Trekkify Summer With Our Picks For New Star Trek Merch

You probably already know that TeePublic is the place to head to for fun fandom tees, but did you know that they also have a huge range of other merch available? From adult and kids apparel to home goods, there’s a whole host of goodies you could get for you or your fellow Trekkies. We’ve picked out some of our favorite items below.

The designs are licensed and exclusive, made by independent artists, so with each and every purchase you make, you re supporting independent artists from all over the world. Head on over to our TeePublic store to check our swag. Everything is discounted up to 35% off until July 24th.


Check out Uhura Lil Cutie, Boldly, and Enterprise Vintage

And check out the full line of tee shirts here.

Fan art mugs

Check out Make it Sew, Energize, and The Final Frontier

And see the full line of fan art mugs here.

Fan art posters

Check out Enterprise Vintage, Star Trek Vinyl, and Party With Borgs

And check out the full line of wall art here.


Check out Daystrom Institute, Garak’s Tailor Shop, and Section 31

You can see the full line of totes here.

Tank tops

Check out Blue Uhura, Terok Nor, and The Final Frontier

Get a look at the full line of tank tops here.

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Is Tee Public still out of masks?

We’ve found their mugs and t-shirts are good quality, so we’d be interested to try the masks.

And we’re still looking for other furnishings such as duvet covers (as they only have pillow cases).

One of our kids has a very cool borg-cube print duvet and pillow cover set from Think Geek that they picked out a couple of years ago, but Think Geek is out of that business now, so there is nowhere to get something similar that’s new. Perhaps it would be beyond the scope of what Tee Public can produce, but there is definitely a market niche that’s unfulfilled now.

Can’t believe ThinkGeek is out of business. They have so many cool stuff.

Yes, they are out of business sadly.

Their licensed products were good quality in our experience. We also got a chuckle out of their catalogue.

I should clarify that they were rolled into their parent EB Games, but the licensed merchandise available there is really limited.

Don’t typically get Star Trek merch but the shirts and posters are so cool.

I did find the masks once I was in the store, and Tee Public now offers two models: the original not so effective but inexpensive knit one, and a more expensive double layered and pleated woven one with a pocket for a filter.

Couple of problems though: I wasn’t able to find many Trek options with their search took, but worse, I lost the 35% discount on the entire order. There was a 25% promotion anyway, but it would have been nice to have a discount code specific to TrekMovie that we could apply.

I have a lot of masks but a Star Trek mask would be nice with my fashion style.

Tee Public’s website stole my money – I think the payment system is broken. Stay away!

Please do not promote TeePublic. You’re doing a grave disservice to your readers, as the company has had many complaints from people who have purchased items but have never received either their merchandise or their money back.

Thanks for posting about this Rios.

I’d had an order for a mug that I put in just before the lockdowns in March that never finished processing or shipped. However, that happened with a lot of vendors and I wasn’t charged in the end.

I’ve already put an order in now, and hope that TrekMovie follows up with them on this issue.

I’m sincerely wondering whether I should cancel/reverse the purchase.

I don’t think this is a supply chain issue. The site charged my card but failed to give me a purchase confirmation on screen or via email. Feels fraudulent. I’ll have to reach out to my bank to reverse the charges since there’s no record on their side.

I want to get a Star Trek mask. Need a Star Trek mask to stay safe and look cool.

Please wear a mask because masks save lives. Science doesn’t lie and don’t listen to the deniers of science on the COVID-19 virus. Your life depends on it.

Girl, I ordered the ‘Boldly’ tee. A really beautiful design! When are you folks going to review the new Cushman volumes covering the Phase 2 series and TMP?

Glad to see the Nu-Trek/Discovery merchandise is selling well. Oh wait.

Welcome, troll.

Except I speak the truth. Difference.
I’m also unpaid to reference our other thread.

Do you have any facts / figures to back up your snark?

I tried posting a link yesterday, but it got banned. The information is out there if you Google companies paying for social media/internet hype in order to skew demographic numbers.