Review: Movies On Glass Star Trek Alien Races Barware Line Will Have You Drinking Like A Warrior

Movies On Glass just released a new line of premium Star Trek-branded barware. Earlier this year we reviewed their first wave of Star Trek glasses, featuring Starfleet, Quark’s Bar, and Star Trek: Discovery designs. Now they are offering the Alien Races line, and TrekMovie got an early look.

Stemless wine glass set

The Star Trek Alien Races set of four stemless wine glasses features the symbols of the Romulans, Borg, Vulcans, and Klingons. Like all of their products, each glass is individually handcrafted in Reno, Nevada. The alien symbols are reverse-etched on frosted white glasses. The glasses are dishwasher safe and hold 15 ounces each. The set of four is priced at $79.95.

Alien races stemless wine glasses

As someone who can be a little clumsy after a glass or two of wine, I like the stemless glasses because they are not tippy. They have a nice wide base and are not too dainty for even the largest hands. The logos are sharp and crisp, as well as being fully accurate representations of the four alien symbols.

Romulan stemless wine glass

Klingon Bloodwine glass

The Star Trek Klingon Warrior Bloodwine Toasting Glass presents the Klingon Trefoil reverse-etched  on a frosted white glass in a wraparound fashion. Along the sides of the Trefoil the Klingon toast “May your blood scream” (“IwlIj jachjaj” ) is written in Klingon, using the plqaD font first seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Like the Alien Races stemless wineglass set, the Klingon toasting glass is also a dishwasher safe 15-ounce stemless wine glass, suitable for Klingons and their allies everywhere. The Klingon toasting glass is priced at $26.95.

Translation for the bloodwine glass etching

His and hers Klingon set

Star Trek Klingon Warrior His and Hers Bar Set is not etched, but beautifully digitally printed in full color. The set includes a 16-ounce pint glass and a 15-ounce stemless wine glass. Each glass has the full-color Klingon Trefoil surrounded by the quotes (in Klingon plqaD)  “A warrior does not let a friend face danger alone” or “nIteb Qob qaD jup ‘e’ chaw’be’ SuvwI’ and “Klingons forever” or “tlhIngan maH. taHjaj” in plqaD.

His and hers Klingon warriors bar set

These glasses are clear, not frosted, and are also dishwasher safe.  Just like my Quark’s Bar pint glass, this Klingon pint glass holds my morning protein smoothie in style.

The “his” warrior glass is perfect for a smoothie

Each set of his and hers Klingon glasses comes Klingon-English Translation Cards and is priced at $39.95.

Translation for his and hers set (same for both)

Available now with a discount for TrekMovie readers

The Movies On Glass Star Trek line is top quality and while pricey, they are still a good value due to their workmanship. They back this up with a 100% unconditional guarantee so if you don’t agree, you can get a full refund. Collectors will appreciate how Movies On Glass Star Trek products come with a Certificate of Authenticity. This brand new line could make for a fun and classy father’s day gift.

The Movies On Glass Alien Races line is currently available exclusively from Movies On Glass website. They are also offering an exclusive offer for TrekMovie readers. Just head over to Movies on Glass to get FREE shipping and 10% OFF any Star Trek product, using the coupon code TREKMOVIE. This code works for all their Star Trek products, including the Federation and Discovery-branded products we reviewed earlier this year.

Alien Races stemless wine glass set

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Give me something Andorian and I’m in.

The Andorians should be here. Anyway I’m a Klingon warrior.

The Borg drink? Wouldn’t a Cardassian glass be good for kanar? Asking for a friend that’s tired of the same old products coming out over and over and over.

Beat me to it. I’d replace the Vulcans with, I dunno, the Ferengi or the UFP or the First Federation.

Is it just me or does there seem to be a touch of an unreasonable profit margin on 4 glasses that I could get at Target for $9 with any other pop culture logo printed on it.

What a pointless collectible.

Aren’t they all, when you get down to it? When Lincoln Enterprises started selling film clips as 35mm slides, they were, after all, just clips edited oit that had been rescued from the trash.

I’d rather be interested in replicas of props. Like Sisko’s Raktajino cup, a Saurian Brandy bottle, or Sulu’s Excelsior tea cup.

Those coffee cups were very practical.

I’m totally with you.
Sisko’s Raktajino cup, a klingon drinking cup for wine, something like that.