The Picard Facepalm Bust Returns Just In Time To Comment On 2020

There may not be an actual San Diego Comic-Con this year, but we are getting at least one Star Trek SDCC exclusive; we round up the latest news on newly available and released Star Trek products for the week.

Facepalm returns from Icon Heroes

Perhaps emblematic of our times, the Picard Facepalm Bust has returned, this time sized at 8″ from Icon Heroes. Branded as an SDCC Exclusive, the mini-bust paperweight featuring Jean-Luc Picard in one of his iconic moments is larger than the limited edition version that sold out in 2018. The new version has a modified right shoulder sculpt and a painted Star Trek: The Next Generation Starfleet insignia on the base. The SDCC 2020 Picard Facepalm Bust is made of polystone, hand-painted, individually numbered, with a limited run of just 1701 pieces. It also includes a Certificate of Authenticity. You can order it at your local comic shop with the (item code OCT198763) or pre-order it from Entertainment Earth for $79.99.

Office accessories from Icon Heroes

In addition to the Picard bust, Icon Heroes has other ways to Trekify your office space: They’ve just released a Star Trek: Discovery U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031 Saucer Mouse Pad. The soft fabric pad measures 9″ in diameter. It is available to purchase now exclusively at for $15.00.

And while the paperless future of Star Trek has not arrived, Icon Heroes has a way for you to Trekify your paperwork with two new Star Trek paper clip sets, one styled on Star Trek Discovery and one from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Both sets are due in October and include 40 ship-shaped paper clips enclosed in a tin topped with a top styled like a starship saucer. The Discovery set includes clips shaped like the USS Discovery and the USS Shenzhou and can be pre-ordered from Entertainment Earth for $24.99. The TNG set includes clips shaped like the USS Enterprise-D and Starfleet insignia and can be pre-ordered from Entertainment Earth for $24.99.

Bottle stoppers from Factory

Factory Entertainment is releasing some new items to help keep your drinks fresh. First up is a Star Trek: The Original Series USS Enterprise Bottle Stopper. It arrives in October and you can pre-order yours at Entertainment Earth for $19.99

Factory is also releasing a three-pack of stoppers featuring Star Trek: The Original Series emblems. Also arriving in October, you can pre-order the set for $39.99 at Entertainment Earth.

Disco season 3 pins from Fansets

The third season of Star Trek: Discovery isn’t here yet, but that isn’t stopping the folks at Fansets, who already have a new pin featuring Michael Burnham’s new look and new hair for the season. You can buy it now at from $6.95. They also have a new Section 31 Georgiou pin available, also $6.95 at

Celebrate dads and pride at Star Trek shop

The official Star Trek shop has added some new items to celebrate two June events. For Father’s Day, they have Trek-themed “No. 1 Dad,” “Best Dad,” and “Captain Dad” branded mugs, mousepad, tees, and beer glasses. They is even a mug that can be personalized with a photo for $16.95. See for the full Father’s Day 2020 line.

June is also LGBT pride month and the Star Trek shop has a whole range of rainbow-branded items and apparel including backpacks, tote bags, tees, hats, phone cases, and more. This includes a personalized tee for $19.95. Check out all the Star Trek pride items at

Keep up with all the Star Trek merchandise news and reviews at

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The Picard facepalm bust will look great on my desk.

2020 is one facepalm of a year.
Everything is so sad from the coronavirus pandemic to the police brutality against George Floyd and black lives matter protests to name a few.

The paper clips are really artistic.

Don’t forget Trump’s near-war with Iran and the downing of the Ukrainian plan. Ancient history from January!

Uh… OK.

I think the entire Trump administration will be one long face palm. Starting with the very first week of lying about the crowd sizes of his inauguration up to his impeachment. Nearly getting us into a war with Iran was the kick off of 2020 and it’s only gotten worse and worse for him since.

It’s incredible this insane nut is manager of a Denny’s, much less President of a country.

He did get the North-Koreans to deal, he did win the elections, he did renegoitiate the trade deals with Europe and canada, unemployment was lowest ever, economy up higher than ever (until corona) and the chinese were close to buckling just before corona happened… But that’s the things you’ll never see in the media or social platforms. Because if you do, you’re labeled a racist, rightwing, facist, low educated idiot. Meh, i just like Trump because he made politics in America more laughable than the one in my own country.

He got a deal with North Korea? AFAIK the only deal they did is not to test their missiles, they are still building them. ;) And they started testing them AGAIN, recently a few months ago, he’s only claiming they aren’t long range tests, so apparently that’s OK.

Guess what EVERY President has negotiated trade deals lol, that’s low hanging fruit. Unemployment was the lowest ever, but again the idea TRUMP and TRUMP alone did that is where it gets eye rolling. Unemployment was falling before he showed up and he actually said Obama was LYING about the unemployment numbers. Then when he took office he took credit for those same numbers the very next month. This is why this guy is such a joke. He wants to take credit for ALL the good things but then blame all the bad things on everyone else or will just lie about anyone’s else record.

I’m not saying just because someone likes Trump they are racist or low intelligence but at least CALL HIM OUT ON HIS UTTER BS!! And they never do and THAT’S why so many get labled these things. When he says something racist DON’T defend it! When he says something that is CLEARLY a lie, DON’T defend it. And yes when he does something that is utterly unethical DON’T defend that either. And yet so many do over and over again.

And you’re right, he HAS made politics more laughable. He’s turned it into a reality show but sadly reality is more real than ever and this guy is waaay over his head now that real crisis has hit this country.

It’s worth a second Trump term just to see if the resultant lib melt down (examples replete here… in this thread…) will actually go critical and melt the Earth. Just look at the time and energy spent on hate at the mention of his name.

glad we’re in the company of fascists! Let’s applaud your precious president for building his wall — around his White House while he hid in a bunker. He’s an inspiration to us all! *gives Nazi salute*

^^^this is what you sound like

Yeah just like a second Bush term was worth it, right? How did that go? And man on man I can not believe I miss Bush. At least he treated the office with respect and didn’t get into a tedious fight with everyone like he had the maturity level of a fifteen year old.

Actually that’s unfair, most 15 year olds come off way more mature than the 70 year old man-child does.



Not a fan of these “one arm busts”.

Thinking about it Micheal’s hair change is a great Trek tradition. Hair changes always help place an episode in a shows history when you stumble across reruns on tv. “Micheal has the long braids hair, this must be at the very least a season 3 episode”

OMG!! WHy the Picard facepalm? The best facepalm is easily the Sisko one! That’s the one where you see his instinctive reaction is to say something but then realizes the futility of it and just “i don’t even…” resigns himself with the impossible stupidity he can never hope to unstupid ever.

That is a perfect description and captures one of so many reasons that Sisko will always be my favorite Captain!

What’s the point of It says nearest is Memphis TN 3500 km away. The other method doesn’t even list Canada!

Such a bummer that Art Asylum seems to have basically abandoned any further development on Star Trek products the past several years.

The paperclips are sure a awesome idea! Kudos to who thought that up!
Suprised there’s still someone out there releasing Merchandise to Discovery, though.

It can only be a good thing, even though I tend to regard STD as a lost cause at this point…

I’m definitely feeling the paperclips! I think I like to express my fandom in very simple ways… CD soundtracks and the like (outside of saving multiple editions of the feature films on DVD/BluRay just for the variations of cover artwork). Paperclips would do nicely.

I hope that the Pike Series will avoid Partisan political commentary typical of the comments today.

Georgiou looks like Kylo Ren.