Watch: Fan Puts ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Bloopers Back Into The Show

Star Trek fans love bloopers. It’s a tradition that goes back to the 70s when bloopers from the original Star Trek series were shown at the first Trek conventions. Over the years, home video releases from the Trek series and feature films have kept the tradition going with the release of more blooper reels. But what if these funny takes were never cut from the show?

Star Trek INtakes

In the last week, the fan behind the YouTube channel Ryan’s Edits has been taking bloopers from Star Trek: The Next Generation and re-editing them back into their original episode scenes. So far he has done five of what he is calling “Star Trek INtakes,” including one just released today. Here they all are.

LaForge and Worf get overly exuberant on the bridge in “Future Imperfect.”

Worf almost overshares in “Booby Trap.”

Guinan has some blunt love advice for Geordi in “Booby Trap.”

Riker hams it up to fool Worf in “Parallels.”

Data gets a bit too excited in “All Good Things, Part 2.”

Keep track of more fun bits in our series of great Star Trek links.

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Save the best for last. Thank God the bloopers were cut from the show! Bloopers are like memes of their day.

BRILLIANT! BRAVO! My favorite was the clip from “Parallels” where Riker tweaks and chases off the background artist just trying to unobtrusively walk by.

That wasn’t a background artist, it was an uncredited actor (actress) who regularly played ensigns and other behind the scenes officers.

By bad. She was an actress in the background who never had lines. I thought that was a background actress.

What a riot those are. Wish there were more!


My absolute favorite is the high-five from “Future Imperfect”, but these were all fabulously done well! :-D

with both transitioning straight from a high five to a Picard maneuver in one fluid motion.

Holy crap… The Worf from Booby Trap was hilarious!

I watched these this morning and just came back to watch #5 again.

These are good silly fun!

That’s hysterical. I laughed out loud at that Whoopi Goldberg clip

more i want more

OMG, these are hysterical! So creative. Job WELL done!

I love these guys so much, but the one with Riker yelling at Worf and then chasng Lt. Jae down the corridor was my favorite. I’m so happy Riker (and Frakes) are back in Star Trek again. I can’t WAIT to see him back in season 2 of Picard (we all know it’s happening ;)).

CBS need to go back into the archives, find more outtakes and make their own videos like this.

They could recreate whole new “lost” episodes with that stuff.

This is breaking canon! Now i must find a way to explain it. Maybe its an alternate universe where all characters act like in “Orville“. Or the scenes are inacurate holo simulations of the original events like in thar one Voyager Episode. Yeah. That be it.

…or inacurate like the holo simulation of the Enterprise finale…there should be the correct version somewhere… that VOY episode was great. Their take ob the mirror universe. Unofficialy.

I like the first one where Geordi and Worf hi-five.🤣

Nice page here. Thanks Trekmovie! Iiiiii-eeeee!