Paramount Holding Live Virtual Screening Of ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan’ On April 25th

With so many people isolated during the pandemic, there is a desire to connect, especially with fellow Star Trek fans. Paramount Pictures will be offering one way to join a virtual crowd of Trekkies later this month, plus there are some other ways Trek fans can be part of virtual live events happening as well.

Star Trek II Live with the Treksperts

Paramount has announced a new series of “virtual screenings” of some of their library of feature films via CYA.LIVE. One of the films in the series will be Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan on April 25th.

Each virtual screening will allow viewers to watch and interact via text and video with other fans, as well as special guest hosts. For The Wrath of Khan screening, you will be joined by the hosts of the Inglorious Treksperts podcast, Mark A. Altman and Daren Dochterman, who will introduce the film and hold a Q&A afterwards.

You can participate in CYA LIVE screenings by using the CYA app on Apple and Android devices or via a Chrome browser on your PC. Tickets for the screening cost $1.99 and can be purchased at CYA.LIVE.

Trek celebrities joining virtual events in April

Due to the pandemic, April 2020 is the first month in over 40 years that has no fan conventions. However, April has also seen the growth of virtual conventions. A couple of upcoming virtual events should be of interest to Star Trek fans.

This weekend, Cameo (the personalized celebrity message service) is holding a special “Cameo Cares” virtual three-day event benefiting those impacted by COVID-19. On Saturday April 18 at 1:15 pm (Central Time) there will be a “Iconic Movie Moments” panel conversation that includes Star Trek: The Next Generation star Jonathan Frakes along with Anthony Michael Hall, Ernie Hudson and Kevin Conroy. The conversation will be moderated by Montel Williams. You can sign up for free at

And on April 25th and May 2nd, the organization Lambda Quadrant is holding their first “HoloCon” virtual event which will feature panels, a cosplay contest, and celebrity guests. The first guest announced is Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Nicole de Boer.

DIY streaming parties with Netflix and Amazon

In addition to these organized events, you can create your “watch parties” to gather friends and stream Star Trek together. In March Netflix released the “Netflix Party” Chrome browser extension which allows Netflix subscribers to join together to watch any episode or movie in the Netflix catalog, which includes every episode of Star Trek, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise.

Amazon Prime Video has also just announced a similar feature by partnering with Twitch for “Watch Parties.” Like with Netflix, all participants need to have an active subscription. Amazon and Twitch are currently beta testing the program with a limited selection of titles, but those include every episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine. Amazon/Twitch Watch Parties are supported on both Firefox and Chrome browsers. More info on how to host and participate in Amazon/Twitch Watch Parties can be found at

Keep up with all the Star Trek event news at

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TWOK fans – my kind of people!! Awesome!!!
Trek from when it was about the unexplored frontier full of danger.
The best of times in movies are usually when the characters face some worst of times.
Warp speed!
Ironically I don’t think they should have brought Spock now. I remember reading some Making of Movies book where Nick Meyer was practically begging them not to bring back Spock (but ended up being ok with it after IV). I couldn’t get it at the time, why not bring back Spock?
I get it now. Not only did Spock already have a perfect exit but you can see it prevented the movie era from spinning off the a real next generation that Meyer sets up.
You’ve got cadets on board in training under Kirk, new cool characters such as Saavik being half Vulcan/half Romulan and David Marcus (reverse Kirk-Spock relationship with added gender difference), Kirk as head of Starfleet Operations going into training/leading teams or considering maybe even heading out on his own, Sulu going to the Excelsior and the galaxy a boiling pot post-Genesis. All that gets tossed aside in III to go save Spock.
I’m glad we got IV and VI, but when you read the DC Comics at the time you see what could have been and how we almost had the movie series spin off Marvel style.

Your comment was too much but I’m with you there. TWOK is number one on my Star Trek must watch list!

I didn’t think the comment was too much. I hadn’t heard that before about Nick Meyer begging not to bring back Spock. Fascinating!

It was a great book on the making of the movies, still have it in a box somewhere. One of the chapters starts something like “I begged them not to do it” but with IV he had come to terms. I couldn’t get Meyer at the time, now I totally agree.

I watched Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan on Hulu last week! Khan is my kind of bad boy.

I want to watch it again. Hanging out with my fellow Trekkies and we don’t care about the outside world.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to get worse. Stay at home orders across the country. The president is a complete idiot. The economy is heading into a economic depression.

While the world is descending into chaos. Star Trek puts a smile on my face.

Are you trying to start a flame war?

Sounds like he’s been driven mad by current events.

If you’re looking to start a fight over BigFatLiar and the devastation he is wreaking on the country and the world, look no fuhrer, Les Bian Romulan.

Another poor soul who has contracted TDS-19.

No, simply an aware and concerned citizen unafraid to express an INFORMED opinion while seemingly surrounded by the 30 to 35% — aka lemmings — happily marching off cliffs at their ‘leader’s bidding as the 1% continue to profit by using you as political cannon fodder.

“…..also, Bernie can still win this.”

Only in a universe with taste and ethics.

“The trouble with Socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” -Margaret Thatcher

I don’t like Trump at all, but it seems to me he has done no worse than any other world leader at present in handling COVID-19.

That’s just because they keep denying the facts of what he allowed to happen, time and again, in the months leading up to the full-on mess.

With everyone at home, can’t they get at least ONE of the A-list stars or production people to join with the chat? Do they have somewhere to really go? Do?? With everything basically shut down. :)

It should be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to it. I just hope there isn’t a deluge of people on it that the chat just whizzes by and you find it hard to follow the conversation. On some YouTube live events, more than 8000 chatterers gets to be too much chattering.

I’m glad the site has something else to post other than Picard and Discovery news for a change.

Where is Nick Meyer and why isn’t he doing an original sci fi yet? Grab some of these fan film people and put them to work on YouTube.

I’m stumbling through DSC s2 this week after meandering through PICARD and it is really hard going, again. DSC’s lead has no business being the lead character on this show, the writers must have thought they were Harlan Ellison or something when they have her hesitate when it came to spacing the cyberchick when it just played as stupid, CUBO to say the least!

Anson Mount is pretty much the sole saving grace here, though I think I see a glimmer with the Peck Spock guy. The business of having totally-predictable plotting (including surprises that are anything but, stuff that you call out in anticipation in real-time while watching, hoping you are going to be wrong, but no, five minutes later it happens just like you knew it would) really makes this seem like a 21st century version of ABC Aaron Spelling 80s programming, with about as much innovation as your average TJ HOOKER episode.

This sounds great! I think it would a lot of fun to watch a virtual screening TWOK with other hardcore fans! If you have to pick a movie, that’s the one to do it with because it seems to be the only movie every fan can agree on was really good lol.

And jesus, Nicole de Boer is still a major cutie! Get Dax back on Picard pronto!!

Is the Wrath of Khan stream available to Canadians as well?


Nicole de Boer.. Say no more!