Jason Isaacs Hints He Could Return To Star Trek As Prime Lorca

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The enthusiastic fan response to the introduction of Anson Mount’s Captain Pike in the second season of Star Trek: Discovery resulted in Mount leading the recently announced series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Now the actor who played the captain in the first season of Discovery is responding to the news and hinting he may be back too.

Prime Lorca could have a future in Star Trek

Jason Isaacs played Captain Gabriel Lorca in season one of Discovery and he spoke glowingly about the Strange New Worlds announcement on the Empire Film Podcast:

People loved watching Pike. They loved the retro thrill of it. They loved being on the Enterprise again. They loved Pike and Spock and Anson [Mount] and Ethan [Peck] were great. It felt, given that Picard is very different, and Discovery focuses on the number one and not the captain, it’s a much more traditional sense. That ship, those characters, felt at home.

When it comes to Captain Lorca, there’s a challenge to doing more with the character. Late in the first season of Discovery, it was revealed that he was actually from the Mirror Universe, and then the character was killed off rather thoroughly, via complete disintegration. But was this the end of Lorca’s story?

Mirror Lorca killed in “What’s Past Is Prologue”

On the podcast, when asked if Lorca will follow Pike to his own show, Isaacs hinted he could be back, but not as the same character:

Where is Prime Lorca? Well, I admit that we talk. It’s not like when Mirror Lorca bit the bullet there wasn’t a clamoring for Prime Lorca, but the thing is, it has got to be a great story. Pike is already there! We know what he is like. We have seen him and he’s great. We don’t know who Prime Lorca is. If he is Mirror Lorca’s Frank Spencer-like [wimpish character from a British sitcom] cousin, then nobody wants to spend time with him. He is going to have to be as interesting, as ballsy, and you have to find him a ship and find him a context to bring him into a story. So, we talk. And when and if we come up with something we think is fabulous I will happily go on a starvation diet required to slip into the snakeskin uniform again.

In that reply, Isaacs twice said “we talk,” and presumably he is referring to some kind of discussions with CBS’ head of Star Trek Alex Kurtzman or other Trek producers. The “when and if we come up with something” comment also indicates these discussions may be ongoing. While a full series based on Lorca may not be likely, a miniseries could be, as the idea of limited Star Trek series has been mentioned by CBS in the past. There are other plausible options to bring back Isaacs to play Prime Lorca, including as a guest star on Strange New Worlds or one of the other Star Trek series, or possibly even as the star of  a Short Treks episode.

Isaacs isn’t the only one who’s thought about Lorca’s return, as this tweet from February 2018 indicates:

Bring Back Lorca?

Isaacs is right:  We never saw the Prime Universe’s version of Lorca. After he and his ship, the USS Buran, were pulled into the Mirror Universe, the Mirror Lorca assumed his identity in the Prime Universe. The Buran was destroyed, but that does not mean that Prime Lorca died with it. It is entirely possible that he  survived and could find his way back home to the Prime Universe.

Isaacs garnered a lot of praise from fans for his work on Discovery, so there could be an appetite to see him return. It’s true that Prime Lorca would be an entirely new character, although Mirror Lorca managed to convince Starfleet to give him a new command and temporarily fooled his old girlfriend, Admiral Cornwell—so there are clearly similarities.

Jason Isaacs as Lorca with Jayne Brook as Admiral Cornwell in “Lethe”

Lorca in Star Trek Online

And as some fans are aware, he’s already made a bit of a comeback in the free-to-play MMORPG Star Trek Online’s Rise of Discovery, where players can explore what happened to both Prime Lorca and Prime Landry (Rekha Sharma) before they joined the crew of the U.S.S Discovery.

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Prime Lorca could still be alive… He could show up in Strange New Worlds or his own Short Trek.

Lorca doesn’t deserve his own miniseries just yet. We barely know anything about him other than that his ship, the USS Buran was destroyed in the Mirror Universe.

I’m very interested in learning more about him.

Please don’t! He wasn’t that good and I am glad his character is dead.

Peter that’s your opinion pal. I have mine and and you keep yours. Lorca is a good guy.

He’s a very subtle actor with a lot of range and gravitas. Would love to see him back as Lorca!


Lorca was Awesome. You must not understand Trek.

Or… And hear me out on this… Maybe the poster completely understands Trek but just doesn’t like it when potentially great characters get undercut like Lorca was?

If it’s still going to happen the Section 31 show is the perfect vehicle for introducing Prime Lorca. Given the clandestine nature of the organisation, and the highly classified status of his last known whereabouts this seems the least jarring way of involving the character. Given that the central character from that show is from the Mirror Universe it seems a given that they will go back there. Once Prime Lorca is back in the main timeline they can do what they want with him. Keep him on Section 31, have him guest on SNW or spin him off onto his own project if there’s a genuine demand.

I agree. I’ll be honest, I’ve been less than enthusiastic about the idea of a Pike series. Projects driven by fan service often prove to be anticlimactic. There’s also the issue of narrative constraints because of Pike’s known fate. Hard to put a character who is unkillable in-universe into any narrative peril.

I was thinking for Pike the same thing you suggested for Lorca: bring him back through Sec 31. The excuse could have been that Pike is now one of the few officers who know about Section 31, so it would be a viable explanation for including Pike in some plotlines. Plus it takes the edge off the whole “Pike is unkillable” issue by having other lead characters who aren’t in-universe immortal.
Lorca is an equally good choice for bringing back through Section 31, given the whole mirror universe angle.

I will watch SNW, of course, and I hope it’s good, but I’m not raising my expectations too high just yet.

You can create tension without putting your lead character into mortal peril. Actually, before Discovery it was extremely rare to kill off a main character on Trek. The fact that Pike’s ultimate fate is known is not going to make or break Strange New Worlds as a show. Well, unless the writers can only come up with stories that seem to put Pike into mortal danger and nothing else.

To be honest I’m very enthusiastic about the Pike show because I’ve always been curious about that period that Spock had on the Enterprise before Kirk came onboard. You’re right though, with such high expectations there’s every chance it will prove to be anti climatic.

Hey, you nailed it… that would be the perfect place for Lorca. Battle Hardened captain, doesn’t slunk away from a fight & is willing to stretch the “Prime Directive” in favor of the greater good… GENIUS!

While I’m not begging for it I certainly would like to see Prime Lorca show up too. It doesn’t have to be his own show or anything (although I rather they gave him a show instead of Space Hitler ;)) but yeah with so much Star Trek being produced now I can definitely him show up in Strange New Worlds and yes possibly Section 31. Hell, maybe he somehow traveled to the 24th century after the MU and runs into Picard or Riker! Anything is literally possible in Star Trek.

And yes we could have a Short Trek showing what happened to his character when he was thrown into the mirror universe. So many possibilities these days!

Yeah Tiger2, not begging for it either, but Lorca was an interesting character and Issacs played him well. Will Prime Lorca make a return? Well like you said, anything is possible. The one thing that does seem obvious, Issacs likes being part of the Star Trek family – he’s done multiple Trek appearances and conventions around the world and he seems to get along really well with the cast and crew. One of the things about Discovery, even though it got mixed reviews, most of the cast seem enthusiastically enamored with being part of the franchise. Haha of course to us fans, we think “who wouldn’t die to be part of Star Trek”, but that’s not the same for everyone. For the cast of Discovery, even veteran actors like Michelle Yeoh, Anson Mount and Jason Issacs, they seem to really enjoy the camaraderie.

I’d like to see Lorca again, either Prime or Mirror. At least a Short Trek covering what happened to Prime Lorca would be nice.

In one of the recent novels the last scene was of Prime Lorca being alive in the mirror universe. I wonder why none of these Lorca articles at Trekmovie mention that?

Maybe because no one on Trekmovie has read it yet. I never heard of it until you just mentioned it. Give us the title of the book, maybe someone will look it up now.

It was Star Trek Discovery: Drastic Measures by Dayton Ward.

OK thanks!

It’s a while since I read the novel and the sequence in question had nothing to do with the story. The plot of the book focused on Lorca and Georgiou teaming up to track down Kodos the Executioner. As I recall the novel presented a version of Lorca that had characteristics consistent with the character depicted on screen. I always got the impression that Mr Ward wrote the book based off the character descriptions from the shows bible with the Mirror Universe twist being unknown to him at that point and an epilogue being added once this had been revealed. I’m reluctant to treat anything introduced in the books as canon until it’s confirmed on screen. Whilst closer links between the production and the tie in media have been promoted they’ve already overwritten the events of the first Discovery novel and I’m pretty sure that the back story for Saru that was revealed in the novel focused on his character wasn’t
consistent with what was later shown in Short Treks. That being said there have been elements of the show, particularly with Tilly that have been seeded in the books first. So in short it is intriguing that they did use a novel to show Lorca alive and well in the MU, there’s no doubt this was approved and probably instructed by the production side but until they actually commit to doing anything onscreen with the character again it doesn’t really mean that much.

I’d like to see more of Lorca. He was a really great deviation from the traditional Trek captains, so if the Prime Lorca had the temperament and personality of season 1 Lorca without the evil, I think he would be a great character.

Well said, MikeB.

Yes… He sure started out that way. For a while he was the best part of Discovery. But then, sorry, but the writers and producers decided to kick the audience right in the balls. You thought this was a complex and fascinating character, didn’t you? Well sorry… He’s not. He’s just a one dimensional MU Snidely Whiplash.

Agreed, I was pretty much thinking the same thing, he had a more military style of command but it seemed you knew where you stood with him. I’d like to see the prime version.

Agreed, not every Captain is going to be a Pike or Picard, and if bringing back Prime Lorca can add some edginess, but as you said, “without the evil” – then that could be great. Even though I love the idealism of Pike and Picard and how they are portrayed by Mount and Sir Patrick, seeing Lorca again could be lot of fun for us fans and for Jason Issacs.

Except Lorca would not be anything like his MU counterpart. He would be the opposite. He would be a Kirk or Pike or Picard like captain. He most certainly would not be anything like the morally gray one we were fascinated with in the first few episodes of season 1. That is the nature of the MU. It’s essentially opposite land.

But as pointed out in the article, Mirror Lorca passed convincingly for Prime Lorca. The only thing that troubled Cornwell was that he may have been suffering PTSD and was acting on some of that by his aggressive pursuit of the war and his ignoring commands from the Fleet Staff.

His other [brusque] personality traits did not seem to jar the leadership.

“Mirror Lorca passed convincingly for Prime Lorca. ”

Which also goes against the canon set up in Mirror, Mirror. So I guess the return argument is that the MU encountered in STD was not the same one encountered on TOS.

They’re not really supposed to be opposites but extreme versions of where those characters might have gone given radically different life experiences. The cartoony way the Mirror Universe has always been depicted often gives that impression but if that was really the case then Vulcans would all embrace irrationality and the Klingon Empire would be getting in touch with their inner selves. So from a narrative point of view there is nothing to say that Prime Lorca wouldn’t share many of the same traits. The fact that Isaac’s has always said he’s not interested in playing a typical Starfleet Captain would also make it unlikely that he’d be playing another Pike or Picard.

The humans have been presented as near polar opposites. That was the whole point. It’s a mirror. It’s reversed. We never saw the Klingons in the MU. And from what Spock said Vulcans seem like someone people should fear. “And some of them, are Vulcans.” He said rather ominously.

Anyway, I have no interest in Lorca at this point. His character has been completely neutered. We know the prime version would be pretty boring based on his opposite.

I disagree. Core characteristics cross over. The MU Spock is equally cold and logical, he was just raised in a universe where Starfleet officers get to the top through cunning and assassination.
Prime Lorca could (and I’d argue should) maintain many of the same characteristics we say in MU Lorca, just without the murderousness

Agreed Ghostwriter. Here’s a quote from Robert Hewitt Wolfe that gives some validation to both positions:

“The basic idea was that everyone would be somewhat the opposite of who they were or sometimes a more extreme version of who they were, showing a buried part that might have come out.” Robert Hewitt Wolfe“

Clearly he does highlight “opposites” for some but he also explicitly cites “extreme versions of who they are” for others and we’ve seen plenty of examples backing up the latter approach. Also when they reintroduced the Mirror Universe in Discovery they went on record about wanting it to be a more nuanced and sophisticated interpretation exploring the nature versus nurture debate. Now I don’t want to get into the argument about whether or not they were successful in this but the intent was clear. Now given that the actor had said that he’s got zero interest in playing the stereotypical Starfleet Captain, considering that Secret Hideout clearly strive to differentiate each show and taking into account the fact that it was the Mirror Universe reveal that was unpopular not Isaac’s take on the character it would be very surprising if they introduced Lorca and didn’t keep him edgy.

Here are the problems with that. If they wanted to change the MU then it’s not THE MU from TOS. It is another MU out there somewhere. This is a legitimate take on things.

Next, if Issacs didn’t want to play the stereotypical Star Fleet captain and this was truly THE MU from TOS, then he would not come back if he is true to his word.

I agree the MU reveal was the mistake. But that plays into Issac’s take on the character. He played him that way BECAUSE he was really a two dimensional mustache twirler. Now IF Lorca was the same guy and NOT from the MU, then we had a character with major potential. But making him from the MU is an explanation for why he was the way he was. The two things are indeed linked. Being from the MU undercuts the character completely.

Humans were the mirror images of each other. If Spock is the example, then the Vulcans were still mirrored. But more controlled and even more calculating. The Vulcan reflection was not quite as severe. But the human mirrors… Those were complete opposites. Lorca was human. Therefore…

I would also think that they could work Prime Lorca back in to Discovery, but have to figure out why he wants to go so far into the future. Maybe he needs to contact the Discovery for some reason…:)

Wonder if he is the Captain that Zora is waiting for….


The Section 31 series definitely could use the presence of Prime Lorca, perhaps even as a regular.

I’m still holding out hope that they cancel the whole terrible idea and focus their energy on Season 3 of Discovery and improving Picard.

Season 3 of Discovery is finished already except for some final post production.

I’m still of the opinion that Section 31 is still a show aimed at the foreign market, though it may be in development perguatory at this poiint.It won’t bother me if it happens, but I’d not be suprised if it just fades away, either. Just keep an eye on Michelle Yeoh, if she takes on another project elsewhere that’s a huge tipoff the project has died.

does “the foreign market” mean anywhere outside the USA and Canada? or are you referring more to a specific country, like say China?

Michelle Yeoh is definitely better known outside of North America.

Probably just Hong Kong and perhaps Singapore. She’s pretty well known in the USA, BTW.

And I don’t think that show is “aimed” at a foreign market. I don’t think any of them are. At best the shows are made with foreign markets in mind. But that’s about it.

Maybe they’ll give up that idea and work both Prime Lorca and Evil!Georgiou into guest appearances on the Pike show.

I’ll be delighted to see a mini series or 2 episodes on his return from the Mirror Universe. Would like very much to see a Face Off with Empress Philippa Georgiou Augustus Iaponius Centarius, if she goes back in time. Hope Phillipa, her portrayal improve on Discovery Season 3.

What if he’s the captain in STD Season 3? I mean if he’s presumed dead but actually alive and Starfleet wants him to move on…. maybe like “a Captain” among a trio of Michael and Saru.

I’d like to see Lorca back in the Section 31 show. He would still be in the Mirror Universe and could be fighting for his life on some ship – becoming more Terran with every day/month/year passed. A mirror to Georgio, who has become more reasoned being in the prime universe. The two could meet, Section 31 could be working on tech to retrieve Prime Lorca and the two could be thrust back together to work out their differences… could add some much needed interest in the Section 31 show which could take place mostly in the mirror universe, could introduce some really powerful stuff with Georgio figuring out where she belongs after all she’s gone through in the prime universe… Ash Tyler, Lorca, Georgio and maybe even Lorel

What a terrible idea.

Which one? All of them? Not even a Short Trek?

Nope. What a great idea!

I agree Cody. It would just remind the audience of the worst moment in Trek TV history.

That’s pretty dramatic ML31.

Worst ever?

There are some pretty bad ones and you might be right as this one is still fresh in my mind but I do not recall any greater kick in the balls harder than they one they threw at us regarding Lorca.

Section 31 is a perfect match for Lorca. Maybe he should belong in the Section 31 show. I’m against that but Lorca would change my mind on Section 31.

“After he and his ship, the USS Buran, were pulled into the Mirror Universe, the Mirror Lorca assumed his identity in the Prime Universe.”

Only Mirror Lorca and Prime Lorca switched places, via the ‘beaming up in an ion storm’ schtick. The Buran(s) did not. It was implied that Prime Lorca died when the ISS Buran was destroyed.

of course, the writers could always have him struggling to stay alive in an escape pod that’s running out of power and rations, or something, if they really wanted to.

but absolutely, the part about the ISS Buran being destroyed is reason enough to believe prime Lorca is dead if they never do anything else with him.

as a sidebar, it’s interesting that the ship is still called the Buran in the mirror universe. obviously the name is from the USSR’s space shuttle clone. the MU enterprise opening credits suggest the Terran Empire was already in control by the time of the moon landings, since they were planting their flag instead of the USA’s. perhaps the USA and USSR still existed in some fashion under the Empire. or maybe the moon landing didn’t occur until much later if there were no competing nation states to hurry each other – potentially supported by their wearing an ENT EV suit instead of a 60s spacesuit in the aforementioned credits sequence. though that second one still makes me wonder where the name Buran came from.

Good God NO!!!!!

Prime Lorca would be the just be the opposite of mustache twirling Lorca. Who wants that? Plus it would just be a reminder of how badly they screwed up the Lorca character. He had a TON of potential. Until he didn’t.

Please, Jason… Please stay away from Trek. It’s just a bad reminder.

Almost no one says they screwed up the Lorca character. He’s extremely popular among fans.

You haven’t been here very long, have you? Tons felt sucker punched when they took what appeared to be a fantastic character and turned him into a one dimensional mustache twirling black hat cartoon villain.

Which of course explains why 4 people to your one in this sub-thread disagree with you and would like to the see the character back. WHOOPS!!!

Got gatekeeping?

Well there are three not four here. But just because three people decide to speak up does not discount the general feeling of betrayal that was all over the boards when the reveal happened. That is the epitome of anecdotal evidence. It doesn’t invalidate what I wrote.

You said something about “whoops”?

Yep, I thought so too. Other than the twist to the character I thought he was well liked(even around here). Hell, I think he was easily the best thing about season 1, and indeed those 4 mirror episodes are still the best hours yet produced of Discovery IMO.

Like I said… He was well liked… Until the audience was betrayed. Then he wasn’t liked at all.

I didn’t feel betrayed by the twist. I expected something was up from the very beginning. Something was very ”off” with him.

Yes, something felt wrong. That is what made him so fascinating! We had never seen a morally grey captain before. I would have loved to dive into this guy’s psyche a lot more. But, alas, the self indulgent people who run Discovery couldn’t possibly let the audience enjoy such a nuanced and troubled character. He HAD to be from opposite land. (eyeroll)

By you. Why is it so hard for some people to understand that how they feel about something isn’t necessarily shared by everyone else?

He claims there’s this supposed big groundswell of fans that agrees with him, yet four other fans responded here to counter him, and not one fan has supported him.

(of course now that I’ve said this, just watch as one of the “usual nuTrek is all bad suspects” will show up to back him…lol)

Yes. By me. Individually. I figure that goes without saying. But the fact remains that back when this reveal happened there was a LOT of fans who felt it completely ruined the character. The threads were filled with it. So my comment that a lot of people felt it ruined the character is supported.

I’d be very much be onboard with a section 31 show if Prime Lorca was part of the main cast.

I hate Pike.

For me Anson Mount’s Pike was the best thing about season 2 of Discovery. Hmmm, twice in a row the captains were great, I see a trend…

Fortunately for you Agnieszka, there is a large menu of Trek, current and library, that doesn’t include Pike.

For me, Pike’s presence in Discovery and SNW has filled a gap that’s been there since I first saw The Cage on VHS in the 80s.

I’d rather see what’s going on with Mirror Cornwell, but yes, bring Prime Lorca into the mix too!!!

I’m afraid we are in a post Game of Thrones world were the writers think it’s cool to kill as many characters as possible – I think it is a big mistake.

Lorca was 10X the person/actor/charactor Burnham was. Killing him killed STD. But killing an STD is a good thing, right???

It wasn’t killing Lorca that killed STD. It was the big twist that he was from the MU. It completely undermined what was until then a fascinating character.

The way I see it, if MU Lorca was that complex and fascinating, so would be Prime Lorca.

After all he held the interest of Cornwell, a psychologist and a command flag officer.

Prime Lorca would be no babe in the woods in the MU. Prime Kirk survived for some time in the MU, so why not Prime Lorca.

The biggest plot risk would be for young Spock to gain direct knowledge of the MU, since he didn’t reveal a previous experience in ToS Mirror Mirror.

On the other hand, Prime Spock put Mirror Kirk in the brig immediately and took command, so it’s possible he had classified knowledge about the MU beforehand.

Prime Kirk survived MU for a brief time I suppose, for one episode. Prime Lorca, who knows how many years he was stranded in that evil universe. I don’t want to see another traumatized Dr. Culber. (^_^)

I’m afraid that logic makes no sense. There is nothing fascinating about MU characters. They are just opposites of the ones we know. If the MU version of someone is scheming and conniving then their prime counterpart would be well adjusted and fair. The whole point of the MU is to allow our characters to go a little crazy the other way. So there is no reason to think that Prime Lorca was not in the same mold as Kirk or Picard. Why would that be special?

Spock summarized that it would be easier for a civilized person to get by in an uncivilized environment than the other way around. (except for Lorca it seems). Prime Spock put MU Kirk in the brig because he could tell IMMEDIATELY it was not his Captain. Not because he had previous knowledge of the MU.

So Spock said ML31, but it could be both.

I may watch the episode again and look to see if there are any clues that could be interpreted that way. I don’t recall any off hand. But even if there are it would be another bad creative decision from the Secret Hideout guys.


The Lorca ship has sailed.

You have no idea how much I hope that is the case.

The only thing disturbing about this is, like hackneyed time travel stories, apparently hopping back and forth to the mirror universe seems to be something that is increasingly easy to do.

Gotta get away? Join us on the starcruiser SS Hedonism for a fun filled weekend raping, pillaging and looting the Mirror Universe! After all, what happens in the Mirror Universe stays in the Mirror Universe! SS Hedonism is registry of Ferenginar Travel Services (FTS), all rights reserved. FTS is not responsible for the safety of travelers engaged in authoritarian recreational sports.

They can also always bring back Mirror Lorca on Discovery. Given the way that he died, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is still alive within the mycelial network.

The way Discovery did it pretty much anyone can come back from the dead. Which is why it was such a bad idea. And I want to repeat that I am absolutely stunned that NOT ONE crew member questioned the legitimacy of Culber’s miraculous return. Not one. Everyone just accepted it. Even it it was legit there is no reason it would not get questioned.

Yes, thank you!

Some fans don’t understand that, right from the start, the show was being pulled in different directions. The final product, what we saw on Season 1, is the result of removing the creator, Bryan Fuller, from the very beginning.

I find very unfortunate, all the strong/harsh criticism for the first black women leading a Star Trek show. Sonequa has received a lot, unnecessary negative reviews, blame, for these executive/production dynamics.

I think all the crazy things that happened did not favored her portayal. Same with Michelle Yeoh, she is great, but the producers, writers, and directors, did not pulled it right.

Hope in 10-20 years, I will “re-discover” Discovery, like all the previous shows. I enjoy so much, watching them again with my wife. And soon with my son. So impressed with DS9 right now. So deep, so many characters, the story telling is outstanding.

I guess this is something that happens in all TV shows and movies. Rose from Star Wars is another example. A different example. I liked her character very much, she did great, but my God, why some people got so upset with her? She is seems pretty cool, her acting was superb, and she was amazing defending the Resistance.

100% agreed. executive meddling and inconsistent direction can kill characters just as much as bad acting can. I mean, just look at Tom Hardy in Nemesis! if that was the only thing he’d ever done, people might consider him a total hack actor. and honestly, I think Martin-Green did soooo much better than that! but that’s just an extreme example to illustrate my point.

with Burnham in particular, I also think her acting Vulcan-y is used against her, much as some people STILL do against Tim Russ. people call her acting wooden, even when emotions do somewhat boil to the surface, even when they praise the same from Nimoy. and Russ arguably showed more irritation and sarcasm/humour underneath all that (especially with Neelix involved), not to mention the few episodes where Tuvok gets to have emotions for various reasons and Russ can actually stretch his acting muscles and does great at it.

and then in season 2, when Burnham’s letting herself feel things much more strongly, people are decrying “overacting” instead. and speaking of “overacting”, I still see criticisms of Avery Brooks along those lines, even though he wasn’t hammy or anything, just passionate when the scenes required it. it sure is funny how all three of the actors I mentioned getting flak are black…… nah, probably nothing to that ;)

I think she was amazing when she was showing her true feelings. She was captivating. Being able to read the intensity on her face. You were able to see the magnitude of their adversities. I think she is great. Like Saru. But I can’t wait to see her as the Captain.

The possibilities are rich indeed. I’d love to see Lorca in command again, even if he is only a regular guest star on Strange New Worlds. I imagine rich possibilities of personality conflicts between Lorca and Pike and the variance in their leadership styles. [Lorca could be, if you will, Jellico to Pike’s Picard. And Jellico was a good captain, he got shit done; he was just a different type of leader.]

It would be great to see Lorca in command of another Constitution-class ship. Maybe he and Pike will have to deal separately or together with Section 31 led by Space Hitler I mean Evil Georgiou. If Georgiou returns to “present day” DSC/SNW time, CBSAA can fold the Section 31 show into occasional episodes of SNW.

Ideally I’d love to see him back in command of Discovery, but am not sure how that could happen, unless they’re in a Super Secret arm of Starfleet.

First, I’m not convinced mirror Lorca is truly gone. He could have been absorbed into the mycelial network in some way and make a comeback in a Culber-like way.

Second, I really don’t want to see SNW do anything with the mirror universe, and it would be hard to bring back either mirror or prime Lorca without that. I’d be slightly more OK with S31 doing something with the mirror universe since that seems inevitable anyway given Georgiou’s origin.

Third, whether or not it involves Lorca, I would be thrilled to see CBS do some Trek mini-series. Much like the Short Treks, they would allow CBS to try some new things, and to explore a wider range of characters, contexts, and timeframes, but in a longer (maybe 3 to 5 hours) format.

I couldn’t agree more with every one of those points…

Ask me again after season 3 of Discovery

Unless he’s part of it, the next Star Trek show has to be one revolving around section 31 and all those cool toys they have.

No matter what they do with this guy, they already had the perfect mystery arc for him in Season 1. And I doubt they could have botched it any worse if they’d wanted to.

Was mirror Lorca actually killed? Or did he transfer to the mycelial network before he actually died? He’s actually still moving around as he desolidifies in the midst of ALL of that mycelial energy…

I just watched “The Patriot” for the first time. Jason Isaacs was great as the villain!

That would be an interesting story to tell. Perhaps Pike and the crew of the Enterprise somehow find their way back to the mirrored universe and somehow finds him?


Jason Isaacs definitely needs to come back as captain Lorca for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Isaac’s is one of the most versatile actors in the world today being able to pull off a Providence, Rhode Island accent, an American accent… even though he’s English. He fits the bill for being an extremely tough, battle hardened, put in place at the formation of Star Fleet.

Because S1 Lorca was able to fool the Admiral, there should not be much difference in the Prime Lorca’ personality

We should see how he encounters threats, how he adheres, or doesn’t & stretches “The Prime Directive,” because everything is new… every encounter is new ground, never covered before. He’ll struggle with encounters with the Romulans, Klingons, etc. ready to fight, testing Star Fleet’ willingness to be explorers. Lorca would always be encountering the unknown, decisions that will be right, as well decisions which will be wrong, witch is the way all new governments are formed… one day & one year at a time &trial & error.

Isaacs has the look & temperament to pull off a brand new 7 to 10 year Star Trek franchise that would prove very successful. I do like the season format where you delve into an entire complex storyline over 16 episodes… no stand alone’s… leave the stand alone’s to Short Treks to fill in the season gaps.

Bottom Line: Jason Isaacs was prepared for playing Lorca. Please don’t blow this opportunity.

I would love to see Isaacs at the helm of a mapping, scientific & battle hardened Star Fleet Vessel. It would prove Awesome!