Celebrate First Contact Day With Seven of Nine In Star Trek Online + More Discounts And Promos

Tomorrow, April 5th, is First Contact Day, the day that Trekkies celebrate the future history of April 5th, 2063 when humans meet their first alien friends when a Vulcan ship lands in Montana (as seen in the film Star Trek: First Contact).

Star Trek Online celebrates First Contact Day, with Seven of Nine

The MMORPG Star Trek Online commemorates Star Trek First Contact day every year, and this year they have something special. Starting earlier this week and running through to April 23, players on PC and consoles can participate in a brand new patrol, launch their very own Phoenix rocket and work their way towards the ultimate prize – a Temporal Vortex Probe.

Temporal vortex probe from Star Trek Online

First Contact Day for Star Trek Online kicks off in Bozeman, Montana, the same site where Zefram Cochrane launched the historic Phoenix, the first Human warp-capable ship. Captains will travel back to mid-21st century Earth to face The Borg, who seek to alter the timeline to prevent first contact between humans and Vulcans. To accomplish this, players will enlist the help of Seven-of-Nine, voiced by Jeri Ryan from Star Trek: Voyager and Picard. Besides protecting the timeline from The Borg in this new patrol, players can also team up with four friends to build a replica of the Phoenix. After scavenging the area for engines, hulls and stabilizer parts, they will construct their own model and compete with other teams to see who can reach the highest altitude. Rewards for participating in these events include a First Contact Day bundle and for those who reach 14 days of progress, a powerful Temporal Vortex Probe which can travel through local space to debilitate enemy vessels in the area.

Join Seven of Nine for First Contact Day 2020 in Star Trek Online

For more details and starting to play for free, visit the official Star Trek Online site.

More First Contact Day promos

Sideshow ship giveaway

Sideshow Collectibles is giving away an Eaglemoss USS Enterprise-A model in a First Contact contest that starts today ends on April 7.  Visit sideshow.com to enter to win.

Pocket Trek e-books for $1

Simon & Schuster is celebrating First Contact Day (and some Trek birthdays) with a $1 e-book sale for selected Star Trek novels from Pocket Books. The promotion lasts until May 3. You can pick up the $1 Trek e-books at simoneandschuster.com.

iTunes 10 Trek movies for $20

And finally, you can buy digital releases of Star Trek: First Contact and the rest of the TNG and TOS movies for just $20 for the whole set of 10. The special is available on iTunes. No word on when the special price will end so you may not want to wait.


How will you celebrate First Contact Day?

Have any plans for this special Star Trek holiday? Let us know in the comments below.

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Not quite as cheap, but for non-Apple users Vudu has the same collection on sale for $30.


What, no Star Trek soap-on-a-rope?

I don’t know, the temporal vortex probe might be fun after a few drinks….

That Zefram Cochrane statue is wrong. Geordie said it should be “reaching toward the future”, not giving it the finger.

Considering the entire movie gave “the finger” to Zephram Cochrane _OF_ ALPHA FREAKIN’ CENTAURI, it seems appropriate.

Crap. Pure crap.

How do you know he didn’t end up on alpha centauri later in life?

Amen brother

I’d like Jerri Ryan to pilot my rocket…

When it comes to Jeri Ryan, resistance IS futile!

I’d have to regenerate after 10 seconds.