The Shuttle Pod Podcast Crew Puts The “Broken Pieces” Together As They Discuss Last Week’s ‘Star Trek: Picard’

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 1, Episode 8

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Kayla, Brian, and Jared hop onto the Shuttle Pod to discuss last week’s episode of Star Trek: Picard – “Broken Pieces”. This episode was jam packed with new information, so there is a lot for our crew to discuss! Join us as we break down our favorite moments, including some of the best character moments on the show to date. And, please, make sure to avoid any glowing pizza tables you may encounter in back alleys. Stay safe, kids.

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Great discussion. I agree with much of what was said. Esp the chaotic nature of the storytelling. An excess of characters and plotlines. Easy to see how this season could have been streamlined, narratively pruned. Agree with Kayla that this was one of the top eps. Glad we finally have momentum! Looking forward to the season finale.

It’s dead Jim.

Kudos to Kayla for correctly discerning that the Zhat Vash might all be a bit insane from experiencing the “Admonition” (It remains to seen if synthetic brains could also be made a bit nuts by it.) It was interesting hearing the discussion of E8 after already seeing E9. I guess we’re not done with the Borg Cube quite yet. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about E9. Thanks!

The Zhat Vash holding on to the carousel is allegorical to the viewer trying to make sense of the plot. I’m about to go outside and smash my own head with a rock.

Picard’s plan was to go to DS12. He knew that the Romulans must be on their way to Copellius because Soji told him that she told Narek where it was. Soji decided to bypass DS12 and go straight to Copellius, and Picard decided to give her a chance to take control of her own life.