‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Cast Reunites Remotely For Marina Sirtis’ Birthday

Everyone is finding ways to cope with the isolation of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. While people are practicing social distancing and sheltering in place they are using the Internet to stay in touch and help each other out. A great example of this happened yesterday, which happened to be Star Trek: The Next Generation star Marina Sirtis’ birthday.

A Next Gen Reunion for Marina

This morning, Marina Sirtis shared an image of a group video chat held yesterday featuring her Next Generation co-stars Sir Patrick Stewart, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Wil Wheaton, Brent Spiner, and Gates McFadden. This was Sirtis’ first birthday since the passing of her husband in December and she noted: “I have the best friends in the world. Considering everything, this was the best birthday present.”

EDIT: Wheaton gives some background on the reunion

Wil Wheaton posted his own image of the event on Instagram, where he also gave some background on how the event came together:

Yesterday, LeVar organized a Zoom thingy for all of us from TNG, because normally we would be together for Marina’s birthday, but obviously we can’t do that this year. For about 90 minutes or so, we all hung out, visited with each other, loved each other, laughed our faces off, and felt connected, as a family.

Stewart sonneting, Burton reading, Rapp shaving

Star Trek celebrities are finding ways to deal and help out, even from home. Sir Patrick Stewart continues to read a Shakespeare sonnet each day.

And last week TNG (and Reading Rainbow) star LeVar Burton announced he is looking to do live book readings. To do so would involve getting permissions from copyright holders, but he has already been picking up some support including author Neil Gaiman and publisher Harper Collins.

The Star Trek: Discovery cast is also keeping in touch using group video chats, but star Anthony Rapp is still a bit restless at home. To shake things up, he decided to shave his head.


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Anthony Rapp is awesome (and cute)

Haha good work Anthony – sadly I think a lot of us are going to consider that look. I needed a haircut 3 weeks ago and now it looks like I won’t be able to go for at least another 4-8 weeks. I can’t imagine what it will look like in a couple of months haha.

Yeah, we’re all going to have to choose between the Picard look, or the Chewbacca look

Hard to believe it’s been almost a decade even since all the interviews for the Blu Rays back in 2012.
Time flies, except for Keanu Reeves.

Stay healthy, stay safe everyone!

trek casts stay in closer contact than other casts… maybe it’s the conventions and cruises etc…

Can’t hurt. Plus, they just love each other as much as we nerds hope that they do.

Yeah although I’m sure there are differences, the TNG cast seems to be made up of people that genuinely like eachother, whether or not they went on to be stars in other movies or franchises – that doesn’t seem to matter. Perhaps because of the TNG friendships, I remember reading someplace that long ago Stewart once took the Shatman aside and mildly suggested he embrace the fandom and the camaraderie of being part of the Star Trek family. I don’t really know about Shatner, but it looks like Sir Patrick continues to live that out with his TNG castmates – maybe that is also why he continues to be someone that the producers sought out so they could continue a story that began oh about 33 years ago. Stay healthy and stay safe eveyone.

proably, I honestly wonder if Shatner’s envious of Stewart, In many ways Shatner has lost the status as “THE Captain” to Stewart.

I always find it ironic that the TOS cast had conflict but on screen they looked like a family while in TNG the cast really seems to love each other but on screen was made to not really bond (especially with regard to Picard who would rather be on a vineyard than with Crusher even. Though in Picard’s defense he probably knew some in the crew wouldn’t mourn the entity that served with them in favor of a photocopy programmed entity). This is the writing right, not some acting phenomena?

This is so awesome to see. I have a group of 20+ friends that have been doing monthly Star Trek viewing parties for nearly 25 years. This weekend, we had our first “virtual party” also via Zoom.

Never a dull moment! Happy Birthday, Marina Sirtis!

This is just great and why I love the TNG cast so much! They have bonded so tightly. I know we will never get a real TNG reunion in Picard (all of them standing together in one scene…certainly not with Data now ;)) but I still hope they all eventually show up on the show at least.

And yes, happy birthday Marina!

Star Trek: Troi

What do you guys think?

Yeah, actually I could see a shorter miniseries — like 4 -5 episodes, featuring her and Frakes. I actually can see it.

Or perhaps CBS would consider some longer run Short Treks – even three or four 30 min Short Treks featuring Riker and Troi would be great.

Happy Birthday Marina!!!

Oh dear. I had no idea her husband passed away. How did I miss this in December? Was it an article here? Does anyone know the cause? Horrible.

Riker is looking very Polar Bearish