Vinyl Soundtrack And More ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Tie-Ins Coming This Summer And Fall

The second season of Star Trek: Picard arrives in 2021, but there are a few new and upcoming things to keep you in touch with Jean-Luc while you wait, starting with the just-revealed vinyl release of the season one soundtrack.

Picard soundtrack arrives on vinyl in October

In April, Lakeshore released Jeff Russo’s Star Trek: Picard Original Series Soundtrack Season 1, and now there is a vinyl version available. The limited-edition release is pressed on two 140 gram ‘Transparent Green W/ Splatter’ vinyl platters, and features printed inner sleeves and a gatefold jacket. The vinyl release comes out October 9th and can be pre-ordered at Lakeshore Record Shop for $32.98.

Just released – Picard: The Calendar

Just released last week is the official Star Trek: Picard 2021 calendar from Universe Publishing. You can pick one up now at Amazon for $14.99.

August – Picard: The prequel comic collection

IDW is releasing the trade paperback collection of Star Trek: Picard: Countdown on August 18th. The three-issue series written by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson tells the story that leads up to the events of the first season of Picard. You can pre-order it at Amazon for $14.99 in paperback, or get the digital Kindle/comiXology version for $7.46.

October – Picard: The Blu-rays and DVD

The first season of Star Trek: Picard beams​ arrives on home video on October 6. The set will have two hours of bonus footage, with even more on the Blu-rays. In addition to the 10 episodes from the debut season, the releases include the Star Trek: Short Treks episode “Children of Mars.” You can pre-order the DVD on Amazon for $37.34. And you can also pre-order the Blu-ray on Amazon for $45.49. The Steelbook Blu-ray edition (pictured below) can be pre-ordered for $47.68.

November – Picard: The book of wisdom

Simon and Schuster’s Adams Press has collected Jean-Luc Picard’s sage advice, insight, and wisdom for their Star Trek The Wisdom of Jean-Luc Picard, edited by Chip Carter. The collection promises “Now, you can finally ponder all of his wisdom in one place—from his thoughts on leadership and sense of duty to justice and the limitlessness of exploration.” The book of wisdom is 208 pages and will be released on November 10. It is available to pre-order from Amazon as a 6″ square mini-hardcover for $15.99 or an e-book for $10.51.

Future – Picard: the next novel

Simon and Schuster’s Gallery Books has also put a new Star Trek: Picard novel on their upcoming schedule but without a confirmed date. The untitled novel doesn’t have a cover, announced author, or synopsis, but you can pre-order it at Amazon for $15.98. This would be the second novel tie-in, following Una McCormack’s Star Trek: Picard: The Last Best Hope released in hardcover earlier this year, and coming in paperback on September 29.

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The second season of Star Trek: Picard arrives in 2021

That’s some healthy optimism right in line 1 ;-) Don’t get me wrong, I do expect there to be a second season. Let’s hope the situation in California improves sooner rather than later. Not just for the sake of shooting Star Trek: Picard but rather for the sake of everybody living there.

I agree, the second season of Picard will not arrive in 2021 in our current situation. Unless Star Trek: Picard should start shooting up in Toronto instead. Canada took the professional route to handle the crisis.

“Merchandising! Merchandising!! Merchandising!!!”

I’m holding out for PICARD: THE FLAMETHROWER.

I think Spaceballs beat you to it…!

Anybody else seriously tired of posed PR pics? I remember calendars that would feature dramatic moments with striking lighting and acting going on. Also calendars with actual frame blow-up VFX instead of computer-generated stuff that looks like (or is) concept art.

I like both but I agree, I miss actual scene photos. Having only PR feels a bit empty,

Spotify is better in my opinion but the vinyl soundtrack is pretty nice. I stream my music. I don’t buy CDs or vinyl everyday. Streaming music is what I prefer.

The calendar and other merchandise I don’t care. Things could get better.

Picard season 2 won’t arrive in 2021. That’s too optimistic even for CBS to believe. The covid situation in California and across the United States needs to be safer for everyone.

I expect there to be a second season but not in 2021. Maybe Picard should start shooting in Toronto instead of California. Toronto and Canada as a whole is in a better position to start shooting sooner. Canada handled the public health crisis in a responsible way.

Patrick Stewart didn’t want to shoot season 1 in Canada. He probably wouldn’t want to shoot season 2 there either. Plus, CBS would lose all those millions in tax credits they are receiving from the state of California if they moved the show to Canada.

last night watched absolute candor and stardust city rag. (on my 4th or 5th round ive lost track lol) these two were great eps after the 3 part opening. rag is my fave.7 is awesome. next one i think is the box one then nepenthe. multiple viewing has made me appreciate more and more. in absolute candor i adore elnor and feel his pain and anger with picard… it is surprising picard doesn’t show any emotion towards him. other than anger after he kills the romulan senator to save his life. i feel like there should have been a moment of thank you for taking my cause or i’m sorry i left you for so long. maybe it was cut. or picard still has trouble with kids

I think Stardust City Rag was probably the best episode of the 10.

agreed… they all come together in this one… the bar, bjayzl and and mr vup were fantastic. he’s a great character and hopefully he’s not dead or at least would love to see that species again. it was emotional and had twists and had pretty major reveals going on… raffi and agnes and we finally get maddox and elnor is so funny when he realizes he doens’t get a personal advertisement from freecloud… and then 7 and she’s just perfect here… so much better than when she was on voyager… and the scene with her and picard about finding their humanity was strong.

Whew. I thought Stardust City Rag was dreadful. From the start with eyeball until the end with Seven blasting Byzial …just a trainwreck. Frakes should hang his head with shame from that episode, which is a shame because I love the guy sooo much. Opinions differ but I struggle to see how anyone would like that episode.

I honestly don’t know why so many had an issue with the Borg dissection. Why is removing the Borg eyeball any worse than some Picard reaching into a gooey Borg body he just killed to retrieve a Borg implant? First, it was obviously fake. Next, it’s not like it was a human eyeball. It was a mechanical Borg part. So to be annoyed with this would be like being squeamish at Data popping off his scalp. The only difference is in the case the removal was forced. Feels morally wrong but I didn’t find the imagery off putting in any way.

I liked the opening as it gave Seven true motivation. And it was more effective to see it than to have her just speak about it. But that’s just me. I found it to be the best episode of an overall sub par set of 10 episodes. So it’s not like it’s on Amok Time or Inner Light levels.

I mean, for someone squeamish like my dad, he literally shouted “EWW” and had to cover his eyes, he was so disgusted. Plus whether it was a “human eyeball” didn’t seem to matter to Icheb, who was screaming in infernal pain. It was by far the most graphic thing Star Trek has ever put to screen.

I would argue it being the most graphic thing put to screen in Trek. I can think of a few other things I would consider more so. I already mentioned one. But… This is pretty subjective.

I’m just floored that anyone uses vinyl today. I feel a little out of date because I still prefer CD’s to MP3’s. I actually have both but when home I still prefer to pop the disc in the player. But vinyl??? Geez… All those people stuck in the 70’s….

I’m surprised vinyl is still a thing. I grew up in the early 2000s when the internet was starting to go mainstream. I still remember CDs and VHS players. Most kids today don’t even know what I’m talking about.

I prefer Spotify but vinyl is something I would hang up on my wall as a decoration.

I think my son is about your age. He shows no interest in vinyl. Hell, he rarely watches TV on our TV! So it goes….

How old is your son? I’m 18 and my older brother is 21. Your son could be around that age range.

Your son loves TikTok I presume. Social medias are all the rage.

He will hit 18 in a couple of weeks. He’s at the point where I don’t watch over him and his app usage. I know he’s used Snapchat and Instagram. He has a Facebook page but doesn’t seem to peruse it as often as he used to. I have asked him if he’s on TikTok but told me he’s not. He could have started some other social media I’m just too old to be aware off at this point. Like I said, we’ve stopped overseeing his social media usage some time ago.

I’ve noticed a fascination with vinyl, and even VHS, among some younger people who never personally experienced those earlier decades.

I don’t think this swing back should come as a surprise in the digital, touchscreen age. Human beings are tactile seeking creatures, after all. For example, there’s the scene of Picard and Data touching the Phoenix. A crude piece of technology can be an experience all its own.

Personally speaking, I grew up in the age of color television and as a kid I was fascinated by my grandparents’ black and white set and its large dial that made a loud ca-CLICK every time you turned it. Fascinating stuff. It was like being an archaeologist, before I knew what that was.

VHS is much more child (and also adult friendly for those with clumsy hands lol) friendly IMO because it’s pretty difficult to accidentally damage the tape as its securely inside the plastic case. Whereas with disc you have to be very careful, and even more so in the case with bluray discs in my experience.
Videos are great for watching in bed when frankly top picture quality isnt exactly required. VHS is very nostalgic for me as it always reminds me of my childhood watching videos in my bedroom on that smallish screen.

I threw out my whole VHS collection when I moved places 10 years ago. Most of those were recorded from TV, not retail tapes. I do still own several Mini-DV camcorders with corresponding tapes although I shot anything with them recently.

Here too. My VHS collection was tossed out 25 years ago.

Cute but I don’t have a fascination to call the operator every time I want to make a phone call. Seems ridiculous to me. But I get the irony. Here I am going on about they are putting something out on vinyl while others rip on them for still putting BD’s out.

It’s almost as if there are people out there with interests different from your own.

Also, talking to the operator does not engage the other senses like operating a record player does. It’s about the greater tactile experience, remember.

So it’s OK to rip on someone who still watches movies on disc but not OK to be merely perplexed by someone who prefers to drop a needle on a vinyl disc. Got it. Hypocrisy seems to be a fast growing trend these days….

Friends of mine work as DJs. They are still very passionate about Vinyl and I think in that context it’s still quite common. My parents own some vinyl but I don’t think they’ve listened to any of it in years. Those may indeed be remnants from the 70’s ;-)

Wait until you find out about the indie cassette scene.

When I first heard that vinyl was a bit of a thing I was shocked. But without even looking I will not not doubt that.

I love vinyl! I look forward to Record Store Day every year (except this year cuz canceled due to rona) to own limited edition copies of colored disks with beautiful artwork. It feels like owning something special. I have Discovery Season 1 and Wrath of Khan soundtracks on splatter colored vinyl, not to listen but just to have, cuz they’re gorgeous sets. It just feels good to support my local record stores by actually buying music, not paying Spotify so my favorite artists can get 0.02 cents per stream.

I would go to a record store but they are super rare. I can think of one but I don’t consider their selection all that great. I’ve resorted to ordering my CD’s on line when I would have rather bought from a store.

I did, however, discard my turntable over 30 years ago and never looked back.

There is something about the experience of vinyl, and the richness of the sound. Listening to an album in the evening with a drink and just getting lost. No screens no distractions. I jumped at the chance to pick this one up.

*lol* The wisdom of Picard? More like the tragedy of Picard.
How to not learn but preach to all alien races, even the omnipotent ones.
How to pretty much get knocked out of combat in most battles except the ones where you are leading the ultimate socialist collective unimind where you then destroy half the Starfleet.
How to lose the Federation flagship to a 50 year old Bird of Prey.
How to cry about lost family only to ignore them when you are presented with a time construct no less than an hour later.
How to sadistically construct a fleet with synths you programmed with semi-emotions to use as slaves only for them to blow up Utopia Planetia and leave billions stranded… then take no accountability and blame Starfleet for not doubling down on AI research.
How to prove V’ger wrong, get AI to have imagination/innovation just like organic organisms redundant, playing in the hands of your former captive. Beware Stockholm Syndrome.
How to ditch your alive friends, even the ones whose kids died on your watch, to obsess about an AI construct that you eventually bring back alive only for him to commit suicide because WTF?

I take it you won’t be reading it Cmd. Bremmon? ;)

Don’t mince words, Cmd.Bremmon, what do you REALLY think?

Good to know that Picard Countdown is finally coming out.

I preordered it a very long time ago and had wondered about the status of the compilation.

I do hope IDW improves the quality of the binding over the most recent Star Trek Discovery Aftermaths collection. That one had pages coming out recently when one of the kids was rereading it. We haven’t had this problem with previous TOS collections.

What happened to Ships of the Line? Is it any good any more?

I never expected this to happen but I’m looking forward more to Discovery season 3 than another tired season of whatever this is supposed to be, despite liking the cast of Picard much more and Picard (used to) being my favorite captain (the less said about St. Michael of Burn, the better)!

But then again I never expected anyone to take the most beloved, widely popular and critically acclaimed of all Trek series, this most Trekkian of all Treks, destroy, pardon, “deconstruct” its Utopian core values and turn it into a completely different series more akin to Firefly or Farscape (cue the Firefly and Farscape fans: “that’s not a bad thing! “), all the while claiming this is some Shakespeare level Trek.

It’s like the Killer Bees calling TATV, that stinkin’ middle finger smashed into our collective faces, “a love letter to the fans” back in the early 2000s. Like a 10 hour long TATV, and counting!

Sad thing, but our last, best hope for TNG like Trek is now that half hour animated comedy, and Akiva “Cool Kid” Goldman’s another-prequel Strange New Worlds!

“a new Star Trek: Picard novel on their upcoming schedule but without a confirmed date. The untitled novel doesn’t have a cover, announced author, or synopsis, but you can pre-order it for $15.98″

No title, no cover, no author, no synopsis, not even a release date…but we’ll happily take your money now for something that may never even come out! Where do I sign up?

Dunno if you’re aware, but capitalism sucks

It may not be the best system but it is easily the best system ever tried thus far….

It’s cool looking vinyl, but is the music even worth it? The theme song is sooo boring. The only music I found memorable in season 1 was Blue Skies, of course, which now seems like an integral song in the Star Trek canon (which is why I updated the Wikipedia page to reflect its importance to the franchise). To me, Isa’s cover may be the definitive version of the song.

But can we talk about how Picard was so terrible it lost half its audience by the finale? Giant Freakin Robot (who leaked the news about SNW being greenlit from the same inside source) reports that the viewership numbers slipped miserably over the course of the season, or in their words, “viewers quickly abandoned the show as they realized what they were watching.” OOF, no wonder they need to sell calendars to recoup the sunk costs…this show is a blight on the franchise.

$70 Canadian for the vinyl LP after exchange rate and shipping for Canadian customers.

No love for Woodbridge, Ontario, yo…………..