Check Out 4 New Photos From Part One Of The ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season Finale

CBS has released four photos from the ninth episode of Star Trek: Picard, titled “Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2.”

Episode teaser

Here’s the teaser for this week’s episode in case you haven’t seen it yet.


New episodes of Star Trek: Picard are released on CBS All Access in the USA Thursdays at 12:01 AM PT/3:01 AM ET. In Canada it airs Thursdays on CTV Sci-Fi Channel at 6PM PT /9PM ET and streams on Crave. For the rest of the world it streams Fridays on Amazon Prime Video. Episodes are released weekly.

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Looks like Elnor makes it back.

I’m wondering how he gets 30-odd lightyears so quickly.

Transwarp conduit? Spacial trajector? Something new?

The Borg transwarp network is the most likely explanation since he and Seven are on the artifact

I believe Maddox used his discovery to also replicate Data, in which case if I’m correct that is who Picard will find taking care of the other androids. But since his process creates twins, in recreating Data he would also recreate Lore, or at least a facsimile of him.

That said, it does not necessarily mean Spiner needs to reprise the role, not if Maddox makes a younger-looking Data and Lore. Of course, they could use the same CGI effects used in movies like The Irishman and Terminator Dark Fate to allow Spiner to play Data and look as young as he did in TNG.

Or, they could use whatever algorithm/system that allowed Julianna Soong to age. Just have old Lore standing there saying “I see you’ve noticed the gray hair and wrinkles, Picard. It’s a little trick I learned from my dear old mother. When she died.” (slow, sneering grin)

As I see it that is something we’d expect the production to do to accommodate Spiner’s ageing, but what would motivate Maddox to do it? Why would he want to recreate Data and his twin, be it Lore or someone else, as a 70 year old man when his other androids are in their 20’s?

Maddox probably had access to the original Lore. He was deactivated and disassembled. Perhaps he ended up at the Daystrom Institute as B-4 later did.


Same reason he’d build a synth to have blood and mucus. Perfectly imperfect.

I mean, if this was 10 years ago maybe that would be necessary, but production values have evolved to the point that they don’t really need to make Data look like Spiner does today. They can make Spiner look like he did 30 years ago.

Having it Maddox do it would be to account for issues that exist outside the narrative itself.

If they do bring back Data and/or Lore, then they’ll probably just do the same thing that they did in the dream sequences in episode 1.

Could be. Data as a hologram could work too. Spiner could become the new voice of the computer systems aboard Starship vessels.

What is this Frozen 2? Ugh, they should get TNG fans to grow up. Have the Borg take Data’s programming and Maddox research, have Data show up as the new unimind spokesperson announcing no need for organics anymore. Asks Picard to upload his mind into the unimind, have Picard agree given he is tired of the organics himself and he sees the beauty in Data as the model of perfection.


The difference is Frozen 1 was a horrible movie and a cash extraction tool for parents who have kids that don’t go outside. TNG fans don’t need to grow up. Writers need to grow up and start coming up with new franchises, stop retconning and then blaming everyone else for it.

I liked Frozen 1.

Yeah I said Frozen 2 because Frozen 1 actually was good with some plot twists unlike a Data come back. Hell, I loved Star Trek 3/4/6 but now thick Nick Meyer was right and they should NOT have brought back Spock.

Cmd.Bremmon – Whatever you’re smoking while writing your posts, stop.

Before you condemn, what would you say is the most well known TNG episode and what was Picard doing during that episode?

Being assimilated by the Borg, lol.

Bremmon – My answers to your questions would still not make your comment coherent.

Seriously, this is just…nonsense: “Asks Picard to upload his mind into the unimind, have Picard agree given he is tired of the organics himself and he sees the beauty in Data as the model of perfection.”

Picard tired of organics? See Data’s beauty as perfection?

Those are nonsensical comments. If you want people to understand what you’re talking about, you need to MAKE SENSE when you post.

PaulB, who does Picard dream about? It isn’t Riker’s kid lost, Tasha Yar, the Starfleet officers he killed as Locutus. Its not even the billions of Romulans he failed to save. Why do you suppose that is?

He dreamed about Data because (a) Data died to save him and (b) the writers decided to make a show about Data’s daughters.

None of which makes sense of your comments, which are nonsensical in the extreme.

And what Tasha Yar died to what?!?! The writers have a character who purposely ignored Beverly Crusher for instance (wasn’t that his love?) be her alive or dead that he could obsess about Data. Now either the guy is a jerk (possible, wouldn’t even play cards with his crew) or actually has a thought process that he craves the order and perfection of AI life (perhaps as a result of his assimilation). Which do you think it is?

Cmd.Bremmon – Yet another incoherent post from you. The idea that Picard “craves the order and perfection of AI life” is purely inside your own head, not shown in the show at all. You offer a false dilemma and then ask me to pick one. Nope.

You are spinning incoherent fantasies from within your own imagination. At least try to write coherent sentences with logical connections to each other.

You seem to have some odd idea that Picard is obsessed with AI perfection. Everyone else sees a character feeling guilt over a crew member and friend who died to save him, as well as the guilt over failing the save the Romulans.

If you care about being understood, write better. If not, then be prepared for mockery of your incoherence.

Data doesn’t have any daughters. He is incapable of reproduction. Also, he’s been atomized into a bajillion pieces. If this show decided to bring back Data in the flesh it would be Lorca level lameness.

That said I still hope the rumor I heard will not be the case. But something tells me that foolishness will happen too. Please be wrong…

They’ve been referred to as Data’s daughters. They are being written as that, basically.

I know you have this huge “AI are just machines” thing going, but that’s your own personal issue.

I loathe the idea of Data having/making/inspiring daughters, but that’s what TPTB decided to do.

And whatever rumor you heard is probably true if it is the dumbest possible thing these writers could do. Be afraid, be very afraid. :)

Some have decided to call them that, yes. But people have referred to their cars as a living breathing entity as well. That doesn’t mean they are. And AI’s are just machines and it’s not an issue. It is a fact. They do not qualify as a life form according to the standard definitions I have been aware of.

TBTB have decided that elements of Data are showing up in another AI. I loathe that idea as well but that is what they are doing. And I am free to criticize it as much as others are free to love it.

” And AI’s are just machines and it’s not an issue. It is a fact. They do not qualify as a life form according to the standard definitions I have been aware of.”

In current 2020 AI, this is true. But in the Star Trek 24th century fictional universe, this is false.

Since Picard isn’t reality but part of the Star Trek fictional universe, AI *are* considered a life form.

You can dislike this aspect of Trek canon all you want, but the FACT is that you are wrong.

I loathe EVERYTHING they’ve done on this show, especially the Data-related stuff. Doesn’t change the establish canon of Trek that AI are life forms.

Since we’re not talking about 2020 AI, your viewpoint is wrong.

“In current 2020 AI, this is true. But in the Star Trek 24th century fictional universe, this is false.

Since Picard isn’t reality but part of the Star Trek fictional universe, AI *are* considered a life form.”

Ironically that’s exactly what Measure of a Man was all about and that yes in that period Data was deemed a life. Yes in OUR time frame we only think of them as machines because we don’t have anything close to what Data is. We don’t have to even consider those types of questions yet because its not our reality but as you said in the fictional world of Star Trek it is their reality.

This is WHY I love Star Trek so much, because of the very notions of these issues. It’s not so cut and dry. In the episode ‘Quality of Life’ Data himself argued that the exocomp machines were in fact sentient life while the people who operated them just saw them as machines and nothing more but ultimately agreed they do possess life of some kind. But you can’t compare something like that to a car because cars are not self aware or believes in self-preservation where as Data DOES and in fact argued that when it came to the exocomps.

What we consider non-life today may be consider life to others. I mean we know plants and trees are alive but because they don’t walk, communicate or act like animals it’s easy to disregard it as such although in the definition of what life is they are very much alive. I doubt a few hundred years ago most people saw them as living creatures and of course we still cut them down without so much a thought because it’s not ‘life’ the way we perceive it. Same can be said about machines once they reach a certain intelligence.

Think about it:
a) If in TNG AI = life then Picard using synths on the Romulan evacuation fleet was essentially a slavemaster. He should go on trial for crimes against life forms, no?
b) If in TNG AI = life then is not every Starship, including the Enterprise-E, guilty of slavery having created a life form as an emergency medical hologram only to lock it away for their own purposes? Beverly Crusher then is sadistic as well, she used a life form as a shield against the Borg to save her life only to trap him away after.
c) If engineering AI = life then why does the Eugenics ban not apply? Why would you say it’s not ok to engineer organic life but is all rosy to engineer AI life. That hypocrisy is too much for even the TNG Federation no?

As for Trek as a whole if all the knowledge in the universe leads to the electronic programming of life they why did V’ger have to merge with Decker in TMP? Why didn’t it just keep electronically engineering itself?

Also the future is pretty boring if AI=life. The future Starfleet are 1000 year old super AI engineered life forms that can live in space without life support, x 1000 stronger than any organic, etc. It’s robot Mary Sue x 1000 for every situation. LAME.

So then when Picard had emotional synths working as on Mars he was a slave master because they are full life forms?!?! Every Starship with an Emergency Medical Hologram was created a life form to use as slaves?!!?! The TNG Federation and Picard is very horrifying if engineered AI = life is true.

No, even in the Trek universe such a distinction is for sure a matter of contention at the very least. Even in the popular Measure of a Man episode the more compelling argument there was indeed made by Riker. It was based on fact while Picards was based on emotion. And that decision was not final by any means.

The fact is I am right no matter where this is examined.

Yes but in the end Data was deemed a life. You may AGREE with Riker but in the world of Star Trek he is considered a life form and treated as such.

That’s not the impression I got. It felt more like a “for now” kind of thing. And left open for further debate.

ML31 “The fact is I am right no matter where this is examined.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No, you’re not even close to right from any angle. Much like Bremmon, you are operating from a place entirely within your own imagination, not connected to Star Trek at all.

Again, you are trying to deny the ESTABLISHED facts in Star Trek. All you’re doing is looking foolish, especially with your I AM RIGHT NO MATTER WHAT silliness.

With that insane statement of yours, you’re definitely not worth any future conversation.

It seems you have no intention of having a conversation. You are right. Disagreements are met putdowns. As if calling the person “foolish” without any evidence is enough only because you said it. This is the kind of conversation I like to avoid. At least Tiger2 and a few others can disagree without being an a-hold about it. Please insult someone else for a while. I’m done here with you.

ML31 – You declared yourself right no matter what. That makes YOU unworthy of conversation because it shows that you are irrational.

Meanwhile, you’re the one proclaiming yourself above debate. You refuse to accept that you are WRONG about AI in the context of Star Trek, and you declare yourself beyond debate.

Denying established facts is foolish.
Declaring yourself right no matter what is foolish and insane.
Continuing to expect people to accept your head canon is foolish.

So, yes, you’re being foolish. Accurate label, not an insult.

You’re the one failing at conversation here. Your inability to accept being wrong is your issue. Your delusion about being right no matter what is your issue.

You should get some help…or, ya know, just stop that crap so you’re worthy of conversation.

I have conversations with rational, honest people. You fail on both so far.

With all due respect, you are the one with cognitive dissonance, and I am fully prepared to be wrong. Indeed those that resort to off topic name calling usually know they’ve lost the debate and don’t want to think about it anymore. . Note that these questions are based on you being right, i.e. AI=life in TNG:
a) If in TNG AI = life then Picard using synths on the Romulan evacuation fleet was essentially a slavemaster. He should go on trial for crimes against life forms, no?
b) If in TNG AI = life then is not every Starship, including the Enterprise-E, guilty of slavery having created a life form as an emergency medical hologram only to lock it away for their own purposes? Beverly Crusher then is sadistic as well, she used a life form as a shield against the Borg to save her life only to trap him away after.
c) If engineering AI = life then why does the Eugenics ban not apply? Why would you say it’s not ok to engineer organic life but is all rosy to engineer AI life. That hypocrisy is too much for even the TNG Federation no?
d) If one can just electronically engineer life they why did V’ger have to merge with Decker in TMP? Why didn’t it just keep electronically engineering itself? It had all the knowledge in the universe!

Cmd.Bremmon There’s no debate with you. You post incoherent, rambling brain dumps of your obsession, and you expect us to treat it seriously. What you post is laughably incoherent and ungrounded.

Debate involves rational people with differences of opinion. You’re just spewing silliness and expecting us to translate your gibberish into coherent thoughts.

The Star Trek franchise has repeatedly established that some (not all) AIs are life, that some (not all) androids are life, and that some (not all) holograms are life. The EMH became sentient; he wasn’t designed that way.

You pose ridiculous questions based on ridiculous assumptions and ignoring established Trek canon. Feel free–it’s not my forum to control. But you’ll keep getting MULTIPLE people (not just me) saying you are incoherent.

If it were just me, I’d say it’s my issue, but you’ve been told REPEATEDLY by MANY PEOPLE that you make no sense.

“those that resort to off topic name calling usually know they’ve lost the debate and don’t want to think about it anymore.”

That has been the case in my experience. I’m perfectly happy to engage but this person pretty much began his side of the discussion telling me I was wrong, imagining things and saying I looked foolish in presenting my take on the situation. I should have known better than engaging with that attitude. Further, he undermined his position when he said I wasn’t worth further conversation. What did he do next? Engaged me in further conversation. So I guess I WAS worth conversing with? At any rate, I’m not responding to him on this topic as I said earlier. But am willing to engage in other ones, provided the attitude doesn’t flood into those conversations as well….

ML31 – Good lord, you are full of…yourself. Pathetic, wrong, dishonest…so sad to see.

Bremmon, what are you even talking about?

Sorry, I’ll try to join in the bandwagon more and avoid actual science fiction talk. RIKER SERVED PIZZA.. ON A FARM!!! OMG!!!! THE NOSTALGIA, SO GREAT!!! Bring back Data and make it where is is totally human, and lives forever and can do everything. Rock on!!!

You are not doing “actual science fiction talk.” Your comments are incoherent steam-of-consciousness nonsense (as many people have pointed out). Are you stoned when you post, perhaps? That’s how your comments read–like you are whacked out of your mind.

If we could make sense of your comments, maybe we’d engage instead of making jokes.

Ha ha Looks like you learned nothing about diversity of opinions and the wrongs of bullying from Picard. No surprise there! I even rah-rah’ed and your upset. Recommend you calm down, it’s just a show. You can admit to making fun of me some more if it makes you feel better, whatever your issues are.

I don’t want to put anyone’s opinions down, especially when it comes to long time posters here like Cmd Bremmon but so many of his ‘arguments’ are so bizarre at times. Sorry I’m just being honest. Sometimes I have no idea how he arrive at some of the points he does. I would usually not mention it but since others are so yeah.

I just find it funny he spends a lot of time calling TNG ‘nonsensical’ and sadly that’s how I feel about a lot of his comments. They are just all over the place and why trying to have a debate about them just feels pointless at times so I’m not even bothering these days. He seems to be on a total wavelength than anyone here, even others like you who also don’t like the show much. But he has to right to say whatever he wants of course.

Thank you! So for those wanting some discussion why do they think Picard dreams of Data and not Crusher, Yar, the Billions of Romulans dead on his watch, etc. I say it’s because he loves the order in AI and never really liked people to begin with. Any contrary opinions??

LOL this is exactly what I’m talking about. Dude that makes NO sense, he had noting to do with the Romulans dying. He had zero control over it. With that logic then EVERYONE should feel responsible, not just Picard. At least he tried to do something about it.

As for Data, he loves and cares about him because that was his friend, AI or not. And he ‘dreamed’ about Data because A. that’s who the story is actually about lol and B. because he died tragically to save Picard and clearly that’s what bothers him and why he feels tremendous guilt over it. As far as I know Beverly didn’t die tragically, she could just be hanging out on Risa right now for all we know, so what does that have to do with ANYTHING with this story?

a) So you think Crusher is on Risa, totally ignored by Picard who lives alone on his private winery and is sad about Data?? Yikes!
b) Picard was the Admiral responsible for the Federation evacuation of Romulus. It absolutely is on him. You don’t find it odd at all that the failure was due to his use of AI Data-want-to-be androids where robots would have done the trick, them having almost sadistically been programmed with pseudo emotions? I do argue that the failure at Mars is due to Picard’s blind spot pertaining to AI and Data. That it cost billions of lives leads me to believe this is something more than he just loved Data over all others, especially given his history with being assimilated.

A. It was a silly joke and anyone who reads that clearly got that. Seriously?

B. Picard DIDN’T make the decision to pull out of the rescue operation, the Federation did, so WTF you talking about??? He’s just one guy and a cog in the machine and He literally resigned his commission over it. Did you miss those episodes?

The other stuff is just a bizarre rant so I’ll leave it there.

Yes. That’s a ridiculous idea that has no bearing in anything from the show, only from your own imagination. You have a weird obsession that you want us to buy into. Nope. It’s all yours, Bremmon.

Oh, he has the right to say whatever he wants, but we have the right to mock his nonsense and to ask him to post intelligible comments. His “ha ha” comment is pure trolling, proving that he’s not here for rational conversation at all.

He wants us to engage with the delusions in his head. Not gonna happen.

I’m not trying to bring up that ‘other’ thread but now you sort of see what I was getting at when I was having that back and forth with him, because a lot of his posts are VERY frustrating to try to have a normal or rational conversation with at times. Of course I want to respect anyone’s opinion even if I disagree with it but some of his posts are so odd and nonsensical, especially with this show lol, so I realized its probably best not to even argue with him. He has his thoughts, they are strange to say the least IMO but its his to have.

And I don’t think he’s trolling though, I think he is 100% serious and means it.

Ok we will have to agree to disagree on the importance of AI and Picard’s thoughts on AI / personal history on the show… I think that’s the best part of the show and the writers should double down on the dissonance of their show. You can either have a finale that will be mind blowing (best of Both Worlds with Picard assimilated ready needing redemption) that is to be remembered forever or another too be forgotten in a couple years TNG episode. What’s the best we can hope for, minutes of the Enterprise-E (which we’ve all seen before?). Riker making pizza? Data’s daughter is engineered all perfect to bore down any follow up series?

Yes we’re definitely agreeing to disagree lol.

“What’s the best we can hope for, minutes of the Enterprise-E (which we’ve all seen before?). Riker making pizza? Data’s daughter is engineered all perfect to bore down any follow up series?”

Yes, from the current writers and producers that is exactly what we’re likely to get. They write tripe. “Star Tripe.”

Still doesn’t make any sense of your AI delusion/obsession. :)

PaulB, trying my best to evolve Star Tripe: The Pizza on a Farm Generation into something more gamechanging and exciting.

Cmd Bremmon you do make me smile.

And, I can share your puzzlement on the point of Picard’s particular fixation on Data’s death as opposed to so many other losses. I don’t think that it’s an AI obsession though.

I suspect that Picard himself may have been puzzled by this. Grief is a surprising thing, and it’s often the unexpected grief that is hardest to accept.

Since the bridge officers of Enterprise expected Data to outlive them all, Data’s death would be unexpected, and his uniqueness makes his loss all the more difficult to accept.

By contrast, Tasha Yar was a human security officer who died in the line of duty. Easier to accept because it was a risk that came with the role.

At an earlier stage of Picard’s grief process, we can view the deaths in the Mars synth attack and the subsequent ban as something Picard is still angry and depressed about.

To the others, I may be wrong, but I sense that when he’s rushed Cmd Bremmon may be giving us his ideas in Franglais. I don’t think that is a valid reason to suggest he’s using a recently legal substance.

Given how much work it takes me to make complex thoughts sound coherent in French, I’m willing to make some effort to work out what he’s saying.

Cmd.Bremmon “PaulB, trying my best to evolve Star Tripe: The Pizza on a Farm Generation into something more gamechanging and exciting.”

Incoherent ideas based solely on your imagination aren’t going to help anything evolve.

You might have some kind of interesting thought buried inside all the incoherent rambling you post, but it’s impossible to see.

@Tiger@ – “I’m not trying to bring up that ‘other’ thread…” No worries if you do bring it up! I was COMPLETELY in the wrong with you (I think I confused you with someone else, as you said at the time). That was ENTIRELY on me, not you.

And yeah, certain people around here just cannot manage rational conversations, and the back and forth becomes heated. But YOU were not even close to the problem in that other thread. That was me, 100%.

Wow. They filmed this episode at Rick Berman’s house?

i’ve been to rick berman’s house (seriously)… nope :)

Season Finale Already???? Jeez I was now getting into it.

It’s how they do TV now. TV producers could have cut seasons back to 15 episodes without complaint, but I agree, ten is just too short.

In the past, when they had successful 10-episode seasons (looking at you, Game of Thrones), the episodes were an hour long. I used to feel exhausted after one of those suckers. Very fulfilled. Every SINGLE time I’ve seen that “Next time on Picard” graphic, my immediate feeling was “that’s it???”

At least with GoT, I was looking forward to next week, but not feeling cheated.

The last three episodes have been close to a full hour without interruptions for commercials.

In Canada, where it’s broadcast on CTV Sci-fi channel premium cable our BellFibe recording of Nepenthe (episode 7) didn’t compensate sufficiently for the long running time so we had to watch it using On Demand. (Bell corrected this for E8.)

On the other hand, after watching E7 my spouse said, that they couldn’t see how the series could land everything in just 3 more episodes. After all the reveals in E8, it’s easier to imagine, but we still feel as though the show is finally building steam,

And at least the last two of those longer episodes were widely regarded as the best of the series thus far. Had they done this throughout the series, I think we’d all have been happier. Not that we (the majority of us, I think) AREN’T happy. Just… woulda been nice to get a little more for our buck.

More of a “be thrilled every week” instead of “trust us, there’s a story here. Be patient while we dole out small crumbs of it over two months”.

I was thinking the same thing. “That’s it?”

yeah. i really wish they had gone 13 or 15… too short… too quick… hope there’s more next season.

I’m happy, they put private property into TNG, made starships expensive where you need robots building them then made Picard a hermit who cared little for his friends, let down Mars and the Romulans and then obsessed about AI above all else. I haven’t liked the 24th century since Riker tried to nav deflector Picard in Best of Both Worlds. Bring on Discovery with the Fédération needing a complete rebuild!!

So you have trouble with your predictive spelling switching to French too, hein, Cmd Bremmon.

We are unfortunately in interesting times.

Oh man, I really hope this Corona crisis will not kill Picard and Star Trek as a whole. ViacomCBS stocks are in free fall, it’s far worse than the average losses on the stock market. Plus, if Sir Patrick gets infected, he’s at maxmimum risk. I know it’s just a TV show but I just don’t want to lose Trek again after such a short time span…

If it’s any consolation, their stocks were in free fall before Corona hit the West. As people are staying at home, one would expect an uptick in the consumption of media and such companies to improve.

I won’t hold my breath about ViacomCBS though as while Picard hasn’t been a total dumpster fire a la Discovery, it’s not been as successful as we all would have liked.

It’s hard to know Garth Lorca.

I suspect ViacomCBS’s future will depend largely on how well it’s top executives can adjust their strategy to the new reality, and demonstrate to the markets that they are nimble in the new environment.

Most stocks are suffering extreme volatility as the market prices in emerging information.

Certainly, ViacomCBS which was already in a transition has a particular vulnerability, but it’s not the only one. I suggest you compare it to firms with similar business lines.
Disney, which relies on tourists and live entertainment is experiencing exceptionally large downward shocks as well.

ViacomCBS has some strengths in areas that the markets are currently tagging as coronavirus resilient:

– a trusted news source (although Black Rock had to close)

– a deep and diverse library of established content

– Simon & Schuster publishing

Baklish needs to adjust his messaging to the markets to demonstrate that he can exploit this reality, and not cling to strategic planning of 3 months ago.

I’m wondering for example if CBS will be moving forward to putting select premium streaming content and movies onto its broadcast network, particularly as replacements for unscripted content.

For example, we’d heard CBS musing previously about putting Star Trek Discovery seasons 1 & 2 on broadcast as a summer replacement. Putting in on CBS broadcast asap could help both build the brand and attract subscribers to CBSAA. They could do the same with The Twilight Zone S1.

If they want it, they could incorporate aging into the character. Something like Data wanted to be human, aging is part of it. Bang. Aging Data courtesy of inevitability aging Brent Spiner.

Or how about this: Picard steals the Enterprise out of spacedock. It is then unexpectedly defeated by a Klingon bird of prey, but Picard manages to seize control of that vessel. Data has his personality engrams restored to his body on a ceremony on Vulcan. Season two: whales!

Then Picard, Riker and Data can sing Row Row Row Your Boat around the campfire.

Space whales! They can borrow the gormangander or whatever space whales are called from Discovery.

LMAO, I won’t lie I would be totally into that! ;D

What are the chances that the Enterprise E is part of the armada Admiral Clancy is sending?

I’m prepared to be totally wrong but I fully expect to see the Enterprise show up at the end. And only because of how crazy quiet they are about it lol. It was the same reason I was convinced we were going to see other TNG characters show up this season because they were being so coy about it.

They know we want to see the Enterprise again and the fact no one has simply said it’s not happening gives me hope that’s what they are going for.

While I’d be happy to see this, I also don’t want it to happen because it will basically be the same cliffhanger from Discovery and prove that these writers suck at coming up with something original for their season finales.

I hear you but that was a bit different. That was done as a tease for the next season (and it really really worked ;)). In the case I’m guessing, if it happens, the Enterprise will show up, be part of the story for an episode and then leave. I don’t think they would play it the exact same way but yes I can hear people now screaming HAAAAAACK because they kind of pulled the same stunt twice. But I also think most won’t really care all that much as long as we get the ship. ;)

But that would be a reason NOT to do it either unfortunately.

As I recall, they ended season two with the Enterprise as well, right? So far, two seasons of Discovery both ended with the Enterprise, so I’m expecting Enterprise-E in the Picard finale. Probably shows up at the last minute with familiar faces to take Picard, etc., back home.

I’d be more surprised to see the Enterprise than I would be to see Riker bringing in the Titan or Beverly bringing in her ship.

Leaning towards Picard being portrayed by Starfleet. All a ruse to let Picard uncover the synth homeworld for them.

I hope they find the answers they’re seeking in Malibu.

They should stop by Neptune’s Net and have some calamari. It’s delicious.

Fun Fact: My exboyfriend designed the sign for Neptune’s Net in the early 90’s when a film he was working on used it as a location. :)

Cool! I love that place.

It even has a Trek connection in that it was used as a location for the Alex Kurtzman movie People Like Us starring Chris Pine.

In Episode „The Inner Light“ of TNG Picards / Kamens son plays the first part of the Star Trek Picard Soundtrack on his whistle at Timestamp 30:45

You are right, and that’s why Jay Chattaway is credited for “Lullaby #2” during the end credits sequence of “Picard”. Chattaway was the original composer of the episode “The Inner Light”.

This is a total fanboy hope but seeing the Enterprise again and Worf on that bridge saving the day would make me squeal with utter delight lol. I’m OK if none of that happens of course but if we get any version of that then it will be a euphoric moment for the fanbase, the same way it was when we saw Seven show up in that first trailer.

Again I want to make this clear it doesn’t NEED to happen nor am I expecting it to…I just really really want it to happen lol.

But I just hope the finale in general goes out strong. The season has been mostly good for me even if still mixed but I am excited to see where its all going! I’m just SO happy to be back in this era again and to be back with these characters I never thought I would even see again, at least with the original actors.

I don’t know if someone else has mentioned this, but when Data appeared on STP, he looked chubby in the face (compared to the old days). Maybe they’ve decided to disguise Brent Spiner’s aging face by covering it with a latex veneer (cover), thereby allowing him to play the role until he’ s eighty!

I’m surprised nobody has commented on the title, “Et in Arcadia Ego”. It is not just a Latin phrase (such as “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges”), but the name of a 17th century painting on… mortality.

The most intruiging and relevant interpretation/translation of the title would then be:
Even in Utopia, there is death.


Thanks for the insight VS.

Wow, great catch, thanks!

It is a very famous catchphrase in Germany. With a whole different meaning. “Auch ich in Arkadien” is the beginning of Goethe’s Italian Journey. It has the presumed meaning of:”Even I managed to get to paradise”. It is emblematic for the love Germans have for Italy an the South.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is Germany’s foremost poet, but notably absent in all of Star Trek. Which I find surprising since his work includes time travel an the creation of artificial life

Reminds me that there was a line in THE BLACK HOLE eliminated in post. The baddie sez this big quote, and when asked who said it, he said ‘Goethe. When in doubt, it is always Goethe.’ But it was actually a Hitler quote, and when one of the matte painter guys started quizzing Disney folks about the exchange, they got all weird and nervous, hence the cut, I guess.

Lol It’s even more ironic since those who usually talk utopia are dealing out the death from the French revolution all the way to the USSR and modern Venezuela.

Wow…Soji’s homework sure looks like California…like everything else in Star Trek Picard

Uh, like every outdoor location in pretty much every Star Trek show ever made. What’s the problem?

I understand where Pleaseletmecritique is coming from.

Having every planet in the galaxy look like one small region on Earth undermines the sense of exploring new worlds.

Moving production for Discovery and other series is helping with the small world syndrome of 90s Trek locations where it all looked like California with SW American architecture. By contrast, Picard’s being shot in SW California is really leaning into that limited visual palette.

I’ve personally liked that Discovery has used outdoor locations in Ontario, as well as overseas. In fact, I’ve thought that seeing new geography is a strength for Discovery.

So, I’ve been surprised when some American fans have been resistant to the different geography and architectural styles shown in Discovery. The show has had its weak points in its first two seasons, but that wasn’t one of them.

This was sometimes a problem for Stargate back in the day too when they had the same constant village set and forest area for all their off-world activities. In fact that Canadian Forest area is so famous that it appeared in so much stuff like The X-files and more…

Absolutely alphantrion, the coastal rainforest near Vancouver has been used extensively, as have several of the local landmarks from the dam to the Britannia Mining Museum site.

The Man in the High castle used just about every one of them as well.

Some of the BC productions go a bit further afield to the semi-desert of the BC interior, but that tends to get back to a California look with different rock formations.

Discovery and The Expanse have had the advantage of filming in Toronto area where the available locations haven’t quite been as overused (yet). The old Lafarge quarry and the Escarpment are getting a lot of use though.

All to say, that’s why I like Discovery’s taking production on location outside Ontario once a season or so. Iceland is an interesting choice, but there are some Canadian locations (Alberta badlands, Newfoundland, Northern Ontario) that could provide some diversity too.

At least they are not using warehouses like Killjoys and Stargate from time to time did. I mean do warehouses really infuse an idea of an “alien” world to viewers?

Just want to get IT right:
Data and lore are not twins.

I guess so. Because with B4 they are triplets. Right?

They weren’t made at the same time. B-4 was the prototype, and years later he made Lore, screwing the proverbial pooch in the process, then Julianna 2.0 (who’s the closest to Dahj and Soji, really) and finally Data. Probably had his own reasons for walking back the “exact human appearance” thing. Maybe he was afraid that something like Star Trek Picard (or BSG) would happen: fear and mistrust if synths looked too human. Maybe some of his work was based on stuff he found pertaining to these ancient synths we’re talking about now. Or maybe he just had that Lore face mold lying around. Data put it over his face in Datalore.

But no, not twins. Identical siblings, sure, but not “made in pairs”.

Data came before Juliana.

No, because she was talking about when he was “growing up”… right? Or was that just imprinted engrams from the REAL Julianna? I just watched that thing like a month ago. Guess it’s time for a re-rewatch. Twist my arm. ;)

The memories of the human Juliana were loaded into the android that Soong created upon her death.

Jurati SHOULD be on whatever might pass for a brig on La Sirena (with the accompanying Rios prison guard/constable hologram), not gallivanting with the rest of the fellowship. I believe she is only there because the planet’s security systems destroy La Sirena and they all transport away before it either burns on re-entry or crashes.

It would be cool if whenever the Enterprise appears in Star Trek Picard that in addition to either Worf or Geordi being the captain (with Geordi being the most likely choice) the rest of the crew also included characters from other Star Trek shows like DS9 and VOY (mainly Starfleet officers like Tom Paris, Harry Kim, Ezri Dax, and Chakotay). Maybe Ezri is the new Enterprise counselor and Bashir is the chief medical officer? Paris could be the second in command?

That WOULD be cool, but all of those people would probably be Captains by now. Of course, the Enterprise-A’s entire bridge crew were Commanders or better. Scotty and Spock both held the RANK of Captain. There’s certainly precedent.

Ranks can ebb and flow depending on what decisions these characters make. Kirk went from admiral back to captain. Paris certainly went up and down in rank during Voyager’s run. Harry Kim could be in charge of engineering on the Enterprise, maybe?

I always find it odd Michael Sacral that many fans actually seem to want to see the careers of their favourite characters stagnate.

One of the things I loved about the Trek Relaunch novels, by contrast, was that many of our favourite characters had advanced.

By the time of the Romulan supernova, in the Relaunch novels, to mention a few: Worf was listed for an upcoming captaincy, Ezri Dax was captain of the experimental slipstream explorer Aventine, Ro Laren was commanding DS9.

This meant that we met some new senior officers on the Enterprise-E and DS9, but several of those characters were brilliant. I know that most of us who read the novels would stand up and cheer to see the vibrant, irreverent half-Vulcan T’Ryssa Chen brought to life on-screen.

You make some good points. It’s possible that the series might op to canonize content from novels, but it’s also possible they may not.

They’d probably want to avoid royalties at all costs, given the amount of resusing old assets they’ve been doing.

There’s no royalties or IP for authors of tie-in fiction.

Trek writers David Mack has spoke to the point in interviews. It’s part of the standard contract for writers-for-hire.

They didn’t even owe him an acknowledgement in the credits for creating the concept of Control.

CBS retained all the rights for the franchise and any new IP became theirs, even when Simon & Schuster was separate under Paramount.

So, any of the new characters that were created in the Relaunch books are fair game for use in the television series should TPTB wish to go there.

I think we all know that Harry is still an ensign.

Indeed, lol.

No, that would not be cool. It would just be blatant fan service. Those are not the only people in Starfleet, you know. Such a thing would produce a major eyeroll. In fact, I would say if the E-E or D returns they should surprise everyone and put someone we’ve never seen before in the center seat.

I think at this point Geordi might already be on the Challenger.

And I’m still wondering why Worf left Martok.

Still confused why they say “part 1”. Isn’t this entire series the finale? Shouldn’t it be part 9 of the finale? What makes the final two a two parter and none of the others? They all roll right into each other!

Yeah, it’s a bit weird to label two installments of a 10-part miniseries as a two-parter. These aren’t TV shows anymore; they’re miniseries, all one big story with no standalone episodes. It’s Parts 1-10.

The Cyborg girl has a kind of Ripley vibe going on, doesn’t she?

The entire movie is free on YouTube. Interesting possible indication as to what Star Trek Picard’s Romulan fears may be about regarding Synths. Andy Warhol said it was his favorite movie. Lots of scenes of people standing around talking about what is life vs. what is a machine, prejudices people have, what is a soul, being self aware, and many philosophical conversations. If you have the patience to get through it you can see how the concept was brave for its time. P.S. The Sci-Fi music is a hoot! Confusing opening of arguing voices only, get through that and the movie begins.