Introducing ‘All Access Star Trek,’ A New Podcast All About The Star Trek Universe On TV

TrekMovie has a new podcast!

Our second podcast is dedicated to the Star Trek Universe

The Shuttle Pod (featuring the wit and Star Trek wisdom of Kayla, Brian, Jared, and Matt) has been a staple of for a long time, and now we’re adding a new podcast to the roster: All Access Star Trek, hosted by TrekMovie founder Anthony Pascale and managing editor Laurie Ulster.

The new podcast will focus entirely on the new shows in the Star Trek Universe—essentially, any new Trek on TV starting with Star Trek: Discovery and including Picard, Lower Decks, Prodigy, Strange New Worlds, and any other shows and Short Treks that get added to the roster. We plan to include exclusive interviews with the folks working directly on the shows as well as our own TrekMovie experts and Shuttle Pod podcasters.

Every Friday (starting August 7), All Access Star Trek will cover the latest Star Trek Universe news, and when there are new episodes of shows to review, we’ll review them, starting with the series premiere of Lower Decks on August 6, and then gliding seamlessly (we hope) into the season 3 premiere of Discovery on October 15. In between seasons of new shows, All Access Star Trek will still cover the latest news, along with more analysis and interviews and more from the Star Trek Universe.

Listen to Episode 0 – Star Trek Universe panel, Emmys, and first impressions of Lower Decks

For our introductory episode, Anthony and Laurie recap the Star Trek Universe panel at Comic-Con@Home, talk through the latest updates from the Star Trek Universe including the release news for season three of Discovery, offer first impressions of  Lower Decks, and discuss the Emmy nominations.

Introducing All Access Star Trek

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Shuttle Pod and the Podcast Network

All Access Star Trek joins our long-running Shuttle Pod to form the Podcast Network. The Shuttle Pod crew will continue covering all aspects of Star Trek, including the Star Trek Universe—they just won’t be reviewing every single episode of every new show. (That’s what All Access Star Trek is for.) And there may be more podcasts added to the network in the future as well.

If you already subscribe to Shuttle Pod, your subscription will now include both shows from the TrekMovie Podcast Network, so you’ll automatically get episodes of both Shuttle Pod and All Access Star Trek. You can sign up for only the Shuttle Pod or All Access Star Trek if you so desire, using the links below. Podcast Network of Shows Podcast Network All podcasts Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Stitcher
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The new feeds are working their way through the system. Links for subscribing to Shuttle Pod and All Access Star Trek -only feeds on Apple and Google Podcasts will be posted here as soon as they become available.

Give us feedback!

Have a listen and let us know what you think! We’re just starting out here, and the podcast will evolve as we go. Please subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

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Hopefully I can find this podcast on Spotify.

there is a link to spotify above. Or….CLICK HERE FOR SPOTIFY



I enjoyed the podcast, and look forward to Tony and Laurie settling into a new groove with this one.

A couple of thoughts:

– On Prodigy, I’m wondering whether ViacomCBS will lean into its relationship with Simon & Schuster to promote the product and expand it.

Little Simon is a reliable, high quality kids book publisher that we relied on when our kids were younger. They also have a niche in books for middle grades. There’s a real need for interesting books fiction books with science and engineering content as well as positive social behaviour. I can see public libraries and schools picking these kinds of books up and expanding the Trek audience.

– On filming locations in Toronto in the winter, I would suggest that there are indoor locations that might work for Strange New Worlds. TNG and Voyager relied heavily on indoor “planet hell” soundstages. Discovery has played a bit with using interior locations (Integral House, University of Toronto) and enhancing them with VFX. More of this could be possible.

Prodigy is a great way to grow Star Trek to a younger audience. Those books you’re talking about is a nice idea.

Every Star Trek show now is filmed in Toronto and Canada. Maybe they should film in Europe, Asia, or Africa as future locations.

Good point Ninja.

Mixing up where Trek is produced could in principle ive it a more international feel, which would be more consistent with Trek’s ethos.

Discovery has gone overseas to shoot some season openers on location but that doesn’t have the same impact as producing a show overseas as was done for Farscape which was produced in Australia. Or, a show like Continuum which was Canadian and produced for a Canadian market and sold to Syfy in the United States on a secondary basis.

While Picard is filmed in California, Toronto has been designated for future live-action shows. How much that influences content is a question.

Creative control for Star Trek is still firmly in LA and is almost exclusively American so I’m not sure that where it’s produced has much impact. CBS Studios operations in Toronto are still very much a branch plant operation.

Discovery has had Gersha Phillips and the costume team as Canadian creative control, but Tamara Deverell and her successors had to work from original sets designed by American Todd Cherniawski. Bo Yeon Kim has been the key non-US voice in the writers room as she is Korean. I don’t recall any other writers that aren’t American in Secret Hideout Trek.

In fact, compared to the 1960s, sometimes it seems that there are fewer Canadian and other non American writers, directors and EPs working in LA simply because Canadians can now get work and acclaim in Canada. TOS had two Canadians in major roles (Shatner and Doohan). I’m not sure about writers for TOS, but other American series of the era, particularly comedies had Canadian head writers back when Canadians felt they had to go Hollywood to “make it” .

Your country is doing a fantastic job containing COVID-19. The U.S. is the world’s biggest petri dish. Every American is getting sick with the virus. Canada is taking it seriously and that’s great for you guys.

I’m healthy because I wear a mask and social distancing.

Looking forward to this new podcast. A question I have is what will be the major differnce between this and ShuttlePod? I liked the first episode, but it seems to me that Trek’s future these days is really focused on TV. If this new podcast is covering the TV stuff, what will ShuttlePod cover?

The Shuttle Pod will cover any aspect of Star trek including the latest news or the new shows. However it will not be reviewing every single episode of every single new show like the All Access Star Trek pod.

That gives Shuttle Pod the freedom to do anything. For example a couple weeks ago they did a show all about optimistic and inspirational Star trek episodes. Earlier they did an episode dedicated to debating the merits of the first season of TNG. The new All Access podcast only focuses on the new shows whereas Shuttle Pod can do pretty much anything about any aspect of Star trek as it always has been.

Sounds great! But I’m more interested in this Podcast Network. What’s that about? Are there plans to do more new podcast series? If so, I’d be interesting in pitching some ideas.

It took us years to get to two pods, so we don’t have any plans yet on expanding the network. But as always we have a Feedback page for any and all thoughts on the site or the podcasts.

I will tune into Shuttle Pod on Spotify soon. I enjoy your podcasts. That’s why I like coming here.

I’m always happy when either Laurie or Anthony pop up on Shuttle Pod, so if they’re doing their own show, I’m definitely in.

I hope we can have some more positive reviews.

To a large part that depends on the show itself. If the episodes are good the reviews should be positive. If the episodes are bad it’s okay for the reviews to be negative. Of course, how good or bad an episode is is subjective. I think one problem is how the reviewer (or any viewer for that matter) approaches the show. People tend to focus on the aspects that match their general feeling. So if they go in with a positive attitude they tend to focus on the good and be more forgiving with the bad. If they go in with a negative attitude they tend to focus on the bad and not appreciate the good as much. It’s hard to avoid that.
This being a Star Trek fan site, I would hope that people go in with a positive attitude but I’m well aware that some here don’t expect anything good to come from the current Trek management. Well, confirmation bias may lead them to come out precisely how they went into the show.

Hopefully the episodes will be worthy of positive reviews.

We will call them as we see them. If you look at the written reviews for the first two season of Discovery you can get a sense of my view on that show and how I review things. But also Laurie has been a big help in crafting those extended reviews.

I can say this. Laurie and I are fans of all the new shows. We can see where they have come up short here and there, but we would not be doing this podcast if we were not genuinely excited about the Star Trek Universe. During this intro pod you can hear our initial thoughts on Lower Decks as well. Spoiler alert: we like it.

I’m so confused. Why not let the Shuttle Pod just keep reviewing all the new episodes? They do a great job.

No need to be confused. The Shuttle crew is still going to be around, they will have more freedom than the all-access crew to discuss whatever they feel like.

Reading between the lines here, it sounds like a few things are in play.

First, TrekMovie may have needed to commit to more regular podcasts to get on some of the major podcast platforms. They are now a “network” with more than one podcast offering.

Next, perhaps with 23 weeks of Trek coming, the ShuttlePod Crew volunteers felt they would be over committed.

Laurie implied at some point in the spring that the ShuttlePod Crew were feeling they had a lot of pressure on them to produce. (That is, she said that he’d committed to ensuring that the extra Patreon content for donors wouldn’t increase their load.)

Last, perhaps the ShuttlePod Crew also felt that reviewing and discussing episodes was keeping them from broader discussions about the franchise. Prior to Discovery, they had a different role.

Or, with the need to have both regular reviews and other kinds of discussions, the ShuttlePod Crew chose the latter.

Volunteer fatigue is a real thing. I’m just glad that Tony and Laurie have found a way to refresh that keeps the Crew engaged, if in a different role than they’ve played since Discovery premiered.

I think that must have been Kayla who talked about the Shuttle Pod crew feeling pressure and the Patreon content… it definitely wasn’t me. As a listener, I love the Shuttle Pod and some of my favorite episodes are when they just pick a Trek topic that isn’t necessarily connected to what’s happening right now. Their dive into season 1 of TNG is a particular favorite of mine.

Thanks for the correction Laurie.

I’m going to hang my head in embarrassment as that has to be at least the second time that I’ve mixed the two of you up.

All good. If I’m going to be mixed up with someone, I’m happy it’s Kayla. I consider it a compliment!

I would love it if the Shuttle Pod crew could review every single new Star Trek episode and do their other fun and insightful episodes looking at all aspects of Star Trek, past and present. But with the rest of the year having a new Star Trek episode every week, and with the regular pace of SP being semi-monthly, it is just too much for a single podcast to do.

We expect members of the SP crew to join the new All Access ST pod periodically, and SP crew will also discuss the new shows periodically, but are now not locked into having to do a new show every week and also free to cover any thing they want at their own pace. It’s what they call a win-win in business buzz speak.

You guys got it exactly. We love reviewing eps, but it’s too much for us to do all of these. And pretty soon we would only be doing reviews. We have the most fun doing our own things, where we have much more freedom to talk about whatever we want. And as you said we are all volunteers. Normal day job plus the pod makes it difficult to record, edit, and post weekly pods. For the record the Shuttle Pod crew are super excited about the All Access Star Trek podcast as it opens us up to do more fun shows on the Shuttle Pod. Of course the OG Shuttle Pod will still do reviews! We just won’t do every single ep. And it’s more than likely you’ll here the Shuttle Pod crew join Tony and Laurie from time to time on AAST.

And maybe the SP will still invite Laurie and I on the OG TrekMovie pod from time to time?


Thanks for the response, I understand now. I enjoy Shuttle Pod and look forward to more “deep dives.”

Thanks Kayla, Laurie and Anthony.

Your contributions are very appreciated.

Kind of interesting leaks out there. Off course, all rumor:
-Strange New Worlds apparently off the table already because they couldn’t interest investors.
-Short Treks canceled.
-Discovery Season 3 will be the last, the post-production team works real hard right now to get this done with the material they have.
-Patrick Stewart actually NOT happy with his character being a golem.
-Lower Decks had the lowest test audience feedback from all the CBS shows so far.

As I said, all rumors. Wouldn’t be surprised however if all these things turn out to be true. There were already certain indications especially regarding Short Treks… with season 2 still not available for non-english speaking audiences and producers suspiciously quiet about future content.

Also, sorry to say, but if KurtzTrek would have been going well, Picard would have been on Netflix too. Same for Lower Decks. The signs are out there for everyone to interpret.

We’ll see.

Stop listening to crazy youtubers! The world would be far better off without them!

Perhaps, but I doubt that. I have seen so much lying and misinformation coming from so-called “journalists” that I’m kind of glad these independent youtubers exist. And to be fair, a couple of points I already mentioned (From Netflix to Amazon to… NONE) have nothing to do with Youtubers.

Besides I find it amazing how you can still find articles today from “journalists” trying to convince me that “The Last Jedi” was great and if I disagree I’m the problem – not the movie. Also, everyone loves Rey and everyone saying otherwise is just lying, of course.

Still, these rumors are only rumors, and even if they are true, things can change.
Anyway, I just thought that they were worth mentioning. What you make of them is up for you to decide.

…and unlike certain writers/producers I’m actually more then willing to let everyone decide for themselves. I won’t use the biggest hammer I can find to try to bash my worldview into your head.

But The Last Jedi *is* great and is probably the best of the new movies. Seriously, not snark. Most of my friends think so, too. Now, that of course, is anecdotal evidence and I’m not trying to convince you otherwise. The point is, lots of people *do* like that movie and it’s no surprise some journalists do, as well.

Art is subjective, after all. And it’s not made for everyone.

We shall see if these rumors are true in time…


Given the incredibly poor track record of the YouTubers, why do people feel the need to bring their mostly incorrect spew here?

Yes, occasionally they get it right – but for the wrong reasons.

How many times does it need to be pointed out that Netflix has a pattern of cancelling serials after 3 seasons (much like Syfy)? Or that Netflix doesn’t carry/promote short form series? In fact, these points were noted by Tony and Laurie in the podcast.

Were I among ViacomCBS senior management, with a strategy of selling content and/or putting content on ViacomCBS’s own platforms, I would want to steer clear of dependency on Netflix. Clearly, ViacomCBS’s investors gave Baklish that message in December and January.

As a Star Trek fan, I’m frankly happy that TPTB are steering away from dependency on Netflix. I’m really tired of watching serials that are cancelled after 3 seasons, with a short 4th season, miniseries or movie finale to make them saleable in repeats. For me not selling to Netflix or the American Syfy channel is a feature and not a bug.

With that said, here’s what I think:

1) Seems odd to green-light and then announce a show if there are no investors. Seems ass backwards.
2) I can believe this. These don’t generate revenue/subscriptions. I love them, but would understand.
3) Who knows?
4) Perhaps. Though, he’s an EP. Dunno why he couldn’t just refuse to act it since he was in the creative/writing room.
5) We shall see. I still think it looks fun. I get why stick-in-the-mud Trekkies won’t like it (and I don’t mean that pejoratively), but I’m all about stretching the boundaries of Trek and trying new things. No more of the same old, same old 80s/90s/00s Trek for me!

You listen to YouTube, that’s sad…

Well, let’s say I like to hear from more than one side, that’s for sure.
When TrekMovie doesn’t feel it’s interesting enough to report of the lawsuit for Discovery’s videogame-ripoff, it’s onesided.
When they don’t publish an interview with Chabon attacking the fanbase, that’s onesided. TrekNews was even more obvious: they did post the interview, but left the attack conveniently out.

To me, that’s not real journalism. Journalists should run a story wether it pisses the producers off or not. To be fair, I understand the reasons behind this approach, but that’s why I check out YouTube as well.

Smoothest entrance for a troll, EVER.
SNW is slated(tentatively) to go into production this November, in Canada.CBS has LOTS of money. It doesn’t need any investors.
DSC most likely will get a season 4. It hasn’t been announced yet.
Patrick Stewart is an EP on Picard and if not happy? He doesn’t need the money.
LDS? lowest test audience? Sources, please.

As far as Short Treks,go? Coming out on BluRay. A published Trek author told me that Kurtzman’s resources were being stretched thin with all the shows in production and development. They most likely devoted resources to the greenlit shows. You know, deadlines? That sort of stuff…

I think I stated more than one time that these are rumors I’ve picked up from YouTube. As always taken with a grain of salt. You know I would like some official information about the viewing statistics from CBS All Access, Netflix and Amazon as well. Sadly, we don’t get any.

And yes, I’ve read the BluRay-annoncement. Still, only in english language so far.

And as for Discovery, I guess we will find out soon enough? In about 23 weeks or so?

Do not use this site to spread misinformation and rumors.

I had a belated memory flash of Anson Mount talking about working out on location in Alberta for Hell on Wheels during an interview or panel.

This gives a bit of a different perspective on Laurie’s reflections on the misery of shooting outdoors in Toronto during the long winter.

Mount said he felt location shooting contributed to creative chaos. Hell on Wheels was filmed largely outdoors.

Around Calgary, that would definitely involve weather as it can switch radically within a day. It also has a much colder winter than Toronto, with about the same frost free date.

Hopefully, Mount’s co-stars and the rest of the ensemble will be equally enthusiastic, and the makeup team can make it work.

It all depends on what they’re shooting, what costumes they need, and what weather they are pretending to be in. And some shows just fake it anyway. But it’s hard to NOT look cold when it’s that freezing out. Toronto has plenty of lovely spring, summer, and fall weather as well… but winters are cold and long.

Who knew there could be another dream team of Star Trek podcasters? This is a welcome addition; thanks for the extra work. It’s gratifying to see this incredible site continue to evolve to match the growth of our favorite body of sci-fi. Congratulations!

Hopefully the new podcast will be more enlightened than the Shuttlepod cast. I still cant get over them bashing Trek 3 because they didn’t like Sarek’s clothes.

Finally, a proper Trek podcast I can subscribe to for Trekmovie led by Anthony! I unsubscribed from Shuttlepod 1 in 2018 and never bothered to go back.