‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Wraps Filming

The cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery season 3 have been heads down, making the new season. With the filming now wrapped, a few of the folks involved took to the daylight to let fans know.

Final episode written last month

Co-showrunner Michelle Paradise shared a picture of the last line in the script from the finale of season 3.

The cast finished filming last week, production wrap official today

Producer/director ‘Tunde makes the wrap official

And co-showrunner Michelle Paradise praises the team

New cast member David Ajala (who plays Cleveland “Book” Booker) snapped a pic of himself with the clapperboard for one of his final scenes.

Toronto actor Tanner Zipchen snapped a selfie with Doug Jones congratulating him on wrapping the season.

Everybody’s “Number One” director Jonathan Frakes, who directed episodes 3 and 8 of the season, congratulated the cast and crew this morning.

Release date TBA

The question now on fans’ minds is of course when we will get to see the third season. Last month, Secret Hideout executive Heather Kadin was asked about the readiness of Discovery season 3 and Lower Decks season 1. She revealed that both shows should be ready to go by May, after the first season of Picard ends its run. When asked which was coming first, she noted that it was up to the CBS executives. So as of right now which show is up after Picard has yet to be determined.

On the streaming front

The newly merged ViacomCBS held an investors meeting recently where they confirmed plans for more expansive version of CBS All Access that adds in Viacom properties:

Also of interest is the confirmation that there are more unannounced shows coming, as reported last month. Since this was an investor call of the newly combined ViacomCBS, it’s important to note that they also touted “a highly anticipated film from Paramount Pictures” which we believe is referring to the Noah Hawley film, which is expected to get Hawley’s full attention starting later this spring.

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on the CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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Can we tell how many episodes are in season 3 based on the clapboard?

13, the last one was directed by Olatunde

Sounds as though they added an extra one again this season.

Interestingly, the Toronto production sheets listed a second unit director for the last week or so. It sounds like it will be an action-packed finale. If they went on location, they lucked into an unusually cold mid-February in the region.

What do you mean an extra one? Are there really 14 episodes? Otherwise it seems there are less episodes than in season 1 and 2.

Yes, it’s gone from 15 to 14 to 13. But 13 is getting to be a standard.

TPTB say in advance that each Discovery season will be 12 episodes, but in the end we always get more.

I’m actually taking the news that we’re getting 13 this year as a sign that the plotting will be more coherent in season 3 given that the writers room has held together. An extra episode for the season finale is icing on the cake, and a way to spread the amortization of any special new sets.

That is an assumption history says we should not make.

Actually they always target 13 episodes, and then have added one or two more. So this season they’re actually on track.

Actually it’s been sunny and about 45F-50F here in Toronto the past couple of days. Been a strange winter, cold for one or two days followed by above freezing temps, almost the entire winter. Spring will be here soon (we hope haha).

I was referring to the cold snap last week DeanH. I think they wrapped today.


Good news on the TV productions, lots of content to pick and choose from to enjoy.

Not holding my breath for anything on the big screen before 2023, unless Hawley agrees to stick to a 120MM (or less) budget.

It’s POSSIBLE one could come by 2022 but yeah if we are talking a whole new cast, etc, its probably 2023 which would be 8 years since Beyond came out! That would actually be a longer gap than between Nemesis and the 2009 movie. I never thought we would see such a long time between Star Trek movies again.

Perhaps, if something were green-lit already. All we’ve heard is the same happy talk from the executives, and some chatter from Noah Hawley that he’ll be taking a look at it in the Spring. This is about where we were a year back with Trek 4 and the QT projects, so Paramount really isn’t in a hurry here.

Optimistically, if we did get one in 2022, that’s thirteen years for four movies. Technically, that’s still a franchise, I suppose….

Really looking forward to DSC season 3, hope we get more details soon.

I wonder if the Hawley Trek film and Mission Impossible 7 & 8 will still involve Bad Robot or if that relationship will go away with JJ’s new deal with WB.

It’s possible Star Trek and Bad Robot part ways, but I can’t see Tom Cruise letting go of them if he likes what they’ve done with MI (and he should, it’s the most consistently excellent franchise in Hollywood). As long as JJ isn’t personally involved as director and is more an executive, I imagine it will be fine.

If all three projects had a contractual relationship with Paramount, BR’s new Warner’s deal will allow them to finish those projects.

I wonder if the cost of CBSAA will go up once all that extra Paramount content is added. I’ve been thinking about dropping CBSAA once Picard is over, but if it had a lot more content I’d probably keep it. Depends on what’s there and if the price goes up enough a lot or not.

It’s been on CBSAA (including all the legacy Star Trek movies) for a few weeks already, no change in price.

If I had to choose I would pick Lower Decks come out first. May feels very early to me, however. I will believe it when I see it.

Also, in anticipation of Lower Decks being good (God I hope that is not misplaced optimism) I am hoping they will get to work on season two ASAP. Let’s get quick turnarounds on this!

ML31, Lower Decks was greenlighted for two seasons to start due to the huge lead times needed for animation.

I suspect season two is well along in preproduction given that Kadin said in January that the first season is basically done.

I wasn’t questioning if they would get a 2nd season. Most of these short series orders are for two seasons. However it is not unusual to wait an extraordinarily long time between seasons. Even for animated ones. So I was hoping they would do what animated shows on regular over the air networks do… Start work on the next season long before the first season ends. In the case of Lower Decks, I have not seen any reports that they are working on a 2nd season yet. But I’m hoping they are. I’d rather not wait 14 months from end of season 1 to start of season 2. That is one of the infuriating things about streaming and even some cable shows.

I feel like Discovery comes out in fall or winter of this year. STLV will have a big push to celebrate the success of Picard season 1 with announcements about season 2, probably the surprise announcement of the other Trek shows in development, and then a big final promo push for Disco season 3. I think this might be the first year I try to make it to Vegas for that

I really hope Discovery 3 comes out first. I’ve been anxiously awaiting it.


Waiting for the official announcement. Also with Disco and Picard being serialized shows, I hope the producers will go episodic with the Pike series OR perhaps a series of 2-3 hour short story TV movies.

I feel like a potential Pike show the format should mirror Enterprise season 4 a bit. Have perhaps 2 three part episodes, a two parter and perhaps 2 or three stand alones. If they do have a recurring story introduce it in the first episode, drop bit of it in the other stories along the way then perhaps deal with it exclusively over the final three. This feels like a fair compromise.

That would be the perfect solution IMO, I’m just sick of going back. Enterprise worked with its aesthetic because of the time difference, we didn’t know how things were meant to look. I’m sick of all the retcons, I’m hoping the next show is centered on a Federation Starship in Picards time.

I think this new era of writers have forgotten the old line ‘To Boldy go where no one has gone before’

To be fair – season 2 of Discovery was a lot less serialized than I thought initially. They essentially had weekly adventures with an overarching story running through it all. It wasn’t really until they found Burnham’s mom that it began to run together as a serialized show in that regard. Picard is definitely serialized with the way each episode ends

Citation for that, please? All caps doesn’t count.

LYING IN ALL CAPS is still lying, Rick. Shame on you.

I wonder, with so many new shows in production, if they would be brave enough to do one that calls back to TOS/TNG/VOY/DS9 style storytelling. More episodic, maybe some mini-arcs, but a show that tells a variety of stories in different styles.
I’m in “like” with the new Trek, but not in “love” with it. The season-long storylines seem like not a perfect fit for what Trek did best.

I can understand why you would think that given what we have seen from Secret Hideout. But the Xindi Enterprise season long arc worked pretty well I thought. So there is the proof that when done right, Trek can indeed produce a worthwhile season long story.

Did you really just name the least popular episodes from the least popular series in order to defend the format against DSC and PIC’s alleged deficiencies? Get a hold of yourself. Modern Trek’s seasonal arcs are novels compared to the short stories of episodic television. That’s no knock: short stories are awesome! But it’s ridiculous to suggest that short stories are a better way of telling a long narrative. DS9 is the least streamed show for this reason. DISCOVERY and PICARD are closest in tone to Star Trek’s hardcover novels.

I think it’s more likely than not that something more episodic will come along. “Lower Decks” will likely be episodic, and the showrunner has mentioned that each episode required coming up with an A-story that would be a typical Star Trek story, while whatever zany thing is happening lower decks. For all we know, Section 31 could be a more episodic, covert mission-of-the-week type series.

It’s my gut feeling that they didn’t plan to do two serialized shows back-to-back. We know they’ve said repeatedly that they want the shows they make to be different so that people don’t feel like they’re just getting the same type of Star Trek over and over again. What happened was the opportunity to do Picard suddenly became a reality and the only way they could get Sir Patrick Stewart on board was to tell the type of story he was interested in, which is something along the lines of a final adventure for Picard. He didn’t want to just come back and do TNG-style stories since he had already done and wanted a challenge.

If a future show (Pike, perhaps) takes a more episodic approach, it should look to Manny Coto and ENTERPRISE season four as inspiration. A series of stand-alone trilogies worked very well.

Episodic Trek today would feel less important. It would be a cool throwback but from a business standpoint it gives viewers a reason to check out for a couple episodes. Serialized tv, again from a business standpoint I feel, makes people feel as though they need to tune in each week to stay up to speed with the story. Just my opinion though so I could easily be wrong. With over 50 years of episodic Trek mixed with serialized-lite Trek (DS9 and Enterprise), I don’t mind the change.

What’s up with that crinkly flag? Don’t they have irons in the future?
And who the heck is named “Book”, anyway? Are they stealing character names from Firefly now? Or perhaps they are following the Witchfinder Army naming conventions… “Captain Milkbottle” when?

Harrison Ford’s character in Witness had the surname Book.

I had a classmate in college named Book.

But here it’s short for Booker, which is also a name.

Shepard Book – Firefly

You’re surprised a production company that’s named characters Craft, Michael Burnham, Raffi Mussiker and Agnes Jurrati comes up with yet another silly name?

What the heck is silly with all These namens?

I think the point is that it was little used.

Had a close friend whose nickname is still to this day Book.

The series I want most of all is a Deep Space Nine 4K Restoration. 🙏🏻

Yes. Totally. And Seasons 8-12 please.

But only if the original creative team are behind it. I just wouldn’t trust the current team with my beloved DS9.

Eh… I wasn’t too into the story they crafted in the DS9 doc for the start of the a new season

Totally agree!

Hoping that the two mystery series in development are Pike’s Enterprise and Seven’s Rangers.


OMG, a Seven spin off??? We can only hope!

We need a show they can hire all previous characters. Episodic. Past, present, and future.

Well maybe not ALL of them lol, but a few would be fine. And its just smart business. Picard is probably the most hyped thing since the first Kelvin film arrived. My guess is we will be seeing more in the future either way.

The 2 shows currently in production may be the animated shows (Lower Decks and the more kids oriented show).
Unless they’ve decided not to pursue it anymore one of the shows in development should be Section 31.

You may have parsed that correctly, although the word in January was two more new live action series beyond S31.

yay… can’t wait… thank god for picard because this has been an excruciating hiatus…

Wow really getting excited! :)

Crazy they have so many more Trek shows in development, but technically it’s actually five and not four right? I mean the shows we already know that’s been confirmed are Lower Decks, Section 31 and the Nickolodean show. But the article states there are two additional new shows that hasn’t been announced. So either they are referring to just one new show we haven’t heard about yet or the math was simply off.

But assuming its five shows (please let this one be the correct one), I mean, WOW! Personally I would like the two new shows to be a Pike show and a Picard spin off of some kind or one that takes place in the 25th century with completely brand new characters. They could even do an Enterprise F show but I guess two Enterprise shows would be too much lol. There are also rumors one of these could still be the Academy show. Not my first choice but I wouldn’t be against it either considering we have so many other options now.

And happy to hear the Hawley movie is still happening, at least for now. I would like to see one more Kelvin film at least to wrap things up but if that doesn’t work out then I would love a post Picard movie OR even a Kelvin movie with new characters staying in the 23rd century. Not holding my breath on either but its exciting it can be pretty much anything IF the Kelvin cast are done as Hawley alluded to.

And my guess is Short Treks will be getting another season as well. My god people, did anyone ever think Trek would blow up like this so fast?? We are in the promised land. :)

Tiger2, it’s great to get an injection of your optimism.

I’m hoping that it’s five live-action series too.

I understand everyone’s excitement about Seven’s return, but I don’t think that’s in the plans yet. Listening to the Picard podcast on Deadline, TPTB really weren’t sure how the show would be received and are very encouraged. It sounds as though everyone is impressed by how much stronger Jeri Ryan’s acting skills are even as compared to on Voyager. Going toe-to-toe with Patrick Stewart is something special.

What I do believe is that the fifth series is still the Academy one. There have been comments elsewhere that there may be issues to sort out because a concept for an Academy show with Kirk had been worked up and abandoned at one point. Hopefully, ViacomCBS can work it out – although I expect most of us would like to see a new era and group of cadets at this point.

No, I don’t actually think Seven is getting her own show either. When I said a Picard spin off, I meant either one of the main characters on that show like Rios or maybe another iconic TNG character like Worf or Riker. It would be GREAT if Seven got one but I don’t think that’s in the cards of course. I would just be happy if she could be a regular on this show next season. Even people who aren’t huge fans of Voyager still seems to love Seven. HOPEFULLY we will see her more this season. I mean all the hype having her just to put her in one episode seems weird. But its possible because I realized we’ve already seen all her scenes from the trailers and commercials. They all came from the last episode, so this might be it for awhile. :(

And if it is an Academy show, I would be OK with it too. As long as we are getting a wide range of shows and settings that would be fine. I hope its not the idea of Kirk being a cadet but that always been pushed in some form or another so won’t be too surprised. I thought the stuff we saw in the first Kelvin movie was enough. But it would be a way to bring Kirk back to the prime universe since everything else from being captain to his death has been practically covered. If a Pike show happens, I still wouldn’t be shocked they found a way to have him appear there for a few episodes as well. I all but assumed he would show up in some fashion on Discovery in season 3 until you know lol.

As fun as it sounds to have Kirk show up as a guest on this hoped for Pike show it would be a huge canon violation as Kirk said he only met Pike the one time when Pike was promoted to Fleet Captain. So they would have to sneak around that meeting if they did it.

He can still pop up on the show and just not meet Pike directly. Yes. it’s tricky I agree but it can be done. If you watch Better Call Saul, the title character on that show has never met one of the the other characters on the same show because it was noted they never met on Breaking Bad. And yet BOTH characters have been on Better Call Saul for three seasons now lol. They are both in every episode and so far has never crossed paths.

If they want to put Kirk in 1-2 episodes they can find a way.

Never seen Breaking Bad or the other one. But sure, it’s possible. They just have to get a little clever. I mean, they found ways to bring in Romulans on Enterprise without breaking what was said in Balance of Terror. And of course, they had Borg too. Although that story I don’t recall as well…

Yeah that was the knock with Enterprise, that they kept bringing in species we weren’t suppose to see for awhile like the Romulans, Ferengi and obviously the Borg. I thought they did fine on how they showcased the Romulans and Borg (although that was the most controversial at the time) but the Ferengi one was stupid.

It’s why I don’t get the fascination with doing prequels if you’re constantly breaking your own canon to include stuff that shouldn’t be there which we clearly seen Discovery do as well. Of course they just ‘classify’ everything lol.

I forgot about the Ferengi episode! I was never a huge Ferengi fan and found the Ferengi-centric episodes of DS9 to be among their weakest. And the fact that I completely zoned out that Enterprise had a Ferengi episode tells you how memorable it was. But the good news about stand alone episodes is that if they have a weak story you don’t have to put up with it for more than one episode.

Yeah that was the knock with Enterprise, that they kept bringing in species we weren’t suppose to see for awhile like the Romulans, Ferengi and obviously the Borg. I thought they did fine on how they showcased the Romulans and Borg (although that was the most controversial at the time) but the Ferengi one was stupid.

It’s why I don’t get the fascination with doing prequels if you’re constantly breaking your own canon to include stuff that shouldn’t be there which we clearly seen Discovery do as well. Of course they just ‘classify’ everything lol.

The assumption is the movie will be the Hawley movie. However perhaps the studio may go with the Tarantino movie. Even though he would not direct I could see them using Story by Quentin Tarantino as a selling point for a movie. Might even carry more weight than Noah Hawley.

Yeah, the Academy show has been mentioned quite a lot in the past year or so. My bet that beside a Pike one, the other is the Academy one. From what we heard from the team about their vision of the franchise the Academy one will make a lot of sense. They’ll target a whole different demographic than the shows that are in development now (teens).

I’ll definitely watch that kind of show (heck it’s ST) but Kurtzman and co. if you are reading this, please throw a bone for us in that show and add O’Brien as a teacher at the Academy :)))

Falco, I agree that having a character from a 90s series would be a draw for a broader audience.

Certainly, we’ve heard that senior officers do stints at the Academy so there’s lots of off-screen canon precedent.

I’m thinking though that having O’Brien or Crusher at the Academy would put the show in the last 24th Century. It may be that TPTB may not want to have to have 3 shows (Picard, Lower Decks and the Academy) so close in time.

That said, I think that it could be a draw if a child of a major character was among the core characters. We’ve seen a number of characters in Trek who feel the pressure of past parental achievement. It would be good to examine that from the other side.

What would the Academy be like for Mirel Paris – one quarter Klingon and from a long line of successful officers? How would LaForge’s child fare?

Doing something with children of known characters is a dangerous place to go, IMHO. At best there should be no more than 1 if it were to be done. A 2nd is just WAY too contrived.

But if you wanted to do an Academy show set in the TOS movie time and still wanted a connection to a classic character, there is Demora Sulu…

There was a Khan series planned too, but with Meyer gone it probably is gone too.

I figured the Academy series has turned into the Nickelodeon one. So that would mean Lower Decks and Section 31 being produced now, with Nickelodeon and Pike in the future?

I really like the concept of the Short Treks. I’m just disappointed at the overall quality of them. I thought they might have a higher success rate than 2 for 10.

While I wouldn’t call any of the Short Treks out and out failures, one has to risk and accept failures as part of the process of innovation.

Clearly, that kind of innovation is not so possible with new series that run close to $100 million to launch a first season.

If good things like discovering new composers, new formats or filling in character’s development come out of these, they’re batting at least 80% in my view.

I’m not looking at it from the standpoint of whose career is getting boost. I’m looking at them as actual short films that are interesting or well done. So far only two of them have really fit that bill. And more than a few have been downright bad. In that sense, they are batting .200. That’s bad even for a baseball player.

Throw a big twist in it all and make an Enterprise-F show with Pike as Captain. How you ask? A little creative storytelling and make it so that the pike that was hurt was mirror and the real was transported into the future when Mirror Kirk used the tantalus device to get captaincy of enterprise.

Watching Star Trek Picard and seeing likeable characters with actual personalities played by actors who act human and not like a machine like SMG… makes me really not care about this news, sadly.

I hear ya’. With Season 2 of Picard already a go and a potential Pike series looming over the horizon, Discovery almost seems apocryphal in nature. It carries the Star Trek name but lacks the connective tissue of a Picard or a Pike. I suspect that, given the chance, CBS would have preferred launching Star Trek’s return on All Access with Picard and not Discovery.

That is the one thing about Discovery now and that it’s so far in the future from this point on it’s easy for anyone who hates it to avoid it sorta like how easy you can avoid the Kelvin movies since they are in another universe entirely.

If it was up to CBS they probably would’ve just done a TNG revival show on day one to launch All Access if they knew they could’ve convinced Stewart. TOS maybe as well but is more complicated because of the Kelvin movies.

I think the Picard show will be the most important show canon wise for now, at least until whatever shows up again in the 23rd or 24th century. Maybe Section 31? But I’m still not convinced that show will even take place in the those eras yet.

And you know I don’t spread BS rumors but one site I REALLY trust is suggesting that show may even be delayed to next year now but I’ll believe it when more official sources say something.

Also, assuming a Section 31 show, is it possible that Georgiou, having seen the future, goes back in time to somehow reset it tp prevent whatever it is that eventually happens?

It would have been more interesting to have Discovery travel *elsewhere*, not the future so that Discovery, by necessity, was constantly on the move.

I would’ve been fine if they had Discovery travel somewhere else too but we know that would’ve just brought up a lot of Voyager comparisons. I really loved it was moved to the future but of course we have to wait and see how its done before we can really say it was a good idea or not. But its the most I been excited about the show personally.

As for Georgiou yeah anything is possible. I really HOPE they don’t go that direction though. I mean season 2 was going to the future to save the past so season 3 would be going to the past to save the future. Kind of redundant. ;)

I dislike Discovery intensely, but that’s not Sonequa Martin-Green’s fault.

The notion that her performance is robotic is a weird one. It’s arguably one of the most human and passionate of all the major Trek castmembers. The writing which prompts it is terrible, but the acting itself is quite good.

Bryant Burnette, I agree Martin-Green and most of the Discovery cast are top notch actors.

Like others, I’ve found Discovery has had a rough couple of seasons, and the tribulations on the showrunner/writing side have definitely made for a great deal of incoherence.

But it’s been the quality of the acting, particularly SM-Q’s, that has often held things somewhat together.

‘Robotic’ has nothing to do with her performance. Frankly, that suggests to me that the poster is the one who is ill-at-ease with women who are introverted, and risk-taking. I suspect they would never say the same about a character that was a brilliant male test-pilot type.

I’m going to have to push back a little TG47, I have a bit of a problem with SMG acting at times too. Maybe not ‘robotic’ but it does comes off as stiff at times. And I LIKE SMG, mostly when she was on TWD. I like Burnham as well but there are times her acting feels off. Most of the time she’s fine but yeah. Not doing a great job explaining it lol.

But I like the idea of the character a lot. Hopefully both her and the show will be better written next season.

I really hope so. I really want to like this show but it’s trying at times last lol.

I don’t know SM-Q from anything as this is the first time I have ever seen her work. (Never saw TWD) So it is difficult to know for sure if it is her acting or the bad writing and directing. I think it is a combination of both. She does come across as if she is forcing her acting quite often. Many of her scenes just don’t flow right. She obviously does not have the charisma to overcome the bad situations this show provides like Stewart did time after time with the terrible Picard character. But that is a bit unfair, I grant you. Precious few have the ability to hold the viewer’s attention even when the material is weak.

Sadly it feels like you have fallen into the trap of assuming because the character is a female POC you just assume there is a very high probability the person making the negative comment is a sexist/racist. Something that comes across as extremely closed minded and bigoted if I am being honest. Unfortunately this sort of attitude has been around from a number of people for quite some time.

Actually, I’m trying not to ML31.

Burnham isn’t just the main character of a Trek show, she’s the first Trek series lead since Kirk who is temperamentally a risk seeker.

The character of Burnham in season one actually and early season 2 reminded quite a bit of some male fighter pilot types I’ve known / worked with. In fact, she resonated better than many female action heros of recent years.

My reaction in my early days in working with these types was “Are they for real?”. The stiffness and the self-assurance seem to go hand-in-hand.

We see this type in male action heros and accept it, but in women we seem to expect more.

Where I’ve struggled is when Burnham’s character’s journey has taken her to melodramatic emotional expressions. I sincerely don’t think that the writers would have felt the need to go that far if they were showing a brilliant male test-pilot type coming to terms with past trauma and his emotional side.

So, I’m neither saying that either the poster above or the writers are sexist, but I am moderately convinced that social preconceptions about emotional expressions and gender are playing a large role both in how this is written and interpreted by viewers.

Female test-pilots and extreme sport athletes are unfortunately still uncommon enough that many/most of us may not have encountered them, and some may be ill-at-ease at their representation.

Which is all the more reason for Trek to try to portray them authentically.

Then you are seeing something I, and a lot of others, are not. When I see the stiffness and self assuredness it feels like they are both at odds with each other and it also does not feel natural. It feels forced. To be honest, I find it amazingly rare to see that combination in male action heroes. At least in cinema over the last few decades. I do agree that I doubt the writing would have gone so overly melodramatic if the character was male. Is that a failing of the writers? Perhaps. I’m of the opinion she shouldn’t have gone that far to begin with. But they went there.

Not sure why you think it “unfortunate” that there aren’t more female test pilots. I would say it was unfortunate if they didn’t have the opportunity to go that route. Fortunately for society, the opportunity does exist. It’s just that in general women tend to decide to not go that route with their lives for a variety of reasons. Are you expecting equality of outcome to approach the gender of the population at large? Studies have shown that equality of opportunity rarely equals equality of outcome.

Hear hear. Sonequa’s talented and got a good character… in herself, I mean… not the incredibly poorly written superhero Mikey B.

I hate Discovery so much. It’s not even consistent within its episodes let alone with wider Trek canon. Its dreadful writing is causing collateral damage to generally a good cast.

Well, her delivery is awful…like a rehearsal read-thru at the table. But I do I think she whispers really well. And knows how to get her eyes watery. That’s about it.

Yeah I think you nailed it for me Jonbuc. Her delivery is pretty bad at times. Especially with her monologues. Ugh, its like they do one take and call it a day on every single one lol.

Funny that you say that. I recall Nick Meyer saying that he thinks Shatner gets better the more takes he does. He said his first take is often his worst because he tries too hard and really makes an effort. But as he gets worn down from take after take, that goes away and he gets more natural.

I’m going to give season three a shot because they’re shooting forward in time, but I thought the first two seasons so terrible, I’ll be waiting for reviews and comments from here before I waste the $ on the CBS sub. to see it. That show has lost all good faith with me (Pike excepted). And nothing against SMG, who I thought did a good job on Walking Dead, but the character of Burnham, imo, is one of the worst ever written in the franchise.

To be honest that is the main reason I’m excited about season 3 too. I would’ve been interested if the showed stayed where it was BUT yeah going forward in a brand new setting is what really keeping me enthusiastic about it. But if the season doesn’t get better from a writing standpoint it’s going to be tough to be excited for a season four. I mean I’ll be there lol, but I want to be thrilled about it and not just watching it because it’s Star Trek.

This gives me a few months to eat enough lead paint so by the time STD starts up again I will finally find it intellectually stimulating.

Lol. Some of the residents here won’t like that, Gary.

Those of us who disagree with you two are more likely to engage when the expression of view is less over-the-top.

That said, you’ve both been sincerely engaged here for a while, perhaps longer than I, so I’m definitely not ignoring you two.

It’s the new and extremely negative voices, who log on at 3:00 am Eastern time after a show drops, to bomb this and all the other neutral and independent Trek boards with identical posts that are really irking me.

I can tell the difference between a sincere view and a destructive campaign.

Great message, TG47. I hope that most readers of my messages understand that my more ridiculous comments are usually tongue in cheek.

Whilst I won’t shed any tears once Kurtzman, Secret Hideout and to a lesser extent Bad Robot are ejected from Star Trek, I think some of the critics need to direct their energies away from antagonising fans who happen to also like or tolerate the new series.

By the way, I’m in the UK so that’s why my messages are in the early hours of the morning!

I’ve figured out that Collector. :)

I was referring to a few folks who are evidently accessing CBSAA feed as soon as Picard or Discovery drops, and then posting the same rant across every available platform.

I was watching Enterprise over the weekend and I forgot about episode where Archer and the crew come across a time ship from “the 31st century”! The lone pilot was a human with Vulcan DNA along with other bloodlines. Is Discovery trapped in the 31st century? If so, I know the producers of Disco hate being saddled by cannon, but I wonder if they will somehow tie S3 into that episode?

Well Discovery will take place in the 32nd century so a little past those events. But many of us would love to see some connection with the show and Daniels and MAYBE the downfall happened through TCW somehow. Not holding my breath of course but you never know.

I wonder if the Short Treks from that era will tie in.

Great news. I can’t wait.

More horrible unwatchable tripe to look forward to then.

You’d think that in the 29th century or whatever they could figure out a way to have a wrinkle free banner.

Meanwhile, I’ve always wondered who does all the hyper-housekeeping in a super secret underground bunkers. LOL

It’s a flag that’s unrolling – take a look at it in the trailer. Also I think it’s a ripped flag.

That’s great news on the streaming front. CBS will actually become…viable… I mean I love ALL the Trek options on it but others haven’t had the need to subscribe. Actually include a lot of Paramount films, get a spinoff streaming series for MI and Top Gun going, add classic MTV and Nick content and now you’ve got something you can really market to people.

I can’t wait to watch people complain about this season when they cheered for it when Bryan Singer suggested a similar premise for the Trek tv show he wanted to make. Eyes might get stuck from the hard eye-roll I do.

The idea is Not the Problem.
the delivery is….

Now that it’s wrapped, could they please return to sender? I’ll pay any postage due, just to get rid of it!

Will lower decks be on Netflix

We don’t know yet. CBS has tended to only disclose which company bought the international rights when the show is close to release.

Fabulous. New trailer when?

I’m curious to see what they do with this season, no doubt it’ll be as bad as the previous 2 and Burnham the Jack Bauer of the show will no doubt be the only one who can save the day. It’s like a train wreck, I wanna stop looking but I can’t! The time jump has me more curious.