois for a sincere performance – every time.