Pluto TV Running Star Trek Movie Marathon On Saturday, TrekMovie Will Be Live Tweeting

Earlier this month Pluto TV launched a dedicated Star Trek channel, starting with reruns of Star Trek: The Generation. They also have a selection of Star Trek movies and tomorrow they will be running a marathon of five of them, and the TrekMovie team is joining in.

Watch Star Trek movies on Pluto TV with TrekMovie

Pluto TV is ViacomCBS’ free ad-supported streaming service and they are showing their corporate synergy with the launch of the new Star Trek channel. On Saturday they will be running a special Star Trek movie marathon featuring five movies spanning all three of the franchise’s feature film eras. The marathon is on Pluto TV in the USA and starts at noon ET (9:00 am PT).

Pluto TV Saturday, July 25 movie marathon times (Eastern Time)

Noon: Star Trek: The Motion Picture
2:45 pm: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
5:00 pm: Star Trek: Insurrection
7:00 pm: Star Trek: Nemesis
9:30 pm: Star Trek Beyond

You can tune into Pluto TV for free, no log-in required, at Pluto TV is also available on mobile Android and iOS devices, as well as streaming devices such as Android TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 4, Roku, and others.

The Star Trek channel is Channel 110, and it is found under the “Entertainment” tab in the Pluto Guide. Is also currently at the top in the “Featured” section.

Look for Channel 110 in the Pluto TV Guide

TrekMovie live-tweeting and giveaways

Pluto has invited the TrekMovie team to join in on their movie marathon. We will be watching and live-tweeting all Saturday afternoon and evening for all five films. Participating in the event will be myself along with fellow editors Kayla Iacovino, Brian Drew, and Laurie Ulster. We will all be tweeting via @TrekMovie on Twitter. We will be using the hashtag #StarTrekOnPlutoTV. Fans are also invited to join in and use that same hashtag. Both Pluto TV and TrekMovie will be retweeting some of our favorite fan tweets using that hashtag.

The live-tweeting will include one trivia question during each movie. For fans in the USA, if you reply back to @trekmovie with the correct answer you will have a chance to win some free Pluto swag. Prizes will vary but will include hats, water bottles, and things of that sort of thing. You will also have the satisfaction of being right about Star Trek on the Internet, something of value to all fans.

So please join us on Twitter and Pluto TV on Saturday as we travel from 1979 to 2016 through the Star Trek movies!

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Well that’s about the weirdest crop of Trek films to marathon.

most likely the only ones avail rights wise

Those movies weren’t Star Trek’s finest hours, to be sure, but they all had their moments. Personally, I think out of all of them, ST: V took the worst, undeserved critical beating. It wasn’t Shakespeare and the SFX budget should have been doubled, but overall it was a fun watch. (Tags and taxes may apply, your mileage may vary.)

v is absolutely awful but i actually enjoy watching it… i love cheezy movies and that one has it for sure. they did screenings here a few years ago for the 50th anniversary. showed all the films… except 5 lol… and they had great panels including dc fontana who was amazing. she had such good stories and memories of those times. but lots of people were saying they would have come to see V…

LOL I enjoy watching TFF too. It’s highly entertaining and fun. I still remember when I first watched it (and I was still a kid at the time) but I honestly thought it was the best Trek film up to that point! Yes, my views have changed on that lol but I still think it’s a fun film even it its still pretty bad.


pluto is pretty sweet… all free and with trek they do commercial breaks in the correct spot. they’ve been runnnimg season 1 only the week… saw the same eps days in a row… finally last night got a season 2… so not sure how they are running the eps… but it’s free trek… i mean what’s to complain about?

At least it’s free. No sign in or credit card required. Every streaming service from Netflix to HBO should be free.

I’d rather have the option to pay a subscription than have an ad supported service.

I pay a subscription to avoid ads. I’m just in fatigue. Streaming is the new cable. Too many streaming services to choose from. Make it free for all.

How could they do that Faze Ninja? These companies are businesses, they invest huge amounts of money into producing original content and purchasing a library of established entertainment and they need to be profitable. Therefore in order to make it ‘free’ they would need to replace the income of subscription fees with another revenue stream. That would pretty much mean an ad supported model and Tiger2 is not wrong, doing just that would realistically reduce their output significantly and result in less quantity/qualify. In economics there is no such thing as ‘free’, everything has a cost.

Exactly. Just a bizarre viewpoint…makes no sense???

Make up your mind. You pay to avoid ads, but insist it be free anyway? Would the government then pay for Star Trek productions???


Faze Ninja, that’s just not realistic because no way could these sites afford to make the shows and movies they do if they were free. Netflix makes movies that cost just as much as any studio does in the cinema and you are still paying a MUCH lower rate to watch it versus going to see it in a theater.

Most of the ad sites can’t afford to make movies or shows as the others because ad revenue is still much lower than it is on traditional networks. Maybe that will change in time but for now the only way something like Netflix is able to offer so many new shows and films on a monthly basis is because it relies on subscriptions. HBO has always relied on subscriptions as well and why we get the quality shows we do on that channel.

Ask the people who make the content shown on those services whether they think they should be free. People who pour their whole lives into making things like Star Trek or Marvel movies or Breaking Bad or lousy housewives shows or whatever. See how that goes over with them.


To be fair I think he is just saying have them ad based so they WILL make money but clearly not at the level subscription services do and why we get the amount of shows and films now.

If AA was purely ad based I highly highly doubt we would have six Star Trek shows being produced right now.

I have no issue with any service having an ad-based tier that makes it free, but the way Netflix and HBO et al spend on product, I can’t imagine they could feature all their content at that level.

There’s potentially a market to be tapped into there, those that would go to a torrent site and a percentage of the customers that password share for example. However, they would almost certainly haemorrhage paying customers from the lowest subscription package so I think you’re correct when you say there’d need to be some limitation of service. It’s a tough one really because if you omit the most popular shows then you don’t really incentivise those that watch content illegally to break their habit. Realistically it might mean lowering the resolution on the ad supported tier and combining that with a reduction the number of simultaneous screens and/or limiting password sharing to the same household. Even this would be problematic as aside from it upsetting subscribers there will be a significant number of customers that only pay for the higher package because of the increased number of simultaneous screens.

I guess there’s a reason that a highly profitable multinational company like Netflix hasn’t dabbled with a ad supported option. I could certainly see them revisiting this though if certain conditions made the market more favourable in the future. I’m thinking things like tougher regulation on pirating for end users and increased adoptions of 4 and 8k technology.

Yeah. And food, goods and services should also be free. We should all work for free, too. Nothing should cost anything.

LOL. Yep

that’s impossible… you would have no new product then… the only reason they can make these new trek shows is through subscriptions and the hopes of future subscriptions… people have no issues paying 15 dollars for a movie now and then… these services are pretty cheap considering… shudder is one of my faves…

Yea, the actors, the studios, the writers, the producers, the set staff, the production staff — they should all work for free so we don’t have to pay anything for it.


This channel is horrible! They’ve only been showing the worst episodes of TNG (first 2 seasons) and 4 of those 5 movies. Oooo… add Star Trek Beyond to the rotation…. that’ll fix it!

The worst part is, they keep showing them in the original production (incorrect) order, so every time Tasha Yar dies, she magically comes back alive in the next hour!

Seriously, who is this channel for? Certainly not the hardcores. I guess the casual fans might enjoy it for a little while, but they would turn it off as soon as they see “Code of Honor” for the 8th time this week!

Amen, brother. Since my wife and I cut the cable, we’ve kitted out the whole house with Roku or Amazon devices, and I have a browser folder full of streaming services on my PC. Pluto TV is one. We’re never for lack of something new and/or interesting to binge on. The only downside is, I think we’ve become a little too sedentary because of it. *chuckle*

Any way to get around the commercials? I’m wondering if there is a way to DVR a streaming service…

I just pulled up Star Trek: Insurrection on Pluto. It’s not in the original aspect ratio of 2.39 : 1. The image is cropped. I loathe when companies do this; for example, Starz, who crops most of their scope titles. A cropped ST: The Motion Picture sounds particularly dreadful. On the plus side, Pluto does have Necessary Roughness starring Scott Bakula, Hector Elizondo, Robert Loggia, Harley Jane Kozak, Larry Miller, Sinbad, Jason Bateman, Kathy Ireland, Rob Schneider, and Fred Thompson.

Why is it cropped?

So that it fits the tv screen without black bars.

The aspect ratio is improper.

HBO is better than Starz but I like American Gods.

The worst thing I have seen is there are some networks when they show programs from before HD days, they warp the image so it will fit 16X9. Everyone looks short and squat. It’s TERRIBLE!!! Just show it in the original aspect ratio. If the viewer really wants to warp the image they have controls on their TV to do it.

Yeah, awful. There’s also the practice of cropping and zooming 4:3-ish programming to fit to 16×9 TVs. I checked in on the Trek marathon and saw that Nemesis was not cropped. For the most part, HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Prime are correct original formats- Starz is a big offender, and of course, basic cable is a big offender- what is the channel, TNT or TBS that is always showing cropped Star Wars movies. Makes me quiver with suppressed rage.

I took a gander at Peacock. Scope title Reservoir Dogs was in the correct aspect ratio.

It’s one of the reasons I will NEVER watch a movie on a commercial driven network. More often than not those are the ones who will butcher the film. The sad part is I think there are a lot of people who don’t even notice. My brother-in-law didn’t notice when I was at his place back in the early days of HD. We were watching a game but his new HD TV was not set up right. I pleaded with him to fix his aspect ratio and he refused as he saw nothing wrong. And my folks couldn’t tell either.

CBS All Access should get a Star Trek channel.

They do…it’s called CBS All Access. ;)

Just stop… I mean a proper Star Trek hub on CBS All Access. A section on the app where Star Trek stuff is neatly organized.

And they do. They have a link just for the Star Trek shows. If you look for it in the phone app, it’s under the search key and is named Star Trek. It’s the only property on there that has it’s own independent link in fact and not just listed under a broad label like all the other shows. It doesn’t include the movies yet but I’m hoping they will in time. My guess they aren’t since they aren’t a permanent addition to AA like the shows are.

On the desktop CBSAA, Star Trek is actually listed as a category under “Shows” and has everything organized as Ninja asked for (except for the movies which are listed under the Movies menu).

Yeah that’s the same on my Roku TV app as well and when I first noticed it. I guess he just missed it, but it’s been there awhile.

My favourite ever Star Trek movie moment is in TMP.

It’s when the Klingons first intercept V’ger. Just before the Klingons fire the first torpedo, the Klingon commander raises his hand and says “Ish….” (presumably Klingon for ‘steady’?), and then lets-loose a torpedo.

What a wonderful line…

Well there’s one good movie in the set.

It aint one of the TNG offerings, Shatner’s movie or Justin Lin’s installment.

It can’t be TMP either. That movie bores me to tears lol. In fact it’s the movie I’ve seen the least out of all of them, only twice. I thought Nemesis sucked and I’ve seen that at least seven times now. ;)

Oddly enough I think Beyond is probably the second least film I’ve seen, about three times, but it is the newest.

Unfortunately I already eliminated all the others. Even by my post-2009 reckoning literally every other picture featured is bottom of the barrel (only one that’s missing is Generations).

Admittedly I’ve never plotted where the two Kelvin sequels drop (consequently I’m still working with an 11-picture list that puts ST09 at 3rd place). But fairly positive both of them fall under TMP.

If First Contact or TSFS were added, maybe there would be a contest. Although I’m now fairly certain TMP’s a better movie than TSFS, which would seem to put FC on shaky ground as well.

Let’s go up two more. The Undiscovered Country and the 2009 movie. ST09 comes in slightly above TUC just because the latter, however great, is still a rather clunky film. But now I’m fairly certain TMP is preferable to ST09.

That leaves only two ST features that are “definitely” better than TMP. And there’s one thing all three movies have in common:

They all get better each time you watch them.

OK, I just think TMP is really boring personally but everyone has their own opinions on these things of course. I tried to watch it again a few years ago, I don’t think I got halfway through it before I switched to something else. It’s one of the reasons its on the bottom of the list for me.

The funny thing is ALL the others I can easily watch over and over even if I’m not a huge fan of them story wise, but they are all pretty entertaining (although INS and Beyond is on the slower side). Out of the Kelvin movies STID is actually the one I seen the most even though I can admit it’s bad in a lot of places and the worst out of the three, but man I’m never bored lol. But yes I know just saying that is not going to win me any points around here. ;)

Well there’s certainly something to be said for a movie being able to hold your interest. I eventually decided Beyond doesn’t get to be a better film than Into Darkness just because it pretends to make more sense (maybe it did make more sense, I couldn’t really tell). Both Beyond and Insurrection are the low-energy installments of their respective film franchises (next to Generations, which like Beyond loses its momentum and never gets it back).

By that reckoning, I suppose TMP is their low-energy counterpart from the classic film franchise. But a film’s momentum can’t be the whole story either, if most of us agree that ST09 is not the greatest ST film. There are parts of The Undiscovered Country (my favorite ST for a good several years) that also have considerable pacing issues.

I will say Fathom Events’ screening of TMP had one the chillest audiences of any Trek screening I’ve been to, right up with their 2007 presentation of The Menagerie. Soon as I left the movie I called up Galaxy Theaters and cancelled my Return of the King ticket -even though I’d caught both prior LOTR installments twice in the prior weeks- just to go back in again. People knew what they were seeing and they loved it.

This dude has the most off-kilter view I’ve seen for the ST films… consequently his reviews are the most refreshing I’ve read in decades (he reviewed each movie in full counting down to Beyond; this article ranking the films he released just before his final review of that film). Looks like screencaps for these reviews have finally been restored. I wouldn’t normally think of Nemesis as being up at 5th place (31 would love this list… no actually he’d hate it).

For the record, I do very much like the overall theme of TMP (No “bad guy” in that one by they way). But it does drag once they get inside V’Ger. Those lengthy flyovers were impressive the first time but on repeated viewings they are just tiresome. Those sequences grind the movie to a screeching halt. Sometimes when I do my rewatch I end up FF through much of those shots, I’m somewhat embarrassed to say.

Weird selection… Nemsis and Beyond are the best of the bunch. Not that I’m tuning in for this. And I suspect most Trek fans likely own the movies and can watch them whenever they want anyway…

Wow just hit me looking at this article again but Star Trek Beyond came out four years ago around this week. Man, where does the time go????

And sadly four years LATER and still not an official word for a new movie. To put that in perspective, they announced the first Kelvin film 3 and a half years after Nemesis premiered. Whoever thought it would be this long just to even get a greenlight of a film, much less wait so long to see one.

I’m assuming that Pluto in the US is a bit more upmarket than the drivel it shows in the UK