Acting Masterclasses With Jonathan Frakes Or Michael Dorn, And More Star Trek Virtual Events This Week


The new era of virtual events continues this summer, with a number of events just this week.

Wednesday (and next Wednesday): Learn to act like a Star Trek master with Frakes and Dorn

Dramaversity has two live “Masterclass” events that may be of interest to Star Trek fans. Coming up on Wednesday, July 1st will be a one-night only hour-long class with Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Jonathan Frakes. Here is how Dramaversity describes the event:

In this very special LIVE, one-hour virtual Zoom class, Jonathan will share insight and stories from his diverse career spent both in front and behind the camera as an actor, producer and director (as well as voice actor for animation and video games), with class attendees getting to personally ask Jonathan questions.

Tickets cost $39.00. For more information or to get a ticket, visit

And on Wednesday, July 8th they will be doing it again, this time with Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine star Michael Dorn. Dorn took to Twitter to post a video about the seminar.

Tickets are $39.00. For more information or to get a ticket, visit

Wednesday: Have a drink with Star Trek artists

If you are looking for something more relaxing on Wednesday, SciFi Distilled will be holding their latest Cocktails & Nerds streaming event on Facebook with special guest hosts (and veteran Star Trek artists and designers) Denise and Michael Okuda and Doug Drexler. The event kicks off on July 2st at 7 PM eastern on their Facebook page.

Sunday: Wilson Cruz joins GalaxyCon Star Trek doctor panel

Earlier this month, we reported on GalaxyCon’s summer lineup of Star Trek virtual events, which includes one on Sunday, July 5th featuring Star Trek doctors. They have added Wilson Cruz (Star Trek: Discovery’s Dr. Culber) to the panel, who joins Gates McFadden, John Billingsley, Alexander Siddig, and Robert Picardo. The panel is free, and you can also buy one-on-one chats, autographs, and more. For tickets and more, visit

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Dorn? Teaching acting? Didn’t he get his start as an underwear model?

Exactly, rather bottom of the barrel choice for a masterclass…same would go to Frake’s though, certainly a masterclass for directing but not best choice for acting

Dorn has been focused on theatre since Nemesis rather than seeking out “guest star” roles that show up in IMDb listings.

That says a lot about his interest in his craft, and what he might be able to share.

Frakes on the other hand hadn’t acted in decades until Picard, but has a director’s perspective on the craft.

Pretty racist to refer to Dorn in that way. You’d think in 2020 we’d be past such things.
Worf was always my favourite character, due in no small part to Dorn’s brilliant performances over the years.

Why is that racist? Because Dorn has a darker skin color? It’s pretty belittling, yes, but the same would be true for any other actor where one thinks that their acting isn’t particularly good. Also, I disagree, because I like Worf, but still not everything’s racist, even if most people seem to think so these days…

If you had to get an acting masterclass off anyone involved with TNG it can only be Stewart or Spiner as they have a solid body of acting work across various genres. As an actor of 20 years myself I can tell you most actors will take your money and give you a masterclass regardless of the breadth of their work because said actor might be in your favourite show and you’ll buy into the wow factor.
If you want to train and learn from the best, go to the best. I would go to a Frakes masterclass 100% if i wanted to be a director and get a better insight. I would NOT go to a Frakes acting class as his work outside Star Trek speaks for itself.

Don’t be ridiculous. You know Inwas referring to Dornnin 1987. If anything, I was expressing my distaste for “Pretty Boy” leading actor types…something that Dorn, Frakes, and Burton worked long enough to subvert.

I would absolutely take a film direction class from him. The proof is in he plomik soup.

Regardless of what his resume was beforehand, he’s put in some pretty remarkable performances in the years since. Actors come from all walks of life and have all different kinds of experience getting to where they’re at. Considering most acting teachers have a much shorter resume than either Frakes or Dorn, I’d be interested in either actors’ instruction. Plus, they’re both experienced directors, so they have that extra perspective, as well.

It doesn’t matter where he started; Dorn was EXCELLENT as Worf.

So where are these underwear Picts?

Stark trek is a good TV series. Pietov.

YAY!!!! We got Wilson! One of my favorite DSC characters, portrayed by a great actor! After a good second season, let’s hope they, (Kurtsman and crew), don’t screw everything up for season 3.