Watch New Promo With Unseen Footage From ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ & ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3

Yesterday, CBS finally announced a release date for the third season of Star Trek: Discovery of October 15th. This puts Discovery’s season three premiere one week after the season one finale of Star Trek: Lower Decks. CBS is now promoting that starting next week, there will be 23 straight weeks of new Star Trek on CBS All Access.

23 weeks of Star Trek promo [UPDATE]

Here is the new promotional video CBS sent out today for season one of Lower Decks and season three of Discovery. It was first posted on Twitter, then 2 hours later it was posted to YouTube.

A closer look

A good amount of the footage seen in the promo is new, and wasn’t in the Star Trek: Discovery season three trailer released last year. There are also a couple of moments of Lower Decks footage that weren’t in the season one trailer or the sneak peek.

Star Trek: Discovery season three

Star Trek: Lower Decks season one

All Access free month promo

Today CBS All Access also announced a new one-month free promotion. For a limited time, try 1 month FREE with code PLAY by 8/16/20.


And keep up with all the news and reviews from the new Star Trek Universe on TV at

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Thanks for the screencaps TrekMovie!

Since this is a CBSAA marketing piece, it isn’t posted in a global version on

I’ll look for it on CTV’s promotional pages though.

*CBS Region Locks Video*
Me: VPN goes burrr…

Seriously, invest in a VPN, most are actually pretty cheap and have deals and discounts often (I got a Private Internet Access 3 Year subscription for under $70).

I think CBS is reading these posts. Getting few more seconds of new footage!


I appreciate the try 1 month free code for CBS All Access. I’m going to use that.

The screencaps are helpful. Thanks TrekMovie!

Is it just me, or does the background on that planet plus their wardrobe remind me of Star Trek Into Darkness in that Discovery footage?

You’re right. This planet is very reminiscent of Nibiru. Maybe it’s the same planet!

All planets look the same on Earth.

Lots of universes have a Nibiru!

Yeah, that was my first impression as well….

I thought the same. That is the first thing that came to my mind. Is it an Easter Egg?

If I remember correctly, they shot at least some background plates in Iceland for Into Darkness. And we know Discovery went to Iceland for part of the shoot.

It could be the same planet

Yes ,,, There be a star ship under the water, because heaven forbid beaming people down from orbit be a better idea to stay clandestine! This and using a remote transporter to beam from a street on Earth to Quonos made Into Darkness my most ‘illogical’ Star Trek movie.

I usually disagree with the group think on this site but my god, I go Darkness was an abomination. Just dreadful from start to finish.

Darkness was the best Trek movie in my opinion.

Wow that WOULD be cool if went to the PU version of Nibiru and FINALLY make the Kelvin movies feel a bit more canon at the same time. I highly highly doubt it is, but it would be nice.

LOL I love the fact they are stressing the 23 week thing too. But we all know after this, its going to be a looooong drought without Trek shows for a while. Maybe even a full year, so yeah enjoy it while we can. Hopefully both are good. Actually just thinking about it, maybe we will get Prodigy and season 2 of LDS sooner since they don’t have the same issues as the live shows do and I remember reading they are already working on season 2 of LDS now.

And I have to say the more I see of LDS, the more I think I’m going to really like it. Could be completely wrong of course but it does look like a lot of fun at least.

23 weeks of Trek seems like a lot of content. After that, we shall see. I’m only watching Lower Decks and Discovery season 3. Prodigy is not something I’m looking forward to but hopefully you like it.

It is a lot of content. It’s still not like the days in the 90s where we were getting 52 episodes a year which some complained was too much….but not me. I watched DS9 and VOY every week with bells on. And we would get a TNG movie on top of that every few years as well. Man I REALLY miss that period lol.

But this is still great. And let’s be honest, if All Access gets its way we probably WILL be watching 50 hours of Star Trek a year at some point (or at least around 40), especially when you have 7 freaking shows in production now. It’s just going to take time to ramp up (especially now) and where they get a rhythm going. But if we’re not all dead from the virus in a few years we should have solid shows on all year.

As for Prodigy I don’t know how I feel yet since we literally know zip about it outside it’s vague premise. But hopefully it will be interesting enough to watch. I won’t really know until actual footage is shown.

Prodigy will be on Nickelodeon anyway. Although they will likely make it also available on CBSAA.

wyh do have an instant stance (instance) on prodigy and already know, thats its not something you are looking for? Seriously. There isnt anything about this show out yet. Not a single frame, not a single second… only a Titlecard and a short description.

I just dont get it why you are so premature on this… Why people in general are so premature about anything in popculture. Whats about “Lets wait and see”.

Fine…. I have to deal with it. anyways….

Faze Ninja says a LOT of things like this. ;)

And he’ll probably be the one watching it the most lol. But yes it’s kind of weird to rule something completely out we know or seen little of (actually we’ve seen nothing of as you said). My guess is everyone, the hardcore fans at least, are going to watch the first few episodes of anything no matter what. How long it keeps their attention after that is the real question.

Tiger2. You said it first, 23 weeks of Star Trek! (^_^)v

That is pretty funny!

I assumed others mentioned it on the board too. I haven’t read all the posts yet. But that was literally the first thing I thought of when I read the news. I just got super excited over the idea.

They must really listen to you Tiger2. I’ve joked before that it was your comments that got the Khan show cancelled and now you’re their marketing guru! I’m sensing a connection now between you and the radio silence on Section 31… I’m picturing Michelle Yeoh screaming ‘Tiger’ in her best Bill Shatner ‘KHHHHAAAAAAANNNNN’ style! ;)

LOL, I wish I had that kind of power. No one listens to anything I say in my own home, so unfortunately I kind of doubt anyone from CBS is listening.

And I don’t think I want to be on Michelle Yeoh’s hit list. She probably has powerful friends in both high and low places.

But if the Khan show was somehow cancelled due to my obsessive whining over it…you’re welcome people. I finally contributed something positive to the world for a change. ;)

You never know Tiger2, I think most of us are in agreement that they at least listened to the fans collectively when they course corrected season 2 of Discovery and your posts tend to be balanced and rational so maybe somebody from CBS’s marketing team has been paying attention!

That’s true. I DO think they are listening to fans in some cases. I mean they have literally said it, at least to the bigger issues. I doubt Discovery would’ve had all these crazy changes in the last two seasons if we didn’t complain (loudly).

It’s nice you think that way about my posts though, thanks! And same to you of course. It’s why we get along so well I think. I think MOST fans are pretty reasonable for the most part, sadly it’s the loud minority who wants to just burn everything to the ground lol.

For me I don’t kid myself, I’m watching these shows no matter what and they aren’t going away anytime soon even if people really hate them. It’s just more reasonable to take that approach and find ways they can improve (since most do actually improve) or just be civil enough on why some things just aren’t a good idea instead of shouting someone should get fired or say its not canon. I think the people who run the shows do like healthy criticism/ideas and we have seen the results. That probably is the reason why the Khan show was never heard from again.

But If you’re just calling them worthless hacks making worthless shows all the time, you’re only tuning them out.

You’re welcome and thanks Tiger! I’m in complete agreement on these points. For the most part I’d agree in that the majority of posters are reasonable. At the end of the day we’re all invested In the franchise so we’re entitled to an opinion. I absolutely have no problem with somebody not liking a particular show or creative direction, I just think the criticism should be constructive and there’s no need for the personal abuse that writers, producers and actors get these days.

I think the purpose of criticism is to help producers/artists improve.

Not to knock them down.

But others seem to think criticism should be a scorched-Earth kind of takedown. Which only discourages people from accepting fan comments.

Overcorrection, IMHO, but a lot of fans seemed VERY happy about the changes in the Klingons [I wasn’t, I liked the alien look], and about Pike which I was, too.

You can count me amongst those happy with the Klingon changes and Pike but I’d agree on over correction, particularly in how they dealt with Spock having never mentioned Burnham before. It was complete overkill and frankly more than a bit silly to go to such extravagant lengths, especially when Spock was always a character who values privacy with a track record for not mentioning any of his personal relationships until they land slap bang in the middle of the plot. I think it’s good that the writers listen to the fans, but they do need to remember whose writing the shows and trust their creative vision. Constantly retconning to try and appease the whims of a divergent fanbase is a recipe for disaster.

To me, “fixing” the Spock Burnham situation was an attempt to fix a problem that didn’t exist. It was perfectly acceptable that Spock would never mention her. So there was no reason to try and reconcile that. But they felt they needed to anyway. It suggests to me the possibility that they didn’t really know the Spock character on a deeper level. Normally it is safer to ignore the fans, even though some of the smaller changes from S1 to S2 weren’t bad. But more often than not fans don’t know what they want or even what makes for a good story. In most circumstances they are better off sticking to what they think is good, not pander to fans and just say “we made the best show we could. As far as the audience I just hope they like it but that is not up to us.”

Indeed, we’ve spoken about this before and we’re in agreement. You say that it was ‘an attempt to fix a problem that didn’t exist. I’d take that a step further and argue that the solution actually creates a problem because it just comes across as ludicrous.

I hate the idea of a Khan show with the heat of 1000 burning suns

Yep. 23 weeks is indeed something to crow about. I’m sure they have a LOT of subscribers bail at the end of each Trek show. They need this.

Yeah I agree. Probably when there are no seasons of Trek, that site drops subs big time. Probably not as much as before though since it does sound like its picking up more subscribers, but still probably pretty small when compared to the big boys.

23 weeks is better than 0 weeks.

23 weeks of Trek sounds so nice… if it only was true outside of Northern America.

Should’ve found a way to make it 47 weeks….

Love the 47 John R.

Perhaps CBSAA can get a few Short Treks in production and ready to stream over the holidays after Discovery season three finishes its run.

Then, if Nickelodeon and CBSAA can premiere Prodigy in January, they might be getting close. Say 37 weeks in a row.

If SNW can get in and start production, and CBSAA is willing to do post in Canada, it could be a reality.

Toronto is open in stage 3, including film and television production as of this Friday. In reality, the best expectations would be for in-person preproduction to start next week.

The head of Pinewood Studios was saying a month ago that he expected that production on their soundstages would likely really get going after Labour Day. But still, a lot could get done over the fall and winter.

And perhaps they could go with some cool Canadian geography for locations. I’ve been thinking badlands (either Ontario or Alberta) or Gros More in Newfoundland.

With Covid, the only way shows can be produced is if the entire cast goes into isolation together, plus crew, plus catering/hotel. It would be very expensive. I hope they find a way to work it out, but I’m not optimistic.

O, for an end to this endless plague

Actually not, as it turns out Marja as things are in Ontario at this point.

Definitely, there are tight limits on the numbers on set from the reports from Vancouver and from Eastern Ontario where some productions have been done over the last month. But the model of an entire crew bubbling in isolation doesn’t sound to be the working model.

The issue, as you noted above, is whether Canada will allow those with temporary work visas to bring any immediate family with them. 14-day quarantines mean no back and forth across the border for quick visits. It’s hitting a lot of cross-border families.

Here’s some information about filming that’s been going on in Northern Ontario from a local CBC report.

The major issue holding things back seems to be insurance. Productions that already had insurance and stopped for Covid are carrying on, but new ones can’t get coverage for work stoppages due to Covid.

It’s not obvious to me whether large production houses like CBS Studios would self-insure for this: that is, take the risk in order to have new content.

The other issue is cost increases due to separating the work groups. e.g. the lighting and sound crews need to come in, set up and leave before the actors arrive. This also means much more planning and less creative spontaneity, flexibility and adaption.

Star Trek production involves a lot of moving parts, especially the bridge scenes. The extra planning would be a challenge, but might also improve the show.

In Italy to see DS9 seasons 4-5-6-7 and VOY seasons 5-6-7 dubbed we had to wait for the DVDs released in about 2003. I foresee such a sad fate.

I really hope CBSAA works all the franchising issues out. I feel terrible for my friends overseas.

SMG shared on Instagram that their daughter was born July 19th. Mother and child appear very well.

This suggests that Discovery season four production may in fact be more imminent than expected.

Toronto was down to 1 new Covid case today, and the surrounding districts are dropping too.

I’m hoping that at least some Short Treks could be shot soon.

Mazel Tov to Sonequa

Not too big a fan of Discovery, and not sure I’ll like Lower Decks any better, but even so, I have to say — that many weeks of new Star Trek in a row is pretty cool.

Regardless of the quality of the content, the sheer quantity of new Trek we’re about to see is just incredible. I don’t think there’s ever in the history of the franchise been 23 straight weeks with new episodes of Trek. Now, if it isn’t 23 straight weeks of garbage…well, let’s just say, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. But I’m looking forward to LDS in a big way! (Says the Trek fan who has felt similarly ahead of four seasons of Trek in a row now, only to be burned each time thus far..)

I think back in the days of TNG and DS9 there was at least that amount of new trek over at least that amount of time if not longer.

Hmm I dunno about that but maybe. I feel like the seasons ran pretty concurrently back then. 23 straight weeks is five months straight – even in they heyday, TV seasons wouldn’t run for that long before taking a mid-season break. But I could be wrong, would like to see the dates.

The shows ran together concurrently so you’re right, we basically got about 5 months since they stuck to the same schedule. And of course they ran on TV so we never got 26 straight weeks. There were always tons of breaks. And of course they were still actually making the show when the season started so realistically they had to take breaks just to finish the season.

Streaming is such a different animal, people forget that most shows actually only had about maybe 5-6 episodes in the can when the season actually started but kept making them on a timely schedule. I mean more episodes were filmed but they were still in post-production and even that was maybe up until the tenth episode. When TNG was on, they usually had 15+ episodes or so to still make when the season started. It’s really insane how TV works lol, especially in the past when every show was around 20 episodes. That still happens with a lot of network shows today obviously.

But with streaming, now most shows are usually mostly completed before they are aired or basically at the end of the season where its mostly just post-production work, so its easier to do it like that now.

Where is the story about the lead of Star Trek’s current Flag Ship Star Trek Series giving birth to a beautiful Black baby during the Pandemic? Black Trekkers want to know.

Trekmovie noted it on their Twitter feed. There’s not much more to report.

because only black trekkers are interested in a black trek actress giving birth to a black baby?

Be careful Jako, your LOWERCASE writing of our preciouses constitutes a micro-aggression now and no doubt countless safe spaces throughout the galaxy have been violated…. thought police may arrive any minute (that one wasn’t defunded).

Safe to say, this is NOT what MLK had in mind ;)

I guess a Vulcan soul really is a little box that lives in a cave.

No, I’m somebody who lives in the big wide world and does NOT submit to FEAR :)

Oh here we go again. Can you just stop it please

I follow SMGs instagram and I almost posted it here and on my personal FB. It’s quite beautiful and I think that means something. I also like the idea of home/water births.

As a Star Trek fan I thought this is cool and uplifting – needed right now.

Instead I posted Rep. Jayapal giving Barr a proper tongue lashing in the name of BLM and all peaceful protest.

Obviously my feelings at this current moment are that we are at a precipice and also I keep hoping for some good Star Trek….

Good for her but I honestly don’t care about actor’s personal lives. That’s their business. Not the fans.

I feel compelled to mention that the only really uplifting story these days would be for the riots to cease and for cooler heads to prevail so we can get life back to normal.

Screw that, let the riots continue if it means the police stop murdering people. Destruction of property isn’t nearly such a violent thing as choking people to death, or breaking into their homes and shooting them in their sleep. Don’t forget, the police have instigated all of this. The riots are 100% their fault.

Wow. So much hate and anger in that comment. I wonder how you would feel if the riots burned down YOUR home? Destroyed YOUR livelihood? Threatened YOUR children? It’s easy to judge from the comfort of your couch never really knowing what’s going on. I’m not pretending I’m aware of every aspect of this from all sides. But I do know that violence rarely solves violence. It escalates until many people have died who didn’t need to. There is plenty of blame to go around here it seems to me. To blame 100% to one side is just, well, illogical.

The “riots” are hardly the biggest problem we have right now. The protests are overwhelmingly peaceful. The much bigger issue is the police and federal forces going around beating people, spraying people with tear gas, and kidnapping people.

The riots do seem to be confined to a handful of places, yes. And trust me… The federal DHS agents are not there because everything was 100% peaceful. They are there to keep the federal property from getting burned to the ground by RIOTERS. Yes, I’m sure they feel they have cause and I can respect that feeling. But for me that respect stops when they attempt to destroy public property and brutally attack police who are only there to protect. Tear gas is used to disperse unruly crowds. Everyone there knows that. It is disingenuous at best to complain about its use against a riotous mob. And no one is being “kidnapped”. Good grief…

The ‘riots’ are a small group in one city at this point. And most protested peacefully. I live in L.A., the protests essentially stopped once the police who killed Floyd were charged. It’s been super quiet here for the last month, especially since the Coronavirus has sparked high again.

And man how long have you been a Star Trek fan again? The fans have been obsessed with the actor’s lives since 1966 lol. More so today since there is a lot more access now thanks to social media.

I guess I’m just the odd fan who really doesn’t care about the personal lives of famous people. I’ve actually run into some from time to time but I just let them go and say to someone, “Hey, I saw this person at the airport today.” But I don’t want to bother them. And I definitely don’t read about their home life. I’m curious about the business. Their next gig, perhaps. But not their non-professional life.

I guess this started when I was young and I saw one of the Giants players outside Candlestick and I could have gone up and asked for an autograph or something as there was no one near him. But I didn’t because I felt, “what if he turns out to be a jerk and blows me off? It will be hard to root for him if he did that.” So I always kept it professional.

Cooler heads have not prevailed, that’s why there are riots…

I think I can agree with that.

Posting this was enlightening. I kind of figured it would be.

That’s why I tried to respond as positively as I could.

Are we on TMZ or Trekmovie? I am happy for the mother, but as long it does not impact any show there is no reason to post this here.

I guess I’m not a real Star Trek fan anymore, as I just don’t care about any of this. And I was overwhelmingly disappointed with Picard… With the exception of a couple of episodes.

But all the power to those that do like.

guess again.

I’m in the same boat, Retrograde, not excited about any of it, sadly. But I’m still a fan, 45 + years and counting. And I too wish these new productions well.

I feel the same way.

You’re not alone. These new shows have done nothing for me and I’ve grown tired of hoping it will all get better.

23 weeks to see or wait 23 weeks and then seeing it in one day.

Is there a Scott Bakula cameo in any of the 23 weeks?

I’d rather there were not.

But I understand that there are some fans for whom Baluka was a positive in Enterprise.

Archer help found the Federation and was even the president of it. He represents a big part of the Trek ethos. And yeah I ended up loving Archer but I love every captain.

Tiger2, the problem was that for much of Enterprise’s first run, I was constantly wishing Bakula/Archer off the screen. Sincerely.

The show kept telling me/us what a great/historic/heroic captain Archer was, and how impressed/attached T’Pol was but I just never bought it.

Basically, my reaction to Archer is much like some others here have to Janeway or Burnham – they tell us how great and important this leader is but I’m not feeling it.

Bakula seemed to do better on the Andorian episodes playing against Jeffrey Coombs, but generally he just seemed not to be a leader to follow.

I tolerate Bakula/Archer better now as I rewatch Enterprise.

Fair enough. Although I will say Archer HIMSELF never looked at himself that way. He knew he was a guy who was still trying to learn things and unsure of himself. Yes others, mostly Daniels, told him that. But Archer just acted like a normal guy because he WASN’T an experience captain. In fact it’s the first captain we literally saw starting his career in space unlike Kirk/Janeway/Picard etc. That’s why I liked him. He WAS inexperience in many ways none of the others were.

But I understand if you didn’t like Bakula as the character.

My problem wasn’t with Archer, it was with Bakula. I just felt he was very wrong for that part. He never felt natural. He came across as forced most of the time. Like I could SEE him acting. I think the character came across OK and I think would have been better had he been better cast. But Bakula was available, he was coming off a popular show and I guess they couldn’t resist. Bakula is just one of those guys that HAS to have the right part. I’ve seen him in other things and he seemed OK. But not here. Not on Enterprise.

I think we’re seeing this the same way ML31.

Archer could have been ok as a character, but was miscast.

Baluka just didn’t seem to get the role most of the time, but occasionally with specific actors like Coombs, it would suddenly click and work.

I wonder who they could have cast. Thoughts?

Tricky looking back and thinking who might have been available.

I’ve always wondered if a mistake was made with both Bakula and Mulgrew from the perspective that they had both been stars of series that were essentially centred on a single main character with a very minimal roles for the regular supporting ensemble.

So, someone with more theatre background like Stewart or Brooks or even Shatner rather than someone who had previously starred in a show.

Agree so much. I really WANT to like Bakula, because I like the character of Archer, finding his way in leadership and in his new milieu of The Final Frontier, but at times Bakula can be good [not great], and at other times, hammy and AWFUL.When people say he’s a great actor, I just. don’t. get. it.

I read somewhere the producers (Braga?) were basically in love with him and wanted him and pretty much wrote the show around him. I don’t think they thought of anyone else. Maybe I’m wrong. But he was awful. He had a Beagle but seriously Snoopy had more snap. Looks like we all agree!

There were a lot of things I think they got right on Enterprise. I really liked Phlox and his menagier of critters, for one thing. But Bakula just wasn’t one of them. It didn’t kill the show for me. But I think it could have been better if someone else had the lead.

As awesome as that would be, it seems unlikely given that we will be in the 24th and 32nd centuries. Unless their’s a time travel story, I doubt we will see any 22nd century characters.

Unlikely to happen.

Would love for that to happen, but I seriously doubt we will see Archer. And it’s just hard story wise from that time period without some kind of time travel to happen. LDS it’s more feasible I guess and I have a feeling they are going to do some crazy stuff on that show. But I don’t see anyone showing up on Discovery anymore from this point on unless it’s Q or the Doctor. ;)

Possibly Dax? I see a lot of posts on other boards hoping the Dax symbiont is still alive in the 32nd century since we know we will see the Trill home world, so that’s possible.

What I propose is an Admiral Archer Command Training Hologram (AACTH), so as to avoid time travel. They used training holograms in Discovery, and when people complained about the tech timeline, it was pointed out that the Enterprise had holographic technology in TAS cartoon, which is semi-canon or canon-adjacent at least.

Wow that could actually work! And yes we have seen examples like that like Dr. Zimmerman showing up to help the EMH on Voyager as basically a simulated technical guide.

Now that you mention it, I always wondered if they had programs like that in the 24th century at least where you can just access someone from history to get their perspective or knowledge about something? I know you can probably create it yourself but I wondered if its something the Federation or Starfleet itself made for people? So yeah all feasible.

I may not be that excited about the animated LD series, but I will have to admit I will watch at least the first few episodes. I am definitely more excited about Discovery S3 and looking forward to seeing what the 32nd century looks like. We got a couple of looks at the alternate and prime 31st century when Daniels brought Archer forward in time, so it will be great to see where and when Discovery has ended up.
As for the 23 weeks of Trek, I am really happy Discovery will help us through the start of the flu season. Combined with the pandemic, late 2020 and early 2021 could be pretty challenging for all of us. With any luck a safe and effective COVID vaccine will be widely available by early next year and production will be back up to full speed for Discovery, Picard and Strange New Worlds.
But as Tiger2 said on another thread, we should be prepared – these upcoming 23 weeks could be the last first run Trek episodes we will see for quite a while, especially live action Star Trek. Thinking about that – who am I kidding, I may be lukewarm at best for LD, but I will definitely be watching.

I am definitely way more excited about Discovery being in the 32nd century. It was the best idea that show had outside of bringing Pike onboard. Hopefully it will be worth the wait…hopefully!

But I truly do feel LDS will be a lot of fun. Even if its not as funny or good as people hope, it may be a fun distraction and to catch all the in jokes and hopefully a few cameo roles. Probably the best thing is for people not to take it too seriously the way they do a live action show…but who are we kidding. ;)

But you’re probably right about COVID. Where I live it’s only getting worse. And I live in the heart of L.A. where a lot of these movies and shows shoot. Sadly it looks like things are going to be put off for awhile longer here when we thought things were improving. Picard is the only Trek show that shoots here but I’m not counting on the others to start anytime soon either. Maybe all the news about the various vaccines and early successes will prove to be something real but I’m not holding my breath yet.

Tiger2, you’re a person that’s default is optimism.

Hearing your sadness about the situation in LA helps to make it real.

I sincerely hope my enthusiasm about how Covid is controlled here in Canada doesn’t come across as callous. We have family in the American South West, and we are very conscious of their situation.

Most everyone is taking it very seriously here, with most of the recent outbreaks being associated with a few very large parties in private homes. So, generally the social consensus is holding.

The reopening of the film and television industry has been the result of a very slow and step by step process. Given what we see here and the Covid rates in California, I think you’re correct to believe that production in LA might not significantly restart there until the new year.

The other thing that people aren’t considering is that the costs of making new content will rise if production restarts without a vaccine. The head of Pinewood Studios Toronto estimated recently that film and television production costs will be about 15% higher to observe safety protocols and to cover the costs of quarantine. The protocols require an incredible amount of planning and forethought to implement according to Guillermo del Toro, so it will definitely impact the creative process.

For Star Trek television series that are foundational to ViacomCBS’ television strategy, the extra planning and cost can likely be justified. Not so much for a cinematic feature that was a profit risk under any scenario.

It will mean though that Secret Hideout is likely going to need to change its working approach. Filming a lot and sorting out whether it works in the editing process will be even less viable. If this means better and more coherent story, that’s likely for the best.

Secret Hideout will need a secret hideout from Covid

[laughs maniacally, runs and hides]

Maybe the Trek actors will have to pull up stakes for awhile and live in Canada. Covid will make production EXTREMELY difficult and challenging for actors with families. I really hope we can get a good treatment protocol and a vaccine in the next year, and am crossing my fingers, but at times I fear our country is changing way too much, for the worse.


At least I have 27 weeks of Trek to look forward to. [And hopefully, Season 5 of The Expanse.]

No love for the “What, am I Kirk? Is this the 2260s?” line?


That was a great line. Especially because she seemed almost excited about it.

I lol when I heard it. Clearly Mariner is a big fangirl! :)

As presented, I’m not a fan. I want to give it the benefit of the doubt and say that perhaps it works better with more context.

Either Discovery is going for sparse and spooky, or they reduced the budget. Of course, if they really wanted to reduce the budget, they wouldn’t shoot on location in Iceland. But what, it is a story that in the year 3333, all that is left of the Federation is 6 cosplayer fans? That is a good way to save money. Yes, I understand these clips are from the beginning of the season, so maybe the season will get to 11,000 CGI things flying around etc. eventually when they have to confront the apocalyptic doomsday threat of the season.