New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Teaser Promises Season 3 Is Coming Soon

The season one finale of Star Trek: Picard released today on CBS All Access was preceded by a very brief tease for Star Trek: Discovery. It didn’t show any new footage, but featured star Sonequa Martin-Green’s Michael Burnham on an alien world, proudly holding a flag for (what’s left of) the United Federation of Planets.

The only other thing of note in the brief tease was the ending title card, which promised the next season was “coming soon.” Production for the third season of Discovery was completed in February and it is currently in post-production, which is being done remotely.

The second season of Star Trek: Discovery ran from January through April of 2019. CBS All Access went without any new Trek content for six months until October when it began the second season of Short Treks which ran through to January 2020, just as the first season of Picard premiered. To avoid churn on All Access, CBS is likely keen to deliver new original Star Trek programming as soon as possible. The inclusion of the teaser with Picard indicates the next Star Trek show headed to All Access is likely to be Discovery’s third season. Another anticipated show in development for delivery this year is the first season of the animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks.

If you want to see the Discovery short teaser it is available now on CBS All Access. It was also shared by executive producer Alex Kurtzman who promised “Starfleet embarks on a new mission soon – Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is on its way.”

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on the CTV Sci-Fi Channel (formerly called Space) and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else. The cast and crew are currently shooting season three.

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They should upgrade Picard-AI bot that he can show up in Discovery, very unfair and intolerant they limited his life span just to make a bunch of organics feel they had the “real” Picard back; though I supposed then you’d also have to explain why he let the Federation fall apart. Should have transferred Riker to a bot too, he seems to always save Picard. Also I don’t get why now that AI life = organic life why Starfleet doesn’t have a bunch of 500 year old living Data’s and Picard’s and living Starships and holograms. Or are they the reason the Federation stagnated?

How many times you want to grouch? You are poison the entire comment sections !

Just making conversation. On the plus side a) love the flag/picture b) love the concept of a TOS starship having to rebuild the Federation c) like that the TNG Fed devolved into a potentially conflict filled galaxy to move some story development. I am one of the few that like Discovery better than Picard I think. I tried to accept the theme of the show wanting Picard-bot/Riker-bot.

There is absolutely nothing about Discovery that feels like a 23rd century ship lol. It’s more advanced than the Enterprise D and Voyager. That was the entire reason they moved the show to the 32nd century in the first place. It should’ve been there on day one.

100% agreed, Tiger. Absolutely right. That ship had no right being in the TOS era to begin with (even though the entire look of the show didn’t resemble the TOS era whatsoever).

Well regardless it is from the 23rd century and even fought beside the 1701. Oh how I wish the Discovery was a Connie though especially with that bridge set they built!! It was so refreshing to look on the Captain with things happening in the background as opposed to a giant door with him/her able to rotate the chair and view info panels, talk to his crew without yelling.

True but that doesn’t change the fact that this ship from the mid 23rd century STILL looks like it belongs in the early 25th. Doesn’t matter if they were propelled 900 years into the future or not.

Agreed on it being rather unattractive with a nonsensical bridge (too big, all we see is a big door behind the Captain, can’t turn to see any displays, has to yell to his crew, running on magic mushrooms) that you’d think it was a 24th century starship, but it has cool sound effects and a spinning chair, as good as you are going to get to functional these days, so 23rd century.

So a spinning chair is all you need. OK then.

Because one of the themes of the episode is that our mortality defines us, and is what makes life worth living. Data actually asked to die because he felt that there was no purpose to his life if it didn’t have an ending. Picard, the man who believes that time is a companion on our journey, would not have appreciated being made immortal.

Data already decided to end his existence years earlier. And was completely at peace with his decision. It was Picard who was not and the little play his head created gave him the closure he needed.

The Picard who claimed that time was a companion would have been at peace with his own end as well. The idea that he would be reborn into an artificial body would have been abhorrent to that man. So they either made his new head one that was fine with the concept (Soong can play fast and loose with DNA and brains and such) or Picard himself had 2nd thoughts about that once push came to shove.

I think he was at peace with dying, but he was also happy to take the opportunity to live a little bit longer when the opportunity was offered to him.

If he got cured, sure. But the Picard we knew would never be OK with an artificial brain, body and soul (for lack of a better word). As I said, they either rewired his feelings towards such things or he personally changed his mind when the time for his end really came. If you think he wouldn’t change his mind then it is obvious that Soong altered the copy they put in the robot head.

This comment by Bremmon needs to be deleted. It’s a spoiler, & doesn’t belong here. It ruined the PIC finale before I could watch it. I tried not to read any comments before I watched, but peeked at a few on this article because it’s about Discovery. This is the first comment & it contains prob the biggest spoiler of the Picard series – that’s irresponsible. It’s not cool. I personally really resented it.

How does she even manage to over-act in a 5 second promo where all she has to do is hold a flag and look up?

Agreed. She is the worst casting ever!

I thought maybe it was a CG version of her, based on scans. It looked as faux as the rest of the viewmaster-y background elements. Better solution would have been playing it off the real actress in extreme closeup, getting in on her eyes and seeing the fed flag reflected in them.

I too agree with the casting, I like her!!! It’s funny how I get accused of being so negative when I think they did an ok job at casting Discovery!

Nope. She’s amazing. :)

Burnham and Tilly could jump rope for 45 minutes, and you’d still defend the Disco-abomination. You are a troll.

No. They have a different opinion to yours. Respect it even if you disagree with it.

When it’s just a one line denial, it’s like a snipe, there isn’t any content to respect. An informed opinion, that’s something else altogether.

Oh the irony. You are the definition of troll. If you find Disco an abomination why do you people take the time to post hateful comments on a thread about Discovery? Life is too short, go find something you love for pity’s sake. For the record, Martin Green is a fantastic lead and whether you like it or not, the success of Discovery speaks for itself.

I don’t like Discovery at all. I like Sonequa Martin Green just fine, though; none of my problems with the show are related to her considerable skill.

I’ve said it before, Martin Green is a fine actress; I admired her work on The Walking Dead. The character of Burnham is just absolutely terrible, imo. The fault of the writers-room.

No argument about the writing. I thought she was fine on TWD too, but that doesn’t mean she’d be great in everything else. I happen to think she just doesn’t ‘get’ Trek (can say the same about a number of others behind the camera) and so even innate talent can’t make up for that essential weakness. Also, a good actor probably has a better chance of ‘saving’ a bad project when it is just a single installment, like a feature, because an audience will let a star type coast on charm for just so long. I think that is why Richard Burton’s performandes in terrible 70s movies is so workmanlike and effective; he delivers the goods in requisite quantities so as to help suspend disbelief in a lot of instances (EXORCIST II being an exception that proves the rule, because audiences were roaring and hooting at that one right out of the gate.)

I haven’t seen her in anything else so all I have to judge her on is STD. The best thing I can say about her is that she is merely adequate. Based on that one job I don’t see her as anything special. In fact, I think she over does it quite a bit. But I have no idea if that was her doing or if the director kept prodding her for “more” or something…

Her character is not likable.

Muse, your mind is a mess. I usually don’t leave posts that short and unsupported, but man, reading that post, it really says it all for you.

Agreed! Wholeheartedly!

That would be a great episode. I love Discovery.

Truly is

That, Steve, made me laugh out loud. So true.

Lol! She does come across as pompous and self-important in that photo. Of course, it is perfectly in keeping with Discovery. The character of Burnham has always felt like bad fan fiction to me; she always has to always be the smartest person in the room, the one to come up with all the solutions, and the one to bear the most emotional weight.

Another good laugh! Love the comment Steve.

“How does she even manage to over-act in a 5 second promo where all she has to do is hold a flag and look up?”

She is starting to look a little Space Hitler-ish herself now both in style and demeanor. Whatever happened to the Discovery mantra to let women look their natural self no matter what, pimples and all? ;)

Space-Hitler? I tought that role was played by Mirror-Georgiou!

Omg, that truly made me laugh!
The first thing I thought when I saw it in tonight’s Picard ep, was “I’m surprised she’s not crying”

For the record, I am looking forward to dsc season three. Just hope her character gets a tighter grip on those emotions :/

But everything is awesome in slow motion.

They…COUL.DN….t…get’ WILL..iam Shat..neeer … to.. doo THAT!!

I agree, she’s a terrible actress.

How can you not perceive your accessment is sheer prejudice, considering it is a 15-second promo with no lines and CGI-heavy treatment?

Bring it on!

Very excited about Season 3 of Disco. Sonequa looks bad-ass in this teaser. I can’t wait to see what the status of the Federation is 900 years in the future. She’s going where no woman, and no Trek, has gone before.

I’d be interested in reporting on how DISCOVERY is managing to keep post production going? Myself, I always figured Hollywood would find some spot in the world to move things to keep things humming, but I live in SoCal and just within this last hour our live broadcast Entertainment news has reported all movie and television productions halted and people being fired.

It finished production a few weeks ago, before any major restrictions were in place.

There is still some post-production work to be done but they are doing that from home.

So we have another 13 episodes of live action Star Trek to look forward to this year. :)


They reported all the money’s dried up in Hollywood, but I recall Trek streaming productions are in the enviable position of getting all their season money up front, so I suppose you are right. But definitely a bummer for this site that the movies are blocked indefinitely.

I’m still interested in the story as to how they are keeping the costs in line doing things remotely?

Do you agree, even though we’ve been saying it for some time, this fairly much closes the books on Bad Robot produced Trek?

I doubt we will see Discovery until production in Hollywood resumes, for the sole fact that they don’t usually record the scores until the very end and I highly doubt they want to be putting 50-60 musicians in a room together right now…

Oh, man. That was, well, not great.

Could’ve done without it at the start of Picard. I don’t see any reason to scare or torment the audience with surprise Burnham cringe.

It reminded me of the clip played at the Galaxy Quest convention of Dr. Lazarus waving the flag.

Haha yes! I’m tempted to rewatch that film actually. Haven’t seen it for a long time.

We watched it again at Xmas. It holds up very well, story and design and characters all work. Never upgraded to blu-ray because I couldn’t see how it would look better than it does on DVD, but whenever we can afford to replace failing TV, will go bigger and therefore probably upgrade on this one to br or UHD if available by then.

I recently saw it again and my initial impression remains. It’s still monumentally overrated. Not very much was funny in it save for that one really funny line that remained funny even though I knew it was coming. Other than that… Best to forget about it. It’s not a good film at all.

In what way? The characters are more than one-note, the performances and writing are nuanced, and the production design, while overly slick, is totally competent. I don’t exactly dig the theme music and personally find ‘never give up never surrender’ to be more of a political ad campaign slogan than a TREK-like motto, but it isn’t afraid of getting real with its situations, which is very refreshing for a feel-good comedy.

In what way? It’s a comedy that has one laugh in it. Yes, it was a good laugh. But ONE good joke while the rest of the film just yawn inducing? The bottom line for a comedy is how much does it make you laugh. Tim Allen can’t lead a cast and was particularly unfunny. Alan Rickman does have comic timing when he is given good material. He was hilarious in Dogma. Here? He brought nothing. Weaver was totally wasted as she has shown an ability to deliver laughs in the past as well. There was nothing “real” about it. Which was sort of the point. And apologies but when something not good is described as “nuanced” by someone else it just comes across as arrogant.

“Some alien world?” I dunno, I could be wrong, but that looks a lot like the – our – Moon behind her?

If that’s our moon looking that big, the larger issue is the tidal stresses that are going to tear Earth apart in about two seconds …

Which could be a part of whatever has benn going on…

Not much of a teaser. Tattered flag suggests the UFP has fallen on hard times.

It looks like TOS mixed with a post-apocalyptic teen action drama on the CW.

Still super excited for season 3. I know maybe I shouldn’t lol but I can’t help it. I’m hoping a restart will just make the show more interesting and obviously better. And I always liked the fall of the Federation idea. Nothing last forever.

It’s looking like Star Trek: Andromeda more and more now!

I’ve never seen that show. From how people react to it here, I don’t think I want to lol.

I was hoping instead for a “Lower Decks” teaser.

Good point, especially we haven’t seen any actual footage yet. And I guess it also tells us which show is actually coming up next.

Here too. That is the one confirmed show I am most looking forward to.

Season 1 and 2 were okay, but I’m not excited about season 3, and expect it to be rather cheap and dumb. Yet if it’s any good, at least I’ll be surprised.

Dumb, maybe. But not cheap. Biggest budget of any Star Trek series.

Maybe he meant cheap in terms of taste and style rather than money ;) Seasons 1 and 2 have been decidedly playing the “more is less” playbook.

Just to add to the sense that Discovery season 3 is more imminent than we thought, CTV Sci-fi channel ran a promotional ad, taken from the 1st trailer, throughout the Picard marathon and season finale this afternoon/evening.

It just said ‘coming soon’.

Gosh! I’m 11 again! In the lunchroom, eating nasty cafeteria food, washed down by (thank the gods) chocolate milk…arguing about Star Trek! How does Spock speak English so well!?! Why does Chekhov have weird ‘Russian’ accent….and Sulu speaks so fluently!?! Those damn Klingons…..great English! What the hell is wrong with Chekhov!???!.
So. Picard isn’t dead…big surprise as no one of significance ever dies on ST.. (It would have been so sweet if Data was wearing a red shirt when he died!). But, of course…he’s not dead either.
My advice, after 50 years of Star Trekking…..don’t take yourselves too seriously!

Live long…

Let’s just undo everything. The Federation: gone. Data, dead again. Picard, photocopied.

That’s my reward for being a fan since TNG.

Its not as if Picard is the first Trek character to have his mind photocopied. Or even the most famous Trek character to do so.

And it’s damn exciting too imho. I have never been more excited for Trek since the latter seasons of DS9.

“That’s my reward for being a fan since TNG.”

They *owe* you nothing. Your reward for being a TNG fan is…watching TNG. That’s it. Like other Trek or don’t, nobody cares.

I wonder how soon soon is.

I suspect that Discovery S3 will premiere before the ‘one month free’ offer for CBSAA expires on April 23rd.

That would be the smart marketing decision. It also would line up with the amount of time final post-production took for season 2 with a bit of cushion.

Not a chance!

Frankly, we’ll be lucky if Disco comes out before the end of the year.

That seems unlikely. I suspect they will tell us the release date more than a month before release. I would think late May would be the absolute earliest, but we might need to wait until fall.

I literally need this now that Picard’s first session has wrapped. Star Trek is the only thing that’s kept me sane during this pandemic. #thankyoustartrek

I say start a rewatch, from TOS to Picard and all the shows and films in-between. Then maybe this show will be on by the time you’re done.

Blah. Now that they are in the 32nd century I have absolutely no reason to watch this show. Watching them butcher TOS era was hard enough. Good riddance! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

Disappointed. The flag should have had Burnham’s face on it.


I don’t get all the hate for Discovery. I think it’s great

I don’t understand why tptb continue to elevate Commander Michael to the point of sainthood. She’s made out to be the only hero in the show. She solves every issue, get’s all the attention.
I use to really like the character, but she comes off as a know-it-all. They should change the name to Star Trek: The Almighty Burnham.

The only two things this trailer signifies are-
A) Burnham is going to save the day again whilst everyone else marvels at how brilliant she is.
B) The show is going to be as melodramatic and over the top as it previously was.

I just realized… Wesley Crusher grew up and became Michael Burnham!

I find the constant hate of SMG — boring! Please remind me why Enterprise sucked? OH! Right. Because those producers loved a lead actor no human viewer take seriously. The problem with Discovery is not it’s actors.

You guys need to get out more.

I think the 900+ year jump was a wise move by the writers.. Now Discovery IS canon whether you like it or not.. Stop the whinging and welcome to the new age… (Just release Discovery now CBS)