Watch: Patrick Stewart, Alison Pill, And ‘Star Trek: Picard’ EPs Talk Finale In New ‘Ready Room’

The latest edition of CBS’ official Star Trek after-show The Ready Room has just dropped and joining hose Wil Wheaton are Sir Patrick Stewart and Alison Pill. In addition, the episode features recorded clips from Star Trek: Picard executive producers Alex Kurtzman, Heather Kadin, Michael Chabon and Akiva Goldsman.

The Ready Room – Picard Episode 10

Of course, the show discusses SPOILERS for Piard season one.


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New episodes of Star Trek: Picard are released on CBS All Access in the USA Thursdays at 12:01 AM PT/3:01 AM ET. In Canada it airs Thursdays on CTV Sci-Fi Channel at 6PM PT /9PM ET and streams on Crave. For the rest of the world it streams Fridays on Amazon Prime Video. Episodes are released weekly.

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I just love Wil. We’re the same age and I’ve had a crush on him for 30+ years. Adorkable <3

Yes, we know, you’re g to the a to the y. Do you define your life by anything else? If so, please share with us that you’re more than your sexuality.

Pawl, you seem to be the one with the problem, not Luke.

Equality means people can (respectfully) talk about their celebrity crushes regardless of gender/sexuality/orientation and whether you approve or not. Don’t like it? You don’t have to visit this site.

also, that’s not very Star Trek of you! Why would you come here and say that?

Don’t jump to conclusions, I’m being much more evolved than most. I have no issue with anyone’s sexuality. My issue is that some posters (here and elsewhere) seem to only ever talk about it. Had these commenters been heteronormative, they would be accused of objectifying. Part of equality and inclusion is moving beyond these things. Luke has never posted anything of substance, it’s nearly always some post fawning over this man or that man. That’s not dialog, it’s bubblegum.

He’s not objectifying because he’s talking about Wil as a whole person, rather than singling out body parts etc or even sexualizing him in the slightest. A ‘crush’ can be totally innocent. And yes, it’s totally ok if hetero men want to do the same. Some get pulled up on it when they take it a bit too far e.g alluding to things they would like to do to (insert name of attractive actress here).

By reacting the way you have you’ve implied that it’s ok for LGBTQI+ fans to exist as long as they don’t talk about it. I’m sorry but that’s blatantly homophobic. I really hope you can see that now.

I love when gay (or any other type) fans express their crushes. It makes me feel less creepy about mentioning the damn-near-lifelong crush I’ve had on, for example, Marina Sirtis. Feeling things like that while watching a tv show seems perfectly natural to me, and so when I hear a sentiment like that expressed by someone who has different inclinations than mine, it always makes me feel like I understand a little bit better what it would be like to have those inclinations. That, to me, is cool.

Dean Martin was right when he sang “everybody loves somebody sometime”.


Good song. Good crooner.

Yes, Pawl, as Rodney King said, “can’t we all just get along?”

I was made for loving you, Beth. I hear you calling, you’re all that I want! Who wants to be lonely? I want you and makin love Uh! all night long with my love gun. You know, love’s a deadly weapon. I’m a prisoner of love with my radar for love and I stole you love and I’ll fight hell to hold you! Christeen Sixteen, I knew I gotta have her, love her all I can and then she kissed me! Let’s put the X in sex and Lick it up!

The same question came to my mind when I saw the “Kiss: eXposed” video. ;-)

I hope Wil sticks around for season 2!

I hope I *live* to see season 2, along with the rest of you knuckleheads. Live long, and prosper.

I really hope Patrick Stewart doesnt mean what he says. The show is good. But there is no manifestation of any big thoughts he described in the show. How is Brexit discussed in this show?!? What questions do they answer about humanity? They had about 420 minutes and there is just nothing in there worth to be meant. There are plenty of 42 Episodes in every single Star Trek series before which does that much much better.
Its just a normal good SciFi show.

I get the impression that a lot of the political rhetoric he tried to shoehorn in ended-up on the cutting room floor, and the only parts left were Admiral F-Bomb talking about Federation worlds threatening to secede & the existence of Freecloud as a low-regulation tax haven. Basically, he eagerly subscribes to the simplistic view of the EU is good & perfect & utterly uncorrupt/incorruptible & all that is right in the world, and that anyone who voted to Leave is a hateful racist Nazi xenophobe bigot; ergo, part of monolithic federal bloc = automatically righteous, not part of monolithic federal bloc = automatically evil. Even though the majority of “Hollywood” is pretty far-left, they have learned their lesson that most people – including left-of-centre moderates – find the in-your-face, entirely unsubtle shtick they had been pushing out irritating & immersion-breaking, and so they have toned it down significantly (compare S1 & S2 of DSC, or earlier seasons of Supergirl to more recent ones for but two notable examples of toning the overt leftness down).

Agnes kissing Rios at the end of the episode was a sweet moment….have they forgotten she’s a murderer!!!!???? Has everyone forgotten Bruce Maddox was murdered by her!!!??? Why is she not under arrest?