Watch: Fan Puts Even More ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Bloopers Back Into The Show

A few weeks ago we posted an article featuring videos that took outtakes from Star Trek: The Next Generation and re-edited them back into their original episode scenes. Now there are even more.

More Star Trek INtakes

The YouTube channel Ryan’s Edits has added five more “INtakes,” with the latest being released today.

Does Picard know who his first officer is in “A Matter of Perspective”?

Picard needs a little help from Data in “Unnatural Selection.”

Picard and Riker really bond in “Cost of Living.”

Guinan has a VERY frank chat with Beverly in “Suspicions.”

Riker shows some flair in “Aquiel.”

Keep track of more fun bits in our series of great Star Trek links.

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We know Guinan is going to be in the next season of Picard. After seeing this clip, I think she should share a scene with Admiral Clancy.

Admiral Clancy is not someone I would look up to if I was a Starfleet officer. Picard would be my number one role model. He is why I joined Starfleet if I was a Star Trek character.

Some nobody from Earth, Mars, or another Federation planet who went to Starfleet because of Picard and his heroism.

Most TNG characters will make an appearance in Picard eventually.

Well, Clancy is a better role model than most Starfleet admirals. She has a temper and a bit of a potty mouth, but at least she isn’t actively evil or corrupt like most admirals. She even sent a fleet to protect the synths.

Amazing how they built so many brand new ships to the point where 200 of them can be rounded up and deployed in a day. There must be tens of thousands of them across Federation space, and all built without the aid of Synth labor.

It’s a far cry from taking nearly a week to scrape together an “armada” of 40 ships back in Picard’s day.

Even by DS9, they always seemed to have way more ships available. They probably ramped up ship production a lot after the Borg attack and first contact with the Dominion.

I don’t know if they ever gave an in-universe explanation. Of course, the real-world reason is that advancements in VFX (especially CGI) made it easier to create large fleets on screen.

They used synths to build the ships right?

@Faze Ninja: They used synths to build the rescue ships for the Romulan evacuation. Apparently, that was the only way to speed up ship construction enough. After the attack on Mars synths were banned. So unless Riker took a fleet of retrofitted evacuation ships they were probably not built by synths.

Legate Damar I don’t like her. Clancy is not someone I would consider a friend. That’s just me. Picard is better at everything.

Sometimes even friends have to be frank with you ;-)

True but professionally people mostly don’t speak that way. It was also obvious that Clancy and Picard were not friends. One could argue that in the military it happens more so than in the private sector. But new Trek has always claimed to NOT be a military organization. The other option is that in the future no one takes offense at that sort of language. Which is an explanation I can buy. It didn’t bother me but I understand why it might bother others.

I was just shocked that Clancy was played by Ann Magnuson. She is amazing! OK, and now… you inspired me to remind you to listen to Bongwater. But then I just saw her twitter feed. Holy Moly! Check her youtube show WTF 2020– Seriously!

Ann Magnuson is a gift! Her Twitter is wonderful. Can you imagine the Battle Royale between Clancy & Janeway if those 2 actors were given screen time together!? 💥

[Like button.] [ha ha emoji.]

Guinan and Riker are beautiful people. Nice! :D

Well… There weren’t as good as the first few. Perhaps they should have quit when they were ahead.

LOL the one with Riker and Picard holding hands was hilarious. I love these things so much!

What was Picard wearing on his feet? His shoes looked gray and large like they were wrapped with something.

Could be something so it makes less noise when he’s walking around.