‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Will Debut In October

CBS All Access has finally set a date for the return of Star Trek: Discovery.

Get ready to Disco in October

This morning, CBS announced that season three of Star Trek: Discovery debuts on the streaming service Thursday, October 15th. The 13-episode season will be available on-demand weekly on Thursdays on All Access, with the season finale dropping on January 7, 2021.

In March, as Star Trek: Picard ended its first season, CBS All Access promised that the third season of Star Trek: Discovery was “coming soon.” Production on Discovery season three wrapped in February, with post-production work being done remotely, which presented the team with some new challenges.

The October 15 start date for Discovery is exactly one week after the 10-episode first season of the new animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks wraps up. This means fans will have 23 consecutive weeks of new Star Trek on CBS All Access starting on August 6th when Lower Decks debuts.

CBS also released a new teaser animation to promote the date.

Here is how the official announcement describes Discovery season three:

After following Commander Burnham into the wormhole in the second season finale, season three of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY finds the U.S.S. Discovery crew landing into an unknown future far from the home they once knew. Now living in a time filled with uncertainty, the U.S.S. Discovery crew, along with the help of some new friends, must work together to restore hope to the Federation.

When the second season of Discovery wrapped up in April 2019 we saw Commander Burnham and the USS Discovery separately travel through that wormhole into the 32nd century. This puts season three beyond all known Star Trek canon.

The returning cast for season three includes Sonequa Martin-Green (Commander Michael Burnham), Doug Jones (Commander Saru), Anthony Rapp (Lt. Commander Paul Stamets), Mary Wiseman (Ensign Sylvia Tilly), Wilson Cruz (Dr. Hugh Culber), and Michelle Yeoh (Philippa Georgiou).

Season 3 promotional image with Anthony Rapp as Stamets, Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou, Mary Wiseman as Tilly, and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Joining Discovery for season three is Supergirl actor David Ajala as Cleveland “Book” Booker.

Season 3 promotional image with David Ajala as Book and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. In Canada, Discovery airs on CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave. It is also available internationally in 188 countries on Netflix. When season three release dates outside the USA are confirmed TrekMovie will provide an update, so stay tuned.

CANADA UPDATE: Bell has confirmed Discovery season 3 will debut on CTV Sci-Fi on October 15.

And even more Star Trek to come in 2021, and beyond

After Discovery’s third season wraps up in January there will still be more Star Trek to look forward to. At the Star Trek Universe panel at Comic-Con@Home last week it was confirmed the new Nickelodeon CG-animated show Star Trek: Prodigy will debut in 2021.

A second season of Star Trek: Picard has also been ordered and should go into production as soon as logistics for shooting can be worked out, with the last estimate being this fall. CBS has also announced the new series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, starring Anson Mount (Capt. Pike), Ethan Peck (Spock), and Rebecca Romijn (Number One). At the Star Trek Universe panel last week it was revealed that writing on Strange New Worlds show has started, with stories for the first season already mapped out. Work on the second season of Lower Decks is also already underway. In addition, CBS has a Section 31-based series starring Michelle Yeoh in development.

And then there could also be a fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery, which hasn’t officially been announced, yet.

ICYMI: Discovery Season 3 NYCC 2019 Trailer

A trailer for the third season of Star Trek: Discovery was released last October at New York Comic-Con.


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October 15th is my birthday, so I am taking that as a sign that Season 3 will actually be good (unlike most of Season 2). Here’s hoping!

Still wondering why they didn’t announce this last Thursday during comic con.

They get an extra day of news coverage this way :-)

The lack of new content for SDCC suggests that ViacomCBS communications execs didn’t see that the remote convention was a great opportunity to get signing media impact.

They used SDCC to continue to promote Lower Decks and build towards next week’s premiere, but that’s it.

This announcement for Discovery puts something else Trek in the window for this week’s news cycle as they build up to August 6th.

To be fair Kurtzman said they were already well underway with SNW when last years Comic-Con come around but they still held back the announcement.

I would also add that Star Trek’s Comic-Con event was mostly pre-recorded. Depending on when it was filmed, ViacomCBS may not have been certain that October 15th would be the actual release date.


I can’t wait!!!

Am avidly looking forward to Season 3. Unlike Seasons 1 & 2, the show at that time was not burdened by major shakeups in the producer and writer staffs, and consequently should be more coherent and even in tone than the previous seasons, which, like the early days of NextGen, were battling multiple conflicting visions of what the show should be.

Considering Sonequa Martin-Green’s current pregnancy, I would expect CBS Paramount to delay shooting any Michael Burnham scenes for Season 4 until after she recuperates, so I would be surprised if Season 4 goes into production earlier than April or May 2021.

Season 4 has been confirmed?

No. But at this point I think the odds of them getting a 4th season are 50-50. I have no more special insight into this than anyone else. Just how I see it from the outside.

Season 4 is a done deal.

Season 4 is not confirmed yet.

It hasn’t been confirmed officially, but Ketwolski has been doing some digging and found industry listings for “Green Harvest Season 4”, Green Harvest being the code name for Star Trek Discovery.
It is however also possible that this is referring to Strange New Worlds.
I’ve speculated that they’ll likely be sharing a good amount of sets, with redresses, and having one show in production while the other is in post production, alternating back and forth CBS could make the most out of the stage space they have in Toronto.

Green Harvest season 4 has been on the reopening preproduction rumour listings for the Toronto guilds for more than a month.

These lists are all waiting on Toronto to get stage 3 reopening so that production can start there. Location shooting in Eastern and Northern Ontario is underway already for some shows.

Now rumour is just that, but clearly the guilds believe some kind of Trek preproduction work is imminent.

I’m not sure what the terms are for the tax credits CBS has with the province of Ontario, but I don’t think that they can avoid working on something for the rest of the tax year.

More than that, CBS has Pinewood Toronto Studios booked for Discovery, and have basically said that they have space set aside for a Trek live-action series at the new CBS Studios Mississauga that opened last fall.

(Space at Pinewood has been tight although there was new construction last year. CBS Studios’ own space in Mississauga west of Toronto was hinted at for S31 or SNW and some of the Discovery cast came out for the ribbon cutting. It’s not obvious how they are planning to share the space and sets.)

Toronto reported 5 new Covid cases today, although the surrounding public health regions of York and Peel were higher. As well, the Minister of Education is increasing the number of kids permitted in daycares across the province. So, people are expecting Toronto to go to stage 3 within the week.

My only real questions are
– which live-action series will have scripts ready first, and
– are the actors and directors not currently located in Canada prepared to deal with the very strict 14-day quarantine and stay in Canada until the season’s shooting is complete?

I’m actually wondering whether California’s early success in managing Covid led SH to focus too much of the writing on Picard S2, and now that Ontario’s doing better they are once again behind on getting scripts done for Toronto production.

It was reported at the beginning of season two that discovery had been renewed up to season 5. Although constantly criticized Discovery does extremely well for CBS.

Good point Qwerky.

I remember that announcement, and a confirmation this past winter.

Some folks just keep wanting to spin another narrative. I’m just glad that Discovery will continue to have a chance to tell its own story.

Discovery doesn’t really have a story, though.

But it can. I mean next season is taking the show in a whole new direction so I imagine if they stay in the 32nd century they are going to build out a story there for future seasons.

What is the red angel? Where is the red angel? That was the story.

I think he/she mean something that revolves around the entire show like Voyager trying to get home or DS9 dealing with the Cardassians/Dominion, etc.

Of course TOS/TNG didn’t have a ‘story’ either outside of just being starships who basically went to random places every week. But the TV medium is very different today.

Think you could put a link to that 5 season announcement?

No such announcement on a renewal was made. It would have been discussed extensively on this site and elsewhere.

Good point about SMG’s pregnancy impacting the production timeline, especially with Covid.

However, given the timing of her announcement of the pregnancy it sounds as though her child may be born in the late fall. We’re she in Canada, where long maternity/parental leaves are the norm, I wouldn’t expect SMG to return to work until mid-2021, but Americans seem to return to work very quickly.

But she couldn’t stay out that long when you’re the star of a major TV show. I mean if there is a way to do it that can explain her absence, maybe, but shows like this it would be pretty hard.

But certainly many actresses have taken time off from a show, but if they are the star, usually not more than a few episodes.

If you’re an X File fan, one of the reasons the entire alien mythology started was because Gilian Anderson got pregnant in its second season and they had her abducted for about four episodes or something in the story. And because of that they created a whole new story line to explain what happen to her and why, which ended up becoming the entire mythology of that show. So sometimes it can get the creative juices flowing!

Not to mention that dad’s can take time to attach to and care for a young infant as well.

I’m not sure how the visas will work, but perhaps immediate family will be allowed to accompany the temporary workers. That way Kenrick, the new baby and their preschooler son could chill with SMG in Toronto for a few months.

Just an Update Sonequa at her baby girl this past Sunday. So if production were to start around October she most likely would be recovered.

Seasons one and two were awesome. Can’t wait for 3 and S31.


i agree with this statement

yay… happy news… i gotta start my rewatch of seasons 1 and 2… and they always keep these things close to the vest but i bet you a case of kanar 1) they;ve been renewed for 4 and just waiting for the right time to announce after it premieres and 2) that the writer’s have already started breaking down season 4… so it will be a quicker turnaround once productions begin.

Did anyone else notice the picture of a teen girl in a spacesuit/timesuit (?) as the lead for this announcement on the StarTrek.com official site?

My first thought was that it was intended to be a young Michael Burnham.

However, the teen actor is not Arista Arhan who played young Michael in seasons 1 and 2. Arista is now 15 so there wouldn’t be a reason to recast on that basis.

That’s a very odd image to use. That’s not from Discovery season 3.
This is the image, click to enlarge:comment image

Look closer at the her face, you can tell that’s a CGI person. It’s a screenshot from this VR game: https://www.startrek.com/news/star-trek-discovery-away-mission-beams-fans-into-the-trek-universe

Thanks Matt!

It sounds as though this image was used in error.

And it’s been removed from the site.

October is the perfect spot. I was expecting October this entire time. CBS is reading my mind. Season 3 I’m looking forward to it.

We are getting Star Trek all year long and it feels good. Picard in January
Lower Decks in August. Discovery in October. CBS is getting their release schedule just right.

Picard is not streaming in January. It hasn’t even started production yet and doesn’t know when it will.

We are only getting two shows back to back. That hardly constitutes “all year long”. I don’t know how many episodes are in STD’s 3rd season but that would be 20-23 weeks of Trek in a 52 week year. Still better than what we had, though.

I think he means we got Picard this January. We had Picard from January-March, had a break from April-July, and then are getting Lower Decks/Discovery from August-January. That’s not quite all year long, but its pretty damn close.

Ah. If you include the 10 weeks of Picard that would mean 33 weeks of Trek. 19 short of a full year. Which isn’t bad at all. But still it’s not one show but three. But closer to their goal of reducing the chrun…

Well, what do you constitute a “year”? Are we referring to a year as a standard television season? In that case, 33 episodes a year is more than any Trek season ever got. If we’re talking peak 90s Trek, there were about 52 episodes of DS9 and VOY every year, so still a ways to go to hit that. 33 eps a year sounds plenty to me though.

[[I don’t know how many episodes are in STD’s 3rd season]]


Yeah… I got that later but didn’t bother to edit my comment. Thanks anyway.

Picard s2 is not going to air by January, dummy.

How old are you? The guy made a mistake, and generally is pretty enthusiastic about the current slate of Trek shows. Lighten up.

Section 31 is still in development. Maybe I might give it a chance. I don’t agree with Section 31 but what if they do the right thing.

Section 31 could be a James Bond inspired spy thriller in the Star Trek universe. What could possibly go wrong.

I’d like to see a “Star Trek: Starfleet Medical” show. It would be like Chicago Hope / ER / Grey’s Anatomy, but set in the Star Trek universe. (No, it wouldn’t have to have Gates McFadden it, though I wouldn’t object if it did.)

I’m not a fan of hospital TV shows. My mom is a doctor so I know how it’s like to work in a medical workplace. She works for Health Partners in Stillwater, Minnesota if you are guessing.

Grey’s Anatomy is too meta for my taste. Section 31 as a James Bond style spy thriller sounds more interesting.

I’ve been saying for years that since this is CBS the obvious Trek show is Starfleet JAG.

It could work ML31.

I can imagine a senior JAG who is mobile around less established stations and outposts.

It could really give us a different side of the Federation and Starfleet.

That is an obvious idea and one that never occurred to me. Good idea.

CBS is starting to wise up. Looks like I will not be canceling after Lower Decks.

Still wish there was a better way to watch than being forced to cast from my phone. When I get a phone call while doing that I can’t pause the show! It’s irritating as hell and something that shouldn’t happen with today’s tech.

Oh well… Streaming tech obviously still is a ways away from being reliable. Maybe in 10 years they might have an interface that works. CBS’s has some major problems. For example, back when I had it for Picard I tried searching around for other things. They really didn’t have much but I opted to watch a few episodes of Frasier. Which somewhat surprisingly still stand up well today! But when I hit on an episode to watch it played the NEXT one down the list. I found that if I wanted to watch an episode I had to select the one that came BEFORE it to get it. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

Same. I’m keeping my subscription for Lower Decks and Discovery season 3. CBS is doing it right. It can help me get through college.

I might watch Section 31 in the future. I’m starting to get used to it.

It’s amazing how a franchise with very little snark inspires so may snarky fan comments.

Your funny jokes. He’s just getting in the moment that’s all.

If you are suggesting my comment was “snarky” think again. I was merely pointing out that I was going to stay supscribed for 5 months instead of my usual 2. I then went on to complain about how crappy CBSAA’s (and really streaming in general) the tech still is considering it’s 2020. There was not a drop of snark to be found.

Yikes, posted in reply to the wrong post.

I’m finding that the oldest/newest keeps toggling back on this new interface. It’s part of the problem of not tracking old vs new posts it seems.

Here’s for you ML31 ML31 your issues always make me glad that we can get Star Trek on BellMedia’s platforms here in Canada.

BellMedia Fibe is expensive but it’s reliable. My in-laws are in another province with different television options so they use the OTT service crave instead: also no issues.

Hopefully, ViacomCBS will be rolling out new technology when they rebrand the service. It sounds like a lot of effort has gone into making plutotv work, so they should be doing better for their mid and premium service.

And I’ve always been envious of the ability to get it over your television directly. Even if you have to pay specifically for the service to do it. It’s still better than the crappy streaming service from CBSAA.

I have a Xbox One and CBS All Access works pretty well on my Xbox One. Sometimes I watch on my phone or Chromecast.

Don’t know what streaming devices you have.

My son has an X-Box. I don’t use it on our main TV. But at some point in the near future he will be heading out on his own anyway and will be taking it with him. I cast CBSAA from my phone. It’s a real hassle. It would be much better if I could just use my TV. But CBSAA doesn’t have an app for that. But then, neither does Disney+. I had to cast them from my phone, too. Netflix has an app on both my TV and the BD player. Their interface is actually the worst of the lot but at least they make themselves easier to get than the other services.

Do you have a tablet or something? If you do, you can just down load the app on that and cast it from there. I don’t really cast things anymore since I got a Roku TV but when I did I just cast things from my tablet if I was using my phone or vice versa.

The wife is the keeper of the tablet. I’ve been contemplating getting one of my own but haven’t got around to it yet. But yes casting from the tablet did occur to me. Perhaps when I get around to getting the new one….

@ML31 – what are you casting to from your phone? What devices do you have in the house? CBS AA has a “native app” for pretty much every streaming device you could think of – Xbox, PS4, Chromecast, Roku, Fire Stick, even AppleTV. Not suggesting you must have one of those devices, but how do you get your other streaming content? (An alternative for people who have a device that doesn’t support CBS AA yet is to subscribe to CBS AA through Amazon – then use their native steaming app on the device you have assuming its supported. I did that simply for the better stream and the 5.1 audio on my Xbox One, which the native CBS AA did not have as of the launch of Discovery S2 still. Shame for CBS, as they must be loosing 15% or more of my sub fee each month).

As I said, I am Chromecasting from my phone because there is no other way to get CBSAA. CBSAA does not have an app on my TV or on my BD player. That would be the best place to have an app. I have been told that Amazon has option to get other streaming services through them but I don’t want to pay for Amazon Prime just for that. That service just isn’t worth it. In fact, so far no single streaming service is worth their fee. I only pay CBSAA because I’m such a huge Trek fan. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have it. And my friend has shared his Netflix Streaming PW with me so I don’t pay for that. Netflix Streaming has an app on both my TV and BD player. And even still there is not much on the Netflix Stream worth watching. HBO has some decent programming but all of their stuff finds its way to Netflix within a year anyway.

So tell me… How can I get CBSAA using ONLY my chromecast device? It was my understanding that it only worked in conjunction with another device. Like a phone or tablet…

Sounds like you have tried just about everything; I certainly didn’t mean to imply you didn’t know what you were doing. Just that sometimes there’s weird circuitous routes to everything these days. As for Amazon, you cleared something up for me so sorry to make it confusing for you. I was under the misapprehension that you could sub to Amazon Video Channels without having Prime (would make sense financially for them to offer separate channel subscriptions without requiring the hefty yearly Prime fee), but alas, I did confirm that you must have Prime before you can get video channel subscriptions. Dumb, but there we are. Sounds like you are in quite the pickle if Chromecast and your TV/BD apps are what you are limited to – CBSAA barely has official support for Xbox and Playstation, so I’m not surprised it doesn’t stream straight to anything else you currently have.

Sorry for leading you down the wrong path! Good luck with your All Access access!

Funny thing is, CBSAA has the most glitches of the three streaming services (4 if you count YouTube) I’ve used on my TV. My free Disney week was through the Chromecast just like CBSAA but I don’t recall it freezing up for a few seconds at a time like CBS does. Not to say the other services are much better… They all have their issues. The best is the odd time that I use YouTube on the TV. No glitches on them. Ever.

I agree, CBSAA is a junk platform with not great content, and I’m looking forward to the rumored overhaul coming this summer. But Frasier – I also was recently watching it (for the first time, I might add) for a nostalgic 90s fix, and it really is great

I was rewatching Frasier last year on the Netflix Stream but they opted to give up their rights. So I noticed it was on CBSAA. Tried watching when I had it for Picard and had as I said, I found I had to pick the episode BEFORE the one I wanted. How’s that for a weird glitch? Have you had such an issue?

Honestly in the 3 years I’ve had CBSAA, I’ve watched maybe 35 episodes of anything. I dunno why I have the platform at this point, was hoping new Trek would be worth it but kinda isn’t to me…anyway I haven’t had enough experience to notice that particular glitch, but I have had other weird glitches like ads running with audio but no video

You should send them feedback on the UI.

Not so wounded as we were led to believe. So much the better!

I would like to “like” John’s post. Why isn’t there a “like” button?

I would love to see Trekmovie ask CBS when Lower Decks will be available in Europe. Thx.

Discovery season 3 might be available in Europe sooner than Lower Decks because it’s already on Netflix for international distribution.

Like you said, the information isn’t available yet.

While I found the official announcement very vague in that regard, I would also assume they still have their contract, so yeah I would agree that this is a reasonable guess.

I was wondering about that as well! Thanks for the update!

Here’s to hoping that season 3 of Discovery finally gels, and is not waylaid by behind-the-scenes creative turmoil like the first two seasons.

Season 3 has so much potential. I don’t want to see it unravel and burn itself out like fire. Optimism is needed in a pandemic.

Less crazy camera shots, please. That isn’t Trek!

Both Disco and Picard have had so much BTS drama and it’s stupid, let’s just get some competent people in charge of Star Trek plz..

The pandemic will probably wind up being their excuse for a rushed/haphazard season this time.

Yay! When will a new trailer drop?

Are you from Moscow? I want to go Russia. As an American tourist, I would love to have a better understanding of Russia and Russian culture and history.

I’m interested in traveling to Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan and other countries in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union in the future.

It just got a lot easier to stay home… and watch Star Trek LOL (Star Trek for the rest of 2020, I’ll take it)

The wait is over. Or was it “The wait is finally over”? I don’t recall, and most don’t care. Anyway, thank science!

Very curious how Michelle Yeoh’s show would work if it happens, and it’s set in the 23rd century. Unless her memory gets wiped or it’s just about her recruitment, she’d have so much knowledge of the future and is just the sort of person who would use it to her advantage, regardless of how much her edges might be softening.

That’s your concern? Well, fair enough I guess?
I find it mindboggling that this show about a racist mass murderer is still in the cards. The day we get a Star Trek show where we are supposed to root for a person responsible for the death of zillions will be the darkest day ever for the franchise. :(
How anyone here can support this concept is beyond me. :(

I agree with you. Star Trek shouldn’t be this way.

There’s nothing wrong with a good villain protagonist. She’s done terrible things in the past, and she’ll be doing morally questionable things in the present, but it will be to serve the Federation. The show will need to balance her out with a more moral character though.

You make a good case Legate Damar.

But the way SH Trek has been so centred on the star, first call on the sheet, chef de compagnie, it makes it hard to imagine how a very morally-centred complementary lead would be given enough to balance Georgiou in the show.

I can’t say I’m convinced, based on what we’ve seen on Discovery’s 2nd season and how her character was presented there. It felt like “Yeah she did bad – but hey, now it’s all good because she does bad for the good ones.” And even if she would get a morally-centred companion, that wouldn’t change for me what she represents. It feels like having a TV show that starts with the end of WWII – Hitler is just about to commit suicide, but suddenly some US-agents pop in, kidnap him, fake his death and put him in charge of their new M:I-team so he can destroy other countries from the inside out. And because he’s “working for the good guys” we have to wish him good luck and hope that he succeeds!!!!??

And if some of you find it in you to say… “well ok, everyone deserves a second chance or something” – I can’t argue with that. I can only speak for myself, and to me supporting this TV show feels like supporting Hitler to me. And this is really where I draw a line REAL HARD. This is not a question of incompetent writing anymore or hammering some “over-the-top US-centric-narrowminded political views” into the head of the audience, this goes totally against anything I believe in.

“I find it mindboggling that this show about a racist mass murderer is still in the cards.”

Exactly my thought too. Looking around the internet it seems to be a lot of people’s thoughts. I just don’t know how ANYONE thought this would be a good idea? Section 31 is already controversial enough. To have it star someone who has joked about wiping out other species in a show called STAR TREK just feels very tone death to me.

But maybe they are starting to realize that too and why they been so quiet about the show lately. When they didn’t provide any updates about it at CC, that’s probably a sign things are not moving as before. Maybe they will cancel it or just rethinking how to do it maybe.

“To have it star someone who has joked about wiping out other species in a show called STAR TREK just feels very tone death to me.”

Not just wiping them out… but having sentient species for dinner! It seems in “Peak TV”, cannibalism is like the Pulitzer for Mustache Twirlers…

And now I suddenly get Kadin’s curious choice of words when she said Georgiou is “delicious” ;)

Yeah obviously that too lol. I don’t get it at all? Georgiou is a really disgusting person. She’s not an ‘antagonist’, this is a woman who has subjugated the entire alpha quadrant. She literally has slaves. She believes that aliens are inferior and don’t deserve equality. And yes she eats sentient life.

But they seem to think if they have her crack jokes and seem to care about Michael we are suppose to just ignore all of that? Gul Dukat came off MUCH better and yet the writers made it clear they always saw him as a villain. Even though he was charismatic, sympathetic, friendly and civil they didn’t want people to forget that he was ultimately responsible for millions of people dying, even if not directly. And Dukat RECOGNIZED what he did to Bajor but tried to argue its not something he condoned, but that it had to be done.

Gul Dukat is what you call a complex character. You can’t define him with one sentence because he wasn’t one dimensional or one note. It’s a character we saw many faces of, who wanted to be redeemed on one level but deep down inside was still very much evil, he just tried not to show it.

But Geiorgiou is a cartoon and not one you want kids to watch either. She comes off like a very bad joke to most people and for good reason.

I never said it’s my only concern, just the only one I was interested in discussing.

I would think any show with Mirror Georgiou front and center should feature her struggling with finding redemption and atoning for what she did. It’s a Kurtzman show, so that’s probably not as much of a priority as it should be – so far her fledgling morality has been largely limited to helping Burnham. But the main impetus for the show is clearly just to keep Michelle Yeoh around a little longer.

Well, I would agree on all the points you’ve made. The redemption-thing worries me the most, because they could have adressed it in Discovery’s season 2 already but they didn’t. It looked like she’s totally “out of the woods” and she never comes of as a person with regrets. “Fun times.”

That’s what really bothered me too. I think a lot of us. They literally had ALL season to show a different side to her, to at least acknowledge all the things she did and it was completely ignored. Even if she herself doesn’t confront what she did, it would’ve been nice if we saw someone else do that like Micheal being the most obvious choice. Just SOMETHING to put her on a different track if they seriously want us to follow this woman on her own show.

My only guess is they will start that path this season, but because they didn’t do it at all last season is probably why many have still not warmed up to her.

I’m not sure she’s in the future with the Discovery crew. The Section 31 show should answer your questions.

She’s in a publicity still with the crew above, set in the far future. I just can’t imagine someone like her being judicious about not changing the future to suit herself.

A Section 31 show with Michelle Yeoh would seem to suggest that she will be traveling back in time. It may be that she’s the best hope for the future.

October surprise! Glad we have a date for Discovery! Hopefully a new show is ready after Discovery. :)

With Picard on hold, I think Short Treks will be next.

Maybe Prodigy, Short Treks, Lower Decks S2, and then the new live-action stuff, hopefully going into production before 2020 is over….

I’d really like to see more Short Treks across the series and eras.

That’ll be great, to see more stories from our beloved characters.

Given that Coronavirus is still a thing, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Agree, its all up in the air. I am grateful Lower Decks is coming next. And Discovery will begin in October.

As I noted above, Covid control is in a different place in Ontario. Toronto reported 5 new cases today.

Things have reopened slowly, with a minimum of 4 weeks between stages, but film and television production is imminent.

The live-action Short Treks have all been done in Toronto.

It would be a good use of the sets, soundstages and crew to make a few while the writers are working on SNW and Discovery season 4.

Hopefully, they already have a few Short Trek scripts in the trunk given that the Covid lockdown happened about the time that Short Treks would typically be made.

“Hopefully, they already have a few Short Trek scripts in the trunk given that the Covid lockdown happened about the time that Short Treks would typically be made.”

My thought exactly! Short Treks are the silver lining for a studio facing storm clouds, and unlike a certain proposed, cannibal-led series I haven’t heard principal opposition to Short Treks from ANY fan faction. They are a tempting substitute for the narrative diversity of episodic Classic Trek in a time where we all been put on serials for breakfast (OK bad pun here ;) At least until SNW comes along!

Season 3 will be the true start for Discovery.

I hope so. Bernham era shows improved, were polished after Season 3.

I’m sorry, but I’m still feeling the Burn :)

I hope so.

Super excited. I love Discovery.

how many times you watch the seasons? i’ve just done once but need to a do a rewatch. picard on rewatch is even better.

I personally haven’t rewatched either but I’m thinking of rewatching season 2 now; especially since literally that entire season created season 3 basically. And I actually liked most of it. ;)

I usually end up watching each season a few times: prescreen on my own the night it broadcasts, once with one or more of the kids, and later on with my spouse.

We haven’t rewatched Discovery season two since last year, and it’s gone from the PVR, but CTV Sci-fi channel reran season one before the season two premiere so we’re hoping for another marathon.

Picard on rewatch works better if you divide the season into 3 distinct parts: episodes 1-4, episodes 5-8, and then the season finale a few weeks later. That way the discontinuities in the plot threads and directing styles aren’t so jarring. The finale works really well as a stand alone episode or TV movie. (We’ve Picard saved on the PVR for just this reason.)

I find it interesting that you have such a strongly formed view (whether positive or negative) with only one viewing.

Third time lucky to have a good, cohesive season with likeable characters? We’ll see.

Shame Burnham is still the lead. Awful.

Burnham is Discovery. Discovery is Burnham.

Yes, hence the problem.

It’s like there isn’t much good to find in the Third Reich because of Hitler!

And yeah, if you like your Godwin, you can keep your Godwin ;)

Stop with the Hitler jokes! Don’t need to hear hateful words. the rest of your comment is descent.

Come on now, it was a tad funny wasn’t it? And if you really looked hard enough, there was even an Obama joke in there for you folks :)

Too soon?

As we all know very well, Discovery had a lot of hiccups on Season 1. Less on Season 2. All the changes from the top CBS executives. They removed the creator (Fuller), the writers/showrunners (Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg) were fired, it was a lot happening from the very beginning.

Not sure why so much dislike towards Burnham/Sonequa. Like I have said before in previous posts, I think she is great. The perfect actress for the reboot.

I think she is amazing. Please remember, they didn’t want a story of another Captain. From the captains’ perspective.

“Not sure why so much dislike towards Burnham/Sonequa. Like I have said before in previous posts, I think she is great. The perfect actress for the reboot”

I respectfully disagree. Apart from the writing, the acting of MSG is the weakest link of Discovery. In the 1980s she would have been a soap opera ‘star’, playing a role such as Steve Urkel’s sister, perfectly suiting her annoying, nagging, overemotional acting ‘chops’ and overbearingly narcissistic melodrama. But as we all know, due to quotas a C-listed actress like her will now ascend to A-level roles. Meritocracy is dead, as they say.

That’s not to say there aren’t any decent black lead actresses. Just they could never afford Zoe Saldana for this :)

The perfect actress for the reboot.”

But the producers say this isn’t a reboot. Even though everything about it screams “reboot”.

If the Section 31 series was going to happen, something would have happened by now. Even before COVID-19 some kind of progress would have been made. Bullet dodged there if you ask me. Terrible idea.

Section 31 is in development as far as we know. Yeah what a terrible idea in practice.


23 straight weeks of Star Trek???? And NO prequels either? OMG, I’m in heaven. Even in the 90s we would get 26 episodes but we obviously didn’t get 26 straight weeks either. That’s crazy.

I’m SO excited. We will have nearly 5 months of Trek to talk about!! First we get 24th century of second contact goodness with our zany new crew aboard the U.S.S. Cerritos and then we jump to the 32nd century to watch the Discovery crew (hopefully) rebuild the Federation and find out where things will be that far in the future.


And I was thinking today that Star Trek will now have a thousand years of canon history. With Enterprise taking place in the 22nd century and Discovery now in the 32nd century the franchise and it’s mythology keeps growing and growing! When TNG started, it was roughly only 100 years between that and TOS. That seemed like a lot at the time. We were all so innocent lol.

And wrap your heads around this kids: We still have FOUR more shows coming: Section 31 (yeah, I know), Strange New Worlds (Whoop Whoop!), Prodigy and another show still not announced. With the exception of SNW these others can be in practically any other era and settings. Crazy!!!

I know you don’t like prequels (and neither do I – from THESE producers), yet there’s still two time periods which would be most interesting to explore for the unannounced series:

* 2160s, right after Enterprise, “the first years of the Federation” (including or excluding the Romulan War), which is still 100 years before TOS and 100 years after First Contact

* 2300s, after TUC, and 60 years before TNG, “the unknown 24th century”, the time period Discovery was first to be rumored to be set in (and would have fit much better, technology-wise)

Interestingly, both of these periods we know much less about than Discovery’s initial setting, so there are less canon roadblocks (apart from stuff like starship design and technology – thus my producer caveat). Now that so many shows go forward from after Nemesis, there’s nothing wrong with balancing it out with some forays into the unknown – even if that unknown is in the past!

I’ve been wondering if Prodigy is beyond the 25th century or even “pre-Federation.”

I’m kind of hoping Prodigy is at least post-Picard show myself TG47, 25th-26th century. It doesn’t HAVE to be of course and I will be fine whatever period it’s in. But due to the premise, most people seem to assume it has to be either in a farther future or in the early Starfleet days.

I guess there could be a way to set it back in the 22nd century and to be honest we still know very little of that era once you get pass the Romulan war and founding of the Federation. So its possible. I’ve seen some people suggest the show could even be set around the downfall of the Federation whenever that’s supposed to happen in Discovery.

Now when you literally have a thousand years of Star Trek history to play with, you can do pretty much anything.

Prodigy is a children’s show so not for me. Nickelodeon can keep their green slime.

Strange New Worlds is before Kirk so that’s great.

Well for me it just depends how good of a kids show it is. I never watched The Clone Wars because it too was for kids. But so many adults were watching and kept singing its praises I finally gave in and started watching it last year and its phenomenal. It’s a kids show but it really does feel much more mature in their stories and themes. I’m shocked just how good it is and has amazing story arcs and characters.

I don’t know how good Prodigy will be obviously but if they can still tell mature stories in the way TCW does it, I will definitely be watching. If its more ‘kiddy’ then probably not.

Couldn’t agree more about The Clone Wars. I had a hard time getting into it as well, but thanks to my brother who’s a much bigger Star Wars fan than I am I gave it a try – and don’t regret it. Not all from it was good – far from it – but when it got good, than it got REALLY good. Some of the arcs on this show I consider the best Star Wars I’ve ever seen.

…also looking back, I still love “The Real Ghostbusters” – most of the episodes are also still absoultely watchable as an adult. Sometimes hard to believe this show was made with kids in mind. So yeah, if done well, kids stuff can absolutely work. To me it’s more of a question of “Is it made for kids” or “Is is made for people with no brain”.

Yeah TCW is just amazing. I’m still watching it, in the middle of season 5 now, but I am very impressed. If this was a live action show people would be raving about it. Of course I don’t think they could afford to do something like this in live action on this scale but yeah. But that’s also why I’m a bit excited for the animated Trek shows because they can go BIG if they choose to. I don’t really expect it, at least not with LDS considering the premise itself is pretty low key but who knows?

But yes TCW has really shown me you can call something a kids cartoon and still have very adult story lines and themes. Like you I don’t really understand how it’s considered a kids show because its one of the most violent shows I’m currently watching lol. It’s based on war so can’t escape it, but my god the number of people killed week in and week out is pretty brutal when you think about it. But I guess as long as they don’t show blood, that’s good enough to rule it okay for kids I guess. But if you say one curse word in it, then it’s time to pull the show off the airwaves. I will never get these strange rules.

Anyway I am loving it and hope to finish it soon. I’m told the last season they aired this year is the best one.

You’re watching Prodigy with your kids?

Our kids are heading into their teens now so it will be young for them it seems.

That said, if it’s good they’ll watch it. We’ll at least all check it out.

“I’ve been wondering if Prodigy is beyond the 25th century or even “pre-Federation.””

I was under the impression that Prodigy had a fixed (24th century) time period already, TG47. But fair enough. The “derelict starship” setting would actually fit some time after Picard, bridging the Failing Federation there with the Fallen Federation in Discovery. All grounds covered. Which is why I would prefer the unannounced series to be in one of the unexplored pre-TNG time periods, which sounds more interesting in light of three Kurtzman series being set past Nemesis now already.

VS, may I ask where did you hear the show will be in the 24th century?

This is the first time I’m hearing that anywhere. And I went and googled to see what came up about it and I didn’t find anything. I even went to Memory Alpha (which usually collects all the news quotes and information about each show in one place) and there is nothing there about when it’s set either.

* 2300s, after TUC, and 60 years before TNG, “the unknown 24th century”, the time period Discovery was first to be rumored to be set in (and would have fit much better, technology-wise)

I don’t know if you remember this but actually one of the earliest rumors about Discovery before we heard anything official was that it would be a post-TUC show. And I truly loved that idea at the time because of what you said, we still don’t know much of anything of this period. And I thought it would be great not just to focus on developing a bigger relationship with the Klingons but then we could see other TNG species introduced like the Cardassians, Betazoids or Ferengi. We know Federation went to war with the Cardassians and I think it was pre-TNG. They don’t have to show it but maybe show why things got so bad between them.And like you said, the technology could be a lot better and Discovery could’ve been the transition to stuff we seen like touch screens and more holograms.

But yeah it was not meant to be, but I was really into it actually.

* 2160s, right after Enterprise, “the first years of the Federation” (including or excluding the Romulan War), which is still 100 years before TOS and 100 years after First Contact

I still would like to see the Romulan war personally so I would be into this too. It didn’t have to be a show per se but even a mini series of some kind.

So either could still happen of course. And I feel the same way about prequels now. I’m not against them completely, many of us were just tired after ENT/Kelvin/DIS since that’s all we were seeing. NOW that we have a balance and we are getting a good mix of both prequels and sequels, it’s great and why I’m now excited for SNW.

We’ve said it many times, but the issue with Discovery wasn’t just being a prequel, it was being a BAD prequel that was ultimately the issue. Now that it’s a thousand years away and SNW can reset things a bit for the 23rd century while being the proper prequel to TOS, I’m very positive on both shows now. Of course they still have to be good and the verdict is still far away on that. ;)

THESE lol… you guys are so funny

I’ve been wanting a post TUC show for 28 years!

I’m slowly getting used to Section 31 I know. I’m so happy about season 3 in October! Star Trek is in the right hands.

Strange New Worlds is the elephant in the room.

Burnham saved the Federation from total destruction. That’s what we need in the middle of a public health crisis.

A global pandemic that is a plague seems to have no end. Sign of the end times maybe.

The Federation is not in a golden age anymore. I can tell it’s a lot smaller based on the flag. A beacon of democracy and human dignity we can work towards in our own world.

Nice, Faze Ninja.


The whining here is terrible! I’m going to keep it simple…I LOVE STAR TREK AND THIS IS FANTASTIC NEWS. HURRY UP OCTOBER!

Why would these trailers be region-locked-? You’d think they only cared about their American viewers.

Not sure about other countries, but at least for Canada, the StarTrek.com official site has trailers and promos that aren’t geoblocked.

I always look their first.

Yeah, startrek.com seems to have an international version of the site that has at least some of the videos that are geoblocked on CBS All Access’ social media.

Most of their videos are region locked for some reason. Not sure why.

The reason that CBS’ videos are geoblocked is that CBS has sold international rights off to Netflix (Discovery) and Amazon (Picard). So these two are responsible for international promotion. It’s annoying but it has been like this since before Discovery launched.

Yeah people constantly blame CBS or call them evil over it when it’s simply an intellectual property and regional issue. They are more than likely simply not allowed to promote something other companies have the licensing rights to in those regions. To many, they just seem to think since you’re showing the same thing anyway, then who cares? But there are obviously laws or agreements set up and as a company they have to abide by them. Most companies would happily promote their wares to as many people as they can, but they would probably get into trouble if they were doing it on purpose. Or at the very least probably violating an agreement they have with Netflix and others.

Not a lawyer, but suspect that legally what’s at issue is the difference between CBSAA advertising/promoting a show on its platform via its social media vs ViacomCBS as a content producer promoting its content on StarTrek.com.

If it’s being advertised by the platform than its geoblocked to CBSAA, CTV and Netflix or Amazon Prime’s countries of service.

If the promotional materials directly from the content creator ViacomCBS, then its not. However, it sounds like ViacomCBS global marketing folks need to intervene with YouTube in every case based on what happened with the Star Trek Universe Panel at SDCC.

Glad they found at least one place to post unblocked video.

It’s not only startrek.com that gets to show trailers outside the US. I’ve also seen the Lower Decks trailer (and previous trailers before it) on places like IMDB. So it really seems to be a regional limitation that applies only to CBS All Access directly.


Star Trek Picard: Amazon
Star Trek Discovery: Netflix
Star Trek Lower Decks: Your guess is better than mine

Way to treat the other 7.2b people in the world.

People who are not American or in Canada. The rest of the world can go die.

Ninja, that was ungracious of you, especially in the Covid context where the United States is leading cases, new cases, etc.

You’re usually a kind person even when you disagree. Hope you’re ok.

I’m just going to note that expensive series like Star Trek aren’t profitable to make for the American market alone. That may have been the case for mass market broadcast television in the 60s and 70s, but that day has long past for film and television.

So, even American entertainment needs to keep an eye on their global market. Those of us in other countries have seen how international distribution affects the ways shows for national audiences are made (e.g. Anne with an E has an Irish actor leading Canada’s number one children’s novel). It means now that American shows shouldn’t just be made and distributed with Americans in mind.

Comedy is tricky so that the marketing for Lower Decks can’t be assumed to be the same as for Trek dramas like Discovery, Picard and SNW. I understand everyone’s frustration that the distribution hasn’t been announced, but with Covid rescheduling, I’m not entirely surprised.

More, ViacomCBS is trying to thread the needle of expanding its own distribution platforms worldwide and getting its content on more screens. So, the top management may want to get it on Comedy Central and MTV outside North America.

Still not sure about the time jump but I am looking forward to it returning.

still no lower decks in UK :( it’s too close to release date now. do they want people in europe to pirate it? what’s the deal?

I’m wondering if ViacomCBS is working out something within its own distribution system if there isn’t a global streamer willing to carry it.

While we’ve all been thinking about a sci-fi streamer, Lower Decks could be a fit for Comedy Central, ViacomCBS’ comedy channel and MTV. In the UK, there is also Channel 5US which ViacomCBS owns.

Here in Canada, even though the announcement is just for the CTV Sci-fi channel where Discovery and Picard run, looking at the listings on BellMedia’s own Fibe platform, I see Lower Decks showing on the CTV Comedy Channel and Much ( MTV type music channel that carries some MTV content) as well. That’s right, we can set our PVR’s for three very different premium cable channels to record the series.

This suggests that both BellMedia and ViacomCBS are seeing Lower Decks as a crossover show that needs to be marketed beyond the SciFi television audience.

So, it’s possible that ViacomCBS has a plan to show Lower Decks on more than one channel.

I don’t know what the plans are for Lower Decks in the UK and Europe. The United States and Canada get it early.

Here in the US, Lower Decks is in early August. Hopefully it’s on Netflix in the UK and europe.

Season 2 of “Star Trek: Discovery” was the best thing to happen to the show…..so far. Bring on Season 3!!

I thought all the RED ANGEL stuff was very dumb and very stupid. In fact, I might make a meme with Data saying “I hate this” but instead of holding a glass he will be holding the RED ANGEL. Man, all that stuff was real dumb.

Thank the God from Star Trek 5.