Watch ‘Alone Together,’ A 4-Part Remote Series Read By ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ Actors In Character

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actor Alexander Siddig has found a way to bring something new to fans during the pandemic, and he has brought some of his Ds9 costars with him.

Alone Together: A DS9 Companion

In April Alexander Siddig (Dr. Bashir) used his official fan website to start the “Sid City Social Club,” a twice-weekly live Zoom chat with fans to help maintain social interactions during the quarantine. Over the past few months, he has been joined by hundreds of fans from all around the world in these chats. As the club grew and evolved, Sid decided it would be fun to do some original script readings, like he and DS9 co-star Andrew Robinson (Garak) had done at many in-person conventions over the years.

A fan fiction script for a scene between Bashir and Garak was written by Canadian high school teacher (and actor) Matthew Campbell, which eventually grew into a four-episode series read during meetings of the Social Club in June and July. Cirroc Lofton (Jake Sisko) joined for the next three episodes, and  Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys) and Armin Shimerman (Quark) each guest starred in an episode as well.

The story of Alone Together “posits the return of old adversaries, a conspiracy with wide-ranging consequences, and how people who have lived and worked together can come together even when they are forced to be apart.” It is set in the year 2399, and it takes into account the imagined Season 8 opener outlined in the documentary What We Left Behind.  It also ties into the DS9 novel A Stitch in Time written by Andrew Robinson.

Watch the series

Episode 1 “These Days”

Starring: Alexander Siddig and Andrew Robinson.

Synopsis: Cardassian Castellan Garak reaches out to Doctor Julian Bashir for assistance. When Dr. Bashir arrives at Cardassia Prime, he is surprised to learn that his old friend needs more help than he’s letting on.

Episode 2 “Sources”

Starring: Alexander Siddig and Andrew Robinson.

Synopsis: When progress is at a standstill, an old friend reaches out to help Dr. Bashir just in the nick of time.

Episode 3 “Tango”

Starring: Alexander Siddig, Andrew Robinson, and Cirroc Lofton. With guest star Nana Visitor.

Synopsis: Though the situation is already complicated, a new entanglement dances onto the scene.

Episode 4 “With Grace”

Starring: Alexander Siddig, Andrew Robinson, and Cirroc Lofton. With guest star Armin Shimerman.

Synopsis: Garak must trust Dr. Bashir with his life, while everyone else tries to find the answers to some puzzling questions.

More to come?

Although the Sid City Social Club is returning to its regularly scheduled programming, other fan fiction may be explored in the future. Alone Together is being developed as a novelization to continue the story and, due to interest expressed by the cast, more episodes may be adapted for another live series.

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So great to hear Sid and Andrew sparring as Bashir and Garak.

This is great. I love these characters. What an irony with DS9. The media critics did not like the show, the fans complained, the executives were nervous, Ira arguing with Rick, and against all odds…DS9 became the perfect show.

The main cast plus 30+ recurring characters, and we all learned a lot from each of them. :)

Just be careful not to call it the perfect show around Marina Sirtis- that will really get her going.

I’ve been rewatching along with Mission Log. This show is nowhere in the vicinity of being perfect.

My apologies, you folks are absolutely right, DS9 is not perfect. But for me, it is close, it has so many of good stories, episodes, arcs, characters, depth, issues, etc. I still enjoy watching it, from time time I get to see a whole season and never get tired of it. This show was great.

I said “perfect” for their success in the development of all characters. Not only the main cast, but all recurring characters got plenty of exposure. We learn about all and each of them.

Fun! But it was a bit of just talking.

Andrew Robinson has commendable range as an actor. He memorably played the psycho killer SCORPIO, based on the Zodiac Killer, in the hit picture Dirty Harry. Andy’s life began with the loss of his father in World War II and the subsequent breakdown of his mother. Childhood survival strategies would form the foundation of his impeccable acting craft.

Animate it!

That’s a good idea

This is excellent, can close your eyes and imagine them in character. And I’ll just let this be canon in my mind!

Loved it!! Hope there will be more!

Damn, who wrote your lines? Did the two of you come up with this on your own? Andrew Robinson, you’re just too damn good. I know you were type cast because of Dirty Harry. The public hated you because if a role… thankfully, we have Star Trek to thank for your continued presence on TV. Star Trek has lost much of its appeal to me because of its social stand vs what Gene talked about in the 60’s. And you, Alexander Siddig, I think have gained such a wonderful presence. Is it because of your being put up against Andrew, or just the natural progression of becoming skilled in your profession? This is the damn best Star Trek, minus the male to male references, that has ever been aired. Major Kudos to the both of you. Wow. Andrew, I think we all were cheated in our experience in seeing you in good roles over the years due to your type casting. You were NOT given the roles you deserved. I am glad to see both of you doing well. I hope you get some roles that warrant your skill. Damn. They are nuts for not putting you both in major roles. Hell, if you were in the same movie playing similar roles, it would be a super block buster. Mind you, not type casting roles, but roles that would be similar yet different enough where we would not say on Cardasian and Doctor… As a former Star Trek fan, I have to thank you both for such a wonderful FREE presentation. I hope it pays off for both of you in some way. WOW.

The enjoyed this. I listened as I was driving around doing deliveries. It seemed kind of long but that’s just because of all the dialogue. It was well written though. I don’t know if y’all improvised anything. I liked the connections to Voyager and Enterprise. Also, I thought the reading was pretty good. I don’t know how many times an actor has to read their lines to memorize it and then portray it but I think y’all read the script well. Especially Alexander reading all the techno mumbo jumbo.

Tears in my eyes- listening to these cherished characters again. Love it- thank you.

SidCity……..Guys thanks sooooo much for keeping the DS9 legacy ongoing, have totally enjoyed this lil mini. I’m having rough time with this whole isolation thing and i came across this today by serendipity I just can’t believe it’s been 31 years now and 13 year old Jake is now 44 years old. The whole Trek journey has brought so much entertainment and enjoyment for all these years I keep showing my age in comments like these…lol. Again You guys did a bang up job and this was Such a Grand idea

It’s comforting hearing these unforgettable characters again. Such a wonderful show was DS9.