Review: New Star Trek Glassware From Movies on Glass (With A Discount Code!)

Movies on Glass is a new Star Trek licensee with some pretty sweet-looking beverage glasses.

The Special Edition glassware includes a frosted line of highball and rocks glasses, as well as a colored Quark’s Bar edition pint beer glass.

The pint glass has a nice heft to it. I have used it daily for the past week for juice and smoothies, and even for a beer. I ran it through the dishwasher and it came out the same as it went in (although it was cleaner, of course). The glass is thick enough to withstand daily use and not seem fragile. I think Quark would dig the branding on these and would be proud to serve this Romulan Ale Cocktail in them (for the right amount of latinum!).

The colored Quark’s Bar pint glass would make any Ferengi proud.

Pint glasses are also available in a frosted Discovery Command Training Program design. DISCO is presented vertically on the glass with the registry number NCC-1031. Below that is the CTP logo. Just don’t drink too many pints while in the CTP, or you may mess up on your Kobyashi Maru test!

Set of 4 DISCO CTP Pint Glasses. Just what you need after a long day of memorizing regulations.

The frosted old fashioned/rocks glasses are quite stylish with a thicker bottom, which gives the thinner glass some weight. They stand 3-1/2” tall and fit nicely in my hand. I love the idea of a cape cod made with Silver Screen’s Ten Forward Vodka and cranberry juice in the Ten Forward design glasses. I could envision these glasses being served by Guinan on the 1701-D.

Ten Forward rocks glass. Guinan may have had some input on this design.

There is a set of four “Comm Badge” designs, although they are more accurately insignia designs. The set includes deltas from the USS Enterprise NCC-1701, NCC-1701-D, Deep Space Nine, and the USS Discovery NCC-1031. They are beautifully designed and frosted like the Ten Forward design. They can also be purchased individually if you fancy one design over the others.

Com Badge Set of 4 Symbols Rocks Glasses are also sold individually.

Another pair of designs (each sold separately) that are sure to be fan favorites are TOS and TNG versions of “Property of the USS Enterprise” on the rocks glasses.

Show your friends which Enterprise is your favorite with these lowball glasses.

The final available rocks glass design is Section 31, in a large block lettering font. No keeping your secret division secret when imbibing from these!

Section 31 rocks glass, no black badge necessary.

Also available is the Disco Highball glass. It is much narrower than the rocks glass, and a bit taller, standing 5-inches. Perhaps a Samarian Sunset would fill this nicely.

DISCO tall highball glass, for when you need something stronger than a beer after that time crystal jump.

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I like the Quarks Bar pint glass. I don’t remember what the glassware looked like at the actual Quarks Bar at the old Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas since I was there in 1998. But it’d be cool if the pint glasses looked like that.

I liked to have one of those Defiant mugs, though.

I just found my Star Trek 3 Search for Spock glasses and while they don’t seem worth much as a collectible, I’m giving them to a friend who seems to really enjoy collecting glasses.

I think those ST3 glasses are fantastic. Even if there are not worth much, they look sharp on the shelf. Lucky friend!

Man, I found a complete set of those glasses at a flea market in rural Florida. Unfortunately, late last year my storage shed was broken into and they stole all of them. Along with my Star Trek steelbook collection.

I found out my folks held onto my SFS promotional glasses about two years ago. I had two of them. Now they are in my cabinet. I now enjoy a drink in them from time to time. I think they were a promotion tie in with Taco Bell.

Bought them all except the Discovery and S31 designs. Can’t wait to use them.

Ahh… why not the 1701 refit?!? The movie era had all the best logos, fonts, etc. Sulu even had an Excelsior mug they could go!

Maybe they’ll come later in the line. You don’t want to shoot your load too early

Actually in the early 90s you could be the E-A tea set and there was an Excelsior option

I’m not a fan of the letters after Enterprise. But yeah, I would have been happy if they had the TMP or WoK refit Enterprise silhouette. Happy to get the three I got, however.

They have multiple currency options including Australian Dollars so I presume they send to Australia, yet on the site there are no contact details, no email address, no way to communicate to ask do they ship to Oz and what is the freight cost! Disappointing :(

Dont know why it doesnt appear in Oz but website shows “Call us anytime +1 775-848-2831 and then there is However, Glass is way too heavy and fragile to ship overseas for free – believe me :)

Unfortunately, despite giving you the option to see the prices in British Pounds and Australian Dollars, it states on their site they don’t ship outside the US, which is a real shame. I’ve been after some good looking Trek glasses after my ThinkGeek ones got broken, and these would have been ideal.


I couldn’t help myself. I bought a couple of the TOS glasses. Hope Mrs ML31 doesn’t come down on me too hard for that… :)

Anyone else see a distinct lack of MOVIE insignia among these? Maybe the 10-foreward and 1701-D glasses could get away with it.

I think that is quite intentional with the in universe concept. There would be no “Star Trek” on a real glass on the actual ship

I really wish somebody would make replicas of Picard’s tea mug from TNG, or the Raktajino mugs from DS9.

Picard’s tea cup is a regular bodum cup. They’re pretty cheap on ebay.

For the record, I ordered mine on the 9th and they arrived on the 11th.