New York Comic Con Going Virtual, Includes CBS All Access Star Trek Universe Panel

The continuing pandemic has sent another big convention to cyberspace: This time it is October’s New York Comic Con. ReedPop made the move official today, along with the news that Star Trek will be part of the event.

 Star Trek Universe headed to NYCC Metaverse

ReedPop is officially partnering with YouTube on the all-digital event from October 8-11, when New York Comic Con’s YouTube channel will exclusively livestream panels “from a number of leading entertainment brands.”

Today’s announcement only mentioned three specific panels for the NYCC Metaverse, one of which is a Star Trek Universe panel from CBS All Access. In recent years, CBS  has held big Star Trek panels at NYCC, bringing much of their talent and using the events to announce news and release new images and footage. In addition to a Star Trek Universe panel at last year’s NYCC, they also released trailers for both Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Discovery season 3.

The NYCC Metaverse will be held the week before the third season of Star Trek: Discovery premieres on October 15th, so it is likely that CBS All Access will use the virtual event to promote that launch. Hopefully by that time there will also be more news that will include clarity on the future of production for Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

According to today’s announcement, NYCC Metaverse panels will be live and allow fans to participate via live chat and Q&As with the talent. This would be different from July’s Comic-Con@Home virtual panels, when most of the major panels were pre-recorded (including the CBS Star Trek Universe panel).

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ICYMI – ReedPop Metaverse Star Trek panels this week

With August’s Emerald City Comic Con cancelled, ReedPop is launching their first Metaverse virtual event this week, which will include panels on Thursday for Star Trek: Lower Decks and Friday for Star Trek: Picard. See our previous article for more details.

Metaverse panels coming this week

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Star Trek: Lower Decks is the only thing I look forward to every Thursday. Star Trek is helping me get through life.

That is a compliment.

You sound like it’s been on for 3 years. It’s only on its second episode this week.

Thank you for your joke. It made me chuckle.

Can’t we just let somebody say they enjoy a TV show without constant, belittling snark?

Me and Ninja get on very well Jack and I usually agree with him. I am also looking forward to the show. It wasn’t ‘snark’, the show has aired literally once. It was just odd to word it that way as if he’s been watching it for months. But yes obviously I agree with him its nice to have more Trek to look forward to.

And Ninja acknowledges that they’re a lot like Tendi, always enthusiastic.

Yes, also true! It’s always great to see people enthusiastic for more Star Trek even if we’re not all personally in love with a particular new show. But the three of us seem pretty excited for Lower Decks so far!

Maybe they can announce international airing of Lower Decks at that event as well.

Let’s hope they can come up with more compelling material than what they did for virtual SDCC. I probably won’t even bother to watch until afterward when reports if anything important was released or discussed. Of course if they come up with a dedicated SNW panel, new trailer with unseen footage for S3 Discovery and announce a new series, I will probably watch haha.

Well, and that’s what really bites, DeanH.

Finally, fans around the world can enjoy complete Comic-Con panels live, but because
– the the major studios didn’t bring any significant news to SDCC, and
-the sponsored panels were stilted compared to the less highly ranked virtual cons,
fans around the world won’t actually bother to watch and instead will wait to hear from intermediaries whether there is any news at all.

Let’s hope they announce they have canceled all current and future Star Trek productions before they do any more damage to the IP. CBS has to understand by now just how badly they’ve managed the franchise the past three years. Maybe I’ll change my tune when I finally watch Lower Decks, but at this moment I’m utterly disgusted by the state of Star Trek content. I want my hopeful vision of the future back.