Watch ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Star Isa Briones Sing “Blue Skies” + More Season Finale Behind The Scenes Pix

Isa Briones singing "Blue Skies" for season one finale

The cast and crew of Star Trek: Picard are sharing some fun behind-the-scenes images and more from the season one finale.

Video: Isa Briones sings “Blue Skies”

Today CBS released a video showing the recording of “Blue Skies,” which was sung by Picard star Isa Briones (Soji), and is a tribute to Brent Spiner’s “Blue Skies” from Star Trek: Nemesis. Composer Jeff Russo talked about how it was always planned to bring the song back for the season, and it was executive producer Alex Kurtzman’s suggestion to have Briones sing the new version.

Russo also tweeted out this photo of Briones and his orchestra.

More photos

Briones also shared a fun moment of life in Synth Town with the cast.

Jonathan Frakes, who showed up in a cameo for the finale, shared this picture of him as Captain Riker doing some timely social distancing.

Alison Pill shared this fun moment with Patrick Stewart.

Executive producer Alex Kurtzman posted a photo of the cast, including Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner.


Finally, Jonathan Del Arco (Hugh) didn’t have a photo from the finale, as he wasn’t in it, but still took a moment to post a fun photo with the cast and express his love for them.

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Maybe my favorite behind-the-scenes video released so far. I had no idea it was Isa Briones singing when I watched the finale. But I did take note of what a beautiful voice that was. What a delight to learn that now!

She does have a gorgeous voice, and it’s a very authentic interpretation.

I likewise had no idea it was Briones singing. What a wonderful thing to be able to have the actor playing his daughter perform, and perform so exceptionally well.

Agreed. I’m listening to her via Apple Music. Wonderful and soulful interpretation.

Check out her other Youtbe performances. She’s great.

She was in Hamilton. Great casting by Lin Manuel Miranda. Very fortunate she is now part of the Star Trek family.

Everyone is having so much fun. This is truly a great group of people.

Her mother is a singer. Isa also performed in Broadway stage Hamilton two years ago.

“Blue Skies” went from being a terrible joke in Star Trek: Nemesis to providing the dramatic backbone of Star Trek: Picard.

Gorgeous voice and interpretation. A fitting and lovely tribute to Data.

The greatest idea they had for this show was to include this song! I thought it was great in Nemesis (the one thing I truly liked lol) and I teared up with B4 started singing it at the end of the movie and it was the first thing played in the opening episode with Picard and Data together. Great symbolic connection! And of course someone combined the two:


As if that entire scene wasn’t moving enough! Finding out that Isa was singing, wow. What a genius move. She knocked it out of the park!

Went directly to Apple Music to purchase; wish the entire $buck would go to that talented singer/actress.

Cannot wait for S2!

Brent Spiner and Isa Briones need to do an album together! Ol’ Yellow Eyes & his daughter Lil’ Green Eyes

so agreed!

Such a great idea!

He can sing “Isn’t She Lovely”, and she can respond with “Papa Was A Rollin’ (Droid)”….😜

I’d buy it!!

Yeah, would love to see it. But obviously this is only for the prime audience in america. The underclass people elsewhere are not allowed to watch it.

Why are the videos not available in other countries?

They are all available to the global audience at the official Star Trek site

Definitely worth bookmarking.

By the way, has the audio of the entire song available as a preview.

Thanks for the hint TG47, very appreciated.

By the way, she looks like she is auditioning for the life version of Disney’s
Snow White in that clip. Bezaubernd

It’s nice seeing lots of new threads popping up, because this is about as social as I’m getting outside of rewatching flicks with my wife. And the discourse is holding up as well as can be expected! (will have more substantial stuff to say once I get through last 7 picards.)

Cool Easter Egg.
She has a marvelous voice.

Have to admit, that was cool. That was nice. Working with that great orchestra, the arrangement. She did a nice job. I also appreciate her backstory too.

Learning that the closing song was sung by Isa and hearing her sing on Apple Music is a true delight. Videos like this along with other behind the scenes music videos like Santiago Cabrera’s really show off the talent of this cast and I hope they will remain part of the Star Trek family for years to come.