Paramount Auctioning More Star Trek Kelvin Movies Props And Costumes – Online Bidding Opened Today

Today Paramount has launched its second auction of memorabilia from the Kelvin movies, following up on their first back in December 2017. Like that auction, the lots available are limited to the 2009 Star Trek film and the 2013 sequel Star Trek Into Darkness. (No 2016 Star Trek Beyond items are being auctioned.) The 2017 auction was conducted live, but the auction starting today is being held online and lasts through April 10th.

271 lots from first two Kelvin films on the block

Unlike the first auction which was mostly limited to costumes, this new one is offering a wide variety of movie memorabilia. According to Prop Store, the lots available constitute the remaining items from 2009’s Star Trek and 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness.

There are many different types of costumes from both the Star Trek and Into Darkness. These include a Kirk command uniform from Star Trek: Into Darkness (Lot #2, asking bid: $500), and a Spock stunt uniform (Lot #29, asking bid: $120). And for a bargain, you can start with a men’s USS Kelvin operations crewman uniform (Lot #18, asking bid: $60), or a Starfleet Cadet female costume (Lot #7, asking: $60).

Star Trek: Into Darkness Kirk uniform up for auction

Star Trek (2009) USS Kelvin costume

Female cadet costume from Star Trek (2009)

There are a variety of weapon props available from Into Darkness including a USS Enterprise phaser (Lot #1, asking bid:$950), or a Klingon disruptor (Lot #95, asking bid: $250). You can also pick up a USS Vengence phaser (Lot #179, asking bid $80).

Into Darkness Enterprise phaser

Into Darkness Klingon disruptor

The props from Into Darkness range from the recognizable to the obscure. This includes Spock’s cold fusion device (Lot#98, asking bid: $200), Kirk’s bar set (Lot #131, asking bid: $80), and the Harewood family’s dog accessories (Lot #187, asking bid $50).

Cold fusion device from Into Darkness

Kirk’s bar set from Into Darkness

Harewood family dog accessories from Into Darkness

To see the entire catalog and make a bid, visit Auction ends April 10 and 1:30 Pacific.

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John Harrison’s cool Kronos jacket please (still can’t quite bring myself to call him the K word)…

Sully, if you watch Into Darkness again, consider it with this notion: John Harrison actually is not Khan. He is a brilliant, manipulative British scientist who fooled Admiral Marcus into believing he is Khan. Since he fooled Marcus, Kirk and crew don’t bother to question his true identity.

but only Khan has the magic blood. Riddle me that missing neuron.

Bamasi, as there is no previous reference to augments having magic blood, I shall assume Harrison was indeed a Brit scientist, experimenting upon himself to create superhero-like powers (his impressive leaping range supports this too). Thanks for the tip OneMissingNeuron. I actually feel like rewatching STID with your theory in mind now. Good old lockdown ;-)

Who says Khan is the only one with magic blood? I believe the entire Botany Bay crew had been genetically engineered, so I don’t believe that discounts my STID hack idea.

I think the main reason some people can’t accept Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan has more to do with the writing than the physicality of the actor. Khan would never behave in the way the character is written. Khan would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven. He would have allowed his entire crew to die rather than become subservient to anyone, especially the likes of Admiral Marcus. He can’t be Khan, because his psycholigical make up is that of an entirely different character.

Personally, I didn’t care for the whole death of Kirk plotline. I think it would have worked much better if Kirk had to face the command decision of ordering a crew member to his/her death. It could have been even more dramatic than Kirk sacrificing himself. It would ask the question of what makes a greater hero: one who self-sacrifices or one who faces living with the demons that come with having to send people to their death for the greater good? It would have tied in better (in a richer way) with his cheating death in the Kobayashi Maru, and how he compares to his father. It would have given more depth even to Spock’s self-sacrifice in STII: Wrath of Khan to save Kirk from having to make that devastating choice – and there would have been no need for magic blood. Unfortunately, I don’t have the power to film new scenes for a fan cut version.

Ugh guess that’s it for the Kelvin films?? It’s too bad, after Star Trek 2009 they had the whole exciting universe to play with with a great cast.. a wide open world with the 1701 (see Pike/Number One/Spock and the 1701 in Discovery to see what could have been!!!) . Why would you then proceed to make a film about George Bush firing photon torpedoes at the Klingon homeworld so forced they made Kahn a poor misunderstood guy just trying to get his family back while having the ability to beam across the galaxy. Why would anyone do that?!? No one even gets the political analogy now!! You have the 1701, let’s have it last 5 seconds in combat already obsolete to a starship x 10 the size?? Why would you do that?!?
Also a valiant attempt by Beyond to get it back on track but I feel Into Darkness crashed and burned (like the Vengeance) where no sacrifice was going to get that bird back into the air.

Well they are only auctioning a few props from the first two films which they didn’t even use for Beyond, so I don’t think it necessarily means its ‘over’ for the Kelvin films. But no I’m not exactly holding my breath for another either at this point. I exhaled back in 2018 after Pine walked away from doing the next one. ;)

In a much broader scheme of things, I’d not be surprised if this collapse forces Paramount into bankruptcy….

But isn’t the upcoming Quarantino film in the Kelvin universe..? Well, Quarantino might not direct it anymore, but I believe there is still a plan for the movie.

Based on everything we know, no one has mentioned his script is going forward. What we do know is they hired Noah Hawley to write and direct a new film, but yes what that is who knows? But my guess is they wouldn’t have hired someone new to write their own movie if they were going with Tarantino’s script.

There isn’t an upcoming Tarentino film.

Too bad the Cold fusion device doesn’t have Type C ports.

The timing of this couldn’t be worse, I’d imagine if you have disposable cash, you’ll pick up some good stuff, cheap, if they aren’t holing fast to starting minimums.

On a slightly related note, does Paramount even weather this storm? This studio was on financial shaky ground in a good economy. Now??

I mean they are merged into a pretty big corporation again. It’s going to be rough but I’m sure it will survive. But sadly there are a lot of companies big and small that may not survive if it goes too long.

At least at the time of the announcement, Paramount was going to continue to operate as an independent business unit. That likely won’t continue, as CBS will need to get lean and mean in a furry to remain competitive. If Paramount is a cash bleed, it’ll need to declare BK, or just get assimilated into the mother ship to mitigate the damage.

I’m not sure that you have the messaging from December accurately Phil.

Baklish said from the start that they would be thinning out duplication at the corporate level, and ViacomCBS started letting HQ people go early in 2020.

That’s not really entirely consistent with operating as a totally independent business unit. Once you share centralized corporate planning, HR and financial units, there begins to be a cultural shift in the organization, albeit it’s a slow process.


You have a point, but ad revenue is way down on the tv side too. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that CBS’ streaming venture combined w/whatever Paramount streams and cable they are keeping up are saving their ASSets.

I stand corrected. For items that have actually received bids, they are close to the asking bid. Lots of stuff hasn’t been bid on, yet.

A scarf? Never saw that. The Kelvinverse movies did go a little nuts with uniform variants, though.

Would love some props from the new movie Treks,yes I refuse to call it the K verse,sounds real stupid. Wish they had models of the ships. Oh wait…..they do! lol!

While I enjoy the Kelvin films to a degree, these relatively low prices show how poorly received the Kelvin films are, generally.
I was at the last Shatner event in Ticonderoga and they auctioned off a REPLICA or a TOS Kirk jersey that sold for 2K

And JJ wanted there to only be Kelvin merchandise, I guess because he feared the formidable competition.

Bidding opened yesterday. There are still 9days to bid. those are starting prices and if it’s anything like the auction in 2017 there will be some big ticket items.
Even back ground uniforms were around $900-1k back in 2017. absolutley no correlation to their current bid price and final hammer

i wonder if they’ll put the Continutity Department’s notes on the scripts on the block.
just kidding! there were none.

The Harewoods had a dog??

Well, sh!t. I guess it’s over.

Is this typical for most Star Trek film props? Or is the cost of storage and an uncertain Trek film franchise direction along with the need for cash at this time for Paramount play into the factor of this auction?

I really doubt selling a few props is because Paramount needs money lol. If its THAT dire then collecting a few thousand dollars is not going to save that company.

The real estate for the studio lot, and a few of their IP’s are Paramount’s only assets of value. Whatever they make off this auction might cover their Workmans Comp bill for a month. If that.

A new film is 2 years minimum away. I doubt they need these props for anything. Hawley is out apparently due to clashes with Paramount over script & cast (not using the existing cast). QT backed out due to not wanting to do a PG13 movie as lets face it Paramount would not give a decent budget to make an R rated Trek! So unless they compromise its back to no concept, no script & wait until they find one again! Paramount are not short of money really they have Top Gun 2, 2 x MI sequels which will all make money plus the merger with CBS means they are as ok financially as most other studios. Most likely at this stage JJ will come back for another movie!!

JJ is under contract elsewhere, and that contract only allows him to finish out projects that were in development when they signed the deal. JJ’s done with Trek at this point.

Yup. JJ is now signed with Warner Bros.

Does this mean the end!?!? 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

This is the 2nd auction of this kind. the first was in 2017 and the majority of items were sold at that time. they havent needed any of this stuff cluttering their storage house for years. This auction also has a lot of prototype (not screen used) items. meaning a lt of half finished costumes and the odds and ends not interesting enough for the first auction 3 years ago. Alos, the prices cited in the above article are not a good representtion of the hammer price. I’d say we can expect a back ground actor uniform to seel around 1k… Hero wardrobe $5k+