‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Showrunner Promises Season 3 Is Worth The Wait

CBS All Access will have new Star Trek starting next month with the premiere of Star Trek: Lower Decks, but fans are still waiting for news on the third season premiere of Star Trek: Discovery—and one of the showrunners is offering hope that news may come soon.

Michelle Paradise says Disco S3 is worth the wait

This morning CBS announced three back-to-back Star Trek Universe panels for Comic-Con@Home on July 23rd, one of which will be a cast table read of the second season finale of Star Trek: Discovery, followed by a brief cast Q&A. The panel will include executive producer and co-showrunner Michelle Paradise.

After the Comic-Con panel announcement, Paradise took to Twitter to show she understood that fans are wondering what is up with the third season of Discovery (currently in post-production), saying “our incredible team is working nonstop to bring it to you as soon as possible. It’s taking a bit longer these days, but it’s worth the wait.”

The season two finale of Star Trek: Discovery aired in April 2019. The third season went into production last summer, wrapping up in February shortly before film and television production was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Post-production work on season three has continued remotely, which includes having the musicians record their parts for the score.

The last update on post-production came last month from editor Scott Gamzon, ACE, who said everyone was “working as best and as fast as we can,” but he also noted that working from home “presents numerous challenges that have slowed down our process.”

Just yesterday Gamzon posted a fun tweet about a text he got from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Jonathan Frakes, who directed three episodes for Discovery’s third season, so it appears that Gamzon and the editors are still at work.

The first season of Star Trek: Lower Decks will run from early August through to early October. The official CBS announcement about Lower Decks did state that Discovery was “returning with season three later this year.” It’s likely Discovery’s third season will not overlap with Lower Decks, leaving the possible start date sometime between mid-October and the end of the year.  Hopefully, Discovery showrunners Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise will have more to say about season three during the CBS Universe Comic-Con at Home event on July 23rd.

Star Trek: Discovery executive producers Michelle Paradise, Heather Kadin and Alex Kurtzman at Star Trek Universe panel, San Diego Comic-Con 2019

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I’m not in a hurry to watch Star Trek: Discovery again but hopefully it is well worth the wait.

I think season 3 could be the best season of Star Trek: Discovery yet. The Discovery crew is 900 years in the future from the current timeline. That brings out so many opportunities to explore unique storytelling in the Star Trek universe. They better not miss their shot.

The Star Trek timeline only goes as far into the 25th century since Star Trek: Picard set in the year 2399. 900 years in the future is a pretty big deal. Good luck.

The showrunner should be careful with her words. If season 3 is worse than past seasons, you should take those promises with a grain of salt.

For Discovery, being lost in the future will be akin to Voyager being lost in the Delta Quadrant. In both instances they are far from home and lack the Federation to support them (factually in VOY, seemingly in DIS), which is very cool.

It worked well this way, much better than if it had taken place in the future from the start.

I don’t think so. The VOY characters never had any connections to their roots — what would TOS have been without Sarek and Amanda or Peter Kirk? TNG without Robert Picard, Noonian Soong, Kyle Riker? DS9 without Joseph Sisko? ENT without Erika Hernandez?

VOY realized it had a problem and suddenly began giving us flashback episodes (“Millennium Gate”), dream sequences (B’elanna’s mother, Chakotay’s father) or affected intergalactic conference calls with Owen Paris or Barclay. Stargate Universe did similar things with magic stones. None of these substituted for real relationships.

DISCO may well suffer from the same issues. (The fact they green-lit STRANGE NEW WORLDS is a tactic acknowledgement as much.) If they wanted to do a 1000-years-later series, they should have done it from the get-go.

Doing it from the get-go wouldn’t have been just as a good. Ultimately Star Trek at its core is about exploration, “seeking new life and new civilizations”. I feel that works much better when characters are fishes out of water, like it happened when Voyager ended up in a different quadrant of space and how it’ll happen to the Discovery now that it is in a different era.

If they were native to that time, the discoveries might have been more pedestrian, if they existed at all. For the most part, TOS and TNG spent more time exploring familiar space than they did unfamiliar space, which is why VOY worked since they were exploring entirely unknown space, like the Discovery crew will now explore an entirely different era.

The producers made the right choice in removing Discovery from Pre TOS. It never felt like it belonged in that timeline. Feels more like a ship from the future.

It’s very possible SNW will still feel like a future show if they maintain Discovery’s technology. And, sadly, I think this likely.

“I’m not in a hurry to watch Star Trek: Discovery again…”

“I think season 3 could be the best season of Star Trek: Discovery yet”

LOL — make up you mind — which is it?

Those are not contradictory statements. I, too, am not in any hurry to watch this show. But the new season could be the best so far. The bar, admittedly, is not high.

Hey, I fell in manure again. But this time I didn’t get any on my face!

I can’t be the only one expecting Discovery to be delayed until they reboot CBS All Access.

You are.

You’re not.

That’s definitely a factor, as is the desire to spread out whatever fresh programming they have left, since no one really knows when they’ll be back in production.

Preproduction of Discovery season 4 is rumoured to be starting soon Toronto.

Production of television is already underway in Ontario in other parts of the province that opened earlier, and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has been legally open for a couple of weeks.

It seems as though the slower pace of the virtual writers room and postproduction in the US are really the rate-limiting steps over the next 8 months.

I’m sincerely thinking that, for Strange New Worlds, CBS should choose a firm and team in Toronto or Vancouver for the vfx. Certainly, the capacity is there, and it would be great to get the different look and feel that Kurtzman has promised. Ditto the orchestration. If they’re already engaged a composer she/he/they could relocate for recording.

Good thinking, the further this stuff takes place away from the disaster that is America right now, the better its odds of success

CBS is already benefiting from Canadian and Ontario tax credits by producing Star Trek live-action series (other than Picard) in the GTA.

It would make sense to pay that forward by putting more work into the region, while increasing the pace of post.

“I’m sincerely thinking that, for Strange New Worlds, CBS should choose a firm and team in Toronto or Vancouver for the vfx. Certainly, the capacity is there, and it would be great to get the different look and feel that Kurtzman has promised.”

Great idea, but it seems to me the Colonel has decided that Secret Hideout Trek needs John Eaves for the ships and Russo for the music – always and everywhere! That is most unfortunate, as both may be a breeze to work with from a corporate point of view, but artistically they rarely represent the pinnacle of talent!

Note that Star Trek uses several outside companies who realize the VFX. Pixomondo has facilities in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal (plus LA, Asia and Europe). Crafty Apes VFX has offices in several US cities and Vancouver. Spin VFX is based in Toronto. DNEG also has offices in Montreal and Vancouver (plus LA, London and India). So it is very likely that teams in Canada already work on the VFX for Trek. The overall look is coordinated by Secret Hideout though. The location of the VFX artists doesn’t make much of a difference.

I feel like we have heard all this before… Multiple times…

I don’t fall for it anymore.

Well it is the job of producers to always talk up their next product. They’re not exactly going to say ‘Yeah its ok, not as good as previous seasons or series’. Everything next is always the biggest and most exciting! Its classic marketing.

That’s true but they have made the exact same comments multiple times. And each time much (if not most) of the audience was underwhelmed. They might want to look back at what they said before and be a bit more calculating when truing to keep the interest in the product up.

Yeah, exactly. I’ve been fooled twice out of blind devotion to the franchise. No more.

Well, they are still working on it. They were working on it last time and if you ask them again in a week they will probably still be working on it. So what are they supposed to say that’s different from last time?

I’m not sure. But then, I’m not a professional writer or PR guy. All I know is I am on the receiving end of these PR releases. And I know the bad ones when I hear them.

It would be nice if, at a minimum, they put their money where their mouth is and post a new trailer.

How can it possibly live up to the “it’s worth the wait” hype they keep pushing? It’d have to be the Simpsons season four at this point.

It’ll be worth the wait if the first shot is that ugly ship being blown up the moment it emerges from that spacetime rift, Burnham reunites with the crew on a planet where on which they settle with no technology.

Banner comes up “THE END”. That would be very satisfying.

It’s almost like they didn’t know that we’re ALL spending WAY too much time at home, quarantining during a pandemic, having long ago run out of new shows to watch. It’s almost like they’re not able to follow basic entertainment news, to see the massive views this season of the brilliant Yellowstone is racking up….bc people need what to do. It’s almost as though STD producers have been living in a cave and are unaware of the Coronavirus pandemic that’s taken over the world. RELEASE THE SHOW, YOU CLOSETED CAVE DWELLING SADISTS.

What a ridiculous post. The Discovery producers are very aware of the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s the very reason that season 3 is delayed.

Having this stay at home approach, I hope the producers add more (necessary and important) details into each episode. I know the pace and speed is one of the most important aspects of Discovery. But doing so, they create several plot holes.

I read fans complain about the new (Kurtzman) story telling. With the extra time, I hope they have the time to review and edit those episodes before they launch the upcoming season.

They may not be able change the length of the songs or get the actors to redo the scenes again, but they may have the ability to add more lines to the story, add extra minutes if necessary.

How are they supposed to “add more lines to the story” without getting the actors to redo scenes? This isn’t a written text where you can footnotes with explanations. There is no narration.
They can only use what they shot. They can edit stuff back in that they might have taken out but they can’t add explanations that were never shot. They may be able to get the actors to dub over some dialogue but there’s no way they can add extra minutes of new content to an episode (unless it’s all VFX).

They always shoot more footage than what they include in each episode. Extra scenes, dialogue, etc. Sometimes, due to the lack of time, deadlines, they don’t think it through. The producers assume the audience will understand and many times we don’t.

Deleted scenes could improve the quality of the final product.

Probably. Picard certainly felt incredibly rushed and a number of episodes felt like they needed to be longer. Without a network time slot, there is no argument to my mind why a drama has to be 45 minutes if extra scenes don’t make it feel padded.

It’s about time to really embrace science fiction and fantasy in Star Trek, and take it in new and exciting and thought provoking directions. And not forget it’s supposed to be FUN and an hour of escapism for those watching. Trek at it’s best used to leave you feeling uplifted and more optimistic than when you first switched it on. God knows we need a little optimism and fun right now too….. Grit and ‘realism’ and being super serious all the time have gotten somewhat old, people want to dream again. To paraphrase, lets give the people back their heroes and have a little fun exploring the galaxy again. The imagination is the only limit… Let’s hope S3 acts as the proper beginning of the discovery of Discovery! Make it it’s own thing at last. More location shooting. Less pew pew space battles (yawn). Let’s see some alien civilisations and see what’s out there…

It’s about time to really embrace science fiction and fantasy in Star Trek

…which the franchise has steadily been doing since 1966.

Not recently. Now its all about sadness and darkness and how you can only find the good through amazingly painful personal journies. But sure, if you don’t think its a melodramatic soap wrapped in the trek name, ok.

Once again, I keep on thinking about Schitt’s Creek.

That show became wildly successful by showing a place where acceptance of LGBTQ+ people just was. They didn’t need to show the dark of discrimination and marginalization in order to offer a hopeful alternative.

Basically, Schitt’s Creek had the original Star Trek idea of showing the ideal (women and POC as bridge officers, acceptance of diversity) as just normal.

I really wish that the writers/showrunners, including Goldsman, Chabon and Paradise, could take that on board. They seem to be very rigidly locked in a screenwriting protocol that is off-brand.

I was completely cool with doing one series with this protocol of “have to have the dark to make the light meaningful” as one series in a menu of Trek offerings. Just like I was ok with clunky ship designs on one series. I also accepted that they absolutely needed to try something different to attract a new audience.

However, unless Kurtzman is willing to have different writers/showrunners, or different ship designers etc., with less rigid ideas about “what you have to do” as they put it in interviews, the strategy of a menu of shows will not be viable.

As a separate thought, the lurid melodrama CW-style is a particular Discovery fault.

It’s totally turned off my spouse and one of our kids, especially when it double-down with over-the-top luridness from mid S2 starting from the final scenes of Daedulus Project. But we’re willing to let live if there is a market for that as long as it’s just one show only.

“Now its all about sadness and darkness and how you can only find the good through amazingly painful personal journies.¥

It’s the rebirth of Young Adult Scifi! We should have seen that coming ;)

What’s the status of Section 31? It wasn’t included in this.

I think at this point that is probably gonna come after Strange New Worlds.

Yeah it’s so bizarre isn’t it? There is clearly some issues happening with that show now. I too think SNW has basically replaced it as the next one to get filmed and the show is on the back burner. I’m not saying it won’t happen but it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon now. If they don’t at least acknowledge it at CC more than likely that’s what’s happening with it.

There’s not a panel for SNW either which I guess makes sense given that there’s probably very little concrete information that they can give on either show given the current situation. Of course the main leads for both series along with many of the writers/producers will be there for the Discovery panel so hopefully they’ll throw us a bone. I’ve speculated from before SNW was announced that something was amiss with S31 and that the Pike show would beat it to the screen and I’ve seen nothing that would change my mind. I would imagine that with CBS looking to expand their streaming service into new territories and Star Trek not doing well historically in Asia that they would still like to do a show with Yeoh. However, I have to assume that they’re listening to the fans as well so they’ll be well aware that there’s, and I’m being diplomatic here but let’s just say there’s a lot of apathy from the fanbase regarding Section 31. My guess is that they’ll be looking at how they can possibly repackage this project to make it more appealing to fans and that they’ll probably devote an episode or two of SNW towards achieving that goal.

Yeah I have to agree with all of this. I think they simply saw the writing on the wall with how people online were responding whenever S31 was brought up compared to the huge enthusiasm the idea of a Pike show was greeted. It’s also why although I understand why people don’t like Kurtzman and how DIS and PIC has turned out so far, you can’t say the man isn’t actively listening to the fans. I highly doubt we would have a Picard show (and probably Lower Decks) now if people didn’t moan so much (and I include myself in that moaning ;)) with wanting a post-Nemesis show again and of course all the changes DIS has been getting due to all the complaints with that show.

And my guess is the same thing has happened with S31. I was one of the people who kept saying the show was still coming and I expected it to premiere after season 3 of DIS because despite people denials a show was being made, every month they kept bringing it up in interviews and said the same thing over and over again.

That is until now. We haven’t heard a peep about it since SNW was announced. So clearly something seems to have changed. They haven’t outright cancelled it, at least not yet. But if they don’t even mention the show during CC, a show they been developing before even Picard was announced, then it could even be a goner. That or they really just don’t know the game plan for it now.

Did anyone ever think that existing S31 existing production may be incorporated into a SNW 2 parter – just like Pike was converted to TOS 2 part show. Same as the original Lost In Space debut became future episodes

Actuallly at this point this makes the most sense. I think they might just end up folding the Section 31 show into SNW, either by having Michelle Yeoh as a series regular or a recurring character.

Tyler had an interesting rapport with Pike as well so you could easily bring him back as the ship’s head I’d security.

That would be a terrible thing for SNW. Which means it’s likely that is what Secret Hideout would do…

I could definitely see that happening too Allen. The irony is I use to suggest when I questioned we would ever see a Pike show that they could just incorporate those characters into the Section 31 show and reappear from time to time or even have a recurring story line happening with them. Now the reverse could happen. ;)

Yes we’ve seen this before with the Khan and Starfleet academy projects both of which we’ve seen disappear. Again we have to assume that both of these concepts were targeting specific demographics. Obviously the Academy show would have been targeting teens to under 30’s and they always seem to roll out Khan because of the success of TWOK in terms of pleasing both hardcore fans and mainstream audiences. You have to assume that they still want to release shows aimed at these groups so you have to wonder what they might be cooking up in the background. I guess there’s an argument that both Picard and SNW could be filling the Khan role of keeping long term fans happy whilst bringing in the wider audience but it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re still developing the Academy show.

I had been hoping for an SNW panel too, but the the Discovery table read could be an opportunity for a cast announcement.

Not only will Mount, Romjin and Peck be participating , one could expect some of the Enterprise bridge crew.

I’ve been thinking the same TG47, they did something similar when they announced Picard. Of course it was a different scenario though back then as they were always going to sell out the room. With this event being entirely online you could argue that they’d be better served being more upfront about what they might be including. Obviously they don’t want to spoil their own panel but they could still allude to news about the wider Star Trek Universe being revealed.

I think Michelle Yeoh is in high demand, working in different projects. Also, the plot, if Section 31 is about time travel, they may need to develop other pieces to be included in all the upcoming shows.

Would be great if they include previous agents, visit different time periods. Good opportunity to bring back the first Enterprise, DS9, present time, etc. A great opportunity to bring our favorite characters back to the new show.

Well if she is that much in ‘high demand’ then maybe it’s just not smart creating an entire TV show around her character? Stewart is also in high demand but he knows when he commits to doing a show, like he did with Picard, then that has to become the main priority. TV is a very grueling animal compared to movies.

But I love your idea about including other agents and time periods. I think some people may be burnt out on the time travel stuff, but not me! I think seeing Section 31 first starting in the Enterprise era through DS9 would be fun.

If I had to create a S31 show, I would actually love one starring a young Sloan, maybe 20 years before we saw him on DS9 and see his life and rise in that organization through the years. I think MOST fans would love that much more than the Space Hitler show. For a lot of people, Sloan was S31 until they were expanded on Enterprise, the Kelvin timeline and now Discovery.

I imagine one reason they cannot reveal much about S31 right now is because it might spoil elements of DIS season 3 given that Georgiou is in the same time period as them.

What I would like to know is if L’Rell and Tyler might show up on Strange New Worlds. Tyler could certainly be a regular as chief of security or something.

Again I’m not talking about the show’s story or spoilers, just the production itself. For months they kept saying they will start shooting the show when DIS had finished its season and we have heard zip about it. It’s just weird.

Obviously the Corona virus is an issue, so I don’t expect to shoot now but they don’t even talk about it. Both Discovery (per this article) and Picard has people talking about the delays in production. S31 hasn’t even confirmed there IS a production even happening yet. That’s what most of us are referring to. The sheer lack of ANY progress is telling.

As for your other point I would like to see Tyler on SNW too. I’m not convinced Georgiou will even end up back in the 23rd century and goes to your point why they are not talking about any of the specifics. I kind of hope the show stays there but we can still see S31 on SNW from time to time.

Yes. You are right, Tiger2. Having a younger version of Sloan will be something new and exciting. For Section 31, I really like the idea of connecting with the old characters, since they come from the future, to review or to fix it.

About Yeoh…Kurtzman, Lippoldt, Kim, the producers, and CBS Executives are in love with her. And now they must be very surprised with some of the (very vocal) fans, their negative reaction to her character.

Like you have mentioned below, Section 31 was next after Discovery. They must be figuring it out, how to proceed, how to develop the show. With SNW everything was more fluid and natural, from the very beginning. The cast and their stories were a big hit right after Day 1.

Now having Yeoh already in the franchise, they must be busy going back to the drawing table, thinking how to make this show or how to fix her character.

I have seen few interviews with the producers and they show a big smile when they talk about Michelle and Section 31. She has a great personality, tons of popular movies on her resume, a big name to the franchise, very popular in Asia, great with her martial arts action scenes.

Like I have said before in other posts, I think it was a mistake to kill Prime Philippa Georgiou. She was great. We ended up having this dark and not funny caricature contradiction. I want to see how Saru knowing he is Rib Eye, will deal with her, being so close to him. How will she be defending the Federation?

An Emperor from the Mirror Universe will be hungry to backstab someone and take over Discovery. Loof forward to see Saru now that is fearless, will enjoy seeing him in action throwing some of his (recently discovered) quills.

You could not be more right. Sloan was indeed S31. William Sadler is THE reason why they were compelling at all. Recasting the role with a younger man of equal gravitas seems nigh on impossible to me. I wouldn’t trust Kurtzman and co with my coffee order, nevermind finding someone of Sadler’s level.

But Sloan’s credibility I think was undercut when he allows the Klingons to play him. The only place one might be able to go from there is to see that as a learning experience to the point where he will just assume everyone he works with has no interest in truly working together for common goals. Making him the ultimate cynic.

How often have we heard showrunners inundate us with hype (read BS) about their show? Of course they’ll say that, what else can they say? Listen, this 900 years in the future thing is just another trick to avoid the constraints of keeping within the Star Trek Canon. I’m all for changes and making it modern but these people just go too far with so many things. Some things are changed that don’t need to be changed (aka Klingons…). It’s like they want to put their take on Star Trek. Is this an ego thing? The JJ-verse had to create an alternate future just so they could do whatever they wanted. I actually liked those movies and the new look (mostly) but the point is if you want to do your own thing to the point where it becomes, in some cases, unrecognizable, don’t call it Star Trek. Don’t take fans for idiots and invent some contrived reason to change the future or send them hundreds of years in the future and try to make us believe it’s a brilliant plot point. It’s BS and I’m calling it.

Well put.

I will keep saying this but I truly believe Discovery was just suppose to be a reboot of the franchise in general. But for some reason they didn’t want to call it that because then they were probably afraid they would upset fans who wanted Star Trek in the prime universe and the Kevin Timeline movies was already a soft reboot which got mixed reviews (I personally loved the idea). But it would explain, you know, EVERYTHING if we looked at the show as a reboot and NOT a true prequel to the TOS era which anyone with eyes can clearly see it wasn’t.

Sometimes I know we fans can be very fickle about these things, but in Discovery’s case it’s really the show runners and producers who created the problem because you can’t say with a straight face this is suppose to be in the TOS era but then literally change everything in the TOS era. It just makes no sense. For fans who don’t care, thought the upgrades were a welcome change, GREAT. But for others the fact that this show could literally be thrown in any other century and you probably wouldn’t even notice would upset people who like to see that era of Star Trek represented better.

And that’s where it got them into trouble. After watching a season of Picard, I honestly don’t see how Discovery wouldn’t fit in this era at all? Besides the lack of EH’s and a holodeck everything about DIS would fit in just fine IMO and those shows are literally suppose to be over 150 years apart. But when you look at a show like Enterprise, it clearly does feel like it’s 100 years behind TOS even if the ship does look a little more advanced. TOS feels a century behind TNG and so on. But DIS doesn’t feel or look behind the 24th or 25th century and thanks to the spore drive it has technology that surpasses those as well.

If they simply said it was a reboot they could’ve just made the show as advanced as they wanted, give Spock three siblings, made the Klingons look like werewolves and given them any unifroms they wanted and most would’ve accepted it….in time.

Now they have to throw the show a thousand years into the future to avoid some of the bigger issues.

Valid point, however even calling it a reboot wouldn’t fix everything. A reboot still must allude to a previous version, and as you explained so well, DIS is so different than TOS it can even fit in the TNG era… So one would ask, a reboot of what? And that’s fine, I mean TOS is over 50 years old, but don’t take us for idiots and make DIS a prequel to TOS like it’s a given.

Yeah I know what you mean, maybe some would’ve still thought they went too far in the changes if they did call it a reboot. All I can say for me, it would’ve been easier to accept. i don’t mind changes at all but they still have to be GOOD changes and a lot of it like the Klingons and giving the show a really depressing feel weren’t good IMO. But stuff like the updated technology and even uniforms (although I still think they suck) would’ve been fine. The spore drive would’ve made a lot more sense in a reboot. It doesn’t at all in a pre-TOS timeline.

But I think if they just went the way they did it in season 2 it could’ve worked better. At least the Pike angle of the story. Again clearly they hit the points a lot more in season 2 or no one would be begging for a Pike show today. That shows that they could’ve made DIS a lot more palatable for fans on day one but as I said they wanted Star Trek to feel different than what came before. But as you said it felt too different for fans to the point it became unrecognizable and why they are going to such extremes to change that view now.

A reboot doesn’t need to conform with any previous versions except in the most basic of forms. They can make Kirk an Andorian female in this new reboot if they want, for example.

You nailed it.

This is what happens when people can’t come up with their own intellectual property. They rewrite it, retcon it and then gaslight you into thinking you’re the one who has been clueless.

The 900 year jump is a childish move designed as a big thumb for all the people who held the writers accountable for canon screw ups. Essentially, the ball is being taken home.

The teaser image at the top is a bit perplexing to me. It looks cool and everything, but something about it doesn’t click.

I mean, she’s standing with the flag of what’s left of the Federation, obviously meant to convey the sense that the alliance is a weakened power and needs saving from… something, itself maybe? But she’s standing alone in a patriotic pose, which doesn’t strike me as being true to the spirit of the Federation. They had a flag, sure, but they usually weren’t the proud flag-waving types. And it was usually about people forming alliances, standing together, not unilateralism. Shouldn’t she have others there with her, representing those few stars left on the flag?

Not if she is still the chosen one who can lead them all back into believing in the Federation again.

Ha, I figured someone was going to say that.

Doesn’t exactly take a genuine fortune teller to figure that one out! lol

What’s funny is they DO have another photo of others standing with her! The rest of the characters from the season are also there. It’s in an upcoming Star Trek magazine I think but I seen it shown on Youtube. I think they just haven’t released it publicly yet I guess for some reason.

Edit: I decided to see if I could google the image for you and there is ONE image of it I found that is actually on Memory Alpha. But when I go to the site itself I have no clue where it is lol. It just takes you to the DIS page itself. But oddly I found another photo that is an animated form of the original (for some reason). It’s literally the exact same version of the photo including how they are posing in it:


So there is one for sure. I’m guessing it will be released at some point before the season starts at least.

Interesting. Thanks for posting that.

No worries!

Wow. Thank you for sharing. We can see clearly who is the Captain for Season 3.

I wonder if they will surprise us with a DSC Season 3 trailer?

You bet, they will!

it’s probably time for me to start a rewatch of discovery… i’m totally digging intentional or not (wasn’t fullers original idea this being like AHS?) that each season is a different monster in tone and mission?… i hope that idea continues beyond season 3 assuming the show does. (albeit with the same cast)

1) the klingon mirror universe season (range of emotion but liked a lot)
2) the pike enterprise season (loved beginning to end)
3) the 900 years in the future season (can’t wait)

That arrowhead logo in the three division colors is nice!

As with before the start of Picard I don’t understand why there isn’t a steady stream of visual teases and behind the scenes material coming out digitally on social media to keep audiences engaged and interested – especially at this time! This is simply bad marketing. The extreme mystery box approach is outdated by at least 10 years by now, drop it already folks!

I agree with you, but now that we know all the shows are coming to CC, they may be waiting for that to drop more material and when more people are paying attention.

But it is odd, if you already completed the show SURELY you can show more by now? We got the first trailer last year and they weren’t even halfway finished shooting the season.

I gotta ask – what are they waiting for? When are more people going to pay attention than at this time of returning lockdowns AND lack of any new Trek on the air? Surely once Lower Decks start next month they will take up all the attention. These months of silence since Picard ended strike me as a squandered opportunity (in more than one sense).

Yeah you’re right about that too. Obviously I don’t have an answer why they haven’t even marketed them a little more. Discovery is one thing but how do we STILL not have a trailer for Lower Decks when it premieres less than a month from now? I don’t get it at all? You would think they would show a trailer or SOMETHING the day they announced when it would air. I literally scrolled down that TM article announcing its premiere expecting a trailer was attached, especially given we’ve seen ZERO footage from this thing all this time.

So I’m not disagreeing, I think for whatever reason they want to wait until CC. And they may not show anything there either lol. But you’re right, so many people are still stuck at home. Remind them why they should be subscribing to AA again because we know since Picard subscriptions probably dropped like a stone again. I guess they seem to think everyone is just in the know thanks to the internet and will all sign up again.

“I guess they seem to think everyone is just in the know thanks to the internet and will all sign up again.”

This last point may be key. Since no movies are released in cinemas and productions mostly halted, but running costs still occurring, the economic threat to studios must be both unprecedented and existential. That may force their hand in not spending anything extra on marketing right now. Otoh, as I pointed out, the situation was not much different with Picard season 1, pre-pandemic. Maybe these shows, starting with Discovery, are not the smash hits and cash cows they want us to believe!

I’m renewing my subscription to CBS All Access for Lower Decks. I’m looking forward to that show. I’ll cancel when it concludes (like I did at the end of Picard). If I hear some good things about Discovery season 3, I’ll renew again. But I’m not falling for this dreadful show a third time without evidence that it improves.

You and me both. I will re-up when Lower Decks begins.

Spoiler alert : Kurtzman jumped forward to avoid canon whining and so he can force everyone else to align with his version of events. Oh, and Burnham saves the Federation while going through her perpetual personal sadness journey because of course she does. Just saved everyone $7 a month.

The only good thing about Season 2 of Discovery was Pike and the Enterprise, which is now getting it’s own show (richly deserved). The rest of Discovery is crap and should be flushed down the drain.

I suppose that is what they call “separating the grains from the chaff”, Harry. Keep the strange new grains; as for the chaff: Burn ’em! ;)

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Good one, Vulcan Soul!

One thing that really bothered me about the ending of S2 of Disco is when Mirror Universe Georgia kept being punched repeatedly about the head and face; slammed against the walls, ceilings and floor so much so that it would certainly kill anyone. The scenes of her fighting the bad guy just went on and on, with and without gravity. No human could survive being beaten about like that much less have sarcastic lines just laughing it all off. Even if the character is totally psychotic. I hope the next season has more reality. Brutal bearings like that without consequences are just too much to ignore and still stay with the plot.

Erase TNG and start Trek anew in a totally unexplored universe and this will be the best season of new Trek ever!

Erase your self.

I very blah meh. I won’t pay for CBSAA until Strange New Worlds. I’ll binge 3rd season of Disco then. It’s just that, I’m not really looking forward to the next season of Disco. Watching it is like doing homework as a Star Trek fan. Ugh.

Nothing they’ve done has been particularly worth the wait to date.

Completely no faith, not a shred, not a ounce. Picard was the final nail. Secret Hideout. Get out!

Sadly, that’s why I can’t get excited about Strange New Worlds, despite the cast.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me…anyone know the rule about getting fooled a third time in a row.

I can spoil this for you now, Mary Sue Burnham single handedly saves the Federation.

Didn’t she in season 1 already? In season 2 she saved “all biological life in the galaxy”. It follows then that in season 3 she will save the universe of the past, present and future!

In season 4, she finally saves the audience from the show by safely cancelling herself (also a meaningful contribution to cancel culture!) ;)

Mary Sue Burnham single handedly saves the Federation.”

That is pretty much what I see happening, as well.

maybe disc will be remembered being the show that made the pike-show happen.
what i don’t get: why do we know next to nothing about the othere characters, with the exception of saru, the doctor and stamets? how weak a first and second season of TNG may have been, we already knew a lot of things about all members of the bridge crew. we as viewers felt they have a story together as a group. same in all the other series incl. picard. but not disc., focusing on a hardly likeable main character. i’m out with disc, looking forward to the other series, especially picard s.2 with all its little flaws, picard was quite entertaining and, wow, how right it felt to see stewart, frakes, sirtis, spiner again alongside the new people.

I totally agree with you. I always feel we need more from the crew. We only saw the intention with Airiam (before she got killed) and Owosekun (helping Pike and Burnham on Terralysium). But would be great if the producers/writers give more lines and stories to these amazing characters. For Season 3, I would like to see more of Owosekun, Detmer, Nilsson, Bryce, and Rhys.

Maybe this is OK for the young audience. I guess. But it feels awkward to me having these cool characters with no purpose, only for their face expressions and a line here or there.

“For Season 3, I would like to see more of Owosekun, Detmer, Nilsson, Bryce, and Rhys.”
SURE! i imagine it must be somewhat frustrating for the actors of these characters to be there to only display certain face expressions. detmer for example surely had something to tell, but her figure never got more detail since the pilot. thats sad. there’s so much more in all those characters.

After finishing Season 1, I think they realized what they were doing, and slowly began with these two stories with Airiam and Owosekun.

Totally missed Dr. Pollard, really like her attitude and personality. Hope she, again, has an important role with Dr. Culber. Like Crusher and Ogawa. The Doctor with Kes, Paris, and Seven.

Couldn’t agree more, the characters they’ve explored thus far have mostly sucked, Stamets is an a-hole to most people. The Doc is ok though, Tilly is insufferable and wouldn’t pass any psych exam for military service.

Rhys and Bryce seem to be 2 of the more interesting characters and we know nothing about them.

Sorry Ms. Paradise, I am sure that the update tweet was meant to be genuinely informative, but it came across as (yawn) something that fans have heard at least a couple of times before RE S3. Fortunately, looking forward to the Discovery and other Trek updates at virtual SDCC that is coming up in two weeks – so we should get real substantive info then. Stay safe everyone.

Yes it is gonna be SO worth the wait – every minute we don’t have to endure more Kurtzman garbage is a gift, before he drops another steaming pile all over our beloved franchise.

It’s funny. I still remember reading posts from you before this show started and how excited you were (unless I’m confusing you with someone else). It just proves not everyone who hates the show today only wanted to hate it when it started.

I think at this time Discovery is “spoiled goods” to many people no matter what they do, and the Colonel may be well aware of it, explaining them opting for the most radical of “quasi reboots” of the show, going for the never-done-before far future fallen Federation scenario that may at least pique curiosity of the critics (including yours truly!) That doesnt mean however I have any trust they will handle this scenario deftly. Going so far from canon is its whole own can of worms as we discussed, as it may effectively mean permanently removing themselves from the core of Trek, into the realm of pure fantasy. And they may even feel they have the license to do just that, given that they “extracted” the legacy Trek from season 2 and transplanted it into its own show (SNW)!

I think there is something to that VS. The first two seasons may have damaged this show beyond repair for a lot of fans. To the point where even if the show is merely “meh” people will hate it. And I really don’t want to hear how other shows got better later. Because this is a streaming show it’s an entirely different animal.

The new Star Trek Universe logo looks like a cross between The Motion Picture logo and the current Power Rangers logo. Yet, I do love it so dearly. I am so stoked for new seasons of Discovery and Picard and launches of Lower Decks, Strange New Worlds and Nick Trek.

Can’t wait for Star Trek discovery to start

I’m not exactly missing it. Discovery returning is a season’s worth of “whatever” as far as I’m concerned. I may watch it if I run out of Gunsmoke episodes.