‘Star Trek: Picard’ Prepares For A Second Season With California Tax Credits

This shouldn’t surprise anyone that’s seen the outpouring of interest in the return of Jean-Luc Picard, Deadline is reporting that CBS has secured the California film tax credits for a second season of Star Trek: Picard. This makes it all but official that there will be a second season, which also isn’t surprising considering the producers said a second season was “already in the works” back in October, and that they have a three season plan for Picard.

As with season one, the way the Hollywood press found out about season two being locked in is thanks to the filings of California tax credits. From the filing, the second season will also be 10-episodes. The production was able to secure $20.45 million, the most any television project has ever been awarded by the California Film Commission.

CBS has not officially commented on the filing, so any other details such as returning supporting cast, or the person who will showrun the second season, have yet to be confirmed.

Star Trek: Picard season 1 will be released in January 2020. It will be available on CBS All Access in the USA. CTV Sci-Fi Channel (formerly called Space) and CraveTV in Canada, and on Amazon Prime Video for the rest of the world.

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Apparently the QT Trek is not going to happen, according to a Collider story about a Tarantino interview on another site. Not super surprising, but still a disappointment to me.

We’ll have an article about that soon. That’s not quite what he says. It’s really more about Tarantino directing it, which it seems like now he probably won’t. The story idea he pitched to Bad Robot which they had fleshed out by Mark L. Smith could still be made, just not with him as director.

Would you make a QT movie w/o QT? I mean, TRUE ROMANCE is, and NBK, but at this point, his brand would tag or tar the thing going forward with another director.

I had actually very little belief that Tarantino would direct the movie in the first place. JACKIE BROWN turned out pretty well, most likely because his sensibilities line-up with Elmore Leonard’s in some significant respects, but that’s probably as close to playing in someone else’s sandbox as he’ll ever get.

I’d still be very interested to see his take on Trek, regardless of whether he’s actually the guy who yells “Cut! Print it!” or not.

I would still make it, just to have something DIFFERENT in ST’s vault. And I would find an established director who respected the material. Perhaps Tarantino could recommend somebody.

As you stated, Tarantino has written scripts and produced projects that he has not directed, so yes, people could make a movie that he helped write and conceive but didn’t direct.

I always thought that was the most likely outcome.

I am by no means a purist, but Tarantino Trek did make me really nervous. That interview he gave a while back about how no one understood the 09 movie made it sound like he didn’t understand the basic sci fi aspect of Trek.

Honestly I found it refreshing that somebody who wanted to make a ST movie didn’t understand or make a priority of caring about “the timelines.” You can’t write good ST, or even basic human drama, by placing setting above characters and concept, as fans would seemingly have you do.

It’s also entirely possible he said those things just to rankle fans. Which, incidentally, worked.

If he said that to ‘rankle’ fans then I’m even more happy he’s not doing it.

And I don’t understand this, he could write whatever he wanted, all he had to do is just make it clear it WASN’T canon to what we seen before and that would’ve fit what you’re actually suggesting. So I don’t get this issue at all? Just make a standalone movie in your own universe, ie what Todd Phillips did with Joker which has nothing to do with the DCEU. Done. And frankly what I thought he originally wanted to do when it was first announced he wanted to make one, especially if it was going to be rated R (and I was totally on board with). But what he sounded like he wanted to do was the COMPLETE opposite of that and basically muddy up two already established universes. That’s where people had problems with it. BIG problems and for good reason!

If Tarantino doesn’t care about timelines, how much you want to bet he was going to de-age Shatner, like DeNiro in The Irishman, and have the original Kirk make one final appearance? QT is on record of how much he enjoyed Shatner’s work in TOS.

It was reported one of the reasons Paramount didn’t like Orci’s Star Trek 3 script because Shatner was in it. I don’t know if Paramount themselves is all that gung ho about wanting Shatner back and doubt he would be in another one.

I’m not saying its not possible but it’s not like Tarantino would’ve been the first one with the idea either if he had it at all.

Yes, over the years there have been vague rumblings that Paramount finds Shatner to be an egotistical pain in the rear, with his demands to have a dominant role in any Trek movie. Not worth the trouble.

I am not sure where I read this but I believe Shatner has had his body and voice thoroughly scanned so anything is possible.

Where was that reported? I think the main reason that the Star Trek 3 Kirk/Spock project failed is that Leonard Nimoy died.

Star Trek 3 was cancelled long before Nimoy died. And it was reported in many places including here. And I can’t remember if Orci himself confirmed it here but he never denied it either.

The second it was reported Noah Hawly was hired to direct the next Star Trek film it all but implied to me Tarantino wasn’t going to do it. I said it in that article if they were really serious then his movie should be next as they already had a script in place. But as others said, its not to say someone else wouldn’t direct it but not surprised it won’t be Tarantino either.

I was certainly curious to see if he made one, but he was never exactly first on my list to make one either.

I heard that news and am not surprised at all. If he were to direct it, THAT would have been surprising to me. If that film were to get made I never really expected him to be in the directors chair. At best he would get a story or producer credit was my guess. I was always lukewarm to a QT directed Trek truth be told. If it were made I’d definitely check it out. But if not, I’m fine with that, too. It neither excited me or repulsed me.

I didn’t really care if he made a Star Trek movie either. And I admit after what he said about using the Kelvin cast in the prime universe just sounded like it could’ve been a total disaster canon wise and why he was probably not really fit for job. And it just sounded like he didn’t really understand how Star Trek worked. Not a great sign lol. He could’ve just made things worse, not better if he actually got his way IMO.

Told you so….

told me what?

Dodged a bullet there. QT’s arrogant put down of Simon Pegg showed he was unfit to handle Trek with respect.

Good to know that the foundations for a second season of Picard are falling into place.

imdb had a recent news release of the top ten most searched new shows for 2020 in its database : Star Trek Picard tops the list.

That’s right: Picard is the most anticipated new show of 2020.

This really could be a second (or 3rd) Trek golden age.

By the way, I’m hoping that with the ViacomCBS merger, there will be better coherence and coordination across all the Trek creative media.

I admit that I never was keen on the idea of a Tarantino Trek movie (although I do watch his films). Instead, here’s a few things that I’d like to see across ViacomCBS platforms :

1) a Trek ‘event’ on broadcast television – e.g. a miniseries of 6 hours – Pike might be the best option;

2) Trek-lit brought to streaming: straight adaptions as an alternate timeline or revised stories to fit in the Prime timeline with Picard – S&S has a lot of great Trek content to round out the menu – e.g. a Vanguard miniseries; a Starfleet Core of Engineers anthology series; Destiny miniseries;

3) Solicitation of spec scripts and stories for Short Treks and an episodic Pike show- from S&S Trek authors, and even open to writers globally. (WGA rules require that episodic shows accept spec scripts and don’t just go with the writers room; whereas serialized shows are all written internally). If all Trek is heavily serialized, it doesn’t open itself to fresh inputs and creative ideas.

4) Short Treks in 4k cinematic quality produced as lead ins for Paramount features, somewhat like Picard’s shorts for Disney.

Number 1 on your list will never happen. Discovery would never be successful on Broadcast TV.

Oh and trailers are delayed enough at movie theaters. I would be against number 4.

But he didn’t say Discovery, he said a Pike miniseries.

I agree: Discovery was not intended for US mass market broadcast.

However, a 2 or 3 week miniseries event with Pike’s Enterprise could pull in a lot of folks who would not subscribe to get Trek without a taster/teaser.

CBS executives mused at one point that they might put early seasons of Discovery on broadcast as a summer replacement, but I doubt it would be a good fit. Perhaps they are waiting to see how it works out on broadcast in the UK.

I very strongly agree with #3. Star Wars has gone episodic for its first live action show and it seems to be working out pretty well. Star Trek should take note and give another shot to what’s always worked for it. And the fresh blood from spec scripts would be especially welcome. Some of the best episodes of Star Trek have been from spec scripts.

Star Wars is on fire this month, quite the comeback for a franchise that even six months ago was regarded by many as played out. I dunno if it will generate greater turnout for Rise of Skywalker, but Baby Yoda is the darling of the internet. Trek will never [I sincerely hope] have a character like that that plays to the cuteness factor. But that also means Trek may not have the level of cultural relevancy of a more meme-able franchise like SW.

Baby Yoda is not just cute. And I suspect that this Yoda will show up as an adult in Rise of Skywalker and the show will seem even bigger.

It’s still an infant at 50 years. Doubtful it would be fully grown in another 25-30 years, unless it goes through a putrid stage and becomes a full gremlin.

Force Yoda showed up in the last movie, so he could show up again. Baby Yoda could show up in the movie, but I would doubt it – JJ is trying to wrap up 9 movies, not tie into a TV show.

Personally, I think this bodes well for the prospect of a season 3.

I said before Discovery first season even started is that it was probably always going to make it to three seasons minimum. I don’t see any difference with Picard at this point.


Not a surprise obviously, Kurtzman stated months ago another season was already approved and it would be crazy if it wasn’t. This show would have to absolutely tank not to get another season. And it’s on All Access, I mean every show on that site has got another season and I couldn’t even tell you the name of most of those shows lol. Picard is going to be HUGE and they know it!

It just occurred to me that CBSAA may want S3 of Short Treks to start rolling out sooner than some of us expected.

It sounds as though Picard will be drawing in a lot of subscribers, but that Discovery S3 won’t be out of post-production until March 2020.

Perhaps there won’t be a long enough hiatus to stick another Picard short between the two: but the Short Treks clearly have a roll to play in keeping subscribers.

Lower Decks will come on stream sometime in 2020, but S31 isn’t even showing up in preproduction yet. It’s hard to believe it will start production right after Discovery wraps S3.

So, it sounds like there will be some windows to make and gaps between the series to launch Short Treks S3.

That would be cool if that does happen. I’m not as positive about it as you though it will happen so soon but it would actually be a great opportunity to promote S3 of DiS since none of these current Short Treks were related to the show (and I don’t count TGWMTS). So there could be some truth to that.

And actually more I think about it, the more possible it is since they went out of their way to use the first season shorts to set up season 2 of the show. It is a bit strange none have been used to set up S3, especially when there is SO much they now have to set up putting the show in a completely new setting. So yes you could be completely right.

Cue the posts where people overstate the value of the show simply because it was given episodes 11-20. A 2nd season was as close to a given as it could get and for all we know the 2nd season was a given in the deal provided certain finances fell into place or some other condition was met.

Either way, personally I hope the first 10 episodes are interesting enough to WANT another set of 10 to follow. I feel cautious optimism but it still remains to be seen….

The value as an investment for CBSAA has already been demonstrated if social media measures of interest are accurate.

The streamer will want to be able to reassure the new subscribers that Picard brings that more will be coming, and hope that the other Trek product and other original content will hold them.

It’s been reported Disney+ already has 15 million subscribers its first month of operation, nearly twice as many AA has and that’s been around for five years already.

If that’s not an indicator how far behind they are in this competition nothing is. They clearly know they have to find a way to keep the subscribers they have now to want to keep subscribing for the foreseeable future. Star Trek at the moment seems to be their one and only franchise where they know they have a very loyal base (versus the 3-5 franchises Disney has from Marvel to the animated movies). And its clear Picard is also that site’s most anticipated show, ever. Even if it actually sucks it will probably still keep more subscribers on that site than anything else because its fanbase is so baked in. Obviously you can say that about Star Trek in general and why we have 500 shows coming now, but Picard is clearly the ‘big cheese’ of the group. It was a no-brainer.

I haven’t subscribed to Disney+ yet. But will probably in a week or so just for one month so I can see that Mandalorian show. Beyond that, Disney+ has nothing I would pay extra for. My kid has an interest in Mandalorian and told him if he wants it he can go ahead and subscribe. (This was last month when the show launched) I’m not until the show nears the end of its season. He opted to wait for me.

I signed up for Disney + a couple of weeks ago. A lower price than CBSAA, loaded with compelling content (if you like what they offer), and no commercials. I really enjoy The Mandalorian, personally. Not sure if I’m going to keep it once this season is over, but Disney is a winner out of the gate. And for people with little kids at home, it’s a no-brainer. Once Picard releases a few episodes, I’ll sign back up for CBS on a limited basis. And the battle for our streaming dollars is just heating up…

I didn’t want to turn this into a Disney+ vs AA thing, I was just pointing out how far behind AA still seems as a service while Disney+ is a huge winner out of the gate IF you are a big Disney/Marvel/etc fan.

But yes for people who have kids, it is a no-brainer. I can’t think of one kid who isn’t at least a Pixar/Disney Animation/Marvel/Star Wars fan. At least ONE of those you will find a kid a fan of. In fact it goes back to another issue with AA and that its NOT kid friendly at all. Most of CBS shows lean ‘older’ to say the least. Even all the new AA shows are basically adult themed and all rated mature. And the few stuff they have that is for younger people are things like Big Brother for teens but the stuff for the under-10 crowd is T-I-N-Y.

They have about five or six cartoon shows on it and that’s about it. Meanwhile Disney has over 200 animated movies, shows and shorts from Pixar to Marvel with classic Mickey Mouse shorts and all the iconic animated movies. There are eight decades of animated content there.

But that is probably what is driving Disney+ versus all the other sites, even including Netflix (which also has a large animation and kids section but still not as big as Disney’s and in fact a lot of their content is still Disney based) is that its given parents a place for their kids to be able to watch Disney’s entire library. It’s why Disney wants to keep everything there PG 13 or below. There is really nothing there the average 12 year old can’t watch. You certainly can’t say that about any other site.

Honestly AA is SO behind in so many ways. It’s great one of the advantages of the remerger is that they will now be able to have Nickelodeon shows being added to the site soon (and my guess that will automatically include the new Trek show when it shows up and probably was the plan all along). But something like that should’ve been worked out to have on day one.

I signed up for Disney+ on a 3 year deal six months before it premiered lol. But yeah for ME, the site is amazing and totally worth it because I’m a huge Disney fan in general (been to every Disney theme park on the planet multiple times and was just back at Disneyland last Sunday), so its a no-brainer for me. And the three year deal I got it at $4 a month because I’m a D-23 member so its a big steal. Even if they add nothing new for awhile, for $4 a month I have no issues keeping it.

And I still have AA and its literally for ONE show lol (thankfully now two shows ;)). I’ve had it for two straight years now. And I’m paying MORE for AA than Disney+ even with the commercial option which I have.

And the Mandalorian is definitely worth it! You won’t even need to keep it for the entire month because its only 8 episodes and Disney gives you the first week free. So you can easily watch the entire show in a day or two and not pay a dime. But there is so much on that site, its worth keeping at least one month to watch all the movies if you like stuff like Pixar, Marvel, etc. I’m actually rewatching tons of Star Wars right now, watching Clone Wars for the first time and all the films in order (don’t ban me TM) in preparation for ROS. I couldn’t have done it until now UNLESS I paid to buy the movies….and I wouldn’t do that.

I most certainly will not get through the show in a day. I cannot binge. The most episodes I have sat through in a row of any show was 3. Normally it’s 2 at most. It will likely take me a couple of weeks minimum to get through 8 episodes.

I’ve seen Disney+’ menu and there just isn’t anything there I would watch. Ever. I generally like the Pixar stuff but I don’t need Disney+ to see those. I get them on Netflix. Same for Marvel films I do not see in the theater. Fortunately, the disc service will not be affected. Very little of that stuff is rewatchable for me and the content that is I buy the BD. So I just don’t see why I would need to pay for Disney+. Hell, if The Mandelorian comes out on disc I may not even need to buy it at all. I’ll just wait for the disc to come to Netflix.

Well it may take you that long but honestly a typical episode of The Mandalorian is only around 35 minutes long. A lot of people were put off by how short the episodes were but I guess everyone has gotten use to it by now. But all said and done by the time the eight episode is up the entire season will just be around 5 hours. If you think Discovery seasons are too short, be prepared to really complain with this show lol.

And if you are just not a big Disney fan then yeah it doesn’t sound like the service is for you. But considering that the studio have made $10+ billion by just a half dozen movies this year alone becoming the biggest selling studio in one year (and broke Disney’s own record from a few years ago), clearly they have a huge fanbase out there and Disney+ will only benefit from in the future.

And the younger generation is being raised on streaming (which this is all about) and don’t watch anything on discs Disney+ is right in their cross hairs. I mean I’m in my forties and the last time I watched a movie on a disc was 7 years ago lol. Everything I watch is through cable or digital. For people half my age they probably never even owned a DVD/Blu Ray player. The world is changing.

Understood. My kid almost NEVER watches TV on the TV. My niece is 24, living on her own and doesn’t even own a TV. Believe me… I am well aware of the viewing habits of the youngsters.

I’m just lazy. I don’t want watching something to be a hassle. And streaming services are a hassle. With my cable, I turn on the TV and my DVR is right there easily accessible on a beautiful big screen with the best sound. But the kids have no interest in great sound or screen size. Also a very good reason to own the things you think are rewatchable is God only knows how long that thing will be available on whatever service you opt to get. It can be pulled out from under you in a heartbeat with little to no notice.

And quite frankly, I really don’t find ANY streaming service to be nearly as good as cable and my DVR at this point. As good as the streaming tech currently is, it’s still not as good overall as what I get from my cable. Netflix seems to be the best I have sampled quality wise but even they have problems. I don’t get the glitches I get from CBSAA but I do get loading problems from time to time and their user interface comes straight from Hell. But I really can’t complain to Netflix as it’s not my account. A good friend let’s me use his user name and password while I have shared my CBSAA info for the two months a year I purchase. My kid does the same with a good friend of his. If I did pay for Netflix they would hear from me every other day about how awful their menus and controls are demanding they improve.

I just read Disney+ is now at 24 million subscribers. That’s insane. It’s now 3 times as much as AA and barely a month old.

Netflix has around 60 million in the US which is big but it took a decade to get there.

With Disney’s lineup of all the Marvel and Star Wars movies plus every Disney Movie and TV show, it would be a shocking disgrace if Disney Plus had fewer subs than CBSAA. Heck last night I ready Frozen 2 already passed the $1billion barrier. If you have the money and have kids (that’s a lot of people), you would be hard pressed NOT to get Disney Plus.

I suspect the other Trek content will only hold them if it begins within a couple of weeks of the ending of Picard. And it needs to be more than just a Trek short.

ML31, Discovery post-production in Toronto is listed by the guilds as ending in mid to late February, but they’ve always run late. So, it’s possible that they may have S3 ready to stream starting early April but that seems optimistic.

Picard S1 finale will be mid-March.

My thought is that it’s likely to be 3-4 weeks between at minimum. If they have something else premiering in that window, it could be ok, but a Short Trek or two might save it.

On Tiger2’s point, DHX Media’s (WildBrain’s) library of kids content should start streaming soon on CBSAA. It’s a huge library if a somewhat odd and dated one. Some of it is broadcast in the US on Nickelodeon, but Nick doesn’t hold the rights.

So, CBSAA subscribers should soon have all the Peanuts library, Arthur, Calliou, Bob the Builder, Degrassi and Slug Terra, as well as DHX new productions like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

As a parent the key thing is the ability to use parental controls to lock out content by age ratings.

Given what I’ve heard about the problems with CBSAA’s app, this is a feature they need to get right but many providers don’t. (e.g. CBC our public broadcaster has a new app Gem, with interesting content but no parental controls so our kids don’t have it. Our kids also don’t see Amazon Prime via ComCast since the parental controls aren’t compatible with ComCast.). If CBSAA can get the parental controls right on the new version of its streaming tech, it could be competitive.

I would still unsubscribe for those weeks. I’m a Trek fan and sill foolishly subscribe to CBSAA for the Trek stuff. But even the shorts aren’t enough to hold me. CBSAA needs NEW Trek content round the clock if they are to keep me subscribed year round. My kid is 17 so our household has no interest in that other stuff out there you mentioned.

Call me when Pike Number One and Spock launch on the 1701. No interest in Picard, spoiler alert – he should get replaced by a super android since why not especially after losing the flagship to a 80 year old BOP.

He didn’t that was all Riker

Now we know why it took Riker another 8 years before he got promoted to Captain. ;)

The same Riker that saved Earth from Picard taking out Starfleet post Wolf 359? Let’s replace him too with super androids / those poor cybernetic organisms that deserve rights too. Ah the future. Thank goodness everything is free that we can just replicate everything, get some androids in there.

Riker had turned down a promotion during BOBW. And there was only one super android in this time, Data. Starfleet wanted to try and make more of him but Measure of a Man happened so that idea was scrapped early on.

You keep saying you watched the show but I don’t think you did lol. But yes maybe by the 32nd century its possible there are many Androids like Data out there. It’s even rumored Booker (the guy hanging out with Burnham in the season 3 trailer) might be an android or a hologram. I do hope we get more AI characters in Discovery next season. That’s one thing I want to see more of in Star Trek and maybe I’ll get my wish.

Oh man, remember when the most coverage about a movie or a TV show you’d see was a trailer and maybe an article in Starlog or a feature in Entertainment Tonight? Now they’re interviewing accountants. They’re tackling the kid who gets the coffee. “Tell us, what’s the status of the Picard Show’s taxes?! Is the dog registered as a dependent? We’ve got to know!”

Not a complaint, it’s just very funny to me. Happy Holidays, everyone.

Your comment was kind of tongue in cheek, but just to clarify, no accountants need to be tackled. Since this is a program that uses public money, the recipients of the tax incentives are published publicly by the state of California. Here’s the document, which was posted Monday morning, that folks in the entertainment press used as the basis of their articles:

Are you sure? Accountant tackling is an old tradition in my country.


What, no love for the IT guy who registered the domain StarTrek14_Pinegothis contract.com?

Haha, who doesn’t love that guy?

I love this show already!!! Season one was soooo gooooooddd.

I was looking up something Trek related on YouTube earlier and the first suggested search result was Star Trek Picard, which to me was as good an indication as any that it’s at the top of people’s interest list. Let’s hope Star Wars doesn’t overshadow the premiere by late January, so all eyes can be on the return of our gallant ex-captain.

One question remains: would Jeff Russo be the only regular composer for “Picard” *and* “Discovery?” or would Michael Giacchino would alternate with him?

Does Giacchino still do tv? Cuz like, he’s a big name, which means big money

Giacchino supervised the composers on the other S2 Short Treks as well as directing and composing for Ephraim and Dot.

So, it sounds as though he’s open to doing some work for CBSAA Trek, but one wouldn’t expect a long term gig.

In my view, the music for Q & A was the best of the other Shorts this season. It would be great to see that young composer get more work on Trek, perhaps with some continuing developmental support from Giacchino.

With the Pulitzer-winning snowflake having THE FEELS (TM) to pull an Abrams (or Fuller) on us already and leave for greener pastures before the show has even premiered (some true marketing and PR geniuses at work here at CBS ;-), once more using Trek as some sort of scrappy graduation practice for what they actually wanna do, I really wonder why we should still bother, knowing now it will be a different show next season, à la Discovery. And in my book, Discovery just isn’t a role model for… anything, at least where Trek is concerned. “But but TNG” doesn’t sound that smart an excuse either for production troubles in near-2020 when everybody is paying with their real hard dollars for the product, no? The 1980s called and want their low-cost, low-expectation syndication series back!

VS, I appreciate that Discovery’s history of showrunners doesn’t give much comfort.

However, it’s really clear tha Chabon has been shaped by Trek as a writer and his time on Picard has fulfilled a personal dream and not just a tick on his development as a writer. If you haven’t read his piece in the New Yorker about writing Q&A while sitting at his father’s death bed, I strongly suggest it.

There seems to be a real issue in the Writer’s Guild hierarchy though. I don’t think you can attribute cynical motives to Chabon for trying to make his way up that ladder by working on a project he truly cared about – or for wanting to reach a level where he could have the power to protect his own literary creations as they are brought to the screen.

Writers have to climb a ladder through titles and levels and there seems to be little flexibility for Short cuts. e.g. Kirsten Beyer clearly played a key role in creating Picard (developed the concept document that sold Stewart) but she won’t get the credit for that. She’s made it up to ‘supervising producer’ now, but there is ‘coproducer’ to go before she can get that executive producer credit.

It seems as though TPTB are trying to give opportunities for novelists to come in and advance through the hierarchy, which I see as good for Trek in the long-term, but makes it hard for fans to really understand who is doing what and what that means for the shows.

I’d like to note that this issue with Guild rules leading to a lack of transparency isn’t entirely new. David Mack notes that he and his writing partner got a script credit for their first accepted DS9 project, but for ‘It’s Only a Paper Moon’ – the Nog with PTSD retreating in the Holosuite episode – they only got a story credit despite writing much more. Some of who gets credit depends on contractual requirements that staff writers get a certain number of credits – and they may pick and choose which ones they want their names on.

I think it was obvious that they were gonna do Picard Season 2 (and I expect 3 as well) as soon as possible since Sir Patrick Stewart is not getting any younger. I am just curious about who the new showrunner will be. I wonder if they should consider Jonathan Frakes for the job? or Maybe the Coto’s?

Ronald D. Moore! Free hand for him and no Rick Berman or Brannon Braga in the background who could stop him. Cant still believe Berman and Braga rejects his ideas for Voyager after the Year of Hell Arc.

I’d rather see fresh creative energy for Picard.

That said, it would be great to have Moore, Bragg or Coto to do a Short Trek.

DS9 or other 90s Trek animated or something altogether new : either would be great, and a good way to see how much they’d like to put into a new Trek.

Isn’t Ron Moore busy with two shows now? I don’t think he’d even find the time to do it if asked. Behr might the more sensible choice.

After hearing Moore’s and the others idea for a hypothetical season 8 opener for DS9 on What We Left Behind I would LOVE for him (or any of them frankly) to be back on Star Trek. They are all just fantastic story tellers.

That said I’m not as cynical as others about the people working on it now. Yes I don’t feel anything I’ve seen in Discovery the last two seasons reached the heights of the best episodes in the Berman years but the potential is there. Maybe some of Picard or next season of Discovery will rise to that level. Fingers crossed.

I don’t know why but for some reason I’d really love to see Trek return to the Paramount Lot! :)

Lukas, your view isn’t uncommon it seems.

I’ve been really surprised how nostalgic some long time fans are for the Vasquez rocks and the Paramount lot.

Without presuming where you are located, I have to say that from my perspective one of the strengths of Discovery is that it has used novel locations and sets. It’s given a much needed freshness to th new era of Trek.

For me, seeing the same Southern California geography and Paramount backlot sets as well as the same tunnels and drops in the 90s ‘planet hell’ sets, really contributed to a ‘sameness’ in Trek that flew in the face of ‘seeking out new life and new civilizations’.

Me too. I grew up in L.A. so for me, I always saw Trek as part of my city. I was so happy to see Picard use the Anaheim convention center as part of Starfleet headquarters (although I would’ve preferred they returned to the original location in Pasadena but its fine of course).

And maybe future Trek shows will also move back to California if they get the same deal as Picard did.