Watch: New ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Trailer Shows Us Ten Forward And More Borg

Out of the blue, CBS has quietly released a new trailer for Picard, but so far only on Facebook. It is embedded below:


Picard has a nightmare that takes place in Ten Forward on the Enterprise-D

Out the windows of Ten Forward, a planet can be seen being bombarded from space

Data in Nemesis uniform flashes onscreen

A Borg drone flashes onscreen

Picard greets someone

An unknown character (played by John Ales) tells Picard to “find the truth.”

Picard says he’ll “do what needs to be done.”

A huge ship or facility is fired upon by small Starfleet fighters

Dr. Agnes Jurati appears to be part of a mindmeld

A look at the Borg cube with newer forcefield effects compared to the previous trailer (NYCC)

A classic Romulan Bird of Prey fires

Picard grins when asked what he’s gotten himself into by Riker

Coverage of previous trailers

This is the third trailer for Picard to be released. The first trailer was brought to San Diego Comic-Con in July, and then earlier in the fall a second trailer was shared with the New York Comic Con crowd in October.

Star Trek: Picard will premiere on January 23, 2020. It will be available on CBS All Access in the USA. CTV Sci-Fi Channel (formerly called Space) and CraveTV in Canada, and on Amazon Prime Video for the rest of the world on January 24.

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HA! FIRST! I was really looking for some news about Picard today and thinking that a new trailer should be out soon!!… they must have read my mind or I have the ability to see the future…:-)

You were thinking that only today? I’m thinking that every day ;)

“A huge ship is fired upon by small Starfleet fighters”

That looks to be an updated version of the Federation Spacedock (orbiting Mars?)

I think it’s one Starbase at federation’s Utopia Planitia Shipyard facilities, on Mars.

“A huge ship is fired upon by small Starfleet fighters”

That looks to be an updated version of the Federation Spacedock (orbiting Mars?)

or Vulcan?

I thought of that just after I posted.

Maybe Romulans (military, faction, or refugees) have taken over the station.

“Are we the baddies” looks like the federation is up to no good

Has CBS taken it down already?

Nevermind. For some reason it just didn’t load for me.

It amazes me that on the official star trek website that they don’t have this up yet! Kudos to TrekMovie!

Is this going to be released an episode at a time or all at once? The wording above sort of implies the latter.

I am 99.9% certain it will be released weekly one at a time, thus ensuring people stay signed up for CBSAA as long as possible…

Weekly. Just like Discovery.

A few thoughts:

-The appearance of the Borg seems to hold to the “First Contact” idea of them looking like space-zombies surrounded by black rubber. I always thought the way they looked in DS9’s “The Emissary” was the best, where it didn’t look they were decaying.

-I have a feeling the show is going for the irony of Picard becoming the Borg’s advocate after being forced (and effectively raped) into being Locutus all those years before.

-If they’ve recreated Ten Forward, I’m guessing that maybe the Enterprise-D and other TNG sets might appear again too.

It could be CG tbh. CG getting very good now they wouldn’t create an entire set just for a few nostalgia scenes on the D.

I seem to remember reading they destroyed the bridge set but that was possibly because they wanted to show it wrecked in Generations. I would be surprised if much has been kept though.

I think Worf’s rollbar of a workstation was kept, but don’t recall hearing about any other parts, unless they recycled some screens and electronics for other shows and films.

The bridge of the D was damaged and dismantled after Generations, and unfortunately discarded. There are three known replicas that were constructed after the production of the show, and one group of rabid fans have been rebuilding one of those replicas for years (shockingly they found the components in a junk pile.)

After viewing it: Meh… Nothing new here really.

Agreed, looking forward to it, but warily. Since I have to sign up again, I’ll wait a couple of weeks, see how reviews are.

We’re totally all in to see the new Picard series, but I agree with ML31 that this trailer doesn’t add much for me…and the rest of the household isn’t looking at it.

At this point, it’s not just wanting to avoid spoilers, but also wanting to avoid having to undo in our minds the framing of scenes or moments that the trailers create. The trailers are edited to excite, but given what we’ve seen previously, may be pretty misleading.

That said, it’s good that CBSAA is keeping up the momentum and interest. Running this trailer as an in-theatre ad would definitely take it to the next level for a show that imdb already rates as the ‘most anticipated of 2020’.

I did see this trailer in the theater before TROS. Although, it was among the stuff they show before the lights dim.

Side note… That was the first time there were actual commercials mixed in with the trailers. Guess I’m not going to THAT theater chain anymore. It used to be my favorite but has severely gone downhill the last 5 years. Commercials mixed with the trailers was the last straw.

Loved everything about this except Data, who still looks awful. When will the alleged “post production” be applied?

Interesting that SOME people want Data to look exactly like he did in TNG, forgetting that he always wanted to be more human… so much so that he dyed his hair to replicate aging in the finale ALL GOOD THINGS! Adding a little mass in Picard to simulate weight gain also seems plausible, at least to me. Just my two cents worth.

In-universe, Data looked significantly different from Star Trek Nemesis than when he first appeared in “Encounter at Farpoint.” And we know Soong created androids that can age, since we saw this with the android recreation of Soong’s wife. So it’s completely plausible that Data had something like that as well.

“So it’s completely plausible that Data had something like that as well.”

A “puffy cheek subroutine”? ;)

Geordi mentions in an episode that Data has an aging subroutine. From “Inheritance”:
LAFORGE: Basically she’s a Soong-type android, except everything about her is designed to fool you into thinking she’s human.
CRUSHER: She’s got tear ducts, sweat glands, even veins and capillaries underneath her skin.
RIKER: Why does the scanner read her as a human?
CRUSHER: Because she has a feedback processor designed to send out a false bio-signal.
LAFORGE: It’s part of her aging programme. Not only does she age in appearance like Data, her vital signs change too.

Hmm, here’s a thought – and I mean to be neither overly pessimistic nor senselessly divisive, please trust me on that:
Arya Stark from “Game of Thrones”, X-23/Laura from “Logan”, Eleven from “Stranger Things” etc. etc. – do you think the character of Dahj will try to cash in on the recent “fighting ‘magical’ girl” trend?
Granted, the actress as well as the character she portrays appear to be a fair bit older than any of those I just mentioned (at least old enough to engage in what seems to be an intimate relationship with another character), i.e. not a “girl” but a young woman (like… Rey? – except, unlike the aforementioned characters, Rey is not really a character that needs to be protected), but something about those split-second martial arts shots (and I know, it might just be one single scene in ten episodes) just struck me as very … familiar. And there seems to be that one definitive, all-important secret about her character and possibly her abilities, hence the “magical” aspect.
Does anyone else get that impression?

I think it is difficult to tell at this point, but I don’t think you are wrong about this being a “trend” these days in many action films and TV shows. Wasn’t even the new Terminator and Rambo movies had this trend too? I have feeling in this show they will focus on Picard more though, I mean his name is in the title.

didn’t ‘beyond’ already do that?

im not watching… no more… sometimes we see too much before something premieres… i’m already in… i couldn’t be more in than if i was inside a box that was inside a box that was inside a bigger box that was inside a room that was inside a building that was inside a really big box

LOL! But yeah I was in the day it was announced…I couldn’t be more in if they paid me to do it.

If they paid me I’m pretty sure I could be more into it. :)

Captain, the odds against Kurtzman delivering something decent are 2,228.7 to 1. Have you seen what his mentor did to the Space Wars saga?

“Have you seen what his mentor did to the Space Wars saga?”

Hey, at least ROTS’ high crime is eternal mediocrity only, NOT insulting large parts of its audience with extremist politicial cr@p like its predecessor. That ALMOST makes me forgive JJ for his junk food approach to movies. Almost ;)

“insulting large parts of its audience with extremist politicial cr@p like its predecessor”

“Seriously?” Well, that depends what are you asking about:
– Whether there were any poorly concealed political messages in TLJ?
– Whether said political message were extremist?

As for the first question: I guess it’s a matter of taste. All I noticed was the usual current-year antics, for example having a disproportionately high number of statistically improbable minorities even though there is no story-based reason for their presence. I am not an American, so I might have missed something, but from what I saw, TLJ’s worst offense wasn’t politics… TLJ’s worst offense was its boring and contrived story that pretty much ignored the first movie.

As for the second question, any hip current-year political message is extremist, because any minority trying to change the established system against the will of the rest of the society is extremist by default.
We can’t allow the society to be changed by twitter inquisitors and unelected Hollywood-based soviets. If you want change, win the elections. That’s the only non-extremist way.

”for example having a disproportionately high number of statistically improbable minorities even though there is no story-based reason for their presence”

Glad we have here a historical demographer of a galaxy far, far away.

Fun fact: on earth, white people are a minority. So why would it be odd that non-white people are featured. So that comment was either dumb, racist or both.

Luke Montgomery: Thank you!

I wrote up a long response to this nonsense but I decided to erase it before I posted. I usually don’t bother with this stuff, so I’ll just leave it there.

Ditto from me Luke Montgomery.

I was scanning a fun review of DST Birmingham that talked about how open and accepting fans are at conventions like STLV and DST. It was making the point the Trek’s IDIC values rub off on fans.

But then I think about the intolerance spouted by certain fans on this and other boards and I wonder what they thought they were watching all these years.

DS9 had 3 main actors in the ensemble who were of African descent and 2 main female roles that were groundbreaking with much less of the blow back about a diverse cast.

I’m forced to disagree. It was less than mediocre. In fact it was tired, groan inducing and didn’t answer a single question from any of the two predecessors. Maybe I will change my tune when I see it at home in a number of months. Like what happened with TLJ.

Could say the same about Lindelof, but however he managed it (or whoever he managed it with, since I don’t see how he could do it himself), his WATCHMEN is absolute dynamite, while everything else I’ve ever seen with his name on it is irredeemably bad (my wife says LEFTOVERS was good, but I couldn’t get into it — ditto for LOST.) When somebody’s best credits are INTO DARKNESS and peeing on Spaihts’ draft of PROMETHEUS, producing something excellent isn’t just an exception, it’s a miracle.

NICE!!!! So great to see old friends again. Star Trek is back!

Star Trek never left.

Yeah obviously, I meant this era of Star Trek is back! I could’ve been more clearer. ;)

Star Trek has been back since Discovery.

It looks like there’s some back-reference to ST: Nemesis’s back story. So maybe younger Trek fans will revisit ST X to gain more context. I like the movie, and give it a more generous grade than the critics.

That might be partly if they have decided to bring Data back (not clear yet), that they then need to revisit that story as a matter of necessity in order to write his restoration. No doubt they never in a million years imagined that a TNG spin-off would go back to TV twenty years later or I’m sure they wouldn’t have ever killed him off.

You think the problem most had with Nemesis was Data’s destruction? That’s not how I read the room. But then, I liked Nemesis overall and felt that Data’s story really was pretty much complete.

Looks great, except that I’m dreading for the shoe to fall that this is yet another “Federation are the bad guys” thing.

It looks that way and this plot point might even be the thread that connects this show with Discovery where the Federation might have eventually fallen because of their “losing of their values” and it becomes the Discovery crews job to help reestablish the Federation with its better values.

Most reviews I have read on the new Star Wars movie describe it as a “RUSHED MESS”.

Hell, isn’t that how Abrams slaps every movie together?


Harry, why are you posting about Star Wars? Abrams isn’t involved in DSC or Picard, and there’s no need to spread negative reviews in places where fans might be trying to AVOID Star Wars talk.

Stop being an ass.

Nonsense, PaulB. Abrams ruined Star Trek Into Darkness, which was discussed in detail on this site. Seeing that he has now done the same with Star Wars makes it fair game for comment. Get over yourself.

Uh no, this topic has nothing to do with either STID and certainly nothing to do with Star Wars. It’s about Picard, which Abrams has zero involvement in.

If you want to whine about Star Wars fine, but there are other places to do that in, not here.

Agreed, please move on from Star Wars talk here (unless we have a viable conversation). It’s everywhere outside, just go there. Let this be a refuge, A Trek Refuge.

Alex Kurtzman co-wrote Star Trek Into Darkness and his production company Secret Hideout is in charge of all new Trek TV shows. Abrams and Kurtzman’s styles definitely seem like they’re cut from the same cloth. When a certain someone showed up for the last battle in the Rise of Skywalker I immediately found myself thinking of when Saru’s sister showed up out of nowhere to help out in the final episode of Discovery season 2.

Except that when that certain someone showed up there couldn’t have been a single person in the theater who didn’t think that was going to happen. It was telegraphed WAY in advance so there really was no feeling of dread whatsoever. When Saru’s sister showed up, sure many probably expected some sort of aid but primitives from a society that wasn’t too far removed from the creation of the wheel were probably not very high on the list of helpers showing up.

I’m still waiting for a Short Trek that shows how Sara’s planet was put out of sync time-wise with the broader time universe and had to sort out the dynamic between the Kelpians and Ba’ul without help.

The Discovery was able to warp out of the path of the time Tsunami, but the planet got the full brunt of it. They could have been slowed down.

There may have been plenty of time for Sirrana to lead the Kelpians in a new relationship with the Ba’ul over the course of years…and learn how to fly a Ba’ul fighter before Ash and the Klingons came to seek their assistance.

But it’s a fair point that neither the Discovery S2 finale nor Star Wars IX give the viewer the little tidbit necessary for a sub plot thread to hold together. The roller coaster bullet of surprise takes precedence to the detriment of logical flow.

Well, Star Wars IX had a boatload of plot issues. So many they completely took me out of the fantasy and made the film difficult to enjoy. They are all good questions for another time. ;)

But what your theory on how the Kelpians could have learned to play attach ships could be a thing. But it was not explained at all anywhere. There could have easily been some sort of quick epilogue to explain it. But even your version I still don’t quite buy. Just the Klingons showing up was plenty. The Kelpians I feel only showed up because someone decided they needed to pay off what they did on the planet earlier in the season. But it was such a bizarre and nonsensical payoff that it was better just left alone. It really wasn’t important to the story arc.

Ten Forward has actual windows! :D

But is there real alcohol?

I’m wondering if TREK shows have a windowwashing budget, because the amount of crap on windows and camera glass in the last couple of years has reminded me of a review for the decades-old Vilmos Zsigmond movie called CONFESSIONS OF A YOUNG STOCKBROKER where the critic said the movie looked like it was shot through a dirty windshield.

This was playing before “Rise of Skywalker” yesterday and it looked great on a huge screen in a theater.

Planetary scientist here. The red planet in the trailer is 100% a mirrored image of Mars.

Just google the famous Hubble image of Mars form 1997/98, mirror it left/right and you’ll see the prominent dark feature matches perfectly. It’s called Syrtis Major Planitia. Utopia Planitia is right next to it.

This isn’t surprising, the short trek related to Picard airing next month, is titled children of mars

Cool! Thanks for the info! Now its more exciting knowing its Mars, a planet so close to home.

So is it Mars as seen in the rear-view mirror of some spaceship, owing to the flopped image? Or just the sort of quality control we have to accept in this day and age? (and yes, I know that sometimes artists will intentionally flop an image, like Trumbull with that Golden Gate shot in TMP, when he did it to screw up the viewer’s perspective — still doesn’t mean it is a good idea.)

Its artist discretion – same reaason the Okudas said they could have made the starfield in TNG’s opening credits visually correct during the remaster but didn’t

Story telling is about symbolism, that represents mars in their story. Or shock horror it could be a trailer shot that’s entirely flipped. Or its a dream/nightmare that Picard is having like the painting dream in the other trailer. Do you dream visually accurate things?

As a matter of fact, almost all of the most disturbing dreams I recall from my life are the ones that seem entirely real — they certainly don’t contain the kinds of cliche giveaways that you see when dreams and nightmares are depicted on film.

The ones with stylized aspects, even the nightmare ones, don’t affect me as strongly because those fantasy aspects cushion them. One of the best examples I can think of is a dream I had shortly after TWOK released, in which I was in a group of people dealing with strange weather conditions, and soon after it started I could see the particulates in the air were all film grain, not snow or dirt. The dream turned suddenly extremely graphic and violent, probably about as bad as anything I”ve ever dreamed, with dogs being killed in front of my eyes, yet the fantasy grain aspect was what I remember focusing on and that cushioned/distanced the actual experience. Compare that with one I had of being chased through a warehoue by my grandfather and then set on fire, which was all straight POV, visually accurate to a T. That was over 50 years back and I wish there HAD been some visual tells to cue me in that it was a dream.

Also, more practically: the Picard show is not a David Lynch film. It ain’t going to show visions and dreams that go to the feeling of losing your soul on deep levels like, say, parts of FIRE WALK WITH ME. Flopping Mars certainly sounds like an amateur error rather than a stylistic choice, but if it is, it is akin to Lucas’ scientifically dubious dialog about parsecs — more distracting than relevant.

I’m very excited about this show. But there is something about this trailer that makes me less excited. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it’s the Babylon 5-looking fighters and space station? Maybe it’s the drab colour palette? Maybe it’s fat Data? Not really sure, but I’m left with the feeling that it might feel cheap and re-hashed. Again, excited but not sure why this trailer dulled that anticipation. I feel kinda like when that first horrible CG shot of Disco came out. I love Disco but that first clip that had incomplete CG rendering was deflating. We’ll see :)

This is not just excite, this is super-excite!

I really must needs say, it is so grand to see Star Trek back on television in many different ways

Anyone remember when that classic BOP had plasma torpedoes?? Too bad can’t go into a Pike/Number One/Spock Series though.
Anyone remember being like “whoa that Borg, ultimate bad guys”. They’re so good they got it where Picard could actually win in starship combat. Man are those days over!

It would be hilarious if they generated the interiors of the Enterprise D using that fan recreation in Unreal Engine which they forced to shut down.

Why does that unknown character remind me of Sybok with all the hair and beard?

Didn’t the Borg attack Mars when they invaded? They invaded like 2 times.