Watch: Stars Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ And ‘Picard’ Tell Fans They Are Not Alone

The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect people around the globe with most sheltering at home. Some Star Trek stars have been reaching out from their homes to let fans know they are not alone.

Trek In This Together

This morning on Twitter CBS released its latest video as part of the #InThisTogether campaign, which features stars of their current shows Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard, which also features a number of veteran Trek stars. In it, Jeri Ryan, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, Michelle Hurd, Isa Briones, Jonathan Del Arco, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Wilson Cruz all shared the same message that we are all in this together. Watch it below.

Isaacs shows how Star Trek: Discovery is part of his morning routine

Yesterday in a promotion for World Health Day, season one Star Trek: Discovery star Jason Isaacs shared a humorous video on Instagram of his life in solitude, which included his morning routine where he slept and brushed his teeth in his Discovery costume.

Jason Isaacs has his own way of dealing with isolation

You can watch the full video below.

More Star Trek stars reach out from home isolation

Star Trek’s George Takei was featured on CBS Sunday Morning where he was interviewed (separated by a glass door) at his home in Los Angeles.

And finally, famous for being a big hugger, Discovery actor Doug Jones shared a fun picture of himself at home dealing with social distancing.


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Jason is hilarious! That’s what we need more of.

I want Lorca back please.

Dare we hope that Michael Burnham can save us from this too?

Michael Burnham won’t save you. You have to help yourself.

Three deep to piss on a nice gesture. Your mother must be proud….

Wow. You’re a little high-strung today.

Of course, there’s nothing she can’t do. She may have already done it in the past

They should do a real Lorca special. Start on the USS Buran (but have it fighting REAL D-7 battle cruisers, maybe make it a Connie or have the Buran save a Connie with him beaming aboard), end up being lost in the “multiverse”. Maybe it never returns and must set up a whole new colony. Maybe it’s just Lorca, the only human in an unknown part of of the universe with no humans – how would that be?? I’d personally leave him with at least a crippled Connie though to use that beautiful 1701 bridge. Or maybe he comes back with PTSD and joins Pike’s crew?

Razor – the BSG movie

I know some don’t like the analogy but I think switching to a “Wagon Train to the Stars anthology concept with multiple interconnecting stories from various viewpoint concerning the exploration and colonization of the ‘final frontier’ Marvel style might be the way to go.

Lorca is never coming back. He is dead for ever. Honestly I don’t want him to come back.

Mirror Lorca is never coming back, true.

I think the Section 31 series is most likely when we’ll see Lorca next. It’s the only show on the current slate that has a viable reason for revisiting the Mirror Universe.

My quarantine has been productive so far. I school from home now because of long distance learning. Doing my assignments online and all that. Been watching a lot of Star Trek and Star Wars so yeah.

I appreciate their message from the bottom of my heart. We are all in this together.

Wish I could believe all this media induced hype,but I don’t. Not when I see that it’s not exactly true what they’re reporting. And from experience,it’s not exactly the first time,and of course not the last either. But I do hope everyone is ok of course.

Um, what “media induced hype” would this be? Are you saying that coronavirus is overhyped? Are you saying that Jason Isaacs isn’t really social distancing?

not everyone is ok. people are dying. deaths are underreported. this is real. most times we got lucky. sars1 sucked as it lived deep down and couldnt crouch out. same with mers. swine flu was weak. this time we didnt. this one is selective, infectious before symptoms, a very transmissible uncommon cold, that culls the weakened and old.
until vaccine or medicine, welcome back to the middle ages, were we hunt strangers with pitchforks.

Exactly what reporting about the current pandemic do you believe is “hype” or “not exactly true”?

When they say one thing on the news and you see things are entirely different when you go out,it kinda feels like it’s not exactly true what they tell ya. Even what Whatever said about underreported deaths,some places it’s actually overreported. Which is a good thing,since there are less deaths than reported.

Are you suggesting the actual amount of reported deaths are ‘false’??? They are just making it up, getting it wrong, what? And no offense, how would YOU know? Are you in the hospitals or clinics, did you check fatality records? Have you visited the morgues? You are basing it on highly limited information, your eyes. Reporters are actually talking to doctors, nurses, administrators and so on. Sure there could certainly be mistakes but exactly what are you basing it on other than your very limited view of it?

I know you’re not pretending it’s a conspiracy like some of these nuts and yes maybe some things are not being reported correctly. Everyone is human at the end of the day and a LOT is happening. But end of the day this is all being done to protect you and your family. Yeah it sucks and if the government took this MORE SERIOUSLY months ago instead of downplaying it and suggesting it will just ‘disappear’ maybe it wouldn’t actually be as bad as it is now. But we can hash out all of that later (vote people, seriously), the point is right now anyway, everyone is just to get through it and have as fewer deaths as possible.

“When they say one thing on the news and you see things are entirely different when you go out,”

I’m curious JRT but what exactly are you are you expecting to see when you go out? People lying dead in the street? Zombies perhaps? What is the visual criteria that you use to determine the severity of a global pandemic that has been spreading exponentially but not uniformly?

lol! That’s funny,but I do expect to see something similar to what they say on the news,s’all.

And again,back to Trek,and Stranger Things. Trying to finish season 3.

I’ve yet to see any of Stranger Things but maybe I’ll get the chance to during this period of Lockdown. I must admit though I’m still confused as to what you’re not seeing when you go outside that you’re seeing in the news. We’re talking about a virus that is relatively harmless to the the vast majority of the worlds population but is potentially lethal to our most vulnerable. Unless you’re spending your time away from home in the ICU of your local hospital or visiting the local ice rink then I don’t understand how you could expect to see the most dire aspects of this pandemic. You refer to this virus as flu and you know what, you might be right COVID 19 might not be any worse than that except for one huge thing – we have a vaccine for flu and certainly in the UK the vast majority of the most vulnerable get to benefit from that. Anyway, stay safe JRT and enjoy your Trek and Stranger Things marathons.

Thank you Corinthian7!

For one,not seeing the long lines and busy hospital waiting rooms,which is a good thing I guess.

Well, JRT!, if, as you say, it’s all hype and hoax, then of course everyone is okay. Crisis actors are good at inducing hype, right?

lol! Not saying it’s a hoax,just saying I don’t believe everything the news media is saying. Mainly out of experience. It’s great that all these wonderful actors from various Treks are doing this though. Always great to see them outside of Trek as well.


I think what you’re saying is totally reasonable right now, and I even say that as a “liberal.” lol The media is definitely saying some wonky stuff here and there even though the pandemic is indeed 100% real and plenty of people ARE suffering. I look for quotes and interviews from health experts and generally ignore a lot of the rest since it’s fluff pieces galore.

The ‘media’ is HUGE. And everyone is just trying to figure it out. Yes there could be mistakes but that’s how it is with these situations. I remember all the crazy and false reporting the days during 9/11. Most got it right but others utterly wrong because its all chaotic and you’re flying at the seat your pants trying to get info out. It’s not a conspiracy, people are just human and mistakes are made.

But yes there was just completely FALSE information then as there are now. And even now SADLY you have to listen to completely wrong and bogus information online and social media.

There were many people out there on social media with bogus sources stating for instance black people and other minorities couldn’t even get sick from the virus at all just to find out it’s actually a higher death rate in the African-American communities. I’m black myself, I know some people who were listening to these idiots and spouting this stuff like it was a fact. And yes social media is also part of the media, hence the words SOCIAL MEDIA. So there is a lot of ‘fluff’ out there from all sides in many forms. We get more up-to-date information today and literally in our finger tips now than we did back in 2001 but sadly we also get a lot of disinformation, spin and completely made up sources at the same time. It’s people jobs to decide what’s accurate and what is false but this isn’t exactly a new issue.

examples? other than “some media outlets” claiming it’s just a cold or a flu and so on… what exactly have we been lied to? i’m open to hearing facts over general feelings


JRT! Your experience is limited to your own reach (in person and through your network).

Until this ravages your community, or perhaps a care home where your parents, grandparents or their friends live, it likely won’t feel real to you.

But as it reaches further, especially rural communities where health care resources are very limited, the impact is devastating. I sincerely hope the curve flattens where you are before that.

JRT! You really need to take this seriously. The pandemic is no joke my friend. Social distancing is difference between life and death.

I’ve already lost someone during this flu thing,couldn’t even go to his funeral as there was a 20 people limit.

Yes,what I’m basing it on are my eyes. And ears,logic,years of experience when it comes to other things that haven’t been correct,and of course when one reports 10 and another reports 250,well what to believe. So yes,limited to my own reach,but at least that reach is from here to the UK to the US,and it’s not social media.

No offense but I’m not going make any conclusions based on some guy ‘eyes’ on the internet. Do you have any hard data? I’m guessing no.

This is a global issue, yes its different in every country and everyone is being impacted differently but the point is EVERYONE is being impacted. That says a lot to me. Maybe in a few weeks when they get a better handle on this it will be easier to understand things better but at the more its only about precaution. If you already lost someone to this then sadly you can lose someone else too. I don’t know what the argument is not airing on the side of precaution is? Why not just do that for a few weeks?

Hard data? Don’t really go that far,but does footage from my phone count as hard data? Or is that just through my eyes,lol. I’ll say it again,I do believe what I actually see. Of course,the footage would only be in this little area,which isn’t as bad as many other places. For that I would have to direct you to YT,but then it’s over on the social media bit again,so won’t do that.

What are you even talking about? You recorded something on your phone that somehow proves it’s a lie, conspiracy, fake, what? And you’re suggesting what you saw can be applied nationally or even globally?

Look you can believe what you want but I’ll ask it again what exactly is wrong with taking some extra precaution for a few months over something you already believed killed someone you know? If you believe he died of the virus doesn’t that suggest maybe it’s as deadly as they are saying? Do you not think that can’t happen to you too?

I guess I just get what you’re suggesting?

No,no. All I’m saying is that what they tell you on the news isn’t always accurate. That’s all.

LOL, man, you’re not SAYING anything. Seriously. You have responded multiple times to people and being as vague and cryptic as possible about something no one has a clue what you’re even talking about. But apparently this ‘evidence’ proves the media is not being ‘accurate’ but you won’t even tell us what it is. Yeah, you’re coming off so much more credible than they are.

If you have REAL proof of something then say it. If not, you are coming off a bit ridiculous now. I don’t personally care what it is, but you’re just coming off like so many people do on the internet, a guy pretending to be ‘in the know’ but not a single source to back it up; ironically what people are accusing the media as doing in this situation.

I’m still saying that I don’t believe everything I hear on the news,how is that vague? But you believe what you want and I’ll believe what I want. Plain and simple. And some people here did actually understand what I was saying.

It’s ‘vague’ when you say you have ‘evidence’ of why you don’t believe them but you don’t actually tell us what that is lol. Dude, seriously, you haven’t said anything other than you don’t believe everything. OK, fine, can you give us, you know, an ACTUAL EXAMPLE???? I mean if you had to take this to court, what would you be charging the media with and what evidence do you have to back up that charge? You haven’t presented literally the bare minimum and no offense seeing it with your ‘eyes’ isn’t a huge offense or proof of anything.

And you’re not just delivering an opinion, you’re claiming it as a FACT based on ‘evidence’ you claim to have, right? This is why the internet can be frustrating.

Thought we were done with this,but ok. I could give you an example but it wouldn’t be mine and it’s on YT,and I really don’t wanna drag that into this. I’m just gonna stick to what I’m saying and leave it at that. I just don’t believe everything the news is saying,plain and simple.

The media is ALWAYS sensationalist! JRT doesn’t seem to know what the hype is, but I do.

The media often reports a death rate over 1%. Scientists say it likely under 1% because the infection rate is under reported since half show no symptoms, so no testing. The actual infection rate is 2-10 times that reported.

We have public health care here and they won’t even test if you just have fever and cough.

Many people who died are very old. The natural death rate for those over 80 is about 10% per year because of failing health. If they suspect covid-19, they list it as cause of death without verifying. Could be flu.

I know what the hype is,some even call it hysteria,but lets not get into that,lol! Lets just call it misinformation. And yes,I tend to believe what I see for myself,doesn’t everyone? Thought that was only logical. If I’m in New York in January,for instance,and the weather channel reports blizzards and snowy conditions and I go out and it’s partly cloudy with a bit of sun,who do I believe? Certainly not TWC,lol!

Here’s the thing: “News” is the first draft of history and yes it’s not always correct. But you can see the big picture from a totality of the news you consume – and hopefully it’s not only the kind – no matter what the political slant of the newscast is the one where “it bleeds it leads.” READING is what it is all about. And yes you can’t judge the news itself by the fact that not everyone can stay in as they are necessary workers, or at least they have deemed to be. Yes, if you lived in NYC you could walk out and see people going to the subway. To make sure you can eat. But should you stay home like MOST people? yes.

JRT! You aree making yourself look foolish. Stop denying the pandemic. This is more than just the news media. People’s lives are at stake.

You should stay home like most people.

Not denying it,just not believing everything I hear on the news. Nothing foolish about that.

EricG, if someone dies earlier than they would have due to an infectious illness, it’s still a preventable death. Especially, with a virus of high lethality.

One can agree that there are reports of variability in the way deaths are recorded in US jurisdictions at this point. However, there is an issue of underreported deaths. Some jurisdictions have reported what should be coronavirus deaths as pneumonia or heart failure due to lack of testing resources.

In the end, the pattern in places with more extensive testing is that more seniors and people with existing conditions are ill and dying than normal. Given the high proportion of American adults (not just seniors) with the major chronic diseases and conditions (heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity), more people are in a high risk group than not.

In the Canadian province of Quebec, where there have been outbreaks due to many people returning from out-of-country (e.g. Florida and points south) after an early March break, there is a high rate of testing, and confirmation at Canada’s National Microbiology Lab. The death rate among people over 80 in Quebec is with confirmed coronavirus is reported as 9 out of 10, despite good universal care.

We are rushing studies now in Quebec and Alberta to see if use of pre-approved drugs such as those predicted by the Oak Ridge National Research Lab in the States Supercomputer SUMMIT predicted in addition to Zinc and hydroxychloroquine. Hopefully we can drop that death rate.

You are right and wrong. You are wrong in that we don’t need to social distance, as soon as they did not immediately shut the borders we MUST SOCIAL DISTANCE to ensure the health care system doesn’t overload and add to the natural death rate. You are right in that social distancing will NOT fix the natural death rate, eventually we are all probably still going to get COVID-19 unless a vaccine is developed which I think is at least a year away. Social distancing FLATTENS the curve but the AREA UNDER THE CURVE (the number of infected) remains the same (the lowered death rate being only a function of health care capacity, it has only been lowered to the ‘natural death rate’ of the virus)!!!
What really should have happened, and what the media doesn’t want to admit, is that we should have shut the borders and then spent 100 billion (10% chance of working x economic damage) on a fancy quarantine for the elderly and those at risk (guess what, you CAN’T VISIT THEM ANYWAY) while the population is infected in a controlled manner that we rush the virus to near extinction. Now all we are doing is postponing the inevitable.
Now that ship has sailed. I assume eventually we will have to go to a controlled release if a quick vaccine via egg method shows any hint of side effects or complications. If not, we are going to have to try to do it anyway (controlled release with high risk quarantine) but it will cost x 100 now I assume and not be as effective.
I’m hoping some of these pre-approved drugs / plasma blood transfusions work, they would actually reduce the natural death rate. If you reduce the death rate to that of the flu, you can drop the quarantine. Or chicken egg vaccine has no side effects.

And yet I feel like we’re not getting the correct information from where it should’ve come. I don’t see anything wrong with feeling that way. But I never intended this to become a discussion either,so my bad. Back to watching some Trek,lol.

Well we always thought that the CDC would act rationally in all cases. By in no way entertaining a reverse quarantine (high risk individuals in a separate system at a cost of 100 billion) we see that just isn’t the case.
The #1 example they aren’t acting rationally is in not demanding the borders close back in Feb. Now what would have happened if this killed 10-20% of the population – disaster. They’re want to play politics and worry about emotions would have killed 50%+ of the United States population.
They are so busy not trying to blame China (sorry, but all these viruses out of China?? Something needs to change) that they ignore what happens IF the Politburo wanted to do this on purpose; the Politburo would have wiped the floor (with your blood!)

Cmd Bremmon, just to clarify, about 80% (4 out of 5) of adult Canadians have one or more of the chronic diseases or conditions that would put them a ‘higher risk’ category. They’re not the most vulnerable (like the seniors and others in care homes), but they often those we see as reported as having a ‘preexisting condition’.

So basically, one in five doesn’t have a preexisting condition. To put it in Trek terms : “So you’re telling me we don’t have good odds Mr. Spock.” ;)

As you say, we can be hopeful that one, or a combination of, some of the treatment regimes currently under testing can improve survival rates while we wait for a vaccine. If ever a situation called for a calm, scientific Trek-like “work the problem” approach, this is it.

If 80% of Canadians had a pre-existing condition that lead to death, we’d have an adult death rate of 80% pre-existing condition x 90% death rate of those with pre existing conditions of >70%… which we don’t. It’s not ALL pre-existing conditions, only those that lead to death with COVID-19.

Existing conditions don’t lead automatically to death Cmd Bremmon, but they do increase the risk of death or disability if a person contracts an infectious disease. This was the case with SARS and Listeriosis too.

The preexisting conditions we hear cited are cancer, diabetes, lung disease (asthma or COPD), heart disease well as high blood pressure and obesity. (France reports higher risk of death for obese individuals, even when young. Louisiana reports higher risk people with high blood pressure.)

If you check out Canadian government stats you will find the statement “4 out of 5 adult Canadians have at least one chronic disease or condition. 2 out of 5 have two or more.”. And the list of diseases and conditions pretty much matches the list of people at higher risk for poor outcomes with COVID-19. (But not at as high risk as the very vulnerable in care homes.)

So, what I’m trying to say is that a suggestion that we could solve this by asking every adult at higher risk to self-isolate and leave the 20% without any of the cited preexisting conditions to go about life normally, isn’t really a workable solution.

Actually that’s how you would start (20% the super health) since you have to flatten the curve. Then your Medical Professionals would work down the list (heart condition not linked to COVID-19 which impacts lungs, obese people, people with high blood pressure, ok then people with really mild non-chest related allergies) until you’ve reached enough herd immunity that the virus goes virtually extinct and you can let everyone out.
SPOILER ALERT – What do you think they are doing now? You know who is young and healthy at the top of the list? McDonald’s workers and health care professionals. Anyone who doesn’t think they are getting COVID-19 is fooling themselves.

I love that ad CBS made with so many actors from our favorite franchise. Yes we are all in it together. I’m just thankful me and everyone I know is safe so far but that can all change on a dime. Honestly it sucks, but stay home people! And watch tons of Star Trek to pass the time! ;)

Thanks for your positivity Tiger2!

I’ve been positively impressed by Trek actors social media contributions, and to CBS for it’s PSAs.

Yes, this shared experience does make one appreciate what one has.

And one of those things is access to the large Trek catalogue. Our kids have finally discovered Enterprise, and are watching it enthusiastically. Which is a good thing to incent them with, given they’re being remote schooled.

Yeah I am as well. I see Patrick Stewart reading Shakespeare every day lol. It’s great to see everyone in the same boat but trying to lift spirits anyway they can. I live in California and I have to say I’m impressed with how they have handled things here. The biggest state in the country population wise (even more than Canada as a whole) and yet cases are way down per capita. So I’m doing everything they tell us to do, I have no issues with that. None. Whatever it takes to see as many people get through it as possible.

Glad your kids are watching more Star Trek! I haven’t done a complete Enterprise rewatch in years, but rewatch episodes when I can like the others. So maybe it’s time, especially with no new Trek on for awhile.

Tiger2 I haven’t seen Star Trek: Deep Space Nine yet. I really want to see that.

People say Deep Space Nine is pretty good. Benjamin Sisko is a awesome captain.

What????? You never watched DS9 out of all this time? Yeah now is the time to get on that lol! IMO it’s the best Star Trek show hands down and I love them all (well I’m still working through my issues with Discovery ;)). DS9 probably starts off the slowest compared to all the shows, so you do have to be prepared for that, but it really takes off in third season! From fourth season on it’s on fire (and that’s when Worf shows up ;)).

I actually rewatched it again a year ago around this time, when the documentary was coming to theaters. I would probably watch it all again if I didn’t just do it last year. Give it a shot if you can!

DS9 will always be my favorite Star Trek show! And I love them all. The character development, from both the writers and the spectacular cast, is amazing. I loved it from the first episode, though I agree that it does get better and better as it goes along. Anyone who likes Trek, or just great storytelling with excellent characters, should watch DS9. I’m almost jealous of your opportunity to experience it for the fist time.

I am a high school English teacher, and I’ve always wanted to teach a course built around DS9. There is so much thematic stuff and character development to dig into.

Thank you for your recommendation!

A crossover between Discovery, Pike, Picard, Section 31, Short Treks, Lower Decks, and the Kelvin Movies is a must!!

If anyone should bring the real Captain Lorca from the Mirror Universe, it should be Captain Pike and his Enterprise crew.

Well, that would have to involve time travel, since each of those shows are set in different eras, and the movies are in an entirely different time line. And, I don’t even know how they would get the Lower Decks characters into it, unless the crossover was animated.

Someone is excited lol!

This isn’t really a Star Trek thing but I don’t want millionaires living huge houses that that they probably own telling me, how hard a Month or two without work is for them …

Sad to see how much hate SMG is getting on Facebook whenever official star trek channel posts anything up involving her. It’s borderline bullying and harassment, some people should really be ashamed of themselves. Star trek fans my ass!

That is really sad, and part of why I stay away from social media. Whether you like Burnham and Discovery or not, which I emphatically do, Sonequa seems like a positive, empathetic, kind and caring person. Why would anyone go out of their way to bring the hate and negativity? I have to agree that that doesn’t seem like the way a fan of the Star Trek I love would behave.

I don’t understand the hate she’s getting. Sonequa is a nice person.

Fans are toxic in the age of social media. Star Trek fans be damned! They shouldn’t behave like that.

In my opinion her character is way better than Picard by an order of magnitude. In fact the more I think about it, the more I like her character. Lot’s of cognitive dissonance with her detractors too – “she’s perfect and solves everything!” but at the same time “she disobeyed orders yet failed to save the fleet and ended up tarnished in prison”. I like the concepts of a human raised by Vulcans and a Starfleet officer that stuck to her logical guns at all costs in the pilot. My only wish in, knowing now she was ending up in the future, that she never got the redemption from an “all too perfect” Starfleet only to save it in the future when “not so perfect” too.

Not really cognitive dissonance. The problem with the character is real, but it is difficult to describe, because of the sheer absurdity of it.

You see, it’s as if the entire universe revolves and evolves around her. She bends the reality to serve herself – as if the gods themselves descended to Earth to reassure her and tell her how she’s the best. She gets a free pass not only by her superiors, but by laws of physics too. She’s an astrophysicist AND a martial artist AND a test pilot of an experimental glass shuttle we’ve never seen before, and will never see again. She can survive enough G to liquify a humanoid brain. Nobody on the entire ship can do anything without her advice. She was adopted by Sarek and grew up with Spock. She can aim a phaser while holding it backwards. She can fix a conduit by randomly tugging at loose cables. She can get away with sparking a war that causes billions of victims, and then she goes to sleep as if nothing happened. She is the only one who can survive direct exposure to flesh-melting atmosphere, with no health consequences other than sore throat. And apparently, she is a time-travelling Iron Man with endless data capacity.

Nothing of that is SMG’s fault, of course – but the show could’ve been so much more palatable if she was only a random everywoman, like all the captains before her. The writers didn’t *have* to make her a superhero to stand above everybody else; the fact she was good enough to get into Starfleet should be quite sufficient to tell an interesting story. Even Sisko, the “chosen one” of wormhole gods, was ultimately just a down-to-earth working class guy – and his character worked so much damn better than Burnham.

That’s some ugly hair Sonequa…

picking apart the way a woman chooses to appear while she is trying to reassure her fans at such a difficult and worrying times?

Your parents must be so proud of you, drij. Why don’t you take several seats and log off if you haven’t got anything nice to say.

We live in a free world. Everybody is free to dress as they choose – and everybody else is free to laugh at their choice.

And really, I’d say that reassurance from rich leisure class people is the last thing an average person wants these days. At least she didn’t sing “Nerds” while immersed in a bathtub full of dead tribbles, or something.

And by that same token- I’m also free to call out what amounts to cyber bullying. And maybe also call those out who defend somebody’s right to bully.

It’s great that you devote your time to defending celebrities and I’m sure they appreciate what you do.

Grow up. It’s my right to call out bullies- and judging from the comments, there are quite a few on this site.

You’re a hero. Now go buy some more autographed photos.