Watch Recordings Of Live Virtual Panels With Stars Of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation,’ ‘Discovery,’ And ‘DS9’

Virtual live events are all the rage in fandom for the age of quarantine. We have shared some of these videos as they have become available, including the Star Trek: Voyager reunion, and this week’s Jonathan Frakes charity event. Now more recent Star Trek events are available for online viewing.

Star Trek: Discovery InHouse Con panel

In early May, InHouse Con featured a Star Trek: Discovery event with Doug Jones (Saru), Patrick Kwok-Choon (Lt. Rhys), Raven Dauda (Dr. Pollard), and Hannah Cheesman (Airiam). It was posted online this week, broken into two parts.


Marina Sirtis’ and Brent Spiner’s GalaxyCon panel

In late May, GalaxyCon held a Star Trek: The Next Generation live virtual event with Marina Sirtis (Troi) and Brent Spiner (Data). We reported on some of the highlights, and now the full panel is available online.

Nana Visitor and Alexander Siddig SidCity Social Club

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Dr. Bashir has been hosting his own “Sid City Social Club” live events through his official site.  Earlier this month, his DS9 co-star Nana Visitor joined the chat.

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Fantastic videos. So much interaction with the Trek stars!

Yeah it was fantastic

Ok, so the cases of COVID are rising in NC, and they are anticipating that Phase 3 re-opening will not occur as expected. It can be surmised, then, that there will be issues with GalaxyCon Raleigh 2020 happening. Combine that with the comments made by Marina and Brent in this video that they are taking conventions on a case-by-case basis, it can be further surmised that these two Raleigh convention attendees will not be at the convention (even if it can be held). With that being said, here is a message to the folks behind GalaxyCon: stop dicking around with the supposed “roll over” policy you intend to implement for the 2020 convention tickets. You greedily will not allow refunds, and your response to fans wishing to “roll over” this year’s tickets has been a fiasco. Do you not realize that if hotel reservations aren’t cancelled by a certain time, then the hotel will not allow a refund against the cancellation? You obviously have given no thought to the fans in this situation, and you have blatantly shown you have no respect for us. Your only thoughts have been to your own damn wallets. Get off of your asses and stop delaying the inevitable; provide a refund or proper “roll over” policy for fans wishing to not attend the 2020 Raleigh NC convention.

First, I agree fans should receive a refund. There are most likely several issues going on behind the scenes. Some of the talent get a significant deposit upfront for their appearance fees. The venue may have required a deposit to hold the dates. The organizers, if they have cancellation insurance, may find the insurance company balking at paying the claim as there is most likely a clause in it that may allow them to deny the claim. In fact, future convention events may become “attend at one’s own risk.” I suspect cancellation insurance may become too expensive or not available at all. The organizers may be cash poor and are unable to issue refunds due to this pandemic. I’m a vendor at lots of cons throughout the year. I never travel without proper insurance. I have expensive tickets for a concert that’s been postponed. I’m choosing to wait for rescheduling but I have the insurance should I decide not to attend.
There are a few things one can do when faced with this issue:
Reach out to your credit card company. You may have insurance already in place.
Dispute the charge should you not have any coverage.
Your credit card company will withdraw the $$ from the vendor and issue you a refund (in most cases)
A lot, if not most conventions are done out of love, not profit. A con is lucky to break even in some areas. I’m looking at GalaxyCon’s about page on their website. There are 8 people listed. I suspect it’s done out of love, not profit.
The lesson in all of this?
Have travel insurance FFS….

Maybe your bank can give you a refund. The money goes back to your credit card account. What is travel insurance?

I’m not traveling this year so I’m okay. Don’t want to get myself sick for no reason whatsoever. 2021 is just around the corner anyway. Stay at home is a better and safer alternative.

People should get a refund. I agree with you there.

As the COVID outbreak continues to get worse, I’m trying my best to stay safe. The videos are fantastic by the way.

I moved into my new house recently. The house is amazing. Living in a nice suburban town of Woodbury, Minnesota. Don’t like living downtown. Minneapolis or St. Paul are not the best places to live in Minnesota.

The George Floyd incident has shaken the world to its very core. Black lives matter and police reform is necessary. I can only hope for better days.

Racism is America’s darkest sin. 400 years of pain and anguish coming to light. We must open our eyes to see the truth that is in front of us. All you have to do is wake up and do something for a change.

I know it’s all-Trek all the time here, but in Siddig and Visitor’s case, it’s probably worth mentioning they used to be married and had a child together, too. ;)

Yeah, I didn’t even know they got divorced? When did that happen?


Wow, what a tragedy. That’s sad

He’s discussed some of the context in interviews.

Being in New York as a biracial British/Sudanese Muslim male after 9/11 sounds truly awful.

Thanks to for posting these virtual con videos. Always good to hear TNG stories from Brent and Marina and to catch up to see what is going on with the DS9 folks. I have not seen all of the DS9 episodes and definitely will have to check out The Quickening. Also agree with the opinions on the conventions – I really wanted to check out this year’s STLV, but sadly there is no way I am getting on a crowded plane or going to a crowded indoor convention any time soon. Btw even though he is back home in SoCal, good to see Doug Jones embracing some Toronto/Canadian culture with his Timmies mug and Patrick embracing the Captain Proton heritage haha. Stay healthy and safe everyone!

I really, really hope they will not hold STLV this year. It would be very irresponsible.

This virus is going to be around a long time. Unless they come up with an effective vaccine, I will regretfully be staying at home.

Yeah, I don’t even like getting on the elevator in my building (as management has told us there are cases in the condo high-rise) so I can’t see myself getting on a plane or going to a sporting event anytime soon. With any luck they will have a safe and effective vaccine within the next 6-9 months and then we can return to normal.

If you don’t like taking the elevator your building probably has stairs ;-)

I hope of some of those Discovery actors get bigger roles in the upcoming season. To hear how excited they were in getting the job, only to have such limited roles is kind of sad. I’d love to see an episode around Gen Rhys for example.

I agree.

The short serialized seasons really don’t seem to provide scope for the episodes where minor characters can take starring turns.

It’s really too bad. On another thread many of us pointed out how Heart of Glory was the all around strongest episode in TNG S1. But if every episode needed to centre on Picard or even the triumvirate, Michael Down as Worf would never have had that first opportunity to step forward and become such a popular and prominent character over 2 series.