GalaxyCon Lines Up Summer Of Star Trek Virtual Events With Stars Of TOS, TNG, DS9 And Voyager

Traditional conventions may or may not start coming back this year, but virtual events continue to grow. This summer will see more, including six additions from GalaxyCon.

GalaxyCon Star Trek Summer

GalaxyCon has already held a few Star Trek virtual events over the last couple of months and they now increasing their pace with six events planned over the next month. Each Star Trek GalaxyCon Live event includes a free streaming live panel, along with the opportunity to buy group or one-on-one chats with the celebrities. They are also offering signed autographs and personalized video recordings.

The following is their current schedule of Star Trek-related events.

Saturday, June 20th: TNG stars Gates McFadden, LeVar Burton, and Brent Spiner

Thursday, June 25th: Voyager stars Garrett Wang, Tim Russ and Robert Picardo

Saturday, June 27th: DS9 stars Armin Shimerman, Nana Visitor, and Andy Robinson

Sunday, July 5th: Star Trek doctors Gates McFadden, John Billingsley, Alexander Siddig, and Robert Picardo

Thursday, July 9th: Klingon actors J.G. Hertzler and Robert O’Reilly

Saturday, July 11th: Star Trek‘s William Shatner

More upcoming virtual events

GalaxyCon isn’t alone. Coming up on Saturday, June 27th, Star Trek: Discovery stars Anthony Rapp and Mary Chieffo will be joining the Gaaays in Spaaace equality celebration tour. Tickets are purchased with donations to the ACLU, starting at $1.

Last week we reported on the new free Virtual Trek Con, which is lining up stars and behind-the-scenes vets from across the Star Trek franchise. Originally that event was planned for July 22nd to the 27th. However after Comic-Con International announced their Comic-Con@Home virtual event for that same weekend, Virtual Trek Con has moved their event to one week earlier, now July 15-20.

Finally, July’s annual Shore Leave convention in Maryland was canceled but this week they announced Shore Leave 41.5 – The Virtual Experience. The online event takes place July 10-12 and promises fan panels, science presentations and author panels as well as a virtual costume contest.

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Discovery and Picard not in GalaxyCon. At least we get to see the original Star Trek stars there.

I would love to meet William Shatner in person. Patrick Stewart, I would cry if I ever get to see his beautiful face.

I have a significantly autistic brother who loves LeVar Burton and Tim Russ. We’ll be getting recorded videos for him that we’ll give him for his next birthday. Now we just need to get Michael Dorn too.

Not sure if you know, but Lavar Burton has a podcast now where he reads short stories, perhaps your brother would enjoy it!

Would be nice to have the female Klingon characters.

Lursa and B’Etor live are a riot.

Unfortunately, you won’t see that again. Barbara March, who played Lursa, died last year.

Sounds great! Especially love the panel with all the doctors making house calls. ;)

Would be nice if Wilson Cruz and Karl Urban could’ve been there too to represent all the doctors in the franchise!