Limited Edition Line Of Star Trek Watches By Vannen Launches Today

It’s a good time to tell time with Star Trek.

Vannen goes Star Trek

Today Vannen, makers of special edition timepieces inspired by art, music, and pop culture, has released a new line of Star Trek watches. Their first Star Trek Vannen watch features designer/illustrator Tom Whalen’s interpretation of the U.S.S. Enterprise, adapted from art he created for Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary art show.

Vannen Star Trek watches with art designed by Tom Whalen

The new line went on sale this morning. Available in Grey and White versions and limited to only 200 pieces, each watch is $65 and features silkscreen artwork on the straps, dial, and crystal as well as custom Star Trek etchings on the stainless steel back casing and crown.

Vannen Star Trek watch in white

Vannen Star Trek watch in white

Every Vannen watch is individually inspected, assembled and packaged by hand in Los Angeles. As a bonus, random watches will arrive in packaging autographed by Tom Whalen.

Signed Vannen Star Trek watch packages

As this is a limited edition, orders are limited to two watches per household. Tap HERE to order the U.S.S. Enterprise Vannen artist watch by Tom Whalen.

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Oh, come on. Those look ridiculous.

Most of these tchotchkes do.

At $US 65, this is beyond the reach of many 8-10 year olds, but that seems to be the design target.

Let’s just throw “Enterprise” on anything and see if it sells…

I have a much classier Star Trek Watch from back in the 90’s. comment image

Much better!

I had a very similar watch. The face was dark blue and there were three circular lines starting from 12 that ended at 3, 6 and 9.

And still, no Disco Merch other than Tshirts and tea cups, lol.. but the show is a success, lol

Oh, give it up. The show is a success. Anyone with an IQ higher than that of a tennis shoe can see that.

Also, not true. There is the ship model line from Eaglemoss, Disco Funko Pops coming out, etc. etc. etc. Disco-haters will just find any excuse to crap all over it, grounded in reality, or not.

Eaglemoss is making all Star Trek ships, even ships that were in the background, hell, even STO ships.

And Funko props.. lol, one step over tshirts.

That’s a beautiful watch, and Tom Whalen’s art is always great

Thanks, Joe. Glad you like it.