Watch: Clip Of Jean-Luc Picard In His Vineyard From ‘Star Trek: Picard’

TVInsider scored an exclusive clip of the new show — not a trailer, but an actual clip from the first episode. The clip is a look at retired Jean-Luc Picard’s life at Chateau Picard with his faithful canine companion Number One and his two Romulan compatriots Laris and Zhaban. We can see the gorgeous location work, direction, and cinematography of the new show, plus our first sample of Jeff Russo’s score for Picard.

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Released on Sunday, here are few photos from Chateau Picard you might have missed.

Star Trek: Picard will premiere on January 23, 2020. It will be available on CBS All Access in the USA and on the CTV Sci-Fi Channel and CraveTV in Canada. It will premiere on Amazon Prime Video for the rest of the world on January 24. Episodes will be released weekly.

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Interesting that he seems to have Romulan friends.

Check the Picard comics if you haven’t done so, they are both key characters in the backstory

Oh, are those the two former Tal’ Shiar who fell in love and were friends with those natives? I didn’t recognize them in live action.

Are the comics canon? I hope not. I’m not a fan of doing homework to have to enjoy/understand a show (I’d hoped that had ended with Lost).

Great clip, though.

I haven’t read the comics but I’m pretty sure you will be able to understand the show without having read the comics.

Yes, they’re canon. Nobody cares about your personal problems.

Countdown #3 delayed to January 29th.
Thats so stupid !

I can see him having Romulan friends. I always felt like his time on Romulus in Reunification really stuck with him and then his words in Nemesis when he was in awe of being in the senate and the words exchanged between him and Donatra(sp) in Nemesis – he seemed to have wanted to build bonds with the Romulan people. I could see some of them wanting the same with him.

Not a fan

Then why are you posting anything? What pleasure or advantage do you gain by announcing that you don’t like something and leaving it at that, without any elaboration? What insights do you think others will gain by reading your post? If you don’t like something and you have nothing more to say than “Not a fan” or “I don’t like it,” just move on to another web page or a different kind of activity that you do appreciate.

He’s obviously a fan of the franchise, just not at Picard from this small clip. He’s allowed to air his views even if they are brief and disagree with yours.

But it was banal and useless.

No it wasn’t.

It was. There was no detail or elaboration, just a statement from an internet random that they didn’t like something.

WHO CARES let the man speak

albatrosity, Troll Cop, he’ll stand and defend any troll’s right to piss on our fan community, because every little turd that the haters drop is precious. Go get ’em, Troll Cop.

DataLore, Troll Cop, he’ll stand and defend any troll’s right to piss on our fan community, including by defending three-word negativity designed to derail discussion. Go get ’em, Troll Cop.

Very well said.

edwet, Troll Cop, he’ll stand and defend any troll’s right to piss on our fan community. Go get ’em, Troll Cop.

Jeeze Lenny – let go of Bryan’s arm! You’re not his mom, are you?

People are able to criticize certain elements. Just as a general observation it’s interesting that you’ll see, say , Enterprise and Voyager criticized but Discovery and Picard are almost treated like sacred cows to an extent?

That’s such a crock- and you know it. Fans of Discovery are frequently attacked by detractors on this site.

There is no criticism, no substance, it’s just the verbal equivalent of a slap in the face to the people who come to read the article and discuss it – pretty pathetic to see people white knighting for trolls.

Let it go.

Thanks for telling us. I was really wondering whether you were or not……

Then as they say in Klingon… F’ Off

That’s polite.

LOL, not a fan of what? Literally nothing happened.

Maybe that’s why he isn’t into it, cuz it was a boring clip???

Feels like we just saw a piece of the first two minutes of the opening episode! Cute to have him speaking French. First time we’ve seen him lean that way since the very first season.

Let’s not forget originally Picard was meant to be a sort of old-fashioned French nationalist. Definitely not like Stewart. Oh, how the times have changed ;)

I am sorry… but: WHAT?
Do you have any source for that?

Yeah the TNG Writer’s Bible from 1987. They go as far as stipulating that Picard likes to argue France is Earth’s most sophisticated civilization ;)

Maybe he was speaking french this whole time?

All those years and it was the universal translator! Go figure!

We should be thankful that the universal translator gave him a sophisticated British accent ;-)

You beat me to it! I was going to say the UT translated him to British rather than English. :)

I love how he’s just walking around, quipping French to his dog. I’d watch a show about Picard hanging out at home, drinking wine and talking war stories with TNG-era alums who might stop by. Yeah, I’m old. And as with DSC, the production values look phenomenal here.

If this is meant to be representative of the show and assuage concerns, it is certainly much slower than Discovery. Cross-fades, piano music, sweeping landscape vistas… I approve :)

Bloody hell… a positive comment from VS?!

Yeah why not? My demands are not unreasonable. They produce ONE episodic Trek show that features some actual space exploration without being a thinly veiled propaganda piece for one side of the culture wars and I’ll be all fawning over it ;)

He’s right, you know.

This is consistent with my takeaway from reading and collating the hatred for contemporary Trek: after Berman feeding people dog poop for 15 years, and another fifteen years of people chewing on the same dog turds and regurgitating them into one another’s mouths for another fifteen years, some BermanTrek fans just prefer the taste of dog poop.

I think some people thought that’s what the show would be lol.

They should do a few short treks where Picard is hanging out in his home, as you say, drinking wine and talking stories! I’d actually watch those!
Nothing better than listening to seasoned and experienced old gentlemen talking about their past experiences in life IMO. And those short-treks could be very cheap too (Stewart would probably be the most expensive aspect to it), so it’s a win-win!

Love that idea.

I certainly hope the show is cerebral instead of, for instance, playing ‘Sabotage’ but I think the production values in this and Discovery are more along the lines of a University of Phoenix commercial. I personally find the TNG aesthetic much more appealing.

If you want cerebral watch PBS. A cerebral show will chase new fans away.

“A cerebral show will chase new fans away.”

You mean fans like yourself? :P

Nope, I watch PBS and Star Trek.

Don’t wanna mix the two? :P

^ A Classic of Ignorance. Shakespeare and dime store detective novels like Dixon Hill were low culture when they were written, the equivalent of Beastie Boys.

Whoa… Romulans living freely on Earth. Times have changed!

Go Jean-Luc!

I’d watch ten episodes of this, even if nothing else happened.

Totally my friend!

Ha! Exactly.

As good an actor as Mr. Stewart was playing Picard I would be bored to tears if it were just 10 episodes of him hanging around a vineyard. (Or even more than ONE!) Picard is just not an interesting guy. My hope here is that Picard actually has a character arc of some sort. That he can grow as a person. Although given his starting point that is a very difficult proposition. Hard to improve from near perfection. But fingers crossed!

“Hard to improve from near perfection”

It may actually be more fruitful to watch Patrick Stewart grow ;) For starters we could watch him listen to the legitimate concerns of the taxpaying voter instead of his “elite” ivory tower friends.

Episode 1: Easy to be a Saint in Paradise

Episode 2: Escape from the Echo Chamber

Episode 3: Welcome to Zero-Sum

There we would actually get to somewhere :)

What a tease.

It’s going to be good, I can feel it in my bones.

I hope my bones are more accurate than yours.

Why? Because you want it to be bad?
Or are your bones telling you that it’s going to be spectacular instead of just good?

So why does a 24th Century Dog have mutilated ears? I wonder whether there’s an in-story explanation (perhaps the pooch was in a cryogenic sleep since the 1990s, like Khan?), or whether it is a simple case of “we had no idea it isn’t their natural form” casting error. :P

(Unless it’s one of Stewart’s saved dogs, in which case it’s understandable).

On another site they said that Number One is played by a rescue pit bull so it seems to be close to your last option.

Correct. And No.1 is just brilliant the way he is!
I had a ex-rescue staffy’ myself for over 10 years and they are real characters in the best possible sense!

I wish they will have an explanation [“he got his head caught in a grape picker”] but I doubt there’ll be time :^(

Nice, Marja! I get it!

Didn’t notice the ears, as probably 99% will not, because they have no idea how that particular dog is supposed to look like. Still poor dog, but I don’t think they’ll have time to address that, as someone else said.

I’ve always thought this could be a ROMULAN dog!

Then they would have to give him that forehead.

Maybe among US viewers. But in a lot of countries the cropping and docking of ears and tails of dogs is forbidden as it is considered to be animal cruelty so people in those countries are familiar with their natural looks.

There is by the way also an interesting study how cropped and docked dogs and their owners are perceived by others:

“The results obtained in Experiment 2(n = 392) provide evidence that ear cropped and tail docked dogs are perceived differently than an identical dog in its ‘natural’ state. Modified dogs were perceived as being more aggressive, more dominant, less playful and less attractive than natural dogs. Experiment 3(n = 410) is the first evidence that owners of modified dogs are perceived as being more aggressive, more narcissistic, less playful, less talkative and less warm compared to owners of natural dogs.”

So if you are not an asshole and doesn’t want to give others the impression that your dog and yourself are not particular nice then it is really counterproductive to get a cropped and docked dog. Especially pit bulls already have a very bad reputation. Making them look even more aggressive and dangerous with cutting off body parts is really not doing them any favor.

Patrick Stewart is an activist for dog welfare, rescues, and so on. Number One is almost certainly set up as a rescue dog.

Yikes, that French was painful to listen to. PatStew is an incredible actor in English but it sounded like he didn’t understand what he was saying.

Well Picard actually refers to the fact that ‘they tried’ when speaking French (he and No.1 – the dog) didn’t they? So maybe the intention was to make it seem awkward?

Maybe you’re right…it seems you can pick up an accent in your first language when you’ve lived abroad for a long time

Definitely. I knew a guy who after coming back from just 1 year abroad had a really strong accent in his first language. If Picard spoke English for all those years, while at the same time not speaking French regularly, it is likely that his French would “suffer”.
Of course, it is entirely possible that this wasn’t intentional and Patrick Stewart just isn’t very good at French.

Probably both: Sir Patrick isn’t / hey we’ve got the in-universe explanation all sorted out!

I noticed, too, and I’m not even French. I wish television makers would keep in mind more often that fans in countries around the globe often prefer watching the subtitled English original version to the version dubbed in their local language and put in a little extra care to polish foreign language dialogue. But maybe it’s just poetic justice balancing out Jean-Luc Picards accent-free English :-)

Picard has just forgotten to turn on the universal translator, he always spoke french. ;-)

Oh boy, it’s so tempting to watch, but I’m going to avoid watching any clips except for commercials until the show. But from I read in the comments here it sounds awesome!
I don’t want to watch clips since I’d rather enjoy it first in context of the Full episode.

I have not been this excited for a new show since DS9 way back in 1993!

It would appear that Picard has taken on a few of his brother’s traditional values. Stinks that Robert died (and the actor who played him). It would have been nice to see the reconciled brothers enjoying a glass of Chateau Picard together.

Jean Luc: This the ’46?
Robert: Yes Jean-Luc, it is!

And when Picard gets called back to duty:

Jean Luc: Robert, I have to go.
Robert: I know Jean-Luc. Take the ’46 with you.

I am very sad. I am an absolute fan of Sir Patrick Stewart, I am an absolute fan of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. I don’t know a thing about the new show but I already am an absolute fan of it
BUT…. And what I am going to say may seem to be chauvinism or a misplaced requirement, but, the last line from Picard’s french monologue does not mean anything in French. we’ve practiced doesn’t translate “On s’est pratiqués” but “Nous nous sommes exercés” “Se pratiquer” means “get to know each other”, “hang out”, “spend time together”, not practice.
I find it very sad, knowing the attention to detail that characterizes the actor and the care he brings to his work that there was no one in the entourage of the production to indicate to him that his text was ruining himself the effort to pay homage to the character’s roots.
That makes me all the more sad that I had seen a very touching report on the father of Sir Stewart in which we really felt the attachment that History has created between him and this Country and of which we, the French fans, thank him without limit. And if you find my English bad, tell yourself that it is certainly because I used the same method of translation as the production of Star Trek Picard to address you.

Djeewhy, I understand your frustration.

That line tripped me up as well. in fact, the whole line came out less fluent than the others and I wonder if it has already been revised at least once.

I don’t think they were just googling the translation or the accent and rhythm would be far worse. He had to have been coached by someone. But something definitely fell through the cracks.

The use of the verb ‘se practiquer’ is definitely an anglicism to me, but I do find it in reliable French dictionaries as an option for the UK English verb ‘to practice’, so it may be regional.

They likely wanted to avoid ‘excercer’ it’s one of the ‘faux amis’ for anglophones in this meaning. (The verb ‘to exercise’ in English is used almost exclusively for physical training.)

However, ‘répéter’ ‘s’entraîner’ would have worked for both francophones and anglophones and would be more universally considered good French.

That said, in Quebecois and other Canadian French the use of ‘on’ for ‘nous’ in informal conversation (as with a pet dog, child or friend) is the rule. e.g. “On y va.”. I would have found it very weird if the formal ‘nous’ had been used in that kind of interaction with his dog.

As an aside to native English speakers, Francophones care deeply and sincerely about good French, and errors in usage, grammar and pronunciation can make speech unintelligible. So, I feel for Francophone fans on this one.

As a French Canadian from Quebec, the “On s’est pratiqués” is definitely common use. Not sure if someone in France would have said it the same way so it was probably translated by a Québéquois :). His accent and pitch shows that he is not comfortable with the language.
Personally, I’m more offended by the bad CGI of the water effect from the drone sprinkler than Patrick Stuart’s attempts at French.

Thanks Eric.

I definitely recognized the ‘On’ as Quebecois usage, but didn’t realise ‘se practiquer’ was that common usage.

And I agree that we appreciate the effort to include French, and can (as I’ve tried) give some reasons why Picard’s French wouldn’t be that of a native speaker in Franch today.

I didn’t notice the problem with the water vfx, but I suspect that now that you’ve pointed it out, I won’t be able to avoid seeing it.

This is how they speak French in the “Future”. Language is always evolving or devolving.

To be honest I’ve always thought it was very odd that when they cast Patrick Stewart in the lead they didn’t rename the character and make him an Englishman. It’s stranger still when he’s obviously speaking French as a second language rather than as a native.

My take on Picard’s awkward French is that, like Francophones in Western Canada today, Picard comes from a small community of remaining French native speakers where almost everyone outside his family is now speaking the English of the day.

At this point his family is dead, and his daily use of French is with a pet. He’s in France, but at this point (according to Data), French is a heritage language more than a living one.

Even if one speaks French at home with one’s family and attends school in French , it’s hard to get and maintain a demanding language like French in an environment that is almost exclusively English.

So, for me, seeing Picard trying to retain his French language and identity by talking to his dog, and struggling a bit, seems entirely consistent with his values.

Yikes, I guess this scenario is very offencive to the French, knowing how much they love their language. More offensive than it is for Germans, that in the future Budweiser is still considered to be beer (Star Trek 2009)>shudder<

Right, guys. It’s also false because, as is obvious by now, the real future of Earth won’t be very Americanized (for better or worse). Go with the times ;)

In most Trek fanfic, Starfleet and the Federation use Standard, which is mostly English, so this makes sense, though it is sad. Just look at the multilingual instructions that come with any appliance: because English doesn’t have gender and such, it is very economical. It’s just hard as hell to learn.

I wonder: Did they ever audition any French actors for the role before going with Stewart?

I remember Roddenberry wanted Michel Piccoli. Lol. As if.

His French isn’t perfect but acceptable. I understand your frustration as a native French speaker.

Maybe it’s a glass half full half empty thing. Half full: in all of TNG the most memorable French thing he said was M*RDE :D


This is kind of silly. Would you understand a French speaker from 1700? Wold there be linguistic, grammatical, and anglicization changes over time? Of course there would, and and of course there will be 300 years hence.

But he doesn’t speak future English. So no, he doesn’t get to speak future French either.

There is another clip – Playing cards with data and Picard waking up after the Mars explosions that was shown on Graham Norton on BBC1 last night.

It’s probably online somewhere for those who want to check it out. (If you have a VPN you could just watch it on the BBC Iplayer site).

Data’s wearing his Nemesis uniform and yet they are on the Enterprise D?
I guess dreams can be just weird lol

Honestly I could watch a whole series of just this. I know it would never draw the audiences to justify the cost, but I’ve always loved the idea of a sci-fi movie/show that’s gentle and chill and the futuristic stuff is just ‘there’ rather than needing action and bombast to justify the expensive CGI and sets.

Picard can speak really good French and I love the dog. I can’t wait to watch this!

I would honestly watch this. I’m really optimistic about the show. This is quality entertainment. As a Picard fan, this is well worth the wait.


Seeing this appear right under the comments about balls is distressing, as in , ‘Chopper sic balls!’

What do you mean, is this dog unaltered? Whaaaat

Maybe in the future they do vasectomies and testosterone reduction some other way. One hopes, for the animals’ sakes.

Has anyone seen Troi?

She’s in another clip where I am sure I saw her with gardening gloves on :) ha

Number 1 has some big balls.

Are we talking about the dog or Riker?


Hollywood has largely forgotten how to make compelling teasers and trailers. In this case, CBS has to sell you, not just on taking the time to watch the show, but also on entering into a regular commercial relationship with them by subscribing to All Access, which entails yet another monthly fee in addition to all of your other online newspaper, magazine, educational, retail, music, TV/movie and other subscriptions. And in my particular case (and perhaps I’m not alone on this), CBS additionally has to convince me not to let my past experience with entertainment written and/or produced by Alex Kurtzman — which has been unfailingly disappointing — influence my decision with regard to this Kurtzman-produced show.

Now, does this clip of Picard telling his dog that he speaks French motivate me to put aside my strong skepticism and add All Access to my pile of monthly subscription bills?

Je pense que vous connais la réponse. Ne prétendez pas que vous ne parlez pas français!

That last part is Greek to me, but as usual I’m with you on the rest.

The future of television is here. We pay for apps now. The beauty of it is that you get to ration the services as you see fit, rather than paying an expensive Dish bill for content you don’t want. I hope you’ll spend a little to support Star Trek since CBS is spending a LOT to support Star Trek. But you’re welcome to live your life your way!


I understand the intent of your French.

(And I will resist correcting your grammar 😉 since we’re not the Académie Française discussion board.)

I actually think we’re getting much more in both quantity and quality of teasers and trailers than in the 90s.

I will also grant your point that paying for subscriptions raises the stakes for streaming services.

However, I’d also argue that CBSAA is better value than UPN was.


I would actually appreciate the French grammar lesson, but you are right to restrain yourself here.

I don’t understand what you mean by CBSAA (which requires a monthly fee) being a better value than UPN (which required no fee). I suppose that sort of calculation would require arbitrary valuations on each individual’s time, and whether having to sit through commercials was more costly on the whole than the CBSAA monthly fee. Though, one could always record programs on UPN and then fast-forward through the commercials, in order to minimize that cost.

The point is that UPN was such garbage that even though it was free CBS-AA is still the better value.

Hi Cygnus-X1, when and where I was in the US, UPN required cable while TNG and Voyager were available over the air. So, adding UPN wasn’t free.

Once back in Canada, everything Trek has been on Space (recently renamed CTV Sci-fi channel) which is premium cable. As there often hasn’t been much else that we’ve watched regularly on this channel, it really has been for Trek and before we had kids, it really was what pushed us into paying for a premium cable package.

So, I’ve been paying extra for Trek for a couple of decades now. At least now in Canada, we can buy premium channels ‘á la carte’ rather than as a package.

Buying streaming services like CBSAA ‘á la carte’, and being able add and drop them month to month, sounds much less likely to involve paying for things one doesn’t want.


Ah, OK. Well, in the US, even the basic cable package comes with so many worthwhile channels that I’d have paid for it regardless of UPN. So, the deal with UPN was never analogous to how things are now with CBSAA. Viewers in other countries get a much better deal with regard to the CBS Trek shows. I don’t particularly want to watch anything else on CBSAA, so subscribing to that service would really only be for the benefits of Picard. There is so much great home-video content these days that Picard is competing for my time as much as anything else. By way of example, I really enjoyed the free episodes of Cobra Kai and meant to subscribe to YouTube Red to watch the entire series, but a year and a half later, I still haven’t gotten around to it. Why? Because my time is limited, there are only so many shows that I am physically able to watch, and Cobra Kai is competing with other content that I can access at will and don’t have to bother with any procedure to watch. So, the fallout is that even though I enjoyed the first few episodes of Cobra Kai and would happily watch the entire series, I just haven’t gotten around to it. And that’s a series that I have no skepticism about going in.

If I become convinced that Picard is great, then I will subscribe to watch it. Though, the offer of paying a subscription fee and still having to sit through commercials also rubs me the wrong way. And given my dubiousness that the show will be worth a one-time payment of $6, I am even less willing to pay $12 for the subscription which only makes me watch commercials for other CBSAA shows. The above should tell you just how skeptical I am, consequent to my experience with DSC.

Nobody cares about your monthly budgeting.

Thus far, I would argue that UPN was infinitely more valuable than CBSAA. That may change in the future but not as CBSAA stands right now. The reason behind that assessment is that UPN actually had Trek shows that were pretty decent and had a little content beyond Trek that were worth checking out. Even if much of them were of low quality at least they contained a curiosity factor. And it cost nothing. Compare that to CBSAA who have a garbage Trek show and one other reboot that was worth checking out whose first 4 episodes ended up being worse than garbage. And they charged me $10/month. So yeah… UPN was light years ahead of CBSAA.

“Now, does this clip of Picard telling his dog that he speaks French”

It’s better than Stewart hate-raging about Brexit, no? 11 days and counting ;)

Yeah, the Brits are screwed.

Rrrright, like the Norwegians and Swiss are screwed. And that tiny city state called Singapore. Hope, not fear, my friend. It’s the lesson of Trek ;)

At the moment the monarchy feels screwed and Scotland and Northern Ireland will screw the coming english-walisian kingdom aka little britain formerly known as Great Britain too. :-P I find this highly entertaining.

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be assimilated into the Borg Collective. Self-determination all the way. And let’s not forget the fine people in Catalonia who are being held captive by the oppressive Spanish state. It’s not just happening in far away lands with “brown people”, it’s a global trend and inevitability.

Yes, but at the same time they want to stay part of a larger union or to get in the EU like all former yugoslavian republics. So there a two contradicting trends.

And so do Northern Ireland and Scotland who voted to remain.
The UK has the right to leave the EU but this should also apply to the countries of the UK. At the end Brexit will turn out as an “own goal”.
That was my very first thought about the result.

To use your metaphor, the federation does not want to be assimilated, but there are some who want to become or stay assimiliated but not be part of the federation.

I didn’t disagree with you at all; if the Scots and Northern Irish truly want to leave, who should stop them (and we all know what Data said about Irish reunification, androids are never wrong are they ;) However self-determination is never about who is the strongest or economically most advanced, thats what those who like to gang up in groups will never understand. To wit, the irony seems to be completely lost for those Ex-Yugoslavians who want to exchange one failed undemocratic experiment in multiculturalism for another one. The irony also seems to be lost on those Europeans who can’t wait to bring the demise of their own values into the house both by admitting antagonistic East European nations and economic migrants from vastly incompatible cultural spheres (to put it mildly). But then again, that’s what happens when we put emotion ahead of logic. Everyone is divided, everyone suffers, but at least we can FEEL good about riding the moral high ground, no? ;)

So Vulcan Soul is a right wing bigot. Shocked. Shocked!

Been giving Discovery a bit more of a go this weekend (from the beginning) and I have to say, it feels more enjoyable than I remembered when watching in about a year ago. I think Kurtzman and his team are going to do a good job with Picard. Discovery isn’t perfect, but it is quality entertainment with overall strong acting. I’m optimistic about both shows coming this year.

C’est peut-être juste ainsi que le français est parlé depuis plusieurs centaines d’années ? Les langues évoluent et changent. :)

Je voulais justement entendre comment Picard parlais français, mais malheureusement le video ne fonctionne pas… Luke, tu es Canadien ou est-ce que tu maitrise plutôt Google Translate?

yawnnnn…hope that wasn’t meant to drum up enthusiasm for this show. still psyched tho

Hopefully it will disgust you and you will go away.

This show will destroy all Trek novels written after Nemesis. That is a lot of reading folks. I have read them all. With that said I am looking forward to this show so much!

I’ve been grieving too Allan.

I still wish the Destiny trilogy could have been brought to streaming.

Another site just did a retrospective review of Destiny, naming it the best Trek-lit of all time. I would agree with that assessment.

That site also said that if Picard as a series is half as good as Destiny, we will be well served.

But I’m very excited about the series too.

I don’t see how it “destroys” them. Going into reading the books the reader knows they aren’t canon. So I don’t understand why the emotion over this. I used to read the novels. Never felt cheated when some later movie or TV show ignored them.

I had a terrible thought.
With all this talk of how this will not be Next Generation and that things have changed, not all for the good, what if the idyllic, happily ever after ending for the Rikers is not real. What if it is a holographic simulation or a dream. What if they died on the Titan. What if Picard has no family, not even the family from the Enterprise.
This would certainly be in keeping with the apparent theme and mood of the show.
I hope I am wrong.

That would be very grim, indeed.

I just think you are feeling that because everyone retired in Star Trek has the same kitchen.

Nice, ha!

But the real question is, do they all season their scrambled eggs with oregano?