‘Star Trek Online: Legacy’ – Celebrate 10 Years Of STO With Jeri Ryan And Sonequa Martin-Green

Star Trek Online turns 10 this year. In celebration of the anniversary, Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios are launching a new expansion called “Legacy.”

Star Trek Online: Legacy pays loving tribute to all the different Star Trek series featured in the game over the last decade. In honor of the episode “The Savage Curtain” from the third season of The Original Series, the game’s newest missions test the morality of the galaxy’s finest. In the original episode, Captain Kirk and Spock came across the omnipotent Excalbians, who forced them into an experiment to understand the difference between good and evil by resurrecting history’s greatest heroes and villains. Legacy’s two new featured episodes bring players back to the planet of Excalbia to face a similar test. Captains will face off against iconic enemies from some of the game’s most popular content updates, while teaming up with some of Starfleet’s finest, who represent the epitome of good. This includes former Borg drone and U.S.S. Voyager crew member, Seven of Nine (voiced by Jeri Ryan), from the brand new Star Trek: Picard series, which made its highly anticipated debut on January 23 on CBS All Access in the United States and internationally on Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries and in Canada on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and OTT service Crave. Players will also rely on help from Starfleet’s brilliant commander, Michael Burnham (voiced by Sonequa Martin-Green), from the popular Star Trek: Discovery series.

A full list of game features released Monday with Star Trek Online: Legacy includes:

  • Two New Featured Episodes – Captains hailing from all of the game’s factions can experience two brand new episodes, “Measure of Morality” Parts 1 and 2. A strange anomaly calls players to Excalbia where they are tasked with proving once and for all that good is better than evil. Players will team up with heroes like Seven of Nine (Star Trek: Picard) and Michael Burnham (Star Trek: Discovery) to navigate a series of trials that pit them against some of Star Trek’s most dangerous enemies.
  • New Task Force Operation – “To Hell With Honor” is a brand new 5-player space TFO that takes place on the surface of the moon, where J’Ula and her Klingon forces are building a new shipyard for her fleet. Players will need to work together to destroy this base before enemy forces take them down with Mycelial weaponry.
  • Anniversary Celebration – Over the next month, Star Trek Online players can earn credits toward the brand new cross-faction T6 Khitomer Alliance Battlecruiser by playing new episodes, TFOs and the Omega Anniversary Event. This special event is a STO favorite, which sends players on a mission to stabilize particles that Q has scattered across the galaxy.
  • Mycelium Task Force Operation – The popular TFO introduced with Star Trek Online’s last update, Awakening, has been added to the game’s standard rotation of Task Force Operations. This special ground mission lets up to five players battle the Elachi, as they shut down probes that threaten to destroy the Mycelial Network.

Star Trek Online: Legacy is now live on PC and launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 3.


Trailer video


To download and play Star Trek Online today for free, click here to go to the ARC games website.

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Imagine having Jeri Ryan and putting her secondary on the poster to Burnham. Wow.

That’s what she gets for ditching the catsuit. She should probably consider herself lucky that she’s on the poster at all.

Although Jeri Ryan looks phenomenal at her age (52) shes no more the Borg babe of Voyager sadly. Time is the fire in which we burn and all that.

I didn’t mean anything to do with appearance. One is the brilliant Jeri Ryan, great woman and great character in Seven… and the other is SMG/Burnham. :-|

Dude… the optics. Think about the optics of what you’re saying…. :-|

Why are you pulling optics into it? He just said he isn’t talking about the looks. :P

Those two ladies aren’t in the same league. Heck, they’re not even in the same sport. Jeri Ryan took a terrible character and made her intriguing and memorable. SMG took an intriguing character and made her a piece of wood. Therefore, she belongs in the back. That’s all.

If you think that SMG is a wooden actress then you are absolutely delusional. And let’s not pretend the backlash around her or Burnham is motivated on some level by the fact that she isn’t Caucasian. It’s just like the backlash about Jodie Whittaker in Doctor Who is motivated by the fact she is a woman. Whether you realise it or not- the backlash around SMG in Star Trek IS a race issue, and for fans of a franchise that prides itself of representation and diversity it’s disgusting.

I am sure that you’ll accuse me of being a snowflake or a “libtard” or whatever else you fanboys use to attack somebody for pointing out conscious or unconscious racism- so go ahead. Do your worst and expose yourself.

SMG is a great actor, but the character is the worst, it’s no fun to watch her unfortunately. I blame the writers not the actress.

The colour of ones skin and gender (of the 2 that are real) have sod all to do with someone being a terrible actor or person for that matter, why do people like yourself claim to be about diversity and inclusion but always bring immutable characteristics into discussions?

SMG’s character was raised by Vulcans, so why wouldn’t you expect her to be stoic most of the time? She’s fine.

“One is the brilliant Jeri Ryan, great woman and great character in Seven… and the other is SMG/Burnham. :-|”

Right! Putting that illegitimate character next to the great 7 of 9 is like equating chicken mcnuggets to foie gras ;)

Are you crazy? She looks great.

Eh, this isn’t Jeri’s first (or even second) rodeo with STO, so I get that Burnham’s first appearance is bigger news.

On a side note, it’s weird that we’re seeing Picard!Seven in STO a month before she makes her debut in the show.

To be fair Burnham is the star of Discovery, while Seven was only in half of a series that ended twenty years ago. Seven will be in Picard, but only as a supporting character.

Agreed, placing Mikey “Mary Sue” Burnham ahead of Seven is simply criminal.

For me, it’s not that she’s a Mary Sue, nor that the universe revolves around her… it’s more that she has the personality of a napkin, and the charisma of a rubbish bin. Terrible, terrible character.

Your metaphors are most delicious :) Here, have a cookie!

Wow who is narrating? Sounds like a certain Vulcan we know with pointed ears and a propensity for getting his shipmates into trouble.

That’s Leonard Nimoy. He narrated some dialog when the game launched, and they’ve been very cleverly reusing it ever since.

That might be one of the best selling points: Leonard Nimoy’s voice underscoring the likenesses (and voices) of Michael Burnham and Seven of Nine….. together for an adventure on Excalbia. Interesting ideas. . . .

Thank you…I thought as such. Miss that guy.

Interesting that they are using the TOS Enterprise vs. the Discovery 1701; unfortunately not consistent with a push for a Pike series which is too bad!
Also interesting how the Excalbians show up (always liked the DC comics where they ended up disappearing testing themselves against the Organians explaining the end of the Organian Peace Treaty TMP and after). Something they should look to in case they need to do some “timeline” modifications.

It’s been years since I’ve played STO, but I’m pretty sure that the Constitution Class has appeared before. It was probably easier to use the version that they already had instead of redesigning it.

They are both in the image above, the TOS E and the Discovery version

You are right, you know they did a good job on the Discovery 1701 when you can’t tell the difference without looking up close!!! That’s exciting that the TOS E is getting some love! Hopefully we will see Pike and/or Number One in ST:O in the future??

I know it’s never going to happen, but I really, really wish they would upgrade this game to use a new engine with modern graphics and gameplay capabilities. I feel like I’m playing a PS2 game whenever I occasionally pop in, and the ground combat is still god awful.

Excalbians? Hmm. Man, I haven’t played this game in such a looonnngg time.

Happy birthday to Star Trek Online! The first MMO game I played and still play to this day.