Watch Brent Spiner’s Quarantine Song And Dance Number On How Hollywood Wants Him Back

Star Trek: The Next Generation star Brent Spiner is having a big year. He garnered high praise for his work (in two roles) on Star Trek: Picard, and can now be seen in the new Showtime series Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. It seems all of this, along with the extended quarantine, might be going to his head.

Today the always sardonic Brent Spiner posted a fun video on Twitter featuring himself being “interviewed” that turns into a song and dance number around his home, all about how “They want me back!” [Warning: Video contains adult language]

The video features Spiner clutching an Emmy Award, even though he has never actually won one. Could this video, which has already started racking thousands of views, likes, and retweets, be his tongue-in-cheek way to do a little “for your consideration” publicity of his own?

This is not Spiner’s first time singing about being “back.” In 1991 he released an album of pop standards titled Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back, which also included some backing vocals from his Star Trek: The Next Generation co-stars.

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I like Brent Spiner, but he can be a little full of himself. He is just an average singer. He reminds me of the dentist who fancies himself as a singer and frequents karaoke bars on the weekend. A hobby at best. Spiner, being in show business, thinks people would love his singing. Uh, no. Here’s the comparison; Isa Briones (from Picard) is an AMAZING singer, and deserved to be used ( and showcased) in singing “ Blue Skies” in the Picard finale.
Gawd, funny how some people allow ego to get in the way of rational thought.

This ties in to how Spiner barges in and starts hamming it up with the audience at literally every Patrick Stewart appearance at Conventions. Uh, maybe the fans in that ballroom came to hear Sir Patrick Stewart speak, and find Brent to be nothing more than an irritating distraction.

That’s funny. I ended this and thought “haha he’s plugging himself by pretending to be full of himself which is actually the humblest way to plug himself.” The man just loves to sing. I feel the same way so I get it. As for barging in on Patrick. Patrick seems to want to work with Brent ever single opportunity that he gets. So I gather that Patrick puts him up to it?

Nobody puts out an album, and expects people to pay money for it, unless they think they can sing. If I heard him crooning at a karaoke bar, I would be mildly amused, but to pay money to hear him sing?
(wipes tear) oh, that’s rich!

Unless I’m mistaken Shatner has released more than one album even though he can’t sing (or at least hasn’t shown that he can).

You’re right, DIGINON, Shatner can’t sing at all! Imagine the hubris to put out an album KNOWING you’re a shit singer!

Have you ever listened to a Shatner album?

Check out the soundtrack to Out to Sea.. Brent’s a total crooner!

I sometimes get the feeling Spiner is a little passiv aggressiv towards the fans and rather dislikes them. Then at other times he seems genuinely kind and caring.

Well, we ruined his career, but on the other hand everything he has he owes to us. hahaha. I sort of get it.

I had some small interaction with him a few years ago at Ottawa Comicon. When talking to him, I definitely got the vibe that he was “over” the fandom. On the other hand, he did give me one of my best photo ops by playing along. During that same con I met Doug Jones, what a difference in how a person treats their fans. He’s an absolute sweetheart. That may have coloured my impression of Spiner.

Good to know you have the knowledge and ability to judge people’s singing… I thought it was terrific BTW!

Good to see him in Penny Dreadful these days.

Brent Spiner is adorable.

Love Brent Spiner as an actor, made an excellent lead villain in Outcast as well (watch it if you haven’t!). However he has a tendancy to let his ego get in the way of him. Remember him clearly refusing to take and sign a painted picture of him made by a fan who had queued for an hour just to meet him (they were in front of me), shouting his mouth off as he walked away from the signing desk having a diva moment and and never came back really felt sorry for the fan who wanted to meet him. This was way back at the first Destination Trek event. As someone else pointed out here, he is indeed a little passive aggressive and has a real love/hate relationship with Star Trek. He knows that is what has bought him his wealth and (what looks like) his lovely home in Hollywood but also he will forever be known as one character due in THAT show… which is a shame as he has incredibly talented in everything else he’s been in which isn’t as high profile.

The video won’t play. I’m in the U.S. WTF?

I find Brent to be really nice. I was chatting with him for a picture I was getting at ComicCon, and neither of us were looking at the camera. It looks like were both having a nice chat, which we were.
I had him sign the picture later the next day.

You can’t fool me, he’s only coming back because his worm farm stampeded and his hot dog cart was blown away in a hurricane.