The Shuttle Pod Crew Opens “The Impossible Box” As They Wind Their Way Through ‘Star Trek: Picard’

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 1, Episode 6

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Matt, Brian, and Kayla discuss this first episode of the second half of Season 1, “The Impossible Box”. The Shuttle Pod crew discusses how all of the season’s storylines are starting to merge together, the beautiful reunion of Picard and Hugh, and how Narek’s antics with Soji seem to finally be paying off.

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Great podcast as always, folks! Thanks.

Side note: People hook up after funerals? I know it happens after weddings, but funerals? Is that really a thing? Maybe there’s some Owen Wilson-Vince Vaughn comedy I missed…

Huh, well ain’t that something. Thanks.

It’s pretty common. The surge of emotions that are felt after a funeral usually can lead to a hookup – a pretty good one at that, but usually for all the wrong reasons.

It happens in Wedding Crashers.

I wasn’t as in love with this episode as some others but thought it functioned as well as the previous 3.

The only thing about the Picard Hugh moment was, it did feel nice as a viewer that Picard finally was around someone he seemed to have really great affection for. But the thing is… They acted like they had a much greater history than they really had. Which I thought was pretty darn weird.

I disagree that Picard is unaware of Rafi’s issue. I think he is perfectly aware. There is a shot where she takes a drag and Picard is looking at it with an OBVIOUS disapproving gaze. He is certainly not oblivious to her situation. Picard’s clap was obviously him trying to give her some sort of support without giving him a Picard speech. Yes, Rafi burning the bridge is an unfortunate side effect. But I would say it was the show treating that relationship as disposable more so than anything else.

And yes… It made ZERO sense for Elnor to stay behind. Plus his sword was worthless in that situation. It’s not a light sabre.

surprised no article on mr peeg’s views on the future of ‘trek’ movies recently.

Didn’t he basically just say that he doesn’t know about any plans for a future movie and that Star Trek doesn’t make billions at the box office?

Pretty much; but he also just didn’t seem particularly optimistic about there being another movie with that cast. He said the death of Anton Yelchin had a somewhat negative impact on the cast’s desire to make another movie as it felt odd to continue without him (paraphrasing here). He also called out the Paramount regime in charge at the time the movie was released for badly handling the marketing of the movie and not taking advantage of the fact that it was released during Trek’s 50th anniversary.

I’d prefer, actually, not to have more articles of the “I don’t have any news, but I’m going to grumble about the missed opportunities” sort.

It seems fair to say that there’s a lot of grief about the the end of the Kelvin movies, especially for Pegg. Yelchin’s death’s is a grief tied up in it, but like the failure of Nemesis for the TNG crew, there’s much more to it. I’m not sure it’s helpful to keep hashing it over at this point.

5 years on, ViacomCBS is in a different place, and seems to have a new plan. I’m more interested to find out what that will mean for future films as they integrate the franchise.

Something happened. Now with the fusion of CBS and Paramount, I think his boss JJ Abraham, has been replaced. The way Pegg is talking, its like he knows something, and he is pretty upset about it.

Maybe Abraham no longer has the power to decide the future of Trek Movies. Which is very understandable. He has been all for Disney and Star Wars. And now appealing to DC and Warner Brothers.

Not sure if Kurtzman will be involved in the movies either. He hasn’t said anything. The decision makers are still figuring this out.

Pegg is right and I think he is being honest, but to say this about his Star Trek family is not very nice. He seemed very upset. He had the opportunity to be Bones and to write a sequel. At least he can try to wish them well, a positive remark to the Fans and to the franchise.

Its okay with me, but JJ Abraham’s cast are always outside. Do they go to the Star Trek Conventions? The Cruise Ship? I have never seen Pine, Quinto, Urban, Cho, Saldaña, Greenwood, or Hemsworth interested or involved in any Star Trek events.

I just hope Paramount and CBS don’t mess up again. We have waited for years to see Star Trek on the screen. Discovery Season 1 was a wild ride. Hope there is more continuity and the executives take wise decisions for the upcoming productions.

Budget/ownership/box office issues aside, kind of a missed opportunity there – not that I was totally invested in the Kelvin film series (especially STID, ugh), they could have simply put Jaylah in Chekov’s place in future films. It’s a separate timeline; the Chekov character doesn’t HAVE to be there. And she was interesting in her own right. Shame, that cast was getting into a good rhythm together in Beyond (flying motorcycles and the Beastie Boys aside).

Ugh it’s too bad Into Darkness threw the reboot movies off a cliff. Suddenly you had it where you could beam across the quadrant if your not there in an hour at warp, fire photon torpedoes at the Klingon homeworld from the neutral zone, the Enterprise can’t last 30 seconds in combat and Kahn is just a poor abused guy trying to reconnect with his family.
They had a chance to have a blank slate with the TOS crew and the final frontier and they blew it. Beyond of course showed it could work by ignoring all that but by then everyone had lost interest and you’ve lost the 1701 already.

Yep! ST: Beyond was the first Trek movie I did not see in the theater since
TMP – and that was ’cause I was a bit too young (I was 8 1/2 for TWOK).

I simply lost interest in the pseudo-reboots.

“Suddenly you had it where you could beam across the quadrant if your not there in an hour at warp”

I don’t disagree with your broad point about the poor quality of STID, but we’ve seen plenty of long-distance beaming (“Assignment Earth,” “Gamesters of Triskelion,” the Iconians, “Prime Factors,” and now “The Impossible Box,” to name a few occasions), so I don’t see how it’s inconsistent. It’s just that it comes too early in the technological development of the Federation to take place in the TOS years.

Problem Believing in Translucent Viewing Screens – Thank You Kayla
Thanks Kayla for bringing it up in this podcast. As I have said in a recent post, the translucent screens being used in various Sci-Fi films & TV shows have tended to take me out of the story because of how impractical they seem. They are similar to flying cars being shown as a typical version of the future. Seeing objects, both moving and stationary, through the screen is simply too distracting. Concentrating on reading texts, judging color corrections, shadows in photography processing, Etc. would be impractical. Translucent screens look cool, and can enhance a plot point such as Picard recoiling in a PTSD moment upon seeing a photo of himself as borg superimposed on his face, but not practical in everyday usage. It reminds me of times I’ve experienced designs from architects who never seek out, or take seriously, feedback from people that have to use or look at those buildings.

It’s not that different from smart glass or the idea of it. Even as base as reading signs on glass and focusing on that rather than what’s behind the glass isn’t that difficult.

A good friend of mine just reminded me that some car manufacturers have included a feature that projects data on the windshield. I can see that aiding a driver greatly. I remember seeing that in one of my favorite movies, “Starman”.

I think I recall back when NASA was first envisioning the Constellation program. I went on the tour at the JSC and someone asked if they thought about touch screens for the controls. The answer was they did but the concept was rejected in favor of the more traditional controls. For a number of reasons.

Most screens in Discovery are practical screens. And I bet the manufacturer didn’t do them just for the show.

I’d agree they are not the best solution for most applications, but they can be great for others, such as augmented reality, for instance.

Thanks for this discussion ShuttlePod Crew!

Since I’m in Canada and will need to wait till 9:00 pm EST for this week’s episode, it was nice to listen to this podcast this morning.

A few thoughts:

First, it actually seemed natural, credible from a tactical perspective for Elnor to stay behind.

I get that it’s tripping up many viewers and reviewers, but to me having Elnor follow Picard would have been the emotional nonsensical choice, even if it would fit with a DND heroic sword protecting a sage leader with which many viewers are familiar.

Why? Elnor’s commitment/oath as a quasi Qowat Milat is to Picard’s lost cause more than to the man. Picard had obviously chosen a safe refuge as the trajector destination. The risk to the mission was in Picard and Soji being followed. So, Elnor’s job was to assure they are not followed absolutely. Time to erase the destination and a need to protect Hugh from revealing it are details that validate the choice, but Elnor’s immediate decision to assure the retreat is correct.

To me, his decision to follow Picard and then to assure the escape demonstrate that Elnor is actively supporting the mission and not just a tag along non-player character.

Elnor’s use of lethal violence is consistent with his Romulan culture generally, and Qowat Mila training specifically. Picard asked Elnor to sign onto his cause, and knew what that training involved. Telling/ordering Elnor to adopt different values and rules of engagement seems to be another example of how Picard is struggling to reconcile his care for others in personal relationships (here father-figure to Elnor) with his mission.

Second, I actually liked the Narissa-Narek dynamic in this episode because it rang true as a toxic sibling relationship (without sexual overtones). The two actors finally had some chemistry when the sibling sniping was ascendant. It makes me wish the writers had written it that way from the start. Nasty teasing about falling in love is fairly adolescent, but siblings do push each others buttons. It could have been a good mirror to the struggles of Burnham and Spock to recover their relationship.

Last, I was glad that Laurie was feeling more positive after this episode.

Here’s advice, instead of having 3 hosts with similar opinions, bring someone in with a contrary opinion. Someone who will push back at the sniveling (listen to how they berated episode 5, as an example).

Normally I like the Shuttle Pod, but was TOTALLY turned off by how off base they’ve gotten. Opinions which seemed lacking any idea of how dramatic stories are structured and why conflict is ABSOLUTELY NEEDED.

So sorry your delicate sensibilities were challenged folks, but Trek needs more REAL WORLD realism to be taken seriously. I LOVE Trek, but I hate the (supposed fans) who expect / demand it to remain one dimensional TNG.

You expect fans to reject the show that made many of them fans in the first place? And if they don’t reject and belittle what made this crap happening now possible, then they are only supposed fans?

I’ll do my best pine Kirk impression at the beginning of Beyond – “What?!!!”

listening to Jonathan Frakes on a different podcast… “ive never been prouder of anything that i’ve been involved in than this show”

So how was the last two episodes? I haven’t had a chance to watch them yet. Love when I watch two new episodes back to back.

I’m surprised that Trekmovie hasn’t even posted a spoiler discussion thread for episode 7. Unless I did a time jump the episode aired yesterday, right?

This ShuttlePod podcast was posted
Wednesday afternoon which is quite late for them.

One suspects that there may be a reason.

Perhaps one of the key players is on the cruise? The Wi-Fi connection on that is reportedly spotty. Or perhaps a personal urgency.

I think the TrekMovie Team are all in the cruise ship! Enjoy!

All these new Star Trek shows are doing a good job depressing me even more than real life.

And that, is saying something.