8 Star Trek Movies Coming To IMDb TV, Starting With Free Streaming Premiere Of ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Today

Good news for frugal Trekkies: Eight of the Star Trek feature films are coming to IMDb’s free streaming service, including Star Trek Beyond.

Watch Star Trek movies for free at IMDb TV

IMDb TV, Amazon’s free streaming service, will be the exclusive free streaming home for eight Star Trek feature films. This begins today with three of them, including 2016’s Star Trek Beyond, the latest film in the franchise, which stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Karl Urban. Also available today are Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and Star Trek: First Contact.

Chris Pine as Kirk with Anton Yelchin as Chekov and John Cho as Sulu in Star Trek Beyond

On July 1, IMDb TV will add five more films to the service:  Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Star Trek Generations, and Star Trek: Nemesis.

IMDb TV is a free streaming service in the USA with thousands of premium movies and television shows, but promising half the ads of traditional television.  IMDb TV is available as an app on Fire TV, a free Channel within the Prime Video, and IMDb apps across hundreds of devices and also available on the IMDb website.

Keep up with all the Star Trek streaming and home media news at TrekMovie.com.

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This – of course – is an area limited thing: “This title isn’t available in your location”

So there are still ads. No thank you.

Besides, I have all those films on disc so I don’t need to be concerned with what service currently has the rights to what movie or what series.

It is FREE! Obviously beggars can’t be choosers. And stuff like this is for mostly casual fans. Most hardcore fans will either already own the movies as you do through a disc, digital copy or just watch them on other dedicated streaming sites.

I have AA, Prime and Hulu and between those three I can see all the movies minus the Kelvin ones.

You don’t have Netflix

I do, but oddly there are no Star Trek movies on there, at least not in America.
I don’t think its had one for years at this point. But both Amazon and Hulu has over half and a few they have the same titles like First Contact, TWOK and TUC.

But these movies should have at least one dedicated site you can watch them all in one place like Disney+ has for Star Wars. I imagine some day they will just end up on AA but that could be years away, especially with the Kelvin movies which are probably licensed in a lot of places right now.

Netflix don’t have any of the movies in Europe either. All series except Picard, but no movies.

Wow interesting! It’s really odd how the shows seem to be such a fixture on the streaming sites everywhere, especially here in America where the shows are currently on four sites (AA, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon) and been on them for years now. And they are always together, at least classic Trek, TOS-ENT.

But the movies are more sporadic, never as a whole like having all the TNG movies and seem to come and go.

@Tiger2: This is just a wild guess but CBS may have sold streaming rights to TOS-ENT as a package deal years ago. For more than 10 years this was the whole Star Trek TV franchise.

I don’t know if Paramount didn’t try the same for the movies or if streaming services didn’t bite.

Oh yeah I agree. I think that’s the power of Star Trek too, at least the shows that they are popular enough you can sell it as a package because they know all the shows will get watched. Some more than others obviously but the fanbase itself watches it all since its all connected and all the shows have a fanbase today.

It’s just odd how the movies aren’t done the same way. I mean even if you can’t package all of them since it is a lot of movies it’s odd how you just can’t get all the TOS or TNG movies in one place. There is always a few missing from each series no matter what. It’s very different from other movie series that lands on these sites. I never not seen all the Back to the Future movies together or not all the Indiana Jones movies together and so on. Even Hulu had all the James Bonds movies at one point (and maybe still does) minus the Daniel Craig ones. It’s harder when its newer stuff like the MCU movies (and there are a lot lol) but the TOS and TNG movies are old now and yet they are rarely packaged together and never seem to last long on a streaming site.

In fact two Star Trek films were on AA about two years ago, Nemesis and TUC before they were taken off…and now they’re back.

I hate ads, but I also hate the idea of supporting Amazon, so that makes this service a hard no for me.

You have First Contact listed as both July 1 and currently available.

It’s free but there are ads. No thank you. At least watching Star Trek for free is a nice trade-off.

I would prefer this to be on Netflix. I have Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+. The only free streaming service.

Do we really need IMDB TV?

Not really, there are too much streaming services already

Do we really need free things? Sure.

Who is “we”?
Some people may enjoy a free way to see movies/shows that they don’t own or that are otherwise only available on paid services.

Whether anybody really “needs” IMDB TV or any other streaming service for that matter is a different question. Streaming entertainment is certainly not comparable to food or air to breathe…

I can hear the Dire Straits singing for it now.

“I want my IMDBtv”

Why are you always writing such news in an US-centric perspective? There are over 190 countries in the world, and there is a HUGE Trekkie community outside of the US. But IMDB TV is only available in the US. This is something that you conveniently leave out of your news. It seems that you only think about your own country and don’t even bother about the rest of us. Just like your President.

That really pisses me off!

We cover international events and streaming as well, including mentioning the international releases in our recent SHORT TREKS review. We have had teams cover cons and red carpets in UK, Germany, Australia and elsewhere. We have a couple of UK members on the contributor team as well as people in Canada.

But, TrekMovie is based in the USA. The majority of visitors are from USA. And most of the Star Trek news emerges from the USA.

If there are important news and events from overseas you feel we should share please let us know by sending in tips at trekmovie dot com.

thanks for the feedback

Burke, Trekmovie is an American website. Majority of the contributors lives in America as well. They aren’t doing it to spite you, as said they have other people to cover international news but the overwhelming majority is going to be American based. Especially since Star Trek is an American franchise and probably where most of its audience is concentrated as well, so most of it will come from an American perspective.

Its not a global news site, it’s a fan board at the end of the day. They can only do so much.

funny to think that Beyond poster would’ve had Shatner on it (probably in one of those TMP style admiral uniforms) had they gone with the Orci version.. instead of the white face makeup alien girl :(also Pine probably not in the starlord jacket)